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CptRageToasterFacu__: It's also a lot quieter here02:48
Facu__Guys I have a question02:48
CptRageToasterso ask your question, and you'll probably have to wait for a response02:48
CptRageToasterthe more details, the better02:49
Facu__I'm here haha02:49
CptRageToastersomeone will probably come by and respond02:49
Facu__I installed Ubuntu GNOME 15.04 for test but it seems that it cannot detect my broadband usb connection, what can I do02:49
Facu__Well :/ I reported it on launchpad02:57
xtxthow do i get un banned from a channel on here?03:29
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lordievaderGood morning.07:32
elfygood morning lordievader07:32
lordievaderHey elfy, how are you?07:32
elfyok thanks - waking up slowly - good weekend behaviour :D07:33
lordievaderWaking up slowly too. Trying to get Fail2ban to play nicely with ipset/iptables.07:36
solsticehi. I have disabled systemd-fsck.service because it caused a 30s delay at boot. Is there another fsck run inside ubuntu initrd ?09:27
asad2005Can someone please help me with my network printer, after upgrade to 15.02 i am getting HP device plug-in version mismatch or some file corrupted, when i click next to install the plugin it fails to install09:42
MoonUnit`saw a thread about that on the forum http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=226935009:44
asad2005i tried to install manually and i got this error10:18
asad2005error: A required dependency 'libtool (libtool - Library building support services)' is still missing10:18
asad2005when i try to install libtool it says already latest version10:20
solsTiCehi. I have found that the 30s delay at boot with systemd-fsck was because the timeclock was not set coorectly. because RTC was in UTC. I had to change /etc/default/rcS and the delay is gone \o/10:22
lordievadersbivol: Do you have other OS'es installed on the same box? They might expect the RTC to be in something else than UTC.10:48
elfyit's really inconvenient when people leave the channel :p10:49
lordievaderAh, sorry sbivol.10:49
lordievaderSmartfilter doesn't show leaves if they have been inactive for a while.10:50
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BluesKajHiyas all12:30
BluesKajmokush, if you can't get to the VT, then something is seriously wrong20:49
penguin42it's possible to disable VT switching but I don't think it normally is disabled20:50
mokushBluesKaj: shouldn't I have a file /etc/systemd/system/display-manager.service ?20:50
BluesKajmokush, let me check20:51
BluesKajmokush, I have it20:51
mokushBluesKaj: I guess that's the file systemctl is complaining about. I don't have it20:52
BluesKajyup, seems so20:52
mokushBluesKaj: could you paste it's contents in a pastebin?20:52
BluesKajmokush, how dod you install 15.04?20:52
mokushBluesKaj: upgraded from 14.10 originally, but before beta1. everything worked so far, except for the kubuntu-notifications-helper/kded5 issue and now this. did upgrades daily20:53
BluesKajmokush,  http://pastebin.com/pHCrC3k920:54
BluesKajmokush, recommend you do clean install from the daily...hoping you have a /home partition20:55
mokushBluesKaj: mokush21:14
mokushBluesKaj: sorry about that. I think I fixed it by manually creating the sddm.service file in `/lib/systemd/system/sddm.service`21:15
BluesKajmokush, success?21:25
mokushBluesKaj: no luck. after creating the sddm.service file, I can run systemctl enable sddm21:28
mokushBluesKaj: but I'm still stuck at at the blank bootup screen21:28
xinobraxHi...do you know who's responsible for the Blender version in the repository? Or can someone tell me how the process behind updating packages works? Blender 2.74 is now available and I'm just wondering when you're gonna add it.22:42
xinobrax(Btw, I know how to update it manually XD)22:42
penguin42xinobrax: It gets sync'd from debian probably - so 1st question is does debian have the new one?22:43
xinobraxthx.....I don't know....I only use Debian on my servers and they don't need Blender :P22:44
penguin42right, but you can check on the debian package search22:44
xinobraxjessie uses 2.72.b....well, 2.74 was released a week ago...maybe they'll add it soon....22:48
penguin42they probably will, it normally takes a bit longer than that, keep an eye on what they update - if it lands in Debian well before the next ubuntu release it'll probably get synced - there's a calendar with the cut off dates somewher22:49
xinobraxusually I don't care about small updates....but Blender has huge steps between the releases....22:50
xinobraxstuff like hair collision really makes a difference...22:50
Daekdroompenguin42, xinobrax, debian import freeze happpened Feb 19th22:54
xinobraxdamn XD22:54
DaekdroomAlthough it's still possible to explicit request a package sync, although I don't know until when.22:54
xinobraxHow could I make such a request?22:55
penguin42xinobrax: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SyncRequestProcess22:56
xinobraxWell...I could just update it manually...but it would be a bummer to miss this update in 15.04...22:56
penguin42the boat has sailed for 15.0422:57
DaekdroomWell, that happens every release for a huge amount of packages.22:57
xinobraxwell then...thanks for the information22:57
aladiahLubuntu 14.10 users also will receive Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet automatic update with out need of new instalation ?23:35
aladiahI mean Lubuntu 14.10 users also will receive LUbuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet automatic update with out need of new instalation ?23:35
Daekdroomaladiah, depends on what you mean by 'automatic update'. You have to open update-manager and accept the update, but yeah, it will.23:45
aladiahDaekdroom : So it will be supported for 9 month doesnit, up to January 2016. SO does it means January 2016 we will have a new LTS version ?23:51
Daekdroomaladiah, the next LTS is 16.0423:52
DaekdroomThere will be 15.10 before it.23:52
aladiahHo, so before end up support will be release 15.10 doesnit ?23:52
xinobrax.04 and .10 stand for the release moths, is this correct?23:53
aladiahDaekdroom: ok23:53

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