daftykinshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qoytS3930aY - GTA V PC 60fps trailer03:24
mappsthis series american crime is good05:00
mappswill prob start game of thrones soon;)05:13
daftykinsi've never been into that more fantasy type stuff05:14
mappsi wasnt interested..but everyone rants and raves about it..so i figure i should check it05:16
mappsgonna see fast and frious 7 on monday05:16
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brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:46
zmoylan-pigreetings mammals, reptiles, amphibians, bacteria.  but not viruses...09:57
brobostigonmorning zmoylan-pi10:04
zmoylan-piso has everyone stuffed their faces with easter eggs?12:22
zmoylan-piholding out till tomorrow when they'll all be on sale? :-P12:42
brobostigonnah, i dont get chocolate eggs, due to being allergic to cows milk.12:44
zmoylan-pino chocolate at all...12:45
brobostigonthey do make chocolate with soya milk/12:45
zmoylan-pihands up those who think that is chocolate... :-)12:48
shaunoI don't do easter eggs because it feels like there's some rule against buying them for yourself :)12:50
zmoylan-pithat's why you buy a few for friends and accidently have one left over... :-)12:51
shaunoI did go out to the aran islands though, so the 'holiday weekend' doesn't feel like a complete wash12:54
zmoylan-piit's a desolate barren wasteland... :-)12:54
shaunoah it's fun to go cycle around.  and I met some rather enthusiastic folk from saskatchewan12:56
zmoylan-piis it this weekend they have the fr. ted celebration there?12:58
zmoylan-piah, last month12:59
Myrttithe best usage for a 4K display: watching youtube videos of frying bacon.16:49
Myrttiwell, actually I disagree, the best video so far was mini cooking16:49
Myrttipocket cooking 4k16:54
m0nkey_He likes his new toy, huh?17:00
diddledanI want new toys17:03
Myrttihe does.17:03
m0nkey_I'm waiting for my new PC parts to be delivered. Hopefully they're show up tomorrow.17:03
diddledanbank holiday here tomorrow17:04
m0nkey_Not here17:04
m0nkey_UPS is open tomorrow.17:04
diddledanbloomin foreigners :-p17:04
Myrttior emigrants17:04
diddledansame diff :-D17:04
* m0nkey_ drools thinking about his i5 and GTX96017:04
diddledanI do fancy myself a titan-x17:05
diddledanoverkill somewhat methinks :-p17:05
m0nkey_This is everything I ordered. Minus the Windows license.. http://secure.newegg.ca/WishList/PublicWishDetail.aspx?WishListNumber=2010768917:06
m0nkey_Also, didn't get the RAM or Blu-ray.. Have RAM, have a DVD-burner I'm going to use in the mean time.17:06
zmoylan-pino floppy drive? :-)17:07
diddledanI don't suppose ther mobo has an FDC17:07
zmoylan-pi5.25" just to confuse people...17:07
m0nkey_Only SATA. IDE and AT connections are surprisingly absent.17:07
zmoylan-pinot connected or anything, just in the front of the case connected to power so it lights up...17:08
directhexit's 2015.17:08
diddledanI've got a 5.25" fdd in my c2q machine17:08
zmoylan-piso no punch cards!! :-P17:08
directhexincluding an IDE connector involves adding an entire PCI bus, to add a PCI IDE controller17:08
m0nkey_I think I went a little overboard with a 500GB SSD :)17:09
zmoylan-piwhen you could have gotten a 4tb hdd cheaper... :-)17:10
diddledanI've got an evo 1TB in my desktop17:10
m0nkey_Heh, that's what the NAS is for.17:10
m0nkey_Got 4x2TB drives in that17:10
directhexall of which are discontinued now anyway17:10
shaunoI was actually just looking at a NAS.  I'm not entirely clear on what Synology are trying to do?17:26
shaunothey seem to have a good reputation, but it says it has a dhcp server but not a dhcp client, vpn support, etc .. it seems like it's trying to be more than a disk in a box?17:26
zmoylan-pii think all the nas try to be more than a nas these days.17:27
zmoylan-pia cpu with delusions of server17:28
m0nkey_shauno, built my own running FreeNAS17:30
m0nkey_Depends on how much you want to spend. Yeah, you could spend a crap load on a Synology or QNAP, or it could work out cheaper to build your own. For me, it was the latter.17:31
m0nkey_Got an E3 Xeon, 16GB ECC, 4x2TB for about the price of a fully loaded Synology.17:32
shaunoI was looking at that, but the mythical cheap hp microservers don't seem to exist here17:32
m0nkey_Wow, the british pound is a rip-off right now.17:33
m0nkey_Same box over here is under $400 .. http://www.ebuyer.com/670719-lenovo-thinkserver-ts140-4gb-xeon-e3-1226-v3-3-3ghz-1tb-hdd-tower-server-70a50022uk17:34
zmoylan-pistrong currency = less exports but great if you want to go on holiday17:34
m0nkey_This is another box popular with FreeNAS. http://www.ebuyer.com/517760-hp-proliant-gen8-g1610t-microserver-712317-42117:34
shaunoyeah, that's the one I was looking at.  the irish price is quite a bit higher  lol17:35
zmoylan-pimight have a look around dublin for pi 2 again, and pick up more ammo for my nerfs17:35
m0nkey_I forgot you're in Ireland now.17:35
shaunoHP list it starting over 500e :/17:36
diddledanooh, the microserver has cashback again17:36
shaunoyeah.  that's the other catch.  the cashback thing doesn't run very often here.  not since christmas 2013 :/17:37
diddledan119.99 is an awesome deal17:37
shaunoand ebuyer don't deliver to ireland anymore because they're still stamping their feet over the VAT thing :/17:37
m0nkey_shauno, don't you get the 1 quid trips to the UK? :)17:39
shaunoheh, that wouldn't help much .. everything's mail-order these days17:40
shauno(and HP won't honor the £100 cashback thing here, you have to wait until the irish version is running)17:40
mappsi set windows to 'do nothing' when i plug in my android phone..now i cant get it to show the phone as a usb mass storage device..ow can i reset that so when i plug the phone in it opens the drive up in a folder view17:41
diddledanphones don't default to mass storag3e mode17:44
diddledanif it's android you need to select the option from the notifications dropdown17:45
mappsim on windows8..i cant see that17:45
mappsdiddledan i mean before whe ni plugged the phone in it came up asking what to do17:45
mappsi chose do nothing17:45
diddledanon the phone, not in windows17:46
mappsi get what you mean therebut when you plug a phone into a windows machine it has that popup remember saying what do you want to do17:46
mappsopen files etc17:46
diddledanyes I know17:47
diddledanthat won't magically put the phone in mass storage mode tho17:47
mappsyea i went to storag and ie ticked media device (mtp)17:47
mappsbut it still doesnt show in windows..it doesnt bring that window up since i clicked do nothing17:47
diddledantried using explorer?17:48
diddledan'cos if it's mounted you'll see it there17:48
diddledanif it ain't then  windows doesn't kno9w what it is17:48
mappsbecause i selected do nothing no?17:49
mappsthis sucks17:49
zmoylan-pithe flaw as i see it is you're using windows... :-)17:49
mappswell it's set asmedia device (mtp) on the phone17:49
diddledando nothing just tells it not to open new windows17:49
diddledanit'll still mount if it would have shown you that prompt but doesn't because you said not to17:50
diddledanmtp isn't mass storage17:50
mappsthought it was17:51
mappswell then how do i set it as mass storage17:51
diddledanmtp is a shim because the phone would need to unmount to allow the computer exclusiver access17:51
mappsi only see17:51
mappsmtp or ptp]17:51
diddledanptp is for photos17:52
diddledanmtp is for music17:52
mappswheres mass storage option then i see nothing17:52
diddledantried prodding the mtp  notice?17:53
mappsnotice? i ticked the tickbox on the android settings and nothing else happens;)17:53
diddledanhave you even looked in the notifications pulldoiwn that I said to at the beginning?17:54
mappsnothing there17:54
diddledanthere should be a notice that usb is connected17:54
mappshonestly nothing17:55
diddledanif there isn't then usb isn't connected17:55
mappsits connected to the laptop17:55
mappsbut no notification17:55
mappsnow it says connected as camera17:56
mappsyay its working again:DDD17:56
diddledanwhat did you change?17:56
mappsjust unplugged cvable a few times17:57
mappsmaybe its just a dodgy cable;/17:57
zmoylan-piand logged in as nsa... :-)17:57
mappsaltho it did make the noise that a usb device was plugged in17:57
mappsbut its connected as a media device17:59
mappsso i cant transfer files17:59
directhexyou can do mostly arbitrary file transfer over MTP18:01
directhexbut iirc MSC as an option is gone in stock android18:01
mappsyea it is18:01
mappsim just getting pesky errors18:01
mappsdevice is disconnected or not responding but i can browse the fs18:01
mappsand i can use the phone so it is working;)18:01
popey\o/ mtp18:14
dogmatic69_eh, you can get steam gift cards at tesco now18:40
penguin42blade runner is still a great film19:40
zmoylan-piwhich version? :-)19:44
penguin42final, just seen it in a cinema19:45
zmoylan-piyeah, saw it had been rereleased, have it on dvd but might make a pilgramage to see it on big screen19:46
penguin42yeh, always wanted to see it on the big screen19:48
zmoylan-piwith good sound system for vangelis soundtrack19:48
penguin42yes, excellent - and it was digital projection19:49
zmoylan-pilike 2001 before it set the standard by which scifi was measured and still has resonance today19:51
zmoylan-piand considering it was done before cgi the effects were excellent19:52
penguin42actually the cityscapes work great on the big screen which really shows you how well done it is19:53
shaunosilly question, but does steam still work for everyone else?21:52
shaunohm.  I keep getting "cannot connect to the steam network"21:55
popeylemme close / reopen it21:55
zmoylan-pimaybe a ddos?21:55
popeyyou bast21:55
popeyI can't connect now :)21:55
shaunolol, you're welcome21:56
popeyre-entered my pw and its back in21:56
shaunothis is the problem I'm having.  I don't know my password.  and the recovery bit seems even more out-of-service than the login bit21:56
popeyi spy bigcalm playing games21:56
bigcalmIs Steam telling tails?21:59
bigcalmHopefully it will be saying that I'm playing GTA V on the 14th22:01
* bigcalm wanders off to his Easter coma22:02
diddledanwell done, bigcalm22:04
* penguin42 isn't sure such an overflow condition is possible22:06
* bashrc has not consumed much chocolate22:09
Myrttiour Cities started crashing and got it working by putting Steam on offline mode.22:12
Myrttithat was weird22:12
Myrttihappened few hours ago tho22:12
zmoylan-pii had some cheap choccy digestives with coffee earlier. was never into easter eggs, they always seem such bad value22:12
penguin42zmoylan-pi: That's why I start hunting them on Tuesday22:12
Myrttizmoylan-pi: oh you should try the Finnish Mignon eggs22:12
zmoylan-pibe careful, a cornered easter egg is dangerous... :-)22:12
Myrttiunless you're allergic to eggs or hazelnuts22:12
penguin42zmoylan-pi: I can imagine, they're not used to corners22:13
Myrttitoo bad they can't really be found anywhere22:13
zmoylan-pii used to like kinder eggs but the toys in them over the last decade have gotten terrible22:13
Myrttimignon eggs are hazelnut nougat filled real eggshells22:13
Myrttiit's like five tablespoons of solid Nutella22:14
Myrttiwell actually it's tastes even better than Nutella22:14
zmoylan-piused to be you got tiny parts to assemble but health and safety eliminated those22:14
zmoylan-piand they changed the recipie of cadbury creme eggs22:16
popey23:01 < bigcalm> Hopefully it will be saying that I'm playing GTA V on the 14th22:20
popeyI may take the day off22:20
popeyassuming it downloads ahead of time22:20
popeyalso need to consider a new video card22:20
m0nkey_PCMR still don't have GTA V?22:28
popeyyeah, 9 days22:31
m0nkey_Heh, I've played through it twice. Once on PS3, then again on PS4. In fact, still play online on PS4. Great fun, you're going to love it!22:32
m0nkey_I may even triple dip and get for PC too22:32
popeyI've not played at all22:33
popeyJust watched quite a lot of youtubers playing it22:33
m0nkey_Seriously, you're in for a treat!22:33
m0nkey_It's fantastic on PS4, can only imaging what it'll be like on PC.22:34
* m0nkey_ 's PC parts should arrive tomorrow22:34
popeyI have not pre-ordered on steam before22:34
popeywhat video card you getting / got?22:34
m0nkey_ASUS Strix GTX 96022:34
* popey adds to list to look at22:35
m0nkey_All of this: http://secure.newegg.ca/WishList/PublicWishDetail.aspx?WishListNumber=2010768922:35
m0nkey_Minus the RAM, Win8.1 and Blu-ray22:35
m0nkey_I have RAM, I have a DVD-writer. They can wait to be upgraded.22:36
popeyi5, interesting22:36
m0nkey_The Strix GTX960 is supposed to be almost silent.22:36
m0nkey_Fans only come on under heavy load22:36
m0nkey_PSU is also silent22:36
popeyis this to go under telly?22:36
popeyi like the case22:37
m0nkey_Nope, but it is in the living room, so I want it to be quiet.22:37
m0nkey_They case is gorgeous! I have that part already.22:37
popeyooh, bed time22:37
popeywill look at that in the morning, thanks!22:37
m0nkey_All vents have dust guards22:37
m0nkey_I may get a 240mm radiator for CPU liquid cooling, but going to start off with stock.22:39
penguin42I found the stock i7 cooler on my i7-860 (5 years old now ish) was awful - CPU hit 90c, put a decent fan on and it never blinks22:41
m0nkey_Hmm, Windows 8.1 is $107. It appears to have gone down $12.22:46
m0nkey_Going to need a Windows license for my Windows only gaming :/22:46
zmoylan-picould surround the case with cushions for sound dampening... finally a use for cushions... :-)22:49
zmoylan-pidoes a windows licence give you the right to hunt a windows pc? :-P22:50
m0nkey_Something like that22:50
webpigeonCareful it's not an upgrade licence or something22:51
m0nkey_It's a retail license22:52
m0nkey_Direct from the MS store22:52
daftykinsm0nkey_: hrmm i wouldn't bother if i were you :P23:50
daftykinsthe pirates are getting 10 free! :)23:50
m0nkey_there's got to be a catch23:51
daftykinsit is possible that they'll charge a nominal fee, but they've been quite vague about it so far23:52
zmoylan-pisuspiciously vague23:53
m0nkey_to be fair, I don't mind paying. had I still be at home, living with my parents, then yeah.. I'd pirate it. But today, I don't mind paying for software where it's warranted.23:53
daftykinsi've always bought Windows when there's been a good new version23:54
daftykinsXP back in the day, then 723:54
m0nkey_I'm probably the only person in the world that has a legal Office 2010 license23:54
daftykinsi did foolishly get the £20 win8 upgrade but i somewhat regret that23:54
zmoylan-piwindows for workgroups 3.11 :-)23:54
m0nkey_I think 8.1 is pretty good.23:54
zmoylan-pipeer to peer networking, printer sharing...23:54
m0nkey_I bought Windows 7 back when, I bought Windows 8 upgrade when they did the promo. 8 sucked, 8.1 is pretty good.23:55
daftykinsi'm still not very fond since if i lay my finger down on the centre-right of the touchpad, it brings up the charms menu23:55
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daftykinsi'm sure there are ways to stop the kinda 'hot zones' but i'm still not fond23:56
zmoylan-picharms on windows 8 was unusable, i think they've eliminated them on 1023:56
m0nkey_anywho.. Win10 will be a free upgrade23:56
daftykinsseems that way yeah23:56
m0nkey_So, I either buy 8.1 now, or wait till July.23:57
daftykinsindeed! i'm feeling oddly quite excited about 1023:57
daftykinsright time to get some food on :P23:57
m0nkey_the tech preview is actually pretty good23:57

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