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cory_fuSpads: http://big-data-charm-helpers.readthedocs.org/en/latest/examples/framework.html09:35
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apuimedocan juju bundle use "charm: 'local:....'"? Cause bundle proof does not recognize it11:20
apuimedomarcoceppi_: ^^11:23
marcoceppi_apuimedo: not charm: local, but branch: <bzr branch> will work, and I think local: may work as well11:24
apuimedooh good11:24
apuimedolet me check11:24
apuimedolocal: makes the proofer through an error (just like branch: does )11:26
apuimedoI think the proofer supports charm:11:26
apuimedosince it fails with KeyError: 'charm'11:27
marcoceppi_can you post your whole bundle11:30
marcoceppi_you can't use local for charm-store bundles, just for local bundles11:30
apuimedomarcoceppi_: it's a local bundle atm12:07
lazyPowerapuimedo: if this is just for testing/deployment, thats not an issue. When you go for charm store promulgation you'll want to refactor out the local: and plug in cs:series/service-revision12:34
apuimedoindeed ;-)12:34
apuimedolazyPower: One thing that should be done is to find some way to document the protocols12:35
apuimedofor the openstack services it could be quite useful12:35
lazyPowerwhen you say protocols you mean the relationship interfaces?12:35
apuimedonot when it's simple setting or getting12:35
apuimedointerface protocols, yes12:35
lazyPowerWe started doing that in our charm readmes/doc sites12:35
apuimedobut when it's two-or-more steps12:36
lazyPoweri've adopted the pattern of: sends variables (or data) / receives variables (or data) - i need to normalize that nomenclature, but its handy to have as a reference.12:37
apuimedoI was trying to think of something that could present the information of complicated services12:37
apuimedobut the best I could come up with was flow charts12:37
lazyPoweryou know, i did that with the DNS charm as well12:37
apuimedospecially when there are config variables involved12:37
lazyPowerbut yeah - i understand what you're getting at. this is somethin gi've been noodling/experimenting with since i started12:38
lazyPoweri feel our current "grep the source" model is for the birds.12:38
lazyPowerwe were talking about doing code analysis to scan the relationships and update a listing somewhere. I still might do this, and any charms that dont make it through the lexer are manually parsed12:38
apuimedolazyPower: those are cool graphs :-)12:38
lazyPowerdraw.io - i can take no credit :)12:39
apuimedothat looks easier than my graphviz approach12:40
schkovichnice work lazyPower :)13:05
lazyPowerthanks schkovich13:06
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josemarcoceppi_, lazyPower, mbruzek: I won't be able to join you for the Juju Office Hours this time, I'll be in class13:52
mbruzekStudy hard!13:53
mbruzekOr Pay attention!13:53
josesure, sure...13:53
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schkovichIs it safe to assume that JUJU_ENV_NAME will be always set?14:47
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cory_fucmars: http://big-data-charm-helpers.readthedocs.org/en/latest/15:04
cory_fucmars: lp:~bigdata-dev/charm-helpers/framework15:04
marcoceppi_schkovich: so long as you're in a hook context, yes15:30
AskUbuntuJuju - Can't access juju charm store | http://askubuntu.com/q/60879215:52
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Guest36694is there a good mail server charm?18:25
lazyPowerThere is a postfix charm Guest3669418:25
lazyPoweradmittedly i have limited interaction with it18:26
Guest36694hmm. looked for it.  jujucharms.com search doesn't return anything for 'postfix' or 'mail'18:28
VijayT_do we need to install juju as root?18:29
VijayT_using root login18:29
lazyPowerGuest36694: that link should have shown the postfix charm in teh store18:30
lazyPowerVijayT_: you do not, juju is happy running as a user. if it requiers elevated privs it will prompt you for a sudo password18:30
Guest36694I see it.  just letting you know.18:30
Guest36694it will return if I separate 'post fix'18:30
lazyPowerinteresting, i searched for postfix. I think they are in the middle of a deployment18:30
lazyPowerI'll follow up with our webops/ui engineering team however, thanks for the heads up Guest3669418:31
VijayT_thanks lazypower18:32
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msbrownHow does one prevent juju-deployer from giving identical iSCSI initiator names to hosts?21:27
lazyPowermsbrown: thats a very specific question, and i'm not sure i have an answer. That might be worthwhile to ping the list23:23
lazyPowermsbrown: juju@lists.ubuntu.com - there's a sprint going on with the juju teams so they are mostly in EU timezones right now23:24
blahdeblahlazyPower: I don't suppose you got a chance to look at my questions about the quassel-core amulet tests? :-)23:27
lazyPowerblahdeblah: i have not, but i can take a look23:28
blahdeblahlazyPower: I don't think I put them in the MP; I pinged you a few days ago in canonical #juju23:28
lazyPowerhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/charms/+bug/999439 >23:28
mupBug #999439: Need charm for quassel-core <new-charm> <Juju Charms Collection:Fix Committed by paulgear> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/999439>23:28
blahdeblahlazyPower: I can find them again if needed23:28
lazyPowerthat would be brilliant if you dont mind23:28
blahdeblahlazyPower: The main question is why the deployment setup has to be a class method instead of an instance method, since this seems to prevent running of multiple deployments from the same test.23:30
lazyPowerwhen issued through bundletester I was getting weird side effects from the deployment, and this is a byproduct of using instance methods. Converting it to a class kept the deployment on point in the test - but its a worthwhile discussion to bring up on the list to see if we can mod the testing tools to support both.23:33
blahdeblahNow that I know how to access class methods & variables in python, this is less of a big deal than it was. ;-)23:33
lazyPowerWhile it works in some cases, i've run into cases where it just flat out side-effects the test into working once, then failing on the next run :|23:33
lazyPoweri wish i had a better answer, but i can describe the effect vs the fix -  this was actually suggested by mbruzek to me about 3 weeks ago when i ran into the issue23:34
blahdeblahNext Q: is there a good way to tighten the test loop, preferably by running locally somehow?  It's a bit frustrating having to wait for hours/days to see the test results, only to find it's some stupid by-product of my python inexperience.23:34
lazyPowersurely, you can kick off the test against the local provider using bundletester. my preferred method is bundletester -F -l DEBUG -v -e local - you can use any substrate vs CI23:35
lazyPowerstanding up quassel + Mysql should be fairly quick on the local provider23:36
blahdeblahAny doc on the setup required?23:36
lazyPowernp :)23:38
lazyPowerif you need further clarification on the testing loop with charms, I have a session coming up this week with an ISV23:38
lazyPowerand i see about adding you to it if they are OK with having a third party sit in23:38
blahdeblahlazyPower: That would be great; I'm in UTC+10, though, so don't make it a big deal if timing is an issue.23:39
lazyPowerIts friday 11-12pm EDT23:39
blahdeblahthanks again, lazyPower23:39
lazyPowernp blahdeblah, happy to help.23:39
lazyPowerI'll ship an email over to the team and circle back if you're still interested @ the time difference.23:40
blahdeblahwhat's the UTC offset of EDT?23:40
lazyPower5 hours23:41
lazyPowerUTC Offset: UTC -4:0023:41
lazyPowerforgot, UTC doesn't observe DST23:42
blahdeblahThat's kinda the whole point of UTC. ;-)23:42
lazyPowerits been a long day :D23:42
blahdeblahThat time would probably work reasonable well for me23:43
lazyPowernp, i'll ping once i've got confirmation23:43

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