rob_hi, i've deleted a ppa because i wanted to re-create it but now it's just grayed out07:58
rob_is there anything i can do to remove it or reinstate it?07:58
wgrantrob_: It takes some time for the deletion to complete.08:03
wgrantNormally within 15 minutes, but this time on a Sunday is especially slow.08:03
rob_wgrant: ah, will it actually disappear? its been an hour.. https://launchpad.net/~roobert08:07
rob_'consul' is the ppa08:07
rob_i deleted it because i'd created a package but the binaries werent getting published08:08
wgrantrob_: It will, but there's a three-hour cleanup job that runs on Sunday and is mutually exclusive with operations like that.08:08
wgrant... and like that.08:08
rob_ok, thanks :)08:08
rob_is great stuff though08:09
rob_the only frustration was having to copy and paste the dev agreement08:09
rob_a file upload would be so much easier08:09
rob_do i need to do anything for binaries to be published?08:31
rob_(they built successfully)08:31
cjwatsonNo, they're published automatically.08:38
rob_ok, thanks08:40
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