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eikon81gbluesabre, or Unit193 are you available for a second for a question?03:03
Unit193Why not ask a question and see/03:22
xubuntu62wI have a problem with sound, it doesn't work04:24
mpmcMorning folks, trying to boot a daily build 15.04 iso via a usb stick on my thinkpad and it begins to load but then I get "unable to find a medium containing a live file system". I'm going to burn it to a dvd and try it that way, very odd!04:59
Enkidu_akmpmc: Do you have iommu enabled?05:17
Enkidu_akmpmc: In the bios, I mean05:17
mpmcEnkidu_ak: Not sure, but I just tried a dvd and it froze.05:17
mpmcNow I'm getting Magic is broken!05:18
Enkidu_akmpmc: Go into your bios, look for iommu. You should find it with legacy usb and pci bus settings.05:18
mpmck, I'll take a poke.05:19
mpmcEnkidu_ak: Had a poke about, no iommu settings, however UEFI/Legacy boot is set to UEFI only.05:23
Enkidu_akmpmc: What mb are you using?05:24
mpmcEnkidu_ak: Its a thinkpad laptop [Edge E525 (1200 CTO I think)05:25
mpmcChanging UEFI/LB to both looks like it may have done the trick! well it still loading from the CD but it hasn't borked yet! Fingers crossed!.05:28
mpmcWoot I see a desktop!05:30
Enkidu_akmpmc: Ah. I had a similar issue and discovered that iommu had to be enabled for kernel 3 to play nice with usb 3 and some ethernet chipsets. Glad that it was less complicated :)05:31
Enkidu_akmpmc: I'm still not sure what iommu is exactly.05:31
mpmcI had 14.04 (Lubuntu) on it before with UEFI only & that ran fine. :s05:31
baizonhi | linux_unix-1005:58
linux_unix-10i'm trying to install flash player and have it run in midori but i can't install nspluginwrapper05:58
linux_unix-10it can't find nspluginviewer05:59
baizonlinux_unix-10: there is a linux version of flash05:59
linux_unix-10tried to manually force-install (32-bit) but it got stuck in dependency hell05:59
baizonlinux_unix-10: install the linux version and create a link, that should solve the problem06:00
linux_unix-10linux version installed, but midori can't detect it06:06
linux_unix-10how do i create a link?06:08
baizonlinux_unix-10: ou well i think you need nspluginwrapper06:11
linux_unix-10exactly my problem06:11
baizonso much dirty work to do06:11
Unit193export MOZ_PLUGIN_PATH="/usr/lib/mozilla/plugins" or for me since I have adobe-flashplugin, export MOZ_PLUGIN_PATH="/usr/lib/adobe-flashplugin/"06:11
baizoninstall the nspluginwrapper06:11
linux_unix-10can't install: The following packages have unmet dependencies:06:13
linux_unix-10 nspluginwrapper : Depends: nspluginviewer (= 1.4.4-0ubuntu5) but it is not installable06:13
linux_unix-10E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.06:13
baizonlinux_unix-10: https://wiki.xfce.org/midori/faq#flash_doesn_t_work06:13
baizonlinux_unix-10: nspluginviewer is not available for 64 bit version06:14
baizonlinux_unix-10: sudo apt-get install nspluginviewer:i38606:14
linux_unix-10can't locate package06:15
baizonlinux_unix-10: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=nspluginviewer&searchon=names&suite=all&section=all06:17
baizonpick the right one and download06:17
baizonthen install via dpkg06:17
linux_unix-10no dice06:24
linux_unix-10dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of nspluginviewer:06:24
linux_unix-10 nspluginviewer depends on libc6 (>= 2.15).06:24
linux_unix-10 nspluginviewer depends on libgcc1 (>= 1:4.1.1).06:24
linux_unix-10 nspluginviewer depends on libglib2.0-0 (>= 2.24.0).06:24
linux_unix-10 nspluginviewer depends on libgtk2.0-0 (>= 2.24.0).06:24
linux_unix-10 nspluginviewer depends on libx11-6.06:24
linux_unix-10 nspluginviewer depends on libxt6.06:24
baizonlinux_unix-10: sudo apt-get install -f06:25
baizonthat should fix it06:25
xubuntu06ois there anyone?12:23
xubuntu06oI need help to let my epson scanner work with Xubuntu12:24
bazhang!info simple-scan12:24
ubottusimple-scan (source: simple-scan): Simple Scanning Utility. In component main, is optional. Version 3.14.0-0ubuntu1 (utopic), package size 143 kB, installed size 684 kB12:24
bazhangtry that ^ xubuntu06o12:25
xubuntu06oI have tried but it recognizes the scanner but it does not work properly12:26
bazhangwhat do you mean 'properly'12:27
xubuntu06oSeems to start then it immediately stops12:28
xubuntu06owith Windows Xp it worked well until yesterday12:29
xubuntu06owhen I launch preview it blocks on it12:31
xubuntu06oit  started12:31
xubuntu06oI just canceled the value for pre-heating12:32
bazhangit works now?12:32
phre4kwhen I uninstall light-locker, does the screen not get locked anymore?14:03
phre4khow can I prevent the screen from being locked automatically? The light-locker-settings app doesn't seem to channge anything.14:03
nomicphrek there is another screensaver which is still affexting14:14
nomicxset -display :0 s off14:14
nomicxset -display :0 -dpms14:14
nomicxset -display :0 s noblank14:14
nomicput those commands into your .bashrc or autorun, as a script to kill the x screensaver xset q will show you that it is active14:14
cfhowlettnomic, xscreensaver has been known to conflict with lightlocker according to xfce.org14:15
nomicthe facility of light locker has over-ridden the old screen saver admin (which was working) - it does not stop the xset screensaver from blanking your screen - this is a problem14:15
nomicie. its affects everyone - and has not been fixed -- light locker has caused problems14:15
nomicit does14:15
nomicyou must issue those xset commands to disable the x screen saver14:16
nomicscreen saver / linux - screensaver is like a trojan imo14:16
phre4kthe problem is not that the screen blanks but the locking14:16
nomicthe locking also14:16
nomicis because of your power manager14:16
nomicwhich you cannot turn off14:16
phre4kso dpms controls screen locking too?14:17
phre4kand I can't disable automatic locking at all?14:17
phre4kwtf is this sh...?14:17
nomicthe admin isn't good it isn't fixed14:17
nomicthis hasn't been addressed imo14:17
nomicthere are multiple fixes14:17
nomicsome genius decided to create this "light locker" which is not addressing anything14:18
nomicsounds cood - great name "light locker"14:18
knomenomic, please.14:18
nomicthings worked, before14:18
phre4kso how do I fix this asap?14:18
nomicwell anyway - I stopped the screensaver kicking in with those xset settings - to stop the power manager locking my screen when the lid is closed, I had to do something else fiddly (i forget)14:18
nomicboth through the command line14:19
knomephre4k, please remember that this is a family friendly channel and your language should match that.14:19
nomicask the experts there may be some here14:19
nomicdid I swear?14:19
phre4knomic: he meant me14:19
nomicim out of here I tried to help .. bbl14:19
phre4kso to prevent the screen from locking, I'd do xset -dpms, disable it in light-locker-settings and xfce4-power-manager?14:21
phre4kOr are there any other steps?14:21
nomicthat turns off your power manager I think -dpms14:21
brainvvash_if you don't need screen locking, why not simply uninstall light-locker?14:21
nomicit locks when14:21
nomici'd certainly do that14:22
nomic(uninstall light locker)14:22
nomicother people have defeated the issue by uninstalling power manager14:22
nomicthis is drastic surgery .. cut cut - throw organs out14:23
nomicmaybe not needed14:23
nomicstops immediate problem14:23
nomicbtw. when was a screen saver needed, -- it must have been last needed in 198214:23
phre4kbrainvvash_: that was what I asked14:23
knomenomic, i've sent you a PM and i expect you to have read it.14:24
phre4k<phre4k> when I uninstall light-locker, does the screen not get locked anymore?14:24
phre4kI will now try to uninstall light-locker and look if this solves the problem.14:24
msevwould the pushbullet indicator work in xfce? (I have xfce 4.12 installed on top of ubuntu 14.04)14:53
msevsince now there's a desktop indicator I've read (and not just a browser extension)14:53
msevfrom atareo-team I believe14:57
knomeyou would have to ask the developers of that indicator14:59
knome(or maybe just try if it works...)15:00
msevok :)15:00
msevso there isn't some general rule, that all ubuntu indicators work also in xfce?15:00
knomegeneral rules are general, not always applying to a specific case (which is what you are asking)15:02
msevcool, tnx15:02
plHi. I'm trying xubuntu 15.04. There is something I don't get: the resize grips of windows is too small (1px), it's unusable. I read that I should set a theme with a bigger grip. I installed xfwm4-themes, but no new theme shows up in the Appearance settings window.17:55
plwhat am I missing?17:55
brainvvash_pl, settings manager > window manager17:56
elfyalso try resizing with alt+right mouse button17:57
elfyeasier anyway imho17:57
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plbrainvvash_, thanks18:08
brainvvash_pl, if you want to invest some time, take a look at http://sevkeifert.blogspot.de/2014/12/increase-window-border-size-in-xubuntu.html18:09
plbrainvvash_, I will, thanks18:10
KM0201so i'm dealing w/ soemone who hosed their menu trying to edit it... is there a way to return it to default, and start over?  xubuntu 14.0418:47
bynariemaybe try removing xubuntu-defaults and reinstalling it?19:17
bynarienot sure19:17
bynariesorry its xubuntu-default-settings19:17
knomehe's gone ages ago, and no, that's not going to overwrite the personal settings done by the user19:20
mrkrampsrm ~/.config/menus/xfce-applications.menu should do the trick19:21
knomeand removing the custom .desktop files, if any19:22
bynariegood to know19:22
knomefrom ~/.local/share/applications/19:22
plIs there a way to autolock the session on xubuntu 15.10?19:29
bazhangthere is no such version19:31
bazhangask in #ubuntu+119:31
plbut I think it's xfce-related19:32
bazhangthen try the xfce channel, vivid is the above channel19:33
Unit193bazhang: Xubuntu post beta is supported here too.19:38
Unit193pl: Xubuntu ships with light-locker, which is used to lock the session.19:38
plHi Unit193 :)19:38
bazhangUnit193, ok apologies19:38
Unit193bazhang: No problem, I know it differes from usual.19:39
plUnit193, indeed it's what I use with lightdm, but I was looking for an easy menu setting, as the computer I'm configuring is not for me19:39
Unit193pl: You can add the "Action Buttons" to the panel, which will allow you to select to switch user/lock screen.19:42
Unit193Or even create a launcher with menulibre or in whisker itself for `xflock4`19:43
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scrapcodemy software updater window shakes when I try to install the new updates. I've caught it via screenshot and it says I don't have the permissions.20:01
knomescrapcode, do you?20:10
knomescrapcode, or in other words, can you do other things that require the sudo access?20:11
scrapcodeknome: No... but I don't understand why anything has changed? It shakes and closes immediately. I can gksu the software center just fine20:24
scrapcodeI found something on stackexchg last week about a config file to check that had perms but I can't find it now. However, that all looked like it should according to the resource that I was following20:24
scrapcodeI really wouldn't mind if I could just get the "You have new updates" window to stop displaying and be done with it20:25
gnumbknutsCould some-one please tell me where I might find a xfwm theme that has wide grab resize corners? I wish to copy the bottom-left-active.xpm ...etc  files into the Bluebird them .21:13
gnumbknutsCould some-one please tell me where I might find a xfwm theme that has wide grab resize corners? I wish to copy the bottom-left-active.xpm ...etc  files into the Bluebird them .21:13
CountryfiedLinuxIs there a link with the official wallpaper for 15.04? I'd rather not download and boot it just to get a wallpaper.21:17
knomeyou can download the xubuntu-artwork package for 15.4021:19
mrkrampsyou could also download its source package and extract it21:20
knomewell, xubuntu-wallpapers really21:20
knomethat exactly21:20
mrkrampsCountryfiedLinux, http://packages.ubuntu.com/vivid/xubuntu-wallpapers21:21
CountryfiedLinuxcool thanks mrkramps21:23
msevis "snappy" different than "ubuntu core"? :)21:23
msevor are those two names for the same thing?21:23
mrkrampsmsev, https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/21:24
msevso same thing :)21:25
msevok now I atleast know the answer21:25
mrkrampsit is some kind of optimized image for this so called internet of things21:25
msevso "snappy" is sort of an alternative to "apt-get"?21:26
DazPettyhey guys,22:43
DazPettyI am about to install xubuntu22:43
DazPettyI am running a dual boot22:43
DazPettyI allready have Manjaro linux installed, but it is corrupted22:43
DazPettyI am just going to erase it's partition22:44
DazPettyand install xubuntu22:44
DazPettywill it reinstall grub?22:44
DazPettyand everything will be fine?22:44
mrkrampsyes, you just have to select the appropiate drive to overwrite your old grub installation22:45
DazPettymrkramps, where is grub installed?22:48
DazPettyin my windows partition?22:48
DazPettycan I just get Xubuntu to overright my manjaro on install?22:49
mrkrampsi have no idea where you installed grub, but i guess it it on your primary drive22:50
CountryfiedLinuxYou can write whatever you want over whatever you want to DazPetty22:50
DazPettyI'm just watching this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcbTgMKpVHQ22:50
mrkrampsa new install will overwrite everything else in the selected partition22:50
DazPettyye cool22:51
DazPettyI thought as much22:51
DazPettyI just want to be careful22:51
DazPettyI will backup as much as I can first22:51
DazPetty~ A new install will reinstall grub though wont it (which is good)22:51
DazPettymrkramps, it wouldn't install grub on the windows partition (or would it?)22:52
mrkrampsyou can select the drive in the installer22:52
DazPettywindows partitions are NTFS22:53
mrkrampsand the grub bootloader will be installed in the master boot record … does not matter which file system the partitions on this drive will use22:56
DazPettyok thanks, I'm going to go give it a try22:57
mrkrampsjust take care of a backup and you are always good to go22:58
dazdarylhey guys23:43
dazdarylI am installing xubuntu right now23:43
dazdaryli have a swap drive from an old manjaro installation23:43
Enkidu_akI'm trying to figure out how to install vivid onto a raid0 without resorting to Ubuntu server. The array is already configured, but mdadm won't be present on a standard installation, so the array won't be assembled at boot. I was thinking that after installation I would boot from a live image, chroot to the assembled array and install mdaadm manually.23:43
knomeEnkidu_ak, minimal iso?23:45
Enkidu_akknome: Minimal comes with mdadm?23:45
dazdaryli have 24gb of ram23:46
dazdarylshould i do a 50gb swap partition?23:46
dazdarylor will 16 gb do it?23:46
dazdaryland I was going to give my root 140gb23:47
dazdarylmy home 800gb23:47
dazdarylwhere does xubuntu install stuff? and steam install?23:47
mrkrampsdazdaryl, do you make use of swap?23:52
mrkrampsin terms of suspend to disk e.g.23:53
mrkrampsroot will unlikely require more than 20 GB, even with many packages installed and steam installs games in /home23:54
dazdarylprobably not mrcraps23:56
dazdaryl~ on my old arch setup i had 80gb and it ran out23:56
mrkramps80GB /root?!23:56
dazdarylbecause i pretty much installed every other bloody thing from the respository23:56
dazdarylyeah because arch's default location to install things was .opt23:57
mrkrampswell, true23:57
dazdarylI'm a game developer23:57
dazdarylI went back to windows for a year to use some windows only tools :(23:57
dazdarylnow unreal engine 4 is working on linux :)23:57
dazdarylso i'm going back23:57
dazdaryl~ the software repositories aren't that recent23:58
dazdarylso someone has suggested i build straight from git23:58
mrkrampswhich also can be done in /home23:58
mrkrampsbut anyways, you have quite some space on your drive - if you feel better with 140GB /root it is nothing wring about23:59
dazdarylyeah its a 2tb disk23:59
dazdarylgot 1tb for windows23:59
dazdaryl1 tb for linux23:59

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