cmaloneyHow's the day so far?01:06
jrwrenkeep it rocking01:07
cscheibare there any worthwhile linux and/or devopsy groups around town other than MUG?  compiling a list of stuff for my Puppet User Group01:19
cscheibjrwren: ^^01:21
cscheibor jcastro ^^01:21
cmaloneyThere's MDLUG01:23
jrwrenhe said worthwhile :p01:23
cmaloneyNot sure how DevOps they are but it's another Linux / UNIX group01:23
cmaloneyjrwren: behave.01:23
cscheibwell, if he didn't say it, I would have01:24
greg-gAnother night where beinng serenaded by Mark Lanegan is needed.01:51
cmaloneyHow about this?01:57
cmaloneynope nope, or just nope?02:05
greg-gdon't need a seizure tonight :)02:07
cmaloneyActually if you're a drummer you won't have too much trouble seeing what's going on.02:09
greg-gyeah, wasn't too bad in that respect, but man, hurt my eyes02:10
greg-gand then a switch to a couple QOTSA songs, next in the queue are some Desert Sessions albums02:19
cscheibLIke Clockwork is an awesome album02:20
greg-gI actually don't have that one yet :/02:22
cscheibit's on Spotify, if you have that.02:22
greg-gI do like listening to Dave Grohl play the drums02:24
jcastrocscheib, not sure, but I might check this out: http://www.meetup.com/AWS-Michigan/10:17
jcastroI've never been though10:18
cmaloneyHappy "Don't Take Anything Seriously" day.12:07
cmaloneyOK, this is pretty cool.12:09
_stink_hah, nice12:14
cscheibjcastro: Chef?  ouch.14:18
jcastrook since everyone keeps asking, no, we're not nuking your puppet install14:18
cscheibApril 1's an interesting release date, heh14:19
jrwrensupporting chef and puppet is no different than supporting mysql and postgresql14:21
jrwrenor supporting sendmail, exim and postfix14:22
jrwrenthey are all really good, so we want to support them all14:22
cmaloneyjrwren: Ansible, postfix, postgresql14:51
cmaloneyfixed that for you.14:51
jrwrencmaloney: so opinionated :)15:00
greg-gcmaloney: http://www.reddit.com/r/stonerrock/comments/31107t/new_tool_music_leak_they_just_released_a_sneak/15:05
cmaloneygreg-g: Yeah, I'm holding out until the album is in my hot little hands. :)15:07
greg-gI loved the "such polyrhythms" comment15:07
cmaloneygreg-g: yeah, could see that one coming.15:07
cmaloneyAlso: Subscribed to the Stoner Rock reddit15:08
* greg-g nods15:09
greg-ggood stuff15:09
cmaloneyMight as well. Subscribed to the Epic Metal / Prog Metal / Prog Rock Music reddits15:10
cmaloneyhttp://www.reddit.com/r/progmetal <- Still love this mascot.15:10
cmaloneyhttp://www.reddit.com/r/progrockmusic <- And this one.15:10
greg-gheh, yeah, looks like the same person made all three of those (including epicmetal)15:13
cmaloneyThe Epic Metal one is OK. The other two I want as tattoos.15:21
greg-gwe just hired another DD at WMF :)15:26
greg-gwe have a thing for them15:26
cmaloneyNeed a clarification, please.15:27
greg-gDebian Developer15:27
cmaloneyThank you.15:27
cmaloneyMind did not go there directly.15:27
cmaloneyNo worries. :)15:28
cmaloneyFigured where my mind went was uncharacteristic for a hiring decision. :)15:28
greg-gon another topic: yay! the blinkenlights UI option for offlineimap works again (not sure when it was fixed)15:29
greg-gWikimedia Foundation15:40
jrwrenderekv2: what do they build?15:46
derekv2you include an example app.  the example app uses angular, so I can't follow anything you did.  You used grunt, and you used it in some sort of nonstandard way, so I have no idea how to build you demo.16:17
derekv2i don't think you understand the purpose of example apps16:18
derekv2s/you/this guy16:18
cscheibjcastro: ha, you got Puppet's CEO to comment on your chef announcement18:45
jcastrohah yeah18:45
jcastroI doubt I'm on the xmas card list18:45

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