Kiloshello world04:57
toddchi Kilos 05:23
Kiloshi toddc  can you tell me where you are located please, for my timezone list05:25
Kiloshehe you cant be far off us05:25
toddcUS AZ05:25
Kilosunless you still in sunday night05:26
toddcyes Sunday night still here05:26
Kiloswhew we are 07.30 in the morning 05:27
Kilosty for the info05:27
toddcI prefer night work05:27
Kiloshi dpm taihsiang  05:45
taihsianghi Kilos 05:45
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MooDoomorning all06:57
Kiloshi MooDoo  06:57
* superfly has family in AZ09:18
superflyKilos: they are 9 hours behind us09:19
Kilosshame like nhaines  and the weed and crash kid09:20
Kiloshi TaeheeJang  11:19
TaeheeJangKilos: Good day Kilos! how are you?11:19
Kiloswell ty and you?11:19
TaeheeJangI'm spending busy days because mid-term test of my college is next week...11:20
TaeheeJangBut I'm fine lol11:20
Kiloshi PabloRubianes  12:45
PabloRubianeshello Kilos, how are you?12:49
Kiloswell ty PabloRubianes  and you?12:50
PabloRubianesfine, but getting to work... :(12:50
Kilosthats life12:50
Kilosno work , no eat12:51
PabloRubianesand no tech stuff12:51
Kilosohi dholbach  you well?13:39
dholbachhey Kilos13:40
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tiyteezehey, ned17:05
tiyteezeI need help, on my nexus 7 I can not migrate to xubuntu (I am on ubuntu 12.10), can you help me?17:06
belkinsaPlease /join #ubuntu for tech support, this channel is for LoCo support only.17:14
Kiloshi JanC  18:26
Kiloswb dholbach  18:30
dholbachhey, thanks :)18:31
Kiloscould all ubuntu peeps in africa please join https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-africa/+members18:41
Kilosand if you guys get queries from peeps in africa please point them there and #ubuntu-africa18:42
dholbachand/or you could invite the African LoCo teams to be part of the team?18:46
Kilosi have dholbach  a few times already18:46
Kilosnow i will start mailing the dead or dying locos and trying to revive them18:47
Kilosthe prob seems to be that the locos have faded out and the odd ubuntu users have gone into the lugs or just drift around on their own18:48
belkinsaThat's like the case everywhere else in our LoCo Community.18:49
Kiloswe just have to find a way to revive the interest18:50
Kilosthe 9 locos i have connected to are all excited18:50
belkinsaMaybe a planning meeting could help with the 9?18:51
Kilosim waiting for neo32 to finish a project18:51
Kilosanother week i think18:51
Kilosit seems i am the only one with time to spare18:52
belkinsaI know how you feel18:53
dholbachmeeting up is a good idea18:53
belkinsaYou can just have the meeting with neo and e-mail the minutes to him.18:53
Kilosi do chat to them on irc whenever they show their faces18:53
Kilosnono he must be there18:53
Kilosi need to delegate some18:54
Kilosim still hunting up the other 9 dead locos18:54
belkinsaI think you need to use #ubuntu-meeting18:54
belkinsaFor the meeting and use the mailing list to make the call for it18:55
belkinsaAnd doodle poll to get the suggested times18:55
belkinsaMailing-list = your LoCo's18:55
Kiloswell im asking each one to join the list at the moment , it was only generated last night and we have 6 there already so it can only grow from here on18:56
Kiloshi MooDoo  18:56
belkinsaAren't you a Member?  Maybe you can post something about on your blog if you have one or mail the news team to add something about this to the news letter?18:57
Kilosi will be mailing the news team as soon as the site goes live18:58
MooDooyou could always just mention it in #ubuntu-news as well?18:58
Kilosshould be soon depending on other commitments 18:59
Kilosim hoping pleia2  can add something in the weekly magazine too18:59
Kilosbut i want the site live first18:59
belkinsaAh, I see.18:59
Kiloshave run it on local and it is beautiful19:00
Kilosill drop the link here the minute it goes live19:00
MooDooi've come in halfway through this, what's the site about ? lol19:01
* belkinsa never asked too19:01
Kilosstatic site19:01
MooDooKilos: don't forget if you have ubuntu in the domain name, you'll need to get permission to use the trademark, i did with ubuntu.technology19:02
Kilosoh my 19:02
MooDooit's really easy to arrange19:03
Kilosi got permission for an official irc channel #ubuntu-africa19:03
MooDooyes but for a domain you need to sign something from the trademark team at canonical - http://www.ubuntu.com/legal/terms-and-policies/contact-us19:04
Kilosand asked if it could be hosted by ubuntu19:04
MooDoothis is only for a domain that has the word ubuntu in it19:04
Kilosi already have ubuntu-africa.info19:04
Kilosi was told ubuntu couldnt host it so superfly is hosting the site19:05
MooDooyes but your still using the ubuntu trademark and for that you need permission19:05
Kilosok let me ask there19:05
MooDooI also had to have this on my site - ubuntu.technology/disclaimer/ a disclaimer19:09
Kilosok ive applied at http://www.ubuntu.com/legal/terms-and-policies/contact-us19:15
Kiloshopefully i ticked all the right stuff19:19
Kilosdoes anyone here view that application19:20
KilosMooDoo  can you tell me more about the disclaimer please19:21
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superflyKilos: from their terms and policies, I don't see how we'd be infringing anything, but being clear about it is probably a good thing anyways.20:33
Kilosah cool , i have applied for permission to use the trademark anyway20:34
Kilosty superfly  20:34
Kilosnight everyone20:37

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