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brendandelopio, did you see that problem?14:10
elopiobrendand: can you write a test that does global rect in a loop and checks that it's always the same?14:13
elopiothis definitely has nothing to do with the sdk.14:13
elopiothe problem has to be between autopilot and the shell. gerry did a hack on globalRect to take into account the indicators bar. That might be related too.14:14
elopiobrendand: also, I didn't bring a mako. Can you reproduce that on krillin?14:16
brendandelopio, haven't tried on krillin yet. will do14:17
elopiobrendand: if you make a branch with the test, I can debug on krillin here.14:17
brendandelopio, yeah i'll aim to do that by eod14:33
elopiopitti: do you have a link to the snappy specs you mentioned?14:43
pittielopio: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oNYSBInP9CW1tJNnixiddPnPEah0_XMOTPaaLzltoVc/edit14:44
brendandelopio, indeed it doesn't fail on krillin14:44
elopiobrendand: crazy shit.14:44
brendandelopio, maybe i'll go take some drugs, see if it makes sense then14:44
elopioI should have brought my mako.14:44
elopiobrendand: drugs are always the way!14:44
pittielopio: under "snappy security for snaps"14:45
brendandelopio, i know but i keep getting in trouble when i put them on my expense report :/14:45
brendandelopio, i'll go back to mako now and see what i can figure out14:46
elopiobrendand: if you get that loop failing reliably, please send an email to veebers and gerry.14:51
brendandelopio, i'm thinking now it's to do with the indicator bar15:04
elopiobrendand: what gerry did was basicaly to patch the globalRect so it adds up the bar size in case it's visible.15:08
flexiondotorgelfy, Are you available?15:08
brendandelopio, something is wrong with that15:08
elfyflexiondotorg: I am15:08
brendandelopio, some assumptions were made based on krillin i guess15:09
brendandelopio, i need to investigate more before i can explain it properly15:10
elopiobrendand: this sounds interesting. Thanks for taking care of it, I would have never imagined globalRect being wrong.15:10
brendandelopio, it looks like in some circumstances the test runs with a different gu setting?15:10
brendandelopio, and then it works15:10
elopiobrendand: ohhh15:10
elopiobrendand: we are patching the gu for the test.15:11
brendandelopio, oooooh15:11
elopiobut the gu used to get the size of the globalRect shouldn't be patched.15:11
elopiobrendand: ok, if you are sure that's the problem, then it makes sense to do the test at a lower level.15:12
elopiodon't use autopilot at all.15:12
brendandelopio, you're using the InitCtlEnv fixture to set that?15:12
elopiobrendand: yes.15:12
elopioor an alternative would be to restart unity so it takes the new GU.15:13
brendandelopio, yeah it works if unity restarts15:13
brendandelopio, ubuntu-ui-toolkit so far doesn't have any python unit tests right?15:15
brendandelopio, was trying to find a place to put a unit test but didn't see any15:15
elopiobrendand: I would put it in the same place, just not inherit from autopilot.15:16
brendandelopio, ok15:16
elopioI knew I was doing something stupid.15:16
brendandelopio, but it seems we have uncovered a problem though so maybe working around it isn't ideal?15:23
brendandelopio, doesn't this show an issue with gerrys code?15:23
elopiobrendand: yes, it's a known hack that they need to remove.15:23
elopiobrendand: let me try to find more information.15:23
brendandelopio, i mean i can easily write a unit test and get this landed but it seems like it's not the whole story15:24
elopioif I remember correctly, this will miserably fail when we have non-maximized windows.15:24
elopiobrendand: for now, this is not going to bite us. But maybe it raises the priority for them to remove the hack.15:25
elopiobrendand: https://bugs.launchpad.net/qtmir/+bug/142252315:26
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1422523 in qtubuntu "wrong object coordinates if the app goes fullscreen" [Undecided,New]15:26
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1346633 in QtMir "[enhancement] Autopilot testing needs to know screen coordinates of widgets on screen" [High,Confirmed]15:27
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brendandelopio, have a look at http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~brendan-donegan/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/grid_units_unit_test/revision/1422 and tell me if you think it's adequate...15:38
elopiobrendand: it's good.15:39
brendandelopio, ok to overwrite your branch?15:41
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elopiobrendand: my branch is owned by the team. It means you can do with it anything you like.15:41
brendandelopio, well yes. but #courtesy :)15:42
brendandok now to wait for jenkins results15:42
brendandhopefully it won't be too difficult to land the other two branches from here15:43
brendandelopio, this problem won't impact the other merge proposals?15:43
elopiobrendand: no. This only means that we will be able to express the y from the bottom in gu.15:44
elopioin the tests with a gu env var change, we restart unity.15:45
brendandelopio, would be good to get your review for https://code.launchpad.net/~canonical-platform-qa/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/grid_units/+merge/248980 again15:56
elopiobrendand: +1. You can ping timp to get a review.16:01
elopiohe's the one who requested this.16:01
t1mpbrendand, elopio: I'll check it16:14
t1mpbrendand: https://code.launchpad.net/~canonical-platform-qa/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/grid_units/+merge/248980 looks good16:26
t1mpbrendand: if it is done like this, I'll top-approve16:26
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brendandt1mp, there were some flake8 issues in https://code.launchpad.net/~canonical-platform-qa/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/grid_units/+merge/248980, fixed now, if you can re top-approve18:33
jodhelopio: hi - no idea what errors you are referring to, but have you read the snappy test doc yet? https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/document/d/1R_Tw0N0QbEpjFeYf9XnVV8Gp8ldT2Ig0PO6MfR-kuSM/edit#heading=h.axacykx0hozl18:40
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elopiojodh: I haven't. Thanks for the pointer.18:46
elopiojodh: I was just wondering what kind of errors have you encountered while running tests manually. Like links to a couple of bugs you have reported would be nice.18:46
balloonselfy, wow, so the images are still having issues? This is what you get for going away18:54
elopionuclearbob: do you have a link to the current sprint's backlog? I can't find it.18:59
nuclearbobelopio: there's the sprint backlog lane here: https://trello.com/b/8dD0UPNl/qa-stakeholders-backlog18:59
nuclearbobthat's the one I have18:59
elopionuclearbob: found it https://trello.com/b/YDGg3VF0/sprint-2015-qa-619:03
nuclearbobelopio: oh, thanks. That's useful19:04
jodhelopio: take a look at http://paste.ubuntu.com/10817742/. I'll add some more details to the gdoc above on the upgrader as it may be useful to you...19:04
elopiojodh: that's perfect, thanks.19:04
elopiojfunk: I'm going to add to the CI backlog a card for running the ubuntu-ota-tests.19:07
jfunksure ping when it's ready19:07
jfunklet's talk about it19:07
elopioUrsinha: can you please remind me of the process? Should I just add a card, or tell you and ev first?19:07
jfunkelopio: I'd also like to talk about how to run them regularly until they are up and running in CI19:08
elopiojfunk: should be the same as the sanity. But probably it becomes too much for only one person to run it all, so we might need to rotate.19:09
elopionuclearbob: how much time is it taking for you to run the sanity daily?19:09
jfunkand where are the results19:09
jfunknuclearbob: ^19:09
nuclearbobelopio: I've been running it while I'm running power stuff on another device. Right now the results are just stored locally, but one of my tasks today is creating a spreadsheet to upload that. My existing results are formatted to go into it, and I'll link it before I EOD19:11
jodhelopio: see "Further Information" at the end of https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/document/d/1R_Tw0N0QbEpjFeYf9XnVV8Gp8ldT2Ig0PO6MfR-kuSM/edit#19:16
elopiosorry, wrong button.19:17
elopiojodh: got it. Thanks!19:17
t1mpbrendand: okay. I happroved https://code.launchpad.net/~canonical-platform-qa/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/grid_units/+merge/248980 again19:34
jodhelopio: fyi: https://bugs.launchpad.net/snappy-ubuntu/+bug/142458619:46
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1424586 in snappy-ubuntu "snappy-selftest: fake newer version for upgrade test" [High,Triaged]19:46
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Ursinhaelopio: send us an email and we'll get to you asap :)21:26
veebershey, re: the provisioning in the doc, for the sanity tests it's expected that the networking is setup before being run, but the notes say the opposite22:20
elopioveebers: the sanity is able to provision the network.22:24
elopiowhat we discussed here after looking the provisioning script for boottest is that the least CI does during provisioning, the better for us.22:24
elopiobecause on that script they are disabling the wizard, which we want to test. And they are making the image writable, which we don't want to do.22:25
veeberselopio: the readme in the sanity suite states: The test suite requires that a network is available to download the test22:26
veebersdependencies (see `Setup the network using phablet-network`_).22:26
elopioveebers: there must be a network for the phone to connect to. But if the phone is not connected to that network, we can call the sanity with --network so it connects.22:28
elopioveebers: actually, lets roll back. Do you think setting up the phone network should be a task of the provisioning tool, or a task for the test?22:29
veeberselopio: there needs to be a network connection before the tests right, for adb to d/l all the req. deps.22:30
elopioveebers: it depends on how you define a test. When does the test start, when we run ubuntu-sanity-test, or when we run adt-run?22:30
elopiowe need the network to be set up before adt-run. But not before calling ubuntu-sanity-test --network.22:30
veeberselopio: well, I would say that the tests are called 'test_<blah>' anything else is the wrapper :-) So maybe the wrapper should provision the network before adt-run gets called22:31
veebersI had failed to realise that there was the --network option22:32
elopioveebers: right.22:32
elopioso we have two types of provisioning.22:32
elopiothere are three steps:22:32
veebersso ultimately either phablet-netowrk or --network needs to get called22:32
elopio1. get me a free device, mako, devel, image #22:33
elopio2. set up the job: set up the network, create the config file.22:33
elopio3. run the test.22:34
elopiowhat we discussed was that step 1 is CIs job.22:34
elopiosteps 2 and 3 are our job.22:34
veeberselopio: when you say "set up the job" is that the header for the next 2 steps or are you saying that we'll create the jenkins/whatever job config and have to maintain that?22:35
elopiobut there are many other ways to split the three steps. So your input here is useful.22:36
elopioveebers: hum, yes, I guess taking care of step #2 will also mean that we maintain the jenkins job22:36
elopioat least now it's clear that this section in the document needs to be cleared :)22:38
veeberselopio: that makes me a little nervous as that's outside our normal operations (creating, maintaining jenkins job) but perhaps that's just because we haven't needed to yet22:38
veebersyeah :-)22:38
elopioveebers: what I would like to know is where do you think that the line between CI and QA should be.22:38
veebersa suggestion would be for us to provide a mechanism (a script I guess) that generates a config file and you pass it the serial, the wifi details.22:39
veebersso then CI could create a job that does 1. then calls this script passing the details needed, then runs the test22:39
veebersI'm not sure if either team as a 'decree' or whatever, but my (possibly incorrect) understanding is that CI is tasked with automating established test suites (among other things of course)22:40
elopioveebers: that sounds ok. We give CI all the commands needed to run the test.22:42
elopioand they put it in a job.22:42
veeberselopio: right, we should work closely with them though, I don't like the idea of throwing this stuff over the wall and expecting them to sort it out (and vice versa)22:43
elopioveebers: yes, I agree with everything you have said.22:44
elopioveebers: the problem we found was that steps 1 and 2 were in the same script, not easy to modify.22:45
veebersright, we should be able to resolve that easily though22:47
elopioso we didn't actually discussed how step 2 should be. Just that they should be separated.22:47
elopioveebers: on the case of boottest, it's actually not that easy. The script they have is pretty big.22:49
veeberselopio: remind which the boottest is?22:51
elopioveebers: the boottest flashes a device, and uses adt-run to execute "ls" in the device.23:03
veeberselopio: ah right, I was a little confused which test it was (still thinking of the sanity tests)23:03

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