daftykinsnice work virgin media ;)01:48
daftykinsstable as a cow in a shopping trolley as is tradition01:49
zmoylan-piwell it's aprils fool day so you won't miss much for next 30 odd hours02:34
daftykinsoh dear, yes02:35
zmoylan-pidaftykins, a massive hummingbird has just taken your hat and coat02:40
knightwisemorning everyon e05:41
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diploMorning all07:26
davmor2Morning all08:06
davmor2popey: another much later catchy tune that isn't from the 80's https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wSr7h_pjxs  your welcome by theway08:08
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:13
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)08:24
Myrttiapparently dsample got the NVidia to work last night08:24
Myrttiso now I can play Cities on the laptop \o/08:24
bigcalmI've enjoyed watching somebody play on YouTube08:24
bigcalmNot really my thing to play myself though08:25
Myrttihttp://twitch.tv/cleavetv (occasionally NSFW) and http://twitch.tv/simcopter108:25
Myrttithose are what I watch08:25
bigcalmhttps://www.youtube.com/user/YogscastSips - pretty much everything is NSFW (language)08:26
bigcalmHe plays a lot of things as well as Cities08:26
MyrttiSimcopter is even live now08:26
Myrttihe's a real life city planner, or was before becoming fulltime streamer08:26
dogmatic69I got a strange error http://pastebin.com/jHZjUFnJ08:40
dogmatic69any ideas? the if statment was coppied from a working similar file without any changes :/08:41
foobarrythat <path> looks wrong. shouldn't you haev $PATH?08:42
foobarryactually just the correct path to the php files08:43
foobarryso not $PATH08:43
dogmatic69well its just a place holder so I dont paste the actual path online...08:43
foobarryah, you didn't mention that :D08:44
foobarrydogmatic69: have you run them by hand?08:46
dogmatic69foobarry:  ye, I just did an no errors08:46
dogmatic69the error makes it seam like bash is trying to pipe the contents of the variable into the number08:48
foobarrydunno, check for bad chars? i wouldn't implement that way, rather roll up into a single script that runs from crontab on the selected hours08:49
dogmatic69well that would just mean much more to manage in the cron jobs instead of in the file08:49
foobarrydon't you need php -f ?08:52
foobarryseems to be multiple issues you have but the line numbers don't match the errors08:56
dutchiedogmatic69: i'd use something like "if [ $thishour -lt 5 ]; then" rather than ((08:58
dutchieor probably separate scripts really08:58
dogmatic69dutchie:  separate scripts would be a massive pain, there is already a bunch of them...09:00
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Fun Day! :-D09:09
TwistedLucidityWhat's all this about Microsoft taking a 25% stake in Canoncial? Is it part of their mobile-drisruption strategy?09:11
* foobarry checks the date.09:11
TwistedLucidityWorth a shot though09:11
foobarryapplication crashes when X displayed onto 2 computers (1 intel fedora, 1 nouveau xubuntu), and works on 2 elementary (nvidia, intel)09:20
popeyho ho ho. minecraft was down this morning09:20
foobarryany ideas? screen mem? common driver issue? library issue?09:21
popeysam was most upset, none of the servers he wanted to connect to would work09:21
popeyfound http://xpaw.ru/mcstatus/ and told him to refresh that page, he can play when it's all green09:21
bigcalmAh, school holiday?09:24
foobarryDOS attack happened to PSN on xmas day once didn't it?09:24
popeyI'm working at czajkowski's today so he can play all he wants09:25
foobarrynice day outside09:25
TwistedLucidityAnd he's playing "Minecraft"? Yeesh! Why isn't he out cleaning the garden, paintint the fence or sweeping chimnies? Builds character!09:25
foobarryi painted the garden gate when i was 509:26
popeywell, wifey has just organised for him to go to a mates house to play09:26
TwistedLucidityfoobarry: Lies. I got rained whilst walking the dog.09:26
foobarrystill remember doing it09:26
MyrttiI've been a good wife and I set up dejadup on dsample's new laptop. Also changed his icon theme which he complained about, installed Evernote thing and now thinking of installing Sublime, too.09:27
TwistedLucidityI think the concept of "a day off" is lost in my house. I got to work for the break....09:27
foobarrygoing science museum next week09:27
foobarryalong with the rest of the planet i expect :S09:27
TwistedLucidityThanks for the reminder Myrtti09:29
MyrttiTwistedLucidity: backups?09:29
* TwistedLucidity makes note to *finally* resolve the back-up strategy09:29
TwistedLucidityI've got them, but none off-site and not automatic.09:30
TwistedLuciditySorting back-ups does not count as "work". Only digging, painting or cleaning counts as "work". Swearing over poorly written documentation is, apparently, "enjoyment" :-(09:30
Myrttiyeah we should sort out the offsite backups too09:31
TwistedLucidityI was going to put an HP MicroServer in a friend's house and back-up there (with me holding his back-ups). But then they stopped making the G3 and upped the price to £silly.09:32
TwistedLucidityGuess a RasPi2 would more than suffice.09:32
TwistedLucidityAlthough the current plan is a few external HDDs and sneakernet.09:33
dutchiei should fix backups also09:34
Myrttiwe've got both a ReadyNAS and an HP micro09:34
dutchiecurrently laptop is backed up, but not desktop because i haven't figured out systemd timers yet09:34
* dutchie uses http://tarsnap.com/09:34
JamesTaitNo, no - *yesterday* was backup day. Today is *fun* day. :)09:35
TwistedLucidityDejaDup, Backula (there's a few others) all seem to be doable. But I need to think how to back-up the VMs as well (maybe just use BTRFS snapshot or something).09:35
JamesTaitAKA finding out your backups don't restore day. ;)09:35
TwistedLucidityAnyone encrypt their back-ups? How do you do the key management?09:36
dutchieTwistedLucidity: tarsnap!09:37
dutchieit's the best09:37
TwistedLucidityAh...OK. I assume it does incrementals etc etc etc09:38
MyrttiI should get some coffee and brunch going on09:38
dutchiesee the paste09:38
dutchie100G is encrypted/compressed/deduplicated down to 1.209:38
TwistedLucidity"--humanize". ROFL09:38
TwistedLucidityLooks simple enough and seems to do the business.09:39
TwistedLucidityJust the VMs remain. Back them up as a file...or back-up the data within them?09:39
TwistedLucidityData is easiest, but it means having some automagic way to rebuild the image again.09:40
TwistedLucidityConfigure fail2ban, certs yaddah, yaddah, yaddah09:40
TwistedLucidityI know....I use "teh clowds". Yes. That'll make it all easy.09:41
TwistedLucidityWhy are you laughing?09:41
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* davmor2 breaks all of JamesTait code \o/ let the fun commence MUhahahahahahahaha11:15
apt-get-mooanyone seen google maps pacman edition?11:44
zmoylan-pithat was so mar 31st :-)11:44
apt-get-mooiirc last year they had 8-bit maps11:44
shaunogmail is still google's best april fools' joke :|12:08
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foobarryargh i missed the zinio 40% voucher code :( expired yesterday12:43
foobarry40% off all subs12:43
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knightwiseTwistedLucidity: what are you using to sync over the backups ?13:21
knightwisebittorrent sync ?13:21
TwistedLucidityUSB cable13:21
popeysyncthing \o/13:21
TwistedLucidityknightwise: Currently using external HDDs....like I say, really need to get it sorted13:22
knightwiseim pushing in house backups to an external disk that is linked to bittorrent sync13:22
diploAs popey said syncthing \o/13:22
knightwisethat gets synced over to a bittorrent sync drive on a remote machine at my inlaws13:23
diploSyncing family / work and home all to my server at home now13:23
knightwisepopey: i tried the 15.04 beta with unity 8 , but it freezes when i try to login13:23
knightwisei am trying it in a vm13:24
popeyit doesn't work in a vm13:30
foobarrywho carries on playing the lottery after they;'ve won a jackpot?13:32
knightwisegreedy bastards13:34
foobarrythey won £1m jackpot twice13:34
zmoylan-pisomeone who wants a bigger yacht?13:36
TwistedLucidityIf I won the lottery, you'd wouldn't see me for dust13:50
TwistedLucidity'course, I'd have to start actually playing the lottery.....13:51
foobarryits possible to win it, but pretty much impossible for me to win13:52
zmoylan-pithey won't let you play your lucky numbers 7, 7, 7, 7, 7, 7, R? :-)13:52
foobarrythe chances of me winning are too small13:53
foobarryto be considered as a chance13:53
foobarryif i believed in those chances i wouldn't go out13:53
foobarryor stay in.13:53
foobarrytoo dangerous13:53
zmoylan-pii'm so unlucky i don't buy after 8 mints... :-D13:54
foobarrythey are always in my cupboar14:02
awilkins1/1.4*10^7 chance of winning the UK lottery, approx14:31
awilkinsYou have more chance of being struck by lightning14:31
zmoylan-pii have almost been struck by lightening14:32
foobarryyou have more chance on a golf course..14:35
zmoylan-pii was standing on top of a hill on outcrop overlooking sea. flash and bang were simultaneous14:36
davmor2knightwise: run it from live cd if you want to play on it14:40
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* diddledan levels-off some printer fluid (even ink)20:32
diddledanevenink folks!20:33
diddledanvisit even though it's not a distro you may not appreciate20:43
diddledanit's a fun redesign of their site20:43
shaunolol, have you just woke up?21:09
diddledannah, been over the parental21:13
shaunowell, I think minecraft won this one :)21:16
diddledanI've not seen that one21:17
shaunonot only because it's funny, but because the update in question is actually fully implemented, downloadable & playable21:19
shaunobut the little touches, like jumping straight from 1.8 to 1.10 (now that they're owned by msft) made me smile21:21
m0nkey_they need to keep their site like that21:21
m0nkey_yikes. $1100 for my PC build.21:23
directhexthat all?21:24
directhexpcpartpicker says i have GBP2K left to spend, 500 already spent21:24
directhexif only i had some money21:24
m0nkey_anyone using a gtx960 with ubuntu?21:25
m0nkey_more specifically.. the Asus STRIX gtx960?21:26
directhexneeds the 346 driver. is that in ubuntu?21:29
m0nkey_there's a ppa for it21:30
m0nkey_hmm.. do I use credit card or paypal to pay?21:39
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