imgbot=== IMAGE 170 building (started: 20150413-02:10) ===02:10
imgbot=== IMAGE 170 DONE (finished: 20150413-03:40) ===03:40
imgbot=== changelog: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/170.changes ===03:40
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Mirvnot sure if it makes sense to have meetings this week without jib_el and sil, but today I need to jump towards dentist part 1 anyway now.08:10
Mirvlet's have meetings if there's a specific issue that's worth chatting about in a hangout08:10
ogra_popey, davmor2 ^^^ anything to discuss this morning ?08:11
davmor2ogra_: not sure what popey's responce was, I'm assuming that the new oxide finally built and is in the image right?08:20
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ogra_davmor2, http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/rtm/270.changes08:20
davmor2ogra_: in that case as far as I know we are retesting the web based subsection of the regression suite and once that passes letting you know08:22
popeyogra_: davmor2 +108:24
ogra_is that davmor3 ?08:24
davmor2ogra_: davmor3 is my evil twin brother you don't want his opinion ;)08:25
popeyxcihelp: (possibly fginther as he last touched it) calc reboot is doing two jenkins jobs per merge.  https://code.launchpad.net/~nikwen/ubuntu-calculator-app/reboot-white-splash-screen/+merge/25591208:52
popeycihelp: (possibly fginther as he last touched it) calc reboot is doing two jenkins jobs per merge.  https://code.launchpad.net/~nikwen/ubuntu-calculator-app/reboot-white-splash-screen/+merge/25591208:52
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dbarth_trainguards: ping? do you still need an oxide build for ota-3 ?09:45
Mirvdbarth_: my understanding was that it landed in http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/rtm/270.changes09:50
Mirvand is being tested now09:50
ogra_was 1.6.2 the one we were waiting for ?09:51
* ogra_ isnt up to date with these version numbers09:51
Mirvogra_: 1.6.3, you mean?09:52
Mirvliboxideqtcore0:armhf from 1.6.2-0ubuntu0.14.10.1~ppa1 to 1.6.3-0ubuntu0.14.10.1~ppa109:52
ogra_err, yes ;)09:52
dbarth_1.6.3 yes, with the viewport zoom fix09:56
dbarth_Mirv: ok, thanks; just checking in case there was something stuck09:56
* ogra_ has recieved the update on sunday morning ... i dont see any ill behavior here 09:58
dbarth_ogra_: the issue was about https://bugs.launchpad.net/oxide/+bug/144245810:04
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1442458 in Oxide 1.6 "browser can't zoom out to show full page in rtm krillin 269" [High,Fix committed]10:04
ogra_yeah, i know :)10:04
ogra_i tried a few desktop sites, they all worked fine, no carshes10:04
ogra_(i didnt try the welcome wizard, thats up to QA)10:04
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ogra_fginther, plars, can either of you explain to me why desktop kernel adt runs happen on krillin devices ?11:23
* ogra_ is specifically looking at http://d-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/view/Vivid/view/AutoPkgTest/job/vivid-adt-linux/lastBuild/? on the private jenkins instance ... it says it runs on krillin-08 ?11:24
ogra_(and why the heck does a one line change in initramfs-tools result in a kernel build from source as test ... )11:26
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seb128hey pmcgowan13:03
pmcgowanseb128, hey13:04
pmcgowanno sil or jibel it seems13:04
ogra_nope, both off13:05
pmcgowanwho is doing regression testing?13:05
ogra_pmcgowan, 270 has all the changes13:05
ogra_not sure who in QA does the tests13:05
pmcgowanrvr, maybe?13:05
ogra_davmor2, ^^^ ?13:05
pmcgowan270 works for me this weekend13:06
ogra_same here13:06
ogra_no issues with desktop sites or zooming13:06
popeyship it!13:06
ogra_yeah, who needs QA signoff13:06
davmor2pmcgowan: QA are, jibel is at the sprint not sure yet who will post the results. we are currently re-running anything that is reliant on the browser so far so good, so be back to you shortly13:08
pmcgowandavmor2, very good13:08
balloonscihelp, can you check the jenkins jobs for calculator app? It seems both the normal job and the reboot job are running on mp's13:16
balloonssee https://code.launchpad.net/~nikwen/ubuntu-calculator-app/reboot-white-splash-screen/+merge/25591213:16
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tedrsalveti, Thanks for reviewing the i-sound branch and throwing it into your silo!13:18
Mirvdbarth_: ^13:26
Mirvogra_: could you ack compiz + unity packaging changes? switch to python3 in migration scripts https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-014-2-publish/13:31
bregmait's just a little ack13:31
ogra_Mirv, ack ...13:32
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dbarth_Mirv: approved13:49
dbarth_Mirv: could you also help me reconfig silo 22 (i swapped a branch but there's no reconfig button in the spreadsheet that i can find)13:50
fgintherpopey, balloons, I've disabled the calculator-app-reboot jobs13:54
popeythanks fginther13:55
fgintherpopey, sorry for the delay, we're sprinting this week13:55
balloonsfginther, :-)13:56
popeyno worries13:56
fgintherogra_, desktop kernel adt runs? are you referring to where jenkins is running jobs?13:59
ogra_fginther, i'm referring to proposed migration ... an upload of initramfs-tools causes a complete source to binary build of the kernel source ... which is totaly pointless and wastes several hours (turnaround time for initramfs-tools used to be a few minutes) ... it also runs completely pointless boot tests on phones now14:00
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ogra_fginther, we need a white/blacklist or some such to not bluntly run such tests on totally unrealted packages14:01
Mirvdbarth_: note the new reconfig option in the landing tools menu, can you try it?14:15
fgintherogra_, ok, I see now what you are referring too... initramfs-tools has a reverse dependency on the kernel (which must complete its autopkg test in order to pass). So, I understand your comment now.14:16
ogra_fginther, riht, i would like us to have a white/blacklist for such special cases where we can permanently override pointless tests14:16
rsalvetited: thanks for the fix :-)14:27
sil2100jibel_: http://people.canonical.com/~lzemczak/landing-team/ota/ota-3.commitlog <- here's the commitlog, but as I was afraid, we're missing many landing bindings because of the problems with the spreadsheet14:50
sil2100Mirv: hey! Any problems with landings in teh morning?14:52
jgdxtrainguards, could you please reconfigure silo 6? Thank you.15:02
sil2100jgdx: on it15:02
jgdxsil2100, thank you15:02
sil2100jgdx: done15:04
jgdxsil2100, rog15:04
jgdxthank you queuebot, you rock15:08
Mirvsil2100: nothing special15:11
Mirvsil2100: good flights? :)15:12
davmor2sil2100: has become cancel crazed someone slap him back to his senses15:12
sil2100Mirv: longish, but I survived (no murderous pilots)15:13
Mirvsurvival is the most important thing..15:14
sil2100davmor2: ha, robru is really happy with that change!15:15
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om26erpete-woods, Hi!16:06
om26erpete-woods, How can I verify fix in bug 1434379 ?16:25
ubot5bug 1434379 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "GPS always active when a scope that uses location is in the background " [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143437916:25
nerochiarobfiller_meeting: ok, i will wrap up this one in a way that anyone can pick it up, then discuss with olivier and get on these tomorrow morning16:32
rsalvetiom26er: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10816903/16:32
rsalvetiom26er: this was how it got validated for RTM16:32
om26errsalveti, I was planning to ask you incase I didn't get response from Pete :)16:35
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om26erted, Hi! is bug 1437355 strictly desktop-specific ?16:52
ubot5bug 1437355 in ubuntu-app-launch (Ubuntu) "Icons lost from various apps after upgrade" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143735516:52
robruSaviq: https://code.launchpad.net/~nick-dedekind/ubuntu-settings-components/1390136.laggy-backends/+merge/252754 need this top approved in order to publish16:53
tedom26er, No, it's device only. It is in the desktop hook.16:57
tedom26er, Which is the hook used to process desktop files.16:57
om26erted, heh, ok. The comment in the spreadsheet made it sound like it was desktop specific.16:58
Saviqrobru, sorries, ACKed17:02
robruSaviq: thanks17:02
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robruSaviq: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-025-2-publish/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/unity8_packaging_changes.diff/*view*/ so this looks really wrong, is this upload intended to revert version ...320?17:05
om26erted, anything else to look for except for the TestPlan ?17:46
rvralex-abreu: Besides manual tests, anything special to check for silo 17? (Remove webbkit dependencies)18:34
alex-abreurvr, besides webapps & webbrowser tests, nothing really18:35
rvralex-abreu: Oookis. Approving it.18:36
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robrudbarth__: alex-abreu: justinmcp: need these MP's top-approved: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-017-2-publish/69/console18:52
alex-abreurobru, approved them18:53
robrualex-abreu: thanks18:53
dbarth__robru: ah, alex-abreu beat me to it :)19:03
robrudbarth__: thanks for checking!19:06
robruted: hey it seems we have 5 free silos now, did you want that vivid+1 one now?19:06
Saviqrobru, this looks wrong indeed, but none of the unity8 MPs touch the changelog...19:16
Saviqrobru, so it must've been the train that messed up the changelog??19:16
robruSaviq: yikes, i'm not sure how...19:24
robruSaviq: the only thing I can suggest is to rebuild, but I just checked the timestamps, and the most recent build is newer than when the last release merged to trunk, so I don't know how this situation could have arisen. this kind of thing should only happen if you build a new silo before the previous silo finishes merging.19:26
robruSaviq: don't rebuild yet, I'll poke at some stuff and see what happens...19:32
Saviqrobru, I just looked at the full diff and at least the contents are correct19:33
Saviqrobru, so at worst I'd rather we publish that and fix changelog manually19:34
robruSaviq: oh, ok... hmmmm19:35
robruSaviq: ok, will publish then.19:36
robruSaviq: i'll prep a branch with a fixed changelog that we can merge once that lands19:37
sil2100jibel: wow, devel image promotion takes like 15 minutes per one image or even more19:57
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sil2100popey: hey!22:18
popeyhello sil210022:18
sil2100popey: in case you're still around...22:18
sil2100popey: we have a problem with calculator!22:18
sil2100popey: sooo, basically the reboot of a reboot broke all smoketesting, since it has no tests22:18
popeyI specifically raised this before it landed with fginther22:18
popeybecause I expected this. He said he'd fixed it.22:19
sil2100popey: and since smoketesting infrastructure assumes and expects each of the apps to have tests, it's b0rken22:19
sil2100hm, I still see 4 images without tests along with the newest one22:19
sil2100popey: anyway, I guess the simplest and best fix would be to add at least one quick almost-dummy test22:20
sil2100I think we did the same for terminal once22:20
sil2100popey: could you maybe contact the app developers about that?22:20
popeyle sigh22:21
sil2100popey: actually!22:21
popeyfrustrating given I pre-empted this22:21
sil2100popey: wait wait, heh... actually jibel said there are tests but they're in a non-standard directory22:21
sil2100popey: so, hmmm...22:24
popeybfiller: happy belated birthday22:25
sil2100popey: so, anyway, for the smoketesting to work we would need the tests/ directory be in the main source directory22:26
sil2100popey: since otherwise phablet-click-test-setup won't be able to find it22:27
sil2100popey: it's not smart enough to look for the tests in random directories ;p22:27
popeysil2100: if someone wants to prepare a merge, I'll take a look and approve now.22:27
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sil2100I'll try looking into that later maybe, would be best for a real app developer to do that since he has better knowledge of why actually all of that is in the /app directory22:29
sil2100popey: could you forward that to someone if I don't prepare a merge beforehand?22:29
popeysil2100: would be more helpful if the person who found this issue filed a bug against calculator.22:31
popeyand then we can prioritise it accordingly22:31
sil2100popey: will do that now22:35
sil2100popey: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-calendar-app/+bug/144368022:45
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1443680 in Ubuntu Calendar App "Autopilot tests in inaccessible trough phablet-click-test-setup" [High,New]22:45
sil2100popey: as said, tomorrow I might find time to quickly patch-up an MR22:46
popeyyou said calculator?22:46
sil2100Sorry, calculator it was supposed to be22:46
* sil2100 is stupid22:46
popeythanks for filing22:47
sil2100popey: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-calculator-app/+bug/144368022:47
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1443680 in Ubuntu Calculator App "Autopilot tests in inaccessible trough phablet-click-test-setup" [High,New]22:47
* popey thinks that phablet-click-test-setup shouldn't be this fragile22:48
* popey further thinks the entire infra breaking because _one_ app fails is madness cubed.22:48
popeybut we've had this conversation before, the last time this happened.22:48
popey..and we'll have it again, the next time.22:48
sil2100popey: well, I wouldn't say phablet-click-test-setup is too fragile here, I think that the smoketesting infra shouldn't be so stupid22:48
sil2100So the smoketesting part is the part that's wrong here22:49
popeyOne we can laugh about over a beer in a few years.22:49
sil2100But that's a CI project, and they're overloaded with work22:49
sil2100So best way to fix it is to fix it on our side22:51

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