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elfyflexiondotorg: any reason that Mate appears to not have the upstart option in grub advanced?07:34
oSoMoNom26er, hey, when do you think you’ll get to validating silo 9 ? I’m eager to get it landed today if possible08:49
om26eroSoMoN, I'll land it today, promise.08:52
Mirvubuntu-qa: could you schedule some time to code review the combo https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/autopilot/dbus_search_no_seen_connections/+merge/254109 + https://code.launchpad.net/~timo-jyrinki/autopilot/ap1.5_dbus_search_no_seen_connections/+merge/254200 (same change, different branch) so that we could approach landing the silo it's currently included at?08:56
Mirvin other words, you don't need to land it since it's our silo, but a code review would be needed08:57
rhuddieMirv, I've created a task to get this review done.09:05
Mirvrhuddie: thanks!09:06
rhuddieMirv, is this silo 18?09:10
Mirvrhuddie: yes, although the silo has other things too09:11
rhuddieMirv, that's fine. just wanted to make sure we have all the info.09:12
flexiondotorgelfy, Where is upstart referenced exactly?09:15
pittibrendand: something you mentioned yesterday made me think..10:26
pittibrendand: what exactly do you want to do with a local build on the phone and running tests with that?10:26
pittibrendand: (I think fixing that bug won't help with what you want to do, but let's hear your plan first)10:26
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brendandpitti, we just wanted to use the modules provided by the package in the same way as other tests might use them, since the intention is that the python module provided by the binary package can be used by other test suites (not just the ones in the ubuntu-ota-tests package)12:22
brendandpitti, that's why we packaged the module in the first place as opposed to just putting it under debian/tests12:23
pittibrendand: ah, that's what I thought/feared12:52
pittibrendand: a locally built .deb can also just be unpacked into /tmp/ somewhere, so wrt. having (not) to set $PYTHONPATH that doesn't help you at all12:53
elfyflexiondotorg: what I'm saying (but haven't checked anymore than ubuntu, mate and ubuntu)is that mate does not appear to have upstart as an option in the advanced menu of grub,xubuntu and ubuntu do12:57
flexiondotorgelfy, Thanks for the heads up. What file do I need to inspect?12:58
elfyno idea what makes upstart appear in grub as an option I'm afraid12:59
elfyat a guess I would suspect pitti would ;)12:59
pittihaving upstart installed, for once :)13:00
pittiis it?13:00
elfypitti: lol13:00
pittithe rest is in grub13:01
elfyflexiondotorg: that'll be it then - doesn't appear to be there :)13:02
elfyflexiondotorg: so - question is - will you be giving people that flexibility?13:04
flexiondotorgpitti, Should upstart be included in the Advanced GRUB menu? Is it optional and mandatory?13:06
knomesure it can't be both..:P13:06
flexiondotorg*optional or mandatory13:07
elfyflexiondotorg: I think that 'if' upstart is installed - then it WILL appear in the adv grub menu, upstart's not on your manifest13:07
flexiondotorgelfy, OK. I might include upstart for PowerPC because that arch is experiencing some issues.13:08
flexiondotorgpitti, What package should I include in order to make upstart an option, but not the default/13:08
elfyo/ knome13:09
knomehello elfy13:10
pittiflexiondotorg: "upstart"13:17
pittiflexiondotorg: upstart-sysv would be the default13:17
flexiondotorgpitti, Thanks.13:18
gQuigswondering if it's possible to use apport-cli to report a bug to an arbitrary LP project (not an Ubuntu package) and attach an arbitrary file13:36
* gQuigs is looking to see if it might be useful for support13:36
elfyflexiondotorg: it's obviously nothing to do with me what you do - but what about people that might want to use upstart because systemd takes ages to boot, just would have thought it would be better to be in the same place as the rest of flavours16:43
Letozaf_balloons, hey19:04
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