magespawn /window close02:24
Kilosmorning all06:33
Kiloshi magespawn  07:16
Kilostrello still waiting for your picture07:16
magespawngood morning Kilos 07:17
Kiloshows the family lad07:17
Kiloshard to work away from home hey07:17
magespawnthey all good, some time at home is always good07:19
Kilosis there a manual to download for the linux thing you studying?07:23
magespawni think so07:25
magespawnlet me look07:25
Kiloslet me maar try again07:26
Kilosmaybe if we can get our newcomers interested we can get #linux-studies going again07:26
magespawnlinux + has two exams but they are the same as LPI 10107:28
magespawnfound that07:33
magespawndid not realiseitwas so long07:33
Kilosnp manuals are good to have07:34
Kilos10 meg is a big manual07:35
magespawnthat is the official comptia page07:38
KilosMaaz  comptia is <reply> http://certification.comptia.org/07:40
MaazKilos: One learns a new thing every day07:40
Kilosthink about how we can attract new youngsters magespawn  07:45
magespawnto linux or ubuntu-za or both?07:48
Kilosto us here then we try get them all on #linux-studies and they can help each other07:49
Kilosfrom me of course ubuntu first, but linux is what ubuntu is built on so they should all be welcome07:51
magespawnshower time08:00
Kiloshi gremble  08:54
Kilosyou feel better now magespawn  08:54
magespawnso the keyboard on this laptop has gone and i am now using one of those plugin silcon keyboards08:55
Kilosand a usb mouse?08:56
magespawni have removed the main keyboard so you can see the inside of the laptop while is is running08:56
magespawnno the touchpad still works08:56
Kilosthat will make it easier to blow out dust too08:56
Kilosthey suck those touchpad things08:57
grembleGood morning ko08:57
grembleKilos: 08:57
magespawnyes. i want to put a clear piece of plastic were the keyboard was 08:57
Kilosi just fixed 2 crashed hp win lappies and first thing was a usb mouse08:57
magespawnmorning gremble 08:57
grembleGOod morning magespawn. Has your laptop died?08:58
Kilosgremble  hows the studies going08:58
magespawnno just they keyboard08:58
grembleStill break, so I am trying to relax08:58
Kilosyou must move it, we miss our maths kid08:58
grembleLearning a little Haskell08:58
grembleWhile I wait for the guests to arrive08:58
grembleMy baby sister is turning 18 today08:59
Kiloswow my baby sister is 62 next month08:59
gremble:P I suspect there may be a slight difference in age 09:00
Kilosell your sis happy birthday from ubuntu-za09:00
grembleHaha I will do so09:00
magespawn18 big step09:01
Kilosya everything becomes legal09:02
magespawnwell not everything09:04
grembleYa, fairly sure that you aren't allowed to kill someone once you hit 1809:04
grembleBut you are allowed to go to prison for it09:05
magespawntrying to upload a picture so you can see what i mean09:07
Kilosit has a drag and drop function that works for me on the second or third try09:09
Kilosalways stubborn first time09:09
magespawnright will give it another go09:09
magespawnworked second time09:11
Kiloslol you as bad as me09:11
Kilosnice pic though09:12
Kilosim sure it works first time for pro and fly09:12
magespawni see, maybe it just does not like certain people then09:13
magespawnno accounting for taste09:13
Kilosya me and murphy for starters09:13
magespawngremble is there a big party planned?09:13
grembleYes. Well, we aren't big party people, so in relation to other social enagements of ours, this is a big party09:14
grembleThere should be about 21 people09:14
magespawnfairly decent that09:14
Kilosmore than enough peeps09:15
grembleYup. My sisters friends and their parents  mostly09:15
Kiloswell its her day 09:15
grembleHa. My brother did us the discourtesy to invite one of his friends as well09:16
magespawnwill your sister have another without the 'adults' around?09:17
grembleI don't think so. She doesn't care much for that though09:17
grembleI will probably take her and a friend out later this week09:17
Kilosmagespawn  is this the book you are learning from09:19
magespawnyes but i think mine might be the up to date version09:21
magespawnthey review the exams every now and then, and set new ones09:22
Kiloshi Mopkop  wb09:22
magespawnh Mopkop 09:23
magespawnhi too09:23
Kilosyou should know most of the stuff already magespawn  09:23
Kiloshi pieter2627  09:23
MopkopSorry for being so scarce. 09:24
pieter2627morning all09:24
MopkopHello magespawn pieter2627.09:24
Kilosyou are forgiven lad09:24
Kilossorry for bugging you via email09:24
grembleGood morning pieter2627 Mopkop 09:25
MopkopKilos: No, I was just about to suggest you send me emails if I forget to do something. I use my emails as a to-do list. I am very verstrooid, so I forget easily. In fact when I was in highschool, I once took my schoolbag to church :(09:27
MopkopHello gremble!09:27
grembleFor some reason, the copy/paste buffer on this computer only works with my USB mouse, not with my trackpad09:27
grembleWhen I go to church I take my schoolbag along09:27
grembleThat way I have something worthwhile to do09:27
Kiloshey you youngsters09:28
Kiloswe are thinking of reviving our #linux-studies channel09:28
Kilosanyone interested can join09:29
grembleFor what sort of information/09:29
grembleAnd what would set it apart from this channel?09:29
* pieter2627 thinks gremble is very diligent to take so much stationery for sermon notes :P09:29
Kiloswell the peeps there get to choose09:29
Kilosmagespawn  help me man09:29
gremble"sermon notes"... yes09:30
grembleI just say use this channel for the linux studies09:30
grembleI think that it is a good way to liven it up here09:30
grembleand attract more people09:30
Kilosso do we all actually but we originally started it to do the lpi courses on09:31
MopkopWhat is lpi?09:31
grembleLinux Professional Institute>09:31
grembleI suspect09:31
Kiloslinux professional institute09:31
Kilosai! you okes too fast09:31
MopkopMaaz google linux professional institute09:32
MaazMopkop: "Linux Professional Institute" https://www.lpi.org/ :: "Certification - Linux Professional Institute Linux Professional Institute" https://www.lpi.org/certification/ :: "LPIC-1 Linux Server Professional - Linux Professional Institute Linux ..." https://www.lpi.org/certification/get-certified-lpi/lpic-1-linux-server-professional/ :: "Linux Professional09:32
MaazInstitute - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_Professional_…09:32
MopkopThank you Maaz, Kilos, gremble.09:32
grembleOkay, I am going to be afk most of the day09:32
Kilosenjoy gremble  09:32
MopkopOkay, good luck gremble!09:32
KilosMaaz  shorten http://www.google.co.za/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=4&cad=rja&uact=8&sqi=2&ved=0CDUQFjAD&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.olc.edu%2F~jdudek%2Fdigital-soil%2F2014c-it-303%2Fdocs%2Ftext.pdf&ei=puMgVfKEJcKdsAHxroOYDA&usg=AFQjCNHnRCDxHWy7Uvnwvl4fmwHE_Bp7fQ&bvm=bv.89947451,d.bGg09:33
MaazKilos: That reduces to: http://is.gd/u0TxD509:33
Kilosmagespawn  is that the linux+ manual?09:34
Kilosdont make me scroll back then i loose the place where i was reading09:36
MopkopI just found something to do after the semester. I finish early then I can start on that lpi thing :)09:39
Kilosi think we can use #linux_studies for helping noobs that are more noob than me09:40
Mopkop:) That means me!09:40
Kilosnono you know lots more than me09:41
pieter2627Kilos: how many here have completed lpi-c?09:41
Kilospieter2627  i dont know but peeps like the fly are far beyond that already09:41
Kilosbut for guys just heading out into the working world it will be a good certificate to add to your cv09:43
MopkopGoing AFK now too guys. Going to eat at the Roadhouse!09:44
Kilosi get to where you put all the covers back on your pc and boot it then im lost after that09:44
Kilosenjoy Mopkop  09:44
pieter2627Kilos: are you busy with it now?09:44
Kilosive just downloaded http://is.gd/u0TxD509:45
Kilosmagespawn  is doing that now and will write the exam next month i think he said09:45
pieter2627Mine will me competed in 10min09:45
KilosMaaz  comptia09:46
Kilosthere are more09:47
KilosMaaz  google lpi certification09:47
MaazKilos: "Certification - Linux Professional Institute Linux Professional Institute" https://www.lpi.org/certification/ :: "Linux Professional Institute" https://www.lpi.org/ :: "LPIC-1 Linux Server Professional - Linux Professional Institute Linux ..." https://www.lpi.org/certification/get-certified-lpi/lpic-1-linux-server-professional/ :: "Get Certified with LPI -09:47
MaazLinux Professional Institute Linux ..." https://www.lpi.org/certification/get-certified-l…09:47
pieter2627From the one you linked to yesterday, i figured to do a chapter/sub-module a day09:47
KilosMaaz  google lpi209:48
MaazKilos: "LPIC-2 Linux Network Professional - Linux Professional Institute ..." https://www.lpi.org/certification/get-certified-lpi/lpic-2-linux-network-professional/ :: "The LPIC-2 Exam Prep" http://lpic2.unix.nl/ :: "Syncope Communication Systems GmbH: Linux-Zertifizierung LPI2" http://www.syncope.de/produkte/schulungen/linux-zertifizierung-lpi2.html :: "Emploi du09:48
Maaztemps Groupe - LPI2@ - IUT MANTES 2014/2015" http://pubedt.uvsq.fr/MAN/g86.html :: "LPI2-…09:48
Kilosi dont know how the modern world works. if you do lpi2 is it still necessary to do 1 as well09:49
pieter2627from what i read, it doesn't appear so. But 1 will probably help to complete 209:50
Kilosi have no idea09:50
Kilosthe fly and them will be able to anser that09:50
Kilosbut if you do things so fast then go through them all09:51
Kilosmost likely lots from 1 will be repaeted in 209:52
pieter2627each is just 1-2 hours long... will probably be longer for me09:52
Kiloshaha i battled for a month on the link i gave yesterday and forgot everything i learned09:53
Kilosi can learn and do irc mainly09:54
Kilosdid you see my wiki page09:54
Kilosim the ultimate domdonner09:55
Kilosyou can look at the flys as well09:56
Kilosits nice to get to know the peeps youre chatting to09:57
pieter2627hmm... interesting10:00
KilosMaaz  linux+ is <reply> http://is.gd/u0TxD510:02
MaazKilos: One learns a new thing every day10:02
Kilosmoppie proposed merging his work so now we wait for fly to check it then yours comes next10:04
Kilosour africa venture is moving along10:10
Kilosoh one reason for using #linux-studies is that i think there could be lots of peeps totally new to linux needing help10:11
Kilosi know one guy in congo brazzaville that wants to start classes there because everyone is totally raw to linux10:12
pieter2627ok, will the peeps that already did the lpi-c also be there?10:12
Kilosfly and pro are there already10:13
pieter2627ok, wbbl though10:13
MopkopI'm back :)11:48
Kiloswb Mopkop  tummy full?11:48
MopkopIndeed! Thank you. Couldn't fit half that food in. An least I have enough for dinner too :)11:49
Kilostime for a sunday avy nap then12:01
MopkopGood idea! Enjoy!12:01
Kilosdit is mos, magie vol oe trek toe12:01
* Mopkop yawns12:02
magespawnKilos kbmonkey also set up a wiki or a website for #linux-studies12:29
Kiloshi kulelu88  14:31
* Kilos yawns14:31
kulelu88Hello Kilos 14:39
Kilosmaas tell magespawn What is the link to the monkeys study wiki page ?14:46
KilosMaaz  tell magespawn What is the link to the monkeys study wiki page ?14:47
MaazKilos: Righto, I'll tell magespawn on freenode14:47
grembleSho. What a day15:24
Kiloslol did you have a good time?15:27
Kilosinetpro  slaap jy nog15:46
inetproHappy Easter everyone!17:07
inetprooh and hi Kilos17:07
inetprohmm... and Mopkop and pieter2627 as well17:08
inetprowhy you guys so quiet?17:09
MopkopSorry, was at Church. Happy Easter inetpro!17:09
inetproah, no problem 17:10
Kiloshi inetpro  17:10
* Kilos just eating17:10
inetproMopkop: thanks for the merge proposal17:10
inetpronow we're just waiting for superfly to come back from easter celebrations 17:11
inetproKilos: enjoy your meal and don't be distracted by us here17:12
inetprogremble: you survived the day?17:15
inetprowb Neo3117:15
inetproKilos: you have a tough job on your hands17:15
inetprogotta be very patient with a team that is out of sync with each other the whole time17:16
pieter2627thanks inetpro, and to you too17:17
inetpropieter2627: I hope you will be ready to make your edits from a fresh trunk as soon as superfly has merged the code from Mopkop17:19
MopkopIs this for the Africa, or ZA site?17:19
inetproMopkop: for africa17:20
inetproMopkop: your other one is also outstanding still17:20
inetprothe fly is a busy man17:20
pieter2627inetpro: will be ready, but shouldn't a merge pick up the new trunk edits (first time using bzr)?17:21
pieter2627* merging new trunk after it is available17:21
Kilosgoosie kyk nou17:24
inetpropieter2627: I think a merge from trunk should do the trick, but superfly is the one with the experience17:25
Kilosya you go to treunk then branch from there to your branch17:25
Kilostrunk as well17:25
Kilosinetpro  go mail dammit17:25
pieter2627inetpro: will ask if i get stuck17:26
inetproKilos: nou werk dit17:26
Kiloswoooo hooooo17:27
inetpropieter2627: but I think we'll have to discard or reject your current merge request before we do anything17:30
Kilosone has to put the to addy in 2 places17:30
Kiloscopy all the code first17:30
inetproKilos: no17:31
Kilosinetpro  is there a special code of conduct in using them mail addys too or can i make it default17:31
Kilosya i had to17:32
Kilosno what?17:32
inetproKilos: don't confuse matters with multiple conversations all in one17:32
Kilosim the one that gets confused not you multitaskers17:33
* pieter2627 is rofl17:33
inetproKilos: no, rejection of a merge request does not change your local code, at least not as far as I am aware17:33
Kilosoh that17:34
inetprobut nothing wrong with making backups17:34
pieter2627inetpro: it shouldn't and the remote branch should still be available17:34
inetpropieter2627: true17:35
Kilosmay i ask an off topic question?17:36
inetproKilos: ai!17:36
Kilosinetpro  what ai!17:36
inetprodon't ask to ask, just ask17:36
Kilos<inetpro> Kilos: don't confuse matters with multiple conversations all in one17:37
Kilosmake up your mind17:37
Kiloshasnt lilo been dropped17:37
inetproKilos: all I'm asking is that you make clear what the topic is about :-)17:37
Kiloshee hee jaja strydom17:37
inetproKilos: yikes, where does that come from?17:38
Kilosi <3 this channel17:38
inetproI mean, the lilo thingy17:38
inetprobrings back old memories17:39
Kiloswell lilo was in the booting stuffs in lpi and so on when we started that a year ago or so and i seem to remember it was dropped in favour of grub217:39
inetprothe days when things were still simple17:39
Kilosin newer lpi classes i think17:40
Kilosor is it something else im thinking of17:40
inetproKilos: LILO (LInux LOader) is a boot loader for Linux and was the default boot loader for most Linux distributions in the years after the popularity of loadlin. Today, most distributions use GRUB as the default boot loader.17:41
Kilosbecause its still in linux+ and that makes me more confussed17:41
inetproKilos: http://lilo.alioth.debian.org/17:42
Kilosi cant learn all that stuff, i use boot-repair17:42
inetprowith grub things got much more complicated 17:44
inetprothen came grub2 and it got even worse17:44
Kilosoh my17:44
inetproand let's not even mention systemd17:44
Kiloscant i just learn what tools to use for boot probs17:45
Kilosim never going to write exams17:46
inetproyou end up needing a underwater helicopter pilot license before you can touch the inners17:46
Kilosi wonder if boot-repaier can handle it yet17:46
inetproKilos: like you can't touch the inside of a bmw these days17:47
Kilosor most new cars for that matter17:47
pieter2627Kilos: and how will one install these 'tools' on a server17:47
Kilosyou run them remotely17:48
pieter2627doesn't the server still need X for that17:49
Kiloslike add and external with the tools on and boot from it17:49
Kilosi have no idea17:49
Kilospeeps like me needs tools to do the work17:49
Kiloslike when i have probs i come here and use the tools here17:50
Kilosnamely mr. fixit and fly17:50
pieter2627cli is a tool... just a brutal one until one is familiar with it17:50
Kilosmy tools all have names17:51
pieter2627haha (sighing deep inside)17:51
Kilosok inetpro  topic change17:52
inetprotechnology changes all the time, and it's not all bad17:52
Kilosis there a special code of conduct in using them mail addys too or can i make it default17:53
inetprojust need to stay on top of the game and try to understand the impact of a change and adapt17:53
Kilosoh thats not the main question17:53
grembleI think so inetpro 17:54
Kilosforgot  now17:54
grembleApparently we are busy cleaning now17:54
grembleI thought that it would be quick17:54
inetprogremble: well done! :-)17:54
grembleI don't think I've ever braaied as much meat at a single time 17:54
Kilosafter party clean ups are always a major job17:55
inetproKilos: if all is setup correctly, I'm sure you may go ahead and use it as your default address17:55
inetproKilos: you're a well respected member of the community now17:55
inetproafter all17:55
grembleHe is?17:56
grembleI must've missed that17:56
Kiloshe is joking gremble  17:56
inetprowhere's that sjambok?17:56
grembleI was the one joking17:56
Kilosdont joke more than one of you at a time i get confused17:56
Kilosoh ya inetpro  the other question is how do i get thunderbird to find all my email contacts17:57
* inetpro fell off the chair17:58
inetprodid he really ask something about thunderbird?17:58
grembleI think so17:59
Kilosa man has to do what a man has to do17:59
grembleI use gmail so I have no idea how to use local mail clients17:59
Kilosevo didnt want to do the buntu mail thing so the obvious solution was to try thunderbird18:00
inetproKilos: well done!18:00
Kilosyaya but how to find all those addresses now18:00
gremblegrep @*someregexhere*18:01
* inetpro hands him his Certificate in Change Leadership18:01
Kilosgremble  do it properly18:02
grembleWell, I know with outlook, all your adresses are saved in a .pst file18:02
Kilosnot outlook man18:02
grembleFind the database file that thunderbird uses, get your old database file and copy it over18:03
grembleFind the file that evolution uses then18:03
inetproKilos: successful leaders take a holistic approach to organizational change :-)18:03
grembleinetpro seems to have swallowed a zen manual to self-enlightement and organizational development18:04
grembleBe at one with your worker drones18:04
Kilosnono inetpro  your job is YOUR job18:04
inetproKilos: ok, ok.... I was just joking18:04
inetproat least gremble is trying to help you18:05
inetproKilos: you should be able to export addresses from evolution18:05
inetproin a format that thunderbird can import18:05
gremble^ this is advice much more sane than mine18:06
grembleYou can see that I haven't done much computer related things for quite a while18:06
grembleThis weekend I actually installed a computer game on my desktop18:06
grembleFor the first time in years18:06
inetproKilos: look for articles like: How To Migrate From Evolution To Thunderbird In Ubuntu Intrepid http://www.maketecheasier.com/how-to-migrate-from-evolution-to-thunderbird-in-ubuntu-intrepid18:07
inetproobviously that is old, but perhaps still relevant18:07
grembleLuckily things like thunderbird are always old because people are averse to change18:08
Kilossee i did use google too18:08
grembleSo it should still be relevent18:08
grembledebian for the win18:08
grembleI lie18:08
grembleI don't like debian18:09
gremblewell.. it's fine18:09
Kilosohi superfly  18:09
Kilossis man gremble  18:09
Kilosdeb  stuff rocks18:09
inetprogremble: you joined the RPM crew?18:10
grembleOn a software platform where things change so quickly, I prefer having newer things at the expense of having to work through breakages18:10
grembleIf I had to manage servers, I would be BSD and debian for ever18:10
grembleno inetpro. arch for me18:10
grembleAlthough I may try out voidlinux if I get a new laptop18:11
Kilosthat looks like a good link you gave ty inetpro  drag and drop rocks18:13
inetproKilos: here a link from mozilla support: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/switching-thunderbird#w_switching-from-evolution-to-thunderbird18:17
Kilosty inetpro  18:17
inetprothe poor super fly has a migraine18:25
Kilossleep it off superfly  18:26
inetpropieter2627: I found the following interesting bits about code reviews18:37
pieter2627inetpro: interesting, so mine will be marked as "Needs Fixing" after the other merge18:46
inetpropieter2627: I guess so, but will rather wait for superfly to advise18:49
inetproKilos: you have the permission to continue talking18:56
Kilosoh my18:56
Kiloswhat needs fixing already18:57
inetprowb captine18:58
inetproKilos: his code needs to be based on trunk18:59
inetprobut it needs to be based on an updated trunk18:59
Kiloshi captine  18:59
Kilosya so that means when moppies stuff gets updated then piet makes a branch from there right19:00
Kilosfrom trunk that is19:00
inetproKilos: yes, but 19:04
inetproI think it might be as simple as merging the updated trunk into his branch rather than the usual way to merge a branch into trunk19:05
Kilosno man fly said branch from trunk so do it that way19:06
Kilosjust copy all the code into the new branch19:06
inetpropieter2627: make sure you check bzr log before and after if you do it that way19:06
Kilosthen propose it19:06
inetprowill actually be interesting to see 19:07
inetpropieter2627: have you installed qbzr?19:07
inetproMopkop, pieter2627: are the two of you available tomorrow?19:09
Mopkopinetpro: Maybe in the evening?19:10
pieter2627yes (to both)19:10
inetpropieter2627: cool19:10
Kilosvery cool19:11
pieter2627also installed code explorer19:11
inetprocode explorer?19:11
pieter2627* bazaar explorer19:12
inetpropieter2627: isn't that the same as qbzr?19:12
pieter2627inetpro: could be, just could figure out how to open qbzr19:13
pieter2627* could not19:13
Kilospieter2627  are you learning from being involved in this projetc?19:14
Kilosproject as well19:14
inetpropieter2627: how did you install it?19:14
pieter2627Kilos: bzr yes19:14
pieter2627inetpro: which one19:14
Kilosgood 19:14
inetprobazaar explorer19:15
pieter2627sudo apt-get install bzr-explorer19:15
pieter2627inetpro: http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/explorer/en/visual-tour-gnome.html19:16
inetproah, thanks19:16
* inetpro installing it now19:16
Kiloswith aptitude?19:17
pieter2627inetpro: it's just a gui to bzr19:17
* inetpro just had qbzr installed 19:18
inetprowas exploring logs with 'bzr qlog'19:18
inetpropieter2627: so how do you execute this thing?19:19
inetprooh I see there's something in the menus now19:20
pieter2627inetpro: found it?19:21
inetproahh, I see it's just 'bzr explorer'19:21
pieter2627yea, that also seems to work19:22
inetprohmm... 19:24
* inetpro still prefers the cli19:24
inetproand bzr qlog on the odd occasion19:24
inetproor bzr qcommit19:24
inetprobut I guess the GUI can be handy19:25
pieter2627the windows for those clis is strangely exactly the same as the ones 'bzr explorer' opens (for me at least)19:28
kulelu88hey pieter2627. you new here?19:34
inetprowb kulelu8819:34
Kiloshaha you slow kulelu88  19:34
inetproMopkop, pieter2627: I was just thinking19:35
Kiloshes been working already19:35
inetproin stead of wasting everybody's time, maybe I should just do the merging now19:35
inetproif it's wrong superfly can just reverse it again19:35
inetproMopkop: you still here?19:36
Mopkopinetpro: Sounds like a good idea. I mean it is revision-based, so we can just revert if something broke.19:36
kulelu88inetpro: you can reverse it yourself also. this is what version control is for, to easily correct mistakes19:38
inetprokulelu88: now why you only say that now?19:39
pieter2627is it safe to revert trunk (know reverting master in git can cause issues)?19:39
MopkopI'll back it up on my computer in case. 19:39
kulelu88you guys should be keeping a stable branch (aka master) and working on a branch like "devel"19:40
pieter2627no. i mean if someone were to branch of the new trunk and it then get reverted then the reverted commit will be back in if this new branch get merged, right?19:41
MopkopDeja-dup does a very good job with that. You can just right-click a folder and tell it to go back to a previous version.19:41
kulelu88I are now attempting to rewrite a dockerfile for use with ubuntu19:43
inetproyou guys can do a bzr update of the trunk on your side19:43
inetpropieter2627: you got that?19:43
pieter2627kulelu88: i guess i am new19:43
pieter2627inetpro: yes, starting19:44
kulelu88great to have you pieter2627 . Are you n oom of n seun?19:45
pieter2627kulelu88: definitely a seun (although my cousins kids sometimes call me oom - very embarising)19:46
Kilossee kulelu88  you snooze you lose19:49
Kilosi go make coffee19:51
kulelu88what do you guys think of living abroad? Somewhere warm?19:51
Kilostropical island ya19:51
Kiloswith undersea fibre19:52
kulelu88even with shitty internet, I'm looking at a few places.19:52
Kiloslike where?19:55
kulelu88mostly warmish climates like east asi19:56
Kilosmake friends first then its easier19:57
kulelu88ja true19:57
inetproKilos: you see I'm in trouble now20:04
inetproall your fault :-)20:04
Kilosya i got the mails inetpro  but why are you in trouble20:05
inetproKilos: what mails?20:05
Kilosabout merges ans so on20:05
inetprooh, check on Trello20:05
Kilosbut why would you be in trouble20:05
Kilosi get emails reminding me of trello changes20:06
inetproKilos: I didn't add you on the card for Mopkop's merge20:06
Kilosuh oh20:06
Kilosim reading20:07
MopkopWhat happened to the picture on the home page?20:07
inetpropoor dude's migraine is killing him and I'm spamming him with notices20:07
Kilosthe home page must still all work\20:08
Kilosall the refreshes etc20:08
Kilosjumbo only hides in later pages20:08
inetproMopkop: it's working for me20:09
MopkopNo, bzr did not merge the files. I mean I put a map of Africa and stuff on the front-page. 20:09
MopkopI think it did not commit it.20:09
Kilosoh Mopkop  we were discussing the map thing20:09
MopkopUnder files there should be 3 pictures20:10
Kilosis that supposed to be a button to show map?20:10
inetproMopkop: no, that was not part of your branch20:10
Mopkophmmm, wasn't happy with the homepage anyway.20:11
MopkopHow do I tell bzr to include a directory in the branch if I push?20:11
MopkopI think it has something to do with 'working-tree'.20:12
pieter2627ah, that's why there are small 'headings' above the headings - couldn't figure why they were there20:13
MopkopI knew I shouldn't have stolen code from the ubuntu-za site.20:14
pieter2627'bzr add' seems to be suppose to add files and directories20:16
* Mopkop is reading the manpages too.20:17
MopkopLet's try that.20:17
inetproMopkop: wait20:18
inetprolet's get pieter2627's code into trunk before you continue20:18
Mopkopinetpro: Yes-yes, I know, I've learned to wait for you. Don't want to delete python again...20:18
pieter2627inetpro: i left a comment on the merge request20:19
inetpropieter2627: ah, ok20:20
inetprolet's wait for the fly to recover from his migraine20:21
inetprohopefully he'll be fine in the morning20:21
pieter2627sounds good, will see again tomorrow. night all20:22
Kilosnight pieter2627  sleep tight20:22
inetproKilos: if you are interested in receiving notifications of that card just drag your avatar in there20:23
inetprogood night pieter262720:23
Kilosi just ticked subscribe inetpro  20:23
Kilosthat mails me i think20:23
inetproyeah, that should do it20:23
Kilosif i drag me there you make me work20:24
inetproI added the others because they are involved regardless20:24
Kilosyes and i really break things20:24
Kilosso better i look from a distance20:25
inetprono man20:25
Kilosyes man20:25
Kiloseverything is gone out of head after all the time trying to get my mail alias working20:26
inetprohaha 20:26
* inetpro somehoe don't believe that20:26
MopkopNag mense. Ek sal kyk of ek môre aand kan opkom. Moet net eers 'n taak klaar maak, wat eintlik Donderdag moes in. 20:40
Kilosinetpro  evohas changed somewhat, i dont see the folders they say should be there but pleased dont bother now20:42
Kilosyou should be ready for bed20:43
inetproKilos: you really want to import the mails as well?20:46
Kilosno i want all the peeps details20:46
Kilosi have many addresses in evo that i aint got energy to write down to transfer20:47
inetproKilos: there are two steps in the process, 1) Importing Evolution Messages, and 2) Importing Evolution Contacts20:48
inetproif I was you I would only focus on step 220:48
Kilosok lemme look more ty20:49
Kilosah that looks easy enough. will do it tomorrow i think20:51
inetproyou're welcome20:52
Kilosai! stupid thunderbird sending trello messages to 2 gmail addies21:02
inetproKilos: please explain21:09
Kilossome messages go to domdonner and others to ms.kilos21:10
Kilosand i cant find the extension morefunctionsforaddressbook21:10
Kilosits supposed to be in extensions but there are none that show21:11
inetproKilos: why do you want that extension?21:25
Kilosah adding thunderbird-dev added more stuff21:25
Kilosthats the extension that can import vcard info from evo21:25
Kilosbut too tired now21:25
Kilossleep tight inetpro  and other owls21:26
* inetpro learns a new thing every day21:26
inetprogood night Kilos21:26
inetproMaaz: tell Kilos please note that the latest version of Thunderbird is Version 31.6.0. The morefunctionsforaddressbook extension still mentions still refers to Thunderbird 3.0 which goes back to 2010. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mozilla_Thunderbird#Releases21:34
Maazinetpro: Got it, I'll tell Kilos on freenode21:34

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