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dkesselelfy: do you have the rights to mark bugs against the iso tracker as duplicates? I think I don't - or I don't know where to find it...15:32
dkesselbug 1440513 is a duplicate of bug 142825615:34
ubot5bug 1440513 in Ubuntu QA Website "http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/user says error!" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/144051315:34
ubot5bug 1428256 in Ubuntu QA Website "An error page appears when i try to open my user account page" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/142825615:34
dkessellol. nvm i just found the option. i think we must have marked it at the same time :)15:36
elfyit's shame that 'user' fails - perhaps we'd be able to look at http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/reports/testers and see what reports tracker 'user's are making15:42
dkesselyou mean the "user" page should show a summary of test reports of the user?15:43
elfywould make like easy for me :)15:44
dkesselsure, why not15:46
elfyat least access to it - not sure why that link fails now, suspect at some point it didn't16:03
ianorlingrr looks like X is completely broken in my mom laptop and the graphics look completely corrupted and am having trouble logging into launchpad from lynx as the display is completely corrupted18:28
ianorlinshould I just apport-collect it after reporting it from my computer to get the info?18:29
elfythat's what I would do18:31
ianorlin thanks elfy18:35
ianorlingah launchpad wants to launch a browser for token authentication and the GUI is pretty much entirely corrupted and unreadable.19:06
elfyin tty1 - use apport-cli --save to a file, then grab the saved file and add it from a working machine?19:11
elfyor tty whatever obviously, just not 7 :)19:12
elfyor actually even report it from a working machine perhaps, that's what apport-cli -c implies19:13
ianorlinelfy it is not a crash but the UI doesn't even have any fonts on it19:23
elfyianorlin: not sure what you're trying to do19:32
elfyI assume you'd manually reported something then wanted to collect from the laptop and then add that19:33
ianorlinelfy: I am doing a live test and can't apport collect because GUI is really impossible to read19:34
elfybut want to create a bug?19:35
ianorlinyeah I manual filed and want to apport-collect19:41
elfytry apport-cli -u bugnumber19:43
ianorlindid it said I had to use apport-collect19:44
elfyand apport-collect bugnumber?19:44
ianorlintakes me to a launchpad page I can't log into19:48
elfytry apport-cli -f --save path/to/file.crash packagename19:50
elfythen copy the file.crash to something - move it to a usable machine19:51
elfythen add it from there19:51
elfywhat image live test? lubuntu?19:56
elfysounds nasty wherever it is19:58
ianorlinyes it is20:03
elfyjust syncing the image - see if I can see the same20:03
elfywhen I try and boot that image with vbox I get the pwconv issue20:07
elfyseen that 'recently'20:12
ianorlinargh I also get that with the vga and vmvga backens for virt-manager20:15
elfythere was definitely a recent issue with that, not able to find the bug though now :(20:17
elfyflexiondotorg: remember what the pwconv /etc/passwd 0600 bug was?20:20
elfyianorlin: wxlmight remember too20:21
elfyanyway - that's enough Sunday for me ...20:23
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