Ponchalehi people00:02
PonchaleOgre_ is online?00:02
Ponchalehow are you +00:02
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Ponchale someone who can help me?00:48
ahoneybunPonchale: timezones sadly :(00:49
Ponchale:( :( :'(00:49
Ponchaleis urgent ahoneybun00:50
Ponchaleyou help me please?00:50
ahoneybunPonchale: I don't know much tbh00:51
elimisteve"to be honest"00:53
Ponchaleaaaaaaa ok00:54
Ponchalesomeone could help me with my questions?00:55
doflahertywhat's the problem?01:10
dobey!ask | Ponchale03:06
ubot5Ponchale: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience03:06
PonchaleWe are developing a mobile operating system, we are doing low Mer and Nemo but discovered that Ubuntu is a little more adelando and because we want to build on Ubuntu tounch, my question is how can access code and tutorials compilation, installation and launch?03:19
PonchaleWe are developing a mobile operating system, we are doing low Mer and Nemo but discovered that Ubuntu is a little more adelando and because we want to build on Ubuntu tounch, my question is how can access code and tutorials compilation, installation and launch?04:02
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froyoIs there anyone online?09:01
Se7happy easter ppl09:07
froyohi Se709:12
Se7hi froyo09:12
froyoSe7, are you a technical guy or developer for Ubuntu Touch?09:12
froyohi anpok09:12
Se7no froyo sorry09:13
anpokhas anyone yet tinkered with the mhl related code inside the bq kernel sources?09:13
froyoSorry anpok, I don't have Ubuntu phone yet...so I don't know....but what you mean by bq kernel sources?09:14
anpoki couldnt yet find a final answer to the question whether the mtk6582 uses also has the ssi833x chip..09:14
anpokhttps://github.com/bq/aquaris-E4.5/blob/aquaris-E4.5/mediatek/config/krillin/ProjectConfig.mk here is the kernel configuration..09:15
froyo1628 lines09:17
anpokthe MHL option is disabled .. when you enable it you will notice that the driver does not compile..09:18
froyowhich line?09:19
anpokth other like is 15709:22
anpoki used CUSTOM_KERNEL_HDMI=Sii833809:22
froyoI'm not that advance yet to help :(09:23
anpokhm i will continue tinkering09:26
froyoI hope I could help, really :(09:27
WebVisitor-1I'm sorry about the noob question, but where can I find documentation on creating multi-touch gestures for Unity?10:08
froyoI don't know if it even exist10:09
froyoor do you mean Ubuntu API?10:09
WebVisitor-1I don't know if there's an API for it, I just have a Macbook pro and am used to quite a few gestures. I was just wondering if there was a way I could just implement them myself10:10
WebVisitor-1It'd kind of a little hobby project, but could potentially branch into more10:10
WebVisitor-1I noticed Unity already has a few gestures, which is nice, but not exactly what I'm used to10:11
froyoDo you have the API reference?10:12
froyoI founf it here, https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/scopes/api/10:12
WebVisitor-1Thank you, I'll take a look at that!10:13
WebVisitor-1I also have another question, which may be easier to answer. In Ubuntu, I'm not allowed to rest my finger on my touchpad and use the other to control the cursor. I can use one finger fine, I can use two fingers to scroll, but Ubuntu won't ignore a finger if I just have it resting10:14
WebVisitor-1On OSX, I can keep my thumb on the trackpad to "click" and use the other finger to move the cursor. If I attempt this in Ubuntu, the cursor just freezes10:15
froyoProbably, it's the kernel configuration problem10:16
froyoTake a look at here.10:16
froyo(check that if you use aquaris-E4.5)10:17
froyofor your information..I don't use ubuntu touch.10:17
froyoSo, I don't know much about the settings.10:17
froyoIt's still not available in my place.10:17
WebVisitor-1Thank you for the information, I'll check it out!10:20
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anpokmeh hardcoded modes and refresh rates in the kernel10:40
anpokno fro0yo .. thats not the kernel you are lookging for..10:47
anpokWebVisitor was asking about the touch pad drivers used within xorg10:48
fro0yotouch pad?10:49
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embikhello everyone! :) just wondering, is there anyone developing for Ubuntu Touch NOT on an Ubuntu system (read: another distro)?11:48
anpokembik: hm you are not the first to ask that11:52
embikanpok: I just wondered because some docs for the click packaging said "we want it to be distro-agnostic"11:54
embikit does not seem very agnostic to me though11:54
anpokembik: well the intention is honest but I believe there is a lack of continous testing in place to ensure that the dependencies and packages are avaliable everywhere12:01
embikanpok: mh okay, it's a shame but I do understand that problem12:02
embikguess I'll need an Ubuntu VM somewhere12:03
anpokso the best you can do is test and complain.. I know that some people in the teams do submit patches to arch or fedora .. and so on12:03
embikmy main problem is I don't even know which packages exactly I need12:03
embikoh and another question, I've seen some videos doing magic with golang and go-qml on Ubuntu Touch, is there anything matured?12:13
Dragonkeeperanyone alive?12:32
brunch875and moving!12:32
Dragonkeeperanyone know the status of wifi ap ?12:33
brunch875wifi works, but some stuff like tunneled tls isn't yet implemented12:33
brunch875at least on my r2012:33
Dragonkeeperyeah wifi works but , i cant connect a device to ubuntu touch to use data connection12:34
brunch875I had the very same issue with android12:35
brunch875I think it has to do with the ubuntu deskto12:35
Dragonkeeperdesktop ?12:36
* Dragonkeeper is now confused12:36
brunch875¿Which OS do you use?12:37
Dragonkeeperim talking about connectiong devices to ubuntu bq phone12:37
brunch875ad hoc connections over wifi?12:38
brunch875I understood internet tethering...12:38
Dragonkeeperyh adhoc , or access point wifi12:38
Dragonkeeperi gave up with usb reverse tether with android  it wasnt working so figure ill ask bout wifi status12:39
Dragonkeeperubuntu phone is my daily device but want to connect all other devices to it so they can use data too12:41
brunch875it doesn't seem to be implemented12:42
Dragonkeepersome reason this doesnt recognise default faile14:03
peat-psuwitrsalveti: ping14:57
dobeyembik, anpok: the dependencies for the SDK are open source, so it should be possible to use them on Fedora, Arch, etc… that doesn't mean they are necessarily packaged for other distributions though. someone would have to volunteer to do so, and keep those packages updated, for it to be reasonably useful for developing apps targeting the Ubuntu SDK frameworks.15:02
Dragonkeeperis UT gonna support background applications? like music playing through webbrowser15:49
popeyDragonkeeper: the music in webbrowser is a specific thing we will support soon, yes15:54
popeyonce web browser supports media-hub it will come15:54
Dragonkeeperokay cool :)   some reason podbird doesnt list episodes for every podcast just subscribes to the title15:55
nik90Dragonkeeper: what do you mean it just subscribes to the title?15:59
nik90Dragonkeeper: if you open the podcast, it should list the episodes15:59
popeyi have seen some podcasts like that16:00
Dragonkeepernik90 yeah it does for some but not all16:00
popeywhere you're subscribed but the content is empty - i filed a bug about it16:00
popeymintcast is one16:00
Dragonkeepersickandwrongpodcast  doesnt list episodes so im using browser16:01
popeyI like the sound of that podcast :)16:01
Dragonkeeper;) basically just talks about weird stories16:02
popeyi recall Elle o saying it's because their feed is messed up16:02
popeytwo enclosures probably causing it.16:02
nik90Dragonkeeper: yeah there are 2 bugs currently for that..one being the feed parser and the current js backend..both needs to be fixed16:03
nik90Dragonkeeper: I am hoping to see them fixed before our v1.0 milestone16:03
Dragonkeepercool :)16:04
Dragonkeeperanyone know why qmake isnt in the sdk kits16:04
bzoltanDragonkeeper:  what qmake and in what Kits.16:05
bzoltanDragonkeeper:  The qmake project type support is available in 15.04 Kits only16:05
Dragonkeeperoh ,16:06
Dragonkeeperi got 14.10 and 15.10 kits installed16:06
Dragonkeeperno wait scatch that16:07
Dragonkeeperi got 15.0416:07
bzoltanDragonkeeper:  You need 15.05 kits and it does not matter what series your machine is on.16:08
bzoltanDragonkeeper:  so, with 14.10 and 14.04 Kits you can not build qmake project. The reason is that qmake support needed qtbase change and that was not possible to backport to Utopic and Trusty16:09
Dragonkeeperi see16:10
Dragonkeeperill try with other kit16:11
Dragonkeeperbzoltan: :-1: error: /var/lib/schroot/chroots/click-ubuntu-sdk-15.04-armhf/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/bin/qmake: Command not found16:13
bzoltanDragonkeeper:  when, where after what action do you see it? When have you created the Kit and how?16:14
bzoltanDragonkeeper:  have you been manually doing any apt stuff in the chroot?16:15
Dragonkeeperim trying to port some source, and it shows after using make command when building ,   i havnt edited the chroot except the updates the sdk wants to do16:16
bzoltanDragonkeeper:  so it shows in the QtCreator when you try to build?16:18
Dragonkeeperyup bzoltan16:19
bzoltanDragonkeeper: may i see that project?16:21
bzoltanDragonkeeper:  the qmake what we use in the Kits is the /usr/bin/qt5-qmake-arm-linux-gnueabihf16:22
bzoltanDragonkeeper:  it is an x86 binary what acts as if it were an armhf qmake16:23
bzoltanDragonkeeper:  when have you installed th SDK and how? the apt-cache policy qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu could tell if it is not the official one16:24
Dragonkeeperbzoltan: i was attempting to port this http://tinyurl.com/oml8o38   plugged phone in and it built a kit for me then i edited the build commands16:25
Dragonkeeperi installed sdk using instructions on ubuntu site16:25
Dragonkeeperit got installed bout week ago16:26
bzoltanDragonkeeper:  cool.. would you try to build one of the qmake templates apps?16:27
Dragonkeeperi can, afk a monemt tho , gonna grab my dinner16:28
bzoltanDragonkeeper: which project file is the one you tried? The pokerth_game fails with "Project ERROR: Unable to find boost libraries in PREFIX=/usr"16:32
bzoltanDragonkeeper:  but at least it  runs the qmake16:32
Dragonkeeperbzoltan: read the INSTALL file,16:35
Dragonkeeperu need the deps to build16:35
bzoltanDragonkeeper: I figured that out.16:37
bzoltanDragonkeeper: so the thing is that once you have selected the armhf Kit as target you should be able to run the qmake on the project and see in the "Compile output" window something like this ->16:40
bzoltan19:39:26: Starting: "/home/balogh/.config/ubuntu-sdk/ubuntu-sdk-15.04-armhf/qt5-qmake-arm-linux-gnueabihf" /home/balogh/workspace/PokerTH-1.1.1-src/pokerth_game.pro -r -spec ubuntu-arm-gnueabihf-g++ CONFIG+=debug16:40
bzoltanDragonkeeper:  so the ~/.config/ubuntu-sdk/ubuntu-sdk-15.04-armhf/qt5-qmake-arm-linux-gnueabihf is actually the qmake the IDE is using for the Kit16:41
Dragonkeeperhmm maybe i did something wrong then16:43
peat-psuwitWhere should I put a command to run on boot?16:44
peat-psuwitI have to run a command to kickstart wlan kernel module.16:45
Dragonkeeperbzoltan: did u import project or pick ubuntu > then a template (qmake)16:50
Dragonkeeperthink i got further this time16:59
Dragonkeeperi have a click package .. i think i did it17:07
Dragonkeepermaybe not17:07
Dragonkeeperballs .. give up lol17:21
peat-psuwitHow should I write /sys/module/wlan/parameters/fwpath on boot?17:37
ogra_peat-psuwit, hwo about doing it from init.rc18:13
ogra_(wont give you network before the container is up, but probably the easiest to just add it there)18:14
peat-psuwitogra_: I just have to write something to kickstart wlan module.18:15
anpokhm ok it seems like my kernel changes built18:17
anpokhow can I update the kernel on the aquaris e4.5?18:17
peat-psuwitogra_: which event should I do it?18:17
anpokcan i rw mount the boot image, and replace it?18:17
anpoki mean.. the result of the build in out/target/Download/flash, how can I get it onto the phone?18:20
ogra_there should be a boot.img file somewhere18:21
ogra_you can flash that with fastboot18:21
anpokchanged and built this here: https://github.com/bq/aquaris-E4.518:21
anpokit does not include newmk.sh18:22
* ogra_ isnt sure thats sufficient18:22
anpokI am quite sure that it isnt :)18:22
anpokI have no access to the internal project.. but I cant stop tinkering with mhl18:22
ogra_i.e. the actual config is created from Android.mk during the device tarball build18:23
anpokhm will boot.img contain a real file system that I could mount writeable?18:24
anpokfrom recovery ...18:24
ogra_you can try dd'ing the boot partition to a file ... then you can edit/unpack/update/repack that file using abootimg18:24
ogra_no guarantees that works on krillin though :)18:25
ogra_peat-psuwit, there is surely a block of writes to sysfsnodes somewhere in your init.rc ... just addi a line for your sysfs node there18:26
bzoltanDragonkeeper:  It should be just a simple click on the qmake tempate and then select the armhf Kit, then build .. that is it. If that works, then your Kit is good. See the output windows for detailes, the click package is in the build directory18:50
Dragonkeeperbzoltan: yh the 15.04 kit looks good, when i do a qmake template , but not when i import project ,18:52
kokoye2007hi porting guide is not fully :(18:57
kokoye2007Hi Hi19:21
kokoye2007who can teach me19:21
Dragonkeeperkokoye2007: teach u what19:44
kokoye2007https://forums.oneplus.net/threads/wip-ubuntu-touch-for-oneplus-one.266170/ Dragonkeeper sorry for last night !DC19:49
Dragonkeeperis that the same thing with system.img n boot.img ? (without having to open link)19:55
kokoye2007yes last build19:56
kokoye2007now try to build with new server same soure19:56
OerHeksWould that be the same as nightly-builds? http://download.mariogrip.com/Ubuntu-Touch/OnePlus-One/nightly/19:57
Dragonkeepertrying build your own or just use his one?19:57
Dragonkeepereh looks like it19:59
kokoye2007it's bootloog20:00
Dragonkeeperdid u add rules file z/20:06
Dragonkeepersome ports need it added in via adb20:06
Dragonkeeperand also did u do a full wipe 1st20:08
Dragonkeeperand install ubuntu system20:08
kokoye2007thx bro.20:08
kokoye2007i am wait to build and try with your guide20:09
cliftontsIs there anyone here who could help me get started? I'm getting rather fed up with being bulk blanked!20:11
Dragonkeeperask question if anyone knows they will answer20:12
cliftontsFantastic. You're the first person to show signs of life so far. Thanks.20:14
cliftontsI'm experimenting with the Ubuntu SDK for the first time. I want to retreive CSV data from a URL. I've got an HTML5 template open at the moment but I'm open to any suggestions as to how to do it.20:15
cliftontsEverything has pointed me to using javascript in the HTML5 app so far but nothing I try actually has any effect when I run it.20:15
popeycliftonts: you're not being "bulk blanked" - it's late on a sunday evening. people tend to be around more during the working week20:16
cliftontspopey, I don't just mean today. I generally have had trouble getting a response out of people when I have programming related questions. I would very much love to grasp the concepts of modern programming but there are many questions I never get answers to. It is very frustrating sometimes.20:18
Dragonkeepercliftonts: not everyone here is a programmer, sometimes for specific code questions there is channels for that too20:19
popeyyeah, #ubuntu-app-dev is the "right" channel for that.20:20
popey(even if it's quiet on weekends)20:20
cliftontsDragonkeeper, I would hope that most here will know the process behind the creation of click packages etc. The entire process baffles me. I learned in Quick Basic way back when and I can pick up the basics of any language through comparison.20:21
cliftontsHowever for most of this there is no comparison to be made as none of it existed back then. It's like there are no threads for me to pull on to get started. If I can just make one basic working app I will have my starting point.20:21
cliftontspopey, quiet? I'm the only person in there! lol20:22
Dragonkeeperclick packages are made in the publish tab of sdk , thats as much as i know of them20:23
Dragonkeepereven thats prob wrong20:24
cliftontsI mean the entire process from loading the SDK right through to having a published app. I can see I would be able to do it if someone in the know sat down with me for 30 minutes and went through it. But without that I'm stuffed.20:24
Dragonkeeperi used to be a gentoo user b4 ubuntu phone release20:24
cliftontsIt's gnawing at me and I may well just go insane if I can't beat this.20:24
cliftontsI think a large part of the problem is that people who know what they are doing can't anticipate what is not obvious so someone who isn't. I've used Quickly in the past for making apps. The thing opens 7 or 8 windows of code but doesn't bother to tell you what each one is for, which bits you can't touch and which ones you should.20:26
cliftontsLike doing a jigsaw puzzle without being able to look at the lid.20:26
Dragonkeeperbzoltan: ^ ?20:30
cliftontsSomeone in the know Dragonkeeper?20:30
Dragonkeeperhe helped me with sdk bits seemed know what he was talking bout20:31
cliftontsI've tried following the documentation but it splits out into a million links and always seems to gloss over the bit I'm having trouble with.20:32
popeycliftonts: have you gone through the tutorials ? https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/apps/qml/tutorials/20:32
Dragonkeepersdks and packages are like way over my head. im just used to using nano or gedit20:32
popeyhttps://developer.ubuntu.com/en/apps/qml/tutorials/ specifically20:32
kokoye2007Dragonkeeper:  may be we have CM source > ubuntu touch is can be work with porting guide ?20:32
cliftontspopey I tried to go through the ones I've found but it is no substitute for interactive learning, being able to ask a question when you don't quite get it.20:33
cliftontsI always get the impression that I've nearly got it and I just need steering in the right direction.20:33
cliftontsOoh I like the sound of this tutorial. It seems to be building something similar to what I wanted to work on.20:34
popey!list | Foggy20:42
ubot5Foggy: popey: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubot5 !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubot5 !alis ».20:42
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Dragonkeeperhey if i gave someone some code would you build a package to publish?22:37
kokuthello, can i install ubuntu touch on any device?22:40
Dragonkeeperif u port it22:40
kokutwhat u mean22:41
Dragonkeeperubuntu touch needs to be built for the device you want it to run on22:41
kokutmhh looks like its gonna take some time22:42
Dragonkeeperwell if its not been done for your device, ull need take the time or wait  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices22:44
kokutno i'm pretty sure it's not been done for my device22:44
Dragonkeeperwhich one?22:45
Dragonkeeperah well if u can find the repos needed u could attempt a port22:47
Dragonkeeperawesome. bq kernel builds alright23:00
Dragonkeeperoh cool , theres a ubuntu for raspberrypi 2 aswell23:09

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