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JethroTuxI'd like to log all incoming connections to my router. Is it possibile? Which program so you recommend?10:53
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Pyhscriptjust wanted to say for anyone that has 448 mb of ram that lubuntu works great16:17
Pyhscriptand connecting with usb midem is really easy16:17
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yeehi_how can we sort files by date created rather than modification time?17:23
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terratomawhat group does a user need to be in for suspend/hibernate to be an option ?19:10
Hispeed88I have an odroid-c1 with lubuntu on it and I have a Synology Nas with activated NFS.21:15
Hispeed88i want to auto mount some shares from the NAS on the odroid with NFS thru: fstab21:15
Hispeed88what do I have to fill in fstab ? /odroid/movies nfs r,hard,intr 0 021:18

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