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* Paulw2U does quick count of summaries - 10 done - 11 to do06:36
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* PaulW2U thinks we now have an anonymous orangutan writing summaries - great :)11:33
pleia2alas, I think that's me on the wrong goog account11:36
pleia2#ubuntu-community-team hasn't been helpful so far re: chef+ubuntu11:38
PaulW2UThere's http://www.zdnet.com/article/chef-and-hp-work-to-bring-devops-to-the-enterprise/ dated 3 December so...an ok article?11:40
pleia2yeah, the premise of the article makes sense, I'm just gullible and hate April 1st :)11:47
PaulW2UI know, I got suspicious when I saw the words chef and calories11:48
* PaulW2U recounts summaries - 6 to do including pleia2's dodgy one :)16:33

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