dpmpopey, pleia2, was there an announcement of the result of the restaffing of the membership board? Last thing I saw was the extended call for nominations. Does  https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-membership-board/+members#active reflect the current board members? (i.e. it seems only one's membership is due to expire in about 2 weeks)13:12
popeycc are discussing today13:12
popeyannounce tomorrow AIUI13:12
dpmok, thanks popey13:13
czajkowskidpm: vote closes today we should be able to give you an update  ASAP13:14
dpmczajkowski, sounds great, thanks for the update13:15
dholbachhey hey13:36
dholbachdpm, do you still expect us to have our 1-on-1 today?13:37
dholbachdpm, there's a snappy standup at the same time and I would like to get a good idea of what's planned13:38
dholbachdpm, if you want, I could update you maybe tomorrow or something?13:38
dpmdholbach, hey13:44
dpmdholbach, no worries, I wasn't expecting to have the call,13:44
dpmI already thought you'd be busy sprinting13:44
dpmdavidcalle might want to sync up with you later13:45
dholbachsure sure13:46
josedpm: hey, sent you a PM13:56
dpmjose, sorry, I was otp13:59
dpmdone now13:59
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=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
dholbachdpm, mhall119, popey, balloons: I'd like to run the community q&a tomorrow - I don't know... is anyone of you interested in helping out?15:47
dholbachmy idea was to bring on some of the snappy folks, like mvo and beuno and make it a snappy themed thing15:47
popeydholbach: sure, dpm and mhall119 did last week, I'm happy to do this week.15:57
mhall119dholbach: that would be fun, is your network good enough there?16:00
dholbachmhall119, I hope it'll have stabilised until tomorrow morning :)16:06
dholbachpopey, cool!16:08
dpmdholbach, sounds like a great idea16:11
* popey pokes mhall119 balloons dpm 16:32
balloonspopey, coming :-)16:33
balloonsfeel free to blame me, I talk to much.. dpm was trying to leave, I just wouldn't let'em16:35
dpmmhall119, team planning call?16:35
mhall119dpm: popey balloons dholbach_ I'mgoing to miss the call, my wife is stranded with a dead car battery, I've got to go rescue her16:35
* balloons imagines mhall119 with a cape16:35
* mhall119 is batman16:35
popeymhall119: when you're back later can we have a catch up about the podcast16:40
mhall119ok, off now, bbl16:40
mhall119popey: sorry I didn't get back to you, you still wnat to chat about the podcast?20:11
popeymhall119: it's a bit late now, shall we talk tomorrow?20:11
mhall119popey: works for me,hopefully nothing goes wrong tomorrow :)20:12
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