bluesabreevening folks00:30
bluesabrehey Unit19300:35
bluesabrehow goes?00:35
Unit193Playing with Launchpad git, a backup script, and music.  You?00:35
bluesabreJust got home from a nice hike00:37
bluesabrethinking about what do to next00:37
nerdistmonkhmmm not much longer and i will get to experience the joy of my first "devel" version leap01:06
nerdistmonkhopefully its as simple as double checking sources.list and just running a routine update afterwards01:06
nerdistmonkhmmm 15.10 Wascally Wabbit.....you guys got to use that one haha01:11
nerdistmonk^one of the codenames that is on the list for consideration, though im not sure if WB would approve of its use.01:22
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Noskcajbluesabre, Any update on me getting ~xubuntu-dev access?06:20
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ochosifolks, just so you know, i'm travelling around for ~1 week from today onwards, so i'll be a bit MIA until next thursday09:54
ochosii'll try to check in every now and then though, but don't expect me to get too much done ;)09:54
slickymasterWorktravel safe ochosi anf have fun09:55
ochosithanks, will do!09:56
elfyochosi: have fun 13:05
elfyevening peeps17:42

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