rwwrandomly, I note that lucid goes EOL at the end of this month00:14
rwwprepare your party hats00:14
k1lend of april. or was it end of march already?00:15
rwwit's april in UTC now :P00:15
rwwWed Apr  1 00:15:54 UTC 201500:15
k1lits already 2:15 in here :)00:16
phunyguyis it a specific day? or just April Fool's day?00:28
bazhangthe day the music died00:29
rwwphunyguy: April 30th00:29
rwwToday is Sweetmorn, the 18th day of Discord in the YOLD 318100:30
bazhangI read that as YOLO00:30
phunyguyahh I misunterstood00:36
Unit193The Moon is Waxing Gibbous (89% of Full)00:37
hggdh"waxing gibbous" sounds like some sort of illness ("I am sorry to say, you have waxing gibbous", and pandemonium starts)00:43
hggdhand then you know somebody will be sitting shiva for you very soon...00:45
TrojanFonHi i have problem with banned static ip09:28
TrojanFonAnyone can help me ?09:28
k1l_bazhang: duckey is the one going rounds with the homosexual bash script thingy trying to stirr up something11:44
bazhangk1l_, he was banned in ##linux for very good reason, I just scrolled up there11:45
bazhangofftopic ops should have a heads up for him11:45
k1l_i can image just from the way he behaved in #u11:46
bazhangzacwalls , very bad news11:48
k1l_yeah, that name rings the bells11:49
chuThanks bazhang11:50
bazhangerr welcome!11:51
k1l_hi YungPete, how can we help you?16:16
YungPeteI was trying to contact dpm about the ubuntu translation-s meeting scheduled tomorrow at 4pm UTC. Is this happening ? 'cos I can't contact him ?16:18
k1l_this is the channel for the ubuntu core channel ops team. maybe you better ask in the translation team channel16:19
k1l_#ubuntu-translators  should be the channel16:20
YungPeteHe's not answering his pings .. You should know whether or ot , this, http://imgur.com/QGSSYMH is confirmed or naye ?16:21
rwwUbuntu's IRC team doesn't manage #ubuntu-meeting's schedule.16:22
YungPeteWell I dont know if this is bull or not, just sayin'16:23
PiciYungPete: He was just talking in #ubuntu-community-team about 2 hours ago, and his idle time is about that long, likely he is off doing other things.16:24
geniiHm, fridge has the meeting listed for 3pm UTC not 4pm16:25
YungPeteSo how should I inquire as o; if this is genuine ?16:25
PiciSend him a PM and wait.16:25
* elky facepalms17:50
bazhang<SysAdmin7> Any1 need help?19:48
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang

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