studio__RAOF, ?00:00
popeyChloeWolfieGirl: is it a website?00:00
RAOFstudio__: I don't know :)00:00
ChloeWolfieGirlpopey yeah its a website :P00:01
studio__i think you know ;)00:01
popeywell duh00:01
popeygoogle OV5648 and it says 5 megapixel00:01
popeygoogle for the e4.5 specs... says front cam is 5megapixel00:02
popeyChloeWolfieGirl: what's the issue?00:03
studio__so why dmesg is only showing "OV5648" ?00:04
popeyno idea00:05
ChloeWolfieGirlIts video playback from NicoNicoDouga nicovideo.jp (A japanese alternative to youtube) when playing videos it'll show the text that goes over a video, and the sound works, but the actual video its self is just black, (( i.imgur.com/2EKG5x0.png ))00:06
Ponchaleeasylabs is a Colombian software developer00:08
Ponchaleand want to create a version of Ubuntu for tablets and mobile devices to buy and then we install and fabricate our own devices. My question is how we can modify that code and then install it on the dispositivs00:08
popeyChloeWolfieGirl: do i need an account?00:08
studio__have to leave, time to go to sleep ... bye all, and thanks for help!00:08
ChloeWolfieGirlpopey to access videos you do, not sure why, but yeah00:09
RAOFPonchale: I believe you're looking for http://partners.ubuntu.com/contact-us00:09
PonchaleRaof us and communicate by that means in January and we are almost in April and we have not responded00:10
PonchaleRAOF us and communicate by that means in January and we are almost in April and we have not responded00:11
RAOFAh, ok. I'll see what I can find.00:12
RAOF(I presume you mean that *you* have tried communicating by that form and that no one at Canonical has responded)00:12
popeyChloeWolfieGirl: ok, finally got it working.. audio only00:13
popeyChloeWolfieGirl: http://people.canonical.com/~alan/screenshots/device-2015-04-01-011354.png00:14
popeyi guess you're seeing subtitles overlayed?00:14
popey(no idea what I'm watching here)00:15
ChloeWolfieGirlpopey yeah I see subtitles as well, just not the video behind it ((Haha xD))00:15
popeyChloeWolfieGirl: file a bug against https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/webbrowser-app if i were you00:17
popeylet me have the bug number and I'll confirm it00:17
ChloeWolfieGirlThanks Popey :D00:20
ChloeWolfieGirlpopey https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/webbrowser-app/+bug/143895500:27
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1438955 in webbrowser-app (Ubuntu) "Video won't show on nicovideo.jp" [Undecided,New]00:27
popeythanks ChloeWolfieGirl00:28
ChloeWolfieGirlNah thank you popey :D00:28
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bzoltan_dragonkeeper:  when you see this line? Is it there?03:52
star_hi, I have one problem with mir client program.06:11
star_I run the test program - mir_demo_client_egltriangle on my mako mobile phone.06:12
star_However, the triangle is "flicked" on the screen and DO not composite with the background.06:13
star_Does anyone meet the same problem?06:13
star_anyone can tell me which is the right "mir" reversion running on MAKO? I use the 0.12.1. However, unity can NOT be started if the mir related libraries are replaced.06:16
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star_anyone can help me on this?06:19
nhainesIt's 6 in the morning on a weekday.06:22
ubot5Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/06:22
nhainesYou'll probably have more luck in a couple of huors.06:23
star_Ok. Got it. Thanks a lot.06:24
nhainesNo problem, and god luck.06:25
nhainesI'm going to throw this wireless keyboard out the window.  :P06:25
nhainesAnyway, when the engineers are in, they're quite helpful.06:25
star_Yes. I get the chat room address from my friend. And he rates the room very high :)06:26
jasonmdI've got Ubuntu touch stable on a Nexus 4 anyone here tried the BQ device?06:27
RAOFstar_: The right Mir version is the version of Mir in the images :)06:30
nhainesjasonmd: I had the bq device for a weekend.  It was really nice.06:32
RAOFstar_: Unity should start if the Mir packages are replaced by equivalent ones (specifically - if the image has libmirserver31 then you need a libmirserver31 package); if you're building Mir from source you will likely need to rebuild Unity8 and unity-system-compositor against your new Mir, though.06:32
RAOFstar_: Our server ABI stability is a work in progress :)06:32
jasonmdIs it smoother than Nexus 4?06:32
nhainesI don't know.  I've never had one.06:33
nhainesI think we got it to skip once or twice but basically it worked just as well as my Nexus 5 does.06:35
jasonmdok, Nexus 4 is ok, I had Ubuntu on the Samsung Nexus before it, but it wasn't stable.06:36
star_RAOF: is there anyway to build the mir client easily?06:37
jasonmdand it gets better with every update but Cut the rope is pretty slow on it06:37
RAOFstar_: They're built in the mir-demos package?06:38
RAOFstar_: What are you trying to do, specifically?06:39
star_Sorry, my network is broken and miss the answers. Can anyone paste the answer to me again?06:43
star_Thanks a lot.06:43
RAOFstar_: I'm not entirely sure what your question is. The demo clients are available pre-built in the mir-demos package if you want them.06:44
nhainesjasonmd: Cut the Rope ran perfectly on the bq phone.  Not at all well on my Nexus 5, although still playable.06:45
jasonmdinteresting, it's playable on Nexus 4 but it's in slow motion, i thought Nexus 5 has higher specs than the Bq guess it's down to drivers?06:48
star_RAOF: Thanks a lot. I can try the demo package. By the way, is there simplest way to compile the mir client program?06:48
RAOFstar_: Not really; you need to build the Mir source tree.06:48
RAOFBut! All the *client* demos should work fine against the phone's installed libmirclient, because we actually have an ABI there :)06:48
star_RAOF: I found the README in the examples (of Mir source code tar ball).06:49
star_RAOF: It says: examples for mir clients. you should have package 'libmirclient-dev' installed  you can compile with a command like:     g++ -std=c++0x -o mir_demo_client_scroll `pkg-config --libs --cflags mirclient` demo_client_scroll.cpp graphics_utils.cpp     gcc -o mir_demo_client_flicker `pkg-config --libs --cflags mirclient` demo_client_flicker.c06:49
RAOFYeah, that'll also work.06:50
star_RAOF: Ok. Got it. I try and found whether the issue is existed or not. Thanks a lot.06:50
star_RAOF: The "mir-demos" can NOT be got. The apt-get returns missing about the deb: mir-demos_0.9.0+15.04.20141125-0ubuntu1_armhf.deb .06:58
star_RAOF: And the libmirclient-dev can NOT be installed too :(06:59
star_RAOF: Failed to fetch http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/pool/main/m/mir/libmircommon-dev_0.9.0+15.04.20141125-0ubuntu1_armhf.deb  404  Not Found [IP: 80]06:59
RAOFstar_: That looks like you've got an outdated apt cache?06:59
RAOFstar_: You might need to run “apt update” first, so apt will see the new packages.07:00
star_RAOF: Actually, I run "apt-get update" first. However, I will do it again.07:01
star_RAOF: I give it up on nexus4 and tried on nexus 5.07:23
star_RAOF: on nexus 5, mir-demos can be installed. However, program can NOT work well.07:24
star_phablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ mir_demo_client_flicker -m /run/mir_socket  Starting [1045958.941891] Loader: Loading modules from: /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/mir/client-platform/ [1045958.943049] Loader: Loading module: /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/mir/client-platform/mesa.so.2 mir_demo_client_flicker: /build/buildd/mir-0.12.1+15.04.20150324/examples/flicker.c:134: main: Assertion `mir_connection_is_valid(connection)' failed. Abort07:24
star_phablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ mir_demo_client_egltriangle -m /run/mir_socket  [1046004.451514] Loader: Loading modules from: /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/mir/client-platform/ [1046004.452070] Loader: Loading module: /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/mir/client-platform/mesa.so.2 Can't get connection07:24
rpadovanioSoMoN, o/ I found a 'problem' with the settings UI: as you asked, I activated the searchengine menu selector if there are at least two searchenignes in the folder: but the default one isn't in the folder itself, so if you add your first engine to the folder in .local/share you still don't have the selector in settings07:26
rpadovaniWe can easiliy fix it providing search engines by default, but atm it's a bit weird07:27
star_RAOF: are you still there?07:33
star_Anyone tried "mir-demos" on nexus4 or nexus5?07:37
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jasonmdwouldn't know how to test mir-demo07:49
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oSoMoNrpadovani, yeah, I’ve seen that too. Considering that we’re not shipping default search engines, this setting won’t be visible for users for now, so I wouldn’t worry about it07:57
Guest16466how to get MirSurface in qtcreator?07:58
Se7morning :)08:00
rpadovanioSoMoN, I'm not good enough with Python and AP to review your code efficiently, but I think you should add a text to check binding of switches, 'cause they was broke in the first imlementation of the branch :-)08:00
bhackHi, I'am founding a  italian porting guide for ubuntu touch08:00
bhackthere are italian developers?08:01
oSoMoNrpadovani, agreed, that would be good to have, however there’s no way to access the state of a ListItem’s control in autopilot, so I can’t really write a test for it08:05
rpadovanioh, I see08:05
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freizhanghi, is there any why to run x app inside ubuntu touch? like emacs08:11
bhackitalian please??08:11
freizhangsorry, I'm Chinese08:12
bhackhahahha, don't worry08:12
freizhangI have tried xmir, and follow the guide, but my nexus7 now get infinity boot loop08:13
freizhangbhack: :>08:13
rpadovanibhack, if you wanna speak italian, join #ubuntu-it-dev08:13
bhackthk you08:14
bhack:-) i don't speak english ....i want an help for bulding a porting ubuntu os08:15
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Se7bhack forse meglio se chiedi sul wiki08:17
freizhanganyone had successful ran x app in ubuntu touch? can you hep me08:17
star_Does anyone tries "mir-demos"?08:19
dragonkeeperi want to tether an android phone to ubuntu phone so both use ubuntu phones data to get online, is that possible?08:24
ogra_ah, you were the one asking on the ML ?08:25
ogra_sorry, i didnt get to answer yet ...08:26
freizhangjust turn on your android phone's mobile ap08:26
ogra_how would that physically work ?08:26
dragonkeeperogra_, dont think i asked this b4  +  phone >usb>otg>phone08:27
sturmflut-workogra_: using WiFi, the Android phone can act as an access point08:27
ogra_sturmflut-work, right, i was referring to wired tethering via USB :)08:28
ogra_dragonkeeper, i have no clue what you would have to do on the android side to make this work ... for the ubuntu side you wouldnt do anything differently than you do on a PC ...08:29
ogra_android-gadget-service enable rndis ....08:30
ogra_that disables mtp and enables usb networking on the ubuntu phone ... it will set up an usb0 device on a PC and provide an IP via dhcp to the PC ...08:30
ogra_if your PC is an android phone ... well, then it is up to android to recognize that usb0 device ...08:31
Guest16466hi, i want to get the natvie window from a qwidget,  is that possible? how can i do it?08:31
dragonkeeperi see08:34
dragonkeeperogra_, ill test it out a little later :) gotta run to work :(  , thanks08:35
ogra_dragonkeeper, let me know if it works :)08:35
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nhainesoSoMoN: Did I ever mention to you that there should be a way to manually inject arbitrary Javascript into an arbitrary page and execute it in the Ubuntu browser?08:41
nhainesBecause there should.08:41
oSoMoNnhaines, https://bugs.launchpad.net/oxide/+bug/137985708:42
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1379857 in Oxide "API to evaluate javascript in Oxide" [Undecided,New]08:42
nhainesoSoMoN: Sounds like a good start.  I'm thinking of "bookmarklet" support specifically.  I'll +1 that bug.08:44
ogra_nhaines, it is definitely possible if you use a webview in an app :)08:45
oSoMoNnhaines, then that would be https://bugs.launchpad.net/webbrowser-app/+bug/140774608:45
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1407746 in webbrowser-app "No way to use a bookmarklet (bookmarked javascript: link)" [Medium,Confirmed]08:45
nhainesoSoMoN: <308:45
nhainesOh, of course aq got to it first.08:46
ogra_that is how i created https://plus.google.com/+OliverGrawert/posts/eK5X7voSxRr08:47
nhainesogra_: I really like that webapp too.  :)08:48
ogra_thanks ... will soon go to the store08:48
ogra_(i'm trying to re-work mzanetti's imgur uploader for G+ video and photo uploads first though)08:48
mzanettiogra_, lemme know if you need help08:49
ogra_yeah, i dont think your side is the difficult part here :)08:49
ogra_just needs authentication integration ...08:49
ogra_the prob is that photos, video and G+ use 3 different apis08:50
junhi, i want to get  natvie window handle from a qwidget,  is that possible? how can i do it?08:51
ogra_jun, perhaps try #ubuntu-app-devel08:52
ogra_there might be more Qt people than here08:52
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Fun Day! :-D09:09
ogra_you mean it is fun that the internet is unusable for 24h ?09:12
RaslinHey has any one had prob where music just stops playing reboot did not fix it09:22
RaslinHello any one here09:26
ogra_Raslin, did you play any game ?09:26
ogra_there is a bug where game audio mutes the system ... start the game again and unmute ...09:27
ogra_(fix is in the next OTA)09:27
popeywelcome to the madhouse czajkowski09:29
ogra_whee !!!09:29
jgdxpete-woods, hi, did you see https://github.com/martinpitt/python-dbusmock/pull/6 ?09:30
pete-woodsjgdx: looks good at a high level09:32
pete-woodswill check it doesn't break my tests :)09:32
jasonmdI saw an article recenlty on installing whatsapp, anyone confirm it works?09:34
jgdxpete-woods, good, do not fear questioning some of the decisions made there.09:35
jgdxpete-woods, great. Thanks you for testing.09:36
ogra_jasonmd, you saw an article ? where ?09:42
Ponchalehi people09:45
Ponchalehow are you?09:45
jasonmdall good, almost home time... :)09:45
jgdxHow are you, Ponchale?09:46
aquariuspopey, updated seshat published which should make it a bit easier to exit books and scroll the library09:46
PonchaleI want to make a distribution of different mobile ubuntu today where I can find the source code with their instructions to compile and install to devices that I like the Nexus 4 7 to 1009:47
ogra_jasonmd, i highly doubt it will work, but try it if you feel like and let us know :)09:47
jasonmdYea I was dubious09:48
ogra_jasonmd, whatsapp regulary wipes open clients from github with trademark notices ... even if it would work it wouldnt persist for long i guess09:48
rpadovanioSoMoN, o/ Do you have 5 minutes? I've an idea to implement a workaround for the new tab refactoring branch09:49
RaslinMusic muted start stop the gane did not work even thought it did turn on the sounds in the game. when I went to the player it was still muted09:49
jasonmdYeah I've also seen that they do that09:49
jgdxPonchale, https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/ubuntu-for-devices/porting-new-device/09:49
Elleoaquarius: I don't seem to be able to scroll the library at all in the new version (0.4), looks like it hides the scrollbar and swiping doesn't do anything09:50
jgdxPonchale, you want to fork Ubuntu touch?09:50
ogra_Ponchale, the rootfs is just built from deb packages from the ubuntu archive ... there is no "build world from source" way09:50
aquariusElleo, you may need to swipe down on the right hand side; it seems to not detect the scroll gesture when it's actually on a book09:50
ogra_Ponchale, not much different from the desktop isos09:51
popeyaquarius: ooh, /me updates09:51
Ponchalees decir09:51
aquariusElleo, they do a whole bunch of weird touch handling :(09:51
Elleoaquarius: doesn't seem to pick it up anywhere09:51
Ponchaleie there is no way to make adaptations to the source code?09:51
Elleoaquarius: yeah, I remember; for erudite I just added a couple of big up/down buttons to the bottom of the library that paged through stuff09:51
Ponchaleif the code is free because no change could not understand09:52
ogra_Ponchale, the source is there, you can grab it and modify it indeed09:52
aquariusElleo, heh. I could do that but I am severely loath to add html to their layout since if they change anything it'll totally screw up. But that's not a bad idea09:52
Ponchalebut? ogra09:52
ogra_no but09:53
Ponchaleogra_ but?09:53
aquariusElleo, which device are you on? scrolling works (given that you have to do it in a certain place) on my aquaris and in the emulator; are you n4?09:53
Elleoaquarius: yeah, understandable; I don't think changes happen much though09:53
Elleoaquarius: aquaris09:53
Elleoaquarius: I'm on devel-proposed rather than RTM though09:54
Elleoso possible that the new oxide version makes a difference09:54
ogra_Ponchale, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/daily-preinstalled/current/vivid-preinstalled-touch-armhf.manifest ... that is the list of packages in the rootfs ... you can just apt-get source <packagename> for any of them ...09:54
faenilogra_: just some context, the guy probably uses google translate, so if there's anyone who speaks spanish in here it's better if they have a private conversation in spanish09:54
faenilit will be much faster09:54
faeniland hello Ponchale09:55
PonchaleI am the founder of EasyLabs a developer of software Colombia and we have been in contact with Ubuntu in January to ever be allies responded, we want to make a fork of mobile Ubuntu because it is very good, secretly we have our apps store any profits very good that we MeeGo since we were using Mer but saw that ubuntu was better and bring those characteristics here and because we wanted to access the code and later tutorials to 09:58
Ponchaleogra_ I am the founder of EasyLabs a developer of software Colombia and we have been in contact with Ubuntu in January to ever be allies responded, we want to make a fork of mobile Ubuntu because it is very good, secretly we have our apps store any profits very good that we MeeGo since we were using Mer but saw that ubuntu was better and bring those characteristics here and because we wanted to access the code and later tutoria09:58
ogra_Ponchale, you cut off after "and later tutorials to ..."09:58
Ponchaleogra_ the code and later tutorials to compile etc etc10:00
ogra_Ponchale, so as i said, the code is in deb packages in the ubuntu archive, if you want to fork you will likely want a setup to build your own rootfs and an archive with your modified packages plus a system-image server to deploy your changed rootfs to devices10:02
PonchaleWe can do something ogra_10:03
ogra_(this is not trivial and parts of the above are not well documented yet)10:03
PonchaleThere are guides on how to do that you mention me ogra_? because as we are familiar with MER but not with mobile Ubuntu10:04
jgdxthostr_, hi, anything in particular I should test in i-network?10:04
ogra_Ponchale, no, there are not many guides, that is what i mean :)10:05
thostr_jgdx: well, just use it as normal. there is one thing however we noticed: that is when switching wifi on/off the APs appear sometimes below the settings item instead in the wifi section10:05
ogra_Ponchale, for starting your work you can simply install on a nexus device, make the system writable and replace the installed packages with your own  ... to produce proper images you will need more though10:07
PonchaleMight ogra_ guide us and help10:07
aquariusElleo, try upgrading again; 0.5 now has scroll-the-library buttons :)10:09
nhainesWel now I feel left out that I missed a version.  :)10:09
* aquarius laughs10:10
jgdxthostr_, okay, I'll look out for it.10:10
Elleoaquarius: great, that works nicely, thanks :)10:11
jgdxthostr_, I see some failed urfkill calls, but I don't think that was introduced by this silo10:15
nhainesaquarius: seems great!10:15
jgdxhow does one deal with urfkill inprogress exceptions10:15
thostr_jgdx: yes, this silo fixes some things but is mostly bug compatible to old version10:16
thostr_jgdx: we didn't want to change too many things at once10:16
jgdx"bug compatible" +110:16
jgdxthostr_, roger10:17
thostr_jgdx: with the changes we did we are now able to fix quite some bugs properly (before that was more like hacks on top of hacks)10:17
jgdxthostr_, with tests no less10:19
jgdxthostr_, where'd pete-woods go, btw?10:19
thostr_jgdx: he just moved house and still fighting with his internet10:20
jgdxseb128, hi, you know anything about http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/10717520/ ?10:32
jgdxseb128, building uss10:33
seb128jgdx, hey, no, is that on vivid?10:33
seb128jgdx, did you run out of disk space?10:33
jgdxseb128, yes10:33
jgdxseb128, 8 gigorbaits left10:34
jgdxlet me nuke the build folder10:34
seb128jgdx, let me try a build here10:36
jgdxseb128, false alarm I think. Got a successful build now10:44
seb128jgdx, great10:44
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jgdxseb128, we'll be getting some wifi test failures in uss. I'll propose a branch to fix it.11:52
jgdxseb128, https://code.launchpad.net/~jonas-drange/ubuntu-system-settings/pin-dbusmock/+merge/25489811:58
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seb128jgdx, what changed that makes the tests start failing?12:14
jgdxseb128, dbusmock v0.1412:15
jgdxI thought it was pinned at 0.10.12:15
seb128jgdx, did they fix bugs or did they added bugs?12:15
jgdxseb128, fixed bugs12:15
seb128k, fair enough12:15
jgdxseb128, I have a branch that uses the newer dbusmock (0.14) with tests passing.12:15
seb128jgdx, https://code.launchpad.net/~jonas-drange/ubuntu-system-settings/pin-dbusmock/+merge/254898 has no code change, what is it fixing?12:16
seb128jgdx, shouldn't we just have your fixes and a > 0.13 together?12:17
jgdxseb128, the fixes branch is still wip.12:17
jgdxthis blocks landings12:17
seb128not sure to follow12:17
jgdxpinning dbusmock to 0.13 makes the tests pass again12:18
seb128how does that work?12:18
seb128if 0.13 is not in the archive anymore it's just going to fail to build12:18
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enkxahi! is ubuntu touch the only operating system in that aquarius device or is it just running on the top of the android?12:24
ogra_enkxa, it is the only OS but starts a small container for the binary drivers that come from android12:30
ogra_(else you wouldnt be able to make calls etc, there are no open drivers for phones)12:31
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enkxaok, thanks. what about those drivers come from android, are they open source?12:43
ogra_there are no open drivers for phones12:43
ogra_as i said above12:43
ogra_modem, graphics, sensors, GPS ... they all use closed source  binary drivers12:44
enkxasucks but probably have that phone anyway12:44
ogra_well, it isnt much different on any other "opensource" phones12:45
ogra_neither jolla nor firefoxOS have other drivers than ubuntu ... we all need to use the binary drivers one way or the other12:46
enkxaanother question: can i get root in the device just typing sudo su12:48
ogra_yes, but you really shouldnt ... just use sudo as you know it from the desktop ...12:49
enkxathats easy compared to android devices12:49
=== alan_g|lunch is now known as alan_g
ogra_ubuntu on phones isnt different in that regard ;)12:49
enkxai've done that all the time with my ubuntus for now over six years12:50
enkxaactually i set always root password. i used debian and freebsd before ubuntu derivatives12:51
ogra_well, that wont work on ubuntu phone12:52
ogra_the passwd database is readonly12:52
ogra_but you can just use sudo ... or sudo -s12:52
enkxaso i can't change passwords for any users?12:52
ogra_user passwords are in a separate db in the writable part of the system12:53
ogra_you can indeed change your password for the user ;)12:53
ogra_(you can also make the system writable, but that will break over time and is more a feature for people developing the underlying system than a user feature)12:54
enkxais that phone working well? i'll consider that a replacement for my android device which is confiscated by cops but that's another story12:59
ogra_works well for me ...12:59
enkxanext question: support for full device encryption?12:59
ogra_but i guess it depends what your expectations are ...12:59
enkxafinnish cops can't get encrypted android device open12:59
ogra_not yet, no, encryption is on the roadmap but not there yet12:59
ogra_all in all, this is the firet iteration of a brandnew ubuntu OS that was desined from scratch ... it is as featureful as the first IOS and the first android were :)13:00
jgdxseb128, real real fix https://code.launchpad.net/~jonas-drange/ubuntu-system-settings/fix-networkmanager-tests/+merge/25490313:04
adrian47There should be cm based source too i think, many devices has only cm so it would be easier to port13:06
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enkxanow i'm gonna leave, thanx for info & advice13:13
seb128jgdx, thanks13:16
* popey notes his nexus 7 takes a very long time to boot with over 1000 clicks installed.13:32
Se7no one had the same problem #1438191 strange :(13:33
popeybug 143819113:36
ubot5bug 1438191 in qtubuntu-camera (Ubuntu) "no date source available" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143819113:36
popeywell you filed it in the wrong place, so not surprised nobody saw it.13:37
seb128mandel, hey, could you look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-push/+bug/1398067 ? it's probably a 1 liner python and is the most report vivid issue on e.u.c spamming our users/infra reporting the issue13:37
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1398067 in ubuntu-push (Ubuntu) "/usr/lib/ubuntu-push-client/click-hook:FileNotFoundError:/usr/lib/ubuntu-push-client/click-hook@119:main:collect_helpers" [High,New]13:37
Se7i can change place popey ?13:38
popeySe7: i re-assignde it13:38
Se7thank you13:38
dobeymardy: can you fix the needsfixing on https://code.launchpad.net/~mardy/ubuntuone-credentials/lp1376445-migration-vivid/+merge/252292 please?13:42
mandelseb128, ubuntu push? I mean, I can write python, but it is not my area13:44
seb128mandel, sorry, why is maintaining ubuntu-push? ;-)13:44
seb128mandel, for some reason I though that was you13:45
mandelseb128, no problem, I think we can talk with Chipaca he probably knows the maintainer13:45
mandelseb128, no problem haha I also think I maintain too many things ;)13:45
dobeyseb128: i think you want ralsina for push client13:45
seb128dobey, thanks13:46
ralsinaseb128: could be me, could be chipaca, depending on the bit13:46
seb128ralsina, see ^13:46
seb128ralsina, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-push/+bug/1398067 ? it's probably a 1 liner python and is the most report vivid issue on e.u.c spamming our users/infra reporting the issue13:46
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1398067 in ubuntu-push (Ubuntu) "/usr/lib/ubuntu-push-client/click-hook:FileNotFoundError:/usr/lib/ubuntu-push-client/click-hook@119:main:collect_helpers" [High,New]13:46
seb128ralsina, not sure if we should create the dir or os.path.exist and return13:47
ralsinathat's actually a bug on click13:47
seb128how so?13:47
seb128your hook iterate over a non existing dir13:47
ralsinaah, wait13:47
ralsinaI didn't know we provided the hook13:47
ralsinaI'll look at it13:47
seb128ralsina, it's in lp:ubuntu-push/scripts13:47
seb128ralsina, I could provide a mp if that helps but I'm unsure if you want to create the dir, or print an error or just return, probably easier if one of the maintainer just do what they think is best13:48
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ralsinaseb128: yes, don't worry, it's a oneliner, I'll have it landed todayish13:49
seb128ralsina, thanks!13:49
dobeypass if not os.path.exists(path)13:49
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ralsinaseb128: in some /most cases, that bug seems to be triggered by users insstalling push-client on desktops... any idea why they would do such a thing?14:02
AleksaHello! I know the first step for bringing Ubuntu Touch to Tablet is to build the kernel.14:04
AleksaPrestigio PMP5570C has RK3066 processor. I've found the kernel for the same processor, but not for the same device.14:04
AleksaCould that code be used to build kernel for my device?14:04
seb128rsalveti, convergence14:05
seb128it's unitu8 desktop next14:05
* rsalveti looks14:05
ogra_Aleksa, you need more then the kernel, you need a complete android AOSP tree14:07
ogra_(well, you need small parts of it, but i doubt you would find just the bits and pieces without a full AOSP tree)14:07
AleksaAOSP stands for Android Open Source Project. What's AOSP tree?14:09
ogra_the code tree with the source code14:09
ogra_see the porting guide from the channel topic14:10
Aleksaogra, porting link ( http://bit.ly/18kIrhM ) directs me to some google spreadsheat14:12
ogra_thats not the link next to "Porting guide"14:12
sturmflut-workabeato: ping14:15
abeatosturmflut-work, pong14:15
sturmflut-workabeato: I have a Nexus 4 running 14.10 r17, and it doesn't use/detect an APN for one of my german SIM cards14:17
mardydobey: ah, forgot to reply14:18
abeatosturmflut-work, I see... does it work after setting the configuration with the APN editor?14:18
mardydobey: so, the script in the RTM does some unnecessary stuff14:18
popeyogra_: what channel should I use for rtm on flo?14:19
mardyif you want I can sync them, but the one from the vivid MP is better14:19
popeyeverything I try which is listed in --list-channels says its not on hte server14:19
dobeymardy: dbarth added that as he found some issues when that wasn't done14:19
ogra_popey, i dont think we build rtm on tablets ...14:19
* ogra_ checks 14:19
mardydobey: it was some error in his device, the script was not even executed actually :-)14:19
ogra_popey, ah, we do ...14:19
popeywhats the channel name?14:20
popeyfor utopic?14:20
sturmflut-workabeato: Jep, if I set the APN manually it works.14:20
popeyI don't want vivid14:20
popeyChannel ubuntu-rtm/devel-proposed not found on server https://system-image.ubuntu.com14:20
ogra_http://system-image.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/ubuntu-rtm ... weird14:20
abeatosturmflut-work, ok, it would be great if you could help us gather some data so we include your operator in the DB14:21
popeydo you mean --channel=ubuntu-touch/devel-proposed ?14:21
sturmflut-workabeato: sure, can you tell me how?14:21
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popeythat works14:21
ogra_thats vivid14:22
ogra_try: ubuntu-touch/ubuntu-rtm/devel-proposed14:22
dobeymardy: what error exactly? i'm confused how an error could create duplicate db entries for a script not being run, which creates those entries14:22
ogra_looks like http://system-image.ubuntu.com/channels.json defines it like that14:22
popeyhow odd14:23
ogra_does it work ?14:23
mardydobey: I have no clue, but for sure the script was not being executed. Maybe it was a filesystem error, I don't know -- it didn't happen on my device14:23
popeydunno yet, rebooting14:23
ogra_well, i mean did u-d-f find it like that ?14:24
popeyno, i mean, rebooting before i run it14:24
mardydobey: it might be that he had an older version of the script in place14:24
dobeymardy: ok, well i don't want to spend hours trying to figure out what went wrong (or didn't)14:24
popeyits downloading, lets see14:25
dobeymardy: would rather just have them in sync for now, so update the script to be in sync please14:25
popeyversion 20714:25
popeythanks ogra_14:25
mardydobey: sure, your call14:25
ogra_yeah, that sounds like the right version14:25
mardydobey: done14:26
Aleksaogra_, thanks! I've read something. It looks like it is too hard for me at this moment and at this level of knowledge.14:29
ogra_it is definitely a quite advanced task14:29
dobeyrvr: hey, can you try to add the card in pay-ui in vivid, with the new pay-ui? the browser seems to do the right thing there; but it breaks on RTM for me.14:29
dobeyand woah, browser seems to no longer have tabs in vivid now14:29
AleksaOne more question? Why don't producers release the kernel source code? Aren't they obligated with GNU GPL?14:30
rvrdobey: It has tabs14:30
ogra_dobey, bottom swipe magic ;)14:30
rvrdobey: Swipe from below14:30
rvrdobey: I'll try to take a look to pay-ui14:30
ogra_Aleksa, they have to ... if you ask them for it14:30
AleksaIs there any other source code I could ask them for?14:31
AleksaIs the kernel only thing they are obligative to release?14:31
ogra_there might be some other android bits, not sure14:32
dobeyAleksa: they are only obligated to release the code for the parts that are GPL. if it's only the kernel, then they are only obligated by the kernel in that respect14:32
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ChloeWolfieGirlI did a pretty bad april fools, but thought you guys might like it https://plus.google.com/+ChloeJohnson/posts/DaeS6TfQ4qb14:52
kenvandinerobru, hey... so since that's a webapp it's really just downloading the image right?14:53
kenvandinewhen the download is done, it should popup a notification to open or dismiss14:54
kenvandineare you getting that?14:54
kenvandinerobru, you should also be able to see the download in under files in the indicators14:55
kenvandineElleo, i just forwarded you a mail about soonsnap.  His webapp is showing the peer picker, but after selecting gallery it never seems to start the download14:59
kenvandineElleo, could that be a problem in the webapp-container?14:59
Elleokenvandine: I think it's missing a permission15:00
kenvandinehe has content_exchange15:00
Elleokenvandine: https://github.com/robru/soonsnap.click/blob/master/click/soonsnap.json <-- should have content_exchange_source15:00
kenvandinewhat else?15:00
kenvandineit's not a source, in this case15:00
kenvandinethis is receiving a photo15:00
Elleokenvandine: the app is sending a file to the gallery isn't it?15:01
Elleokenvandine: yeah, pretty sure that requires the content_exchange_source permissions15:01
kenvandinebut it isn't a source that provides a picker15:01
Elleodespite not being an exporter of things15:01
kenvandineso qml apps work without that15:01
kenvandineor at least did at one point :)15:01
Elleokenvandine: just let me verify15:02
Elleokenvandine: personally I'd rather see us just put everything in content_exchange and not have content_exchange_source at all15:02
kenvandinecontent_exchange_source should only be for apps providing an  ImportExportHandler for exports15:02
kenvandineyeah, not sure why we even have that one15:03
kenvandineElleo, that can't be it15:05
kenvandinethere isn't really a difference between those policies15:05
Elleokenvandine: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/10718755/15:08
Elleokenvandine: content_exchange only gives access to path=/transfers/@{APP_ID_DBUS}/import/*15:08
Elleokenvandine: and content_exchange_source only gives access to path=/transfers/@{APP_ID_DBUS}/export/*15:08
kenvandineoh, i missed that in my diff :)15:09
kenvandineoh... and for the download you need that?15:09
kenvandinethis wouldn't be a problem for a qml app15:09
kenvandinenever needs access to that15:09
kenvandineElleo, couldn't you make the downloader code handle the import dbus path?15:10
kenvandinebut it's also not importing15:10
Elleoyeah, a qml app would hit the same problem15:11
kenvandineso the import path will be gallery15:11
Elleoit's just that qml apps don't tend to use the download manager integration15:11
kenvandineno, it doesn't need access to that15:11
Elleoas they just download stuff themselves15:11
kenvandineit's just for the download manager15:11
kenvandinerobru, you need to add content_exchange_source policy15:13
aquariusmandel, does the DownloadManager know how to do ssh URLs?15:17
seb128ralsina, sorry, replied to rsalveti before, unity8 desktop-next is where users hit the issue most I think15:19
ralsinaseb128: ah, makes sense15:19
ralsinaanyway, the fix is on the way15:20
seb128ralsina, I saw, thanks15:20
abeatoawe_, I have added a "Provisioning" section in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Telephony/15:23
abeatowith a link to15:23
abeatosturmflut-work, already has created bug #1439272 , with a nicely formatted patch already ;)15:24
ubot5bug 1439272 in android (Ubuntu) "[APN] Add settings for MVNO "Netzclub"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143927215:24
seb128so, on my bq rtm, I turned off wifi this morning because I wanted to try to connect to a website from a different ip that my dsl line one, I got a 3G icon but apps think I'm offline/there is no data (e.g in the webbrowser)15:25
seb128how do I report an useful bug about that?15:25
seb128awe_, ^ is that the issue you are working on?15:25
awe_seb128, more than one SIM?15:25
seb128awe_, yes, 2 SIMs, data on the second one15:25
seb128but that used to work afaik15:25
awe_seb128, can you double-check system settings to ensure that the right SIM is still selected for data?15:25
mcphailseb128: there's already a bug for that15:26
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1413672 in Canonical System Image "The SIM used for data in MTK-based dual-standby modems can change after carrier re-registration or reboot" [Undecided,New]15:26
awe_also, if that looks OK seb128, please check 'ip route'15:26
seb128awe_, it is, I'm having that issue for some days, I usually get it to work by playing the apn screen15:26
seb128awe_, that returns nothing15:27
awe_ok, then you hit: https://bugs.launchpad.net/canonical-devices-system-image/+bug/143642715:27
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1436427 in network-manager (Ubuntu RTM) "Turning off WiFi doesn't set a route after the modem connects data" [High,Confirmed]15:27
awe_it's a race condition with the closed-source rild component15:27
awe_but it's super hard to reproduce15:28
seb128awe_, ok, thanks ... did we regress on that?15:28
awe_seb128, if you could comment on the bug, that'd be super helpful15:28
seb128because it used to work fine until like a week ago15:28
awe_seb128, RTM or vivid?15:28
seb128awe_, doing so15:28
seb128awe_, rtm15:28
awe_right... it works 99.9% of the time15:28
awe_I ran 500+ iterations over the weekend, and couldn't hit it15:28
seb128it constantly fail this week for me15:28
awe_could you add your syslog too?15:28
seb128accross reboots15:28
seb128I first though that the wrong apn was in use15:29
seb128playing in the apn screen makes it work15:29
seb128but maybe it's just by reconnecting15:29
seb128awe_, anything specific in the syslog?15:29
awe_if you want to do a grep for 'Network', that would help narrow things down, or just add the whole thing15:30
mcphailawe_: I've had no further episodes of the "turning off wifi" bug but several episodes of the "wandering away from wifi" bug. Do you thihk they are the same thing?15:30
awe_one sec.. in a meeting15:31
seb128awe_, done15:33
seb128don't we rotate syslog?15:33
awe_thanks seb12815:33
awe_ask ogra_15:33
ogra_seb128, we flush it at 50M15:33
awe_out of my domain15:33
seb128I added the log for the day, the whole file is 19M15:33
seb128ogra_, thanks15:33
awe_mcphail, so... the wandering away from WiFi bug that was reported by jibel was a DUP of the SIM for mobile data can change bug15:34
awe_mcphail, if you can reproduce the bug, and it's *not* the SIM for mobile-data can change bug, please report a new NM bug15:34
awe_I'm still going to be looking at this case however15:35
mcphailawe_: ok, cheers15:35
awe_thanks much!15:35
seb128awe_, can you point me to the "sim for mobile data can change"? or you mean just that the setting shows the wrong sim selected for data?15:36
seb128awe_, because I had the issue when walking away from wifi without turning it off, and settings config was correct15:36
seb128not sure if that's the same issue than when I turned wifi off today15:36
awe_so the SIM for mobile data can change bug describes two scenarios15:37
awe_(1) on reboot, the mobile data SIM can change15:37
awe_(2) when an operator change, or re-registration to an operator occurs, the SIM for mobile data can change15:38
awe_the system settings should reflect the change15:38
awe_but if you suspect this has happened to you, check the output from list-modems ( /usr/share/ofono/scripts )15:38
awe_we have a landing for RTM in progress for this bug15:39
awe_but no silo yet15:39
awe_seb128, https://bugs.launchpad.net/canonical-devices-system-image/+bug/141367215:39
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1413672 in Canonical System Image "The SIM used for data in MTK-based dual-standby modems can change after carrier re-registration or reboot" [Undecided,New]15:39
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mcphailawe_: so am I right in saying when the connection drops it is because it has activated my empty sim slot?15:41
awe_mcphail, not necessarily15:41
seb128awe_, thanks15:41
awe_if you only have one SIM installed, you're probably not hitting this15:41
awe_abeato, ^^15:42
mcphailawe_: my symptoms were more like the original bug which is marked as a duplicate15:42
awe_is it possible to hit the mobile-data SIM switch if there's only one SIM installed?15:42
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abeatoawe_, mcphail, no, that's impossible15:42
abeatoit is probably one of the NM issues15:43
awe_mcphail, BQ RTM?15:43
mcphailawe_: yes15:43
awe_if so, please file a bug, and include syslog, as well as output of /usr/share/ofono/scripts/list-modems and list-contexts.15:44
awe_fyi, the output of list-modems includes private info15:44
mcphailawe_: I don't think #1410113 should be marked as a duplicate and should be kept open15:44
awe_( SubscriberIdentity, SubscriberNumbers )15:44
awe_well, that was a specific case that our QA opened15:44
awe_and was caused by the SIM switch bug15:45
mcphailawe_: ok - when I get data I'll open a new bug15:45
awe_thanks, much appreciated15:45
awe_I'm actually working on the OTA update, but these two scenarios are still important, and I will keep working on them15:46
awe_mcphail, does your network indicator show that you're connected to mobile data when you get outside of your AP's range ( eg. 2g/3g/H )?15:46
mcphailawe_: sometimes. The indicator can be buggy as well15:47
awe_it's *possible* this could be the same issue as the WiFi toggle bug if so15:47
awe_ack re: the indicator15:47
awe_there's a new version being tested right now for vivid-devel15:47
mcphailawe_: they seem very similar to me, but I haven't been getting the wifi toggle bug for 24h15:48
awe_mcphail, if you do have an indicator that shows 2g|3g|h15:48
awe_then please check the output of 'ip route'15:48
awe_if the table is empty, then it's the same bug as the toggle bug15:48
mcphailawe_: OK, will do15:49
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kenvandinehey mpt16:02
mpthello kenvandine16:02
kenvandinempt, quick question, in my pin retries branch, i had to add a new string for the max retries reached, i wanted to make sure it was ok with you before landing16:03
kenvandine"Maximum retries reached"16:03
mptkenvandine, how about “No more attempts allowed”? That would be a bit more direct16:05
mpt(cf. “Maximum pudding level reached” vs. “No more pudding for you”)16:05
kenvandinempt, fine with me :)16:05
aquariusWhen I get new-mail notifications on the phone for gmail, what creates those notifications? Is it the gmail webapp, or something in online-accounts? I'd like to find the source and improve the wording of the notification, but I don't know where it is16:21
dobeyaquarius: if it's not an actual push notification from google's server, then i'd guess probably something in accounts-polld16:27
sturmflut-work!seen Wellark16:34
ubot5I have no seen command16:34
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sturmflut-workDoes anybody know where I can find Wellark? We always seem to miss each other despite living in nearly the same timezone16:37
mandelaquarius, not as it is, should it?16:40
aquariusmandel, well, I need an sftp app :) I'm not sure how it'll download big files... because it might get killed. This is what the downloadmanager is for, of course. But sftp might be too much of a corner case to bake it into the downloadmanager, especially given that it involves extra complexity16:41
aquariusI was hoping it was already done :P16:41
sturmflut-workaquarius: I think there should be enough interest in adding SFTP to the downloadmanager16:42
aquariussturmflut-work, well, I'd certainly like it, but "Stuart wants it" is not enough of a reason for Canonical to invest in doing it :)16:47
sturmflut-workaquarius: you can always bribe mandel ;)16:49
mandelsturmflut-work, aquarius I need to work on the location-service first hehe but I'd love too, to be honest16:50
aquarius*nod* I shall attempt to learn enough go to do it, then :) I have managed to make a qml go app which connects to an ssh server and lists its files, just by copying example code (woo!) but I need to understand about keeping the connection alive, etc, etc16:51
ogra_just find the example code for that then ...16:53
aquariusogra_, that's more about understanding the deal with threads and so on (e.g., working out what a "goroutine" is ;))16:53
aquariusthe actual code to connect and retrieve a file is easy. How I do that without stuffing all the code to connect and fetch files inside the handler for a button click is the hard bit ;)16:54
aquariusthat is: actually learning go :P16:54
sturmflut-workaquarius: https://i.imgur.com/P827Tsq.jpg16:56
ogra_i would bet you could just use a webview with the right magic stuffed into the QML that wraps it ,,,+16:56
ogra_oops, where does that garbage at the end of the sentence come from16:56
aquariusogra_, you can't make ssh connections from qml, sadly. I thought of that. :)16:57
ogra_not from qml16:57
ogra_from the webview ;)16:57
aquariushahahahahaha no16:57
aquariuswebviews can't make arbitrary socket connections either, thank goodness, otherwise nobody would be safe :)16:57
aquariussturmflut-work, ha!16:57
sturmflut-workaquarius: It was handed to me by Rainer Giepmann himself.16:58
* sturmflut-work is obviously some kind of VIP17:00
dobeysturmflut-work: wellark is generally around17:06
sturmflut-workdobey: then I need to hang around more!17:07
dobeyaquarius, mandel: doesn't qt have some sort of vfs thingy that magically handles different protocols, like gio, or is that only at the kde level?17:07
mandeldobey, afaik is not a qt thing, but I need to check17:07
sturmflut-workdobey: I think you mean KDE's KIO-Slaves17:08
dobeyi remember when i wrote a download manager for gnome like 12 years ago, and it just handled all that stuff through gnome-vfs.17:08
dobeysturmflut-work: maybe, but i thought at least some of that was in qt17:08
sturmflut-workDanChapman: Thanks for your hard work on Dekko, BTW. If you decide to make a paid version I'll buy it.17:18
kwahhi, after 1st ever enabling of bluetooth and pairing it with car's hands-free, phone got disconnected and, moreover, it stays turned on... any ideas on how I can disable it?17:26
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pmcgowankwah, disconnect or forget the device in the BT settings17:30
pmcgowankwah, or maybe I misunderstood your question17:31
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lotuspsychjeyou guys saw this interview yet? http://www.mobileworldlive.com/interview-canonical-ceo17:53
lotuspsychjenice words for you devs :p17:54
kwahpmcgowan, there are no devices to disconnect/forget.17:55
DanChapmanaquarius: you should take a look at these qml plugins SSH SFTP etc from qml https://github.com/bobweaver/QtPlugins there's some little qml gems in those packages17:56
kwahbluetooth enable/disable does not work from settings nor from notifications :(17:57
aquariusDanChapman, interesting! I will look. On the other hand, c++ and therefore complex compilation misery :)17:57
DanChapmansturmflut__: thanks :-) I was thinking of adding a donation page to the app rather than having a seperate "paid for" app17:57
aquariusDanChapman, this is exactly the sort of thing I invented the community component store to contain :) But I haven't had time to devote to making it happen17:58
pmcgowankwah, why do you think it does not work? what do you see17:58
kwahpmcgowan, I see that it is enabled. I try to turn it off... after few seconds it shows me that it turned on.17:59
kwahand I don't want BT to be enabled all the time.18:00
pmcgowankwah,  the toggle in both the indicator and the settings page shows it enabled again? hmm18:03
ogra_sounds like a bug18:03
ogra_stays disabled here18:03
pmcgowanthis sound just like the diagnsotic reports issue18:04
pmcgowansomething in the set of writeable files got undone?18:04
pmcgowanstays disabled for me too of course18:04
kwahHW/SW: bq 4.5, r20 image, stable18:04
pmcgowanis cyphermox around, any ideas?18:05
kwahcould some service end-up in strange state?18:08
DanChapmanaquarius: I'm starting to think you just don't like c++ ;-p but yes these would be awesome to have in the component store18:08
DanChapmanhttps://plus.google.com/u/0/+JosephMills/posts/j3heYwVi69g gives a nice overview of each18:09
kwahit happened upon pairing to car's hands-free. it managed to pair and even sync contacts. then got disconnected, have no idea from which side...18:09
pmcgowankwah, its possible that some backend went away, have you rebooted the device?18:10
kwahpmcgowan, not yet.18:10
pmcgowankwah, that may be it,  if it works would be good to debug why the backend died18:11
kwahhow may I check if something died?18:12
kwahpmcgowan, and if on the phone backend for some service dies I would expect it to be restarted auto-magically one way or the other :D18:14
pmcgowankwah, as would I18:19
pmcgowankwah,you can check /var/crash for any files18:19
kwahpmcgowan, something is definitely dead. the only active control in BT settings is enable/disable switch18:20
kwahpmcgowan, hm. from terminal I see bluetoothd.0.crash18:22
pmcgowanwhat a coincidence18:22
pmcgowankwah, can you enter a launchpad bug and upload it there?18:22
kwah.upload and .uploaded also with bluetoothd.0 prefix18:23
kwahpmcgowan, are there instructions on a simple ways to get those from the phone?18:23
kwahsorry, my first few days with ubuntu powered phone...18:24
pmcgowankwah, ah so what we need is the whoopise number if it uploaded18:24
pmcgowanhmm how to do that easily ogra_18:25
* rsalveti reads18:29
rsalvetikwah: do you see a bluetoothd.0.uploaded as well?18:30
rsalvetihm, nothing in errors.ubuntu.com18:30
pmcgowanmay not be on the network18:31
rsalvetikwah: otherwise if you could open a bug and upload that crash file it should already hep18:33
rsalvetibut that's probably why it's failing to enable/disable the switch18:33
rsalvetisorry, just saw you said you had .uploaded as well18:35
rsalvetiev: maybe you know, how to trace back a crash upload with the trace in errors.ubuntu.com?18:36
cyphermoxpmcgowan: what's this about?18:36
rsalvetibluez crashed18:37
pmcgowankwah, anyway go ahead and reboot and try disabling again18:42
kwahpmcgowan, crash info will survive reboot? or is it better to get hands on it first?18:43
kwahpmcgowan, is there something like apport available for phones as well?18:44
brunch875there is!18:44
pmcgowankwah, yes the crash was uploaded already18:44
pmcgowanif we can find it on the server18:44
pmcgowankwah, you can safely reboot18:44
kwahpmcgowan, aha. ok then... rebooting.18:46
kwahpmcgowan, hm. and it hanged.18:49
kwahreboot I meant. anyway, power-cycling now.18:50
kwahpmcgowan, done. seems to be working now. thank you for your help.18:53
pmcgowankwah, sorry for the troubles, we will find that crash and look into it18:54
kwahpmcgowan, it is ok. keep up good job. I'll see how consistent it is, maybe you will get more of similar crashes.19:01
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taiebotHow do I adb push something to root it always says permission denied?19:04
brunch875you mean to phone's root?19:04
brunch875you can't, it's read-write only19:04
brunch875you can make it read-write but I wouldn't recommend it19:04
brunch875what exactly are you trying to push to root and for what reason?19:05
taiebotbrunch Yep trying to modify logrotate config file19:05
taiebotbrunch875: my syslog is stucked since July. Tried reflashing today with no success19:06
brunch875I have no idea on how the phone handles that stuff19:07
taiebotbrunch875 Found the config file in /etc/logrotate.d/19:07
brunch875what I know is anything belonging to root is read-only19:08
brunch875and for the average user, the phone should stay that way19:08
taiebotbrunch875 got it but want to try a fix before making it a bug19:09
pcctwcan I make my own ringtone in ubuntu touch?19:10
pcctwi mean i got mp3 but don't know how to move it to ringtones19:11
nakanutGood evening all.  I am well impressed with my phone.  Is there a chance of getting the Today scope to auto-refresh so it shows the correct date?19:11
nakanutAlso does the touch image have cups printer backend, or is this being worked on?19:16
popeycwayne: any ETA on when https://bugs.launchpad.net/today-scope will be setup so nakanut can file bugs :)19:17
popeynakanut: no cups yet, it will do in the future I believe19:17
nakanut@popey thx for that Al.19:19
brunch875I wish for the future for a gesture which sends current app to run on the background19:20
brunch875so I can wait for wget to finish while doing other stuff19:20
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dobeytaiebot: mount -o remount,rw /19:39
dobeytaiebot: then change the logrotate.conf, and reboot19:40
taiebotdobey: Just found a way thanks not sure it will work...19:44
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sturmflut__DanChapman: You could do both, add a Donation page and have a paid version. Gives us more possibilities to give you our money.19:57
=== sturmflut__ is now known as sturmflut
dobeysturmflut: a donate page inside a paid app feels weird though20:00
cwaynepopey, done :)20:01
sturmflutdobey: Haha, no, I didn't mean it like that20:01
popeythanks cwayne20:01
dobeyplus, money is hard20:01
sturmflutdobey: He could add a donation page to the website, link to that donation page from within the free app, and have a paid app all at the same time.20:02
dobeysturmflut: sure, but that's even more work, for basically no gain20:03
cwaynepopey, no problemo20:04
kwahpmcgowan, did another try -> the same result. no new crash though (maybe have not arrived, yet) but symptoms are the same. So for me BT is pretty useless now :(20:06
sturmflutdobey: Well, it won't make anyone rich, but on the other hand mhall119 proved that it is possible to make a bit of money. The minimum amount for a paid app is 2.49, so you just need about 75 people to pay for the bq Aquaris E4.5 phone you bought to develop the app.20:07
sturmflutdobey: Just my thoughts though.20:07
pmcgowankwah, once there is a crash it will not create another for the same issue20:07
pmcgowankwah, can you enter a bug with the details?20:07
pmcgowanyou can file one here and we can task the bluez packages as needed https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-system-settings20:08
kwahpmcgowan, will do. can i refer to existing uploaded crash-info somehow?20:09
pmcgowankwah, not sure how frankly, but we can likely do that20:10
dobeysturmflut: sure, but i don't think he has a donation page. and the paid version is the "in development" version, with the stable release being free20:12
kwahpmcgowan, filed. bug:143937720:25
pmcgowanawesome thanks20:26
kwahmay you check if there is enough info?20:26
kwahhave some spare time now...20:26
taiebotdobey:  mm at the end ending up deleting the syslog file in /var/log and recreated a file and now it works.20:26
pmcgowanbug #143937720:28
ubot5bug 1439377 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "Bluetooth dies upon switching to bluetooth settings." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143937720:28
pmcgowankwah, can you add info about the specific handsfree device you paired, and did you sync contacts in both cases?20:30
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kwahpmcgowan, hm, how can I find out this info? handsfree is built-in into car system. I will check manual, but 95% that there is no info about it there.20:32
pmcgowankwah, ok just say which car it is, we have several such reports20:33
pmcgowanif you don't mind20:34
kwahpmcgowan, and if I remember correctly (from Android/Cyanogenmod powered Galaxy S2 times) sync of contacts and other phone info is done every time I was connecting phone20:34
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pmcgowankwah, yes it does20:35
kwahpmcgowan, SKODA_BT it is. If I will have more info I'll update bug-report...20:38
pmcgowankwah, can you do sudo grep "OOPS ID" /var/log/upstart/whoopsie.log and add that to the report20:39
kwahpmcgowan, hm. for that I need some help. can you point me on where to read for connecting device/getting to it (ssh/other means?)20:41
pmcgowankwah, this page shows how to get the tools which allow you to connect https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/ubuntu-for-devices/installing-ubuntu-for-devices/20:43
pmcgowankwah, you could also issue that from the terminal app but the id is likely quite long20:44
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TraintopHi Folks! -I have a Thinkpad X61T and a script to rotate the screen and would like to bind it to the dedicated button on the tablet, but ubuntu will always activate the screensaver even if I add a custum key-binding to my script.... -any ideas where I could "delete" this binding to the screensaver?21:01
kwahpmcgowan, done :)21:01
pmcgowankwah, great! welcome aboard21:04
dobeyk1l_: around?21:14
sturmflutTraintop: Which key is it exactly? Sounds like it is bound to the screen lock by default.21:34
PartNASis it possible to dualboot another distro on ubuntu phone?21:36
brunch875I've heard someone dual boot android21:36
PartNAScan ubuntu touch be installed on other devices?21:37
sturmflutPartNAS: There's MultiROM to dual-boot Android and Ubuntu. Which other distribution do you have in mind?21:37
sturmflutPartNAS: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices21:37
Traintopsturmflut: yeah I also think that's the thing: the key is named "XF86TouchpadToggle" in ubuntu21:40
brunch875terminal has nano hotkeys21:41
brunch875but not vim ones??!21:41
* brunch875 cracks his knuckles21:41
aquariusTraintop, start "Keyboard" from the Dash and then look in Shortcuts under System and see if there's a key set to "Lock screen"; if there is and it's that key, you should be able to change it.21:41
sturmflutPartNAS: You can probably try to put a Kali chroot on an Ubuntu Phone, since Kali is based on Debian and there is an armhf port. But I don't know if all the tools can handle an Android kernel and Android hardware drivers21:43
Traintopaquarius: that's where I looked first; tried again there: there are no "System"-keybindings with the same keyname21:44
sturmflutPartNAS: On the other hand you might go for Kali NetHunter, which runs on Nexus devices. Maybe that one can even be dual-booted with Ubuntu on a Nexus 4. I never tried.21:44
aquariusTraintop, ah, I didn't realise you'd already tried there, sorry!21:44
PartNASsound good21:45
Traintopaquarius: :-)21:45
Traintopit's just that even if I add a "custom"keybinding for this button; the default-binding is always used... -I wonder where I could "delete" that binding as I do not need it21:46
brunch875I only just now realized there's MTP21:47
Traintopand just for interest: this is the problem with all 3 tablet-buttons on the x61t here on ubuntu21:47
brunch875so far I've been using adb push / pull to transfer files21:47
sturmflutTraintop: It sounds somewhat strange that a key with the name "TouchPadToggle" locks the screen. But I never really understood key handling in X11 and how key bindings work, so you might want to file a bug.21:48
PartNASwould kali run on a  Wiko Rainbow ?21:48
PartNASits mediatech21:49
sturmflutPartNAS: No idea. The guys on #kali-linux surely know.21:49
PartNASand ubuntu?21:50
PartNASif it runs on aquaris thats also media tech21:50
PartNASMediatek MT658221:50
PartNASQuad Core 1,3GHz21:50
Traintopsturmflut: sorry, this is the same problem with the 3 tablet-buttons on this machine; XF86TouchpadToggle, toggles the Tocuhpas of course if I had one... -the button I want to use activates the Screensave and is named "Screensaver"... -sorry21:51
Traintopbut the underlying problem is the same; these bindings are defined somewhere and I can't find it... -damn21:52
sturmflutPartNAS: It's the same SoC, yes, so porting Ubuntu to the Wiko Rainbow might be less work.21:52
PartNASand it like 50 cheaper21:53
sturmflutTraintop: I did not know that there actually is an XF86ScreenSaver button. Interesting.21:54
PartNAS139,90 € vs 179,90 €21:54
Traintopsturmflut: no this one is called "Screensaver" in the ubuntu-gui, the one with the touchpad-functionality is called "XF86TouchpadToggle"21:55
Traintopgoogled for the latter but didn't find anything interesting21:55
PartNASand wiko is 5` vs 4.5´21:56
Traintopthis is what this looks like in real: http://www.tabletpcreview.com/picture.asp?f=310421:57
PartNASthe gpu isnt the same21:57
Traintopthe button above the led for the ac is intended to be used as a rotate-button; and in ubuntu it is named "XF86TouchpadToggle" but the other 2 doesn't work either21:58
sturmflutPartNAS: Hmm, the Wiko has just 4 GB of internal flash. Isn't 8 GB the minimum for everything nowadays?21:58
sturmflutTraintop: I think you should file a bug.22:00
Traintopsturmflut: thanks for the help; but it is getting late here; bed waits... a bientot22:01
sturmflutTraintop: We are in the same timezone, it's late here too ;)22:01
sturmflutTraintop: Good night22:02
Traintopbefore coming back to irc I will try on my linux-from-scratch; just curios if this binding is in the standard X-Server or an ubuntu-thing... -good night22:02
PartNASsturmflut:but cant you use sd card?22:02
sturmflutPartNAS: Yes, but usually not for the operating system itself.22:04
sturmflutPartNAS: MultiROM seems to be able to boot from SD, though. I just noticed.22:05
PartNASin ubuntu all installed programs go to the OS?22:06
PartNASthats seem to be the best22:06
PartNASso i can dualboot22:06
mdolezelhow possible is it to have x86 based device running ubuntu touch?23:34
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