rexussHi, I'm using a static IP for my lubuntu 14.10, however, when I checked the NetworkManager.conf file, I didn't see any IP address there. I also checked the /etc/network/interfaces file and it doesn't show any IP address which I assigned. Where else should I search for that?00:35
tewardrexuss: I'm not sure you should be looking at a specific conf file, rather you should be using the NetworkManager GUI for that kind of stuff.  You can also see if the IP is assigned by doing `ifconfig` on the command line00:38
rexussteward: shouldn't it stored in one of the configuration file? I'm just curious actually.00:40
tewardrexuss: probably, but as my network's static IP assignments are handled as static DHCP reservations, I'm not sure where you would be looking :/00:56
rexussteward, I looked again in the /etc/NetworkManager directory. there's a directory called system-connections and there's a file called eth0. when I looked at it, it turns out that all the configurations are stored there :)00:58
tewardrexuss: there you go :)01:09
tewardrexuss: it probably stores it per interface, yes.01:10
rexussteward: similar to what we see in the GUI01:12
JohnnyComeL8lyHello!  I want to know where I would be able to find stuff to fix my problems... when I open up Teeworlds, Minetest or AssaultCube my whole system freezes and I have to manually reboot.01:43
JohnnyComeL8ly(By which I mean, shut it down by using the power button to interrupt the power.)01:45
JohnnyComeL8lyHi, everybody.01:57
JohnnyComeL8lyI'll be back later.02:00
schmtzl90hi, what is the default lock screen´s name?10:51
schmtzl90lxsession-default lock does not work10:53
tlkrdidn't it change to use xscreensaver in 14.10? or am I imagining that11:16
tlkreither way xscreensaver-command -lock works on mine, do not remember if I changed it.11:17
schmtzl90i am using 14.04. sry for not mentioning it it11:18
pntkrtrHola, amigos, tengo un problema con lbuntu a la hora de ejecutar scripts de bash, desde la opción "Ejecutar en un terminal", ya que se carga el terminal pero no el script, no se pasa como parametro y el script queda esperando comando. ¿Alguna idea, por favor? Gracias.11:28
pntkrtrHello friends, I have a problem with lubuntu when run bash scripts from the "Run in Terminal", because the terminal is loaded but not the script charged and executed, not passed as parameter and the script waits command input. Any ideas, pease? Thanks.11:29
pntkrtrThere is someone?11:32
pntkrtrHola, hay alguien ahí?11:32
schmtzl90light-locker is the default lock screen in 14.04. if you want to launch by shortcut you can use the command "light-locker-command -l"11:55
gasshoWell how about that :/22:41
ianorlingassho what is your question?22:43
gasshoI found the answer in the docs.22:44

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