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rpadovaniAnyone on vivid has this bug? https://bugs.launchpad.net/powerd/+bug/144327807:00
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1443278 in powerd "powerd takes eternity to boot on pc" [Undecided,New]07:00
Apacheukquestion: if I'm on my phone how do I report a bug to launchpad... Is ubuntu-bug or similar available?07:02
ApacheukMorning by the way07:03
robin-heroHi all! Anybody knows what's up wtith the OTA update?07:11
Mirvrobin-hero: I think there's no absolutely final date yet for the next OTA, but hopefully this week...07:42
Mirvthe last I know was that there's one more bug being investigated, but the fix could land today07:43
robin-heroMirv: Thanks, I can't wait for the battery life improvments, It is very fustrating that I need to carry my charger everywhere I go :)07:46
Mirvyeah, the battery life improvements coming look awesome :)07:50
sturmflut-workBattery life is already not that bad IMO07:51
robin-herosturmflut-work: I need to charge my phone everyday.07:51
sturmflut-workrobin-hero: That is absolutely normal compared to every Android phone I ever owned.07:52
sturmflut-workThe last phone I owned that didn't have to be charged every day was a Siemens M35.07:52
robin-herosturmflut-work: The battery decreases 3% for me every hour,even nights, when I don't do anything07:53
robin-heroI tried the -propsed channel, and my phone can operate for 2,5 days with the same usage (1 day for r20).07:54
robin-heroI think it is much better07:54
juzzlin_robin-hero: check with e.g. top if there's some process constantly consuming CPU time07:54
robin-herojuzzlin_: It is normal with the r20 relase... this is why I'm looking forward to the OTA update :)07:55
juzzlin_yeah, me too :)07:56
JameHello ? I add a PushClient component in .qml file, and in .apparmor file add "push-notification-client" policy, the PushClient signal an error:qml    : GOT ERROR bad auth07:59
Jamethe above error disappear after I add "ubuntu-push-helper" template in .apparmor file,but  my application will crash, at the same time report the following information:UbuntuClientIntegration: connection to Mir server failed. Check that a Mir server is running, and the correct socket is being used and is accessible. The shell may have rejected the incoming connection, so check its log file08:01
ogra_sturmflut-work, well, the battery life doesnt even remotely reach the 8 days standby the OTA brings :)08:01
Jamewhich hero will hep me ?08:01
ogra_Jame, wait for aquaruis, he might be able (but is usually rather around in european evenings) ... he wrote https://caxton.herokuapp.com/ and should know a bit about using the notification system08:02
robin-heroogra_: do you have a screenshot of this super battery life? :)08:04
ogra_robin-hero, only some on the way towards that ... the last one was http://i.imgur.com/xq472i3.png ... 43% after 5 days08:05
robin-herowhat a pity :)08:06
ogra_i sadly hit bug 1442166 which drained the weak battery before i could take a final screenshot08:07
ubot5bug 1442166 in Canonical System Image "Calendar alarms rings forever if Low Battery dialog visible" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/144216608:07
robin-herodo you know any info about the OTA update? Will it release this week?08:07
ogra_but if you dont touch the device at all 8-9 days should be easy08:08
ogra_we hope so08:08
ogra_there is one nasty bug that still is in verification currently08:08
robin-heroogra_: so if this bug will be fix in time, bq should sign-off too, right?08:14
robin-heroso I think it is more likely end of the week08:15
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Jamethank ogra_. do you have example about the use of unity-notification? I want to send a notification.08:20
ogra_https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/apps/platform/guides/push-notifications-client-guide/ only this08:21
ogra_i have never used it myself08:21
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Monday and happy Scrabble Day! :-D08:22
mandelElleo, morning! I believed I found bug in osk, imaging the following scenarion. TextField with DoubleValidator (not setting the locale) and an input hint for real numbers. The osk in this cases shows the numberpad, which is correct BUT it does not use the input locale to decide which is the decimals separator08:22
mandelElleo, at that point, the user can just use '.' to separate decimals, yet if his locale is french or some other that uses ',' the double validator wont allow him to write decimal numbers08:23
mandelElleo, so, osk such check the input locale and change the decimal separator accordingly. I fixed this in my app by setting the double validator to always use "en" as the locale, but it should not be done like that..08:24
JameI found example in unity-notifications/examples/interactive-notification.py, and I push it to my device and run this python script, but report error:ImportError: No module named 'pynotify'08:28
JameI need to install pynotify module but I do not know how to install08:29
Jamein my phone08:29
faenilabeato: morning :) how can I edit the apn file? trying to workaround https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/+bug/143577608:29
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1435776 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "NM does not activate a valid ofono context" [High,Confirmed]08:29
faenilI tried editing gprs file, but it gets reset when I disable/enable mobile data08:29
abeatofaenil, you need to stop ofono first08:30
faeniland then it will keep the changes?08:31
abeatofaenil, yes08:31
faenilI should have thought about that...great, thanks ;)08:31
abeatofaenil, np, a fix for this should land soon, it was a problem with NM08:32
Elleomandel: yeah, that sounds like a bug, could you create a bug report?08:39
mandelElleo, if you give me the project I will + add a small example code :)08:39
faenilabeato: ah ok :) maybe I should just wait for the fix so that I can test the upgrade path and see if it really fixes it08:41
faenilis there any eta about that?08:41
faenilis "soon" 1 day or 1 week? :D08:41
Elleomandel: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-keyboard08:42
abeatofaenil, not sure, but say 1 week... anyway I am thinking that what you need to do is add some random password to your APN, you can do that from the APN editor08:42
abeatono need to stop ofono/edit manually the gpra file08:43
faenilI tried that but it didn't work?08:43
abeatofaenil, why? it did not really change the password?08:44
faenilabeato: it's not possible to switch to the custom apn, the tick doesn't move08:44
abeatofaenil, oh, some APN editor bug :-(08:45
faenilhehe ;)08:45
abeatook, I guess you will have to edit manually the gprs file08:45
faenilsure, np08:45
faenilabeato: works \o/09:01
abeatofaenil, :)09:01
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mariogripYES! I got wifi working!!!09:16
brunch875Congratulations man!09:16
faenilcongrats :)09:16
lotuspsychjemariogrip: on wich device09:16
mariogripOneplus one09:16
brunch875I want to be in the utouch mailing list but membership for the ubuntu phone team is necessary. Is there any responsibility involved or can anyone join?09:19
robin-herobrunch875: anybody can join09:26
brunch875neato, I'll join right away09:27
_1_buttwho speaks English?09:27
_1_buttand is wet?09:27
lotuspsychje_1_butt: this is not the channel for dating or whatsoever09:28
brunch875considering human body is about 65% water and this is an english channel...09:28
_1_buttthen what is this channel for?09:28
lotuspsychje_1_butt: ubuntu touch talk09:29
brunch875ubuntu is a gnu/linux operating system based on debian09:29
brunch875touch is because the phone is tactile09:29
_1_buttwhere can I find pretty horny girls?09:29
brunch875try the internet/google09:30
brunch875this is more about software development09:30
lotuspsychjepopey: alive?09:30
popeyof course09:30
_1_buttOh I see09:30
popey_1_butt: stop09:30
_1_buttI heard this was for casual dating09:30
popeyyou can leave now09:30
_1_buttsorry nerds tc09:30
popeyogra_: my 64GB microsd card arrived, it's pre-formatted exfat09:32
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ogra_popey, yeah, you need to reformat it as vfat09:44
popeyyeah, did that and discovered a (known) but that it doesn't remount until you remove the card and re-insert09:44
ogra_i think mandel fixed that for the OTA09:44
brunch875when is the OTA hitting us?09:45
brunch875was it this week?09:45
mandelpopey, should have been fixed, yes09:45
brunch875I can't wait :)09:45
popeymandel: its fixed in vivid, but is it fixed in rtm?09:46
mandelpopey, it should, since ciborium is the same in both AFAIK09:47
mandelpopey, is there is any issue let me know, but the app should be a lot better now09:57
popeyI'll try it on my proposed phone09:57
mandelpopey, I nearly re-wrote the entire thing.. and I should find time to make more changes... time.. I need more time :-/09:57
popeydon't we all :)09:58
Saviqmardy, hey, can you maybe point me as to where I should file a bug about the U1 SSO web login? when I mess up my password, after correcting it, the SSO process doesn't continue but I'm left in the U1 website10:03
AskUbuntuTurning on auto-expunge emails in Dekko? | http://askubuntu.com/q/60869810:44
Se7hi guys ubuntu wubi still downlodable?10:48
popeySe7: Linux User Group goes full circle. From LUG to Hackspace and now LUG in a Hackspace. http://mailman.lug.org.uk/pipermail/gllug/2015-April/081927.html10:53
popeySe7: http://releases.ubuntu.com/14.10/10:53
mandelogra, do you know if ubuntu-device-flash has an argument to pass the serial of the device to flash? similar to adb -s FOO10:53
mandeloh, not a single -s but --serial, ogra_ ignore me :)10:54
Se7tnx popey :)10:54
davmor2popey: Se7: that version of wubi might not be what you expect.  It might only be the one on the image which is the menu to trigger a reboot in windows11:07
popeyis that all it does now?11:08
davmor2popey: it give a bunch of info and stuff and allows you to reboot into the live cd session,  there was no-one really supporting the wubi back end and it didn't work on uefi setups so was becoming more unstable as time went on11:09
davmor2Se7: ^11:09
davmor2popey: was dropped as an installer pre 14.04 if I recall correctly11:10
mardySaviq: I'm afraid I don't know. It 's probably one of these, but I don't know which: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntuone/+related-projects11:10
mardySaviq: dobey will know11:10
Se7tnx for the answer11:10
Saviqmardy, thanks :)11:10
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mariogripis there any way of setting 24hours time format?11:28
ogra_it is pulled from your locale settings automatically11:28
ogra_set a proper locale and you get the proper time format11:29
mariogripi set it to English (UK), but so there isn't any way of having it changing that without changing language?11:32
mariogripit worked btw11:32
ogra_not currently, no11:33
ogra_you would have to hack LC_TIME to point to a locale that has the format you want11:34
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jgdxis there a backup tool for the phone?12:22
popeythere's rsync ㋛12:25
jgdxthat's just too high level12:28
jgdxwould be nice to have ubuntu-device-backup and ubuntu-device-restore :)12:29
victor_bqsome bq costumers have asked me for backup tool12:33
popeyvictor_bq: to backup their data?12:33
victor_bqdue to some bugs/behaviours that requiere wipe12:34
popeyI can think of two ways to do this. Either as an app on the device (harder) or a desktop app (easier)12:34
popeyI backup my phone every 6 hours with rsnapshot. But yes, a simpler tool would be ideal.12:35
davmor2jgdx: I have steps that you could turn into something that could be command run https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LandingTeam/SiloTestingGuidelines bottom of the page12:43
jgdxdavmor2, cool, looking12:43
davmor2jgdx: only issue is you need adb in recovery for that to work so not ideal12:44
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robin-heronik90: Hi! I saw there is a "reboot" branch for the weather app in launchpad. Could you tell me (or link me) some informations when it will be change the default weather app?12:49
jgdxdavmor2, ideal for customers you mean?12:50
davmor2jgdx: as a solution not ideal but I assume there is probably a way around it12:54
dobeySaviq: a problem with login.u.c, or with the u1 account plug-in in system settings?13:02
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studio_ok, i figured out how to build cifs nfs and nfsd modules for the bq e4.5, but i have to re-flash ubuntu on it to test it13:09
ogra_studio_, there is a readme file in the tree btw ... did you find it, i think the build instructions have been tested13:10
john-mcaleelyogra_, I checked my phone booted after following them :-)13:14
mpt“You have an approximate of 13 additional unread messages” ಠ_ಠ13:17
john-mcaleely+ or - 013:17
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Saviqdobey, login.u.c13:19
dobeySaviq: canonical-identity-provider i think is the project you want to file a bug against then13:22
Saviqdobey, thanks!13:22
Saviqah, bug there already13:23
Saviqbug #125730313:23
ubot5bug 1257303 in Canonical SSO provider "After signing in incorrectly, signing in correctly goes to the wrong place" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125730313:23
nik90robin-hero: Hey, the weather-reboot will replace the default weather app when it is ready. We are following the blueprint at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-weather-app/+spec/weather-reboot13:36
brunch875I've registered to my very first mailing list, which honorably is ubuntu phone! Wooo!13:38
brunch875Now the big question is whether to hit reply-list or reply-all when replying13:38
brunch875looks like there are tons of discrepancies over the internet13:38
jgdxmpt, hi, how are you?13:40
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dadexix86hi! is it normal that the camera stops recording videos when the screen goes blank?13:44
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dobeybrunch875: reply all is almost always what you should always use, for any e-mail, regardless of whether it's on a list or not :)13:49
brunch875thanks man, that snapped me out of confusion13:49
ogra_dobey, uh13:49
ogra_if its a list, use reply-to list :)13:50
* brunch875 hurt himself in confusion13:50
dobeyogra_: that doesn't work if the person you're replying to isn't subscribed, and their mail was moderated through :)13:50
jgdxdadexix86, have you looked at https://bugs.launchpad.net/camera-app13:51
dobeyogra_: reply all is always the safest bet.13:51
ogra_dobey, if i recieve a mail from a list i expect the people participating in the discussion to be on the list13:51
mpnegroanyone experience problems with imap?13:51
ogra_reply a-.- totally messes up the ML headers (and many peoples filters)13:52
dobeyogra_: i have learned to have no expectations about anything any more :)13:52
jgdxdadexix86, maybe file a bug if you can't find anything and a developer will look at it.13:52
dadexix86jgdx, yes and there is nothing about it, so I wanted to know if this would be considered a bug or a feature :)13:52
brunch875mpnegro: do you have trouble with your emails?13:52
mpnegrowith the mail client of ubuntu phone13:52
dobeympnegro: #dekko might be a better channel to ask about dekko, really :)13:53
ogra_oh, it has its own channel now ?13:53
dobeyi think so, yes13:53
brunch875I'm using dekko with imap, no issues13:54
dobeyi recall popey or someone mentioning it before anyway13:54
davmor3rvr ping13:56
rvrdavmor3: pong13:56
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davmor3rvr thanks 3g seems to be working then13:57
AskUbuntuUbuntu Phone : Change device name | http://askubuntu.com/q/60875413:58
rvrdavmor3: You're welcome13:58
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kenvandinejgdx, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ken-vandine/ubuntu-system-settings/lp1438633/view/head:/plugins/about/PageComponent.qml14:21
kenvandinejgdx, can you grab that file and test it on your device?14:22
kenvandinei tried to just get more debugging output for the blank updates page, but now i can't reproduce it14:22
AskUbuntuUbuntu Phone--is there one that works in the Americas? | http://askubuntu.com/q/60875914:24
Mirvrenatu: hey! what about testing the silo 004? there's only 2 days left before vivid final freeze14:24
Mirvafter that it'd be vivid+1 plus backport to vivid-rtm if wanted14:25
renatuMirv, I tested and is working nice14:25
jgdxkenvandine, sher. That's vivid, right?14:26
Mirvrenatu: oh, ok. so which device and image? so that I can mark the silo as tested.14:26
kenvandinemaybe not getting the pageComponent inline fixed it... not sure why14:26
kenvandinei assigned the pageComponent to load to a variable14:27
kenvandinejgdx, tested your steps several times... worked14:27
renatuMirv, Ubuntu 15.04(r178) krillin14:30
Mirvrenatu: thanks! I'll gather my AP results still and then I'll publish the silo.14:31
renatuMirv, thanks14:31
Fredl_anyone wo knows how tom importiert contacts from my old Androide phone tom my ubuntu phone without using google account?14:34
AskUbuntuWhat's my current best purchase option for a new Ubuntu Touch install - Nexus 10 or 7? | http://askubuntu.com/q/60876314:38
ogra_Frethere is a way to import vcf files via commandline if you can make it export your contacts to vcf14:38
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jgdxkenvandine, silo 6 introduces new strings. What are the consequences of that now?14:46
jgdxcan it land at all?14:46
kenvandineoh right... is that from the cellular design updates?14:47
jgdxkenvandine, yeah14:47
kenvandineseb128, ^^14:49
kenvandineseb128, you're the most likely candidate to yell at us :)14:49
seb128kenvandine, jgdx, grrrr14:50
* kenvandine hugs seb12814:50
seb128but fine with me, we are just not going to get translations in vivid14:50
seb128but I guess we need to branch vivid to some 15.04-rtm and roll there?14:50
kenvandinedunno if we're ready for that14:50
seb128kenvandine, are we fine freezing things with ui changes and no translations in vivid?14:52
seb128it means that if we roll rtm to vivid it's going to be uncorrectly translated14:53
kenvandinei really don't know14:53
seb128pmcgowan, ^14:53
kenvandinepmcgowan, this change is bringing the cellular panel closer to the design14:53
pmcgowanseb128, seems we will need W to open up so new translations happen?14:54
pmcgowanor can we do them directly on rtm14:55
kenvandinei guess we could branch for 15.04-rtm and translate there14:55
seb128pmcgowan, I guess we can have updates through SRUs14:56
kenvandinewe have to do it at some point14:56
pmcgowanwe hope to rebase rtm this week14:56
kenvandineso if we land this, we could get it translated in rtm14:56
pmcgowanmaybe wait to land it after we rebase14:57
kenvandineuntil W opens14:57
kenvandinejgdx, ^^ so i guess drop it from the silo14:59
jgdxkenvandine, imma ok with it15:00
aquariuszyga, ping about ucs15:06
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zygaaquarius: hey15:11
zygaaquarius: :)15:11
zygaaquarius: I didn't recognize your nic15:11
zygaaquarius: so about ucs15:11
zygaaquarius: 1) let's get it to work 2) let's get it right 3) let's get it public15:11
zygaaquarius: the goal for me is to be able to let everyone use ucs to just put a python component inside their app15:12
zygaaquarius: as stated on G+, the trick is to extract .so file from the pyotherside deb from the archive15:13
zygaaquarius: (you can to this for each architecture to get fat packages later)15:13
zygaaquarius: and .qmldir or whatever that file is calle15:13
zygaaquarius: and that gives you all of pyotherside15:13
zygaaquarius: pyotherside links to qt5 and to libpython so you also need libpython3.4 .so from the second deb15:14
zygaaquarius: a typical click package with main.qml, lib/$arch/*.so works okay on all three platforms (x86 emulator, amd64 and real arm phones)15:14
zygaaquarius: the new debs I made are even better as they remove the requirement to use stdlib from the phone, it's now shipped inside pyotherside15:15
zygaaquarius: the actual component needs to be refreshed each time python has a security fix15:15
zygaaquarius: or each time pyotherside has a fix/release (so far that's not that frequent)15:15
zygaaquarius: the way ucs gets this is one topic15:15
zygaaquarius: but the way developers get it via ucs should be totally standard15:16
zygaaquarius: so that they can just use the common workflow15:16
zygaaquarius: for ucs I think I can upload a new version each time there is a release of either of the two dependencies (at first)15:16
zygaaquarius: and we can automate the process later if it's needed15:16
zygaaquarius: for now I'd like to get to a point that it can be used in basic way15:16
zygaaquarius: will ucs somehow merge with the SDK?15:17
aquariuszyga, sorry, otp, with you shortly15:18
ogra_zyga, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/usensord/+bug/1442166 probably something you want to subscribe to (the title is slightly worng)15:19
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1442166 in Canonical System Image "Calendar alarms rings forever if Low Battery dialog visible" [High,Confirmed]15:19
zygaogra_: thanks, I guess that affects all the apps using vibration15:22
ogra_zyga, yeap15:23
ogra_i'm hitting it all the time recently ... the fix should be easy15:23
zygaogra_: what is the cause? do you know?15:24
ogra_zyga, the vibrator doesnt use a wakelock ... so the phone goes back to sleep after triggering the event15:25
ogra_which means it never knows about the end of the event because it is already asleep15:25
zygacool bug15:26
zygainteresting impact of suspend on programs15:26
ogra_well, i learned that it doesnt save you from draining your battery :)15:27
aquariuszyga, what you're describing is exactly how ucs (well, my proposed version of ucs, with the community components included) is supposed to work. It *should* work like that already. You'll see from the docs (specifically http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~sil/component-store/community-components/view/head:/docs/contribute-community.rst) that what you do is assemble a Launchpad branch with the binary .so files and a metad15:33
aquariusata file in, and then use "ucs submit" to tell the server about that component15:33
jgdxawe_, abeato, is lte apns ready to be implemented in uss?15:33
abeatojgdx, it has not landed yet, waiting for QA sign-pff15:33
aquariuszyga, but this stuff hasn't been *used* much yet, so there may be flaws in how it works15:33
jgdxabeato, ah, so waiting for landing15:34
zygaaquarius: when I created a branch of c-s that had pyotherside it didn't seem to work, I tried bin/ lib/ etc15:34
abeatojgdx, yes15:34
zygaaquarius: I think the missing part is the thing done on the device, which adds lib/$arch to search path15:34
awe_abeato, jgdx, hoping it'll get approved today...15:34
zygaaquarius: I'm busy on plainbox code now but I can look at that later15:35
zygaaquarius: a trivial example with a hello world QML plugin is much appreciated :)15:35
zyga(binary plugin)15:35
jgdxawe_, abeato, thanks you. I'm crossing fingers15:35
jgdxthanks you haha15:35
* ferridom is looking around.. (", ) ( ,") ('_')15:36
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zygaaquarius: one more thing I don't understand is frameworks, should the binary bits be provided for each framework separately (it seems so)15:38
aquariuszyga, if you get my branch, and do "./script/ucs search", you'll see that there is a "sil/CommandExec" community component. That comphttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~sil/+junk/CommandExec/filesonent exists in launchpad as15:38
zygaaquarius: this might be a hole in current ucs design15:38
aquariuszyga, if you get my branch, and do "./script/ucs search", you'll see that there is a "sil/CommandExec" community component. That component exists in launchpad as http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~sil/+junk/CommandExec/files15:38
aquarius(sorry, cut and paste error :))15:38
aquariusthat branch contains all the build files and source etc, but it doesn't have to -- the only bits ucs cares about are /qmllib and /ubuntu_component_store.json15:39
aquariusthat's an example of a (trivial) binary component15:39
zygaaquarius: ah, qmllib, I couldn't find that in any documentation I read (I followed the guide on readthedocs)15:39
aquariuszyga, I'm not sure what to do about frameworks.15:39
zygaaquarius: I'll check it out and try to submit pyotherside15:40
zygaaquarius: I'll ping you with a branch for instructions15:40
aquariuszyga, ah. The readthedocs stuff is for current trunk. My stuff, which has all the community component work in it, isn't in trunk. You want http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~sil/component-store/community-components and specifically http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~sil/component-store/community-components/view/head:/docs/contribute-community.rst for documentation on how to add compiled community components.15:40
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zygaaquarius: thanks, I'll follow that then15:41
aquariusThe existing ucs does not do binary components at all, and I don't think nik90 plans for it to do so -- existing ucs is about well-tested well-documented QML-only components which are owned by the UCS team.15:41
zygaaquarius: will your stuff merge with trunk anytime soon?15:41
aquariusMy community store is much more like, say, pypi or npm; anyone can submit anything, and whether it's well-tested and good enough is up to the developer who's using it to assess for themselves.15:41
zygaI see15:42
zygawill there be one ucs?15:42
zygaone tool?15:42
aquariusI want there to be, certainly!15:42
zygaor two?15:42
nik90aquarius, zyga: I am fine with ucs supporting binary components. Which is also why I am totally with aquarius's proposal of core, community components..I am sorry, I just haven't had the time to merge it to trunk15:42
zygaany idea on timelines for that? I can dogfood pyotherside for checkbox-touch15:42
zyganik90: hey! :)15:43
nik90zyga: hi :)15:43
zygathat sounds great15:43
zyga(do think about frameworks though)15:43
nik90aquarius, zyga: The MP requires debian packaging to be done and tested as well since otherwise it would break the existing developer's workflow15:43
zygait seems like a big hole waiting to bite us15:43
aquariusthis community stuff is a really big change to how ucs works (there are other docs in my branch which explain all that), and it really needs someone who understands all this compilation stuff to work with it and find all the problems in it, so I can see why nik90's been reluctant :)15:43
zyganik90: debian packaging for what?15:43
zyganik90: for each component?15:43
zyganik90: or for the new ucs workflow with community bits15:44
nik90zyga: I created a ucs package which developers can install it on their system and install components by "ucs install component-name"15:44
nik90zyga: so that has been rewritten in python by aquarius15:44
zyganik90: yeah, I got the ppa installed15:44
zyga(I'm not sure which one I got though)15:44
zyganik90: what is install expected to do though? get the branch from launchpad or something more?15:44
nik90zyga: well the current binary just gets the component code from launchpad and installs it in the developer's project directory15:45
* aquarius nods. The existing trunk ucs (which is what is packaged by nik90) has a "ucs" command line tool which is a shell script. I rewrote the ucs utility in Python because it's quite a lot more complicated now -- curated components (those that are in current ucs trunk) are checked out of launchpad directly; community components has the ucs util talk to the server and the server says "the stuff you want is in this 15:45
aquariusall the rst files in http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~sil/component-store/community-components/files/63/docs help to explain this stuff15:46
nik90zyga: the one proposed by aquarius is more feature filled as in it supports a curated and community store which is awesome15:46
zygaah, ok15:46
zygafor me, I need to update the layout of my component15:46
aquariusSorry, I know this is confusing :)15:46
zygaqmldir vs bin/lib15:46
zygaand update the script that builds it so that it's easier each time15:47
nik90zyga: the benefit of a community store is that you can host your component in your own server (github) etc and then just provide the link to ucs. so no more reviews needed to get it into the store :)15:47
zygaand push that somewhere15:47
zygaand poke you guys for review :)15:47
zyga(review as to what I did wrong)15:47
zygathe bits are straight from Debian15:47
aquariuszyga, well, sort of. As it happens you have to host community components on launchpad, but yeah, what nik90 is saying is right :)15:47
zygaI'm fine with launchpad (git support, whee)15:47
nik90aquarius: Frankly if you think your branch is ready and you are confident with it, let's go ahead and merge it. I think this would take ucs to the next level.15:48
zygathough it's really irrelevant for this component15:48
zygado it, I'll dog-food this in the evening15:48
zyganik90: just rebuild the ppa package once it lands15:48
nik90zyga: yes15:48
aquariuszyga, yeah -- you'll just have a script which downloads the deb files, unpacks things from them into a folder, and then bzr commits the folder to launchpad and then ucs submits the launchpad branch15:48
nik90aquarius: Do you want to go through your branch one last time before I merge it to trunk?15:49
aquariusnik90, I am unsure about two things with my branch -- does it break any of your existing uses? And is the download-a-binary-and-put-it-on-the-path ucs install stuff actually doing the right thing?15:49
aquariusnik90, the first one I don't know about because I haven't used the curated store enough to know if I've broken it15:49
zygaaquarius: that's exactly what I have, just using wrong paths now :)15:50
aquariusnik90, and the second one I don't know about because I don't know enough about all the compilation stuff, which is why I'm really glad that zyga wants to use it because he *does* know and can help us fix it if it's broken :)15:50
nik90aquarius: I am pretty sure it doesn't support binaries components since they require differnent paths15:50
nik90zyga: so the binary component that you are providing, will it be precompiled for the different platforms like armhf, i386 etc? or is it the raw code that needs to be compiled on developer's machines?15:51
aquariusnik90, mine supports binary components, certainly, and yours doesn't, so that's fine -- I'm not breaking anything with the community component stuff15:51
nik90aquarius: oh ok, that's awesome15:51
zyganik90: precompiled, I get the debs from the archive15:51
aquariusnik90, but does my ucs script correctly install your existing components?15:51
zyganik90: for each architecture15:51
aquariusnik90, I think it does, but I don't know enough to be sure15:51
zyganik90: using apt to know the latest versions each time (it's pretty shmick :)15:51
nik90aquarius: When I tested your branch, the curated components did work as expected15:52
nik90that I am sure of15:52
aquariusnik90, cool. I'd suggest waiting for now until zyga tries using ucs for a binary component, because the likeliness that I've done something stupid somewhere is quite high :)15:52
aquariusnik90, but if it works for pyotherside (or it doesn't and we can fix the bits that don't work) then I'd certainly like to see it merged to trunk and then installable from the ppa!15:53
nik90aquarius: if it does break after all this revamp, we can work on it slowly to fix it. Until then developers can grab the components directly from launchpad15:53
zygapyotherside has gotten some fantastic features lately15:53
aquariusya. I would really like to use pyotherside15:54
aquariusI just don't want to have to have a qmake or cmake project in order to do it15:54
nik90zyga: curious, but how big are the apps created with pyotherside since the app needs to ship the binaries and python libraries with it?15:54
aquariushaving a pure QML project in which I can do "ucs install pyotherside" and then use python stuff is totally excellent when possible; this is precisely absolutely why I designed the ucs in the first place :)15:54
zyganik90: pyotherside with stdlib is ... 3M on amd6415:56
nik90aquarius: the problem is that qmlproject thinks it is platform independent when in reality the binary plugin you shipped is not..that's why cmake and qmake are preferred to build the binaries for respective platform while installing it.15:56
zyganik90: python is 4.2M15:56
zyganik90: so around 7M per app15:56
aquariusnik90, I get that that's a problem, but it is a wrong problem. The rules for binary ucs components are: you have to provide a compiled version for *each* architecture, and a fat click package will be built.15:56
aquariusso you can use a pure qml project quite happily.15:57
nik90zyga: hmm that's still within reasonable limits15:57
zyganik90: without stdlib it's 200K for pyotherside15:57
zyganik90: without libpython that's just 200K (the cost of not having it in the platform)15:57
aquariussomeone who says "waaah waaah disk space waaaah" is welcome to not use ucs and assemble their project themselves by hand; that's the price of being whiny about disc space :)15:57
zygaiff the platform could contain python + stdlib as a given that's comparable to an image15:57
nik90aquarius: agreed, well the fat package story in the sdk is not ready afaik..but yeah we will get back to this when that's ready :)15:58
zygaI strongly hope that future frameworks will recognize this and add python15:58
zygaespecially since it's not going away anytime soon15:58
aquariusnik90, yeah, but that's because the sdk people need to hurry up, not because it's a bad idea ;-)15:58
aquariusdon't tell Zoltan I said that. :)15:58
nik90zyga: may be when more and more apps start shipping python + pyotherside, it would make a compiling case for ogra_ to agree to ship it in the image15:59
bzoltanaquarius:  what, when, who? Me? No way...15:59
zyganik90: we ship it in the image15:59
* aquarius grins at bzoltan15:59
* bzoltan just does not get it15:59
zyganik90: just 'not part of framework' yada yada15:59
nik90zyga: ah ok15:59
ogra_nik90, lol, i will *never* agree to ship python ...:)15:59
zyganik90: though we do ship python3 the interpreter15:59
=== dandrader_ is now known as dandrader
zyganik90: not python3 the library15:59
zyganik90: I plan on having better packages later, with static python linked into pyotherside15:59
zyganik90: and with subset of the standard library, tailored to each app16:00
ogra_python is great for prototyping ... but not for serious stuff on a constrained system16:00
aquariusI think that pyotherside itself and pyotherside-stdlib ought to be two separate components, but I'm not bullish about that16:00
zygaogra_: tell that to blackberry that ship their most succesful product (the hub)16:00
zygaogra_: it's written in python16:00
ogra_zyga, poor them :)16:00
zygaogra_: I think you are just wrong16:00
zygaogra_: javascript and python are equal here16:00
zygaogra_: just python is far more mature as a language16:00
* ogra_ works with ARM sicne 6 years now ... i havent seen python perform any good on any ARM til today 16:01
ogra_i would rather completely get rid of it in the image ... but we sadly have system-image in python that keeps it around16:01
nik90ok ok we are diving into a much bigger topic than intended :P16:01
zygaogra_: well, that's your word, for me python is plenty fast since all of the critical stuff is in C anyway16:01
ogra_and guys ... btw ... use VIM, emacs sucks16:02
zygaogra_: and if BB can ship their key product on it time and again, it must be doable16:02
ogra_zyga, well, snappy will solve all this and enable users to simply install python on their phone16:02
zygaogra_: as a library of sorts that enables true reuse?16:03
zygaogra_: that's interesting, I didn't know that16:03
ogra_as a framework16:03
zygaogra_: framework?16:03
zyga(I was asking if it will be a framework)16:03
zygabut you beat me to it16:03
ogra_(which is a bundle of libraries)16:03
zygayeah yeah16:03
nik90aquarius: I will test your branch with the latest trunk again and then do the standard test of installing components from curated and community. I think if that passes, I will get the debian rdy today and ship it. We can test the binary stuff after that since the basic requirement of being able to install qml curated and community components will be satisfied as a start.16:03
ogra_the framework story on snappy is still a bit young though16:04
ogra_and when we switch the phone to snappy is also not clear yet16:04
=== dandrader is now known as dandrader|afk
zygaogra_: I'll be working on plainbox framework for snappy soon16:04
ogra_(but i'm eagerly looking forward to it ... )16:04
zygaogra_: I'll bug you more about that (the glory of having a system testing framework)16:04
mptjgdx, awe_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Networking#New_design_.28in_progress.2916:05
awe_thank mpt!16:05
aquariusnik90, cool16:07
nik90charles: ping16:09
* zyga wonders what it would take to make pypy + pyotherside a reality16:10
jgdxmpt, cool, thank you16:11
gQuigscan we add the phone RTM image to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases,  I'm curious how long we plan on supporting it, or when the next major update will come16:24
jgdxseb128, you want to test your silo btw?16:25
jgdxkenvandine, ^?16:25
seb128jgdx, sure can, is that vivid or rtm?16:25
ogra_gQuigs, the phone doesnt actually have releases ... it is a rollin distro16:25
jgdxseb128, vivid 0616:26
ogra_and the phone also doesnt really have "images" ...16:26
ogra_it has channels ...16:26
gQuigsogra_: but it still has an EOL date - and it's based on a specific release16:26
ogra_nothing of this can be easily translated into the old release model16:27
ogra_no, it isnt16:27
seb128jgdx, k16:27
ogra_it neither has an EOL datew nor is it based on a specific release ... it gets constantly re-based16:27
ogra_endusers get monthly updates16:27
ogra_the concept is completely different from the old distro model16:29
seb128jgdx, hum, vivid device is flat, I'm charging a bit to power it on and then testing16:29
ogra_(and will hopefully replace it once)16:29
gQuigsogra_: I was told a while ago, that it would get the next LTS equivalent, and then be EOL16:29
ogra_gQuigs, then you were told wrong :)16:30
mptjgdx, awe_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Networking?action=diff&rev2=258&rev1=256#apn-mobile16:30
gQuigsogra_: it was sabdfl :P  ~ but yea it was a while ago16:30
ogra_the RTM channel will constantly get fed with updates from the devel distro in a completely rolling model16:30
ogra_it will never go away16:31
gQuigsogra_: if we're going to support the phone for at least 3 years, that a huge selling point16:31
ogra_i hope we can even support them longer :)16:31
jgdxseb128, okay, do you want me to mark it untested?16:31
ogra_but i guess at one point the HW limits will kick in16:31
gQuigsogra_: that's what I'd like to start documenting.. that we are more predictable than android :)16:31
seb128jgdx, no, those are only trivial fixes, should be fine16:32
ogra_i.e. 512M ram might not be enoughj to run ubuntu on your phone in 2-3 years16:32
jgdxseb128, kk16:32
ogra_but from an upgrade POV (if you take the HW out of the equation) it should be possible to theoretically support phones for their whole lifetime16:32
jgdxmpt, thanks. Reset is still a bit ambiguous to me, does it fit the scope of the spec to discuss what how "apn" should be reset?16:33
gQuigsogra_: but we don't have any written commitment I can add to the release page?16:33
gQuigsor I guess a sub-page specific to devices might be needed at some point16:33
ogra_well, we have that ports page16:34
ubot5You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices16:34
gQuigshmm... add a supported for / until column.. to "Working with ubuntu-device-flash"16:37
jgdxkenvandine, I can't reproduce the bug at all now.16:37
=== bfiller_meeting is now known as bfiller
studio_maybe stupid question, but how to get the penguin to the boot-logo on the e4.5?16:50
nik90aquarius: hey, when I try installing a community component, I get the error http://paste.ubuntu.com/10817028/16:53
nik90aquarius: I am trying to install it inside a standard cmake project16:53
aquariusnik90, the way I determine this is:16:53
aquariusPure QML projects are in a folder Foo which has a Foo.qmlproject file in it.16:53
aquarius    qMake-based projects are in a folder Foo which has a Foo.pro file in it.16:53
aquarius    CMake-based projects are in a folder Foo which has CMakeLists.txt and that16:53
aquarius        file contains a project(Foo ...) line in it.16:53
AskUbuntuubuntu touch web app url, sub domain | http://askubuntu.com/q/60882616:54
aquariusThis is exactly the sort of thing where I don't know if what I've done is *correct* :)16:54
aquariusSo, it thinks you're not in a project. This could be because the above rules are incorrect, or because the above rules are fine and they're implemented wrong, or something else...16:55
nik90aquarius: here's is the project tree https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~michael-sheldon/podbird/trunk/files16:55
nik90aquarius: I tried installing it while being inside the root folder, app and also UI16:55
aquariusok trying it out16:56
aquariusworks fine for me!16:57
nik90which folder did you try it in?16:57
* aquarius looks puzzled.16:59
aquariusI can't think why it would work for me and not you!16:59
nik90hmm let me try something17:00
nik90aquarius: hmm now it works when I replicated the way you ran the command17:01
nik90aquarius: previously I copied your script to /usr/bin17:01
nik90and then ran ucs install sil/GenericPodcastApp inside the root podbird folder17:02
nik90that hits the errpr17:02
* aquarius does the puzzled look17:02
aquariuswhy in blazes would that make a difference? I hate computers.17:02
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|EOD
nik90May be you should try coping it to your /usr/bin and see if it still works for you .. that's where the ppa package installs it17:03
aquariusworks fine with it in ~/bin, which is on my path17:03
studio_damn, i installed ut to "ubuntu-device-flash touch --channel=ubuntu-touch/devel-proposed" and i am not able to add a hidden wireless network.?17:04
nik90aquarius: ok..I will continue testing and then see if I hit this after installing the deb package17:05
aquariusworks fine with ucs in /usr/bin too17:06
aquariusam most puzzled17:06
studio_i can't insert sid nor key?17:06
nik90aquarius: oh then I have no idea :P .. no worries17:07
nik90studio_: why don't you just copy the network config from your computer to your phone? (for now)17:09
aquariusstudio_: it doesn't seem to be possible to connect to a hidden network in a convenient way. If you're comfortable with the terminal, then http://askubuntu.com/questions/262155/how-do-i-connect-to-wireless-network-with-hidden-ssid-on-ubuntu-touch explains how you can set it up in a fairly technical way.17:10
studio_nik90, i flashed a brand new "ubuntu-device-flash touch --channel=ubuntu-touch/devel-proposed" on my phone. 5 days ago i had no problems with that.17:10
nik90studio_: ah ok17:10
studio_i am back from Android to UT right now ...17:11
studio_cool, now i have a boot-loop! seems to be now on "ubuntu-touch/devel-proposed" for bq ...17:13
studio_hmm ... that is not so cool as i thought ...17:15
studio_after "cold reset" i was able to start the phone "normal" ...17:18
studio_15.04 r183 is the image i use in the moment ...17:21
nik90aquarius: we might have to get someone to review the cmake rules since automatic configuration of the cmake files isnt working17:23
nik90aquarius: On creating the podbird click package, the ubuntu_component_store folder isn't included..which raises the issue that every project's folder structure and thereby their cmake files will be different17:23
aquariusnik90, I am not very surprised. I have only the most rudimentary understanding of cmake -- I did what I could, but I'm not a bit surprised that it isn't working...17:23
nik90aquarius: may be we should just resort to just adding a folder with the components and let the app dev figure that part out17:24
popeystudio_: don't think that image has had much testing17:24
nik90considering they chose to use cmake in the first place17:24
aquariusnik90, I want the component store to exist precisely so that people do not have to know about cmake and qmake17:24
nik90aquarius: I agree, but why would someone go with a cmake project if they are not comfortable with it?17:24
aquariusnik90, I'd be OK with the component store only working automatically in pure qml projects, certainly. But all the SDK people who think that you're not a proper programmer unless you're writing C++ and cmake tend not to like that sort of thing :)17:25
nik90aquarius: well then those SDK people should then help add that support into UCS17:25
aquariusnik90, I concur, and I did ask for help, I just didn't get any :)17:26
nik90aquarius: yeah I remember..I wasn't blaming you ;)17:26
* bzoltan wishes that the sdk people would mean more than this 2 heads17:26
nik90bzoltan: do you highlight "sdk" or something17:26
studio_popey, after a reboot i was able to connect to my hidden network. now i'll try my kernel-modules ...17:27
bzoltannik90: you  figured right17:27
=== dandrader|afk is now known as dandrader
nik90aquarius: The problem is that we both are not experience with cmake enough to add these rules to ucs..and adding a CMakeLists.txt file which doesn't work would just lead to a bad experience imo.17:29
bzoltanaquarius:  The integration of the UCS to the QtC is on the roadmap. It would be a cool feature ... but I need doing hands too, not only the idea :)17:29
aquariusbzoltan, yep; that's why we've built a prototype :)17:29
bzoltannik90:  I would not invest too much in cmake ... qmake is the way to go, even qmlprojects are in shaky base17:29
nik90bzoltan: I knw you are short staffed, but we can only go so far with our experience17:29
aquariusas nik90 says, neither of us know enough about cmake or qmake to actually have it integrate properly with cmake or qmake projects17:29
aquariusthe reason I want ucs to exist is precisely *because* one should not have to know cmake to write apps :)17:30
kenvandinejgdx, at all meaning with my fix or even without it?17:32
bzoltanaquarius:  cmake is evil, qmake rocks ... adding stuff to a qmake project from the QtC is doable, doing it with cmake is mission impossible17:33
* mcphail wishes Qt had gone with Automake. He can understand that one17:34
kenvandinejgdx, i was thinking more about qml test vs autopilot to test pushing the updates page from the about page17:48
kenvandinethat has to be an autopilot test, because we specifically need to test that UI which gets the update page and pushes it on the PageStack17:48
rpadovanioSoMoN, hey :-) Did you enjoy your holidays? :-)17:49
nik90aquarius: quick question, do you know the dependencies for the new ucs? I need to include them in the debian control file.17:51
nik90aquarius: I have included python-bzrlib as one dependency which is used a lot. But I notice that imports like Flask.17:52
nik90aquarius: Do we need to include those as well?17:52
studio_hmm, "sudo insmod /lib/modules/cifs.ko" made no error on the bq e4.5, so it is working?17:58
studio_come on guys, i am not the kernel guy, but please tell me, i am on the correct way?18:02
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studio_nobody here?18:12
jgdxkenvandine, not at all, even without the fix18:15
popeystudio_: people are here, as you can see, but people may not have the skills to answer your question or may be afk18:15
popeystudio_: or maybe you're not providing enough information for people to be able to answer.18:16
popeystudio_: also, patience.18:16
studio_mount - t cifs ... is not working. do i need to add "CONFIG_CIFS_XATTR=y" and "CONFIG_CIFS_POSIX=y" to the kernel?18:16
kenvandinejgdx, grrr18:17
kenvandinejgdx,  i did reproduce it again without my fix18:20
kenvandinehate this bug18:20
jgdxkenvandine, I can flash an older image. I just flashed today, could be relevant18:23
kenvandinejgdx, ok18:24
aquariusnik90, hey sorry was eating dinner.18:26
aquariusnik90, flask is used by the server; the server doesn't go into the deb18:27
aquariusnik90, script/ucs is, I believe, all that I changed which gets packaged. The server folder is separate (it runs the server that ucs submit submits to).18:27
nik90aquarius: ok in that case the only new change that was required was adding python-bzrlib dependency18:28
nik90everything else stays the same18:28
=== dandrader|afk is now known as dandrader
aquariusnik90, cool. I did try to not do anything massively complex :)18:28
nik90aquarius: I have the debian fix branch ready to merge into your MP18:28
nik90aquarius: ;)18:28
aquariusnik90, I see the review notes. I'll try to grab some time to work on that18:28
nik90aquarius: cool18:29
nik90aquarius: just ping me when you are done, I don't seem to get email notifications on MP changes18:29
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oSoMoNrpadovani, hey o/18:49
rpadovanioSoMoN, o/19:02
aquariusnik90, aha, I have replicated your "not in an sdk project" issue. Will now fix :)19:03
gingermouseHi all! Does anyone know which PPA contains a package with the Xmir command in it?19:04
AskUbuntuUbuntu touch HTML5 performance | http://askubuntu.com/q/60887219:08
aquariusnik90, https://code.launchpad.net/~sil/component-store/community-components/+merge/24551019:10
aquariusnik90, note that importing installed components is different now with new ucs19:13
AskUbuntuHow to make a USB Ethernet adapter work with Ubuntu Phone? | http://askubuntu.com/q/60887919:34
nik90aquarius: will test it out now19:34
* ogra_ wonders if he didnt hear aquarius recently say that newly published apps should show up immediately in the webstore19:39
nik90aquarius: I see in the docs that it says import ubuntu_component_store.Curated.EmptyState 1.019:39
nik90aquarius: anyway we can make that UCS.Curated.EmptyState 1.0 ?19:39
nik90aquarius: also how does the versioning work here?19:40
aquariusogra_, no; Brian Douglass's cron job still only runs infrequently. However, if you've just published an app then there's a link in the FAQ on the store to a thing where you can name your app and it'll fetch it and add it to the store immediately.19:40
ogra_aquarius, ah, well, i can wait ... :19:40
cwayne_mariogrip, heya, nice job on the wifi fix :)19:41
aquariusogra_, just stick the name of the app into that form and it'll appear immediately19:41
aquariusnik90, we could make it be UCS, but then the top-level folder will have to be named UCS rather than ubuntu_component_store, and that name seems a little bit generic to me...19:41
mariogrip cwayne_ Thanks!19:41
ogra_ah, shweet ! https://uappexplorer.com/app/google-plus.ogra19:41
ogra_aquarius, thanks :)19:41
cwayne_mariogrip, what was the fix?19:41
nik90aquarius: ah ok .. that makes sense19:42
nik90aquarius: then let's leave it like that19:42
mariogripcwayne_: I had to revert to conn_init19:42
aquariusnik90, version number of a component is defined in ubuntu_component_store.json. Updating that, or not, is up to the component author.19:42
nik90aquarius: and looks like the "not in the sdk project" issue seems fixed ;)19:42
mariogripcwayne_: it was using qcom cne19:42
aquariusnik90, it is fixed, 'cos I fixed it :) Forgot to mention that in the commit message...19:43
nik90aquarius: that's great. So if I had sil.GenericPodcastApp.1.0 installed and if I run "ucs update", would it create sil.GenericPodcastApp.1.1 if the component author updated it?19:43
mariogripogra_: is apparmor needed to use the store?19:44
aquariusnik90, no. ucs update isn't implemented yet, precisely because I don't know what's best to do in that situation. What do you think should happen?19:44
ogra_mariogrip, to run click apps ...19:44
nik90aquarius: sry I meant "ucs update sil/GeneralPocastApp" since I see that in your docs19:44
ogra_the store only needs a U1 accont19:45
ogra_might be that click falls over when installing the app if apparmor isnt in the kernel, not sure19:45
aquariusnik90, note that ucs install someone/Something will just blithely overwrite any existing version of the component in the project, so that's the same as ucs update :)19:45
cwayne_mariogrip, ah, so it wasn't anything with the fstab and the firmware dir not being mounted?19:45
nik90aquarius: Ah ok..here's what I have noticed people do with UCS.19:45
mariogripcwayne_: it was that too19:46
cwayne_mariogrip, is that what got the sound workin'?19:46
mariogripogra_: i cannot add an account for some reason19:46
nik90aquarius: they install a component like the WelcomeWizard etc, modify it and leave it downstream since the changes are only applicable to them or for whatever reason.19:46
mariogripcwayne_: i got sound working with removing some unsupported file formats19:46
nik90aquarius: in that case, "ucs update" should preferably not override their changes since they wouldnt like it.19:46
aquariusnik90, totally, yep. That's why I'm frightened of "ucs update", and it will throw NotImplementedError if you try to use it :)19:46
mariogripogra_: and the store is giving apparmor errors, so that's why i was thinking apparmor was needed19:47
cwayne_mariogrip, ah, ok.. any idea what to do re: modem?  i wonder if it needs stuff in ofono19:47
nik90aquarius: I think that's fine for now..I will try to get a poll or something running in our g+ community to see how best to approach such a use case.19:48
ogra_mariogrip, weird, but it probably does then ... so i guess apparmor is the next thing on your TODO thn :)19:48
mariogripcwayne_: i think i need to revert back to ril from cne there also (i think, i need to look into that more)19:49
nik90aquarius: Can you merge my fix-debian-packaging branch and then we merge your MP to trunk?19:49
mariogripogra_ yeah, i guess so :)19:49
nik90aquarius: I will then push out the update to the PPA and then test the whole system out before making an announcement.19:49
aquariusI have assumed it was OK without review because I don't understand deban packaging ;)19:51
nik90aquarius: well the debian change is tiny, so that's fine19:53
ogra_mariogrip, a friend of mine pinged me on G+ for build instructions, do yu have them anywhere ?19:53
* ogra_ remembers there was a forum post or some such19:53
mariogripogra_ https://github.com/ubuntu-touch-oneplus-one/ubuntu-touch-for-oneplus-one19:54
ogra_thanks !19:54
nik90aquarius: also do note that I cannot make head/tail of some parts of your code due to me being a noob in python flask and those kind of stuff. But I trust your judgement on that :P19:54
aquariusnik90, :)19:54
nik90aquarius: and there goes my super clean bash script :P19:54
aquariusnik90, yeah, I know. Sorry. I did originally think of extending it, but it would have been a nightmare...19:55
nik90aquarius: no worries...personalyl excited about the community store and the ease of adding stuff to it.19:55
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TenLeftFingersGot my BQ phone today :) very impressed with the quality of the II A20:11
TenLeftFingersAnd as you can tell I'm using it to write this.20:12
TenLeftFingersCan anyone tell me if they are also habing problems syncing their google contacts?20:13
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TenLeftFingersI'm only getting seven of my google comtacts synced to the phone out of over a hundred20:16
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popeyTenLeftFingers: not seen that20:20
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nik90aquarius: we are live! Docs Updated, PPA has new package for trusty..In a few minutes it should also be published to utopic and vivid series as well.20:41
aquariusnik90, coolio :-)20:41
brunch875what the what what? Are you hitting us with the update?20:41
aquariusbrunch875, this isn't an update to Ubuntu itself :)20:41
aquariusbrunch875, it's a project that nik90 and I are working on to help app developers for Ubuntu.20:41
aquariusnik90, I'd like to see zyga successfully publish pyotherside to the community store before making a big noise about this update20:42
brunch875it sounds good either way!20:42
aquariusbrunch875, we hope so, certainly :)20:42
brunch875what's the candy?20:42
nik90aquarius: ack. I am going to publish a component to the community store now :P20:42
nik90brunch875: We created a Component Store where app developers can get commonly used components to use in their apps instead of having to create it from scratch.20:43
brunch875oi that sounds great!20:44
nik90brunch875: we recently pushed out an update to make it much easier app devs to submit their own components to the store easily.20:44
nik90brunch875: we will make an announcement once we get some initial testing out of the way. You will find out more then :)20:44
AskUbuntuHide notification bar on Ubuntu phone (QML) | http://askubuntu.com/q/60892321:12
nik90aquarius: Does it make sense to recommend developers to first push their components to the community store where it stays for a while before making moving it to the curated store?21:27
aquariusnot sure21:28
aquariusI'm inclined to say that the curated store provides a different sort of experience to the community store21:28
aquariusthe curated store is for really well-written things -- essentially, things that the developer feels really ought to be part of the SDK because they're excellent21:29
aquariusthe community store doesn't really have that vibe about it -- it's a much more free-for-all sort of thing. I'd expect there to be multiple different components which do the same thing in the community store, for example, and I'd expect that not to happen in the curated store21:30
aquariusso I don't think that the community store is really an audition for being curated.21:30
aquariusOn the other hand, it may well be useful for a component to get some use and testing before the developer knows whether it's really ready for being curated.21:30
aquariusthat is -- if someone shows up with a really good component and wants to propose it be curated, you'd be daft to say "no no things ought to go into the community store first to Prove Their Worth"21:31
aquariusequally, if someone shows up with a proposal for the curated store and you don't think it's ready, you might suggest that they publish it to the community store first21:32
nik90yeah I need to put that wording carefully21:33
aquariusyeah. You don't want people to see either store as being a "rejection" or a "goal", I think; it's about where a component best fits, not about how worthy it is21:34
aquariusotherwise you'll have a bunch of people annoyed that their component isn't "good enough" to be curated and demanding a "promotion"21:34
aquariuswhich will just make your life stressful :)21:34
nik90funny enough that's what I had in mind when I asked that question :P21:35
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nik90aquarius: how does one remove a component from the community store?22:29
aquariusnik90, at the moment, by pinging me22:29
aquariusthe issue there is that submission does not require authentication22:29
aquariusand I don't want you to be able to remove my components22:29
nik90aquarius: ok..because I saw this big "DO_NOT_EDIT_THIS_FILE_BY_HAND" :P and was worried if the server had provision to remove components22:30
aquariusI'm not sure how to solve that. I *think* the best way is to require that you make the destination branch invalid as a component somehow (obvious way: remove ubuntu_component_store.json) and then "ucs remove sil/Component" will look at the existing branch it knows about, see it's no longer a branch, and remove it from the list22:31
nik90aquarius: I will mention that quickly in the docs for now as a temporary info msg.22:31
aquariusthe reason you mustn't edit that file by hand is that the UCS server maintains its own copy of it, and if you edit the one in Launchpad, the server's copy gets out of sync and then it all goes wrong ;)22:31
nik90aquarius: is it possible to check the existence of a lp branch?22:31
nik90if app dev deletes his lp branch and then submits that as an *update*, it would be removed from the list22:32
aquariusit is -- when you submit a component to the community store, the server fetches your branch and pokes around in it to confirm that it's a valid-looking component (it has an ubuntu_component_store.json, that file contains required metadata, etc)22:32
aquariusya, I think that that's the best way, I just haven't implemented it yet :)22:32
nik90aquarius: yeah ofc this is v0.2...it is to be expected22:33

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