FourDollarsHi, http://people.canonical.com/~kernel/info/kernel-version-map.html is not up to date. Could someone help to update it?02:36
apwFourDollars, hmmmm, i'll stick it on my list, thats just strange02:44
FourDollarsapw: thx02:45
apwFourDollars, ok, seems we lost a cronjob somewhere along the line, i've fixed that up and re-run it, it should now be up to date02:59
FourDollarsapw: It works now. Thx a lot.03:04
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ogra_apw, do you happen to know who defines the autopkg tests for initramfs tools ? 11:31
ogra_looking at why migration of my last initramfs-tools upload takes so long i see that one of its tests seems to be to build the amd64 and i386 kernel binaries from source ... that seems quite overkill (and i'm not sure what it is supposed to test)11:32
apwogra_, that is a limitation of the dep-8 autorunners, that test is there to ensure that things like compiler updates and the like don't stop the kernle from buildnig11:42
ogra_but why initramfs-tools ? 11:43
apwogra_, however, there is no way as things stand to tell which dpeendant package is triggering the testing11:43
ogra_ah :/11:43
apwit is interdependant on the kernel, so it triggers the kernel tests11:43
apwand we can't tell "why" so we can only do "all of them"11:43
ogra_yeah, understood ... quite awkward 11:43
apwpitti can tell you more about what would be needed to make it better, better than i can, but we basically need the adt interface into the tests to have the concept of "why"11:44
apwas we also rebuild the kernel as a result of buiding the kernel when testing the kernel itself, which is as dumb as a large bag of hammers11:44
ogra_right, yeah, i just wanted to know whats triggers it ... (why it also triggers boot tests on a device where it cant replace the initrd is another thing ... (phones))11:45
apwogra_, yes ... adt is pretty lame at these kinds of time.  it is building a kernel you don't even run too11:45
ogra_well, lookin at this boot test stuff it seems to seriously do something ... even with reboots and all ... i just dont get how you can test it if you have no way to actually use the binary initrd 11:46
apwogra_, it is curtinaly not tied to initramfs-tools intentionally and thoughtfully, so do not be suprised if it makes no sense, looking for sense in the behavoiur will make your head hurt in spades11:47
apwit is the price of doing business with britney11:47
apwhaving a way for the adt tests to know the context of their triggering so they can be more selecting in what any why they test should be on CIs backlog if it isn't already11:48
ogra_this all-new "agile" development is pretty slow :)11:49
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jdstrandogasawara: hey, what is the status of the snappy 15.04 kernel-- is it frozen? apparently arm64 seccomp is not (enabled/available) on the snappy kernel and was wondering if we should pursue trying to get this in: http://lwn.net/Articles/623201/13:58
ogasawarajdstrand: checking, one sec.  I'm sitting right next to ppisati.14:02
jdstrandawesome, thanks!14:03
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ogasawarajdstrand: sooo, we believe it is enabled already for arm6414:09
jdstrandmaybe we just need a rebuild for the snappy package14:12
jdstrandseccomp package14:12
jdstrandlet me try that14:12
jdstrandogasawara: I seem to need 2.2.0. thanks for checking that14:15
ogasawarajdstrand: np14:15
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igalicso! i've asked this queestion already in #ubuntu-server, but nobody was able to answer it :( so i'm asking here again!16:02
igalici've updated my cobbler setup with the ubuntu 14.04.2 server iso (was .1), using its initrd and kernel https://gist.github.com/igalic/769087e09c049e225665 to pxe install virtual machines. The result, however, is: http://i.imgur.com/9aQFmdz.png16:04
igalicfound, and updated this bug, https://bugs.launchpad.net/maas/+bug/1302158 not sure it's the exact one i'm hitting.16:05
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1302158 in MAAS "Default Installer: No kernel modules were found" [Undecided,Invalid]16:05
igalichrm… it appears that my isp's mirrir is lagging behind.16:23
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