Ionicstupid question: how do I get the build logs for packages built on launchpaid?05:14
Ionichm, maybe via the "built" link in a package detail view05:16
Ionicah, indeed, there's a buildlog05:16
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rbasakpitti: in bug 1347859, there's a claim that systemd is doing things to do with biosdevname in addition to the biosdevname package on some distributions. Do you know if this is accurate for Ubuntu?10:11
ubottubug 1347859 in ubuntu-meta (Ubuntu) "Introduction of Predictable Network Interface Names (aka biosdevname) breaks working systems" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/134785910:11
rbasakcjwatson: looking at ^^ bug. Am I right in understanding that the intention was to never introduce biosdevname interface renaming on distribution upgrades? The reporter seems to claim it happened, but I see no relevant code that was cause it to happen. Presumably he shouldn't have had biosdevname installed before the upgrade and not after either, as the only thing that installs it is the installer?10:18
mantas-baltixhi devs ;)10:19
tseliotRiddell: so, I've filed LP: #1443364 , which only affects hybrid graphics and systemd. All users should be affected, regardless of the desktop environment. I wrote about a manual workaround in LP: #142832811:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1428328 in nvidia-prime (Ubuntu) "nvidia-prime needs sddm support" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/142832811:11
Riddellbug 144336411:13
ubottubug 1443364 in ubuntu-drivers-common (Ubuntu) "gpu-manager systemd unit doesn't always work as expected" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/144336411:13
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ogra_pitti, poke ...11:47
mantas-baltixHi, I stuck on important issue with building packages from recipe - can't build package imported from GIT - bzr: ERROR: bzrlib.errors.NoSuchRevision: CHKInventoryRepository11:54
mantas-baltixThis issue exists for few months and other people also are affected, see https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/26478111:54
mantas-baltixand bug #143368011:54
ubottubug 1433680 in Launchpad itself "NoSuchRevision error during recipe build" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143368011:54
mantas-baltixbug is reported a month ago, 2 answers are asked, what should I do?12:04
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cjwatsonrbasak: I haven't looked at the details, but I don't *think* we meant to introduce this on upgrades13:14
rbasakcjwatson: thanks. I don't see how we might have introduced it on upgrades either, but I might have missed something.13:17
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pittiGood morning!13:18
pittirbasak: in Debian/Ubuntu we disable the predictable interface names (similar, but not identical to biosdevname) by default; you can enable them wit net.ifnames=113:18
rbasakpitti: OK. Thanks!13:19
rbasakI'll write an initial response in the bug.13:19
pittirbasak: I'll have a look at the bug and follow up there13:20
pittiogra_: hey13:21
ogra_pitti, so i just wasted half my day waiting for a one line fix in initrd to migrate from -proposed ... what is the reason we do two fill kernel builds as part of the migration test ?13:22
ogra_initramfs-tools shouldnt have anything to do with kernel builds ...13:22
ogra_pitti, also, while watching that, i was looking at the boot test on krillin ... it doesnt seem like we ever actually boot the initrd that gets produced by the package ... what are we testing there ?13:23
pittiogra_: ah, in urgent cases you can certainly ask the RT to push that through faster13:24
pittiogra_: apparently initramfs-tools depends on kernel packages, we do reverse dep testing13:24
ogra_pitti, by doin a complet binary build of the dep ?13:24
ogra_that seems the wrong way round13:24
pittiogra_: ah yes, that certainly isn't necessary for initramfs-tools uploads13:25
ogra_right ... do we have some kind of overrdie file that we could add this to ?13:25
pittiogra_: we added that mostly for the purpose of testing gcc, binutils, glibc uploads13:25
pittiogra_: not right now; we can add a "reason why this test is running" once we have non-retarded infrastructure to run these tests, and indeed the linux triggers come up every other week13:26
pittibut not with our current CI system, I'm afraid :(13:26
ogra_pitti, what about the boot tests ... what do they actually test ?13:26
pittiogra_: these are vila's; I think they mostly just instsall the proposed package on a touch image and see that it still boots and ends up in unity13:27
ogra_i dont see anything replace the initrd on the device (and it wouldnt be possible on krillin without a complete device tarball build)13:27
pitti(I don't know what exactly they do, I'm afraid)13:27
ogra_so for initramfs-tools that would be pointelss as well13:27
ogra_(at leats on phones)13:28
pittiogra_: I thought boot tests are triggered by packages which are installed on touch; is it?13:34
pittiogra_: but perhaps CI has a blacklist for such cases13:34
ogra_yeah, that would be nice13:35
ogra_currently that test (in case of initramfs-tools) is just uselessly wasting time13:35
pittirbasak: oh, that bug is old, and not systemd specific; so it's rathe specific to ubuntu server which has installed biosdevname for a while?13:40
rbasakpitti: looking back (I've linked from the bug), all our alternate installers have been installing biosdevname for a while.13:43
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pittitseliot: the u-d-c fix was just accepted by the RT team FYI14:16
tseliotpitti: great. Thanks again!14:16
tseliotRiddell: the fix for the hybrid graphics issue ^14:16
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pittismoser, infinity: all the wolfe VMs seem to be AWOL; do you have a minute to have a look?14:40
fionnanAnyone getting `ERROR: Could not generate AppArmor profile for docker_docker_1.5.0.002.json...` when installing docker on a fresh snappy instance?  Traceback here: http://pastebin.com/ChQmLUmq14:42
seb128pitti, I don't remember now, did you see/reply to my ping about langpack updates in vivid?14:51
pittiseb128: I don't think so14:51
pittiseb128: but anyway, they should be fine again now; we just got a new export from LP14:52
pittiseb128: so the next cron run (Tue morning CET) ought to work14:52
seb128pitti, Colin said on friday you need to trigger an export14:52
pittiseb128: it's on my radar14:52
seb128oh ok14:52
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flexiondotorgricotz, Do the new versions of Plank/Docky have the zoom animation when you hover/move over the dock?15:19
ricotzflexiondotorg, hi, no ( btw there is #plank )15:34
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* flexiondotorg joins #plank15:38
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elopiocyphermox: when you have some time, can you please take a look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/+bug/1441893 ?18:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1441893 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "Can't connect to my wi-fi N network on vivid: authentication timed out" [Undecided,New]18:49
caribouLaney: I have just rechecked Bug #1442235 regarding InDep depencancies19:07
ubottubug 1442235 in Precise Backports "Please backport openafs 1.6.7-1ubuntu1 (universe) from trusty-updates for HWE enabled systems to continue to work" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/144223519:07
Laneycaribou: It's uploaded19:07
caribouLaney: oh, great. I reran the tests only to find out that I was overriding build_arch_all in my .rc file19:08
caribouLaney: thanks a lot !19:08
Laneycaribou: It's a difference in which rules targets are called between precise & trusty - search for "debian/rules" in the build logs to see19:10
Laneyno problem!19:10
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