viGtorhello, do you know if it's safe installing Ubuntu Tweak with Ubuntu Gnome Edition?00:02
lyndel_not sure anyoe else know?00:02
daftykinsthey would reply if they did00:02
lyndel_am sure they would00:02
viGtori mean, i'm not sure if it is Unity oriented00:03
viGtorok i got the answer, it is gnome-shell oriented00:05
viGtorjust if you want to know :)00:05
viGtorit's weird, in the past it was the first app i installed but i havent heard from it since long time00:06
Flannellyndel_: Alright.  Now, I need you to create a file in /etc/apt/preferences.d/ and paste the following into it: http://privatepaste.com/69ff9594d100:07
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Flannellyndel_: once you've saved that file, do the apt-cache policy again (and pastebin the output), so we can verify I typed everything correctly, then we should be ready to continue.00:07
lyndel_saved what file?00:08
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Flannellyndel_: Create a file in /etc/apt/preferences.d/  (so, lets say /etc/apt/preferences.d/no-ppa) paste the contents of the pastebin into the file, then save it.  (You'll need to use sudo)00:08
lyndel_am confused but ok00:09
Flannellyndel_: More explicitly, do this: `sudo touch /etc/apt/preferences.d/no-ppa && sudo nano /etc/apt/preferences.d/no-ppa` then copy/paste into the editor, then save (ctrl-O in nano), then exit (ctrl-X in nano).  Then let me know you've done that.00:09
lyndel_i done it00:12
lyndel_then now what to do?00:12
Flannellyndel_: Alright, now pastebin the apt-cache policy command again (the long one with the package names)00:13
lyndel_u mean run the command again then paste the output online?00:14
Flannellyndel_: Correct.00:15
lyndel_ok lol00:15
lyndel_thats it00:16
Flannellyndel_: Ok, can you please pastebin the output of `cat /etc/apt/preferences.d/no-ppa`?00:17
cgkadesanyone know anything about ubnutu core? reading the docs, i wasn't sure if it was hinting that i386 used grub and not u-boot. can i[356]86 use u-boot?00:18
cgkadesor.. does anyone have a good link to get core running on an 32 bit intel board?00:19
lyndel_sorry have no idea what core is00:22
cgkadeshttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Core if you're currious00:22
daftykinsmmm curry00:23
lyndel_lol  thanks haha00:23
bekkscgkades: "get core running"?00:23
cgkadesbekks, installed/running/working00:24
bekkscgkades: What is "core"?00:24
cgkadesbekks, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Core00:24
bekkscgkades: And whats the actual issue with that?00:24
cgkadesthe only guides are 1) for an arm board, and 2) not very clear. They downlaod things that have already been created without actually saying what they are or how they were created.00:25
Flannellyndel_: Can you please pastebin the output of `cat /etc/apt/preferences.d/no-ppa`?00:26
cgkadesi'm trying to use it on an intel board (Galileo), so there are obvious differences, and when they just download pre-created things. it's not helpful00:26
lyndel_its empty nothing shows00:27
lyndel_what to do?00:27
Flannellyndel_: Alright.  Sounds like we didn't correctly save that file.00:27
lyndel_did i have to close the no ppa file before using the command?00:27
Flannellyndel_: Right.00:27
lyndel_ok al do it lol00:28
Flannellyndel_: Close the file, then run the cat command again (to verify it saved properly), then run the apt-cache command (and pastebin it)00:28
lyndel_cat commmand shows nothing00:29
Flannellyndel_: Alright, then we didn't successfully save the file.00:29
lyndel_i thought it was file00:30
lyndel_run the commands again?00:31
lyndel_Vlannel what to do?00:33
Flannellyndel_: You need to put that information into the file.  I'm not sure what else to tell yuo to do.  `sudo touch /etc/apt/preferences.d/no-ppa` and then `sudo nano /etc/apt/preferences.d/no-ppa` should work, then you paste the contents in, save the file, etc.00:33
lyndel_u never told me to paste anything u told me to pastebin it which i did00:33
Flannellyndel_: Open the file (with the nano command), PASTE the contents of the pastebin I gave you (http://privatepaste.com/69ff9594d1) into said file, then save the file.00:34
lyndel_oh ok00:35
lyndel_ok i did it00:36
Flannellyndel_: Alright, now, try the cat command to verify the pastebin looks like the file.  Then pastebin the output of the apt-cache command (`apt-cache policy libglapi-mesa xserver-xorg-video-ati libxatracker1 libosmesa6 xserver-xorg-video-nouveau libgl1-mesa-dri libgl1-mesa-glx xserver-xorg-video-radeon xserver-xorg-video-intel`)00:37
lyndel_http://privatepaste.com/cd78d88314 thats it00:39
Flannellyndel_: Alright.  That looks good, but lets just double check.  Pastebin the output of `sudo apt-get --simulate dist-upgrade`00:41
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lyndel_http://privatepaste.com/310b5383c8 thats it00:43
Flannellyndel_: Looks good.  OK, now go ahead and do it for real: `sudo apt-get dist-upgrade`  and then we'll just need to remove that file we added (sudo rm /etc/apt/preferences.d/no-ppa)00:45
xanguawhat's this mess, can't you just use PPA purge¿00:46
lyndel_i tryed but it gives eeros00:46
Flannellyndel_: typed what?00:46
lyndel_when i did the purge command00:47
lyndel_so am trying this instead sudo apt-get dist-upgrade00:47
Flannellyndel_: and that gave you errors?00:47
lyndel_that was the first thing i did before coming to this channel rmemeber00:48
lyndel_now am doing what u said to do00:48
Flannellyndel_: right, and the dist-upgrade command gives you errors?00:48
lyndel_The following packages will be upgraded:00:49
lyndel_  winetricks00:49
lyndel_The following packages will be DOWNGRADED:00:49
lyndel_  libgl1-mesa-dri libgl1-mesa-glx libglapi-mesa libosmesa6 libxatracker100:49
lyndel_  xserver-xorg-video-ati xserver-xorg-video-intel xserver-xorg-video-nouveau00:49
lyndel_  xserver-xorg-video-radeon00:49
lyndel_flannel yes right?? http://privatepaste.com/de90916dbd00:51
Flannellyndel_: yes.00:51
Flannellyndel_: Then you just need to remove that file you added to /etc/apt/preferences.d/00:52
lyndel_woot its done00:53
lyndel_oh have to remove it00:53
lyndel_wait how to do it?00:53
Flannelsudo rm /etc/apt/preferences.d/no-ppa00:53
lyndel_sudo rm /etc/apt/preferences.d/no-ppa this?00:54
lyndel_i think it works how will i know tho? i got no output00:54
lyndel_cat cant find it00:55
lyndel_yep its removed00:55
lyndel_so now just reboot an everything will be ok then?00:55
Flannellyndel_: Now you're back on the repository versions of things, so yes, your reboot should be OK00:55
lyndel_ok brb man al let u know if anything went wrong ok00:56
lyndel_thanks again for all ur help man haha it was like magic with ur help00:56
Facu_Someone help me00:59
daftykinsyou have to ask a question with details first00:59
Facu_I installed Ubuntu GNOME 15.04 and it seems that it cannot detect my broadband usb connection01:00
Facu_what can I do?01:00
daftykinsFacu_: #ubuntu+1 for 15.04 talk since it's not out yet01:01
xangua!15.04 | Facu_01:01
ubottuFacu_: Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) will be the 22nd release of Ubuntu due for release in April 2015. Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1. For more info see the announcement at  http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/142501:01
Facu_Ok guys, thanks01:01
lyndel4am back01:01
lyndel4everything is fine01:02
lyndel4i have not tryed the game yet tho01:02
lyndel4Flannel what next do i have to do? is there anything more?01:03
Flannellyndel4: No, you're done.01:04
Flannellyndel4: back to before the PPA01:04
lyndel4thanks alot01:04
lyndel4so should i try the game now then?01:04
lyndel4Flannel so there is no official ppa with driver updates?01:07
lyndel4from ubuntu01:07
Flannellyndel4: No idea.01:07
lyndel4i see01:07
lyndel4thats fine lol :)01:07
xangualyndel4: every PPA is unnoficial01:08
xanguathat means you use it on your own risk, like you learned just now01:08
Facu_No one is in #ubuntu-101:10
yorwosguyz, what if a country's all agencies police,army,irs,etc. were all based on windows and suddenly the country decides to change everything to linux systems, how big compatibility problems do u expect to be met primarly with printing and maybe scanning ?01:11
xangua!ot | yorwos01:11
ubottuyorwos: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:11
yorwosum k thnx01:11
daftykinssounds like someones homework :>01:12
aeon-ltdyorwos: the answer is werewolf queen01:16
yorwoswhat's a werewolf queen heh01:18
yorwos!ot = out of topic ?01:22
ubottuyorwos: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:22
leaf1Anyone running crouton on chromeos?01:30
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jeffrey_fAt one time last week, I was able to connect to my other machine by name.  Now, I get "ssh: Could not resolve hostname jeff-pc: Name or service not known"01:36
jeffrey_fAt one time last week, I was able to connect to my other machine by name.  Now, I get "ssh: Could not resolve hostname jeff-pc: Name or service not known".  Any ideas?01:46
daftykinsyes, use IP01:46
daftykinsand consider setting it static if this is internal network usage01:47
psusijeffrey_f, did you have samba installed before and have since removed it?01:49
hkrrsxjeffrey_f: You could add a line to your /etc/hosts file pointing the hostname "jeff-pc" to the static IP of that machine01:50
hkrrsxSee #4 of that thread for an example01:51
yorwosare intel's microcode updates to cpu installed in ubuntu by default or should i manually install them ?01:51
ianorlinyorwos: they aren't installed by default also I think that only happens on the development version which is not supported01:52
daftykinsi was under the impression they were part of motherboard BIOSs only.01:55
aeon-ltdyorwos: #hardware might know more01:57
zutmeWould anyone be able to help me with an LVM problem?02:01
zutme]I had a drive totally fail, so I removed it from the computer and was unable to mount my logical volume. I looked around online and performed a vgreduce --removemissing --force to remove the pv. However now I can't see my logical volume anymore. How should I proceed?02:01
jeffrey_fI found it.  a few days ago I changed my DHCP for only IP and manually added for my DNS.  I intended to change it back, but was distracted at some point and forgot since everything else was working.........except, As I found out, local network name resolve.02:02
daftykinsjeffrey_f: ah yes that'll do it :)02:02
daftykinsGoogle DNS would indeed know nothing about your local network hosts02:03
jeffrey_fdaftykins: Indeed02:03
daftykinsif anyone was interested, i learnt from http://inertiawar.com/microcode/ that intel microcode updates are typically supplied via BIOS updates, but that 'modern OS kernels' can also update them, too02:19
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nonamehello here. anyone idea here how to setup a solid vpn connection for free02:32
nonameall good vpn services ask money for it02:38
pantatouh you could buy a vps and set up a vpn on it02:39
TrajanHello guys, how is it going?02:42
daftykinsTrajan: hi. support queries only please, chat in #ubuntu-offtopic02:43
TrajanI apologize. I am new to this.02:44
CptRageToasterTrajan: You're fine, what's up?02:45
CptRageToasterdid you have a problem or a question you wanted to ask?02:45
Facu_I have a problem with broadband connection on ubuntu gnome 15.0402:46
CptRageToasterFacu_: I think there's another channel for support about the latest release02:47
CptRageToasterFacu_: Try #ubuntu+102:47
CptRageToasterthere's a lot of unstable things... but it's in active development, you'll get better help there02:47
Facu_Let's see, thanks!02:47
SysAdmin7any1 need help02:57
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection02:58
SysAdmin7hmm, this channel seems to hav gon dead02:59
jason__that means all ubuntu users are currently satisfied02:59
SysAdmin7Gud answer03:00
CptRageToasteror they're all dead03:01
SysAdmin7Ah lol03:08
prototypejesusany sexy hoes up in her?03:14
aeon-ltdaww yeah check her out http://www.ruralking.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/0/0/005071623.jpg03:15
prototypejesusi just busted all over with that sexy ass hoe03:16
danielQue tal....03:18
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Guest38663Que tal...03:18
prototypejesusmy penis is erect03:20
verdePwait what channel is this?03:20
ianorlin !ops03:20
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang03:20
saraz3sI have ubuntu on one laptop. I had installed a lot of packages from various sources on the net. Now I jst bought another laptop. Is there anyway that I can transfer all the packages and settings to my new laptop. As in. I have no idea about the packages I installed or where I installed them from. Is there a easy way for me to redownload those exact packages onto my new laptop?03:31
daftykinscopy the content of /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ over, ensuring you're using the same version of ubuntu on both03:32
daftykinsafter that, you could use dpkg --get-selections to retrieve a list of packages installed.03:32
daftykinsi'm sure there are far better guides online though03:32
saraz3sI am sorry I am a newbie to ubuntu. So I have no idea where to start searching.03:32
CptRageToastersaraz3s: That's fine... do you get what daftykins was suggestion?03:33
CptRageToasterI can explain it otherwise03:33
saraz3sI don't know how to perform the commands that is all but I got the jist of it03:33
CptRageToasterI'm assuming you have two separate computers?03:34
CptRageToasterso, you have a bunch of text files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/03:34
CptRageToasterthey should all be owned by root:root03:35
CptRageToasteryou'll need to find a way to copy them over to the same location on the newish PC03:35
CptRageToasterstep 003:35
CptRageToasterare these the SAME ubuntu version?03:35
CptRageToasterok good03:35
CptRageToasterthen yeah, copy over those files... to a flash driver or something03:35
CptRageToasterdrive or something03:35
hkrrsxsaraz3s: Get a List of Installed Packages -- http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=26136603:36
CptRageToasteronce those have moved over, you'll need to run an "apt-get update" to let apt-get know you messed with the sources03:36
CptRageToasteronce you did that, then you need to reinstall everything ._.03:36
CptRageToasterthere apparently is a guide03:37
CptRageToasterto tell you what you installed on the old one03:37
CptRageToasterso, that guide03:37
CptRageToasterhas you create a file using the command : dpkg --get-selections > installed-software03:37
saraz3sohh okay03:37
CptRageToasterit takes the output of dpkg --get-selections, and dumps it into a file named "installed-software"03:37
legnbassI just installed ubuntuMATE and there's no sound after sleep. alsa force-reload doesn't fix it. Any ideas why?03:37
CptRageToasterstore THAT file on the flash drive too03:38
CptRageToasterthen, copy everything over to the new PC03:38
CptRageToasterand then, tell dpkg what files you want to install03:38
CptRageToasterby giving it the contents of your file03:38
CptRageToastersaraz3s: feel free to ask any other questions, lots of people here can help03:38
CptRageToasterI think I'm going to go to bed though03:38
CptRageToasterI've got the sleepies03:38
CptRageToasterany quick questions?03:38
saraz3sbtw CptRageToaster just one more doubt03:39
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saraz3sWhat if my ubuntu version is different03:39
saraz3sconsidering vivd is coming out03:39
CptRageToasterthen... your sources should NOT be copied03:39
saraz3sWill the same directions imply03:39
CptRageToastersadley, no03:39
saraz3sSo I would have to again use the  dpkg --get-selections03:39
saraz3sand then reinstall one by one03:39
CptRageToasterI think so...03:40
CptRageToasterthe packages may not be there03:40
daftykinsexcept you wouldn't be able to get them all because you might have some PPAs03:40
CptRageToasterthey may not have updated03:40
CptRageToasteror you might be missing a ppa as daftykins said03:40
CptRageToasteryou can get CLOSE03:40
saraz3sbut a lot of my packages are from many other ppas that I got from the net03:41
daftykinsif you pastebin one of the /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ files it might help me understand how they're made up03:41
saraz3sokay sure03:41
saraz3sjust give me a sec03:41
daftykinsback in the day, lines added to /etc/apt/sources.list would have the version after them that they offered packages for03:41
saraz3sjust one is enough?03:41
daftykinspossibly, try one of the .list ones i think they're named03:41
saraz3stnx  CptRageToaster. Gn :)03:42
CptRageToastergood luck!03:42
saraz3ssure daftykins. jam03:42
daftykinssaraz3s: use http://paste.ubuntu.com03:42
legnbassDoes anyone know how to kix audio bugs?03:42
hkrrsxsaraz3s: Here's another link that may be more applicable for you .... please read throughly as I have no experience with this software03:44
saraz3shttp://paste.ubuntu.com/10741629/  <- daftykins03:45
saraz3stnx hkrrsx I will check it out in a minute :)03:45
daftykinssaraz3s: yeah see it's got utopic in there, so you can use the links to remind yourself of what PPAs you've got added to look them up online to see if they offer vivid packages03:46
saraz3sohh. okay. Tnx daftykins :)03:46
saraz3stnx again hkrrsx seems like an easy soultion too03:47
hkrrsxsaraz3s: You're welcome03:47
daftykinsironically, that PPA backup program... is available from a PPA03:47
* daftykins head-scratches03:47
hkrrsxWill wonders never cease03:48
daftykinsi hope not :)03:49
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legnbassI am at my wit's end on an audio issue in ubuntu mate03:59
legnbasscan anyone help out?03:59
aeon-ltdlegnbass: if someone can, describing it would help04:03
legnbassBasically audio works fine on boot but goes out after suspend / resume04:04
legnbassI have tried alsa force-reload04:04
legnbassand I have tried killing pulseaudio and restarting04:04
aeon-ltdchecked for alsa muting?04:05
legnbassNot sure how04:06
legnbassI am in alsamixer now04:06
azizLIGHTwhat do you do when youre top panel has too many indicators on it and you cant see the menus no mo04:06
aeon-ltddoes it show MM highlighted ? try toggling it04:06
legnbassMaster is at 100 and auto-mute is disabled04:08
legnbassMM isn't highlighted anywhere04:09
hkrrsxlegnbass: I had a weird, similar issue to yours .... no sound and alsamixer showed the volume was all the way up, yet pavucontrol muted itself04:09
hkrrsxlegnbass: Is PulseAudio muted?04:09
legnbassI don't think pulse is muted04:10
legnbassi tried killing it04:10
daftykinsrestart the services04:10
legnbassThis is a fresh install too, so it's not some strange config file I've edited04:10
hkrrsxlegnbass: Neither was mine ...04:10
aeon-ltdsuspend hibernation has always been bad on linux04:10
aeon-ltdthough if you have an ssd, i would just sugest you shutdown and restart instead04:11
legnbassI do have an ssd lol04:11
legnbassservice restart pulseaudio didn't work either04:11
daftykinsdoes audio come back from restarting the entire desktop session?04:12
legnbassservice restart pulseaudio didn't work either /04:12
legnbassSorry you mean logging out or rebooting04:12
daftykinsswitching to TTY1, then restarting lightdm04:13
daftykinslog out and in may also be interesting04:13
legnbassnever tried that04:13
VENSAI really like ubuntu04:13
daftykinsthen do04:13
legnbassis lightdm just a service?04:13
legnbassI'll try the lightdm thing and logging out/in04:15
legnbassWill kick me from irc for a bit04:15
VENSAsamba has problems04:17
hkrrsx!details | VENSA04:18
ubottuVENSA: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)04:18
VENSAsometimes samba does not open04:18
legnbassRestarting lightdm did not fix it04:18
VENSAand I have to use the terminal to fix it04:18
legnbassnor did logging out04:19
hkrrsxlegnbass: Do you have sound right now, after freshly logging back in ?04:19
aombk i am installing an operating system inside virtualbox. the installation is stuck close to the end and i just see some network traffic for a while now. i run wireshark and try to trace the destination ips. but i wanted to ask. how safe is that? how much of the outside os can the os inside the virtualbox see? nobody in #vbox is replying and i dont know if it is better to stop the process. any opinions?04:19
daftykins"samba does not open" doesn't really make much sense, since it's a way of gaining access to network file shares, or sharing files04:19
daftykinsoh. user quit. how apt04:20
legnbassI do not04:20
legnbassSo far nothing has given me sound except rebooting once I sleep the laptop04:21
hkrrsxIs the pulseaudio process currently running?04:21
hkrrsxps aux | grep pulseaudio04:21
OerHeks aombk what os in virtualbox? what os as host?04:22
legnbassI have two pulseaudio PIDs when I do ps -d | grep pulseaudio04:22
OerHeksaombk, destination would be your virtual OS04:23
hkrrsxlegnbass: Run " grep RUN /etc/default/speech-dispatcher "04:23
hkrrsxDoes it return YES or NO ?04:23
daftykinslegnbass: well if you'll forgive the obvious suggestion then... don't use sleep04:23
aombkOerHeks, host os ubuntu, virtualbox os x04:24
aeon-ltdOSX works in a vm?04:24
legnbassOoh that command returned No04:25
daftykinsaeon-ltd: best to ask #vbox that04:25
aombkaeon-ltd, yes it does04:25
hkrrsxlegnbass: That's fine, the support articles suggest that should be set to NO04:25
aombkOerHeks, so what do you think?04:26
legnbasshkrrsx: ps aux shows a process started by my user and one started by the pulse user04:26
hkrrsxI wouldn't suspect that to be a problem04:27
OerHeksaombk, i know the UELA does not allow Virtualisation, other than on osx itself, but you want to know what traffic from what apple server?04:27
legnbassSo just curious, are there options for other states than sleep when closing a laptop?04:28
aombkOerHeks, but my question is general.  how much of the outside os do you think the os inside the virtualbox can see?04:29
hkrrsxlegnbass: Humor me ...  run " pavucontrol " and check the mute option for your sound output please04:29
hkrrsxI've seen a couple of instances where muting and then un-muting worked04:29
OerHeksaombk, so you encountered that osx can see vritualbox ?04:29
legnbassIt says pavucontrol isn't installed. Could that be the problem?04:30
hkrrsxI doubt it04:30
aombkOerHeks, i dont understand04:30
hkrrsxBasically, go into your Volume Settings and check for mute04:30
hkrrsxlegnbass: Here, check this out ...04:31
OerHeksaombk, any os can trigger the existence of beiing run in virtualbox04:32
legnbassNo mute anywhere in there04:32
hkrrsxOk, mute and then un-mute, if you would04:32
hkrrsxAlso, double check that the right output is set04:33
hkrrsxi.e. - Don't set to HDMI if you're using the standard analog output04:33
legnbassMuted and unmuted04:34
legnbassAlso made sure it is on built in audio speakers04:34
legnbassStill no sound04:34
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hkrrsxlegnbass: How are you testing your sound?04:35
legnbasschanging the volume usually makes a noise04:36
legnbassThere is also a test option in the volume control screen04:36
hkrrsxOk, run the test option04:36
legnbassneither produce sound. Nor do youtube videos etc.04:36
aombkOerHeks, yes but can it gain access to the outside os? i mean more than just do a portscan to the outside os and try a network attack of some kind. except the networking between the virtual and the host, is virtualbox considered safe?04:36
aombkexcept the networking between the virtual and the host, is virtualbox considered safe?04:37
hkrrsxlegnbass: Are there any errors in the logs?04:37
daftykinsaombk: again, i'd chat to them in their channel04:38
hkrrsxRun this: sudo grep -i pulse /var/log/messages04:38
OerHeksaombk, maybe, depends on the apple software in your case.04:38
aombkok thanks04:38
legnbassNo such file or directory04:39
legnbassMaybe systemd puts things in a different place04:39
legnbassThat does seem strange04:40
hkrrsxEven still, you should have a /var/log/messages04:40
hkrrsxCare to pastebin your /var/log directory ?04:40
hkrrsxAlternatively, you could run " sudo journalctl | grep pulseaudio "04:41
legnbassI have syslog04:42
hkrrsxOk, " sudo grep -i pulse /var/log/syslog "04:43
legnbassIs journalctl in the apt repo? I don't have that and there's no suggestion04:43
hkrrsxNo, journalctl is part of systemd04:43
hkrrsxIt's essentially the same thing as " less /var/log/syslog "04:43
hkrrsxIt'll come to you in 15.04 probably04:43
legnbassSo there are errors in syslog04:44
legnbassFailed to create sink04:44
legnbassAlso PCM device busy04:44
hkrrsxWould the time on that "failed to create sink" error be right after you brought the system up from sleep ?04:45
legnbassAnd there is at least one message about running pulseaudio in system mode, although I am not doing that04:45
legnbassI'll sleep it now and look for new errors04:45
legnbassThey might be. Nothing new showed up after sleeping just now04:47
hkrrsxPerhaps look again after a fresh reboot and the sound is working04:48
hkrrsxYou said the sound is currently NOT working04:48
hkrrsxAnd the problem is the sound stops after coming back up from sleep04:48
hkrrsxBut the sound is working prior to putting the machine into sleep04:48
hkrrsxlegnbass: The only other thing that support research is suggesting is to run the " sudo alsa force-reload "04:49
legnbassYeah, sudo alsa force-reload was the first thing I tried. It didn't help either04:49
hkrrsxHow about " sudo service pulseaudio restart "04:49
legnbassI'll reboot and check the log after a sleep then04:49
legnbassyeah tried restarting the pulseaudio service earlier04:50
hkrrsxlegnbass: OK, then I'm out of options04:50
legnbassThat was since I've been here chatting04:50
ksmithHi. I'm miserably failing to make echo -e '\a' output some sound to the speaker. I've tried this https://askubuntu.com/questions/228096/terminal-bell-doesnt-ring and this http://www.richud.com/wiki/Ubutu_Beep_Audible_Bell_Ping_Fix04:50
legnbassYeah me too lol. Really annoying bug04:50
hkrrsxSorry man04:50
daftykinsyou'd have to do alsa and pulseaudio together in the right order, no?04:50
legnbassLike kill pulse, reload alsa then strt pulse?04:51
daftykinsi don't know04:51
saraz3sHey guys I have a doubt about the additional drivers on ubuntu. I have a Nvidia gefore 105M. Which one of the following proprietor y drivers should I be using? 1) using Nvidia binary driver version 331.113 from nvidia-331 2) Using Nvidia legacy binary driver version 304.125 from nvidia-304 3) Using Nvidia legacy binary driver version 304.125 from nvidia-304-updates 4) Using Nvidia binary driver - version 331.113 from nvidia-331-updates 5) Using X.org04:51
saraz3sserver - Nouveau. First of all I would like to know which one to use. Second if you could tell what are these? howare they different or just guide me with a link regarding this. Sorry to burden u but I am a newbie04:51
daftykinssaraz3s: "lspci | pastebinit" please04:52
saraz3ssorry I didn't get u? lspci?04:52
ksmithI've set the dconf-editor config, the gnome-terminal config, ran pactl, ran xset b 100, and virtually everything I could find with googling. I still can't hear anything04:52
daftykinssaraz3s: yeah run it please04:52
saraz3son my terminal?04:53
saraz3slspci | pastebinit04:53
ksmithI also tried unity-control-center sound -> sound effects and set the alert volume to 100% which made no difference04:53
OerHekssaraz3s, easy, try the highest. if it does not work, that same menu shows 'not in use' then choose one version lower04:54
OerHeksno need to reboot04:54
saraz3soh. Okay tnx OerHeks04:54
daftykinserr, if one won't work - X won't start04:55
daftykinswe need to know what exact hardware is in use.04:55
saraz3sThe first one works fine04:55
aliman_hi guys, can you pls tell me any usefull app for ubuntu gnome?04:56
saraz3sBut ever since I have used it the boot time is like crazy long. Its taking a loong time. Its keeps showin the dash and after about 5 mins the Nvidia logo appears. Thats the reason I asked04:56
daftykinssaraz3s: yeah i would still find it relevant to see the output of "lspci"04:56
daftykinswhich is why i opened with that :)04:57
saraz3sI typed it but it doesn't show anything04:57
saraz3stells pastebin isn't installed or something like that04:57
legnbasssaraz3s: My laptop would not boot at all with noveau. I had to install nvidia-current04:57
saraz3snvidia current?04:57
f0xtr0t-qwerty-khi guys :D04:58
saraz3sI have only legcy binary04:58
saraz3sand some nouveau04:58
daftykinssaraz3s: yes you need to install pastebinit first.04:58
saraz3sinstalling jam04:58
daftykinsi tend not to include that instruction because the error tends to say it's not installed :)04:58
legnbassjust a minute I think04:59
daftykinsoh. novel TLA04:59
saraz3sJam- just a minute04:59
daftykinsthat's a new one on me04:59
daftykinsah, nvidia quadro05:01
=== `hypermist` is now known as sleepypc
daftykinsit's a more workstation class of graphics chip05:02
saraz3sas in? Could u make urself more clear? How did u gather that from some seemingly crazy messages?05:03
aliman_does anyone knows how to install skype on ubuntu gnome? it seems that the command that i used on unity ain't work here05:03
daftykinsyeah hang on, got chocolate on my fingers :D05:03
OerHeksaliman_, make sure you enable partner repo first05:04
aliman_1. sudo dpkg --add-architecture i38605:05
aliman_2. sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner"05:05
aliman_3. sudo apt-get update05:05
aliman_4. sudo apt-get install skype05:05
aliman_these are not working on gnome05:05
OerHekswhy dpkg --add-architecture i386 ?05:05
daftykinsaliman_: "sudo apt-get install skype" done.05:05
aliman_should be anything else?05:05
OerHeksjust enable partner repo, reload, and install wine from the softwarecenter05:05
OerHekserr skype05:06
daftykinssaraz3s: so you see the nvidia device on line 20? i googled G98M which is a model name, basically.05:06
aliman_if architecture i386 is not good how do i make it disappear?does it harm the system?05:07
lotuspsychjegood morning to all05:08
daftykinssaraz3s: hmm, so slow bootup you say - this is a laptop correct?05:08
OerHeksaliman_, removing i386 means reinstall, as ubuntu is multiarch already05:08
aliman_i enabled the repo and it tells me could not find skype package05:08
daftykinslotuspsychje: heya!05:08
OerHekshi lotuspsychje05:08
saraz3syes it05:08
saraz3s*yes it is05:08
lotuspsychjehi daftykins and OerHeks :p05:08
aliman_so there is no problem if i used that i386 command?05:09
daftykinssaraz3s: do you know if the hard disk light stays on solidly whilst the delay is going on, before X comes up?05:09
OerHeksaliman_, maybe there is a problem yes, not sure what guide you followed, must be very old05:09
saraz3swoooow now that is too technical. wait. hard lisk light on solidity? What X comes up? sorry to bother so much but I am not too tech savvy either. I apologize.05:10
aliman_i have gnome 14.04 lts now should i put 14.10?05:11
daftykinssaraz3s: so there's a delay before you see the nvidia logo - and so before the GUI is there... you're familiar with how the hard disk LED on your laptop refers to how busy the hard disk is?05:11
lotuspsychjealiman_: 14.04 is long time support, thats your choice05:11
saraz3ssadly no05:11
saraz3sohhhh wait. got it. Damn. Yes. I glows.  flickers. whatever but it does show that its being read05:12
daftykinssaraz3s: yep so if it were illuminated during that delay, it might suggest the hard disk is working busily - otherwise, the system may be stuck on something05:13
saraz3sIt never used to be like this before05:13
saraz3sUntil I changed it from X.Org to the topmost driver05:13
daftykinssaraz3s: one thing i always like to do though is have people confirm their hard disk is healthy, as it's so easy to do... so if you'd like to run "sudo apt-get install smartmontools" (software to look at the hard disk health) and then "sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda | pastebinit"05:13
saraz3shere daftykins -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/10741985/05:16
daftykinssaraz3s: ok, and we could also look at the system log to see if there are any hints as to why the graphics driver delays there... "dmesg > ~/file && pastebinit ~/file"05:18
saraz3sbro how the hell do u know so much? Can u give some tips, blogs, books to learn more about all this?05:20
daftykinssaraz3s: hrmm, hard to say really. i live hardware and have done for 20 odd years now05:21
daftykinsmostly self taught05:21
lotuspsychje!manual | saraz3s05:21
ubottusaraz3s: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/05:21
lotuspsychjesaraz3s: and read here in chat for several years and learn :p05:22
saraz3sHow do I store or log what is going on in the this channel?05:22
lotuspsychje!log | saraz3s05:22
ubottusaraz3s: Official channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too.05:22
daftykinssaraz3s: anywho there's no clue as to why the driver is slow in there at least - there are a couple of errors on the hard disk but it looks mostly healthy really - nothing to worry about i think. that HP DV4 looks pretty old so i wouldn't think there's much benefit to using the nvidia proprietary driver over the nouveau open source, unless you have problems05:22
saraz3soh. Okay. Tnx a lot :)05:23
daftykinsno problemo05:24
saraz3sbtw lotuspsychje what about other channels? Is there one way to store logs of different channels or should I ask each one of thema bout it05:24
daftykinsmany of the Ubuntu channels are publically logged05:24
lotuspsychjesaraz3s: you can use xchat and read your xchat logs too05:24
saraz3sI use hexchat05:25
homehi people05:25
saraz3sHow can I log from hexchat?05:25
daftykinshome: hi05:25
lotuspsychjesaraz3s: maybe the #hexchat guys know?05:25
saraz3shmm tnx :)05:25
daftykinssaraz3s: do you have a backup setup by the way?05:26
daftykinsas in, do you backup your data off of that laptop?05:26
OerHekssaraz3s, settings > preferences > logging05:27
OerHekssame place as xchat05:27
OerHekselse this channel is logged too05:27
saraz3soh tnx :)05:27
saraz3sbackup setup05:27
saraz3sI used this aptik05:28
saraz3sto back up ppas and settings05:28
daftykinssaraz3s: nah but for your personal data, everything stored in /home05:28
saraz3syup. I do that05:28
daftykinsah good stuff05:29
daftykinslooking closer i would be a little wary of that hard disk, quite the old system that though!05:29
chokiubuntu is great!05:33
stanmcm<3 ubuntu!05:34
kWO901where could i ask info about brute-force?05:46
daftykinsif you mean attacks, not on freenode05:47
kWO901where could i rent a linux terminal from?06:02
ShutemDownkWO901, .....06:04
ShutemDownGo to koding.com and you can get one free06:04
OerHeksrenting hardware is beyond the scope of this channel, kWO90106:05
skcin7Ok so I have a file called 'wallet.dat'06:12
=== joshua__ is now known as psyrus
skcin7When I do "sudo updatedb", then followed by "sudo locate wallet.dat", no file is found, but it's definitely there.06:12
psyrushey ya'll when someone gets a chance can they tell me how to resture my grub into my master boot record ?06:13
skcin7Any ideas why the file wouldn't be found using the 'locate' tool when it's obviously there?06:13
psyrusi'm on ubuntu's live cd06:13
kWO901ShutemDown: can i ssh and run apps on their machine?06:14
psyrusuh oh...06:15
psyruswhat does ssh mean?06:15
ianorlinmax_360: this isn't one of the channels for that06:20
=== AlphaTech is now known as zz_AlphaTech
psyrusi'm real tired it's so late and I wanna get my computer working again can someone plaese tell me I forgot how to do this it's been a while06:26
psyrusall these people ... no one wan'ts to help ...06:27
cfhowlettpsyrus, no details = no answers06:27
psyrushowever it's spelled.06:27
psyrusI just wanna restore grub on my master boot record (MBR)06:27
psyrusi am in ubuntu right now06:27
cfhowlett!grub | psyrus06:27
ubottupsyrus: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub206:27
psyrusi can access the shell06:27
=== ubik is now known as Guest8509
psyrusookay thankyou cfhowlett06:28
cfhowlettpsyrus, happy2help!06:28
psyrusi'm not  usually lazy I'm just really tired I've been up since early this morning and I am supposed to be in bed right now06:28
psyrusHappy Easter Ya'll too .. thanks :)06:30
=== sleepypc is now known as `hypermist`
cukenIs there a walk through resource for modifying a header file in the kernal an recompiling just that module?07:00
farzeenI had set the environment variable http_proxy in some startup script. I forgot which one it was. Is there any way to find out and unset it?07:01
daftykinsecho it.07:02
EriC^^daftykins: i think farzeen means he doesn't know where it is anymore07:02
EriC^^like which file he put it in07:02
daftykinsah i see07:02
daftykinsit's these tired eyes :>07:03
cfhowlettcuken, probably.  ask ##linux07:03
cukenFarzeen, you can search for the text07:03
cukenwhat type of script file did you make?07:03
EriC^^farzeen: do grep -r "http_proxy" ~07:04
cukenyep that's what I was going to suggest07:04
farzeenthanks EriC^^07:04
daftykinsit's probably in a system file though right?07:04
EriC^^it's probably in .profile or a ~/.config/autostart file07:04
cukengrep --inclue=\*.{FILETYPE} will sped it up07:05
EriC^^i think07:05
farzeennot in autostart07:05
cukenI'm in way over my head trying to fix a header file for the usbkeyboard powling rate07:06
farzeenEven after I set direct connection in Preferences->Network of Synaptic, it still seem to follow http_proxy variable and fails the download as the proxy no longer exist07:08
cukenJust hardset your variable to null?07:08
EriC^^did you use gsettings to change it maybe?07:08
farzeenmay be!07:09
aliman_i need some help plz07:09
farzeenEriC^^, do you know where are proxy settings stored in gsettings?07:09
EriC^^farzeen: go to settings > network > proxy07:10
Blue1!help | blue107:10
ubottuBlue1, please see my private message07:10
aliman_i want to uninstall hexchat and erase all the settings ive made to it. but i uninstall it and when i install back the settings are still there07:11
EriC^^aliman_: you need to remove its config file from your home dir07:11
farzeenEriC^^, in ubuntu settings? It is set to none07:11
cfhowlettaliman, delete the configuration file in your /home07:11
farzeenI use Ubuntu gnome07:11
Blue1aliman_: find the configuration file and delete it07:11
cfhowlettaliman, /home/username/.config/hexchat07:12
Blue1thanks cfhowlett07:12
cfhowlettBlue1, happy2help!07:12
EriC^^farzeen: ok, try grep -r "http_proxy" /etc07:12
Blue1I was just going to type that when you did.07:12
Blue1nytol -- off to bed - a blessed Easter07:15
farzeenEriC^^, shall I sudo? that one prints out lots of 'Permission Denied'07:15
EriC^^farzeen: yeah why not07:15
farzeenhey, that one finished pretty fast. but.. no luck :(07:16
farzeenthe search in home finished too.. no positive results07:16
farzeenI doubt it is gsettings07:17
daftykinshow about: sudo grep -ir "proxy" /07:17
daftykinsthat's the shotgun approach07:17
farzeenthat's gonna take too long.. isn't it?07:18
daftykinsdepends, are you on a 486 with tape drives?07:18
farzeenI'm on a 500G SATA07:18
farzeenbut I'm afraid it will take too long.. say 1 hour or so to finish07:19
=== ubik is now known as Guest54580
daftykinswell you can mess with the path still07:19
dtscodehow can i set the tabsize for vim?07:19
=== valter is now known as Guest16138
EriC^^farzeen: how long ago did you set the proxy?07:20
EriC^^farzeen: ?07:28
C0r3Hey... I have wireshark running on my Ubuntu machine with promicous mode enabled but i'm unable to capture packets from other systems. What do I do now?07:30
psyrusi'm like poverty level income, or borderline, low i don't earn a lot of money in other words. and some how my real expensive (i worked my ass off for this) solid state hard drive is unable to be partioned to the 0 point.07:30
psyrusit says free space preceeding , 1 mib07:30
psyruswhy is that?07:30
psyrushow come i cant get it to 007:31
psyrusit wont let me install grub07:31
daftykinswhat you said makes zero sense.07:31
psyruslemmi start from the begining07:32
psyrusi have GParted open right now07:32
daftykinsit doesn't matter if the first partition wants a 1MB gap, you should be 4K aligning your partitions anyway07:32
psyrusokay , and i wanna make a whole brand new partition with grub as my boot loader07:32
psyrusthere is no allignment07:32
psyrusit's a solid state drive07:33
psyrusflash drive07:33
daftykinsC0r3: that's not how wireshark works :) it's only going to show you local traffic unless you perform some other action to make all the traffic go via your system...07:33
EriC^^psyrus: what are you trying to do?07:33
psyrusno cylinders no heasd07:33
daftykinspsyrus: wrong. they need 4KB alignment.07:33
psyrusi don't know what that means07:33
psyrusgparted says it needs 1 mib of freespace preceeding my partition table07:33
psyrusi dunno what 1 mib is07:34
psyrusis that one megabit ?07:34
psyrusor 1 megabyte?07:34
daftykinsa mibibyte07:34
htqpmibibyte = 1024^307:34
psyrusso i need to makae it at least 4 k?07:34
psyruslike 4 mibs ?07:34
htqpno, you want 1MiB07:34
daftykinswhy are you not just letting ubuntu's installer do this? :)07:34
psyruswhy isn't grubgetting installed then I07:34
psyrusi did!!07:35
psyrusand when i restart the gcomputer07:35
EriC^^htqp: don't you mean 1024^2 ?07:35
psyruswith the disc out of the drive07:35
daftykinswell start from the start and explain on one line what's going on.07:35
htqpyes, ^2 sorry.07:35
psyrusit brings me to this grub rescue thing or somethinh07:35
daftykinsyou put GRUB on the wrong disk.07:35
daftykinslikely your install media was sda at boot perhaps.07:35
psyrusi have a ubutu cd07:36
psyrusi wanna just getmy computer running again some how without having to run of a dics07:36
psyrusa dvd i mean07:36
psyrusiim really tired and so mad right now it s horrible07:36
daftykinsthis is a sign that you should go to sleep and start afresh tomorrow.07:36
C0r3daftykins: I thought we can sniff data with the help of wireshark07:37
psyrusi cant07:37
psyrusi can't sleep with my computer the way it is this is my life!! you dont understand it's all i have07:37
daftykinsC0r3: yes, but it doesn't suddenly send everyones data via your PC :)07:37
daftykinspsyrus: i understand you're being overdramatic and ridiculous.07:37
agent_whiteThose problems are the most fun to solve :)07:37
C0r3daftykins: I just want to sniff the packets in between. How do I do it?07:38
daftykinsC0r3: now, if this PC were a router that all the traffic was going via - you'd see everything. but if it's just a client on the network, it'll only see its' own.07:38
psyrustoday is Easter i have to be at church for a long time today.07:38
daftykinsC0r3: sorry, such things can often be nefarious activity - so i can't help you with this task.07:38
psyrusthis is ithe only time I can do this07:38
agent_whiteC0r3: How is your machine tied into the network?07:38
psyrusit's too late ..07:38
psyrusnever mind07:39
daftykinsthen go to church, people are more important than a few hours without a bootable PC.07:39
psyrusgood night you guys ...07:39
agent_whiteC0r3: Directly to a router? Or a switch? etc...07:39
C0r3agent_white: I'm connected to a wifi hotspot.07:40
daftykinsyep, definitely some malicious potential here.07:40
daftykinsi wouldn't recommend helping any further on this one.07:40
C0r3agent_white: Basically we have broadcast messages in 802.11 so isn't it obvious to sniff the data?07:40
maziarwhat is this error for : "SSL: error:1408B010:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_CLIENT_KEY_EXCHANGE:EC lib)" on debian nginx07:42
agent_whitedaftykins: True, but I'll bite.07:42
maziarwhat is this error for : "SSL: error:1408B010:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_CLIENT_KEY_EXCHANGE:EC lib)" on debian nginx07:44
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/07:44
agent_whiteC0r3: You need to research the multiple ways of tapping into a network, or where/how you should place your sniffer. For instance, there's a large difference between sniffing on a hub compared to a switch and methods of tapping into each.07:44
agent_whiteC0r3: Maybe you need to look into techniques and how they work... port mirroring/hubbing out/tapping/ARP poisoning... etc.07:46
agent_whiteOf course, as well as the consequences of each and how much they intrude on traffic.07:46
cmannsA few questions- easy to change "ubuntu's07:48
cmannsgnome/kde, etc- if I want to use Steam what is best distro, and can I install ubuntu on ZFS through the install wizard or complications07:48
cmannsSorry accidentally entered ^_^07:48
daftykinsit doesn't matter - and ZFS doesn't make any sense for a gaming system07:49
cmannsJust for testing07:50
daftykinsi think if you want to make use of ZFS, it is supported better on other OSs07:50
cmannsthanks :D07:53
C0r3agent_white: Alright...07:54
agent_whiteC0r3: Learning about those would be to your benefit.07:57
C0r3agent_white: Well I was trying to write a python script for dns spoofing...07:58
daftykinsthat's not gonna work.07:59
kryptonicwow its been forever since ive used irc....brings back some good memories from my teenage years tho lol07:59
Virusupjest tu kto?08:00
ubottuNa tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.08:01
cfhowlettVirusup, english only08:01
farzeensorry EriC^^, I was a b08:01
kryptonici wish i could remember what service i used to go on...i wonder if any of the same people are still on there08:01
farzeenI was away from the computer*08:01
EriC^^farzeen: np08:02
EriC^^farzeen: any progress?08:02
farzeenIt was 5-6 months ago I set up the proxy EriC^^. It is a squid caching proxy, because I am on low bandwidth 2G mobile internet08:02
farzeenthe `grep -ir "proxy" /` is still running08:03
farzeenI added unset http_proxy in .bashrc as a workaround. Synaptic started to work08:03
geirhafarzeen: That grep will probably hit a special file and hang waiting for opening it08:08
EriC^^farzeen: try history | grep -A10 proxy08:09
EriC^^farzeen: * -C1008:09
farzeengeirha. it did right now!08:10
EriC^^illuminati confirmed :P08:10
farzeenit messed up with some files in proc08:10
geirhafind / -xdev -type f -exec grep -i proxy {} +08:11
geirhaI don't know what the actual problem is though08:12
geirhaah, find where http_proxy is being set.  Then you can limit your search to /etc and "$HOME"08:14
maziardoes any body know aboout this error routines:SSL3_GET_CLIENT_KEY_EXCHANGE08:15
geirhaProbably in .profile or .pam_environment08:16
farzeenEriC^^, history doesnot work. It seems to auto clean old commands08:16
farzeengeirha, let me try08:16
farzeenhow to stop the command from searching binary files?08:16
geirhafarzeen: by default, grep bails out of the file when it detects it being binary08:17
=== Amr_ is now known as 6JTAAT5TQ
EriC^^farzeen: check if it's system-wide first maybe, try sudo login <user> then echo $http_proxy08:22
EriC^^if you have another user on the system08:23
farzeeni don't have another user, I guess08:24
EriC^^farzeen: if you want you can create one easily and then remove, sudo useradd -m bla , sudo userdel -r bla08:24
EriC^^you'll need to do sudo passwd bla after you create the use08:25
farzeenDoes every ubuntu have an extra user called 'root ' ?08:25
farzeenlike Administrator for windows?08:25
EriC^^farzeen: yeah, it's disabled though08:25
farzeensu root did not work. but sudo su root worked when i supplied my own password, not root's password :)08:26
cfhowlett!root | farzeen08:27
ubottufarzeen: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo08:27
geirhaif it's system-wide, the guest user would get it too08:27
farzeenrunning `echo $http_proxy` after `sudo su root` gives empty result08:28
go_awayBorn: 10/5/196908:29
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nikogo_away: that may end badly08:29
farzeenEriC^^, how do I run `echo $http_proxy` as the user I just created using sudo useradd08:30
EriC^^farzeen: sudo login <user>08:30
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go_awayIt is exponent more prefer to IS.08:30
EriC^^then type the password you set in sudo passwd <user>08:30
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researcher1what comand line can help me know the RAM on my OS08:31
cfhowlettresearcher1, free IIRC08:31
farzeenconfirmed. $http_proxy is not set system wide08:31
hellyeahi got this error You don't have permission to access from apache but everything prperly set and i own the files but still got this error any ideas?08:32
researcher1cfhowlett: thanks08:32
cfhowlettresearcher1, happy2help!08:32
hellyeahi can open the files but not this pls help08:34
daftykins!details | hellyeah08:36
ubottuhellyeah: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)08:36
geirhasudo -u user -i   will also log in as that user; but using current user's password08:36
hellyeahi have a file i try to access when i try to access those file i got  forbidden error08:37
hellyeahbut i can access info.php08:37
daftykinshellyeah: "ls -al /path/where/files/are/" and state what user apache is running as08:38
maziarhow to generate SSL with sha-2 ?08:38
hellyeahdaftykins:  it is www-data08:39
daftykinshellyeah: and pastebin of the above08:39
daftykinshellyeah: er, you posted it yet? http://paste.ubuntu.com is good...08:45
hellyeahsure just a sec08:45
hellyeahdo you want me to paste all the files08:45
hellyeahfiles under the folders?08:46
hellyeahsorry for enter08:46
daftykins"ls -al /the/document/root/where/the/files/are/you/get/errors/with/08:46
bagginsDKHello guys! I would like to know how can i create shortcuts on Desktop?08:46
EriC^^bagginsDK: you need to create a .desktop file in /usr/share/applications08:46
hellyeahi guess i fixed the error i changed the owner and group of some files to www-data08:47
hellyeahbut noy i got nothing just a blank page08:48
bagginsDKEriC^^, you mean i must create a .desktop file for each shorcut?08:48
EriC^^bagginsDK: if it's a custom shortcut, yes, if it's already in /usr/share/applications then just drag and drop it to the desktop from the dash08:48
EriC^^err, /usr/share/applications dir08:48
bitnumus_Hi, how can i completely uninstall a driver in ubuntu? I'm trying to update/fix a broken wifi driver and i want to completely remove the module from kernel. I've unloaded it using modprobe -r but want all files removed08:54
daftykinsblacklist it, not remove08:54
bitnumus_daftykins: i want to remove it08:54
daftykinsi am suggesting the more likely approach :)08:55
bitnumus_i'm struggling to know if certain files are being updated/removed, the new driver i'm trying might overwrite some but not all files etc so i want to remove them all and start fresh08:55
bitnumus_i've tried blacklisting its not what i want to do08:55
bitnumus_the driver i want to use has the same name, so thats totally pointless?08:56
bitnumus_everyone keeps telling me to blacklist it, but then the new driver wont work....08:56
daftykinsdepends where the original came from08:56
bitnumus_daftykins: i appreciate the comment but i don't want to blacklist it, i wantw to remove it, do you know how ?08:57
daftykinsthere's not really a full enough picture here08:57
daftykinsbut nm i gotta run08:57
bitnumus_lol, typical :)08:57
daftykinswell it is 10am08:58
EriC^^happy holidays daftykins :)08:58
daftykinsty sir!08:58
daftykinsand to thee08:58
bitnumus_it is 10am, and i need this fixed before work tomorrow, i don't intend nor wish to be doing this all day!08:58
daftykinsi wouldn't recommend trying to pass on your urgency of the task to volunteers :)08:59
bitnumus_Hi EriC^^ , mind taking over ?08:59
bitnumus_daftykins: i'm not asking for debugging and such, thought removing a driver process would be trivial, but google seems like a wild goose chase for what should be a standard task ? :S08:59
bitnumus_i can unload and delete all files in modules for the driver, and /lib/firmware, just want to be sure this is enough09:00
bitnumus_Ok, another quesiton then. I have two sets of interfaces for wifi wlan0 and wlan1, how can i remove wlan1 ?09:07
hiexpobitnumus, why you want to remove it09:13
hiexpobitnumus, is wlan1 a usb wifi card?09:14
AmrRahmyUbuntuUscan I ask about ubuntu development here?09:15
cfhowlett!contribute | AmrRahmyUbuntuUs09:15
ubottuAmrRahmyUbuntuUs: To contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://community.ubuntu.com and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu09:15
cfhowlett!development | AmrRahmyUbuntuUs09:15
ubottuAmrRahmyUbuntuUs: Interested in becoming an Ubuntu Developer? Get started here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment09:15
AmrRahmyUbuntuUsI wanted to ask a few questions about embedded development using ubuntu09:16
cfhowlettAmrRahmyUbuntuUs, !ubuntu-dev is their channel iirc09:17
AmrRahmyUbuntuUsthank you.09:17
AmrRahmyUbuntuUs#ubuntu-dev is empty at the moment.09:20
froyoI need help of using Ubuntu SDK, how to build package?09:20
Wulffroyo: what is "ubuntu sdk" and what package do you wanna build?09:21
froyoUbuntu SDK for Ubuntu Touch09:21
froyoI just wanna build a simple hello world program using C/C++ tweaks09:21
cfhowlettfroyo, ask in the !ubuntu-touch09:21
froyoOh...there is irc for it? Thanks :D09:22
cfhowlett!touch | froyo09:22
ubottufroyo: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch09:22
johnjaI'm having some difficulty upgrading from Ubuntu 14.04 to 14.10.09:25
johnjaThe trouble seems to start with:09:25
froyoI also have a problem...can I ask about how to disable Startx and re-use the default window settings?09:26
johnjaSetting up sysv-rc (2.88dsf-41ubuntu18) ...09:26
johnjainfo: Reordering boot system, log to /var/lib/insserv/run-20150405T0522.log09:26
johnjaerror: Something failed while migrating.09:26
antcha76Hello everyone, I have a slight inconvenience with Ubuntu 14.04.0209:26
froyoJohnja..you wanna test the experimental release? Why?09:27
johnjaThe log file is only 7 lines:09:27
Donald_Pi_raspgreetings everyone09:27
froyoHi Donald_Pi_rasp09:27
antcha76I'm currently unable to run twice an application, ie. get two instances and two windows09:27
johnjafroyo, how is 14.10 experimental?09:27
cfhowlettit's absolutely NOT experimental!09:28
froyoI gonna say it's for 9 months (in my opinion..it's experimental for next release)09:28
froyosince Vivid need our help! :O09:28
antcha76Is there any way I can force to run more than once?09:29
cfhowlettfroyo, eh, no.09:29
froyokeyword = opinion09:29
MonkeyDustfroyo  you mean the in-between-versions, between LTS's?09:29
froyoYes...but UU version still need to be use and tested.09:30
johnjawell, I'm no longer sure I _really_ want 14.10, but I think that I don't have a roking 14.10 or 14.04 right now.09:30
froyosince it's important for future release, right?09:30
froyojohnja, you do fresh install.09:31
ioriaantcha76, you mean that, for example, you cannot run two terminal windows ?09:31
antcha76ioria, kind of, yeah.09:31
johnjathere's got to be a better way than a fresh install.09:31
antcha76Instead of a terminal it's a game I'm working on09:32
froyojohnja, there is...but recommended to fresh install (always backup your work and files)09:32
antcha76It worked fine until yesterday09:32
ioriaantcha76,  you  did a normal desktop installation of  ubu ?09:32
antcha76I tweaked it quite a lot09:32
froyoantchar76, can I help too ? :D09:32
antcha76a theme "Zukitwo" and a Plank dock09:33
ioriaantcha76,  open  xterm and type xterm &09:33
antcha76froyo, any help is appreciated :-)09:33
froyoantcha76, I'm not an advance user (but I'm developing for it, trying), so I try to help...something that I know i could.09:34
antcha76if it helps, it's a Adobe AIR application09:34
froyoSo, do you use Gnome shell?09:34
antcha76no Unity09:34
froyoGnome terminal/console*09:35
johnjaI don't think i'm prepared to do a fresh install.  The very concept scares the <censored> out of me.09:35
antcha76oh right, i'm using Gnome-terminal yes09:35
froyojohnja, why?09:35
antcha76I can run it twice without problem09:35
antcha76it's just that particular game i'm developing that stopped to run twice09:36
froyodeveloping a game?09:36
ioriaantcha76,  that's  another story09:36
antcha76it's really important that i run it twice since it's an online RPG09:36
antcha76i think it's GTK messing up09:36
antcha76and noticing that i already ran it once09:37
antcha76and don't want any more instances09:37
froyoI gonna try ls -a and find the settings of the tweak I done.09:37
antcha76but well i really don't know what i'm talking about...09:37
johnjafroyo I've been on the same install since ubuntu 8.10 with incremental upgrades and adding cruft..... If I do a fresh install there's going to be a lot of stuff I'm used to missing and I won't know how to get it back.09:37
antcha76i tried to google the problem without success09:38
antcha76i guess i'll just wrap it up in a wine instance until it works again09:39
froyoJohnja, I only can give advice..and I'm not a kernel developer...I only help till here..sorry :(09:39
froyoantcha76,  I still don't understand what is your situation right now.09:39
antcha76I have that game09:39
antcha76I'm developing09:40
antcha76it's an online RPG09:40
antcha76until yesterday I would spawn multiple windows of it09:40
antcha76then this morning everything stopped working09:40
antcha76well, not everything, the game is still working you know09:40
froyoSo, what's the problem? The terminal? or the game?09:40
antcha76but i can't launch the window more than once09:41
antcha76the game09:41
antcha76that i spawn from the terminal09:41
GuidovanPossumhello, recently installed a gpu and followed the guide and everything worked fine with ubuntu, I also had a copy of debain jessie that booted separately from another drive09:41
froyoThat's probably something wrong with your game, not the terminal. I gonna try in launch it in VM for testing.09:41
froyoor do you have done any tweaks recently?09:42
GuidovanPossumwhen I tried to upgrade the drivers for the jessie drive it failed, and also the drivers for the Ubuntu Trusty no longer worked09:42
GuidovanPossumis it odd for another OS to break anothers drivers?09:42
antcha76froyo, i agree with you, the terminal isnt the problem here09:43
antcha76but maybe the window manager or one unity's service is forbidding the request to launch another one09:43
antcha76GuidovanPossum, drivers are OS-dependent09:43
GuidovanPossumI'm just not sure where to go from here then, that's what I thought09:44
antcha76if you break your ubuntu installation it won't affect your windows installation09:44
froyoantcha76, is your program written in C or C++ (just for fun :D)09:45
GuidovanPossumthe only thing I can think that is because the grub set up on the Jessie partion that it may be forcing a generic driver at startup09:45
froyosudo update-grub09:45
cfhowlettGuidovanPossum, boot nomodeset and reconfigure your gpu???09:46
antcha76froyo, it's coded in ActionScript 3 with an Adobe AIR SDK09:46
antcha76but i'm not in charge of the development of the client09:46
antcha76i'm just a backend developer09:46
froyoantcha76, it's a Flash game! Nice! I really want learn to make games :D09:46
antcha76it's really fun you should give it a try09:47
froyoantcha76, can I ask you more further about programming in private chat, because  I don't want to ruin this channel topic.09:48
=== EREVAN is now known as Danielyan
froyoHow do you disably Startx window top layout?09:59
froyoAnyone here know how to use C/C++?10:04
JahzIs anybody knowledgable with recovering files ? I've got a hard drive here who was used on a storage/router device with a drive formatted ext3 and configured as raid, I was able to recover 12gb of pictures but I have a 430gb "backing_file" binary file and am wondering If i can do anything with it10:04
froyo430GB binary?10:05
Fuzzz3rJahz: Try testdisc10:06
Jahz@Fuzzz3r gonna look into that right now10:07
=== `hypermist` is now known as sleepypc
froyoHello, anybody here know how to use C?10:18
Wulffroyo: ##c10:18
MonkeyDustfroyo  type    /msg alis list c++    to get a relevant list of channels10:19
WulfMonkeyDust: he said C, not c++10:19
froyothank you...I'm not an IRC user..(only a few times)10:20
saraz3s##c best. Register and then access10:20
froyoI don't know much about IRC interfaces...10:20
saraz3ssorry dunno wait10:20
ioriafroyo: if it's a quikie  ...10:21
saraz3su will be redirected here10:21
saraz3sif u aren't registerd on irc10:21
froyoI see.10:21
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode10:21
ubottufroyo: please see above10:21
ioriafroyo: shoot10:21
saraz3sHope that helps :)10:22
sanjuhi all10:22
sanjuwats up10:22
Wulfsanju: 37.11910:22
=== froyo is now known as fro0yo
fro0yoI also have a problem, with GUI disabling.10:23
fro0yoI done a few tweaks to disable 'quiet splash' on bootup.10:23
fro0yoand it run pretty smoothly, but after I run startx, the window layout change (to Xorg default)10:24
fro0yoAnybody know how to change the default layout back?10:25
restlesshi guys i need help installing OpenGL on ubuntu 12.04 LTS on my Dell laptop10:33
bagginsDKHello! I have a simple question. How can i create a programm launcher in the left panel_ Thank zou!10:38
fro0yoLeft panel?10:39
fro0yoDo you use Unity or XFCE?10:39
bagginsDKfro0yo, i did not ask it right. I mean the unity left panel. The line with the launcher10:40
fro0yoYou mean the launcher panel. (You ask it right, just lack of some info).10:41
EriC^^bagginsDK: a custom one?10:41
fro0yoI actually use XFCE, but on Unity..I usually just lock the program.10:42
bagginsDKYes, i would like to add a custom one with a specific version of eclipse10:42
ubuntu-mateinstalling ubuntu mate10:42
ubuntu-mateits very slow !10:42
fro0yohi ubuntu-mate10:42
fro0yoDo you love MATE?10:42
nide7474quick help please: I accessed this webpage ( http://verbumweb.net/ ) on wednesday 29th march . I read a text. Today i thought of going back to that page to get and save that text. But page has changed and looks like there is no way to recover it from the site. How can i recover it? (the text was right there on the homepage)10:42
MonkeyDustbagginsDK  open /usr/share/applications and drag the app you want to the launcher10:43
ubuntu-matei have light system10:43
EriC^^bagginsDK: make a copy of the eclipse .desktop file and modify it's name and set Exec to the command you want10:43
fro0youbuntu-mate..how long have you been using Ubuntu (I'm a noob, high chance you longer than me)10:43
EriC^^bagginsDK: the .desktop files are in the dir MonkeyDust mentioned10:44
ubuntu-mate2-3 yrs10:44
ubuntu-mateinstallation process is slow!!10:44
bagginsDKMonkeyDust, you mean i should drag eclipse launcher to this path /usr/share/applications?10:44
MonkeyDustbagginsDK  no, other way round10:44
=== darkdevil is now known as DarkDevil
fro0yobagginsDK, the .desktop file.10:45
fro0youbuntu-mate - Is Ubuntu GNOME not appealing to you?10:45
MonkeyDustbagginsDK  from the /usr/share/appllications folder to the launcher bar10:46
TBJRanyone know how to get information about an internal modem?  My specific question about the modem is whether it's a fax and voice or just a data modem.  a grep of dmesg finds nothing about modem and only this about tty -> [    0.000000] console [tty0] enabled10:46
bagginsDKMonkeyDust, fro0yo : How i should create a empty file .desktop?10:46
TBJR[   15.922317] Bluetooth: RFCOMM TTY layer initialized10:46
EriC^^bagginsDK: copy the eclipse one10:46
nide7474where is the cache?10:47
MonkeyDustbagginsDK  read this to get an idea http://thebeautifullmind.com/2014/06/18/creating-a-application-launcher-in-ubuntu-14-04/10:47
ubuntu-matenot tried10:47
EriC^^nide7474: ? cache of .deb files?10:47
nide7474cache of browser10:47
bagginsDKMonkeyDust, EriC^^ , fro0yo : thank for your10:47
EriC^^nide7474: probably ~/.cache/mozilla or ~/mozilla10:48
EriC^^nide7474: why?10:48
nide7474EriC^^: quick help please: I accessed this webpage ( http://verbumweb.net/ ) on wednesday 29th march . I read a text. Today i thought of going back to that page to get and save that text. But page has changed and looks like there is no way to recover it from the site. How can i recover it? (the text was right there on the homepage)10:48
EriC^^nide7474: you could try google's cache10:49
EriC^^it saves a copy of pages10:49
fro0yooh sorry10:49
fro0yoi'm back10:49
nide7474i need a copy on that specific day10:49
saraz3sDo u by any chnace know of some really good and important IRC servers10:49
EriC^^nide7474: type verbumweb in google's search10:49
EriC^^then when it comes up press the arrow to the right and choose cached10:49
fro0yosaraz3s, (Ubuntu Servers?)10:50
EriC^^it'll say when the last cache was taken10:50
JethroTuxI'd like to log all incoming connections to my router. Is it possibile? Which program so you recommend?10:50
saraz3sanything. I mean. All I knnow of is freenode but there are so many other servers. Could u suggest some good ones?10:50
nide7474EriC^^: i am afraid it's not the right day, any other method?10:52
EriC^^nide7474: no idea10:53
nide7474Is there no way in ubuntu to recover a webpage one has seen?10:55
nide7474EriC^^: thanks for trying10:55
ubuntu-matefirefox or chromium?10:55
nide7474i saw this page last wednesday10:55
nide7474there's a text i'd like to recover10:56
mothyzzznide7474: look in cache of browser.10:56
EriC^^nide7474: do you remember a sentence in it? or a few words?10:56
Trigowhich page?10:56
=== benonsoftware is now known as Guest70711
nide7474tried that already, searched on google with quotes, but couldn't find it10:57
restlesshi there. I need help installing OpenGL on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on my Dell. any help please10:57
nide7474i am looking for the cache10:57
=== Trigo is now known as froyo
EriC^^nide7474: yes try grep -r "sentence you remember" ~10:58
froyomothyzzz> stay out of this nigger.10:58
froyo<Trigo> what10:59
froyo<mothyzzz> Eric says fuck you.10:59
froyo<Trigo> What? Why?10:59
froyo<Trigo> What have I done?10:59
froyoWhat I got blackmailed :(10:59
ubuntu-matedownloading updates!! thats why install slow!!10:59
EriC^^froyo: he's just trolling10:59
EriC^^i get hate-pm sometimes too11:00
nide7474I got same as froyo....11:00
saraz3smothyzzz> irc this. Asshole. mothyzzz> Eric said. Fuck you. mothyzzz> fro0yo Will rip your ass till it bleeds. mothyzzz> You white niggee  mothyzzz> asshole sonofabitch11:00
nide7474(12:49:56 PM) mothyzzz: EriC^^ says you stupid bastard.11:00
nide7474(12:54:06 PM) mothyzzz: EriC^^ says. You dumb faggot11:00
nide7474(12:54:43 PM) mothyzzz: asshole sonofabitch11:00
saraz3swth is dat?11:00
nide7474so nobody gets kicked out in this channel?11:00
=== froyo is now known as froyoooo
saraz3swhy do u use EriC^^ name asshole u have no clue. Dat guy helped me in hell lot of stuff motherfucker. So shut ur stink fucking mouth11:00
froyoooowhy use Eric..that's why11:01
comodo_dragoncalm down pls11:01
comodo_dragonits a help channel not a chat channel11:01
froyooooKick the guy that blackmailing us.11:01
froyoooofor no reason.11:01
ubuntu-mateassholes!!! here11:01
saraz3sKick the baby11:01
MonkeyDustmind your language please, stick to ubuntu support11:01
FlannelHmmm, that last one may have been a mistake.11:02
froyooooI kicked for being right :(11:03
froyooooanyway, what should I do to disable window X layout11:04
froyoooowelcome back nide11:04
ubuntu-matewhy chromium not by default in ubuntu mate?11:04
froyooooYou got kicked too?11:04
nide7474can't find the cache though...11:05
nide7474yes, by mistake...11:05
froyoooome too..XD11:05
MonkeyDustubuntu-mate  a few apps were left out of the iso, to keep it small11:05
ubuntu-mateok but11:05
froyooooMonkeyDust, but chromium is smaller or bigger than Firefox?11:05
ubuntu-mateubiquity is installing it?11:05
froyooooUbuquity is the wizard for Ubuntu.11:06
ubuntu-mateits downloading chromium !!11:06
froyoooodownloading chromium? What you mean sir?11:06
ubuntu-mateiam installing ubuntu-mate from live usb11:06
froyooooOk? and it comes with Chromium?11:07
Donald_Pi_raspbooo chromium11:07
Donald_Pi_raspno flash by default11:07
froyooooI gonna say...firefox even don't have flash11:07
froyooooflash is propietary11:07
Donald_Pi_raspdepending on the linux dist11:08
restlesscan any body help me in installing OpenGL on ubuntu 12.04 LTS?11:08
Donald_Pi_raspIve seen flash work within firefox by default in ubuntu11:08
somsipDonald_Pi_rasp: no, need to use the installer11:08
ubuntu-mateany way i can mount partition11:08
ubuntu-matein live usb11:08
somsip!info flashplugin-installer | Donald_Pi_rasp11:08
ubottuDonald_Pi_rasp: flashplugin-installer (source: flashplugin-nonfree): Adobe Flash Player plugin installer. In component multiverse, is optional. Version (utopic), package size 7 kB, installed size 137 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)11:08
sarasasavasSorry for swearing. I apologize11:08
ubuntu-matewant to watch movie while ubuntu installs11:09
froyooooDonald, yes..the ubuquity probably give you the option to install 3rd party plugin's11:09
froyooooubuntu-mate, sorry to interrupt..but this is support channel...if you want to chat...try ubuntu-offtopic11:10
Donald_Pi_raspfeel like ubuntu is cheating vs my old bsd system11:10
=== Guest70711 is now known as benonsoftware
=== vco is now known as baxx
ubuntu-mateNot authorized to perform operation  !!!!!!! when iam trying to open11:10
froyooooI just use tty and scratch kernel on my partition donald.11:10
ubuntu-matepartition in live usb11:10
ubuntu-mateany support?11:10
baxxcan symlinks be used as executable files? I'm just trying to sync my ~/bin across systems and I'm not sure of the best approach11:11
froyooooI thought, ubuntu live is running as root?11:11
ubuntu-matefroyoooo, cannot open any partition11:12
ubuntu-mateNot authorized to perform operation11:12
froyooooubuntu-mate - You installed the Ubuntu-mate right?11:13
froyooooand now you try to open the partition?11:13
froyooooin it?11:13
baxx.join #linux11:13
ubuntu-matefroyoooo, installing still on live usb11:13
froyooooit happens in the wizard?11:14
froyooooin the installation process>11:14
ubuntu-mateno in caja11:14
froyoooocaja (sorry?)11:14
ubuntu-mateunable to mount11:14
ubuntu-mateNot authorized to perform operation11:15
ubuntu-mateits filemanager11:15
froyooooProbably it's the iso or your configuration partition problem11:15
froyooooWhat format of partition you use for the ISO?11:15
froyooooFAT32, EXT?11:16
ubuntu-mateused dd to write iso11:16
ubuntu-mateto usb11:16
froyooooYou should use something more manageable11:16
froyoooolike Unetbootin11:16
froyoooodd is good, but not good enough for more than that.11:17
froyooooor you can install mkusb script?11:18
froyoooodownload the bin, sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mkusb/ppa  && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade11:18
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=== JethroTux is now known as JethroTux`aFk
jeayeDoes /etc/debian_version exist on Ubuntu?11:24
kupiwhat video player do you recommend for old pcs?11:25
jeayekupi: Have you tried mplayer? It suits all my needs.11:25
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kupidoes mplayer have gui?11:25
jeayekupi: Nothing fancy, no.11:26
nide7474ok fount it. thanks to archive.org and thanks to Eric11:26
kupithen I will try smplayer11:26
NokajiIs there a walk-through sorta thing for Ubuntu/Linux to help get me up to speed with its idiosyncrasies?11:29
ikoniait will help you with the basics11:29
NokajiThat was faster than superman! - Thanks11:29
sadI use voyager 14.4 . since yesterday is slingscold gone withuot a reason. why ? can you help me please ?11:30
ikoniasad: what ?11:31
sadslingscold is desipared, is gone11:32
hairypaulsackyo yo yo all!11:34
hairypaulsackhow is everybody on this easterbunny day11:34
sadgoed thank you11:34
sarasasavasHey guys how do I set modes to my irc account??11:34
sadhow are you ?11:34
ikoniasarasasavas: try #freenode11:35
z302if I use the dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sda command, assuming sda is a drive I want to wipe and it has no partitions on it, will dd overwrite all the writable bits and stop when space is empty or just write on the first sector over and over?11:35
hairypaulsackgood good. just exploring this debian/ubuntu based distro called uberstudent11:35
hairypaulsackliking it so far i just have some basic linux questions.. you a novice/experienced user for basic linux questions?11:35
sarasasavasi did. but they are spamming. No one is helping me properly ikonia11:36
ikoniano-one is spamming11:36
ikoniathis channel help with ubuntu only, so use #freenode for IRC questions please11:36
Kartagishairypaulsack: what distro?11:37
Kartagisgah, he left11:37
ikoniaa distro that is nothing to do with this channel11:37
Kartagisjazzzx is being a dick11:40
ikoniayour language is not acceptable11:41
ikoniaKartagis: if you have a problem pelase report it to #ubuntu-ops channel Kartagis11:41
Kartagisikonia: sorry for the language11:42
jazzzxThis is a family channel Kartagis not Clancies bar.11:43
ikoniajazzzx: enough11:43
embikjust a random question, is there anyone developing on Ubuntu Touch here? is there any "central" hub for touch devs?11:43
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MonkeyDust!touch | embik11:45
ubottuembik: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch11:45
jazzzxembik: I wish they would develop for all tablet hardware. Like allwiner a3111:45
embikah, thanks!11:45
maziar_how to generate SHA2 certification on debian 7 ?11:47
ikoniamaziar_: ask in #debian11:48
ikoniayou're in #ubuntu for ubuntu support11:48
maziar_sorry how to generate SHA2 certification on ubuntu 14.04 ?11:48
ikoniamaziar_: can I see the output of "uname -a" please11:49
maziar_ikonia, Linux OS3 3.16.0-31-generic #41~14.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Wed Feb 11 19:30:13 UTC 2015 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux11:52
embik"Wed Feb 11", wow.11:53
embikoh, nevermind. I'm a stupid idiot.11:53
baxxDoes any one know if SymLinks have to be absolute paths? Is there a way to make them work with relative paths? I have two different machines and want to sync one across them11:59
Walexbaxx: they *ought* to be relative paths.12:00
baxxbut when they expand they're absolute - if I create one using ~/some/thing it expands to /home/person/some/thing Walex12:01
baxxso I can't sync the same symLink across machines with different user names, with this at least. cheers Walex12:02
lord4163baxx: try the -r switch12:02
baxxthanks lord4163 , I'll have a look at that now... just ln -sr /x/x /y/y I'm guessing12:03
lord4163baxx: sure12:04
lord4163baxx: and it's probably the shell which autocompletes it, not the ln utility.12:05
baxxlord4163: yeah i think you're right - I make them with relative then they're magically absolute!12:06
baxxlord4163: that works thanks, though it doesn't save the ~/ section of it, just the location of the directory that it was made in, if that makes sense12:09
alimanhi guys. can any1 tell me pls what it will happen if i do sudo apt-get upgrade? i use gnome 14.04 lts. what exactly it will upgrade?12:11
somsipaliman: bugfixes/security fixes on minor revisions to any packages you have installed already12:11
EriC^^aliman: all installed packages, except the kernel and any package that requires another package to be deleted or installed to be upgraded12:11
cfhowlettaliman, just do apt-get and read the instructions.12:11
somsipaliman: though, you need to apt-get update first to get a list of fixes12:11
lord4163baxx: maybe you can do ../../ instead?12:13
amanthakurhi guys, i have a strange question. I am trying to make a webserver that will call a program and capture its standard output in a file using the redirect operator ">". I am creating multiple threads after receiving each request on webserver. But i am confusd about onething that will multiple threads output will be written to the same file when is use the redirect operator? OR each thread will be able to create its own output file??12:15
Walexbaxx: you misunderstand how "~" works.12:16
EriC^^amanthakur: if it's redirecting to the same path then they will rewrite it12:16
EriC^^amanthakur: you'd have to use >> to append12:16
baxxWalex: EriC^^ indeed12:16
amanthakurEriC^^, no each thread will redirect output with a new filename.12:17
Walexbaxx: symlinks can be relative, but they must be *constant* (even if symlinks with variables in them are possible).12:17
EriC^^amanthakur: also look into if you can use a mutex lock in the web server's programming langauge12:17
baxxlord4163: I'm just having a play now, I think maybe it'll work as the directories above ~ are the same12:17
amanthakurEriC^^, isn't mutex needed when we are writing to the same file?12:18
EriC^^amanthakur: yeah if you're using a different filename that's fine12:19
amanthakurEriC^^, ah ok, thank you so much12:20
researcher1I need to install java plugin for Ubuntu 14.04 .This is the failure report  http://snag.gy/HxEva.jpg  and another http://snag.gy/o93C0.jpg  Please help me12:21
MonkeyDustwhat's this WINE help tool called again?12:23
EriC^^ah nevermind12:23
MonkeyDusttnx embik12:24
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ubottusaVINO: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».12:30
BluesKajHiyas all12:30
viHi guys I need a little help here12:30
EriC^^vi with?12:31
viidk much about irc and I want to torify xchat12:32
researcher1how to install java plugin into Ubuntu 14.0412:36
pythagoras#borrel hiq12:37
htqpresearcher1: icedtea-plugin12:39
researcher1htqp: from software centre?12:39
htqpsw center, synaptic, apt-get, aptitude, it does not matter, the result will be exactly the same12:42
researcher1I have icedtea7 plugin installed yet I saw this http://snag.gy/HxEva.jpg Help please12:51
tuliomartinshi guys, I have an mtp issue here. I have a windows phone, which when I connect with the usb cable, is mounted by Ubuntu with gphoto2 file system, and no files nor folders appear12:51
researcher1How to enable java plugin Chrome?12:53
htqpresearcher1: did you try to google it? a quick search reveals http://askubuntu.com/a/45092912:55
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PackageBunny[bunny noises] Who's apt-get? I'm the package bunny.12:55
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Ben64apt-hop: play someplace else12:56
apt-hop:) sorry12:57
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JunkHunkhello I need to make an older kernel version the default kernel option on boot. how would I get this done?13:04
htqpJunkHunk: change the GRUB_DEFAULT in file /etc/default/grub   then run: sudo update-grub13:08
JunkHunkhtqp okay13:08
researcher1htqp: thanks13:09
AkashicLegendI have a file containing similar info to here http://pastebin.com/K79pqqKX13:23
AkashicLegendbut I want to sort it so that I only have a file with phone numbers and company names beginning with 513:24
AkashicLegendwhat command should I use13:24
cookie0774I need help getting tablet and pen to work on ubuntu gnome 14.0413:25
MonkeyDustAkashicLegend  use the cut command and grep ^5, but better ask in #bash13:26
MonkeyDustAkashicLegend  and use awk13:27
EriC^^AkashicLegend: that begin with (5xx) xxx-xxxx ?13:31
EriC^^grep "(5.*" /path/to/file13:32
AkashicLegendyours is the only one that worked13:32
AkashicLegendthanks man13:32
EriC^^no problem13:32
AkashicLegendand I understand how you constructed the string13:33
kupiwhere can I get intel-linux-graphics-installer 1.0.7?13:34
cfhowlettkupi, for 14.04?? you can't. intel removed it.13:34
kupiikr that's why I asked13:34
kupiweI have done that13:34
kupihmm https://download.01.org/gfx/ubuntu/14.04/13:36
kupiI will add this manually :p13:37
kupiget rekt intel13:37
wengIntel(R) Graphics Installer for Linux* 1.0.713:40
wengReleased: 11 Nov 201413:40
wengVersion: 1.0.713:40
wengRelease Notes13:40
wengIntel(R) Graphics Installer for Linux* 1.0.813:41
wengReleased: 17 Mar 201513:41
wengVersion: 1.0.813:41
wengRelease Notes 13:41
weng    Graphics Installer 1.0.8 for Ubuntu* 14.10, 64-bit13:41
weng    Graphics Installer 1.0.8 for Fedora* 21, 64-bit13:41
kupiweng, Mr. Perfect, there is not download link there13:41
kupifor Ubuntu 14.0413:41
cfhowlettkupi, intel linux graphics is no longer supported for 14.04 according to intel.13:42
kupino problem, I added https://download.01.org/gfx/ubuntu/14.04/main/ manually :313:43
cfhowlettkupi, installer yes.  actually getting the download, nope.  "this distro is not supported".13:43
kupilet's see13:44
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kupibtw there was newer xserver-xorg-video-intel13:49
kupiso i installed the driver form there13:49
kupii think :D13:49
admin}Does anybody know what ABUSEAT is?13:51
admin}It says that I am banned cause my name is in ABUSEAT13:52
admin}What is ABUSEAT?13:52
cfhowlettadmin}, ask the freenode ops.13:53
gcl5cpI still have wifi problem with Realtek RTL8188EE, here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2218962 report 12.04 works perfect.13:53
admin}Also I was just kicked out of ##c++ the moment I changed my nickname. Is there an easy way to get back in?13:53
cfhowlettadmin}, ask ##c  ops13:53
gcl5cpproblem persistences http://askubuntu.com/questions/451724/ through all kernel from fresh install to 3.13.0-4813:54
netanhi all, anybody know how to block all incoming and outgoing connections except system updates ?13:56
runtime-exceptioI'm looking for a bit of advice on an issue I'm having with Ubuntu13:58
cfhowlett!ask | runtime-exceptio13:58
ubotturuntime-exceptio: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:58
runtime-exceptioI have Windows 8.1 installed alongside Ubuntu, and it's all working okay, except when I open the file manager I can see all the reserved Windows partitions (like the push-button reset partition) alongside my main Windows and Ubuntu partitions. How can I remove the partitions from the list in the left hand pane?13:59
netan...or is it possible to set up a firewall by blocking everything and then a service try to access the network you get notified so you can set up a rule14:03
admin}guys on http://irclogs.ubuntu.com which log refers to this channel?14:05
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Sramelyor3301guys on http://irclogs.ubuntu.com which log refers to this channel?14:09
somsipSramelyor3301: #ubuntu14:10
MonkeyDustSramelyor3301  far below, almost the end of the page14:12
MonkeyDustor list14:12
Sramelyor3301tnx somsip and MokeyDust :)14:12
Sramelyor3301found it14:12
AkashicLegendhow do I search all files in a directory for lines containing a string14:15
somsipAkashicLegend: grep -nir "string" /apth/to/dir14:15
AkashicLegendcan I use grep -r "string"14:15
somsipAkashicLegend: -r is recorsive, -nir is case insensitive and shows line number14:15
AkashicLegendwhoever made these online quizzes we have to take is a retard14:23
IdleOneAkashicLegend: that is off topic and not very nice to say.14:24
hikenboothi trying to boot ubuntu-mate on mac g5 tower with geforce 6800 screen is all colorful garbage tried a few boot parameters cant get it to work well enough to install anyone able to hellp14:25
cfhowlett!mac | hikenboot14:25
ubottuhikenboot: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages14:25
hikenbootcfhowlett that list does not include g5 tower14:27
hikenbootits not a g5 pro14:27
cfhowletthikenboot, that's the best resource for all MAC type issues.14:27
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dtcdarkravengreetings all, im trying to install nvidia drivers to my new ubuntu install, however the first command(s) lspci -vnn | grep -i VGA -A 12 do not provide any output.. previous attempts at installing drivers in both ubuntu aswel as kubuntu 14.10 have failed.. i am running an rather "exotic" setup with 2 nvidia 900 series cards..14:33
AkashicLegendhow do I make grep -r only work for present directory14:34
AkashicLegendinstead of all sub directories14:34
MonkeyDustAkashicLegend  omit the -r14:35
dtcdarkravento continue on the "lspci -vnn | grep -i VGA -A 12" command.. it only displays a blinking cursor.. nothing more.. and it keeps doing this.. indefenantly or untill the terminal /tab is closed14:39
dtcdarkravenwhoopsie :)14:43
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stoogenmeyerHi all, please help - I'm trying to use sed to replace the following string "node check_something.js" into a string with only underscores and append to it the current timestamp15:11
stoogenmeyerI've tried the following: echo $SCRIPT | sed s/\ /_/g | sed s:\/:_:g | sed s/\./_/g but it returns only underscores15:12
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fullgottHi people15:12
fullgottThere is an group on whatsapp about hackers, linux ir ubuntu?15:14
MonkeyDustfullgott  ubuntu is a linux distro, but better take that question to #ubuntu-offtopic15:17
fullgottOh, sorry15:17
fullgottThank you MonkeyDust15:17
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ubuntu023Hi every one15:31
ObrienDaveGreetings & Welcome15:31
ubuntu023i would like to create web chat server. any suggestion what should I use?15:31
ubuntu023i have ubuntu box with nginx and php5-fpm15:31
ObrienDavei wouldn't know. you might try asking in #ubuntu-server15:32
ubuntu023ok thank you15:33
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ThatNewGuyHello, is compiz the only way to beef up desktop?15:47
ObrienDave"beef up"?15:48
ObrienDaveGreetings & Welcome15:50
Kabyguys i am new to ubuntu linux15:51
jrtappersIs there a way to read LUKS encrypted partitions on windows?15:52
ParSalianhllo kaby15:52
Kabyi was downloading the update package 300 mb . it stopped on 184 mb and it closed . now i am redownloading the package from the terminal15:52
Kabyit will complete from 184 ?15:52
Kabyor will download whole package again15:52
ParSalianprobably should just run it again then see15:54
Kabywell yeah but in terminal i cant see how much %15:54
ObrienDaveKaby, it should resume from the 18415:57
Kabythanks god15:57
nse_hey ppl i got this issue on elementary-os but maybe you could help15:59
nse_ Hey there, I freshly installed the latest elementaryos in a 32-bit machine16:00
nse_but i'm stuck at login16:00
SchrodingersScatjrtappers: never tried, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_disk_encryption_software <--this says possibly? the source cited doesn't go anywhere for me though.16:00
nse_Like here -> http://elementary.io/answers/cant-log-in but I could not solve the problem16:00
nse_I login, my screen blinks and i'm back at login prompt16:00
SchrodingersScat!elementary | nse_16:00
ubottunse_: Elementary OS is an Ubuntu derivative which is supported in their IRC channel #elementary on irc.freenode.net - http://elementaryos.org/ for more information on this distribution.16:00
EriC^^nse_: would you fix a porsche at a vw dealership?16:00
embiknse_: this is no elementary channel :) #elementary is not really active so I would propose to ask this on G+16:00
EriC^^nse_: porsche has vw vag parts .. but it seems irrational right?16:01
d3ngarHello, I'm having some problems with entries in my hosts file16:03
d3ngarI have set the url dev.something.com to, but I keep getting the web version of that URL16:04
d3ngarWhy is that?16:04
d3ngarBrowser is Firefox16:04
EriC^^d3ngar: doesn't work that way16:04
d3ngarSame on Chrome, but I previously didn't have that problem16:04
d3ngarEriC^^: thanks for pointing out that I'm doing something wrong. I have not had that problem before, I think this has only been an issue since recently.16:05
d3ngarHow does it work?16:05
EriC^^d3ngar: what are you trying to do?16:08
d3ngarmake dev.something.com point to, so instead of seeing the web-version, I see the local version16:08
d3ngarI thought you can use the hosts to circumvent the DNS server?16:09
d3ngarI thought you can use the hosts to circumvent the DNS?16:09
RampantTecYou can, I just did it as a test16:09
kupii have this problem http://a.pomf.se/zpnxiw.png16:10
kupithis happening since I forced unsopperted intel ppa16:11
kupii removed it but I don't know which packages I need to downgrade16:11
somsip!ppa-purge | kupi16:12
ubottukupi: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html16:12
kupiI added the url manually16:12
kupijust the url16:12
kupiit has no name16:12
somsipkupi: what was the url16:13
somsipkupi: that's not a ppa is it16:15
d3ngarEriC^^: Do you have any idea how I can see the local version of a website?16:15
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kupiit has the same structure as other sources16:16
EriC^^d3ngar: dnsmasq16:18
d3ngarI do not know what that means?16:18
EriC^^!info dnsmasq16:18
ubottudnsmasq (source: dnsmasq): Small caching DNS proxy and DHCP/TFTP server. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.71-1 (utopic), package size 15 kB, installed size 113 kB16:18
d3ngarSeems overkill, why would I install my own name server when I just want the occasional web address to be routed to a local domain?16:20
kupii have a solution: create ppa manually16:22
EriC^^kupi: what are you up to?16:23
Kabyif someone can help me please i have ubuntu 14.10 and ive done update for it but i cant read arabic letters they are seperated16:23
ParSalianin gnome-terminal how do i hide the menu bar16:23
kupiI have added https://download.01.org/gfx/ubuntu/14.04/main/16:23
kupiand that broke my graphic driver16:23
kupiso I need to remove it and downgrade the modified packages16:23
EriC^^it was a .deb?16:25
Kabyif someone can help me please i have ubuntu 14.10 and ive done update for it but i cant read arabic letters they are seperated16:25
EriC^^did you add it in sources.list then apt-get update and installed it?16:25
EriC^^ok, find what it modified in the logs and fix stuff16:26
EriC^^kupi: type less /var/log/apt/history.log then press G to go to the bottom16:26
kupiEriC^^, thanks but it doesn't show the upgrade command, just installs16:29
EriC^^kupi: nah it should show upgrades too16:29
kupitrue, thanks i got it16:30
kupii just remembered the command order wrong :D16:31
kupiso sudo apt-get downgrade on these16:32
EriC^^nope, sudo apt-get install <package>=<version>16:32
ioriaawesome  solution for suspend mode problem16:34
Kabyany one can please help me ?16:34
ioriarm or mv light-locker-settings:light-locker-settings.desktop and install xsceensaver16:35
slinnkyKaby, what's your question?16:36
kupisudo apt-get reinstall would be better solution16:37
EriC^^try apt-install --reinstall16:37
EriC^^apt-get install --reinstall16:37
ParSaliansudo apt-get -f install16:38
ParSalianfix installs16:38
ParSalianin gnome-terminal how do i hide the menu bar16:38
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arxady_join/ yanimoteam16:39
EriC^^ParSalian: preferences > show menubar16:40
ParSalianyeah just found it in >view16:42
kupii found out none of the packages are installed what i upgraded than16:44
LunaticHoya, I recently deleted my /windows partition and I don't know how repare the boot now, apparently I can skip the /windows mounting only in recovery mode16:59
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sugoiryuhi when i reboot /usr/sbin/bluetoothd loses execute permission is there a way to prevent this17:00
fragment137Could someone help me with a RAID question?17:03
fragment137I have a RAID 5 volume that I'm unable to mount.17:04
gasshoAloha #ubuntu :)17:05
rypervenchefragment137: Software RAID?17:06
fragment137Running on Intel 82801 RAID controller... forgive my noobness but is that software?17:06
fragment137when I try to mount with dmraid it says "no such file or directory"17:06
fragment137rypervenche: RAID 5 on Intel 82801, I receive the following error: http://imgur.com/2ZVrIzi17:09
fragment137this is after I ran ntfsfix on the same volume, as it was throwing unstable state errors from my windows install.17:10
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dhrosaI just noticed that when I ssh into my server from the outside world, it says "Last login: <date> from cottoncandy"17:13
dhrosacottoncandy is the hostname of my router17:13
dhrosacan I set this up to show the actual external IP being connected from?17:13
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Guest29471i have the sames problem ! at boot i have a message say the had disk /windows is not present clic s to pass the stage or m to open verbose mode can you help me ..??17:13
Guest29471hy how are you ??17:14
geexmmook thanks17:15
geexmmoanyone know where i can ask cpanel related questions?17:15
tredi 17:15
Guest29471can you learn my previous message if you can help me17:15
geexmmocant see it17:15
fragment137geexmmo there is #cpanel17:15
Guest29471ok sorry17:15
geexmmothanks fragment, im new in irc17:16
fragment137np :)17:16
fragment137./join #cpanel will work17:16
geexmmoGuest29471 what is your question?17:16
geexmmofragment137 love you17:16
rypervenchedhrosa: the "last" command will show you, also your logs show also show you, in your auth.log I think.17:16
dhrosarypervenche: nope, last shows all the accesses as being from my router17:17
dhrosait seems my server doesn't understand NAT :)17:17
Guest29471ok welcom i m  new17:17
rypervenchedhrosa: Have you been connecting from outside your network? "from cottoncandy" means your local connection.17:19
fragment137rypervenche, Are you able to assist me?17:20
dhrosarypervenche: kind of17:21
dhrosarypervenche: I ssh FROM a local computer on the same network, to mydomainname.com, which points to my router/external IP17:21
dhrosaand then my router port forwards to my server17:21
dhrosarypervenche: okay I think I see what's happening now then17:22
dhrosarypervenche: the OUTGOING connection from my local machine appears to have the IP address of my router (cottoncandy)17:23
dhrosarypervenche: and what's what my server is showing in last17:23
researcher1Why am I getting this http://snag.gy/yNTvy.jpg Please help17:23
researcher1Can anyone help with this please http://snag.gy/yNTvy.jpg17:25
CentennialI'm using Ubuntu Gnome and I was wondering how I can drag and drop icons to use them17:26
Centennialto the desktop I mean17:26
ObrienDaveresearcher1, it probably does not like your flavor of linux17:27
researcher1ObrienDave: how do I choose right fiefox version or right OS?17:27
vascmy advise is use some sort of browser addon which changes the reported OS17:28
vascto something else17:28
Centennialcan anyone help me to add desktop icons please ... Ubuntu 14.04 Gnome17:28
geexmmoCentennial, what icons?17:29
CentennialI would like to put the firefox icon on the desktop17:29
geexmmoapp shortcuts or file links?17:29
ObrienDaveresearcher1, their requirements are pretty vague. try to narrow them down to more specific versions17:29
vasclike User-Agent Switcher for Chrome17:29
Centennialwhen I try to drag and drop firefox to the desktop it just opens the program17:29
geexmmoCentennial press alt+f2 and run "gnome-desktop-item-edit --create-new ~/Desktop"17:29
Pyhscriptit works , lubuntu works! :D17:30
geexmmoit will make a launcher17:30
researcher1ObrienDave: how do i do that17:30
ObrienDaveask them?17:30
Centennialit says command not found17:30
vascresearcher1 just install User Agent Switcher for Chrome add-on and then try different user agent strings until you get one that works17:31
arxadyjoin/ yanimoteam17:31
fragment137Anyone good with raid?17:31
=== ph is now known as Guest64660
vascor preferably get them to fix their broken site. but that's probably expecting too much17:31
Centennialgeexmmo it says "command not found"17:31
geexmmoCentennial try pressing tab while entering command, does it give you any hints ?17:32
geexmmolike gnome-<TAB>17:32
Centennialit just keeps saying command not found17:33
rypervenchefragment137: Sorry, I only know software RAID, I'm no good with hardware stuff.17:33
fragment137That's ok17:33
RudeViperGood afternoon all17:33
fragment137I appreciate it none the less :)17:33
geexmmotry in terminal17:33
Centennialis this a really hard thing to do in Gnome? Drag and drop icons? is there a better shell I should use?17:33
CentennialI just wanted an easy to use shell that I can drop icons to the desktop17:34
Centennialdon't want to go back to windows :(17:34
geexmmoCentennial try holding alt while dragging17:35
Centennialholding alt just opens firefox when I drag it17:35
Centennialdoes Mate allow drag and drop icons?17:36
geexmmostart to drag and than hold alt17:36
CentennialI don't think I'm doing this right...I started to drag, then hit alt, but it opens firefox17:36
Guest64660also you can use chromium if firefox is not appropried !!17:37
geexmmocursor changes while alt-dragging?17:37
CentennialI just want to put the icon on my desktop17:37
fragment137wow what a mess :(17:37
Guest64660thank you !!17:37
Centennialthe cursor is the firefox icon17:37
ObrienDaveCentennial, find the executable, right-click, send to desktop (create link).17:38
geexmmoyou sure it's gnome ? ;D17:38
Centennialyeah :(17:38
fragment137this is a storage RAID i was using in windows.. windows sees it completely fine, with no issues. when I boot into ubuntu, it can see the individual drives but not the RAID volume. dmraid can't mount it (Says no such file or directory) and gparted can't see anything, lol17:38
Centennialhas a foot when I log in17:38
=== sergio is now known as Guest2774
CentennialI think I'm going to try out mate instead17:38
fragment137rypervenche, apparently it's FakeRAID17:39
geexmmotake a look at cinnamon17:39
ObrienDaveCentennial, you can just add the mate desktop and select at logon screen17:40
MonkeyDustCentennial  what you can do: open filemanager in /usr/share/applications, then copy firefox to the desktop17:40
Centennialyeah it just seems like a lot of work to do something simple like dragging a program to desktop I would rather use a shell that lets me do that from the get-go17:41
MonkeyDustCentennial  i agree, should be easier17:41
Centennialit's just been a witch hunt trying to find one that works for me17:41
ObrienDave*bites tongue*17:43
johndoe_hello 2 everyone17:50
johndoe_is there anybody here?17:53
johndoe_oh shite!17:53
johndoe_anyway i hoped17:53
ioriawe are  all bots17:53
johndoe_i see17:54
johndoe_and very quiet bots17:54
ioriaapparences can be deceptive17:54
ObrienDavethis is ubuntu support. general chit-chat in #ubuntu-offtopic, please17:55
teromousok I'm back...I've installed cinnamon which so far I think I like better except I'm still trying to figure out how to make a desktop link, is it easier in cinnamon or am I still pretty much SOL lol18:01
teromouswell I figured it out! on cinnamon I can right click and add to desktop WOOO!18:02
fragment137Ok well now I'm running into an issue where I can't install Steam properly because it says it's missing dependencies... but then apt-get -f install shows nothing to install18:03
fragment137i also can't manually install libs because they say their dependencies won't be installed, but they already exist! O_O18:03
KeonAre there any good steam games on linux?18:04
fragment137Valve supports linux18:04
fragment137basically anything built off the Source engine works18:04
KeonWhat games do you play? or what games do you think are good?18:05
=== mohammad is now known as Guest15748
RubasHello, this is not a directly question to ubuntu, but more to the ssh protocol, I have made a ssh -L myport:localhost:serverport root@serverip if I enter http://localhost:myport, is this encrypted?18:06
ioriafragment137, you are 64  bit  ?18:06
=== SonikkuAmerica is now known as littlebunnyfufu
WulfRubas: yes.18:07
RubasWulf: thank you.18:07
=== tcpman is now known as Guest36486
west536457640happy easter - i got a wifi problem with ubuntu 14.0418:07
west536457640i can fix it - by just booting into recovery mode then rebooting18:07
west536457640but i would rather it just didnt go down randomly and need that fix18:07
fragment137ioria, yes I am18:07
west536457640can anyone suggest something to look at to find the problem?18:08
ioriafragment137,  did you  try from Software  Center  ?18:08
Wulfwest536457640: merry x-mas! in what way does it not work?18:08
fragment137Steam installed18:08
fragment137ioria, but it says it needs to install additional packages, and then it fails to install these because of the issue I described18:08
fragment137I can take a snapshot if you'd like18:08
ioriafragment137,  it says about unmet dependencies  ?18:09
fragment137Yea, one sec I'll screen.18:09
west536457640Wulf: it just disconnects and will not reconnect to any network - but reboot fixes it so the network and card is ok i think18:09
Wulfwest536457640: if you scan for networks, do you see anything?18:10
west536457640yeah sure always18:10
fragment137ioria, http://imgur.com/obHAbYB18:10
west536457640Wulf: ^^18:10
Wulfwest536457640: so you see networks, but you can't connect?18:10
Wulfwest536457640: what's the error message?18:11
fragment137ioria, if I try to install the libraries individually I get the same result, and the packages it seems to depend on are already installed!18:11
west536457640Yep, it just spins the waiting icon, it will go on forever, reboot and ta-dah! its all good18:11
MonkeyDustwest536457640  try using wicd18:11
ioriafragment137,  well, i didn't do that, but you   can install the 32-bit version18:12
kubuntohw do i install a new java sdk?18:12
fragment137I tried18:12
fragment137ioria, I'm met with the same result18:12
west536457640MonkeyDust, sorry what is wicd and how to use it?18:12
ioriafragment137,  from where ?18:12
fragment137 sudo apt-get install libgl1-mesa-dri:i38618:13
fragment137tried to install the libraries manually18:13
MonkeyDust!info wicd | west53645764018:13
ubottuwest536457640: wicd (source: wicd): wired and wireless network manager - metapackage. In component universe, is optional. Version (utopic), package size 4 kB, installed size 46 kB18:13
fragment137and I get the same error message that you see in the picture.18:13
Wulffragment137: boot up another machine and put its wireless device into monitor mode, then check using e.g. tcpdump if your nonworking machine sends any packages when connecting18:13
ioriafragment137, no, i mean  the 32-bit version ... from Soft Cent ?18:14
fragment137ioria, Ah I see. I will attempt that.18:14
fragment137one minute.18:14
west536457640MonkeyDust, ok installing it now, what to do after it is installed?18:14
ioriafragment137, wait18:14
MonkeyDustwest536457640  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WICD18:14
west536457640installed ok then get message: * Starting Network connection manager wicd                              [fail]18:15
ioriafragment137,  try to install from here http://media.steampowered.com/client/installer/steam.deb18:15
fragment137ioria, that's where I originally installed from18:15
fragment137one minute... it's doing something different now o.O18:16
Amm0nwest536457640, iirc wicd stopped development.. don't use it.. debug and fix your problem with NM18:17
MonkeyDustAmm0n  west536457640 i wasnt aware18:17
fragment137it's launched now.. but it still complains about the dependencies18:18
Amm0nMonkeyDust, https://answers.launchpad.net/wicd/+question/22778918:18
west536457640no worries MonkeyDust - no harm done18:18
fragment137I'm going to reboot18:19
fragment137when in doubt... reboot....18:19
MonkeyDustlearn something new everyday18:19
west536457640so do i need to look at some logs to find the wifi issue?18:20
Amm0nwest536457640, dmesg and/or syslogs.. or try to connect with nm-cli it will provide some output if there are issues18:23
=== mike is now known as Guest82449
west536457640Amm0n, ok trying that all now18:26
=== littlebunnyfufu is now known as SonikkuAmerica
fragment137bah. no luck18:29
MonkeyDustwest536457640  find wifi radar in the repos, hope it's useful18:30
ioriafragment137,  are you using  proprietary drivers ?18:30
fragment137like, direct from gpu manufacturer?18:30
ioriafragment137,  yes18:31
fragment137downloaded from AMD's website18:31
ioriafragment137,  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=221793718:31
ioriafragment137,  seems you need the opensource,  first18:32
johnjaI'm trying to upgrade from 14.04 to 14.10 but the distribution upgrade has failed leaving me with a somewhat broken installation.  From what I can tell, the problem seems to be that the packages dpkg and sysv-rc aren't installing.  What can I do to correct this18:33
motheuswhy does ubuntu ever worked with gnome and unity over KDE. we could have a nice default desktop and they ruined it18:34
fragment137ioria, removing and re-installing seems to have worked... one minute18:34
ioriajohnja, you tried do-release-upgrade from  command line ?18:35
motheusdefault ubuntu is so ugly it burns my eyes18:35
fragment137have to use AMD FOSS drivers... not flgrx18:36
fragment137that sucsk18:36
fragment137sucks, lol18:36
fragment137I need a new video card -.-18:36
johnjaioria, i haven't tried that yet, but will now18:36
monojinHad a problem yesterday on a samsung laptop where the internal dvd drive would recognize the dvd just fine, but it wouldn't play in any media player we tried. Does that ring a bell to anyone?18:36
ioriafragment137,  beforeof that try the opensource driver18:36
monojinIt was in Ubuntu MATE 14.0418:36
fragment137ioria, removing the fglrx right now, going to install from software centre18:37
johnjaNo new release found18:37
fragment137ioria, actually where do I get the opensource driver? lol18:37
ioriajohnja, you have to modify /etc/update-manager/release-upgrade18:37
tim|hy all.. i would need a little help.. i got update related problems.. or dpkg?18:38
ioriajohnja, they  should be in  the kernel, by default18:38
ioriajohnja, from  LTS  to  normal18:38
ioriafragment137 , they  should be in  the kernel, by default18:39
fragment137ah ok18:39
fragment137just remove the fglrx and reboot?18:39
ioriafragment137 , i'm afraid that will be a bit more complicated18:40
sugoiryuwhen i tried the fglrx driver it screwed my system18:40
ioriafragment137 , in any case, usepurge not remove18:41
fragment137fglrx-core gone18:41
sugoiryuanyone know why /usr/sbin/blueetoothd loses the execuatble bit when i reboot?18:42
teromoushey is anyone aware of a way to offset the location of docky so that it isn't behind my menu bar? like raise it up 10 pixels?18:43
sugoiryuteromous, u can move it by selecting the window then alt+space m18:44
fragment137ioria, what should I do next?18:44
teromouswhat do you mean selecting the window?18:45
rorihow do i check if my usb works? from where can i open its folder?18:45
ioriafragment137 , well if you  have just  did it, you can only reboot18:45
noob001hi guys, anyone knws where is located the about:config file or if there even is one, editable maybe?18:45
sugoiryuteromous, just click anywhere in the docky window18:45
fragment137ioria, sounds good. thanks for the help18:45
teromousI'm trying :/18:46
noob001hi guys, anyone knws where is located the firefox's about:config file or if there even is one, editable maybe?18:46
teromouscan't seem to get this to work18:46
Elfon_happy Páscoa18:46
sugoiryuteromous, alt+space after that press m18:47
sugoiryusee if that'll work18:47
teromousit's not doing anything18:47
teromousdo you have docky?18:47
teromousit doesn't work like a regular window18:47
sugoiryuah ok18:47
teromousit's like an attachment to the desktop18:48
sugoiryuhmm i try install it18:48
fragment137ioria, looks like steam is working now. thanks :)18:48
fragment137now i just need to figure out the issue i'm having with my RAID and I'll be set to go, lol18:49
ioriafragment137 ,  don't say  !!!18:49
rorihow can i "ping" my usb? check that it is there18:49
roriit doesn not seem to moun18:49
Kabyanyone can help me please ?18:49
OerHeksrori, open terminal: lsusb # does it show?18:50
rebs!help Kaby18:50
bekksKaby: Not until you asked your actual question.18:50
johnjawhen I try sudo dpkg-reconfigure sysv-rc18:51
rorioerheks: i think so. there is wcdma something and this is a mobile usb broadband so i think that is it18:51
Kabywell i am having problems with reading arabic letters18:51
fragment137yaaayyy it's working now :)18:51
rorican i open its folder somehow?18:52
teromousany docky users here?18:52
johnjaI get /usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: sysv-rc is broken or not fully installed18:52
bekksteromous: Ah, another poll?18:52
Kabythey are seperated from each other , in youtube its fine but other websites they are seperated18:52
johnjaHow can I fix that?18:52
teromousbekks I am trying to move my docky up like 10 or 20 pixels do you know how to do this?18:52
ioriajohnja, sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade sudo apt-get dist-upgrade18:55
sugoiryuteromous, https://gsmaker.wordpress.com/2012/04/22/ubuntu-docky-move-it-to-the-topleftright-default-bottom-of-the-desktop/ <-- u can try that18:55
Kabyi asked my question if anyone can help please pm me18:55
SchrodingersScat!pm | Kaby18:56
ubottuKaby: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.18:56
Kabyi asked them 2 times18:56
bekksteromous: I dont use docky, sorry.18:56
johnjaapt-get upgrade fails with a metric craploat of errors18:56
SchrodingersScatKaby: but taking it to pm removes the listed benefits18:56
ioriaKaby only in browser you  got problems ?18:56
Kabyi am facing problems with reading arabic words , they are seperated in some websites , the title of the website is okay but the text inside are seperated arabic letters18:57
Kabyioria, yes for now18:57
roriif i can lsusb a USB, where can i find it?18:57
roriwhich folder?18:57
rorii want to open it18:57
ioriaKaby firefox ?18:57
bekksrori: you have to mount it, most likely.18:57
bekks!mount | rori18:57
ubotturori: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount18:57
=== tim| is now known as tim|afk
roribekks, mounting hasnt been necessary before.18:58
sugoiryuhmm docky looks neat18:58
halfburnttoastdoes anyone know if mdadm stores rebuild logs somewhere? It just ran it's auto rebuild last night and there were several messages like 'Rebuild65 event detected on md device /dev/md0'. I looked at the smartctl and the array mismatch counts and they all reported no errors.18:58
Kabyioria, yes but i wonder why some websites is good and some websites arabic words are seperated18:58
rorithis is a mobile broadband, it used to just pop up in the device list18:58
halfburnttoastor is that just a periodic status update?18:58
bekksrori: you cannot mount/open/whatsoever a mobile broadband stick.18:58
rorii used to be able to18:58
KabySchrodingersScat, okay18:59
bekksrori: then you were able to mount the mass storage device section of it. Try mounting it manually to see whats wrong.18:59
hdonhi all :( any advice for JFS recovery? https://pastebin.mozilla.org/882877519:01
bekkshdon: can you pastebing "dmesg" please?19:02
hdonsure i can https://pastebin.mozilla.org/882877619:02
ioria2Kaby  are you using firefox   ?19:03
bekkshdon: Your disk is physically broken, you need to replace it and restore your backup.19:03
Kabyioria2, yes19:03
ioria2Kaby  mine is fine ... what version ?19:04
Kabyioria2, 37.019:05
hdonbekks, ISTR back in the day just being able to avoid the affected sectors. is this no longer the case?19:05
ioria2Kaby  ubuntu 14 ?19:05
Kabyioria2, yes 14.1019:06
bekkshdon: the affected sector are causing your JFS to be broken, so the answer is "No."19:06
JinjaNinjaI know this is a bit of a newb question, but how do I know which partition is Ubuntuin gparted? I am dual-booting two linux distros (Kali and Ubuntu) but I want to uninstall kali19:06
JinjaNinjaUbuntu in*19:06
=== jan is now known as Guest93492
ioria2Kaby  well,  try to install chrome and see if it solves19:07
Kabyioria2, okay19:08
Kabybut the main problem would be from ubuntu or from flash player ?19:08
JinjaNinjaHow do I know which partition is Ubuntu in gparted?19:08
ioria2Kaby  youtalked about characters ...19:08
stevecoh1after latest upgrade of Ubuntu 14.04, I find that neither my USB mouse nor my wifi connection work.  Where to begin trying to resolve.  My touchpad works (though I hate it and want to turn it off ASAP) and wired networking works.19:09
hdonbekks, hmm19:09
MonkeyDustJinjaNinja  both distro's have a file called   /etc/issue     boot in ubuntu and look for /etc/issue on any partition that can caontain ubuntu or kali19:09
Kabyioria2, let me try another browser and i'll tell you what happened19:09
ioria2Kaby  ok19:09
hdonbekks, how can i understand in more detail? i don't know anything about JFS structure, i only chose it because ten years ago i discovered that JFS worked better when creating or deleting very large files than ext3 did (even for increased filesizes)19:10
stevecoh1after latest upgrade of Ubuntu 14.04, I find that neither my USB mouse nor my wifi connection work.  Where to begin trying to resolve.  My touchpad works (though I hate it and want to turn it off ASAP) and wired networking works.19:11
stevecoh1How may I debug these two issues?19:11
sinasaharkhizHey guys, anyone has any idea abouth this?:  http://askubuntu.com/questions/605158/is-it-possible-to-use-two-external-monitors-for-my-thinkpad-t440p-using-a-lenovo19:11
hdonbekks, couldn't i partition around the broken sectors?19:12
bekkshdon: Your disk has physically broken blocks, these are used by JFS, and reading/writing to them is necessary for repairing your JFS. Since the blocks are broken, your JFS is broken and cannot be repaired. You needto exchange the disk and restore your backup. And I'd not use JFS but ext4.19:12
bekkshdon: the number of broken sectors is going to increase. Your disk is dying soon, very soon.19:12
hdonbekks, you're probably right. it's quite old and the airflow in the machine has been poor for a while. it probably overheated.19:13
hdonbekks, so what should i do? pop in a new HDD and dd the entire thing over, then try to repair the filesystem on the copy?19:13
AlphaTechThis is sort of off-topic but I really don't know where to ask... Does anyone know of a place where I can get a .net domain for a one-time non-reoccurring fee?19:14
bekkshdon: It has physical damages on the surface of the platers. If overheating would have been the issue, you would have seen the fire.19:14
bekkshdon: Use a new disk and restore your backup. You cannot dd the broken sectors.19:14
hdonAlphaTech, sure. i run my own registrar. but the one-time fee is very very high compared to the non-recurring fee19:15
AlphaTechhdon: Where is that at? A website?19:15
hdonAlphaTech, we actually don't have a website as we don't solicit customers via the web, we just have contracts with larger companies19:16
AlphaTechhdon: Okay, I'll query you19:16
hdonbekks, yeah you're right19:17
Kabyioria2, same problem19:17
stevecoh1Where do I go to find out why my USB mouse has stopped working (Ubuntu 14.04 after upgrade)19:17
Kabyioria2, you think if i updated my language support will fix the problem ?19:17
ioria2Kaby  yes19:18
Kabyioria2, because in the details about the update i saw many updates for firefox19:19
hjrsAnyone unlocking their LUKS volumes through ssh-ing into initramfs?19:19
ioria2Kaby  i have no language support and my arabics are good19:19
donnieAre things going to change vastly between now (final beta) and 15.04 release in 2 weeks? I am planning to do install on a new system. I would rather not install 14.10 and upgrade to 15.04 considering the Kubuntu's swtich from 4 to Plasma 5.19:19
Kabyioria2, if i gave you a link can you see if you can read the arabic letters well please ?19:20
Kabyioria2, because i am facing this problem only in some websites not all19:20
ioria2Kaby  sure19:20
Kabyhere or pm ?19:21
stevecoh1why would wifi stop working after ubuntu update?  Everything worked fine until latest updates were installed?19:21
ioria2Kaby  it's ok for me19:21
Kabyioria2, in the box of login you can read them ?19:22
stevecoh1Is this the wrong place for me to be asking these sorts of questions?  I've gotten answers here before.19:22
ioria2Kaby  wait ...  i have no arabic keyboard :-P19:22
Kabyioria2, hahaha19:22
ioria2Kaby  but the words are   clear and united19:23
donniestevecoh1: you should check if anything related to wifi was actually updated or not.19:23
Kabyioria2, i faced this problem on my htc chacha phone years ago :P19:23
stevecoh1thank you donnie, can you tell me the names of things related to wifi?19:23
ioria2Kaby  dukul and dasgil are good19:23
ioria2Kaby  dukul and tasgil are good19:23
stevecoh1does apt-get maintain a log telling me what it installed?19:24
ioria2Kaby  i don't understand19:24
ObrienDaveKaby, no language support here. http://i.imgur.com/iR7Texr.png19:24
KabyObrienDave, yes thats what i mean in the box of login the arabic words are seperated19:25
* ObrienDave would not know the difference19:25
ioria2Kaby  try gedit or another editor and check if the words are correct19:26
Kabyioria2, ok19:26
kokutwhat is landscape?19:27
bekkskokut: In which context?19:28
kokutdunno i dont know what it is at all19:28
ioria2Kaby  you are right... in firefox they  are divided19:28
bekkskokut: So in which context did you see it?19:29
ioria2Kaby  but in chrome, they are right19:29
kokutbekks: applications menu -> system settings -> landscape settings19:29
kokutbekks: landscape service*19:30
ObrienDavekokut, landscape is the orientation of your screen, normally. portrait is the orientation of a normal piece of paper19:30
OerHeksbekks, it is an icon in systemsettings, click on it kokut, and see the description:19:30
ioria2Kaby  firefox issue with that site19:30
OerHeksLandscape is an easy-to-use commercial systems management and monitoring service offered by Canonical that helps administrators manage multiple machines efficiently.19:30
ObrienDaveoops ;p19:30
bekkskokut: https://landscape.canonical.com/19:30
OerHekspayd, 1 month free trial19:30
Kabyioria2, thanks alot for your support but i think its a problem i cant solve19:30
ioria2Kaby  sorry19:31
docmurI'm trying to setup Zimbra with Heartbeat and DRBD, I have both working on there but when I try to start zimbra I get an error about lpad, this is the out:  http://pastebin.com/cta9HMjv,  I followed this guide:  http://imanudin.net/2015/03/24/how-to-install-configure-zimbra-high-availability-ha/19:31
kokutOerHeks: still not clear19:31
kokutbekks: yea i already googled it19:31
kokutis it like some remote administration tool?19:32
OerHekskokut, yes, admin multiple systems with updates, programs, plugins, configs and backups19:32
OerHeksand deployment19:33
kokutOerHeks: well, i dont know what are the possible uses for that really, maybe for setting up servers instead of using SSH or something?19:33
OerHekskokut, anything, not only servers.19:34
teromouscan anyone please tell me how to disable all of these annoying blips beeps and bongo sounds in ubuntu??19:34
sinasaharkhizany ubuntu user here that uses a Thinkpad with a Lenovo Dock with 2 or more external monitors?19:34
arun_guys why I get Terminated as soon as I try to access ssh shell ??19:35
dale_how do I turn off guest session19:35
kokutOerHeks: like what?19:35
ioria2Kaby  you can  try installing firefox in arabic19:36
bubbelysomeone help me get my wifi working please. none of these documents have a working solution.19:36
Kabyioria2, from the download center ? or from web ?19:36
ablest1980arun can be youre ban wrong login info or connection timeout19:36
fl4pjackhello! i have a new Lenovo IdeaPad U330p and just installed Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS19:36
ioria2Kaby  don't know,   i think from web19:36
fl4pjackthe fan keeps spinning up all the time, even if im just opening a new browser tab19:36
teromousanyone know how to disable ubuntu sound effects, login sounds, etc19:37
Kabyioria2, ok19:37
fl4pjackis it possible to change the fan speed limits to avoid this?19:37
OerHeksdale_, unity-tweak can easily disable that19:37
arun_ablest1980: I tried logging my own localhost too. but it gives Terminated as output and exits the shell19:38
arun_can't even enter the password, it doesn't prompt19:38
moushiraHola, am upgrading  12.04 LTS via terminal with <do-release-upgrade> this keeps my data safe, right?19:39
melvinHow could i mirror 2 screen of the 3 ?19:39
OerHekskokut, like what, take a read https://landscape.canonical.com/19:39
kokutanyone has some experience with ubuntu for mobile devices?19:39
ablest1980maybe a password is save and auto connecting?19:39
OerHekskokut, try #ubuntu-touch for mobile19:39
melvinHow can i mirror 2 screens out of 3?19:40
OerHekskokut and please don't poll here19:40
kokutOerHeks: what do you mean poll?19:40
melvinHow can i mirror 2 screens out of 3?19:40
kokuti'm just wondering if i could install ubuntu on my cellphone because it came with a shitty version of android19:41
OerHeksmoushira, usually upgrade does not affect your date, but if you don't make a backup, your data is not importand.19:42
melvinHow can i mirror 2 screens out of 3?19:42
ablest1980arun_ try here http://superuser.com/19:42
moushirathanks OerHeks..19:42
bubbelySomeone plz help me set up wifi on my laptop19:43
OerHekskokut, join #ubuntu-touch they have a list with devices and howto's to port ubuntu19:43
bubbelyAlso, does anyone know a free SIP that i can use to call landlines19:43
ablest1980arun_ maybe firewall?19:44
bazhang!wifi | bubbely19:44
ubottububbely: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs19:44
bazhangthats offtopic here bubbely19:44
bazhang!xrandr | melvin19:44
ubottumelvin: XRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1219:44
ioria2Kaby  something about   firefox-locale-ar19:47
arun_ablest1980: ok, so any idea how I can remove that shit out of the box ?19:48
Kabywell ubuntu i liked it for the first day but i can't see something new i dont have it in windows19:48
ablest1980sorry i dont know just trying to help19:49
arun_ok ablest198019:49
arun_can anyone please help me with it ?19:50
=== HoloIRCUser3 is now known as Blacksocks
bekksarun_: HElp you with what exactly?19:50
johnjaI think I can might have a chance at recovering from my failed 14.04 -> 14.10 upgrade if I get get rid of one installed package called lobalogg-dev19:50
johnjaIs there a way to force the package manager to remove a single named package?19:51
arun_ I get Terminated as soon as I try to access ssh shell ?? http://paste.ubuntu.com/10745811/19:51
arun_bekks: ^^19:51
bekksarun_: Which Ubuntu is that?19:51
BlacksocksDo you know the name of the package johnja19:52
bekksBlacksocks: "...nstalled package called lobalogg-dev"19:52
johnjaBlacksocks: Yes.  It is libalogg-dev19:52
arun_bekks: saucy19:52
bekks!saucy | arun_19:52
ubottuarun_: Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) was the 19th release of Ubuntu. Support ended on July 17th, 2014. See !eol, !upgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/saucy19:52
bekksarun_: You need to update first, please.19:53
BlacksocksWell you can purge with the terminal but you risk breaking it even more19:53
johnjaBlacksocks:  It is pretty well broken right now.19:53
arun_Blacksocks: I tried with putty too but same errior\19:53
Bashing-om!info | lobalogg-dev19:54
ubottu'lobalogg-dev' is not a valid distribution: extras, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, stable, testing, trusty, trusty-backports, trusty-proposed, unstable, utopic, utopic-backports, utopic-proposed, vivid, vivid-backports, vivid-proposed19:54
Blacksocksapt-get --purge remove <package name>19:54
bekks!info lobalogg-dev19:54
ubottuPackage lobalogg-dev does not exist in utopic19:54
ioria2Kaby  nothing in firefox ... but chrome works for me19:55
fable_BackBox Linux is the best Linux i ever seen before19:55
johnjaubottu: that's one more reason to remove it19:55
ubottujohnja: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:55
Bashing-ombekks: :) Thanks .19:55
frendaWhy this command does not have any effect in Ubuntu-Gnome: `setxkbmap -option grp:switch,grp:caps_toggle,grp_led:scroll us,ir`19:55
johnjaProcessing was halted because there were too many errors.19:56
BlacksocksBtw johnja why do you suspect that's the problem19:56
johnjaI think it tries to install all of the uninstallable packages before removing the one package I need to eliminate.19:56
hjrsAre there alternatives to rsync if I want to syncronize a folder between two servers where most of the content is already in place?19:56
johnjaI can't install package dpkg because the current version conflicts with installed version of libalogg-dev19:57
hheeguys! hi. which cloud storage can you recommended for personal use? dropbox too small for me19:57
hheefor free i mean19:58
Kabyis there anyway to put the apps on my desktop not on that bar on the left ?19:58
BlacksocksYou might need to mess with something else to try to fix it but it's a process johnja19:59
Mitthjrs there is Back In Time, backup tool20:00
johnjaIs there a way to make dpkg or apt-get or some such ignore errors and just removew the offending package?20:00
bekksjohnja: So whats the complete output of sudo apt-get purge lobalogg-dev ?20:00
Mitthhee you speak Chinese?20:01
hheewhich tool the best for recond stream radio? http20:02
hheeMitt: no, sorry for my english20:02
Mitthhee for file hosting look here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_file_hosting_services20:02
hheeMitt: tnx bro :)20:02
johnjabekks trying to figure out pastebin now20:03
BlacksocksFirst back up then you can try a few things20:03
Mitthhee Tencent Weiyun is huge but I don't speak Mandarin too:(20:04
johnjaBlacksocks: pretend I already backed up.  The system is too unstable to actually do it.20:04
BlacksocksAre you in recovery mode20:06
BlacksocksIf so start with pkg --configure -a20:06
johnjaI'm not in recovery mode, no.20:06
BlacksocksFirst step is to boot the machine to a shell that you can use to recover. This can be done in the standard system by using the Recovery Mode. Press the left shift key as the system boots up and choose a recovery mode kernel from the menu that appears – it will be labeled with “(recovery mode)” on the end. The recovery mode kernel will present you with the option to use a recovery shell. Johnja20:07
arun_ I get Terminated as soon as I try to access ssh shell ?? http://paste.ubuntu.com/10745811/20:07
atoniiska de donde eres20:07
dreamonNeed a tip howto hide desktop icons, I dont need them anymore. using gnome-session-fallback → used gome-tweak-tool without luck20:08
faLUCEHello, I have two pictures (jpeg) and a mp3 music file. Can you suggest me an EASY program for making a very simple video with these two pictures + music ?20:08
johnjaBlacksocks: when I do that I won't be able to reach IRC, so what do I need to do while in recovery mode?20:08
BlacksocksOk write it down ready20:09
BlacksocksAfter the system has booted to the menu, select the item that says “Drop to root shell prompt with networking”. This provides you with the ability to update the software packages from the Internet.20:09
BlacksocksWhen the prompt appears, start by making sure that all currently installed programs are configured:20:09
Blacksocksdpkg --configure -a this is first20:10
BlacksocksThen apt-get update20:10
Blacksocksapt-get upgrade20:10
BlacksocksThen the upgrade20:11
hheefaLUCE: good question me too want same application, clip from jpegs + mp320:11
BlacksocksThis last step, again, may take a long time to complete. You should pay attention to the list of packages held back (listed at the top of the output from this command); these packages will have to be requested specifically. Usually, packages are held back because they require new software or other drastic changes: the Linux kernel is always held back. Use a command like this one to install these packages:20:11
BlacksocksExample apt-get install some-package some-other-package20:12
BlacksocksYou may have to repeat this more than once until all of the packages have been installed and none are held back.20:12
BlacksocksThen try the update and upgrade again20:12
johnjaI'll try this now20:13
BlacksocksGood luck20:13
dreamonfaLUCE, ffDiaporama?20:13
faLUCEdreamon: it doesn't accept mp3 files20:15
frendaWhy this command does not have any effect: `setxkbmap -option grp:switch,grp:caps_toggle,grp_led:scroll us,ir`?20:17
atonnadie habla español......20:22
BlacksocksSi aton20:22
BlacksocksQue pasa voz aton20:23
bekks!es | aton20:23
ubottuaton: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.20:23
atonya era hora de donde eres ......20:23
atonya lo ice pero nada no se si es la señal voy de nuevo20:25
BlacksocksEeuu aton20:25
moushiraI am upgrading my 12.04LTS via <do-release-upgrade>  I was asked about updating or keeping configurations in etc/gnu,  I asked to compare both, now i can't get back to command to approve the change.  Any hints? :)20:27
atonlisto.....era un error...grasias....20:28
BlacksocksPeople joining but no one talkin20:30
dreamonNeed a tip howto hide desktop icons, I dont need them anymore. using gnome-session-fallback → used gome-tweak-tool without luck20:31
BlacksocksWhat icons in particular dreamon20:31
BlacksocksIs it the trash icon and the computer or it is your own apps20:32
dreamonBlacksocks, all the desktop icons. I dont want them anymore. want a conky background. I never used the Iocons20:32
BlacksocksI see20:32
dreamonthere are a lot of folders there that I copied to desktop.. :(20:33
ikoniathey are not icons20:33
ikoniathey are desktop items20:33
robb-gHi, I've managed to wipe the /boot and /boot/uefi partitions on my xubuntu install, is there an easy way to replace these from the boot disc?20:33
ikoniaso you won't hide them20:33
BlacksocksAnd your on gnome fallback, do you have any other DE's installed dreamon20:33
dreamonikonia, this mean.. I have to move them?20:33
ikoniadreamon: yes, if you have "objects" on the desktop - they will stay until they are not on the deskop20:34
dreamonBlacksocks, Yes I have.. but only use gnome-session-fallback20:34
dreamoncant I hide Desktop from Desktop?20:34
ikoniathat is the point of the desktop20:34
ikoniamove them to somewhere else20:34
BlacksocksUse gparted from install disk robb-g but it won't restore your files, you might need to reinstall to make them useable20:34
ikoniathe Desktop directory - is for the desktop20:34
stevecoh1after 14.04 update usb mouse no longer works.  dmesg shows this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10746058/20:35
stevecoh1mouse works fine with other computer20:35
stevecoh1why might this be happening?20:36
robb-gBlacksocks, Is it possible to get a list of the installed packages from my install without booting into it? That would make re-installing easier.20:36
stevecoh1Other post-update issue is that wifi no longer works.20:36
dreamonOk, Thanks. so many programs would now point to wrong position.20:37
=== kalen_not-here is now known as kalen
BlacksocksDreamon try unset /apps/nautilus/desktop/*_icon_visible20:38
BlacksocksRobb-g it's messy to go there, unless you know what your doing, I would suggest fresh install20:42
stevecoh1I see this bug reported, may be problem with new kernel the update installed.20:43
johnjaI'm back. The recovery console is pretty much a no-go for me because what I type doesn't show on the screen and I'm typing very badly.  I broke my regular keyboard and am using one of those $10 daily disposable POS keyboards while waiting for a regular keyboard via mail-order.  Anyway...20:44
dreamonBlacksocks, Ok, give it a try. think a reboot make it happen20:44
stevecoh1how the heck do I get back to what was working boefore the update?20:44
tytanHello, everyone. I just installed Ubuntu Server 14.04.2 and software RAID1. My brand new WD Black 3TB make cliching noises like a heart beat. What can cause that?20:45
bekkstytan: A broken disk, typically.20:46
johnjaAny thoughts on how to force Ubuntu to remove an unwanted package during a failed distribution upgrade?20:46
BlacksocksIt's a bad spot johnja20:46
tytanbekks It sounds like mdadm is doing a sync process but it isn't20:47
dreamonBlackDex, still visible. :(20:47
bekkstytan: Did you check the disk using smartctl?20:47
johnjaBlacksocks: You think I'm pretty much up a creek?20:47
tytanbekks yes. didn't say anything20:47
bekkstytan: Which smartctl command did you use for running a full check?20:48
Bashing-omjohnja: As we can not find "lobalogg-dev" . How did you install it ? 3rd party such that ubunti's dpkg has no control over it ?20:49
tytanbekks Someone in #debian gave me one. I don't remember. But I didn't do a full check which would have needed 255 minutes to complete20:49
johnjaI don't know how I got it.  I was ptrobably drunk when I installed it.  These things happen sometimes.20:50
=== spideyman is now known as Guest354
Stekithere is some problems with hp cloud DNS so someone from infrastructure call/msg them - nova.clouds.archive.ubuntu.com does not resolve at all20:50
ikoniahow is hat ubuntu's fault ?20:51
ikoniathey don't manage HP's DNS servers20:51
bekkstytan: So do you run Ubuntu or Debian?20:51
tytanbekks I ran Debian and tried Ubuntu now20:52
=== magic is now known as Guest44425
johnjaI don't know.  Maybe I should try smacking it with a hammer.20:52
Bashing-omjohnja: Let's see about 3rd party source .. pastebin termianl commands: cat -n /etc/apt/sources.list | pastebin it , tail -v -n +1 /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* | pastebinit <- see if we can find it there .20:52
MichaelTiebesltytan: if you have warranty on it they will replace it without any questions.20:54
jsjshello , i  have my tp link tl-wn722n  wifi adapter   , is works for some time 3-4 min an then  loose the adapter , i am on virtual box , anyone have similar problems???20:57
=== jpalmer is now known as Guest2215
Stekiikonia: yeah smart answer... but just imagine if there are people using UBUNTU Images for cloud they are not working ... can you imagine that :)21:03
Stekisomthing new to show you https://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/21:04
=== liam_ is now known as Guest12745
ikoniaSteki: I can imagine that21:04
ikoniaSteki: again - how can ubuntu fix HP's dns servers though ?21:04
Stekiidea is ubuntu controls its own dns , temporary disable forward and redirect nova.clouds.ubuntu.com to archives.ubuntu.com21:06
ikoniaSteki: so raise a bug/request to get that done21:06
ikoniarather than firing into an ubuntu community support channel21:06
esuna114Hello dear Ubuntu users...I'm very new to Ubuntu, is it here I can ask for help?21:07
ikoniaesuna114: sure can21:07
esuna114thanks very much :)21:07
bubbelyfree SIP service with fre-phonenumber exist?21:07
ikoniabubbely: nothing to do with ubuntu21:08
ikoniabubbely: so nothing to do with here21:08
Stekiikonia: i would but where :)21:08
bubbelywhere can i find a channel to answer that question21:08
esuna114I'm trying to compile OpenElec for my new Rpi2, yet I wanted to follow  this link http://wiki.openelec.tv/index.php/Compile_from_source21:08
bubbelyhm.. is this also a coding channel21:08
bubbelyor only support21:08
bubbelyi mean ubuntu dev21:08
ikoniabubbely: this is an ubuntu OS support channel21:08
ikonianot "find free phone number service channel"21:08
bubbelyno dev channel?21:08
ikoniaSteki: mailing the canoncial webmaster would be a tart21:08
ikoniabubbely: dev channel is not for finding free sip services21:08
esuna114but I have not enough room in Ubuntu "home" they ask for 12 Go....21:09
esuna114and I  have this error also  http://wiki.openelec.tv/index.php/Compile_from_source21:09
bubbelyikonia: i wanted to see about access to a phoneline from a ethernet cable to contribute an app to ubuntu.. a phone rerouter for ipods and smartphones.. good enough?21:09
gsilvahello all21:10
=== lt is now known as Guest66371
ikoniabubbely: yes, but that channel is still not here to help you find free services21:10
esuna114oops I meant make: execvp: ./scripts/image: Permission denied21:10
Guest66371Just looking21:10
ikoniaesuna114: ok so you have disk space issues, and file system permissions21:10
bubbelyikonia: programming support though, answers about where i stand given the ubuntu version21:11
esuna114ikonia yes21:11
esuna114I would like to have the output on another drive21:11
=== Steki is now known as BManojlovic
ikonia!apps | bubbely21:12
ubottububbely: A comprehensive list of of Windows-equivalent applications in Linux can be found at http://www.linuxrsp.ru/win-lin-soft/table-eng.html and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WhatWindowsUsersWant21:12
ikoniabubbely: sorry - ignore that21:12
ikoniabubbely: wrong factoid21:12
ikoniabubbely: #ubuntu-app-devel21:13
esuna114Please tell me if this is the wrong channel to ask this question, or if you need more info21:14
ikoniaesuna114: what do you want from us ?21:14
stevecoh1latest update to 14.04 installed new kernel that broke my usb and wifi.  How can I get help?21:16
=== Mirodroid is now known as MirodroidU2
ikoniajust as k21:16
ikoniaif someone knows and wants to help, they will21:16
esuna114Well, in the Openelec doc they say after getting the sources you have to use this command "PROJECT=RPi2 ARCH=arm make release" which I get the error above. I'd like to know how to have output files of the compilation on another place, without this error21:17
ikoniamove the source directory to a bigger file systems21:17
stevecoh1and if not, just sit and wait forever.  How in general, can one react after such an upgrade, to get back to functionality?21:17
ikoniait will output fo the source directory21:17
ikoniastevecoh1: boot the old kernel21:17
ikoniait should still be listed in the grub menu21:18
esuna114I did that, and still got "make: execvp: ./scripts/image: Permission denied" error21:18
ikoniaesuna114: fix the permissions then21:18
stevecoh1Hmm, grub does not come up when I start machine.  Is there some way to make it do so?21:18
ikoniastevecoh1: left shift key I think21:18
esuna114i tryed sudo but no help21:18
ikoniaesuna114: sudo does not fix the permissions21:18
ikoniaesuna114: what version exactly of ubuntu is this ?21:18
stevecoh1ok, thanks, will try that.21:18
ikoniaesuna114: what directory do you have the source code in ?21:19
BManojlovicesuna114: chmod u+x ../scripts/image or whatever/wherever that "image" script is21:19
esuna114here /media/esuna114/Starbuck/Programmes/RasPi21:20
esuna114ok BManojlovic, i'll try21:20
ikoniaesuna114: /media - is that on local disk ?21:20
esuna114not on the OS disk21:20
ikoniaesuna114: what disk ?21:20
esuna114it's an NTFS disk, should it be a problem?21:21
ikoniaesuna114: yes, that will be a problem21:21
esuna114I'll try with a FAT32 one then21:21
ikoniause a linux based file system21:21
esuna114ah, okay!21:21
esuna114ext4 it is21:21
esuna114I'll try what you said for now, thanks :)21:22
methampI'm writing the next great American novel.21:27
ikoniawe are not interested in this channel21:27
ikoniaplease keep to the ubuntu support topic21:27
methampBut, I'm writing it on an Ubuntu Netbook. :-/ I shall depart.21:28
stevecoh1previously reported problem with new kernel install.  Recommendation was to load previous kernel, using GRUB.  But grub was not installed previously.  It is now.  Will I now be able to load previous kernel?21:31
BluesKajstevecoh1, have you run sudo update-grub ?21:32
stevecoh1just now installed grub for first time on this machine.  I should run sudo update-grub?21:33
stevecoh1looks like it worked, let me try now21:34
TechChristophmaybe i move to freebsd21:37
TechChristophbecause ubuntu, well it works but yeah21:38
BluesKajTechChristoph, that really tells us a lot :)21:39
TechChristophi know21:39
stevecoh1BluesKaj - sudo update-grub did load a bunch of kernels but on boot, pressing left-shift either continually or repeatedly did not bring up grub.  Inste21:40
TechChristophwell i play with ubuntu since 201321:40
stevecoh1Instead, ubuntu just loaded normally.21:40
BluesKajyou can edit /etc/default/grub timeout  stevecoh121:42
Bashing-omstevecoh1: UEFI ? then it is the escape key that grub recognizes .21:42
stevecoh1change it to what?21:42
boot1may i ask help here relating to ubuntu-14.04.2-desktop-i386.iso21:43
Bashing-omboot1: Yeah, ask .21:43
boot1Bashing-om; i've tried creating a bootable using usb from ubuntu-14.04.2-desktop-i386.iso using netbootin but it won't boot?21:45
boot1Bashing-om; (edited) i've tried creating a bootable usb from file ubuntu-14.04.2-desktop-i386.iso using netbootin but it won't boot? any idea? tried also universal-usb-installer, same result won't boot21:50
Sephhi guys21:51
Sephi have a problem21:51
Sephmy ufw doesnt work21:51
Sephlike i even tried blocking ssh and im still connected21:51
johnjaI don't know exactly what did it, but somehow I got Synaptic to run and remove something called allegro.  Allegro seems to be a undead monster that's been hanging around since Ubuntu 8.04 and it needed to be killed.  dpkg --configure -a seems to be doing stuff other than complaining about errors now.21:51
NegativeFlareSeph: I never did like ufw, try using iptables21:52
NegativeFlareunless you want to just shut off ssh altogether21:52
Sephi dont want to shut off ssh lol21:52
Sephi just want a working firewall21:52
NegativeFlareiptables for you then!21:52
NegativeFlare!iptables | Seph21:52
ubottuSeph: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as gufw and ufw-kde also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo21:52
bekksufw is a frontend for iptables.21:53
Sephi tried shorewall and it worked but its hard to use21:53
NegativeFlareufw annoys me, just use iptables21:53
NegativeFlareIts not that hard xD21:53
Sephi just want to test if it will work how can i block port 9987 with it21:53
NegativeFlareSeph: Try out iptables, there's tons of docs about it on the net21:55
Sephok thnaks21:55
johnjaI'm going to attempt a reboot now.  Wish me luck.22:00
Sephufw works but u gotta reboot thats lame22:01
stevecoh1tried several grub config changes, nothing seems to help, grub won't load.  Latest ci=onfig here:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/10746459/22:02
bekksSeph: You dont need to reboot. Restarting ufw is sufficient. And existing connections will not be terminated when ufw is started.22:03
stevecoh1how do I make grub load?22:04
OerHeksstevecoh sudo update-grub after editting22:08
JinjaNinjaI'm having an issue with resizing a partition.22:09
boot1may i ask help please; i've tried creating a bootable usb from file ubuntu-14.04.2-desktop-i386.iso using netbootin; but it won't boot? tried also using universal-usb-installer, same result won't boot; any idea?22:11
JinjaNinjaI'm having an issue resizing a partition. I'm booted from Ubuntu via live USB and that's fine, but gparted is giving me a hard time. I've deleted a partition, which was a total of 230.94 GiB, and I want to use that free space in my main ubuntu partition. But when I try to resize ubuntu partition to use that free space I made, it's not allowing me t22:13
JinjaNinjao use that space.22:13
rypervencheJinjaNinja: Was the one you deleted before or after your Ubuntu partition?22:15
JinjaNinjait's before it22:15
JinjaNinjait was "sda1", and it had a boot flag. I deleted it because I no longer needed it, it was a Kali OS.22:16
MonkeyDustJinjaNinja  make sure one partition is not "primary" and the other "extended"... and be sure to have backups before you start messing with partitons22:17
JinjaNinjaMonkeyDust: I have an extended partition, and under this partition is my Ubuntu partition and my swap file.22:19
rypervencheJinjaNinja: I don't know if it is possible to extend a partition with unallocated space before it.22:19
JinjaNinjaOh wow... That sucks.22:19
JinjaNinjaMaybe I should just reinstall ubuntu22:19
MonkeyDustJinjaNinja  yes, but backup first... and during installation, create a separate /home partition22:20
bekksSure it is possible to resize an extended partition.22:20
bekksselect the extended partition, resize it, then select the contained partitions, and resize them.22:21
JinjaNinjaWell, I have 230.94 GiB that is unallocated, and my extended partition is after this unallocated space.22:21
stevecoh1thought I was home free.  Got grub to load - once.  Haven't been able to do it again.  Every time I try ubuntu comes up.22:22
stevecoh1and when I did load the earlier kernel system worked fine22:22
JinjaNinjamy extended partition is mounted, or so I think? It's not allowing me to resize it, the option is greyed out22:23
Bashing-omboot1: I am back .. OK. 1st step. Did you check the .iso file with 'md5sum/ ?22:33
thenwkgAnyone tried to install GNOME 3.16 on Ubuntu GNOME ?22:42
dumle29-irssiHey there. Currently using irssi through the ctrl alt f1 terminal. How would I go about restarting an un responsive gnome desktop?22:42
stevecoh1Can't reliably make grub appear on boot of Ubuntu 14.04.  I need to revert kernel to earlier version due to a bug in it.  I have installed and upgrade grub so the hidden timeout is non zero but grub mostly doesn't load.  I got it to load - ONCE - and not since.22:43
stevecoh1this is driving me crazy22:43
dumle29-irssiI was watching a youtube video in full screen, and it sorta just crapped out on me when I decided to leave fullscreen, and now the background is just the default gnome gray of the login screen.22:44
dumle29-irssiI have had to restart once before because of that (this is a rather old laptop. First gen intel i3 with the intel HD graphics22:45
ericbif I have a home server and want to acess it remotely, but can't use port forwarding on my router, how would ssh tunneling work? can I have someone type in my public ip in their browser and view it through ssh?22:46
dumle29-irssiericb: Not if the port isn't forwarded22:47
ericbdumle29-irssi ah ok, ty22:47
dumle29-irssiericb: I think you might be able to do some sort of VPN, but I think #networking might be a better resource there22:48
ericbdumle29-irssi: sounds good, ty :)22:48
dumle29-irssiericb: Also, I often get surprised with what you can do on a network, so don't take my words for the absolute truth :P22:48
stevecoh1Is there no reliable way to force the grub menu to load every time?22:55
stevecoh1I need to do this because the latest kernel has a bug22:55
BlueProtomanIs there a way, on Ubuntu 14.10, to intentionally run an OpenGL program with a lower version of OpenGL than normal, for testing purposes?  (E.g. I wanna see what happens when I try to use my program with OpenGL 2)22:55
Bashing-omstevecoh1: UEFI system ?22:56
erryi can't suspend (either by the ui or pm-suspend; it nevr suspends but just sits there for a while then kicks me back to where i was22:56
erryany way to know what's up with it?22:57
erryi pm-suspend seems to die with 128 error code22:57
stevecoh1Yes, system has UEFI if that is what you are asking22:57
stevecoh1I turned off quick boot, and always see the splash bios screen, but leaning on Shift does NOT cause grub to show, although, once it did and hasn't since.22:58
Bashing-omstevecoh1: Then grub is looking for the escape key as the interrupt signal .22:58
stevecoh1lean on ESC or press it repeatedly?22:58
Bashing-omstevecoh1: I think repeatedly as soon as the firmware screen clears, there is but a very small window for grub to recogmize the key press .22:59
stevecoh1well let me try that then23:00
erryi'm on 14.04 and 3.13.0-48-generic23:00
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faLUCEHello, I have two pictures (jpeg) and a mp3 music file. Can you suggest me an EASY program for making a very simple video with these two pictures + music ?23:10
stevecoh1bashing-om ok, I got grub to load and am now running the kernel I want.  Everything is fine.  But it was a PITA to make it happen.  Sometimes pressing ESC too often caused the grub> prompt to appear and I didn't know what to do with that.23:12
stevecoh1If I see the grub> prompt what should I type to take me back to the list?23:12
aaron_pi_raspgreetings everyone23:12
ramen69hello fellow debian user23:12
KF5WYXhi all23:13
KF5WYXapplication gMFSK wants a device string for my sound card - but I've no idea what to give it. Can anyone help?23:14
gsilvahi all23:15
gsilvaDoes anyone know any project that needs managerial/financial/economical help?23:15
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Bashing-omstevecoh1: In the grub > prompt .. one should be able to press the escape key to return to the grub boot menu (??) .23:17
tyrogHi what packages do I need to install in ubuntu to have video hardware acceleration in VLC? Intel graphics here...23:18
stevecoh1no, that doesn't work.  What happens is I keep pressing esc before the grub screen pops and if I do it too fast then GRUB loads and handles the ESC by taking me to the command line.  Is there a command I can give at the command line to get back to the list?23:18
qu4nt1n!s furious23:19
stevecoh1And here's another flipping thing:  why the heck does Ubuntu one not allow me to paste my password into their login screen?23:19
stevecoh1I go to all the trouble of making secure passwords using KeePass and then the stupid web page doesn't allow pastes.23:20
tyrogDoes vdpau work for intel graphics?23:20
Bashing-omstevecoh1: Sorry. do not know on either of these issues.23:21
ubrokenHi guys.  I made a big booboo.  I rely on an nVidia card to run my monitor.  I do not have integrated graphics.  I do not have a non-nVidia card to swap in.  I allowed a kernel update and failed to reinstall the nVidia drivers before rebooting.  Is there any way to get a working GNOME session with a new kernel version without buying an ATI card or am I totally screwed?23:24
bekksubroken: Just install the nvidia drivers?23:26
zteamHi all!23:28
ubrokenbekks: I can't.  The bleeping nvidia driver installers won't work because I have to use an old kernel version to boot.23:29
zteamI was trying to overwrite my usb stick with DD but I got a really strange error message23:29
zteamsudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb bs=1M23:29
zteam[sudo] password for zteam:23:29
zteamdd: error writing ‘/dev/sdb’: No space left on device23:29
zteam15284+0 records in23:29
zteam15283+0 records out23:29
zteam16026435072 bytes (16 GB) copied, 3955,6 s, 4,1 MB/s23:29
bekksubroken: Why cant you? Reboot into recovery mode and install them?23:30
bekkszteam: "No space left on device" is pretty obvious, and expectec when running "sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb bs=1M".23:30
aladiahUbuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet will be released wich day this month?23:31
ubrokenbekks:  I have an nvidia card without installed nvidia drivers.  If I try to use recovery mode I get the dreaded "switching to clocksource tsc" error followed by a flashing black/gray screen.23:31
zteambekks,okey so that means the overwriting was sucessful anyway?23:32
bekkszteam: Sure.23:32
bekksubroken: Did you try with the nomodeset kernel option?23:32
ubrokenbekks: no.  How do I do that?23:32
zteambekks, okey, are your sure it, just fellt very odd that it complaining about free space, then I overwrite it just free space23:33
OerHeksaladiah, 26th, join #ubuntu+1 for more info23:33
aladiahthanks OerHeks23:33
bekkszteam: I am sure. You did not specify any specific amount of data to be written, so it wrote zero's until the device was full.23:34
OerHekszteam, that is because the mbr is not exactly full 1024 kb, so there are kbytes left.23:34
OerHekszteam there is an option for that, to avoid those errors, can't find it quickly23:35
bekkszteam: The MBR is 440 bytes, followed by 64 bytes for the primary partition table.23:36
bekksErm, 448 bytes :)23:36
aladiahOerHEks: none answear there !  Lubuntu 14.10 users also will receive LUbuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet automatic update with out need of new instalation fresh ?23:37
OerHeksaladiah, sure, you all will recieve distro upgrade notice,23:38
zteambekks, OerHeks, okey thanks for answers guys23:44
oncaI started /usr/sbin/sshd from the command line and forward the appropriate port before I left for work, logged in once from one system before shutting down and trying to log in again on a second system using putty, but it rejects my password.23:44
oncaI know the password is correct.23:44
oncawhat am I experiencing ?23:45
EriC^^did you run any commands before you logged out?23:45
EriC^^touch /etc/nologin or ... i dunno?23:45
oncaI wouldn't be surprised. ;_; It would be a reocurring theme23:46
oncaI just updated my shell to fish23:46
oncaactually, no I just moved some files around23:46
oncatrivial files23:46
EriC^^do you have another user you could try?23:47
oncano, root doesn't have a password.23:47
EriC^^has it worked from putty before?23:48
EriC^^maybe it's a keyboard layout thing or something?23:48
oncayes, I logged in previously.23:48
oncaI just moved back to that computer.23:48
oncaand it won't let me log in.23:48
EriC^^ok so you have remote access right now?23:48
EriC^^i mean local23:49
oncait says Access Denied23:49
oncaoh, I am not at home23:49
teekayhhello. I have a problem with flash in google chrome. The latest version of pepperflash 17.x is installed and it works on firefox but not chrome. My ubuntu is 12.02. Any ideas?23:49
thenwkgHey, anyone managed to install gnome 3.16 on Ubuntu Gnome 14.10 with 3.12 ?23:53
daftykinsthat's a lot of numbers.23:56
thenwkgdaftykins, lol. :D23:57
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OerHeksteekayh, chrome has pepperflash laest buildin23:59
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