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didrockskirkland: FYI, I uploaded a powernap fix for the upstart override ^07:33
sil2100Hello! I would need an archive admin +1'ing a version bump of media-hub packages11:22
sil2100https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-023-2-publish/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/media-hub_packaging_changes.diff/*view*/ <- here is the CI Train packaging diff11:22
sil2100It basically renames libmedia-hub-common2, libmedia-hub-client2 to libmedia-hub-common3, libmedia-hub-client311:22
sil2100The agreenment was that every binary package addition/rename (I think) needs approval from the archive admins11:23
ogra_sil2100, i'd ACK it ... but thats from my team :)11:25
ogra_looks totally sane though11:25
cjwatsonogra_: but you aren't in ~ubuntu-archive11:25
cjwatsonsil2100: diff looks OK but I prefer to check the actual generated binaries; doing that now11:25
* ogra_ totally missed the channel :)11:26
cjwatsonand yes, any package whose name wasn't previously in the archive requires approval, not inclined to change that.  hopefully we'll get the LP bug fixed soon that gives you a backdoor here11:26
sil2100cjwatson: thanks!11:27
* sil2100 waits for the final ACK11:27
cjwatsonsil2100: looks fine, go ahead11:27
sil2100Thanks again o/11:27
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kirklanddidrocks: thanks!15:08
kirklanddidrocks: I'm still having some some systemd problems with dotdee, which isn't installing15:08
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argesbdmurray: infinity: hey I just accepted this into -proposed: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub-installer/1.78ubuntu23.1 for bug 1435663, but for some reason rmadison isn't showing it in -proposed, nor did sru-review update the bug appropriately. What got screwed up?17:41
ubot93bug 1435663 in partman-efi (Ubuntu Utopic) "arm64/efi support" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143566317:41
bdmurrayarges: I don't see anything obvious for either issue17:46
argesbdmurray: hmm... should I just manually comment to verify?17:47
bdmurrayarges: all the other SRU bugs are getting updated right?17:47
argesbdmurray: yea others ones are working fine so far17:48
bdmurrayarges: did the tab open for bug 1435663 when you were reviewing it?17:49
ubot93bug 1435663 in partman-efi (Ubuntu Utopic) "arm64/efi support" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143566317:49
infinityarges: The rmadison thing is a lack of patience.  No idea about the bug comment.17:49
argesbdmurray: no the tab did not open, but I already had the bug open due to the previous package and the bug comment looked well formed17:50
argesinfinity: ack. I'll wait it out a bit17:50
infinityarges: If you look at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub-installer/1.78ubuntu23.1/+publishinghistory it's pending.17:51
argesah didnt know about +publishinghistory that's pretty useuful17:51
bdmurrayarges: ah, then for some the .changes file is mising Launchpad-Bugs-Fixed17:51
bdmurrays/some/some reason/17:51
infinityarges: It's linked from the page you linked to us. :P17:51
infinityarges: Directly above the builds, where you'd expect to see which pockets/releases it's in.17:52
arges'View Publishing History' cool17:52
argesand there it is in rmadison17:52
bdmurray^- No L-B-F17:52
argesbdmurray: ok in the cases where there isn't a bugs-fixed should it be re-uploaded with that corrected?17:53
infinityTell dannf to stop preparing his uploads on a Debian system. :P17:53
bdmurrayarges: I think so, a fair number of things look for that17:54
argesok i'll ask for a re-upload of those packages with proper LBF, and ask they be done in a proper Ubuntu schroot for that release etc17:54
argesbdmurray: infinity thanks guys17:55
dannfarges: infinity: ah - didn't know that broke things, sorry17:55
infinityarges: I'm not sure a reupload is worth it now that they're accepted.17:55
argesinfinity: i think some of the other packages in that bug may have the same issue, need to check it17:55
dannfarges: all of them probably do - that's where i sign things17:55
infinityarges: Yeah, for the ones already in the archive, a no-op upload isn't worth the effort just to make some computers happier.  Humans can sort out if the bugs don't auto-close, etc.17:56
argesinfinity: makes sense17:56
infinitydannf: genchanges on Ubuntu, scp to Debian and sign?17:56
argesdannf: libdebian-installer for trusty/utopic needs to be re-done17:57
dannfinfinity: yeah, easy to do, just not something i knew was better17:57
infinityWe don't actually carry changes to dpkg-genchanges, I'm wondering what this keys off of.17:57
infinityProbably dpkg-vendor.17:57
argesdannf: partman-auto for trusty/utopic too17:57
argesdannf: and partman-efi for trusty/utopic17:58
infinityOh, in fact, LP-B-F only happens in Dpkg/Vendor/Ubuntu.pm17:58
infinitySo, that explains that.17:58
argesdannf: i'll hold off on that for a bit and look at it after lunch17:58
infinitydannf: Yeah, do all your source package building on Ubuntu. :)17:58
dannfarges: is the "re-done" for L-B-F or something else?17:58
argesdannf: yea so adding the L-B-F was the only obvious thing I saw17:59
argesinfinity: bdmurray : the other thing to ask (while you're here) is there some sort of MAAS Macro release Exception discussion I missed? looks like andreas wants to slam 1.7 into utopic/trusty18:10
infinityarges: There's a discussion ongoing, but no formal exception yet, so that one will be reviewed as a normal SRU.18:11
argesbug 1438428 <- seems really risky with all the changes (people will have to re-import images etc)18:11
ubot93bug 1438428 in maas (Ubuntu Utopic) "[SRU] New upstream Release 1.7.2" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143842818:11
ScottKSince when did really risky stop Maas?18:12
infinityarges: Or, rather, we'll review the 1.7->1.7.2 in utopic as a normal SRU, then verify that the backport to trusty looks vaguely sane, then they'll dilver a ton of testing to prove said sanity.18:12
infinityarges: Not happy about the "users will have to do manual things to upgrade" bit, though. :/18:14
argesOk I'll skip it for now since there is ongoing discussion18:14
ScottKinfinity: Isn't that normally a show stopper?18:15
infinityScottK: It should be, yes.  I'll bring it up with them in said ongoing discussion.18:15
ScottKI sometimes feel like we might as well change the SRU rules to "Meh, whatever".18:15
infinityScottK: Or, I could put my foot down, which I'm doing.18:18
ScottKI like that option better.18:18
infinityScottK: The "new maas upstream versions in LTSes" was sabdfled, but only on the condition that the maas team met a set of requirements laid out by the TB and SRU people.  That's not happening here.18:19
ScottKI don't suppose there's anything that can be done to align their development schedule to the distro development schedule.18:20
ScottKIt'd be nice to have one release without last minute Maas related flails.18:20
ScottK(i.e. plan on delivering the features before feature freeze)18:20
argesinfinity: if it does break imported images etc, could we request a debconf prompt be added to let the user know how their system will break?18:21
argesor is that pretty pointless18:22
infinityScottK: To be fair, their changes in vivid have been pretty sane, and not massive feature work.  It's the SRUing it back to trusty bit that's problematic.18:22
infinityarges: If there's literally no other way out of it, angry user prompts might help.  But that's hardly the ideal.18:23
ScottKI thought I recalled seeing a standing FFe request from them.18:23
infinityarges: You'd think people familiar with the old and new data models could migrate from A to B for the user.18:23
ScottKarges: That's an abuse of debconf.  It's not a notification system.18:23
infinityNEWS.Debian is the right place for that, but it's still wrong.18:23
infinityAnyhow, commented on the bug, we'll see where it goes.18:26
infinityRiddell: Erm.  Since when does KDE own the generic-looking /usr/share/doc/HTML namespace?18:42
infinityRiddell: That looks entirely wrong.18:43
Riddellinfinity: that's the upstream default in kde frameworks 5, it's been agreed with debian to use that18:46
infinityRiddell: ... seriously?18:47
infinityusr/share/doc/HTML/en/common/2.png <-- That's pretty horrible namespace pollution that isn't obviously tied to a package or a set of packages.18:47
Riddellthat becomes /usr/share/doc/HTML/en/kdoctools5-common/ in frameworks, kde4libs will go away one day but in the mean time we should be compatible with it18:49
infinityI don't suppose you can s/common/kdelibs5-data/ and have it still work?18:50
infinityIf you've checked that no other packages in the world overlap, and it's going to go away Very Soon, I guess it's not world ending, but it's pretty gross.18:51
Riddellnot without risking breakage18:51
Riddellthe next step is to upload 300 odd kdelibs4 apps to move the docs I'm afraid18:52
infinityAnd not to package namespaces?18:52
infinityI note that everything in the archive currently using that namespace uses /usr/share/doc/HTML/$lang/$package, which is fine.  All except for kdelibs.18:53
Riddellit will yes18:53
infinityOkay, yeah, apt-file shows me all the old stuff is namespaced fine, assuming they just remove the "kde" from their path.18:54
infinityThe common thing bugs me, but there's no overlap, so I'll get over it. :/18:54
infinitymdeslaur: You sure seem to be enjoying tiff this week.19:16
mdeslaurinfinity: *&*("?" PoS19:17
infinitymdeslaur: But how do you really feel?19:17
mdeslaurirc needs emoji19:17
* mdeslaur makes all the neckbears cringe19:18
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dannfarges: so for l-d-i, partman-auto & partman-efi - did you want to reject those and have me reupload them?19:57
argesdannf: yea me reject19:57
dannfok - will reupload proper source packages once i get the reject notifications19:58
dannfthat way i can hopefully do one d-i build against proposed to verify the whole stack instead of franken-builds to verify the individual components19:58
argesdannf: ok rejected on my end19:58
dannfarges: can you reject the utopic ones too?20:01
argesdannf: done20:01
argesdannf: all set? I'll re-review those packages then20:35
dannfarges: yeap, thx20:35
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