pr3d4t0rTrying to recover some data from an HDD with a damaged boot sector.  This was installed on an Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS; I have a brand new disk with Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS loaded.  From what I gathered yesterday the rest of the disk is fine, only the boot partition is bad.  When I plug both to a SATA black port each, GRUB tries to boot the bad, not the good drive.00:57
pr3d4t0rGood drive is on ata1, bad drive is on ata2.  I can't figure out on the ROM set up how to change priorities.  The system works fine if only the new HDD is plugged to ata1.  Please advise on how to proceed and thanks in advance.00:57
pr3d4t0r(Intel motherboard, admin access to setup utility and physical access to the mobo if I need to look for jumpers or something else.)00:57
pr3d4t0rThanks in advance.00:57
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lordievaderGood morning.07:03
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krzychuHey, I am running kernel 3.2 on my LVS machines. It receives lot of networking traffic and perform lot of nats and other conntrack related work. is it true that in kernel 3.8 there were some modifications in conntrack which makes it performance better?08:56
krzychuIt is ubuntu 12.04 server08:57
OpenTokixkrzychu: is most of the traffic http?09:04
krzychuOpenTokix, yes09:06
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OpenTokixkrzychu: Add your port 80 to the raw NOTRACK target, - since http isnt stateful, there is no point in conntracking it09:30
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igalichello happy people o/~10:18
igalici'm trying to network boot / install a machine, and i'm getting: http://i.imgur.com/9aQFmdz.png10:22
Slingand with network boot you mean a pxe installer? or netinstall image? or?10:24
Odd_BlokeA friend of mine is hitting problems using 'service mongodb ...' and '/etc/init.d/mongodb ...'; should the Upstart and SysV stuff play nicely together, or should they stick with one or the other?10:30
rbasakOdd_Bloke: if there's an upstart job, don't call /etc/init.d/ directly.10:35
rbasakOdd_Bloke: safest to use "service" all the time10:36
rbasakOdd_Bloke: there was a bug somewhere to make it less easy to shoot yourself in the foot but I can't find it right now.10:37
Odd_Blokerbasak: Ack; I think they're running in to problems with new packages but old Chef scripts.10:37
Odd_Bloke(i.e. the packages use Upstart to start the job, but their Chef scripts are using /etc/init.d/...)10:37
Odd_BlokeSo I'll just tell them to stop that. :p10:37
rbasakOdd_Bloke: found it: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mysql-5.5/+bug/127346210:38
igalicSling: yes, that's what i mean. i'm pxe booting the netinstaller from the standard iso10:57
igaliccobbler creates a pxe boot with these two files from the iso: https://gist.github.com/igalic/769087e09c049e22566511:07
Odd_Blokerbasak: Turns out they're actually using 10gen's packages. *grumble grumble*11:15
igalicSling: so, any idea how to fix it? :O11:58
Slingsorry, $stuff happened and now im going into a meeting-streak11:59
igalicoh noe ._.12:01
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igalicfound, and updated this bug, https://bugs.launchpad.net/maas/+bug/1302158 not sure it's the exact one i'm hitting.12:40
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jamespagestgraber, hallyn: can you think of any nasty side effects that running irqbalance inside and outside of the container might have?15:14
hallyn_jamespage: well, they'll step over each other's policy calculations, presumably15:30
hallyn_or might thrash both trying to force some task (in the container) being on different processors15:31
hallyn_but i'v enot used irqbalance or looked at the source15:31
rbasakWould/should irqbalance inside a container actually be able to mess with things anyway?15:33
flipapyit will be my first server if i install ubuntu server on this hdd, anyone have any tips on starting from scratch? what i need to know? how to go about learning from the beginning?15:49
geniiflipapy: The server guide is a good start. https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/15:51
flipapyi suppose i just want to elarn about it, how to run one how to set one up as a main hub so i can monitor and protet a few inhouse computers, serve as a main database etc. thanks genii  ill check it out15:51
geniiNo problemmo15:51
flipapyim an ave user on pc's install remove softwr noissues, install os, no probs, even a little cli here and there, nothing serious i know, im justwondering given that baseline of an ave user, what do you think my learning curve would be to getting semi profficient, at least for my own purposes, on ubuntu server? is it a general beginners server ? thank you and sorry for the length of this.15:54
flipapyjust realized i better becoem proficient in cli before i runa  server. ok well thanks agian, planned on doing that eventually anyway. cool, bye16:03
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eagles0513875hey guys is there a PPA with nagios 416:41
pmatuliseagles0513875: did you search launchapd?16:42
eagles0513875pmatulis: searched google but its not returning me anything of use16:42
eagles0513875thanks pmatulis  was finding alot on how to install from source16:43
pmatulis"searched google", that's interesting16:44
eagles0513875pmatulis: reason im asking this is nagios 3 is rather out dated im aware that i should probably file an upstream debian bug against nagios there and it will find its way into ubuntu16:45
pmatuliseagles0513875: yep, good idea16:46
eagles0513875pmatulis: guess im stuck with nagios 3 for now16:46
eagles0513875not much out there it seems in the way of a ppa sadly16:47
Odd_Blokerbasak: I wouldn't bet on it, but I think the existence of a /run/cloud-init directory is enough to know that there will be the expected files in it.16:47
eagles0513875the nagios inc ppa hasnt had activity in 49 weeks from what i can tell16:47
Odd_Blokerbasak: At least, this is true for the versions in Ubuntu (i.e. precise doesn't have that directory, but trusty onward do).16:48
rbasakOdd_Bloke: but if I'm really quick, I might be able to get in before cloud-init has created it. Eg. on LXC. On a VM maybe not in practise, but I probably shouldn't rely on that behaviour of cloud-init (choosing to order what it does related to starting ssh).16:48
rbasakOdd_Bloke: in any case I'd like a single thing to work in all cases, including LXC where I can get to the filesystem before init has even done anything.16:48
Odd_Blokerbasak: Ah, good point, I hadn't considered when the directory is created.16:50
rbasakOdd_Bloke: I hadn't either until I started writing to /tmp before the tmp cleaner had done its thing, and wondered where all the files went :)16:50
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ikoniadon't file an upstream bug to debian17:17
ikoniafile a bug to Ubuntu and let the ubuntu team push it up steam IF it's a valid bug for upstream17:17
eagles0513875ikonia: is it no longer the norm to file upstream bugs to get into ubuntu?17:33
eagles0513875that was what i was always told to file upstream and once upstream gets it updated it trickles its way down into ubuntu17:33
ikoniaeagles0513875: you where never told that17:34
eagles0513875ikonia: well i will file a bug on launchpad17:34
ikoniaif the bug is with the core package then it will need to go to debian - but are you qualitified to say it is %100 a problem with the debian pacvkage ?17:34
eagles0513875ill be honest i am not17:35
lucidguy$11k Supermicro server/storage:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/10817128/        vs  Dell $18k option    http://paste.ubuntu.com/10817128/    What would you choose?17:35
ikonialucidguy: choose what's best for youi17:35
tewardlucidguy: also use correct pastebin links (they;re identical)17:37
lucidguyIn many ways they are similiar.. I'm looking for opinions.  I could use them both.  Just wondering if anyone has more experience with these two products in helping me decide.17:37
lucidguytweard, sorry    http://paste.ubuntu.com/10817128/       vs   http://paste.ubuntu.com/10817144/17:41
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lucidguyteward, thoughts?17:48
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jvwjgamesi am having a problem with apach221:50
jvwjgames[Mon Apr 13 15:44:11.558027 2015] [alias:warn] [pid 17435] AH00671: The ScriptAlias directive in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/mailman.conf at line 4 will probably never match because it overlaps an earlier ScriptAlias.21:50
jvwjgamesnevermind i fixed it21:52
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superbootHi all. I am looking for a manifest of 10.04.3 server edition. Any hints?23:57

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