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lordievaderGood morning.07:31
PDR__im using kubuntu 14.10 with plasma 5 and i have issues with login after resume from sleep08:23
PDR__everytime it goes to sleep i wake it up and then insert password but it alwast says somethign like unable to log in08:23
PDR__im sure im not misspeling my password. Everytime is the same.. i never managed to log in after sistem resume..08:24
PDR__what can be wrong?08:24
PDR__to be more precise it says: "unlocking failed"08:25
excognacgreetings ! i'm using kubuntu 12.04. i wish to free some space on my separate root partition (/) but even for sudo apt-get autoremove it says: running depmode and tells me not enough disk space.  any advices?09:20
lordievaderexcognac: Remove packages manually?09:22
lordievaderexcognac: "dpkg-query -W --showformat='${Installed-Size}\t${Package}\n' | sort -nr | less" is usefull for that.09:23
excognaclordievader: thanks i will try that. naturally there is no way to expand my root partition with livecd without reinstaling, correct?09:24
lordievaderexcognac: You don't need to reinstall to enlarge your root partition.09:25
lordievaderBut you do need to be in a live-environment (if you don't use lvm ;) )09:25
excognaclordivader: i tried to do that earlier but never let me to add the free space to /09:26
lordievaderexcognac: Do you have free/unpartitioned space availabe>09:26
excognaclordievader: I can do that yeah,but i have trouble with adding it to /09:27
lordievaderWhat kind of trouble?09:28
excognaclordivader can you give me 20 mins? so i try to do it again and tell zou what exactly happens ok?09:30
excognaclordievader:  thanks see you soon. btw i tried your comman but les is not installed and ofc i dont have enough pace to install it:)09:32
excognaccya soon09:32
excognaclordievader: HI so am on live cd now and opened kpartition manager. i have 4.88gb unallocated disk space. i simply cant enlarge root partition. will try it from command line in a sec09:53
lordievaderCould you send a screenshot?09:54
excognaccan is there a way to do dit with pastebin?09:57
excognac*is there09:57
Avihay_workexcognac: http://postimage.org/09:59
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imgur.com/ and link the created page here.09:59
excognaclordievader: http://postimg.org/image/nkf4qzatt/c117413e/10:03
lordievaderexcognac: You first need to move sda6 ~5Gb to the right.10:04
lordievaderAnd that is going to take LONG.10:04
lordievaderDepending on your useage 20gb can still be rather small.10:06
excognaclordievader: what do you mean take it the right? anyway, can i do it in command line wwith dd or so? yeah i wanna make it 30gb10:07
lordievaderexcognac: I'd use the graphical partition edititor if I were you.10:07
lordievaderResize sda6 a bit, then move it to the right.10:08
excognacok i start it now10:09
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excognaclordievader: got the required amount of unallocate free space. now how do i move it to the right?11:03
lordievaderexcognac: Should be an option somewhere. Haven't used the graphical partitioner since ages.11:06
excognaclordievader: ok it's the same as resize/move.  during resize gave me an error message moving failed. now, if i wanna enlarge sda5(root partition) i need to have the free space BEFORE sda6(home partition) so i have to move it with the exact amount of available free space, correcT?11:09
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lordievaderYes the free space should be between sda5 and sda6.11:18
excognacThanks a lot for your help. then i should be able to enlarge root hopefully11:19
lordievaderFrequently checking your rootfile system ain't a bad idea here ;)11:20
excognaci checked and repaired disks before and after each steps11:21
excognac5% in 6mins. yeah this will take ages:)11:22
lordievaderThis is precisely why I love lvm ;)11:23
lordievaderIf my root fs runs out of disk space it is 'lvextend -r -L+20g <path-to-lv>' and I'm done, / has another 20gb of free space ;)11:24
Walexlordievader: that's only because of lack of planning :-)11:25
Walexlordievader: there is almost never a good case for creating small "partitions" to begin with leaving some free space to be attached later to one or another...11:26
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Walexwith some qualifications not related to LVM2 though.11:27
lordievaderI allways begin with small partitions, since I do not have to worry about resizing. I accept the fact that I do not know in advance what will grow the most.11:27
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excognaclordievader: idon'tquite get what's the matter http://pastebin.com/HmJ0B44J12:06
MoonUnit`anyone else get a permanent selection box type blue square on the plasma5 desktop?, randomly appears and can't remove it.12:08
lordievaderBad sectors?12:09
lordievaderexcognac: ^12:09
MoonUnit`appears all the time random locations and non interactive  https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7618572/Plasma5.bluesquare.bug.png12:12
excognaclordievader: checking&repairing all disks then12:13
lordievaderexcognac: Bad sectors is not something you can repair.12:14
lordievaderexcognac: Check the smart data.12:14
ubottusmart is Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology, a monitoring system for hard drives. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Smartmontools12:20
excognacrepair said this:http://pastebin.com/jC5HwyDy12:21
lordievaderFilesystem is probably fine, I'd check the disk if I were you ;)12:22
excognaclordievader: http://pastebin.com/PF8bdBjM12:29
BluesKajHiyas all12:30
excognaclordievader: is this the right command?12:30
lordievaderNo need for the -d, and your should specify the disk (/dev/sda) not the partition.12:31
lordievaderHey BluesKaj12:31
lordievaderexcognac: Your disk is failing: Reallocated sector count is at 88.12:31
BluesKajHi lordievader how goes it today?12:31
lordievaderexcognac: Do you have a backup? If not, make one. NOW.12:31
lordievaderBluesKaj: Doing good here. How are you you?12:32
BluesKajVG thanks, nice weather for a change12:32
lordievaderYeah, it is nice and sunny here too.12:33
* BluesKaj nods12:34
excognaclordievader: http://pastebin.com/ZJQaZDeb12:36
excognacmaking backup, wwont take long12:36
lordievaderBut that is probably where the partition move fails. It tries to move it to a bad sector.12:37
excognaclordievader: so, i should reinstall and repartition the whole thing? even the ntfs partition?12:39
lordievaderThat is not going to fix a bad disk. Get a new disk ;)12:39
excognaclordievader: mhm. so currently there is nothing i can do? will get a new machine than as keyboard and fan are buggered up too.12:42
lordievaderYou can still use the disk, but don't be surprised when you loose data or things error randomly. (Like the partition move)12:43
excognaclordievader: thanks a lot for your long lasting patience.12:44
lordievaderexcognac: No problem ;)12:45
BluesKajexcognac, are getting performance errors on windows as well ?12:55
excognacBluesKaj: BluesKaj yeah a lot. they can be prevented to somewhat extent with playing a youtube video after logging. then later pretubances are  less frequent. naturally, this is entirely an empiric method.12:59
BluesKajyeah that isn't easy to explain, have you run the smart test on the drive, if that fails then you probly need a new one13:01
excognacBluesKaj: yeah, here is the smart test result http://pastebin.com/ZJQaZDeb lordievader said i deffo need a new a disk.13:03
BluesKajexcognac, yup,  doesn't look good with all the prefails etc13:06
lordievaderBluesKaj: 88 bad sectors ;)13:06
excognacbefore investing in anything new: a) is it possible that my noisy fan caused overheating and this created bad sectors? b) how to avoid to have any bad sectors on my  future drive?13:10
lordievaderexcognac: No, and you can't. Unless you don't use the drive. It is simple wear of usage.13:12
excognack thanks. this was a really cheap one tho. still i'm not happy that i have to change: battery, keyboard, fan, hdd after 3 years13:14
lordievaderexcognac: Was it a new drive at that time?13:17
lordievaderexcognac: You might also want to invest in a fan for your disks, 38 is rather high for a disk.13:18
excognaclordievader:it was a brand new laptop.13:18
lordievader3 years is a short life-span for an hdd.13:19
excognaclordievader: yeah but no wonder, i terrorized it a lot with handling/editing really large files, often leaving it on for 30 hours etc. i knew i shouldn't overload it with work and a desktop would fit better to my purposes, but never could invest in one.13:22
BluesKajlordievader, I had a 3yr old WD die after after a power interruption. It was our media server connected to the LAN router, probly not a good idea I suppose.13:39
BluesKajthe drive still spins , but it has so many bad sectors even for 1TB drive that it's unusable13:41
lordievaderAllways keep an eye or the reallocated sector count ;)13:44
BluesKajyes, i noticed that13:45
lordievaderThat is what the smartd can do for you ;)13:45
BluesKajthis is my WD 1TB drive :  5 Reallocated_Sector_Ct   0x0033   142   142   140    Pre-fail  Always       -       1262 ...not good :(13:50
lordievaderThat is scrap metal :P13:51
excognaccouldn't reallocate the free diskspace now:( I knoww Sdd are very expensive, do they laste any longer?13:53
lordievaderLonger than HDD's? Probably not. However do not take the life-span of your disk as average. Usually they do fine for 10+ years.13:54
excognacok. will think about them. i have a 1tb external anyways13:56
lordievaderUgh, usb is slow...13:57
BluesKajyup, i have a 160Gb drive that's 9yrs old now, and it still works fine13:57
excognacyeah but i don't really need to mess with giant files anymore, occasionally playing mediafiles via usb3 is no big deal13:59
excognaccya all and thanks a lot14:00
BluesKajI'm looking at drives, but I'm not sure which brands are rekiable anymore. I used think WD was quiter good for the money ans seagate as low-end , but now I'm not so sure .14:00
BluesKajreliable , that is14:00
lordievaderWD still is.14:02
lordievaderBluesKaj: https://www.backblaze.com/blog/best-hard-drive/14:03
MoonUnit`shame google were too scared to give their information out too14:06
MoonUnit`they didn't want to tell people the best drives in case it made the prices go up.14:07
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BluesKajseems the Western Digital Red are the top of the line for consumers, but since we no longer store movies on the HDD after watching the media folders are much maller than before14:16
BluesKajeven 500G is enough now14:17
lordievaderRed's are nice.14:18
somekoolis there a specific channel for 15.04 issues ?15:32
MoonUnit` #ubuntu+115:36
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genoskillHow can I change the program's tab width of the KDE task makager?18:08
darthanubisgenoskill: use your mouse to drag it to the length you want18:09
genoskilldarthanubis: the default size of the tabs that represent an opened program18:11
MoonUnit`aha got windows10 build 10041 to run on qemu kvm had to add '-cpu host'18:13
lordievaderPff, picky Windows.18:15
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cale_anyone here that could answer a quick question20:28
cale_im using konversation and new to linux but it shows symbols instead of text where file and edit and stuff should be whats going on20:29
cale_any ideas20:30
mokushafter getting the latest updates for vivid, I'm stuck at either a black screen, or a black screen with the 219 systemd version. any ideas? I can't even switch to a different screen with ctrl+alt+f1. the `sudo systemctl enable sddm.service -f` also doesn't work.20:30
mokushI can boot up the desktop if I start it trough recovery mode then -> resume normal boot. but that doesn't seem to load the video drivers right20:31
BluesKajmokush, 15.04 ?20:32
BluesKajmokush, drop to a TTY/VT and login then do, systemctl eabled sddm20:33
cale_im using konversation and new to linux but it shows symbols instead of text where file and edit and stuff should be whats going on20:34
cale_looks like machine code20:34
BluesKajcorrection, systemctl enable sddm20:34
mokushBluesKaj: yeah, on vivid. I can't even drop to a tty, the ctrl+alt+fx shotcuts are not working. I managed to get to the desktop trough recovery20:34
mokushBluesKaj: `sudo systemctl enable sddm` ends up in `Failed to execute operation: No such file or directory`20:35
MoonUnit`should it be sddm.service?20:38
BluesKajsddm is default on vivid20:39
mokushMoonUnit`: throws the same error even with sddm.service20:39
BluesKajmokush, I know that the F1  doesn't work here, have you tried 2,3,4 etc?20:40
mokushBluesKaj: yeah, nothing20:40
BluesKajmokush,` ok , in the recovery desktop have you tried updating and upgrading?20:41
mokushBluesKaj: yeah, everything is up to date20:41
mokushBluesKaj: I did find this: https://forums.opensuse.org/showthread.php/505560-KDM-to-SDDM20:41
mokushbut there's not `/etc/sysconfig/displaymanager` on our end20:42
cale_anyone know why a program would show machine code where text should be20:43
BluesKajmokush, systemctl restart display-manager.service , did you try that ?20:43
BluesKajcale_, are you on 14.10 ?20:44
mokushBluesKaj: got `Failed to restart display-manager.service: Unit display-manager.service failed to load: No such file or directory.`20:45
BluesKajok try it without the .service20:46
mokushBluesKaj: same thing20:47
BluesKajit's alittle late in the game mokush , but we really should be in discussing this in #ubuntu+120:48
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