elfymorning dpm07:13
dpmgood morning elfy07:14
dpmmorning everyone07:14
davidcalleMorning all o/07:39
dpmhey davidcalle, czajkowski08:01
popeyelfy: he's back on wednesday :)09:13
czajkowskinext wednesday09:14
popeyhe's being dialling up the hippie09:20
dpmhi mhall119, when you're up, quick IRC standup on where we stand with the API docs site deployment?13:11
mhall119dpm: dholbach was working with dbarth on a temporary work-around to get the HTML5 API docs packaged and in the archives14:05
mhall119he got one of them done (platform-api) but builds were failing on the other (html5-theme)14:06
mhall119that's all I'm really waiting on now14:06
mhall119I'm missing some autopilot docs that balloons was chasing down, and also the cordova API docs, but we decided those weren't  blockers14:07
mhall119also there's an update to webapp-generator that's going out today14:08
mhall119dpm: are you still on for our call?14:32
dpmmhall119, oh, I didn't see it on my calendar, but I'm on if you are too14:35
dpmthanks for the update14:35
dpmok, coming14:37

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