penguin1263how come when i tested gnome shell 3.16 in vmware player the cursor broke00:48
mem11Hello ubuntu-gnome people. Please read this paste about a weird flow in gdm config: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10812680/01:10
darkxstmem11, we dont set TimedLogin01:29
darkxstby defaut all setting in custom.conf are commented out01:30
darkxstpenguin1263, not sure it works here01:30
darkxstmissing cursor used to be due to the cursor plugin in settings-deamon but that has moved into mutter/gnome-shell now01:31
mem11darkxst, so I should post this elsewhere?01:57
darkxstyou must have made the changes01:58
mem11I'm certain I didn't make such conflicting configs02:05
darkxstmem11, I am certain that it its disable by default02:10
mem11I understand that. The described actions are resulting in unintended results though02:12
mem11I'll try to reproduce this on a fresh VM02:14
darkxstmem11, auto login is never enabled either (Except on the Live USB/CD session)02:27
darkxstthis is the default settings02:28
darkxst# Uncoment the line below to force the login screen to use Xorg02:28
darkxst# Enabling automatic login02:28
darkxst#  AutomaticLoginEnable = true02:28
darkxst#  AutomaticLogin = user102:28
darkxst# Enabling timed login02:28
darkxst#  TimedLoginEnable = true02:28
darkxst#  TimedLogin = user102:28
darkxst#  TimedLoginDelay = 1002:28
mem11Darn. VM guest without guest additions sucks with Gnome02:49
darkxstvmware or vbox?02:50
darkxstmem11, I only use vmware, since vbox in general sucks02:50
mem11fair point02:51
mem11using vbox02:51
darkxstmem11, really, just grab vmware player (free for personal use)02:52
darkxstall the important bits like graphics drivers are in the mainline kernel02:52
tuchkataanyone uses GNOME 3.16 with ubuntu?07:07
darkxsttuchkata, yes, its on gnome3-staging ppa07:13
tuchkatawith which version of Ubuntu do you use it?07:13
darkxstno 15.0407:13
tuchkataok, with beta then07:14
tuchkataand how is it working07:14
tuchkataare there any bugs07:14
tuchkataor at least big bugs07:14
darkxsttuchkata, I would say 15.04 with stock GNOME is more stable than 14.1007:18
darkxst3.16 still has a few annoying issues, but certainly usable07:18
tuchkatawhat are the issues ?07:19
tuchkatabecause I really like 3.1607:21
tuchkataand I am pretty used to Ubuntu07:21
tuchkataand don't want to migrate to Fedora07:21
darkxstmedia keys stop working sometimes07:22
tuchkatathats not a big problem for me07:22
tuchkataI want to migrate from Mint with Cinammon to Gnome 3.16 again Ubuntu based07:28
tuchkatathen it looks like I will wait 10 more days for Ubuntu 15.04 and then upgrade to Gnome 3.1607:28
darkxsttuchkata, nothing much will change between then and now as far as 15.04 goes07:33
darkxstI think 3.16.1 will be released this week though07:33
tuchkatai will give it a try07:33
mgedminare volume up/down/mute considered media keys?08:04
darkxstmgedmin, didnt you file that bug??08:17
mgedminno, I'm still on 14.1008:17
darkxstmust have been someone else then!08:18
r_riosHelp. I just installe chromium and it's crashing when I got to GMail or G+.14:47

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