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krabadorexcuse me, i would know if that http://chat.ubuntu-it.org/   , with wrong redirect, depends from international Ubuntu site administrators12:08
krabadoram i voiced?12:24
popeykrabador: looks like it's hosted by canonical, but I don't know who in the Ubuntu-IT community manages it..12:25
krabadorpopey: yes , a staff, i asked , but 2 days of nothing12:25
popeydoes anyone in #ubuntu-it know who looks after the site?12:26
krabadorfor that i would ask directly to administrators12:27
bazhangstarts by calling everyone a-holes after no one goes for the PM plz support13:45
bazhangall guides tried, nothing worked13:46
bazhangirc too fast, oh wait I have to switch machines now13:46
Picibazhang: they're using the webchat, I wonder if it is embedded in some page somewhere that it making it not "fullscreen" like normal.14:06
bazhangstill no basic answers , just more delays14:06
bazhanghe wants the full elegant ubuntu gnome experience on an ancient intel card, 2gb ram, 10yr old lappy14:07
bazhang@random gimmepony gimmeHURD14:08
bazhangrefuses all offers of help in channel, all suggestions, must be via PM14:09
ubottudaftykins called the ops in #ubuntu (anmol)16:02
tewardcan someone banforward in #ubuntu to ##fix_your_connection on this guy?17:47
teward[2015-04-13 13:46:42] * Mike9863 (~Mike9863@2600:1001:b027:26d9:3cd4:4e6:3c0e:cf8b) has joined #ubuntu17:47
teward[2015-04-13 13:46:43] * Mike9863 has quit (Max SendQ exceeded)17:47
teward(repeatedly doing that)17:47

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