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alan_gduflu: your "Needs Info" answered? https://code.launchpad.net/~alan-griffiths/mir/death-to-SurfaceConfigurator/+merge/25479608:58
* duflu looks08:59
duflualan_g: Approved08:59
duflu2015 might be the year I start using C99 for everything instead of C8909:04
dufluAlthough that might have happened in 201009:05
greybackwhere can I find the instructions for the proving shell? i.e. how to resize something10:01
alan_ggreyback: Alt+middle button10:02
greybackbah, no middle button on my trackpad10:03
greybackalan_g: thanks10:03
alan_ggreyback: three finger gesture?10:11
greybackalan_g: perfect, ta10:16
duflugreyback: For the latest: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mir-team/mir/development-branch/view/head:/doc/demo_shell_controls.md10:18
dufluIf anything works with multi-touch-pads, that's partly by accident. Mir doesn't really know about touchpads directly10:19
greybackduflu: still here? (thanks for the link, always fail to locate that file)10:19
duflugreyback: Off to make dinner now10:19
greybackduflu: fair enough, bon appetit10:19
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MacSlowalan_g, greyback: I've sent you an email with the unity8.logs of the (mir-)failures I see (and a comparison for non-failure) in the hope you'll be able to find anything odd that might help in my search for the culprit of the crash.14:45
greybackMacSlow: did you ascertain if unity8 crashes or not?14:46
greybackif it does, why not attach gdb with "gdb -p `pidof unity8`"14:47
greybackthat should give you a stacktrace when it crashes14:47
MacSlowgreyback, didn't manage to catch it yet that way14:48
MacSlowgreyback, so I assumed there has to be another way14:48
greybackMacSlow: none that I know of. Could set any coredump to end up in your $HOME with:14:52
greybacksudo bash -c 'echo "$HOME/core.%e.%p" > /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern' && ulimit -c unlimited14:52
MacSlowgreyback, *sigh* when I want it to crash it doesn't :)14:57
MacSlowgreyback, no core file14:57
greybackMacSlow: can you watch "ps ax" to see if unity8 is indeed restarting?15:05
MacSlowgreyback, one sec...15:05
MacSlowgreyback, no... on /lib/modules is 99% full all other partitions provide still enough free storage15:10
greybackMacSlow: so unity8 is not restarting during the test case. ok15:11
MacSlowgreyback, I don't get any core dump files... but /var/crash gets some files...15:12
MacSlowbut these are prefixed with _usr_bin_unity8 which is not what I would expect from the AP-test...15:12
MacSlowas it should run the local unity8 from the source-tree15:12
greybackMacSlow: I didn't think AP did that15:13
greybackbut I'm not certain15:13
MacSlowgreyback, what start local unity8 or dump to /var/crash ?15:13
greybackMacSlow: from local unity815:13
greybackagain, I'm unsure15:14
MacSlowgreyback, I hope you're wrong... otherwise I've been wasting some time15:14
greybackwell it's easy to verify15:16
MacSlowgreyback, just moved /usr/bin/untiy8 and re-ran the AP-test... still works15:20
greybackMacSlow: ok good15:20
MacSlowgreyback, I would have been very surprised, if that would not have worked15:20
MacSlowgreyback, it failed but did not produce any core or crash-file (in /var/crash)15:24
greybackMacSlow: ok, it's not a crash, good15:24
MacSlowI've /usr/bin/unity8 still moved aside15:25
MacSlowgreyback, I wonder if the issue is a DBus one... looking at the failure-output there's an error from DBus right after the autopilot process-helper reported unity8 started/running...15:28
greybackMacSlow: DBusException: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Message did not receive a reply (timeout by message bus)  <- that does indicate to me AP asked something of unity8, but unity8 has not replied15:34
greybackdoes the UI lock up?15:35
greybackbut we're in "launch_unity"15:36
greybackso unity8 is being launched, but AP unable to contact it on the bus15:37
greyback"Unable to register object on D-Bus! Testability interface will not be available."15:38
greybackok that's a problem15:38
greybacknext question is _why_ it's unable to register on the bus15:38
greybackis there a previous unity8 instance still alive?15:38
MacSlowgreyback, you see the question-marks above my head get bigger and bigger15:38
MacSlowgreyback, it should not... but let me try soemthing else...15:39
greybackMacSlow: dbus-monitor show you useful info?15:39
greybackTestability driver loaded. Wire protocol version is "1.4".15:40
greybackTestability driver loaded. Wire protocol version is "1.4".15:40
greybackUnable to register object on D-Bus! Testability interface will not be available.15:40
greybackwhy the first line printed twice?15:40
greybackis hte testability plugin being loaded twice somehow?15:40
greybackand the second time it fails, as the first time succeeded15:40
greybackdbus is available, as the clipboard registers ok15:41
MacSlowgreyback, dbus-monitor dumps too much...15:41
greyback"Signal caught by Mir, stopping Mir server.."15:42
greybackthis log is full of oddness15:42
MacSlowgreyback, one of the AP-folks is currently also looking over this... I hope he's able to make more sense of this15:44
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