pleia2anyone else about to write summaries? ahoneybun?01:07
* pleia2 starts moving things over && prep wiki01:07
* ahoneybun looks to write pausing The Walking Dead01:11
Unit193ahoneybun: Didn't that end two weeks ago?01:14
ahoneybunUnit193: Netflix :)01:15
ahoneybunpleia2: sorry I've been lazy this whole weekend01:15
ahoneybunthings are moving! lol01:17
pleia2haha, sorry, moving stuff over to the wiki :)01:17
ahoneybunand someone is adding summaries01:18
pleia2looks like only two people in the document, me and you01:19
pleia2I do some editorial review when I move stuff over01:20
Unit193Sorry, but I've turned out to be terrible with writing those. :301:23
ahoneybunhttps://insights.ubuntu.com/2015/04/08/the-power-of-software-defined-networking-appliances-sdna/ this is a bit out of my range lol01:24
pleia2ahoneybun: no worries :) I'll take care of it, thanks for your help with the blogosphere articles! be sure to add your name to the bottom of the doc01:25
ahoneybunnp pleia2 I'll try to get more next wee01:27
pleia2Unit193: it's not for everyone :) care to link check? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue41201:36
Unit193That I can.01:41
PaulW2Uadded an "Other Article of Interest" to the wiki05:46
MooDoosorry all i did one summary then had a problem with a non sleepy daughter.....:S06:57
PaulW2Ueditorial review done15:29
pleia2wow, I've been trying to release this newsletter for a half hour now22:30
pleia2work keeps pinging me D:22:30
pleia2once this is done, I'll get the loco council call for nominees up on the fridge22:46
pleia2and tomorrow we should have news re: membership board22:47
pleia2Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 412 for the week April 6 - 12, 2015 https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue41222:47
pleia2it's nice when hotel wifi cooperates :)22:47
pleia2ok, all done, off to conference social now \o/23:01

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