KilosongolaBoy  cyrilb  and others ^^07:03
Kiloskenju254  emk  daker  R0ok_  ^^07:04
Kiloshi d4rk-5c0rp08:01
Kiloswake tunisia ubuntu peeps and get them to join us https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-africa08:02
Kiloshihi elacheche08:05
ongolaBoyKilos: hi :)08:07
d4rk-5c0rphi Kilos08:35
Kiloshehe just approved your brother08:35
d4rk-5c0rphahaha :D08:35
elachecheHey guys!08:35
Kiloswe at 5 already08:36
Kiloshi elacheche08:36
Kiloslooks like there are only 3 ubuntu users in tunisia08:36
Kilosand one sleeps all the time08:37
Kiloswelcome to the team elacheche08:43
elachechethx kenju25408:50
elachecheKilos, :à08:50
Padroninow what?10:42
Kiloswhat what?10:42
Private_UserKilos: hey, the ##ubuntu-za-social channel is getting :( we need more people to create a buzz there so all our ubuntu peeps can also be social12:18
Kiloslol none seems to even have time to say anything here12:18
spottyKilos: By the way, Private_User on freenode told me "Tell Kilos to join ##ubuntu-za-social now" 5 minutes and 10 seconds ago12:18
spottyKilos: By the way, Private_User on freenode told me "tell Kilos this channel is becoming sad with number of people declining" 4 minutes and 17 seconds ago12:18

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