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aikidoukewhat group is responsible for composing daily builds and releases?15:52
peppelakappahello, anyone with haswell graphics there? I'm experiencing a strange problem: a core of my cpu is stuck at 70% load, even without nothing cpu-intensive running15:55
geniiaikidouke: Each team ( Ubuntu, Lubuntu, Xubuntu, Kubuntu ) has their own team with a core group of devs and a team leader that push out their respective dailies15:59
aikidoukegenII: thanks, Im looking for the name of the team for ubuntu, want to learn more about the process and possibly contribute/volunteer16:02
geniiaikidouke: Might want to check out https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Teams16:02
geniiaikidouke: Those are the ones more directly related to Ubuntu. The other flavours have their own respective teams that aren't listed on there however16:03
aikidoukeok thanks again16:04
MichaelPrunning 15.04... for etc/X11 do i need to create xorg.conf.d for 2-radeon.conf ? or is it somewhere else19:27
k1lyou dont need to create a xorg conf usually19:30
MichaelPfound it usr/share/x11/xorg.conf.d19:30
ubottuThe /etc/X11/xorg.conf file is deprecated, but sometimes may still be needed to pass values to specific drivers. See `man xorg.conf` for file structure and syntax. | Generic xorg.conf generation: http://ubottu.com/y/xorgconf | ATI proprietary driver specific: http://ubottu.com/y/atiamd | Nvidia proprietary driver specific: http://ubottu.com/y/nvidia19:30
MichaelPi useing the free driver... that why i need xorg.conf.d... for 20-radeon.conf19:33
MichaelPWhere is the fglrx driver in 15.0419:35
MichaelPkubuntu 15.04 everytime i start to move mouse up center of screen and to left side. screen starts turning blue. closer to the corner bluer it gets... http://i.imgur.com/IPIBADm.jpg23:27

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