pittiGood morning05:18
pittiLaney: ooh!05:18
didrocksgood morning06:06
pittibonjour didrocks, comment ça va ?06:10
didrockspitti: ça va, et toi ?06:10
pittididrocks: ça va bien, merci !06:10
seb128good morning desktopers06:10
seb128hey didrocks & pitti06:11
didrockshey seb12806:11
pittididrocks: seems the dbus fix works quite well06:11
pittibonjour seb128 !06:11
pittididrocks: do you have time to look at the nfs-utils FTBFS?06:11
didrockspitti: dbus fix -> oh nice!06:11
didrockspitti: yeah, it's on my list, I have also the empty overrides to fix06:11
didrockspitti: and I have a systemd binary without upstream patches ready to get tested under adb06:12
pittididrocks: I went through the systemd-stable patches last night; the most likely one might be http://cgit.freedesktop.org/systemd/systemd/commit/?id=6e392c9c4506:12
pittibut I didn't start a bisect yet06:12
didrockspitti: I have the 2 journald content btw:06:13
didrockssuccess: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10712382/06:13
pittididrocks: so for some reason fsck gets started twice?06:13
didrocksfailing: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10712359/06:13
didrockspitti: no, it's not actually (I misread), it's just the order is different06:13
didrocksMar 31 18:20:37 autopkgtest systemd[1]: Starting Show Plymouth Boot Screen...06:14
didrocks(once fsck is done)06:14
didrocksin the failing case06:14
didrocksMar 31 18:30:52 autopkgtest systemd[1]: Starting Show Plymouth Boot Screen...06:14
didrocks(during fsck)06:14
didrocksin the success one06:14
didrocksit's like with -5ubuntu1 root fsck was blocking everything06:15
didrockspitti: I can fix easily the nfs-utils one (I wonder why I didn't get a FTBFS email though, my filters are normally fine)06:17
didrockspitti: it's a debdiff reapply on a "clean" after build dpkg-source -x issue06:17
didrockspitti: but as I noticed an issue with .override and upstart, I needed to reupload that one (with some others) anyway06:18
didrockspitti: nfs-utils builds fine, and adjustements done, pushing now06:35
pittididrocks: cheers!06:35
didrockspitti: is it possible to not have adt-run using /tmp at home? I'm having no space left as /tmp is tmpfs (first time yesterday, not sure why the size exploded to more than 3G… something smells wrong here)07:40
pittididrocks: "at home"? you mean for creating temp files? Setting $TMPDIR ought to work07:41
didrocks"at all" ^07:41
didrocksok :)07:41
pittididrocks: but that does smell weird, right; is the overlay so big, or some other file?07:41
didrockspitti: well, it wasn't yesterday afternoon…07:41
didrocksit's installing lightdm and such07:42
didrocksbut I don't think it should explod to 3G…07:42
pittididrocks: certainly not07:46
pittimaybe 1G (some test cases have really heavy dependencies)07:47
pittibut I never really checked07:49
pittiI usually have 7G free in /tmp/07:49
didrocksyeah I only allocated 2G07:51
didrocksjust weird this started yesterday evening…07:51
didrocksanyway, I'm unblocked for now07:51
didrockspitti: so, -5ubuntu1, reverting upstream v219 stable branch patches -> works07:52
pittididrocks: out for ~30 mins for some errands07:52
didrockspitti: doing a rebuild only with the commit you pointed now07:52
didrockssee you!07:52
* pitti hugs didrocks07:52
* didrocks hugs pitti back07:52
Laneyhappy don't believe anything you read on the internet day08:04
seb128hey Laney08:04
didrocksLaney: happy don't ready the Internet today08:04
Laneywhat's up?08:06
Laneyogra_: can you help guide the fix for https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-rtm/+source/lxc-android-config/+bug/1437633 through?08:10
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1437633 in lxc-android-config (Ubuntu) "Choosing not to report crashes and errors setting reverts" [Undecided,Confirmed]08:10
Laneydon't know how RTM works08:10
didrocksLaney: doing override changes!08:10
didrocksI need to fix whoopse-preferences still, but finishing some other things on systemd first08:11
ogra_Laney, oh, thats for RTM ... i didnt notice ... for vivid lxc-android-config is currently blocked in silo 1908:12
Laneyneeds fixing in both08:13
ogra_Laney, i'll try to land it in RTM then08:13
ogra_vivid needs to wait08:13
Laneycan you actually QA changes to this file without uploading?08:13
ogra_in a silo ...08:14
Laneyi thought it had to be installed at image time08:15
ogra_sadly thats not how silos are tested today ...08:17
* ogra_ still waits for per-silo images ...08:17
Laneyyes indeed08:18
happyaronLaney: about bug #1439006, he asked to add Japanese when we are doing that for zh_*, but he sent the email to ubuntu-desktop@ quite late, https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-desktop/2015-April/004650.html08:18
Laneythat's what I'm saying08:18
ubot5bug 1439006 in language-selector (Ubuntu) "[FFe] Install Fcitx for Japanese users" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143900608:18
Laneyhappyaron: I know08:18
happyaronjust in case.08:18
ogra_Laney, will hopefully happen one day ... until thenn QA installs the PPA packages and tests that ...08:18
LaneyI hope they go readonly again after that08:19
didrockspitti: this commit isn't the one :(08:43
pittididrocks: ok; it just looked like the most plausible one, I didn't run any actual tests with it; sorry08:44
didrocksno worry08:44
didrocksI'm afaid a real bisect will be needed then08:45
pittiLaney: shutdown is working reliably for you now?08:47
pittididrocks: you can probably cut out a lot of the commits (man page fixes, string updates, etc.)08:47
Laneypitti: yes indeed; I just duped the bug08:48
didrockspitti: yeah, would have been cool to have the v219 tag in the stable branch though08:48
pittididrocks: indeed -- a88a..08:49
didrockspitti: thanks!08:49
didrockspitti: any special trick you are using to generate the huge diff?08:49
pittididrocks: "git diff a88a.."08:49
didrocksok, simply that :)08:49
pittididrocks: I didn't want to import a gazillion tiny patches, easier to get and maintain like that08:50
didrockspitti: yeah08:50
didrockspitti: hum, did you really generate it like that? Some upstream patches like the fsck one aren't in your v219-stable.patch08:53
pittididrocks: your fsckd patches aren't in v219-stable08:53
didrockspitti: ah, sorry, forget about me08:53
didrocksyeah, wrong branch08:53
pittithey are also separate in debian/patches08:53
pittiah :)08:53
ogra_seb128, https://plus.google.com/+OliverGrawert/posts/eK5X7voSxRr do we have a bug open for the graph ?08:55
seb128ogra_, that url is about theming and shows dekko?08:56
ogra_wrong paste08:56
seb128no worry :-)08:56
ogra_(and thats not dekko, look closer ;) )08:57
seb128I guess you are going to show me a charge graph with pits?08:57
seb128oh, right ;-)08:57
ogra_not pits ... just a gap at the start i always see08:57
ogra_looks like the first value is not properly initialized08:58
seb128oh, yeah, not reported I guess, but I saw it as well08:58
* ogra_ will report then08:58
seb128can you open a bug on u-s-s?08:58
ogra_yep :)08:58
seb128I'm going to have a look08:58
Laneynetwork isn't coming up in my lxc container09:26
Laneyifup eth0 gets it to come up though09:26
Laneyas does systemctl start ifup@eth009:52
Laneyhow does this sys-subsystem-net-devices-%i BindsTo work?10:00
Laneyudev I guess10:00
davmor2seb128: can you try something on vivid desktop, create a file, from nautilus put it into the trash, then from the bin right click and select empty the bin.  Does it open a second nautilus window for you?10:12
seb128davmor2, I can confirm, another variant from bug #143629710:17
ubot5bug 1436297 in nautilus (Ubuntu) "Nautilus launcher icon matching issue (seems due to desktop rename)" [Low,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143629710:17
davmor2seb128: cool I was just checking if it was fixed and I didn't have it yet :)10:17
ogra_seb128, bug 1439122 (sorry, took a bit)11:05
ubot5bug 1439122 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "battery graph seems not properly initialized" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143912211:05
seb128ogra_, danke11:23
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Trevinhoattente: about "are you able to run gnome-terminal under the mir proving server?": Yes, I am, but I've to use older versions (trusty one) of gnome-terminal as new ones rely on dbus which wasn't working here12:20
attenteTrevinho: ah, ok. do you happen to know what changed?12:21
Trevinhoattente: I think that they're using gApplication now, so the singleton doesn't work12:21
Trevinhoattente: but I've been using the older version happly12:21
Trevinhoattente: I think the problem was a missing dbus session daemon on mir, but hat might be fixable...12:21
TrevinhoI just didn't spend time on that12:22
attenteTrevinho: i thought it was enough to have the DBUS_SESSION_ADDRESS set properly but for some reason it wasn't12:22
Trevinhoseb128: thanks for looking at 1436297, I was off a few days :)12:22
Trevinhoyeah, I had it set, but it's not enough12:22
seb128Trevinho, yw! there are still some issues, does bamf special case nautilus as well?12:22
Trevinhoseb128: mhmh, I think there's something about the transfer window, but I don't recall if that was removed...12:23
* Trevinho checks12:23
Trevinhoseb128: mh, no I don't see that anymore12:23
seb128Trevinho, in fact the remaining issue might be a nautilus one12:24
seb128Trevinho, let it to me, I might be you back again later12:24
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seb128didrocks, https://errors.ubuntu.com/oops/1775190c-d7ea-11e4-be13-fa163e78b02713:51
seb128was that supposed to be fixed?13:51
seb128 File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/oneconf/hosts.py", line 69, in __init__13:52
seb128    with open('/var/lib/dbus/machine-id') as fp:13:52
seb128FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/var/lib/dbus/machine-id'13:52
seb128 13:52
seb128didrocks, ignore that, the installs are 0 day but the installation media is outdated13:52
didrocksseb128: yeah, it's fixed ideally15:29
didrocksseb128: for the other crash, I wonder if I shouldn't just add a workaround15:29
seb128didrocks, you mean https://errors.ubuntu.com/problem/6ecdec0e7e98a62311268646d93e2a11b734390a ?15:35
seb128the bt is not really useful right? it's just sign of an issue in the other side?15:35
didrocksseb128: no, more on that one: https://errors.ubuntu.com/problem/44254dfe1ed3a5acdec9c4e4172b009e905dcd8915:36
didrocksseb128: like, maybe we can just have the daemon exit 115:36
didrockslike "giving up"15:36
didrocksor just having an empty package list15:36
didrocksneeds to look to not having too many "dbus client didn't receive answer"15:37
seb128the corresponding launchpad bug is a duplicate of a closed bug15:37
seb128it's all a bit confusing15:37
didrocksseb128: I never grasp successfully errors.ubuntu.com TBH15:38
didrocksseb128: I guess this happens when the apt database is confused though, can be multiple cases15:38
seb128but it's a regression from the python3 port from barry?15:38
didrocksIIRC, I was escaping it in some way before the port, right15:39
* didrocks found the systemd commit introducing the regression btw15:42
didrocksthat one! over the 160 :p15:42
seb128didrocks, well done!15:42
seb128which commit was it?15:42
didrocksa simple .service file change15:42
* seb128 bets on the fsckd plymouth integration!15:42
* didrocks slaps seb12815:43
seb128sorry, need to start trolling, people are off on friday this week :p15:43
seb128heh ^^15:43
didrocksyeah, thanks for thinking about them!15:43
didrocksthe consequence is that the boot order is all changed then15:43
didrocksplymouth isn't started before fsck finishes15:43
didrocksand so on15:43
didrocks(30s boot delay on the adt testbed)15:43
seb128Laney, soooo, in those "desktop got renamed, let's create compat ones" game, why did we end up adding NoDisplay=true to the new name?$16:00
Laneyto not show two16:00
seb128why the new one16:00
seb128and not the old one?16:00
Laneythe new one is the new name16:01
Laneyold one is for compatibility16:01
seb128but why don't we want to show the new name?16:01
seb128Laney, the reason I'm asking is that on current vivid, the dash lists nautilus.desktop and not org.gnome.Nautilus.desktop, so if you click on nautilus in the dash or dnd that icon to the launcher it fails to match the running instance which is org.gnome.Nautilus.desktop16:04
seb128bug #143629716:04
ubot5bug 1436297 in unity (Ubuntu) "Nautilus launcher icon matching issue (seems due to desktop rename)" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143629716:04
seb128Trevinho, also, how does bamf know what .desktop corresponds to an xwindow?16:04
seb128because nautilus seems special16:04
seb128the same is not an issue with totem or file-roller which had the same .desktop rename dance16:04
seb128cyphermox, hey, do you think you could look at/upstream at least https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager-applet/+bug/141826016:22
ubot5Error: ubuntu bug 1418260 not found16:22
seb128it's a segfault in nm-applet that started with 0.9.10, https://errors.ubuntu.com/problem/91da1afe1d626059f88ff4a6f225718a2e20ed3d16:23
seb128it's not specific to us16:23
Laneysorry, was debugging syslog being spammed16:31
LaneyENOSPC -> remove some files -> 2 minutes later, ENOSPC16:31
Laneysystemd was looping a umount and spamming syslog16:31
LaneyIIRC it's on this one because some environment (panel or xfce maybe) was respecting NoDisplay16:32
Laneyso if people have customised menus they would get broken16:32
Laneynot sure why unity doesn't handle this case16:34
cyphermoxseb128: ok16:52
seb128cyphermox, thanks16:53
seb128Laney, well, the issue is that unity respects NoDisplay16:53
seb128Laney, so it lists nautilus.desktop in the dash and not org.gnome.Nautilus.desktop which is NoDisplay=true16:54
seb128Laney, or bamf matches nautilus with o.g.N.d16:54
seb128so if you run nautilus from the dash the launcher gets an extra icon for n.d rather than using the o.g.N.d one16:54
LaneyIt's meant to respect NoDisplay for the dash, otherwise this exercise would not work at all16:59
LaneyI just told you why it's on the .desktop file that it is17:00
Trevinhoseb128: there are multiple ways...17:01
Trevinhoseb128: first we use class name17:01
Trevinhothen we can use app-id (as per larsu work)17:01
Trevinhoor we end up using the PID and process name17:01
Laneyhow come the org.gnome desktop file was getting involved?17:04
Laneyah I guess because of MimeType17:07
Laneymight be clever to move this to the other one17:08
Laneybut there's been some other changes to use the new name for nautilus ...17:08
* Laney goes away, see you tomorrow17:12
ricotzhi, looks like the just uploaded language-selector has some syntax issue in /etc/profile.d/cedilla-brazil.sh causing bash to choke17:16
seb128Laney, I think we don't understand each other17:23
seb128Laney, unity does respect NoDisplay, which is the issue17:23
seb128since o.g.N.d has the NoDisplay=true it lists nautilus.desktop17:23
seb128or the running instance is o.g.N.d17:24
seb128so it doesn't match17:24
seb128to work the dash would need to list the new desktop, which means having the NoDisplay is the compat old name17:24
seb128Laney, Trevinho, that's bug #143930917:25
ubot5bug 1439309 in nautilus (Ubuntu) "Use the new desktop shortcut for Nautilus in Applications menu" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143930917:25
Laneyseb128: I'm asking *why* that new one got used19:13
kenvandinerobru, silo 23 has dropped off the spreadsheet and the dashboard shows it as test passed20:06
kenvandinewhen i add it back, how do i associate my silo with the line on the spreadsheet?20:07
robrukenvandine: copy & paste error? you asked me that in -ci-eng already20:13
robruor this one was first and I missed the highlight, sorry ;-)20:13
kenvandinerobru, this was the first, realized it was wrong channel20:14
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