barrydkMorning everyone04:38
Kilosmorning inetpro  barrydk  mazal  and others04:49
mazalMôre oom05:00
Kilossjoe ek groet hier en tara wat 4nm is en nhaines wat 11nm is05:11
Kiloshele wereld hier gedek nou05:11
Kiloshi Tonberry  05:14
Kiloshmm... such silence07:09
Kiloshi Squirm  07:48
Kiloshi TinuvaMac  07:53
TinuvaMacgood morning Kilos? How goes on this amazing tools day?07:54
Kiloslol whats the amazing tools day07:54
Kilosim struggling with repos , 3 different repos give failed to fetch messages07:55
KilosWe're obviously not selling weed today. This is just our way of drawing your attention to a few charities who desperately need your support.08:02
Kilosand good morning ThatGraemeGuy  08:02
SquirmKilos: I think you forget what the date is08:02
Kilosoh ya08:03
Kilosis that why the repos are failing on some packages as well08:03
Kilosi need to restart. wbb08:07
Kiloshi psyatw  08:12
psyatwhi Kilos 08:12
Kilosalways at work, dont you go home anymore?08:12
psyatwwell, I spend about 9-10 hours a day at work08:13
psyatwand then I often go to meetups in the evening08:13
Kiloswhat kinda meetups08:13
Kilosyou young okes are naughty08:13
psyatwtechnology, languages, entrepreneurship08:13
Kilosi believe you but millions wouldnt08:14
psyatwI think Dublin has a unique landscape for that08:14
psyatwit's very small but there are so many things going on here08:14
psyatwI can go to most of these places on foot, usually it only takes me 15-30 minutes to get there08:15
Kilosnice so you get some exercise as well08:15
psyatwthat's a good thing too indeed08:15
psyatwbut I walk to and from work anyway08:15
psyatwand often I also go home for lunch08:15
Kilosgood keep it up08:16
psyatwyes, I will08:16
psyatwdid I mention the hackathon I went to on Saturday?08:17
psyatwI got to speak to an Ubuntu developer working for Canonical08:18
psyatwand he showed me the Ubuntu phone08:18
Kiloswho is he?08:18
Kilosand why isnt he here?08:18
psyatwjust the Twitter app crashed on both phones, I don't know if that was bad luck or what08:18
psyatwGerry Boland08:18
psyatwhe's from Ireland08:19
Kilosi dont care 08:19
psyatwso I guess he is in #ubuntu and #ubuntu-ie08:19
Kilosyou also there now but you here08:19
psyatwlet me see if I can catch him online08:19
Kilosoh ok08:19
psyatwI don't see him or I don' t recognise him08:21
Kiloslol np08:21
Kiloshi lin  08:31
TinuvaMac09:54 Kilos: lol whats the amazing tools day <--- news sites are all annoying08:35
linsee www.gentoo.org for an example09:01
Kilosi struggle enough on normal days 09:13
ThatGraemeGuyalso http://maps.google.com/ and click pacman view09:15
Kiloswhere is pacman view09:16
ThatGraemeGuybottom left09:16
Kilosthere arent enough roads in this area it says hehe09:18
Kilosi never liked pacman09:18
Kilostoo clever for me09:18
SquirmThatGraemeGuy: yeah - It's cool12:24
SquirmMaybe have been playing last night :p12:24
SquirmAround my house12:25
Kiloshi magellanic  15:24
KilosMaaz  seen cantide15:31
MaazKilos: cantide was last seen 2 months, 28 days, 1 hour, 5 minutes and 49 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2015-01-03 16:25:21 SAST], and has been offline on freenode since 2015-01-03 17:15:44 SAST15:31
Kilosfound him https://www.facebook.com/karl.wortmann15:33
Kilosnow he cant get away15:33
Kiloshi Squirm  i restart16:16
Squirmrestart what?16:16
Kilosinetpro  ping17:39
Kilostoday was a bad da in za. no one even had coffee17:50
KilosMaaz  coffee on17:50
* Maaz starts grinding coffee17:50
Kilosi got a one year old problem that for some reason i never asked for help before17:52
Kiloskubuntu problem17:52
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!17:54
KilosMaaz  ty17:54
MaazYou are welcome Kilos17:54
magellanicinstalled windows 8 today, after years.18:17
inetpromagellanic: and?18:17
inetprogood evening18:17
inetprooh and hi Kilos18:17
inetproand pong as well18:17
Kilosinetpro  tell me what to do to make songs play properly here please18:18
Kilosthey all choppy on vlc amerok mplayer and some more18:19
magellanicamazing, switching all home PCs. you can see why linux can't compete as a desktop18:19
inetpromagellanic: lekker grapjas18:19
magellanicheya inetpro. grapjas?18:20
inetpromagellanic: you don't know the word grapjas?18:20
Kilosthats like roger federercompeting with rafael nadal18:21
magellanicinetpro: nope18:22
magellanicKilos: it is?18:22
inetproai! Kilosm where does he come from?18:22
magellanichehe okay, I tried.18:22
Kiloscompare apples with apples18:22
magellanicapril 1 didn't work, windows is still crap18:22
Kiloswin 8 isnt too bad if you add the start button and panel18:23
inetprooh shucks!18:23
* inetpro forgot the date18:24
Kilosmy music being choppy isnt a joke18:24
Kilosdunno why i let it ride so long18:24
inetprowas supposed to sleep all day18:24
Kilosyou did18:25
inetprosome of the jokes are just annoying 18:25
Kilosfix my kde man im tired of playing songs on windows18:26
* inetpro prefers to stay below the radar on a day like today18:26
magellanicwhat do you mean choppy?18:27
Kilosbits missing18:27
Kiloslike stuttering18:27
inetproKilos: I don't have such problems18:27
Kilosya inetpro  but why do i?18:27
magellanictried different players?18:28
magellanicjust to sese18:28
inetpromurphy lives with you in the same house18:28
Kilosmplayer amerok vlc 18:28
magellanicwhat sound card and driver?18:29
Kilosand dragon player18:29
Kilosonboard sound18:29
magellaniclspci and paste it on pastebin18:30
magellanicyou have 2?18:33
Kilos2 what?18:33
magellanicsound cards18:34
Kilosoh do i18:34
magellaniclspci -vv and paste18:34
Kilosthats lekker, where is the other one18:34
Kilosoh maybe other sound is in the graphics card18:37
Kiloshdmi thing18:38
magellanicwhat hdmi thing18:42
Kilosthe 210 graphics card has a hdmi socket in it as well18:46
Kilosi think its hdmi18:47
magellanicseems like that then, comes up as nvidia "cardexpert" device18:47
Kilosi dont understand high definition sound18:47
magellanichave you tried playing with alsa mixer settings, sometimes that does it18:48
Kilosi cant use that, it uses a funny cable18:48
Kilosya i tried alsa player too18:48
Kilosoh settings no i havent looked in there18:49
magellanictry alsamixer on the terminal18:49
magellanicq to quit18:49
magellanicpick the right card18:49
Kilosit only shows one18:51
magellanicwhich one18:52
KilosCard: HDA Intel PCH18:52
magellanicf6 to select a card18:52
KilosChip: Realtek ALC662 rev318:52
magellanicadjust volume, if it works, should be the right one18:53
Kilosit was on default i moved it to 0 because 1 is nvidia18:53
magellanicesc to quit sorry, not q18:54
Kilosturned master volume down but sound still distorts18:56
Kilosmaybe i must remover the nvidia card and use everything from onboard and see19:02
magellanicmight be worth a try19:02
Kilosmaybe they are clashing19:02
magellanicthey seem to be using the same driver19:03
Kilosi cant remember if unity also had sound probs here, can try that as well19:03
magellanicgrep intel /etc/modprobe.conf/*19:04
magellanicgrep intel /etc/modprobe.d/*19:04
Kilosgrep: /etc/modprobe.conf/*: No such file or directory19:04
magellanicokay, nothing interesting19:06
magellanictry this, https://askubuntu.com/questions/138266/distorted-and-choppy-audio19:08
magellanicfirst answer there19:08
Kilosi remember somewhere in the past having to disable auto mute as well, but no idea when19:17
Kiloswill only see what happened after restart. but not now19:18
magellanicsee second answer on that post19:18
Kilosty magellanic  19:18
magellanicsecond answer is about auto mute19:18
Kilosive done both so well see tomorrow19:19
Kilosif it doesnt work ill try removing graphics card19:19
magellanicthen you might get graphics issues :p19:20
Kilosvery frustrating, i must go play taras songs on windows19:20
magellanicI told you, win8 hey, it's the future19:21
Kilosnot for me ty19:21
Kilosim just playing with it so i can help kids19:21
Kilosinetpro  what sound card do you use?19:32
Kilosmaybe i must save for a graphics card without the hdmi sound built in19:32
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:36

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