cxdvtyObrienDave: are you here?02:15
xennex81does anyone know if 15.04 will allow me (or anyone) to run plasma4 style themes like Oxygen and Air (in KDE)?05:54
lordievaderGood morning.07:05
elfymorning lordievader07:06
lordievaderHey elfy07:07
elfyyou good?07:10
lordievaderWithout coffee? Not sure :P07:15
elfyI've just disconnected the tea-line - day is looking ok now :)07:15
kbroulikany progress on the kded5 ram bug? :/07:57
lordievaderRam bug? (I suppose this question is more suited towards #kubuntu-devel)07:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1434226 in kubuntu-notification-helper (Ubuntu) "infinite recursion makes kded5 use excessive memory" [High,Confirmed]07:59
kbroulikok I turned off notification helper, perhaps that helps07:59
xennex81i'm not sure if I'm such an annoying person here, but I'm just asking whether plasma 5 will allow a person to use plasma 4 style themes, or whether these themes are present, or anything like that.08:37
xennex81so sorry if I'm being a weirdo here ;-)08:39
xennex81that is not really intended08:40
xennex81plasma 4. Has these themes. Oxygen. But most importantly Air, I guess. It looks pretty fancy with high contrast. At least when compared to Plasma 5 breeze light theme.08:40
xennex81it has nice icons. It was often said that 15.04 woudl ship plasma5 "by default" but I hear say that plasma5 is going to be the only option.08:42
xennex81although I feel that having an option to select the older looks is a great asset to any distribution and certainly to this one.08:43
xennex81it would just be great if any of the old would seep through in the new08:44
xennex81and I don't really know how to explain myself but it's really simple. The question is really whether these icons and themes are present or could be present or will be made present in 15.04, by any chance whatsoever?08:45
lordievaderxennex81: Asking around in #kubuntu-devel or #kde probably has more result.08:47
xennex81oh okay08:47
xennex81i mean, I was just directed here before :P08:47
xennex81thanks man08:47
xennex81I think it was actually you who was the helpful person? :P08:48
xennex81but thanks08:48
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quiricadalubuntu 15.04; cups 2.0.2; printers are showing in cups using browser access, however, no printers listed in program print dialogs (eg. libreoffice), printer is not listed in system-config-printer either09:05
henkjani did a fresh install of my hypervisor with vivid11:55
henkjandefault vivid kernel (3.19.xx)11:55
henkjanrunning a few vm's11:55
henkjanthe host now randomly hangs itself11:55
henkjanno logging11:55
henkjanjust stops responding11:55
henkjani've upgrade to 4.0rc6 from http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/11:56
lordievaderHehe. Now that is fun. What does monitoring system resources show?11:56
henkjannow seems to run fine11:56
henkjani wasnt using excessive system resources11:59
lordievaderMemory errors?12:01
henkjanno logged memory errors12:05
henkjanits a dell 2950 with 16G FB ECC memory12:05
BluesKajHiyas all12:22
solsTiCehi. what is the best (if there is any) to upgrade to 15.04 beta from 14.10 ? do-release-update -d, update-manager -d or from a liveusb ?15:16
k1l_the upgrades work. if gui or cli doesnt matter15:17
hateballSo I am having trouble with kwin freezing my entire machine on 15.0415:37
hateballI can see it spamming xsession-errors with: kwin_core 0x20004: Usage warning, generic vertex... something something15:37
hateballit happens if I just let the machine sit on an idle session15:38
hateballWell it also happens if I try to actively use the machine, which is more of an annoyance15:43
hateballI am not sure what to look for15:44
hateballhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kubuntu-notification-helper/+bug/1434226 is what16:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1434226 in kubuntu-notification-helper (Ubuntu) "update hooks infinite recursion makes kded5 use excessive memory" [High,Fix released]16:02
FunnyLookinHatCan anyone else confirm a weird networking issue where having both a wireless and wired connection at the same time causes requests to timeout?17:54
ceed^Hi, after todays update I am getting this error every time I boot: https://carousel.dropbox.com/photos/cc/XNWKUahiRCSoWvX18:16
xennex81ceed^: too many arguments is usually a bash test not going right because a variable has not been quoted18:27
xennex81ceed^: ie. [ -z $var ]18:28
ceed^xennex81, this is what is in that file: http://hastebin.com/iqoxuzafey.bash18:38
xennex81[ -n $LC_IDENTIFICATION ] && [  ${LC_IDENTIFICATION%.*} = 'pt_BR' ] is the recommended way to be dash/ash/sh compatible18:42
xennex81ceed^: but if gives an error if LC_IDENTIFICATION contains a space, or tab, or newline, most likely. You'll need to enclose it in ยจ" but that means something is going wrong from the start? Dunno, just saying a few things about where the error comes from.18:45
xennex81[ -n "$LC_IDENTIFICATION" ] && ["${LC_IDENTIFICATION%.*}" = 'pt_BR' ]18:45
xennex81  18:45
ceed^xennex81, this must be a bug since this error suddenly popped up after a recent update in 15.04. I have never touched that file.18:47
xennex81ceed^: then it means that string is wrong but the script fails because it is wrong, ie. there is a space in it or whatever18:51
xennex81ceed^: if you want to troubleshoot it, do "echo $varnam > /tmp/tmp.log"or whatever and then check that file after login or boot18:52
xennex81i mean in the script18:52
xennex81but I'm not sure if that's what you're intending, but I'm no bug-handler here18:53
FunnyLookinHatceed^, I get the error too18:55
FunnyLookinHat( just ran updates )18:55
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ceed^xennex81, thanks! I just wanted to know what was wrong. But it's good to know what is actually happening also.19:06
xennex81but the string is obviously had from the environment, the contents of mine is "nl_NL.UTF-8" so check yours?19:08
xennex81i mean, it is supposed to be "pt_BR.UTF-8" or something for you right19:09
xennex81so type echo $LC_IDENTIFICAITON in a shell19:09
xennex81withing the spelling error :p19:10
xennex81it is probably unset19:12
xennex81it is funny that [ -n -a -n ] will complete as true without error19:19
xennex81but [ -n -a = string ] will fail with the error you got19:19
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ceed^I do not get anything from $LC_IDENTIFICAITON  And I have set "en_US.UTF-8"19:35
FunnyLookinHat$LC_IDENTIFICATION is blank for me too19:44
solsTiCeso I wanted to upgrade from 14.10 to 15.04 using a liveusb. why the **** the installer asks about timezone and want me to create a user ? all is already set on system that is being upgraded ! so I aborted the upgrade and ended up in a lot of trouble. almost all was gone on /. So I reinstalled :-( bummer19:58
CptRageToastersolsTiCe: Is it possible that you blew away the old install before you even started installing?19:59
solsTiCeIt seems so. stuff were already started when you are at the user creation step I guess20:02
k1l_solsTiCe: why didnt you use the upgrade like do-release-upgrade or update-manager?20:04
solsTiCeI already donwload the iso so I thought it would faster20:05
k1l_solsTiCe: the installed offers a "upgrade the install" option. if you didnt use that you might have reinstalled. or half reinstalled20:05
solsTiCeno I used the upgrade option. and it ask nonetheless to ccreate a user20:06
CptRageToasterthat might have been normal...20:12
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solsTiCewhen I boot (into 15.04), it gets stuck at "checking file system on disk (0.0%)" for 30 seconds or so. I wonder if it is related to the crypted swap I configured20:56
solsTiCeuh ho output of systemd-analyze blame|head20:57
solsTiCeand the metadata of ext4 partition do not show a fsck been done21:01
solsTiCeshould I open i bug report ?21:30
elkysure. make sure you give as much detail as you can about your setup21:31
solsTiCeI have anothe problem. When I close the lid of my laptop, it does not go to sleep and the external monitor is still on; may be because of external monitor23:06
solsTiCeanyone ?23:11
solsTiCewas working fine in 14.1023:12

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