nhaineselky: I'm stuck with about 150 pieces of IKEA parts at the moment.  Can you shoot out a meeting reminder?  I'll do it in a couple hours if not.04:41
elkynhaines: sorry only just saw this now06:33
elkysending now06:38
elkynhaines: sent06:39
nhaineselky: not a problem.  Just packed up the packaging for the new clothes dresser, which is all assembled and even appears to be squared properly.07:09
nhainesArigatou, elky-san.07:10
elkyyeah when you said it was ikea i figured you might be lost for days07:17
nhainesThe instructions were surprisingly clear.  Other than when I shoved a plastic screw all the way under my thumbnail, assembly was fairlyh painless.07:21
elkyit's only fair after that kind of torture that you don't have other mishaps07:31
nhainesOh, no, it was right near the end.07:32

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