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rpadovaniElleo, o/ I've a problem with keyboard, and popey said you're the right person to ask for some help :) Long story short: I want that a component has visible: true only after the keyboard is totally dismissed, not when it stasts the animation to dismiss. So I did07:35
rpadovani Connections {07:35
rpadovani 77        id: oskKeyboard07:35
rpadovani 78        target: Qt.inputMethod07:35
rpadovani 79    }07:35
rpadovanibut doesn't work07:35
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Elleorpadovani: yeah, apps changing Qt.inputMethod.visible is what triggers the hiding animation to start; you could look at Qt.inputMethod.keyboardRectangle and see when the height reaches 0 though08:32
rpadovaniElleo, thanks :-)08:34
Elleono problem :)08:35
junhi, i want to get  natvie window handle from a qwidget,  is that possible? how can i do it?08:53
junhi, i want to get  natvie window handle from a qwidget,  is that possible? how to do it?09:00
mivoligomzanetti: ping ping09:23
mzanettimivoligo, hi09:23
mivoligomzanetti: I still can't get your branch to work :(09:23
mivoligomzanetti: that's what it says when I hover over import UnityScreen http://screencloud.net/v/5I4v09:25
mivoligomzanetti: similar with 15.04 armhf09:26
mzanettimivoligo, yeah.... there's something that prevents it from running on 14.1009:26
mzanettimivoligo, lets just wait with merging this branch until bq gets an update to 15.0409:26
mzanettithen it should start working09:26
mivoligomzanetti: is it planned any time soon?09:27
mzanettiI think so, yes09:27
mzanettidon't have details on the roadmap though09:27
mzanettiI'm a bit puzzled by that error though... I've done this before and it worked...09:29
mivoligomzanetti: so, meanwhile I wanted to add some features to BigMovingText. Would that be a problem with merging your branch later on?09:29
mzanettimivoligo, nah, just go on... I'll update my branch09:30
mivoligomzanetti: great :)09:31
mardykalikiana: hi! I have an app with Window { OrientationHelper { ... { Dialog {}}}, and the dialog get rotated twice09:46
mardykalikiana: that is, everything is ok when in portrait mode, but when I turn to landscape, the dialog is actually rotated 180 degrees from its original position09:47
mardykalikiana: it's probably because the root item is a Window and not a MainView, but I cannot find the difference09:47
mardykalikiana: any ideas on what could be wrong?09:48
rpadovanipopey, I think this is last blocker bug for including calculator in the ota09:54
popeyrpadovani: i agree :)09:58
popeyrpadovani: seems jenkins didn't like it09:58
* popey retriggers09:59
kalikianamardy: the dialog expects to find a property called automaticOrientation in the root item which in your case won't be there; please file a bug report10:01
mardykalikiana: OK, thanks10:09
junhi, i want to get  natvie window handle from a qwidget,  is that possible? how to do it?10:10
mardykalikiana: FYI, bug 143910210:19
ubot5bug 1439102 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit (Ubuntu) "Dialogs are rotated incorrectly if root item is not a MainView" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143910210:19
mardykalikiana: I added a simple test case10:19
someone__hi everone.10:49
someone__I've tried  setting a user-agent for a web-app since many days.10:51
someone__The only thing working is setting a overwrite in my ua-overrides-desktop.js10:52
someone__But this of course only works on my maschine.10:52
someone__i've seen two other aproaches:10:52
someone__Exec=webapp-container --local-webapp-manifest=ua.js --user-agent-string="Mozilla/5.0 custom-ua (unlike AnyOtheBrowser)" --store-session-cookies --webappUrlPatterns=https?://myhttp.info/* http://myhttp.info %u10:52
someone__where some people use "--local-webapp-manifest" and set a webapp-properties.json, others use "--local-webapp-manifest=ua.js" with the obvious js file10:53
someone__both does not work for me10:53
someone__the other way is using --user-agent-string="Mozilla/5.0 custom-ua (unlike AnyOtheBrowser)" which does not work for me either10:54
someone__Anyone any idea?10:54
someone__Plus; My new BQ Ubuntu Phone does not get recognizes by the ubuntu SDK. is that normal? I would really like to test on that device and not on a simulator10:55
ogra_do you have developer mode enabled and the screen unlocked when trying to connect to it ?10:56
popeyrpadovani: mzanetti do you want me to request translations for reminders now conflict resolution has landed - and has new strings?10:59
mzanettipopey, yes please.11:00
mzanettipopey, IMO we have a good state for a release again11:00
someone__@ogra_ I just double-checked and now it worked. Weird. Thanks!11:01
popeymzanetti: exactly what I was thinking, get the translations done over easter weekend, submit next tuesday?11:03
mzanettipopey, sounds great11:04
mzanettipopey, I'll be off next tuesday, but I'm not really need for that anyways I think11:04
mzanettineeded, even11:04
popeymzanetti: think we need a manual test case for conflicts.11:05
mzanettifair enough11:05
mzanettilemme look at the spread sheet11:05
mzanettipopey, is that actually used by someone?11:05
mzanettipopey, added rows 61 - 63 to the spreadsheet11:14
someone__Any suggestions to the UserAgent problem?11:22
popeymzanetti: nice one!11:24
popeymzanetti: yes, QA use it when testing11:24
mzanettipopey, perfect! then I'll make sure this is up to date11:25
ogra_someone__, "doesnt work" is not such a helpful error description :)11:26
someone__Hmmm... Okay. "It does not change anything for the Useragent"11:27
ogra_does your click not start ? does it start but the site shown shows something different than expected ? ... waht do the logs say ? ....11:27
popeymzanetti: ok, mail sent to translators, so we should see them arriving over the weekend.11:28
* popey <3 our translators11:28
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someone__So myhttp.info still shows the same user agent. As I said, it works if I edit the ua-overrides-desktop.js file.11:29
ogra_someone__, did you try leaving out the --local-webapp-manifest option ?11:32
someone__Working on a Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, when I try to run it on my ubuntu phone (which now is displayed in the SDK), I get: "Cannot install /tmp/de.aypac.whatsapp-webapp_0.1_all.click: Framework "ubuntu-core-15.04" not present on system (use --force-missing-framework option to override)", which I guess comes from the fact that I have a 15.04 kit and my phone uses 14.10. But I'm not able to create a new kit without the wizzard.11:34
someone__@ogra_ not yet. You mean having the json but not using the option?11:35
ogra_no, dropping it altogether11:35
someone__Then I get the default user agent.11:36
ogra_only using --user-agent-string= option11:36
someone__yes. I've tried all options seperately and together11:36
ogra_oSoMoN, ^^^ ?11:36
* ogra_ uses webviews in a small qml wrapper for such things, not sure why the option doesnt work for you with the webapp-container11:37
oSoMoNsomeone__, can you share your click package with me?11:38
someone__@oSoMoN sure, I'll upload it in a min. Is there an option to comment in the *.desktop-file?11:42
someone__So I can indicate all lines I've tried?11:42
someone__using % works for my desktop but on other platforms I get errors. Same for //11:43
oSoMoNsomeone__, any line beginning with a # is considered a comment, IIRC11:43
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zsombikalikiana: alarm Id MR is ready for review https://code.launchpad.net/~zsombi/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/expose-alarm-id/+merge/25408411:45
someone__With # I still get: :-1: error: desktop_duplicate_keys (whatsapp): found duplicate keys: #Exec,#Exec,#Exec11:49
kalikianazsombi: aye11:49
ogra_someone__, just copy it to .desktop.bak in your click dir and keep your comments in there11:50
ogra_then you dont need to bother with the actual file11:51
oSoMoNsomeone__, huh, then I don’t know… can you attach a text file that contains everything you tried?11:51
someone__ogra__, oSoMoN Okay11:51
nik90dpm: hey, just wanted to update you that we got the world city translation to be loaded properly now. At the end it was indeed the locale domain initialization that was missing in the c++ plugin. It was merged as well to trunk yesterday.11:52
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dpmnik90, nice!12:07
dpmthanks for the heads up12:07
dpmsomeone__, you might want to ask on the #ubuntu-webapps channel12:10
dpmsomeone__, also, not sure if a webapp for whatsapp will work at all12:10
someone__@dpm thanks! It works on my computer right now (If I modify the ua-overwrites-desktop.js)12:13
someone__I see no reason why it should not work on the phone12:13
someone__As long as you have an old android device lying around12:13
dpmsomeone__, it'd be great if it worked indeed!12:17
dpmdbarth__, perhaps someone in your team could help with someone__'s effort on the whatsapp webapp? ^^12:18
zsombinik90: dude, I made some small changes on the alarm ID MR to cache the alarms returned by get() and find(), could you also take a look on it?12:18
zsombinik90: https://code.launchpad.net/~zsombi/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/expose-alarm-id/+merge/25408412:18
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nik90zsombi: Do you need me to test it?12:19
zsombinik90: I woudl appreciate if you could run one test yes12:19
zsombinik90: the stress test passes, but you never know...12:19
nik90zsombi: Sure I will run it against the clock app in about an hour. Please do not top-approve until then.12:20
zsombikalikiana: ^ wait with happroval till nik90 also checks it12:21
dbarth__dpm, someone__: i think whatsapp was discussed last week12:23
someone__Is there a transcript?12:23
dbarth__as someone (!) was attempting to have it work by tweaking user agent strings and so on, but that was a dead end12:23
dbarth__someone__: let me check12:24
someone__dbarth__ how was it a dead end? I could image it does not display properly on small screens. Thanks12:24
someone__Anyways, it would be nice if I could use my phone for testing. The issue with the 15.04 and 14.10 remains (I only have a 15.04 kit but my phone is 14.10). Is there any way to run the wizzard again? Or how do I get a new Sysroot for 14.10 in /var/lib/schroot/chroots/12:28
someone__or where can I add the "--force-missing-framework" option?12:30
dbarth__someone__: because of that FAQ: http://www.whatsapp.com/faq/web/2808000212:31
dbarth__essentially the web frontend takes a native counterpart on a phone12:31
someone__sure. As I said, you would need an old android lying around12:33
someone__but since you get those on ebay for a few bucks I don't see a problem there. Of course this would not be a 'real' whatsapp, but a dirty workaround.12:34
someone__And even for the desktop it would be nice. I delete my cookies in FF sometimes several times a day. To have one single 'app' with persistent cookies would be nice. Best would be of course if the cookies were synchronized between your mobile and your desktop. I'm thinking of ways to do that, if I get it working with the user agent12:36
dbarth__someone__: for that you can use the webapp containers; and for syncing you could look at a JS cookie library paired with something like u1db maybe12:39
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kalikianazsombi: there's a qDebug line left https://code.launchpad.net/~zsombi/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/expose-alarm-id/+merge/25408413:08
zsombikalikiana: aaah, ok, I'll whipe that out13:08
zsombikalikiana: fixed13:20
zsombinik90: so it's up on you to approve it as well now13:20
nik90zsombi: I am experiencing some funky behavior. First, out of 5 tries, clock app crashed twice. Second, alarms that I deleted reappear sometimes. I am trying to find a reliable way of reproducing these issues13:52
zsombinik90: hmm... do you test using the main clock branch, right?13:53
nik90zsombi: yes13:54
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zsombinik90: do you know whether renatu's MR introducing the X-* details support landed?13:56
zsombinik90: or first, are you using EDS backend?13:56
nik90zsombi: yeah I am using the EDS backend. Second I am not sure if it landed, let me check13:56
renatuzsombi, not yet/. http://people.canonical.com/~platform/citrain_dashboard/#?q=ubuntu%2Flanding-00813:56
zsombinik90: from EDS backend we need that support13:57
zsombinik90: ^^13:57
nik90zsombi: oh..although the issues I am facing seems to be some sort of caching issue though..like clock app on reopening the page showing the old alarm model data13:58
nik90zsombi: if it needs renatu's branch, let wait for it to land and retest it.13:58
zsombinik90: reopening which page? the alarm editor page? or teh Alarms list?13:59
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nik90zsombi: reopening the alarms list page and also the clock's main page. Here's what happened. I open the alarm list page and create 2 new alarms which are enabled. On going back to the main clock app, the bottom edge reads "No Active alarms"...I repeat then open and close the alarm list page a couple of times and then the bottom edge title correctly updates14:00
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zsombinik90: yeah... EDS backend doesn't support the X-* yet on your side, so alarm ID is not saved => the whole app is messed up14:01
nik90zsombi: ah ok14:01
zsombinik90: the alarm data version, alarm ID and activation URL are saved as extended details, so till support for it comes, you rapp will behave like that14:02
zsombinik90: you coudl test till then with memory manager14:02
nik90zsombi: I don't mind testing the memory manager, but using EDS would make the testing as close as possible to the phone environment. I will nonetheless test using memory manager as well14:03
zsombinik90: sure, just wanted to see whether the app works well with the branch14:03
zsombinik90: we won't happrove it till you do approve it too14:03
zsombinik90: I've added you as reviewer as well14:04
nik90zsombi: thnx. I will report my test finding for both memory manager and eds in the comments when I am done14:05
zsombinik90: kthx14:05
nik90zsombi: could you check on your side if the data changed signal is fired properly? I notice that the bottom edge title is not aware of alarm model changes when I modify an existing alarm. It correctly updates when I add/remove an alarm which fires the alarm model count changed signal.14:09
nik90zsombi: this is while using the memory manager14:09
zsombinik90: dataChanged right?14:10
nik90zsombi: yes14:10
zsombinik90: I will14:10
* nik90 brb14:14
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LangeOortjeshey I was trying to run my app on my newly arrived Aquaris E4.5. I am using Ubuntu.Components 1.2 and hence targetting the 15.04 framework. When I try to deploy the app to my device, it complains that "ubuntu-core-15.04" is not present on system14:30
LangeOortjesI should note that I updated the device to ubuntu-touch/devel-proposed/krillin.en14:31
popeythis is correct, target the 14.10 framework14:32
Elleopopey: I'm surprised the 15.04 framework isn't available on 15.04, any idea why?14:33
* mcphail has had this problem with the emulator14:33
popeyElleo: because nobody has done it yet.14:33
popeylool: ^14:34
popeystill your domain?14:34
ogra_popey, there should be 15.04-dev1 or some such14:38
LangeOortjesogra_, popey, tried that one as well ;)14:38
ogra_the -devX will only be dropped with the last upload14:38
ogra_phablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ ls /usr/share/click/frameworks/|grep 15.0414:38
beunoubuntu-core-15.04 is snappy14:41
beunothere is no 15.04 touch framework14:41
beunowhich is ok, 14.10 works on 15.04 just fine14:42
popeywhat if you have an app which only works on 15.04?14:42
beunothere is no such thing, as 15.04 hasn't produced a framework14:43
popeyle sigh14:43
popeyI find it incredibly frustrating to have this conversation every six months.14:43
LangeOortjespopey, beuno that is confusing because the SDK does offer the option to target the ubuntu-core-15.04 framework14:43
beunoLangeOortjes, it's a bug that the SDK offers you a framework touch doesn't support14:44
beunobzoltan_, ^14:44
bzoltan_beuno: The sdk pulls the list of frameworks from the store14:47
mcphailThe various options for 14.10 are confusing as well14:49
bzoltan_beuno:  But we do a quick fix to filter out the core frameworks if lool does not want or can not fix it on the server side. No problem for me.14:49
bzoltan_lool: mcphail: beuno: the best would be to release an ubuntu-sdk-15.04 framework14:50
ogra_to early ...14:50
ogra_what i wonder though is why we did not have a 15.04-devX one this cycle14:50
ogra_i thought that was a standard, so people can develop against the upcoming framework while it is unstable14:51
bzoltan_ogra_: That is what I mean ...the  ubuntu-sdk-15.04-dev14:52
ogra_we have never seeded it ... i wonder why14:52
ogra_the last cycles we simply dropped the -dev on release day14:53
mcphailSurely the default framework for an upcoming release should be stable? Unstable frameworks should target release+214:53
mcphailAn app should be stable on the day of OS upgrade14:54
ogra_the vivid framework (15.04) goes stable on release day14:54
mcphailogra_: yes - but if you are trying to tidy your app up for release, you don't get a stable target until after the event14:55
ogra_the point is that you might want to work on a new version of your app that should use the 15.04 framework ... with the -devX options you had that ability14:55
ogra_mhall119 did that for uReadit last cycle i think14:56
mcphailThe -dev option may be fine for a couple of months, but when you're a few weeks from release the target should be stable14:56
nik90I have noticed several people incorrectly targetting the ubuntu-sdk-15.04 framework..I think this confusion exists because people who use the new qmake project type require the 15.04-chroots to build their project and also incorrectly assume that they should target the 15.04-framework14:57
mcphailThat's how google do it: the stable SDK is release a few weeks before the OS upgrade14:57
nik90personally I have no idea why ubuntu-sdk-15.04-dev framework never came up14:57
nik90as a result the online docs are completely missing the new list item documentation which is offered in Ubuntu.Components 1.214:57
bzoltan_nik90:  please note that there is _NO_ ubuntu-sdk-15.04 in the IDE ... it is ubuntu-core-15.0414:58
nik90bzoltan_: yeah i meant to type "they were targetting ubuntu-core-15.04"14:59
bzoltan_nik90:  and we push out a quikc fix to disable the core fw in the IDE14:59
LangeOortjesAll these internal affairs aside, am I correct in assuming that for now there's no way to test an app developed with Ubuntu.Components 1.2 on a device?14:59
nik90LangeOortjes: incorrect14:59
bzoltan_nik90:  I know it was confusing,sorry for that14:59
nik90LangeOortjes: you can use Ubuntu.Components 1.2 with the 14.10 framework on a devel-proposed image14:59
nik90LangeOortjes: the ideal logical way should have been Ubuntu.Components 1.2 + 15.04-framework + devel-proposed image...but since the 15.04-framework does not exist, you stick to 14.1015:00
LangeOortjesnik90, thank you15:05
LangeOortjesturned out my issue was not related to Ubuntu.Components 1.2 not being available but rather due to QtQml.Models hot being available15:07
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davmor2mzanetti: on mvm on vivid if you try and tap the play pause button sometimes the indicators will zoom down instead it still pauses the game but it is a little odd have you seen that?15:40
mzanettidavmor2, no... haven't seen that15:49
mzanettiand atm a bit trouble to understand what you mean15:50
davmor2mzanetti: I'll grab a video in a minute15:51
davmor2mzanetti: http://people.canonical.com/~davmor2/video20150401_160113561.mp416:04
mzanettidavmor2, interesting... looks like the panel accepts input even though it is hidden behind the app16:10
mzanettidavmor2, can you reproduce this with other fullscreen apps?16:11
davmor2mzanetti: I'll have a play after meetings are out of the way16:11
aquariusblimey. got a go+qml app to compile and it was easy :) Now I need to, er, learn some go rather than just pasting in code from the web :)16:24
davmor2mzanetti: so I can reproduce it with gallery16:53
mzanettidavmor2, looks like a unity8 bug16:54
mzanettidavmor2, can you report please16:54
davmor2mzanetti: I'll go blame Saviq16:54
mhall119ogra_: No, I always used the frameworks available on phone images16:58
mhall119ogra_: currently there is no 15.04 framework on the phones or in the store, only the SDK seems to think such a framework exists16:58
mhall119bzoltan_: ^^ we either need to get this 15.04 framework (or a -dev version of it) on the vivid phone releases, or drop it from the SDK, it's causing confusion16:59
ogra_mhall119, yes, we're fixing that16:59
mhall119cool :)16:59
ogra_mhall119, i talked to pmcgowan about it today16:59
mhall119it was on my list for a couple of days now, just hadn't gotten to it :)16:59
bzoltan_mhall119:  to be precise... no :) the SDK does not show ubuntu-sdk-15.04 framework... it shows ubuntu-core-15.04 and the list comes from the app store. So it is not gard coded in the SDK17:00
ogra_we'll need someone to take the responsibility for it ... the guys that did it before are all busy in other projects now17:00
pmcgowanmhall119, its defined int he store17:00
mhall119bzoltan_: ah, right, I remember that now....17:00
pmcgowanwe need to fix the 15.04 fw for qml etc17:00
mhall119pmcgowan: only the core one, which probably shouldn't be available in the SDK17:00
pmcgowanmhall119, until it should :)17:00
bzoltan_mhall119:  the change to hide the core fw is already migrating to the archive17:01
mhall119core == snappy right?17:01
pmcgowanyeha need to think about that too, maybe a display tag or something17:01
mhall119bzoltan_: ok, thanks17:01
bzoltan_mhall119: yes17:01
pmcgowanmhall119, yeah and sdk will do snaps "soon"17:01
* mhall119 looking forward to it17:01
pmcgowanbut core probably not relevant17:01
pmcgowanso an issue indeed17:01
bzoltan_mhall119: pmcgowan: yes,  the snap and scope support are the next in the queue17:02
bzoltan_mhall119: pmcgowan:  who do we need to bribe to create 15.04 frameworks?17:03
mhall119mvo or whomever is managing click these days, probably beuno to get an app-specific one in the store17:03
pmcgowanbzoltan_, I want to think it through, we also need a fix in the images17:04
pmcgowanwill move to top of list, was an oversight17:04
pmcgowansince our fw guy went off to snappyland17:04
bzoltan_pmcgowan:  mhall119: The click side i can fix, it is a no brainer, but I have no access to extend the store list.17:05
pmcgowanbzoltan_, is the ubuntu shape in vivid a newer implementation than the one in rtm?17:05
bzoltan_pmcgowan:  yes17:05
pmcgowanbzoltan_, looking at a bug thats making me wonder if could be related17:06
ubot5Error: ubuntu bug 1436094 not found17:06
pmcgowanthe avatar icons in the contact list are kinda screwed up, and they are ubuntu shapes17:06
pmcgowanbut we dont see this anywhere else17:07
bzoltan_pmcgowan:  I get loicm_ on it17:08
pmcgowanbzoltan_, not sure if its the app or what17:08
beunobzoltan_, the store is quick and easy, many of us have access to do that17:12
beunoonce its on the devices, of course17:12
bzoltan_pmcgowan:  The new shapes did not cause any visual regression when I landed it... everything looked normal. I will check it out with zsombi (he has device) and with loicm_17:13
bzoltan_beuno:  The  fix for qtc to hide the core fws is on its way, but it was a bit early to put the core fw to the store interface imo17:14
beunobzoltan_, the store is the store for all the ubuntu things, not just the phone  :)17:17
bzoltan_beuno:  I know .. but we have few hundred customers who we do not want to confuse :) and we just did17:18
bzoltan_anyhow, the fix is on ots way17:19
beunobzoltan_, pmcgowan, right, so I think this opens up a conversation on how we'll deal with this explosion of devices17:21
pmcgowanbeuno, but there is no explosion of frameworks right?17:22
loicm_bzoltan_, pmcgowan: never seen such a "distortion" in the shape, but the way it looks it's very likely a bug in there17:23
loicm_bzoltan_, pmcgowan: adding that to my tasks17:23
pmcgowanloicm_, thanks, I don't see it anywhere else so its curious17:23
bzoltan_loicm_: I love you man, thanks17:23
mhall119pmcgowan: right, if anything we didn't create enough frameworks (we should have introduced an ubuntu-sdk-15.05-dev1 when Ubuntu.Components 1.2 was introduced)17:24
pmcgowanmhall119, indeed, I thought we did17:24
ogra_i think we did +17:24
ogra_but we didnt add it to the image17:25
ogra_in the past loic did that ...17:25
ogra_but then snappy ate him17:25
beunopmcgowan, there will be, yes, given Snappy is very basic and will be extended by frameworks17:26
pmcgowanbeuno, ah right I see17:27
ogra_this will be so much fun to switch to snappy as a base for the phone one day ....17:27
ogra_soring all these frameworks ... making smooth upgrades work ...17:27
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mhall119Mirv: you still around?18:19
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akiva-thinkpadzbenjamin, ping22:26
* akiva-thinkpad thinks hes probably sleeping22:26
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