ooppsshello I am trying to mount an encrypted Ubuntu home dir from a live Lubuntu environment00:19
ooppssI am trying to follow this guide - http://askubuntu.com/questions/60601/unwrapping-passphrase-and-inserting-into-the-user-session-keyring-failed00:20
ooppssdespite me knowing the passphrase, ecryptfs-recover-private does not work00:20
ooppssso I'm going this route - http://askubuntu.com/questions/60601/unwrapping-passphrase-and-inserting-into-the-user-session-keyring-failed/107660#10766000:21
ooppssso now the mount has been possible, but now the filenames are all like ECRYPTFS_FNEK_ENCRYPTED.FXb2-z7jOWonC-Tnab9zTUbFH25CpbGxm1faHi469K-dKumM1u.CTOcGc50.4zrfQ-OZjjmLk2q6G00:21
ooppssso how can I get normal filenames?00:22
MiniFridgeHi, I'm using Lubuntu in a VM. I unchecked third party software upon installation, but yet, when I checked in Ubuntu Software, I saw restricted software checked.01:27
MiniFridgeWhy is this?01:27
MiniFridge*Software and Updates01:27
MiniFridgeAlso, does this mean it will install restricted software automatically?01:28
rwwthe checkbox during installation is to actually install some such software during installation. the checkbox in software sources is to make the repository containing that software available01:30
MiniFridgerww, but it won't download through updates. I need to download from those repositories manually first, right?01:34
rwwcorrect, if you don't have restricted software installed, it will not be auto-installed by updates01:34
MiniFridgethank you01:34
MiniFridgeI did install VBoxAdditions through VBox, but I assume that is not updated anyway through the updater?01:35
rwwnot sure, i always just use the virtualbox-guest-x11 package in the repositories01:36
MiniFridgehm, the updater says no proprietary drivers in use...01:37
MiniFridgethanks for your help, though01:41
Christopher-WereHi, I was wondering if someone could help me with getting 15.04 running in VirtualBox. The live CD works great but the install runs only in 640x480 and nothing seems to be able to correct this01:45
Christopher-WereI've tried the guest-addons but it refuses to properly install because the linux headers are not up-to-date01:45
Christopher-WereAnyone here?01:48
MiniFridgethanks again02:28
Christopher-WereHi, I was wondering if someone could help me with getting 15.04 running in VirtualBox. The live CD works great but the install runs only in 640x480 and nothing seems to be able to correct this02:51
Unit193Christopher-Were: Install linux-generic and virtualbox-dkms02:52
Christopher-WereIn the VM or on my current system?02:52
Christopher-Werekool thanks I'll give it a go02:56
Christopher-WereThat doesn't appear to have worked03:02
Unit193After those have installed and built, you need to restart X.  An easy way to do this is by rebooting.03:04
Christopher-WereI've just done that03:04
Christopher-WereAny other advice? It seems to work on the liveCD03:17
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution03:20
Christopher-WereStill no luck I'm afraid03:25
ianorlinChristopher-Were: what does the alternate installer do?03:44
Christopher-Werewhat do you meann?03:52
Christopher-WereIt installs fine03:52
ianorlinah it is after install?03:53
ianorlinah I don't test virtualbox03:53
Christopher-Werethe LiveCD works in 1024x768 which isn't ideal but it'll do03:53
asd_Hey guys, I'm having issues installing vlc, I'm running Lubuntu 14.04.2 LTS, this is output:http://paste.ubuntu.com/10718355/13:49
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NinjaKirbyGreetings, if I am allowed to enquire about such things here, can I ask if there is any known issues with running a MySQL Client on the current 14.10 release?17:22
ianorlinum I don't from lubuntu but I shouldn't see why not same as any other ubuntu would be really17:24
NinjaKirbyRight, I'm getting errors trying to install via CLI or the Software Centre, driving me nuts.17:25
NinjaKirbyI shall keep battling on.17:25
wxlNinjaKirby: pastebin it up?17:28
NinjaKirbyWill do, I should mention (much to your dismay) I'm a bit of a Unix noob17:33
NinjaKirbyI've done something (has to be me, right?), I attempted to sudo install a MySql client earlier and no doubt balls'd it up. Tried some cleanup commands to no avail.17:38
wxlNinjaKirby: did you update first?17:38
wxlNinjaKirby: if you haven't make sure you do17:39
wxlNinjaKirby: then do sudo apt-get -f install17:39
wxlNinjaKirby: if that still doesn't fix it, tell me what version you're running (lsb_release -ds)17:40
NinjaKirbyRight... okay, update did a massive check. Install claims there is 14 not to upgrade. "Looks positive".17:40
wxlNinjaKirby: pastebin those 14 not to upgrade17:40
NinjaKirbyOkay, no joy thus far.  #Ubuntu 14.10  listed for the lsb_release command. I will google for a "list" command, lol.17:42
wxlNinjaKirby: `sudo apt-get -y install pastebinit; sudo apt-get upgrade | pastebinit`17:42
NinjaKirbyPastebin compatibility is built into Linux/Terminal, amazing.17:43
NinjaKirbyOh wait, no it's not, you're asking me to install something?17:44
wxlNinjaKirby: if you install it, then you get pastebin compatibility in the terminal.17:44
wxlNinjaKirby: the second part "pipes" (| is called a pipe) the output of the update command through the pastebinit command17:45
wxlNinjaKirby: also, i did mean update, not upgrade17:45
NinjaKirbyOkie dokie, it's installed, it seems.17:52
wxlNinjaKirby: and you did the whole bit including the part after the semicolon?17:52
NinjaKirbyAye... well, I did it all in one line as if it was queuing two commands, so indeed.17:53
wxlso it should have spit out a paste url17:53
wxlew you using windows? :)17:53
NinjaKirbyI am for my Host computer, aye, heh17:56
NinjaKirbyThat's the one it churned out.17:57
wxlseems truncated17:58
NinjaKirbyHmmm, I run the update command earlier and it lists the same list.17:58
wxli don't see the 14 not to upgrade17:59
NinjaKirbyOh sorry, maybe I misled you, I read that based on a message provided at the Installation command stage, it came before the Update command.18:00
wxlso would like to see that18:00
NinjaKirbyRoflcopters, alright, let's see now18:00
NinjaKirbyhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/10719705/ lol, why do I think this is not what you wanted to see.18:02
wxlwtf. there's no indication of what the 14 area?18:02
NinjaKirbyY'know why? Because I'm doing it wrong, I dunno what I'm doing wrong but it must be me.18:03
wxloh well18:03
NinjaKirbyI just did "sudo apt-get install | pastebinit"18:03
wxltry sudo apt-get -f install18:03
NinjaKirbyI can safely just tack on pastebinit with this stuff, I guess18:04
NinjaKirbylol, it's the same again.18:04
NinjaKirbyI should just start another clean slate VM, see if it happens.18:05
wxlso same error message?18:05
wxl!info mysql-client18:06
ubottumysql-client (source: mysql-5.5): MySQL database client (metapackage depending on the latest version). In component main, is optional. Version 5.5.41-0ubuntu0.14.10.1 (utopic), package size 11 kB, installed size 126 kB18:06
NinjaKirbyhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/10719720/ It's just outputting the same thing to pastebin.18:07
wxlnow if you try to install mysql-client, same error?18:07
NinjaKirbyAye, I must have broke it all somehow. I barely touched anything, I swear it D:18:08
wxltry installing mysql-client-5.518:08
NinjaKirbyAh now, that's the very first command I used to try and install the MySQL client via Terminal and it didn't fail. I thought I messed it all up by doing that, because I should have perhaps only requested "mysql-client", as I thought I had bypassed other dependancy packages by being specific.18:10
NinjaKirbyBut then using the Remove command and stuff didn't work and whatever the hell, damn computers.18:10
wxlmight try using purge instead of remove18:11
NinjaKirbyAh right, I'll try that in a mo, thanks for your support. Just gonna test something ¬_¬18:13
NinjaKirbyWow, finally, it only took all day. I don't think I'm cut out for this.20:04
Unit193Either that or out to a slower start.  Though I have no idea what "this" is. :D20:04
NinjaKirbyHehe, just trying to learn and get started with MySQL and Linux generally a bit more indepth really. Finally got my Lubuntu VM to connect to my Ubuntu VM which runs the MySQL.20:06
NinjaKirbyAlthough, I was only doing all of this to troubleshoot FloreantPOS, so now I should install that again and see if it works.20:07
NinjaKirbyI will reward my small success with DT's Count of Tuscany.20:08
djoi298since the new "netbooks" are now tablets and chromebooks how well does lubuntu perform on them?20:27
ianorlindjoi298: I don't have either it performs amazingly well on my 5 year old laptop after I added an ssd to it20:28
djoi298i think Google has prevented typical linux distros from being installed on chromebooks20:29
djoi298and does linux even have a usable touchscreen GUI?20:30
ianorlindjoi298: I have heard there are ways around that20:31
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NinjaKirbyYES, another victory!22:51
NinjaKirbyXRDP running and accessible from Windows & Ubuntu, although it uses LXDE which I didn't think Lubuntu had, or at least, I thought I told it to remove it.22:51
wxllxde is essentially what makes lubuntu *l*ubuntu22:52
NinjaKirbyRighto, the light weight nature. So... thank god that ended well then.22:53
NinjaKirbyIt's like deleting System32.22:59
wxli think that's usually a benefit22:59
* NinjaKirby grins23:16
NinjaKirbyIt only took 10 hours to reach this moment. I'd like to thank you all for your support, and thank my Mum back home. Love you mum.23:28

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