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zsombi_mhall119: if you want to catch it anywhere, you must choose a component (i.e. Page) and catch it there.05:07
zsombi_mhall119: see http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qml-qtquick-keys.html05:13
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Guest7105Hello ? I add a PushClient component in .qml file, and in .apparmor file add "push-notification-client" policy, the PushClient signal an error:qml: GOT ERROR bad auth06:09
Guest7105which hero can help me ?06:10
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Guest7105when I add "ubuntu-push-helper" template in .apparmor file,  my application will crash, at the same time report the following information:UbuntuClientIntegration: connection to Mir server failed. Check that a Mir server is running, and the correct socket is being used and is accessible. The shell may have rejected the incoming connection, so check its log file06:12
Guest7105please help me ?06:14
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mzanettizbenjamin, hey, is there a way to translate the .desktop file from a qmake based project?10:00
zbenjaminmzanetti: good question, i think not atm11:05
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mivoligomzanetti: ping11:56
mzanettimivoligo, hey ho11:56
mivoligomzanetti: nice stopwatch :D11:56
mzanettiwhen I saw noone managed to do that yet I was a bit disappointed and did it myself11:57
mivoligomzanetti: what I really need to ask you is the "speed" limit for enemies11:58
mivoligomzanetti: I set something like "20" but it's not much faster then "4"11:59
mzanettimivoligo, erm... I find that hard to believe12:00
mivoligomzanetti: hmm.. I thought maybe there's a upper limit for "speed"12:01
mzanettimivoligo, well, is it faster, no?12:01
mzanettimivoligo, if you want you can also use 100 for the speed. then it should be much faster12:02
mivoligomzanetti: it is faster but not 5 times12:02
mzanettiah, that could be... let me look up the formula12:02
mzanettimivoligo, qreal diff = (m_engine->stepSize() + 0.001 * m_speed) * m_engine->gameSpeed();12:03
mzanettibasically setting it to 10 should make it twice as fast as 112:04
mzanettior something like that12:04
mivoligoah ok12:04
mivoligoback to enemies.json then :D12:05
mzanettizbenjamin, logged it here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu/+bug/144335112:07
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1443351 in qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu (Ubuntu) ".desktop file is not translated for qmake based projects" [Undecided,New]12:07
mivoligomzanetti: btw are you going to do the tower rotating thing? Without rotating is not that bad but with it would be nicer :)12:09
zbenjaminmzanetti: ok thx12:09
mzanettimivoligo, hmm... good question...12:09
mzanettimivoligo, I'll try to give it a look soonish12:10
mivoligomzanetti: thanks12:10
mivoligospeed 100 is working nice :D12:11
mzanettithat will be a fast one12:14
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mhall119zsombi_: I'm doing iton the Page now, but if I click the Header of a page on a page stack, the Page component doesn't get focus12:34
zsombi_mhall119: uhm. I'm sorry, I don't get what the key handling has to do with teh mouse/touch events12:34
mhall119zsombi_: I think it has to do with focus scopes, and the fact that the Header's is different from the Page's12:35
zsombi_mhall119: key events should also go to non-focused items...12:35
zsombi_mhall119: they don't seem to...12:36
mhall119zsombi_: what I'm trying to do is catch an F5 key press on a page to refresh it's content, but if I clicked on the header instead of the content of the Page, it won't work12:36
zsombi_mhall119: right, as keys seem to go only to the focused item, in which case it'll be the header...12:37
mhall119zsombi_: currently my code looks like http://paste.ubuntu.com/10815509/12:37
zsombi_mhall119: we should have sthing in the header, like Keys.forwardTo: []12:39
zsombi_mhall119: file a bug to t1mp12:39
mhall119zsombi_: t1mp: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/144342412:43
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1443424 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit (Ubuntu) "Header blocks key press events from reaching it's Page" [Undecided,New]12:43
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zsombi_mhall119: thx!12:44
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zsombi_mhall119: thinking of that bug, forwarding key events is not straight forward, as you may want to navigate between the header actions, so in that case the events should not be forwarded to the page at all. so it can be that it is more like works as desired than a bug12:50
mhall119zsombi_: could we forward anythign that's not being used by the Header?12:51
zsombi_mhall119: it all depends on the UX constraints, i.e. if they want to handle horizontal arrows to navivate between the actions, then other keys (except TAB/SHIFT+TAB) could be forwarded, yes12:53
zsombi_but I bet you'd also want those, right?12:53
zsombi_mhall119: so far we did not get any directions on how to show the focused element, if you'd have that, then it would be visible, that once you papped on the Header that grabs the focus, your content on teh page is no longer highlighted, so you should not even try to navigate there12:54
mhall119zsombi_: yes, but for keys that actually do something when the header has focus I would accept requiring the user to click the content portion of the page12:54
t1mpzsombi_, mhall119: seems tricky..12:54
zsombi_mhall119: yes... as said, right now you don't see whos' having teh focus...12:55
t1mpzsombi_: perhaps we should allow keybindings to be attached to actions which are in the header?12:55
zsombi_t1mp: what keybindings?12:55
mhall119zsombi_: I guess what I really need is a way to attack Keys.onPressed to "the current top of the PageStack" which would be both the Header and Page12:55
t1mpzsombi_: F512:56
zsombi_t1mp: ah, yes, planned with menus :)12:56
zsombi_t1mp: shortcut is the right term :)12:56
mhall119that might work, yeah12:56
t1mpzsombi_: ok12:56
zsombi_t1mp: see Menu API document, and enjoy :)12:56
t1mpzsombi_: still the header shold not 'eat' them if they are defined in a menu12:57
mhall119on a different note, is there a plan to add a 'color' property to an action for coloring it's icon?12:57
zsombi_t1mp: right, as they will also be in teh Action12:58
zsombi_mhall119: nope12:58
zsombi_mhall119: Action is a generic thing, coloring is the control specific part12:58
mhall119:/ ok12:58
zsombi_mhall119: so if you want to have colors somewhere, you must use it in place12:58
zsombi_t1mp: however, an Action should only grab the shortcuts when active, so if in a menu, it should only grab it if the menu is active12:59
zsombi_t1mp: think about teh stock actions, which may not even be used in a page.... you should not activate an action if not used13:00
t1mpzsombi_: stock actions?13:02
zsombi_t1mp: so when the header's actions are active (i.e. shown on teh page) the shortcuts should be triggerable. And if one header element is focused, the navigation keys should move the focus in between elements and not forwarded to the Page13:02
zsombi_t1mp: yes13:02
t1mpwhat are stock actions?13:02
zsombi_t1mp: imagoine you declare all your app's actions in a file, you call them stock actions13:02
t1mpzsombi_: if you have an app on your desktop, the shortcuts are always active, also when the menu is closed13:02
zsombi_t1mp: because those actions are also active13:03
zsombi_t1mp: but you may overrule a shortcut with a "local" action, meaning you'd have two actions with teh same shortcut, so only the current context one should be activated then13:04
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kalikianat1mp: another review? https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/orientationManual/+merge/25475313:52
karniIs there a way to ensure an Ubuntu One account is created without actually going through all steps described in this guide? https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/apps/platform/guides/online-accounts-developer-guide/ - it seems artifical to show a list with a single item, becase only one Ubuntu One account is supported. What I'm trying to achieve is, when there's no U1 account, the PushClient can't set-up itself (as it uses U1), so I simply want ...13:57
karni... to pop open an account configuration page (I would assume, same as accountService.authenticate(), just without that whole account list boilerplate)13:57
karnior is it expected for apps that use U1 to show "hey, please select your account [ 1 account on the list ]" ?13:59
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ogra_why does everyone suddenly produce stopwatch apps ...14:23
ogra_(and why does nobody add an egg time to his !!!)14:23
mhall119zsombi_: BTW, instead of linking to upstream, you can link to our version of the docs: https://developer.ubuntu.com/api/qml/sdk-14.10/QtQuick.Keys/14:31
nik90ogra_: because a timer app is dead on arrival without platform support14:39
ogra_nik90, pfft ... so i have to eat hard boiled eggs because of bzoltan ?14:40
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nik90ogra_: isn't that the golden rule? blame bzoltan for everything .. and he accepts it like a gentleman?14:41
* nik90 ducks14:41
ogra_i dont want him to accept it ! i want creamy eggs !!14:41
* ogra_ stomps his foot and shakes his cane14:41
bzoltannik90: yes, that is what I do... what did I screw up again?14:44
nik90bzoltan: well this time you did nothing wrong...just me and ogra_ taking a stab at you for no reason ;-) ...14:45
bzoltanogra_: creamy egg? That is easy ... 43.5C for 36 minutes :)14:45
* nik90 blames the universe for no timer support in ubuntu touch14:45
bzoltannik90: ogra_: I actually did propose tp use the same timerd as used in meego, but the idea was dropped.14:46
ogra_bzoltan, so if i twist your head, will you start ticking ... and will you ring in 36min ? :P14:46
ogra_well, we need something :)14:46
bzoltanogra_:  with my limted knowledge about human anatomy... no, I doubt :)14:47
ogra_though indeed your app could fake that ... compute the right time to set an alarm and use that instaed ...14:47
nik90ogra_: yes but not with the current alarm backend that we have14:47
ogra_with a detached faked UI14:47
nik90ogra_: it would show up in the indicator and would require patches in various levels14:47
nik90ogra_: we are planning for a much simpler new alarms backend, but that work will only start next cycle14:48
nik90ogra_: where we essentially a simple Dbus API where the SDK talks directly to indicator-datetime14:49
nik90which right now is a bit complicated due to the EDS middle man14:49
ogra_yeah, that sounds good14:49
nik90ogra_: and this is the reasoning I will provide everytime *somebody* complains about lack of timer :P14:50
t1mpkalikiana: another review done. I left some comments on https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/orientationManual/+merge/25475314:53
pendiggingrecently updated docker app docker fails to install on ubuntu core dev 15.0414:58
pendiggingubuntu@localhost:/var/log$ sudo snappy install docker docker      8 MB     [====================================================================================================================================================]    OK     ERROR: Could not generate AppArmor profile for 'docker_docker_1.5.0.002.json'. Skipping Traceback (most recent call last):   File "/usr/lib/snappy-systemd/systemd-snappyhook", line 198, in 14:58
ogra_pendigging, snappy questions should go to #snappy14:59
pendiggingSo, noted.   Thanks.   I will go there.14:59
rickspencer3hey, I just saw that there is no suru icon for import15:00
rickspencer3what are folks using for that?15:00
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rickspencer3kenvandine, hey, is there a current "best" doc to use for content hub?15:12
rickspencer3I want to add import functionality by importing content in a text document15:12
kenvandinerickspencer3, sorry, in a meeting15:16
t1mprickspencer3: perhaps the 'plus' icon?\15:17
rickspencer3kenvandine, no problem15:17
rickspencer3kenvandine, I'm using this in the meantime: https://developer.ubuntu.com/api/qml/sdk-14.10/Ubuntu.Content.index/15:17
kenvandinethat's probably the best one right now15:17
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rickspencer3kenvandine, I assume this means that I don't have one of the necessary objects set up correctly??15:27
rickspencer3void ContentTransfer::setTransfer(com::ubuntu::content::Transfer*) No valid transfer object passed: QObject(0x0)15:27
rickspencer3bool ContentTransfer::start() Transfer can't be started15:27
kenvandinerickspencer3, can you pastebin your code somewhere and i'll take a look after this sprint meeting15:27
rickspencer3kenvandine, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~rick-rickspencer3/+junk/flash2/view/head:/Main.qml15:28
kenvandinerickspencer3, you are using the default peer for Documents15:30
kenvandinewhich there is none15:30
kenvandineyou need to use the peer picker15:31
rickspencer3kenvandine, I'm just sort of copy and pasting from here:15:31
rickspencer3kenvandine, so I need to change content peer to be contentpicker?15:32
kenvandineyeah, that would work for say pictures15:32
kenvandinebecause we have a default peer for it15:32
rickspencer3kenvandine, so, I really am not sure what to do now15:33
rickspencer3just want to import a text file, tbh15:34
kenvandinerickspencer3, hang on :)15:34
kenvandinerickspencer3, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ken-vandine/+junk/hub-importer/view/head:/hub-importer.qml#L27815:35
kenvandinerickspencer3, for an example15:35
rickspencer3wow, that looks pretty complicated15:37
rickspencer3I expected it would be more like traditional dialog code15:37
renatucharles_, any update on silo 8?15:37
rickspencer3"system please let me pick a document"15:37
kenvandineyou could use a dialog there if you like15:37
kenvandinemy example uses a page15:37
renatucharles_, can we build it again?15:37
charles_renatu, in a meeting, will ping you ack15:37
kenvandinebut, some folks have had problems using a dialog15:37
charles_renatu, yes, will do15:37
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rickspencer3kenvandine, well, what I mean by that is that most systems have a few lines of code to accomplish this15:38
rickspencer3and one or maybe 2 objects15:38
kenvandineit's just one component for the peer picker15:38
rickspencer3kenvandine, not sure what you mean15:39
rickspencer3kenvandine, let me ask the question differently ...15:39
rickspencer3if I want to allow the user to import a text file, what is the easiest way to do that?15:39
kenvandineyou can use the ContentPeerPicker any way you like, but i prefer in as a Page15:39
kenvandinethe ContentPeerPicker will show the available apps to import for the type15:40
rickspencer3kenvandine, I still don't understand, sorry15:40
rickspencer3CotentPeerPicker is a component that I need to host in the UI somewhere15:40
kenvandinei like to use it as a page on the pagestack15:41
kenvandineit's designed to be full screen15:41
rickspencer3kenvandine, oh, I have tabs in my UI, so I thought a page stack was not good for that15:42
rickspencer3like, hard to mix page stacks and tabs15:42
kenvandinei haven't used tabs lately15:42
rickspencer3kenvandine, in any case, so I need to create a contentPeerPicker15:42
kenvandinebut you could just make it fill the current tab15:42
rickspencer3then I need to set up connections?15:42
charlesrenatu, silo 8 build restarted15:43
rickspencer3kenvandine, that code looks very complicated15:43
kenvandineyou just need to know when activeTransfer is charged15:43
kenvandineso just one signal you care about15:43
rickspencer3kenvandine, and inside that signal I handle the text file that I got?15:43
rickspencer3so I need 2 objects15:44
kenvandineyou get the item out of the items15:44
kenvandineContentTransfer.items will be a list of ContentItem15:44
kenvandineContentItem.url will be the file uri15:44
rickspencer3let me give it a try with the simple case, just a content peer picker and a connections15:45
kenvandinelet me know how it goes15:45
rickspencer3kenvandine, so, I just let the peer picker live at app start up, and make it visible in some way at the user's request?15:46
kalikianat1mp: damn, you're finding good stuff. and even though it wasn't the solution your comment led me to find a way to ditch the sleep! https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/orientationManual/+merge/25475315:57
mhall119zsombi_: t1mp: Ubuntu.Components.ListItems.Standard.hovered doesn't seem to work for me15:59
mhall119I put an onHoveredChanged on my list item delegate, and it's never triggered15:59
mhall119zsombi_: setting the ListView.currentIndex did work to enable keyboard navigation,but I can't make it change the style of the delegate to show the user which one has focus16:00
mhall119neither selected nor hovered seem to change16:01
rickspencer3kenvandine, so, you can't use ContentPeerPicker in a dialog, and you can't use PageStack with tabs, so, you can't use ContentPeerPicker with tabs?16:02
renatucharles, thanks16:03
kenvandinerickspencer3, i'm sure you can16:04
kenvandineElleo, ^^16:04
kenvandinehave you seen anything using it with tabs?16:04
rickspencer3ok, let me kick the qml around a bit16:04
Elleorickspencer3: you can use the peer picker in a dialog, there's an example of that in the webbrowser-app16:05
mhall119rickspencer3: you can use pagestack with tabs under a very narrow set of circumstances16:05
kenvandineElleo, but didn't the address book app run into problems in a dialog?16:05
Elleorickspencer3: well, inside a popover anyway16:05
rickspencer3does it now seem like we should have a picker dialog component that just does all this easily?16:05
Elleokenvandine: that's fixed16:05
kenvandineah right16:05
Elleokenvandine: that was due to us not setting the parent on the dialog iirc16:06
Elleokenvandine: so it didn't get destroyed properly16:06
kenvandineyeah, i remember now16:06
rickspencer3ok, if a page inside the dialog and put the picker inside the page, it mostly works16:06
t1mpkalikiana: let me see what you did..16:14
t1mpkalikiana: do you still need the rotating.wait_for(False)?16:18
t1mpmhall119: that comes from this line in AbstractButton:     property bool hovered: __acceptEvents && mouseArea.containsMouse16:19
t1mpmhall119: not sure what could break it.. perhaps ListViews do something weird?16:19
rickspencer3kenvandine, so, I got this far:16:20
t1mpmhall119: the "selected" property you have to set to true.. then a Rectangle should be rendered at the background of the list item16:21
kalikianat1mp: hmmm maybe not, I'll check16:21
rickspencer3but in the emulator, the contentpeerpicker always says that nothing can offer the content type16:21
rickspencer3I tried Documents, All, and Pictures16:21
rickspencer3and I installed the file browser16:21
kalikianat1mp: indeed it's no longer needed, pushed16:26
kenvandinerickspencer3, so you doesn't seen any apps, weird16:28
t1mpkalikiana: thanks, looks good16:28
rickspencer3kenvandine, do you think it could be because it is on the emulator?16:28
kenvandineshouldn't be16:29
kenvandineyou have gallery installed, so Pictures should certainly show gallery16:29
kenvandineElleo, ^^ thoughts on rickspencer3's peer picker in a dialog?16:29
rickspencer3let me actually make sure that gallery is installed16:29
Elleorickspencer3: do you have the content_exchange permission?16:30
kenvandinei should have asked that first :)16:30
rickspencer3every. damn. time.16:30
Elleoit'd be nice if the SDK monitored the syslog for denials and prompted developers about the permissions they're missing for features they're using16:31
rickspencer3still not working16:31
Elleorickspencer3: have you bumped up the version number? not sure if permission changes get accounted for if the package version hasn't changed16:31
Elleoiirc that used to be the case, not sure if it still is16:32
rickspencer3well, I'm just running it from the sdk, but I'll try bumping the version16:32
Elleoah yeah, the SDK should do a complete uninstall I think, so shouldn't hit that16:32
bzoltanElleo: your idea just landed on the SDK feature pool16:32
Elleobzoltan: awesome :)16:32
rickspencer3Elleo, bumping the version did it16:33
Elleorickspencer3: ah, great :)16:33
rickspencer3so, maybe later this week, I'll see if I can turn my dialog into something reusable16:33
rickspencer3seems liked you should be able to go:16:33
rickspencer3ImportDialog {16:33
rickspencer3 onContentSelected: {}16:34
Elleoyeah, might be good to have some slightly higher level API for common content picking cases16:34
rickspencer3I would default to ContentType.All, but let the developer change that16:35
mhall119zsombi_: I got it working, I have to call forceActiveFocus() on the PageStack.currentPage every time it changed, should this be the default behavior?16:37
kalikianabtw does contenthub have any list of past files? or does it have to be maintained by the app?16:38
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Elleokalikiana: content-hub forgets about transfers as soon as they're completed/aborted16:42
kalikianaElleo: so that means the list used in the examples is something I'd have to save in u1db? https://developer.ubuntu.com/api/qml/sdk-14.04/Ubuntu.Content.ContentHub/16:44
Elleokalikiana: what're you wanting to store the transfer info for?16:45
kalikianaElleo: long term I'd like my app to be able to edit files, and display a list of files to open16:46
Elleokalikiana: you don't really need a list of the past transfers though do you? just list the files in the directory you're storing incoming files in?16:49
kalikianaElleo: hmm effectively yes16:49
kalikiananow that you mention it, I could probably use http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qml-qt-labs-folderlistmodel-folderlistmodel.html16:51
Elleokalikiana: cool :)16:52
rickspencer3kenvandine, Elleo may I assume that if I have this url, I can simply open the file and read it now?16:53
rickspencer3i.e. it's working up the point where my app has access to the file?16:53
Elleorickspencer3: yep16:54
rickspencer3good point at which to take a break :)16:55
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mhall119Elleo: kenvandine: what's the proper way of getting a file out of ~/.cache/ and into the app's folder when transfering via content hub?17:18
kenvandinemhall119, ContentItem.move()17:31
mhall119kenvandine: does that return true if the move fails but the fallback to copy succeeds?17:41
DS-McGuireballons, you are in the Help App team correct?17:41
kenvandinemhall119, i think so17:41
kenvandinemhall119, basically it returns true if the file ends up in the place you expected it to be17:46
mhall119ok, I think my issue is with U1db then18:02
zsombi_[17:31:38] <mhall119> zsombi_: BTW, instead of linking to upstream, you can link to our version of the docs: https://developer.ubuntu.com/api/qml/sdk-14.10/QtQuick.Keys/18:43
zsombi_mhall119: tbh, it was easier for me to find it on Qt.io... our doc is pretty messy...18:45
zsombi_[19:00:15] <mhall119> zsombi_: setting the ListView.currentIndex did work to enable keyboard navigation,but I can't make it change the style of the delegate to show the user which one has focus18:45
zsombi_mhall119: as said, we don't have any hint from design on how shoudl we show the focus18:45
mhall119zsombi_: our doc will be getting better shortly18:48
zsombi_[19:38:03] <mhall119> zsombi_: I got it working, I have to call forceActiveFocus() on the PageStack.currentPage every time it changed, should this be the default behavior?18:48
zsombi_mhall119: nope18:48
mhall119zsombi_: is there any way *I* can define how to show focus? I believe I could if one of the ListItem.Standard's properties changed18:49
zsombi_mhall119: That'll be really nice... the "under development" is reeeeaaallllly outdated, the Ubuntu.Components18:50
zsombi_mhall119: you can "define" by drawing somethiong if a component is focus... it should be done on StyledItem level18:50
mhall119zsombi_: the "under development" is still in the docs packages18:51
zsombi_mhall119: I meant this https://developer.ubuntu.com/api/qml/development/18:51
zsombi_mhall119: I cannot see the other18:51
mhall119zsombi_: everything on that part of the site is imported from doc packages in the archive18:52
mhall119zsombi_: so ubuntu-ui-toolkit-doc in utopic's archive18:52
zsombi_mhall119: my only concern is that both the stable and the development snapshot docs are the same :(18:52
zsombi_so one cannot be sure what is a stable and a development doc18:53
mhall119zsombi_: both "current" and "development" URLs point to the same docs right now18:53
mhall119because the current stable framework version is also the most recent framework version18:54
mhall119unless bzoltan has created a ubuntu-sdk-15.04 framework18:54
zsombi_mhall119: yeah... and we've already released 1.2, which belongs to 15.04...18:54
zsombi_and you cannot see those docs anywhere18:54
mhall119zsombi_: but there's no way for app devs to target that18:54
mhall119so there are no docs telling them to try18:54
zsombi_mhall119: even the 14.10 is not up to date18:55
mhall119again, once we have a new framework defined that includes those updates, we can upload the docs for it18:55
mhall119zsombi_: what is out of date?18:55
zsombi_mhall119: ServiceProperties component is missing, Haptics singleton as well...18:55
zsombi_mhall119: it should be under Ubuntu.Components18:56
bzoltanmhall119:  I am not the one who creates frameworks. lool is the one.18:57
zsombi_mhall119: yes, as component18:57
mhall119zsombi_: is it in ubuntu-ui-toolkit-doc in utopic's archive?18:58
zsombi_as well as Ubuntu.Components.Haptics18:58
mhall119zsombi_: ubuntu-ui-toolkit-doc_1.1.1279+14.10.20141007-0ubuntu1_all.deb is what I'm using18:59
mhall119I don't see either component in the extracted .deb package18:59
zsombi_mhall119: that' sbad, we had to release them post-RTM deadline for the OtherVibrate feature support...19:00
zsombi_mhall119: it might have been released later than 7th of October19:01
zsombi_mhall119: but yes, it had been released for 1.1, so should be there19:01
mhall119zsombi_: update the doc file in the archive and it will get imported19:03
zsombi_mhall119: ok, however you might need to use some later package if available19:04
zsombi_mhall119: we had to add API later due to some unplanned features...19:04
mhall119zsombi_: tell me where I can download the package from19:05
zsombi_mhall119: uhh... I have to check that, I'll let U know tomorrow19:06
renatuMirv, ping19:27
nik90mhall119: it is possible to target Ubuntu.Components 1.2 using the 14.10 framework on the 15.04 devel images19:52
nik90mhall119: and considering that RTM will rebase on vivid soon, it should also be visible in the docs for developers to prepare for that19:52
balloonsnik90, where are you at with clock app and tests? did everything get sorted or no?19:56
nik90balloons: Sry I haven't sorted it out and frankly I am not getting the motivation to fix that.19:58
nik90Part of why I have just fixed some other minor stuff in the clock.19:59
balloonsnik90, I'm not here to beat you into submission :-) Just wondering if you needed help or not. Sounds like it's morphed into something quite painful19:59
nik90balloons: I know, but I am just feeling guilty for not putting more effort into it. Its just that the whole bootstrapping thing is way too much work and I have some serious issues with vivid on the phone where I can no longer develop apps without constantly rebooting my phone.20:01
balloonsIf there's anything you want to point me at, feel free to. I'll slot some time to have a look at it this week. And don't worry, I won't bug you further about it :-)20:01
balloonsnik90, that's not great news to hear, but it is honest. Obviously that's not something that can continue20:01
mhall119nik90: Ubuntu.Components 1.2 was not part of the 14.10 framework, so we can't tell if a given device that has the 14.10 framework also has the 1.2 components20:02
nik90balloons: I don't know why others aren't noticing bug 1429415, but it really annoys the hell out of me. and that's partly why I am avoiding vivid unless I am absolutely required to test a clock app MP on it.20:04
ubot5bug 1429415 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "Unable to enter password in the lock screen after using Qtcreator to run apps on the device" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/142941520:04
nik90mhall119: hmm that's true..I guess that boils down to the lack of a official ubuntu-sdk-15.10-dev1 framework.20:05
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newsageshi all20:24
newsagesif I have one QJsonArray on C++ where is the best mode to store? 1 U1db document for all array or x Document for x rows in Array?20:27
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