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gunndawgdarthanubis: 0/00:53
gazalamAnyone else have an issue with the update for 15.04 today? My desktop is black after I log in. Nothing is displayed except for the update manager01:28
gazalamif I put the cursor in the top left it still shows the blue glow to get to the task switcher01:29
Syco54645hello, running the latest beta of kubuntu and having an issue getting my terminal to load my .profile file by default01:39
ErtheHey folks.  Does anyone know of a way to enable global keyboard shortcuts to kmail?02:06
drdoomis there a default way to do desktop sharing (vnc or the like) in kubuntu 14.10?02:18
ErtheLauncher > Applications Tab --> Internet -> Remote Desktop Sharing02:21
ErtheAlthough, that's the client.02:22
drdoomcorrect, I don't care about the client.  I need a server02:23
ErtheI've used this too: https://www.nomachine.com/download/linux&id=102:24
ErtheFree for personal use.02:24
drdoomErthe: I appreciate that but with NX you then have to have a separate NX client as well02:25
drdoomif I really want to be involved, I could do x2go02:25
ErtheYou'll need a client either way drdoom02:25
ErtheVNC is available on Kubuntu02:25
drdoomI believe the default ubuntu has what is effectively a builtin vnc server via a checkbox02:25
drdoomthe issue isn't the alternatives.  it's trying to make it as simple as possible for a user who knows jack about remote desktop sharing on their end02:26
drdoomassume this user is like a grandmother without any experience02:26
ErtheVNC client is pretty easy to use.02:26
ErtheThat should point you in the right direction.02:27
drdoomyes, I have used the clients for years.  but last time I messed with vnc server on linux, it didn't do as expected.  I don't remember all the details02:27
ErtheConfiguration of most services under Linux have become much easier to work with in the last few years.02:27
ErtheAnd that howto should provide you with all you need.02:28
drdoomif I have to get into the box and do it myself, that's ok.  I like the standard ubuntu idea of making a vnc server via checkbox immediately active and ready to go outside of configuring the router for port forwarding02:28
ErtheThere may be options like that for KDE too, I don't use it.02:29
drdoomI can neither ssh in or vnc/rdp/nx/x2go at the moment.  what about things like gotomeeting, have you guys tested that for something quick and simple?02:29
ErtheGoToMeeting uses a Win32 plugin.02:29
drdoomyeah, I'm looking for people with kde experience for exactly this reason.  I don't see anything obvious searching around02:29
ErtheBut you could Wine it and do it through Pipelight02:30
drdoomdoesn't have to be gotomeeting, teamviewer, webex, etc02:30
ErtheWhy can't you SSH into the box?02:30
drdoomno port forward02:30
ErtheThat's a networking issue in any configuration.02:30
drdoomof course02:30
ErtheYou'd have to use a browser-based plugin that can't share data over http02:31
Erthe*can share02:31
drdoomcoulda woulda shoulda.  the idea is that we have a challenge with a user who knows very little and a need to remote in02:31
ErtheBest case scenario if you have to support it, is do support intervals.02:31
ErtheWith Kubuntu you can design the desktop as you see fit.02:31
ErtheYou could make it incredibly simple.02:32
ErtheDoes your side of the fence have the capability to forward ports by IP?02:33
* Erthe has an idea.02:34
drdoomreverse listen?02:35
drdoomIn any event, thanks for the help Erthe02:42
drdoommaybe I should just play around with vnc server again when I am able to get back to that box02:43
Erthedrdoom: You could setup a script on the opposite end that exports the X display to your location and runs a terminal.02:54
ErtheSo you'd end up getting a Konsole window in your X display.02:54
ErtheThat's local to the remote box.02:54
drdoomright, but then x server runs without encryption, which needs ssh, etc02:55
drdoomI will eventually be able to get back to that box, but this is more a thought experiment on how to help people in these situations02:55
drdoomsomething like join.me or gotomeeting aren't really possible since they don't have linux non-exe plugins, but they would be great for a temporary way in to port forward and setup vnc, etc02:56
drdoomteaching myself more about x forwarding with a vm now, neat stuff02:56
ErtheWith respect to gtm or join.me you *can* install the plugin through pipelight02:57
ErtheWell, through wine, and run it with pipelight.02:57
drdoomnot familiar with that02:57
drdoomok, so it wants wine02:57
Erthepipelight runs silverlight apps in linux browsers02:57
drdoomoh ok02:57
ErtheSo if it's a Silverlight app for join.me, it's possible02:58
drdoomare gotomeeting and the like effectively using silverlight?02:58
ErtheWell, I don't know, but if one of them does that's an open route to take.02:58
drdoomI see02:58
drdoomlooks like all I really need is to make sure I install openssh-server and port forward along with fail2ban when I'm on location02:59
drdoomthen I can either ssh directly or x forward an app I might need02:59
ErtheI want Mumble to get screen sharing.02:59
drdoomI would normally do this but it's my brother I hadn't seen in a long time and he twisted my arm into getting drunk02:59
ErtheThat'll solve a lot of issues.02:59
ErtheHope you find your solution :D03:00
drdoomthanks for bouncing ideas back to me03:00
ErtheWith *nix, if there isn't a solution, create one.  And no problem.03:01
drdoomtrue true.  I like the idea of setting up a kde desktop that's what I need it to be universally03:03
ErtheI wish KDE had a cloud service to store all of my desktop settings so, when I reinstall or in the event of a system disaster, I can resync my settings.03:04
drdoomhow do we stop showing join and parts in the web irc client?03:05
drdoomprobably not a bad idea for the settings although doesn't ubuntu use ubuntu one for stuff like that?03:06
drdoomlinux mint has something but I believe it's just a local backup03:06
ErtheI'm kinda thinking something through OpenDesktop.org03:06
drdoomI know some of the programmer types use git and create a "dotfiles" dir for stuff like config files03:07
ErtheSo Kubuntu, SuSE, whatever your KDE settings are stored globally.03:07
ErtheI don't want to pay for a private Github repo though, and I'm not sure I want some personal settings browsable by others.03:08
drdoomI didn't realize you had to pay03:09
drdoomI'm sure there's a way to do something like what you want with dropbox and scripts03:10
drdoombut I don't always trust things like dropbox03:10
drdoomdepends on your level of paranoia03:10
ErthePublic repos are free on GH03:13
ErtheGoogle Drive was an idea I had too.03:13
Erthegrive is pretty handy03:13
stormchaser3000does anyone know if installing ublock on rekonq is possible?03:14
ErtheI don't know if Rekonq can make use of the modern FF plugins or not.03:17
Erthestormchaser3000: Install it in FF and try loading up Rekonq.  I doubt it's possible, but ya never know.03:17
stormchaser3000is there a way i can use the rekonq ad block03:23
stormchaser3000without disableing rekonq from visiting most websites03:23
Erthestormchaser3000: You're beyond my realm of knowledge, I use Chrome.03:24
ErtheViperisthebest: Hi.03:24
stormchaser3000because when i enable rekonq's ad block. rekonq doesn't want to connect to most websites03:24
ErtheRead about how to configured it.03:24
ViperisthebestI'm trying to install the latest nvidia driver, it says the pre-install script has failed, and nouveau won't let me install it03:26
ViperisthebestI think I have to add more things to the nouveau blacklist file it created for me03:30
ViperisthebestDo you know anything about nvidia Erthe?03:31
ViperisthebestErthe does kubuntu come with the latest version of java already installed?03:35
drdoomErthe: are you familiar with VPSes?04:01
drdoomErthe: you might be able to run a free vm at one of the sites that has an educational slant (Azure?) and rsync that way04:12
Erthedrdoom: I think I may concoct a web service and propose it's use.04:48
Erthedrdoom: And yes I'm familiar with VPSs.04:49
drdoomErthe: sounds good05:19
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soeegood morning06:43
ErtheGood morning soee.06:46
ErtheHaving a hell of a time with Kmail today.06:47
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lordievaderGood morning.07:03
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Guest91709добрый день07:13
lordievader!ru | Guest9170907:13
ubottuGuest91709: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.07:13
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s_20since baloo is having a field with one of my CPUs, is there a way to see how the indexing (which it is for i assume) has already progressed?08:03
s_20well after a reboot (for other reasons) baloo seems to be happy again08:36
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donniezazens_20: indexing is suppose to be superfast which would mean showing progression is either not feasble or useful.11:18
BluesKajHiyas all11:32
Syco54645hello, running the latest beta of kubuntu and having an issue getting my terminal to load my .profile file by default11:39
rick_looking good...#Plasma511:44
BluesKajSyco54645, try it in the run command/ktunner11:46
BluesKajerr krunner11:46
rick_is it a bug or something?11:46
BluesKajcould be, it's a dev OS11:47
BluesKajor righy click on the desktop, choose run command11:48
BluesKajerr right11:48
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wellingtonalguém pode me da uma ajudinha ???13:19
wellingtonto com uns problemas com o KDE com plasma513:19
LINKSWORD2Hey guys.13:45
LINKSWORD2Question: I'm looking for a video editor, preferrably one that can handle FLV to AVI. Any suggestions?13:46
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rmrfchikhi, is there way to install kubuntu from behind proxy?14:03
rmrfchikinstaller says "no internet"14:03
Walexrmrfchik: the installer is wrong! The Internet still exists...14:05
hateballWell you don't *have* to have a internet connection during the install14:05
rmrfchikthis confuses me14:05
Walexrmrfchik: the existince of a proxy does not matter. what matters is that it has an address etc. that can be routed/NATed to the internet14:05
hateballIt just makes it easier to grab things like restricted-packages and language packs and such if you are connected during install14:06
BluesKajrmrfchik, don't choose updates or 3rd party in th einstaller14:06
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P3D03MP1R3why would you log this chat?17:23
P3D03MP1R3why not make it anonymous?17:23
sithlord48pretty sure freenode logs all chatrooms17:24
P3D03MP1R3are there any kids here? or is it just grown ups?17:25
geniiP3D03MP1R3: It doesn't matter if there are any kids here or not, if they are using Kubuntu and arfe needing or giving support for it. The channel rules of all *buntu channels require them to be family-friendly17:28
P3D03MP1R3i'm very family friendly17:29
P3D03MP1R3i love kids and families17:29
P3D03MP1R3especially kids17:29
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faustP3D03MP1R3: you are not funny17:38
P3D03MP1R3that's because i'm not a comedian faust17:39
faustP3D03MP1R3: this is sad17:39
P3D03MP1R3you're sad? go fuck kids it will make you happy17:40
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MichaelPin kubuntu can't find xorg.conf.d .. arch is etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/19:24
xennex81question... what channel can I go to to ask about embedded browsers, or single purpose browser? (web browsers, I want something for a wiki that doesn't coincide with other windows)19:29
F03SDнинужно вобщем говоря)))19:29
MoonUnit`MichaelP: ptu my conf in /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d19:32
MichaelPMoonUnit`: already found it19:34
geniiMoonUnit`: Every time I see you here I imagine your last name is Zappa ;)19:38
phoenixzWill Kubunti 15.04 have wayland?22:33
phoenixzinstead of X ?22:33
deadmundAnybody here?22:38
geniiphoenixz: Xorg 1.1622:40
geniideadmund: Better if you have a support question just to say it in the channel and see if anyone takes it up22:41
deadmundgenii: I figured it out already.  haha, sorry!22:48
Simoniousso I just dropped a DVD with the new ISO into a machine and it boots up, but then on the quit/try/install screen it hangs forever..  Mouse clicks do nothing.  Enter does nothing.  Only the Enter while 'quit' is selected does something - it just tosses up the confirmation box, but I don't want to quit, I want to do the install.  There are no errors.  If I go to a command line and type commands the DVD spins up at least..  W22:54
MichaelP kubuntu 15.04 everytime i start to move mouse up center of screen and to left side. screen starts turning blue. closer to the corner bluer it gets... http://i.imgur.com/IPIBADm.jpg23:35

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