tgm4883EvilGuru: ok, builds are a happening, we'll see if any fail but I don't think they should since they completed on vivid  https://code.launchpad.net/~mythbuntu/+recipe/xmltv-daily00:36
tgm4883EvilGuru: I think* that technically those daily builds should be called 0.5.66, but it's just a cosmetic change00:39
tgm4883EvilGuru: yep, all successful, you should be able to update now00:42
mythtvIs there an auto-ban on webchat.freenode.net users at #mythtv & #mythtv-users ? Otherwise I have no clue why I can't get in.10:52
mythtvhmm, apparently my name is 'mythtv'.. must be some somewonkyness in between qwebirc and  herbert.freenode.net10:54
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