ViabobedAnybody active?00:13
Viabobed(Yells into empty Canyon) Hello Hello00:16
Viabobed(Echos Back) hello hello....helllo00:16
* bprompt drops a pin00:18
ViabobedI waned to ask you guys something...00:23
Viabobedin the very quiet chat room named Kubuntu00:23
bpromptwell.. some are, some aren't here00:24
bpromptI'd be dashing soon myself00:24
bpromptbut you can ask, worse case scenario, it'd echo echo echo00:25
Viabobednot much to lose00:25
ViabobedI just wanted to ask her before I jumped into the forums00:25
Viabobedwanted to know if you guys know how stable Plasma 5.2 is00:25
ViabobedIs it safe? lol00:26
bpromptI run 12.04.... so.... and I dont' use plasma per se, since I run lxde as window manager, but from a few folks I've heard..... not as stable thus far00:26
ViabobedGot it.00:27
ViabobedI felt like it was a bit risky based on something I read back in September00:28
ViabobedBut it's matured a bit since then.00:28
ViabobedI'm running Gnome now, on Lubuntu00:28
Viabobedbut wanted to try something more polished00:28
keithzgI'd say that Plasma 5.2 is decently stable, but still has some rough edges and is definitely not feature complete.00:33
keithzgThat being said, much of what I personally miss from Plasma 5.2 is merely stuff I had back in Plasma 4, so if you're a Gnome or LXDE user you likely shan't notice the missing features, heh.00:34
keithzgBut I really wouldn't install it on 14.10 if you want a polished experience. Wait at least until 15.04 is officially released, and either install the corresponding metapackage (should still be "kubuntu-desktop") once you've upgraded to 15.04, or install Kubuntu 15.04 fresh, Viabobed.00:35
keithzgIf anything, I've only really had trouble with things on 15.04 thanks to my high-DPI screen and the switchover to systemd.00:36
keithzgIf you *really* want a very polished, mature experience, at this rate that Plasma 5 is rapidly maturing I suspect whatever ships with 15.10 will be very solid. But if you can't wait, then do at least wait for 15.04 to be officially released, I'd say.00:37
Viabobedwhoa didn't notice you guys responded.01:05
ViabobedSo Plasma on 14.10 is pretty stable01:06
ViabobedDoes the 15.04 image come pre-loaded with Plasma 5.201:07
fcomtoishey guys, does anyone know how to AFP shares using dolphin?01:09
fcomtoisanyone has experience mounting AFP shares using dolphin ?03:23
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frecelis anyone awake05:04
frecelI'm having some critical issues with kwin on 15.0405:04
valoriefrecel__: what issues?05:10
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FlameReaperI cannot see other computers connected to the network via Kubuntu but I can see them when I log in to my Windows partition.05:20
FlameReaperand access them without much issue.05:20
FlameReaperwhat could be the case?05:20
FlameReaperDolphin just returns this error: Unable to find any workgroups in your local network. This might be caused by an enabled firewall.05:20
frecelkwin is crashing for me on 15.0405:22
frecelI have no window manager right now05:22
fcomtoisdoes anyone have experience mounting AFP Shares on Dolphin ?05:23
valoriefcomtois: what is a "AFP" share?05:26
valorieFlameReaper: where are you looking?05:26
valoriedo you have Samba installed and working?05:27
FlameReapervalorie: how do I make sure it is?05:27
FlameReaperalso I'm trying to do the usual "navigate to Network in Dolphin >> select Samba Shares >> wait and see"05:28
valorieIn Dolphin, Network > Samba shares > Workgroups05:28
valorieI see my husband's windows computer in my network05:28
valorieand I've never done anything to enable Samba05:28
valorieit Just Works05:28
FlameReaperI can't05:28
FlameReaperI do know that I should be able to see "Workgroups" when I select "Samba shares"05:29
valoriehe's not shared anything with me, and he's not logged in, so I don't "see" anything05:29
FlameReaperbut Dolphin keeps returning me some sort of an access error05:29
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/windows-networking.html05:29
valorieperhaps there is some help for troubleshooting in those two links05:29
FlameReapermy laptop doesn't have access problems when in Windows05:29
FlameReaperand are able to see the computers in the network as it should05:30
valoriewell, this is a laptop, with Vivid beta05:30
valorieas I said, I never did anything special05:30
valorieor even looked there before tbh05:31
frecelI installed awesome so I can use my desktop05:39
valoriefrecel: later, if you want to, you might join #plasma and talk to the kwin devel mgraesslin05:39
valorieand find out what's going on05:39
valorieright now the european devels are still asleep05:40
frecelvalorie: is anyone else having issues with kwin right now or is it just me?05:40
valorieI've not heard of any, frecel05:41
valoriewhat version of kubuntu were/are you using?05:42
frecel15.04 haha05:42
valorieok, so the beta05:42
kb52For those looking for a decent backup system, try Kleo it is excellente.05:42
frecelI installed it so I can file some bugs before the official release, didn't expect things to fail this badly05:43
kb52Kleo is by carroll.net is a live CD backup and restore running on Ubuntu. But its great if your not wanting to start over all the time when and if you crash your Linux too badly.05:45
valoriefrecel: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kwin05:45
valoriepersonally, I like rsync05:45
kb52It does have a few odd bugs. About the only one is you for some odd reason go have to mount for example my firewire drive, had to be mounted before I could use it to backup to.05:47
kb52That and the icons on the desktop overlapped each other. But I was able to go past that do a full backup in 30 minutes, and a full restore in 1505:47
frecelvalorie: I think I should find out how to replicate my bug before I submit it05:50
kb52Well Kleo is the fastest I have seen, and totally GUI and so making it very user friendly. Plus at least you can browse the web, download torrents, and even burn a CD/DVD from the live cd bootup.05:50
valoriekb52: not really on-topic here however, is it?05:51
valorie!info kleo05:51
ubottuPackage kleo does not exist in utopic05:51
kb52You just go to carroll.net and can download the iso that is the only place I can find it.05:52
kb52Its only a bootable cd about 420MB ...05:52
valorieexactly, so definitely not on topic05:52
valorieif you would like to see it packaged in Ubuntu, please file a bug asking for it05:53
valorieuntil it is available in the repos, it is not on-topic here05:53
valorieif you like it, please do that05:54
valorieI've done it a couple of times, and eventually those good applications are packaged05:54
kb52Well yes I would since it runs in Ubuntu itself. And someone seemed to mention they have damaged their system by installing somethingm, so it is a great tool to get around such disasters much more easily than having to reinstall everything from scratch.05:55
kb52So how does one get them to get it put onto the repo?05:56
valorieas I said, file a bug in launchpad05:57
kb52What topic is this channel? It says Kubuntu support?05:57
valorieinstalling packages from outside the repos is not supported05:58
kb52I am hoping it gets packaged with several Distros. Right now it is not a package, it is only an .iso file that you can burn to a cd.05:59
fcomtoisvalorie: AFP is Apple Filling Protocol05:59
fcomtoisvalorie: it has nothing to do with Samba except that both are file sharing protocols05:59
valoriehmmm, no apple anything in mty network06:00
fcomtoislucky you06:00
kb52Of course it has to run outside from a live CD or USB stick to have any use at all.06:00
fcomtoiswe just have some old legacy snow leopard xserves that are pushing out the files06:00
valoriewhen I did have a mac, years ago, it was very difficult to network mac <> windows06:00
kb52I would like to find an application that can play .MKV files with some success.06:00
valoriebefore linux existed06:01
kb52As well as one that will play .3GP with sound as opposed to without sound.06:01
fcomtoisvalorie: linux exists since 1993 haha :P06:01
valoriewell, desktop linux then06:02
kb52But MAC is actually linux, why is it hard. My G3 finds it easy to get along with windows shares.06:02
fcomtoisit works fine with nautilus06:03
fcomtoisbut dolphin is having none of it06:03
valoriekb52: http://askubuntu.com/questions/38268/how-to-properly-play-mkv-files might help06:03
valoriefcomtois: unsure06:04
kb52That seems off topic. But I will go look it up.06:04
fcomtoisyeah... I figured it's not something people are very familiar with nowadays06:04
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kb52That only described issues with smplayer itself. It is perhaps dbus errors that creep up preventing programs like VLC to play them, or maybe just bad. The 3gp issue does not matter, I can play them fine when uploaded to facebook and played back from facebook, and the 3GP ones are all from the video camera anyhow.06:10
kb52Has anyone an idea why my firewire drive decided to mount and unmount itself repeatedly in PC-MAN FM?06:12
kb52Rebooting fixed it but never seen such strange behaviour.06:13
fcomtoiskb52: it appears that your firewire drive was literally f*cking your computer :P06:14
ubottuThe main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList06:14
fcomtois*making love06:15
fcomtoisamerican ?06:15
valorieI believe it is solid that handles your hardware06:15
valoriesounds messed up though06:15
kb52Well its kind of like it was in a loop or something. I suspect it was some sort of dbus error, but acted like hardware but wasnt. After full shutdown and restart its fine now.06:16
kb52 Now the big experiment of upgrading 1316 packages and see what trouble I fall into from there.06:17
kb52Was only doing that is PCMANFM so perhaps something down in that was the reason.06:21
kb52Well I guess I will go cross my fingers. It is the knoppix machine that is getting all the updates to see if it can handle them or not.06:23
kb52Going off to beddy bye and let it do its thing, and get out of this machine too.06:24
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_puddle_my wifi has stopped connecting to the network. i can see it ,  it tries to connect but fails over and over06:58
_puddle_it connected for a time today but now is gone again06:59
lordievaderGood morning.07:05
daroktharHello, since about one week my dolphin and other qt programs take about 1-2 minutes to start. As soon as they are started everything is fine.08:00
daroktharI've tried deleting ~/.kde which helped. But it's happening again.08:02
daroktharI tried some googling, but found nothing which solved my problem.08:02
valoriewhat version of kubuntu are you running, darokthar?08:04
valoriedeleting rather than moving ~/.kde is a bad idea08:04
valorieI mean, btw08:05
daroktharIn fact i did move it.08:05
Tm_TI'd rather create new user for such tests instead of mess the whole ~/.kde08:06
valoriethe reason I ask for version is that as of plasma 5, config files are now found in ~/.config or ~/.local08:07
daroktharI'm running KDE 4.14.208:07
daroktharAs moving ~/.kde solved the problem at first, it seems to be the right folder.08:07
daroktharAnd at least my kwallet is stored in that directory.08:08
daroktharAnd all other settings although.08:08
valorieso perhaps you are running Kubuntu 14.10?08:08
valorieso, you could try with a new user, but moving your .kde folder is equivalent to that08:09
valorieso what you could try is running the slowly-starting applications from the commandline, and watch the output08:09
valorieand see what is slowing things down08:09
valoriemaybe `dolphin --debug` or so08:10
valorieyou could also search bugs.kde.org for dolphin bugs and see if there are some hints there08:11
valoriewhich is what i usually do08:11
Tm_Tdarokthar: is the slowness also when trying to log out or shut down?08:11
Tm_Tas in, could it be dbus?08:11
daroktharTm_T i rarely do this. I'll have to try.08:12
daroktharThe fun thing is, that gtk apps start normal. Firefox altough starts normal. Kate, okular, dolphin do not...08:14
daroktharI klicked on logout. But till now nothing happened.08:15
daroktharMaybe it takes altough a while.08:15
daroktharThe log out does not seem to work at all.08:21
daroktharI'll start a reboot.08:21
soeegood morning08:32
daroktharThe general startup of kde is altough as fast as always. Even when dolphin and okular are started from the previous session. It is only slow after KDE is up and i try to start an application.09:05
soeedarokthar: define "slow"09:06
soeeand are we talking about KDE4 or Plasma5 ?09:06
daroktharkde 4.14.2 slow means over a minute to start dolphin.09:07
daroktharAnd it seems moving ~/.kde solves the problem. At least for a while.09:07
soeeoh strange09:08
soeeso it might be related to some previous configuration maybe09:08
daroktharAnd the problem is only with kde/qt programs. When starting firefox or gtk apps, they start asap.09:08
soeedarokthar: if you start Dolphin form cli, do you have some warnings maybe ?09:09
daroktharLets wait09:10
hateballAnd do you get the same behavior starting Konsole?09:12
hateballDolphin might try and reach some remote hosts you've bookmarked09:12
daroktharBut this would not be true for okular, or kate09:12
daroktharsoee here is the output of dolphin http://pastebin.com/DFnfzpfc Keine Berechtigung translates to "no Autorization"09:16
daroktharOk, it seems to be a problem with iptables.09:20
wmpi have question, what is it and how to disable this: http://i.imgur.com/CDtMAH0.jpg09:35
soeewmp: whee do you have it ? on kubuntu ?09:38
wmpon locking session09:39
soeei havent seen it before, maybe something from plasma active09:39
avtolikhey guys, do you know why kwalletmanager5 is missing from the kubuntu plasma 5 repo?09:40
avtolikit seems that I need to, so my wifi password gets saved09:40
soeeavtolik: good morning, it seems that there is no kwalletmanager510:02
soeethere is only kwalletmanager10:03
avtolikyes, I found this in some forum:10:04
avtolikWithout KWallet, plasma-nm won't save the passwords10:04
avtolikand indeed, my wifi passwords are not saved10:05
soeewell true10:05
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dtcdarkravengreetings all, after having done a complete format of my system, i attempted to install Kubuntu back onto my system, however the installer seems to crash whenever i attempt to load up via a pendrive. then the loading screen pops up but is completely stuck at the hard-drive icon..10:52
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iconic2_Do you guys want another website to have a irc web client hosted on?11:50
lordievadericonic2_: What do you mean?11:55
iconic2_Well I just got paid for some sub contracting work I did a few weeks back and was going to order either a colo or a vps11:56
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BluesKajHiyas all12:22
_puddle_hi BluesKaj12:35
BluesKajhi _puddle_12:36
_puddle_my wifi has stopped connecting to my ap12:37
sniper338Hallo! :D12:37
_puddle_it tries over and over but no12:38
s_20hi! would it be a terrible idea to upgrade 15.04 now already?12:47
lordievaders_20: It is still a development release.12:47
lordievaderI.e. not recommended.12:48
s_20so i suppose i should resist the urge to upgrade my work laptop now already12:48
BluesKajs_20, it's not ready for the workplace12:49
s_20that much work happening in the next 3 weeks?12:49
BluesKajs_20, think I'd wait at least a few months after the official release before installing it for the workplace12:51
s_20BluesKaj: really?12:51
BluesKajnothing wrong with 14.10 , it's stable and fast12:51
BluesKajand still has better features than 15.04 IMO12:52
s_20BluesKaj: i was looking forward to plasma 5 after having used the kde 4.* series for more than 5 years now ;)12:52
BluesKajeye candy isn't everything12:52
lordievaders_20: In the next 3 weeks it might simply break.12:52
s_20obviously it isn't, but i think after a few years it's understandablwe if someone wants to see some updated visuals12:53
BluesKajs_20, there are all kinds of themes and colours etc available for kde4 , more than you'll ever use12:55
s_20BluesKaj: i think it's no secret there are very few high quality themes available12:55
BluesKajthat's a matter of taste12:56
s_20and going on kde-look.org is more like a trip down memory lane these days when it comes to themes, particularly if they haven't been updated since 201012:56
BluesKajeven fewer on plasma512:57
s_20still, i'm looking forward to plasma5 ;)12:58
BluesKajwell, you do what you want12:58
xennex81is there a reason why plasma-desktop can take 50% cpu in 14.10?13:24
xennex81it happens regularly, sometimes after a few minutes into the session13:25
xennex81i have to fix it by logging out and logging back in13:25
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viphello there13:57
vipanybody experienced kded5 memory eating?13:58
soee_someone mentioned it today13:59
vipoh, great13:59
soee_vip: 14.10 or vivid ?13:59
vipvivid, with latest updates13:59
bshahthere are/were bug reports on kde bugzilla..13:59
vipthank you13:59
soee_Riddell: ^ this is known i think, iv seen iton rello13:59
soee_*trello as some recursion goes there ?13:59
viphope there is a workaround13:59
vip(other than alternative desktop manager)14:00
soee_vip: it works goo for me soe far14:01
vipbshah: does you know bug number?14:02
bshahvip: not sure but https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=33767414:03
ubottuKDE bug 337674 in general "kded5 is eating CPU" [Normal,Verified: fixed]14:03
bshahoh wait14:03
bshahits about memory14:03
bshahignore me14:03
Riddellvip: fix on its way, apt remove kubuntu-notification-helper   for now14:03
Riddellhi libregeekingkid14:06
libregeekingkidRiddell: Hi there14:07
_puddle_my wifi has stopped connecting to my ap14:10
_puddle_it tries over and over but no14:11
vipbshah: thank you14:11
BluesKaj_puddle_, look in /var/log/syslog for the error14:12
sixtubuntuAny  help me? Torrent download error. -> Access denied, leeching forbidden14:13
BluesKajsixtubuntu, ktorrent ?14:14
vipRiddell: thank you14:14
sixtubuntuthis ubuntu, not kubuntu :/14:14
vipsoee_: thanks to you too14:14
BluesKajaccess denie\d, maybe you need to register on that torrent site, and this is kubuntu support14:16
BluesKajsixtubuntu, for ubuntu support  /j #ubuntu14:16
_puddle_BluesKaj, not sure what to make of it14:27
_puddle_seems to say its connecting then losing it over and over14:28
BluesKaj_puddle_, if you found an error post it in pastebin if it's more then 3 lines long'14:28
BluesKaj_puddle_, check that network manager is using the correct password etc14:29
_puddle_it's open.  tethering from the phone14:30
_puddle_italso happens with my usual wifi wifi14:30
BluesKajusing your phone as a modem ?14:31
_puddle_hot spot14:33
BluesKajsorry, dunno much about phones and the internet14:36
_puddle_it's just an open wifi ap14:36
_puddle_currently on it with my raspbery pi14:37
BluesKajno matter , I know something about ncomputers and the internet , but not phones14:38
_puddle_well it connected briefly this evening but won't come back14:38
_puddle_also when i log in as guest no go14:39
_puddle_but works booting windows or off a usb14:39
BluesKajmaybe someone else can help you , sorry i can't14:41
rbergI would start by looking at the output of 'dmesg' and look for NetworkManager lines in /var/log/syslog to see whats really happening behind the scenes14:42
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_puddle_rberg, can i show you the log?14:45
dtcdarkravenhello all, ive been having issues installing kubuntu .10 the installer constantly crashes after i boot the usb drive up.., i was wondering if me having an SLI setup could be the couse?.. if not.. what it could be.. and what i can do to properly install kubuntu back onto my system?  ( left pc alone, fresh windows install made it go sleepy.. :P, i asked this question before )14:47
rberg_puddle_: maybe just make sure nothing confidential is in there.. maybe start by 'tail -F /var/log/syslog' and try connecting14:49
BluesKajdtcdarkraven, how did you install the iso on the usb?14:51
dtcdarkravenusing the recomended linux live usb creator ( on win )14:52
dtcdarkravenhad it format ( fat32 ) and used 4g of persistance14:53
BluesKajthere's a live linux usb creator in windows?14:53
dtcdarkravenhaha, yes there is exually its linked on the kubuntu website aswel.14:54
BluesKajdtcdarkraven, you don't need persistence14:54
BluesKajjust fat3214:54
dtcdarkraventhat is true.., but it would allow me to use a live invirement at other places i might decide to use the thumb drive14:54
dtcdarkravencould it be cousing an issue?14:55
BluesKajdtcdarkraven, afaik persistence isn't needed for any of that14:55
dtcdarkravenwhat i ment was, use some software i might install on the pendrive later :)14:55
dtcdarkravenhowever if it could be cousing issue's.. i have no problem with removing persistance from the pendrive..14:56
BluesKajuse partitions14:56
dtcdarkravenallright.., il try to do it without peristance then.., reading on the website from that peace of software it does state "persistance on selected linux" so it might be the cause..14:58
BluesKajdtcdarkraven, yes I've read discussions abouthe persistence bug before ,, but never used it myself15:00
BluesKajit's a fat 32 problem with the 4G max15:01
dtcdarkravenBlueKaj, would you have some "literature" about making partitions on a live usb-pendrive ?15:01
BluesKajdtcdarkraven, this seems contradictory, but it's all I could find that's relevant http://askubuntu.com/questions/397481/how-to-make-a-persistent-live-ubuntu-usb-with-more-than-4gb15:04
dtcdarkravenmuch apreciated15:05
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hateballkwin_x11 crashes for me in 15.04 but #ubuntu+1 doesnt seem very active :|15:50
hateballit freezes my entire machine for some seemingly random reason15:50
MoonUnit`this bug turned up last night, might be your problem hateball https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kubuntu-notification-helper/+bug/143422615:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1434226 in kubuntu-notification-helper (Ubuntu) "update hooks infinite recursion makes kded5 use excessive memory" [High,Fix released]15:53
hateballMoonUnit`: hmmm, I am irssing in a VT atm, lets see if I can browse there on my phone15:54
MoonUnit`temporary fix was to remove kubuntu-notification-helper15:55
hateballMoonUnit`: ah, nice! I'll give that a go, thanks15:56
MoonUnit`bug report claims it was fixed 16 minutes ago, no idea when that will be downloadable.15:57
hateballso far my X session lives15:58
BluesKajhateball, next time you freeze try alt-tab, that usually unfreezes the desktop in 15.0415:59
hateballBluesKaj: It's completely unresponsive when it happens, only managed to even switch to a vtty once15:59
hateballI'm not even sure what this notification-helper does, I still get notifications in from the tray16:00
BluesKajhateball, have you upgraded and dist-upgraded and installed the recommended gpu driver16:00
hateballeven with it removed, that is16:00
hateballBluesKaj: Yes and yes16:00
hateballMoonUnit`: Well I've been going longer than I managed before so I guess this was the same bug16:01
BluesKajhateball, beta 2?16:01
hateballBluesKaj: I'm not sure this has a name, I dist-upgrade every one or two days. Anyhow MoonUnit` has already pointed to the bug affecting me16:02
hateballwhat a weird thing16:02
hateballThis is what broke it then: 2015-03-31 23:14:35 upgrade kubuntu-notification-helper:amd64 15.04ubuntu2 15.04ubuntu316:05
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MoonUnit`kubuntu-notification-helper update is now downloadable17:06
vipwho needs it anyway?17:09
MoonUnit`no idea, didn't notice any difference removing it.17:12
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lordievaderSupposedly it was giving a memory leak in Vivid.17:19
MoonUnit`yup caught it last night, machine unusable just after logging in.17:20
lordievaderSometimes not having an up to date system is usefull ;)17:22
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ahoneybunlet me grab one18:57
ErtheOn 15.04 Beta 2, updated kubuntu-notification-helper to 15.04ubuntu4 earlier, and it seems to have resolved a stability issue I had, but I can't get the Alt-F2 run command dialog to appear anymore.19:19
ErtheAnyone have any hints on how to restore it?19:19
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BluesKajErthe, right click on the desktop and choose run command19:23
MoonUnit`alt + f2 works for me, noticed in shortcuts app alt+space works too.19:25
BluesKajyes same here19:35
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yofayceHey all23:49

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