diddledanthis was posted in another room, but https://scontent-lhr.xx.fbcdn.net/hvideo-xap1/v/t42.1790-2/11097880_809151599172890_356111680_n.mp4?oh=ac38253012576f02eef814bfea47586a&oe=552B41B002:12
ali1234warburtons bread is the most horrible bread ever02:33
ali1234and that advert makes them look like neo-nazis02:33
mappshi all03:07
diddledanallo mapps03:12
mappsoFF TO PRAHA on sunday;D03:12
diddledanali1234: aye the bread from warburtons is of the type that I refer to as "blotting paper"03:12
mapps19th-26th april:)03:13
mappsmorning MartijnVdS04:24
knightwisemorning peeps06:51
knightwisejust installing the new stable version of Freya and giving it a go06:52
knightwiselooks pretty good at first sight06:54
MooDoomorning all06:56
knightwiseyo MooDoo06:56
knightwisehow are you doing :)06:56
MooDoohello knightwise yeah i'm ok thanks.06:57
knightwiseinstalling Freya for the moment . looks very good07:01
knightwisevery mature distro07:01
MooDooknightwise: elemental?07:46
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.07:48
zmoylan-pigood $time_description *07:52
MooDoomorning brobostigon07:54
zmoylan-pimonday the 13th... should be worse than a friday the 13th which kinda cancel each other out? :-P07:55
brobostigonmorning MooDoo07:55
davmor2Morning all08:15
MooDoomorning davmor2 how are you on this fine day?08:16
davmor2MooDoo: awake08:16
davmor2MooDoo: you?08:16
MooDoodavmor2: yeah i'm ok thanks :)08:16
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Monday and happy Scrabble Day! :-D08:21
* zmoylan-pi boggles...08:22
MooDoohowdy JamesTait Oxyphenbutazone that's 1778 points to you08:22
JamesTaitWell played. ;)08:22
davmor2MooDoo: that's not a word there is an o missing :P08:23
davmor2Oxypheno, surely08:24
MooDooah shush you08:24
MooDooooo books arriving today forgot about that - sorry totally irrelevant change of subject08:24
davmor2MooDoo: you're just trying to get away from the fact that the dyslexic knew you spelt a word wrong :P  admit it :D08:26
MooDoodavmor2: cough cough08:28
MooDoohttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oxyphenbutazone - nope08:28
* zmoylan-pi hands MooDoo a throat lozenge08:28
davmor2MooDoo: highest score ever was BENZOXYCAMPHORS 183008:28
MooDoodamn you google08:29
MooDooI will beat you one day morley08:29
* zmoylan-pi wonders what the profession of the person who scored that was...08:30
MooDoofootballer ;)08:30
zmoylan-piah it seems to be the theroretical maximum and didn't happen in a competition...08:32
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Myrtti_time of day09:05
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Myrttihttps://youtu.be/r0IZ_TEzg7M I wonder if it'll be available on Linux09:06
MooDoolooks fun09:07
MyrttiI can't decide if his accent is intentional or is it like that for real09:08
davmor2zmoylan-pi: professional scrabble players09:11
zmoylan-piso a video game version of skanger me banger? :-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RlXJCwSjwg09:12
popeyMyrtti: well, it's unity5.. so should be able to09:14
popeyMyrtti: that guy is hilarious09:18
Myrttipopey: apparently the car is modeled to ridiculous reality09:18
popeyyeah, it looks like it09:19
MyrttiI don't understand anything of cars but apparently the engine starts to knock if the vents have been assembled wrongly09:19
Myrttivents, valves, whathaveyou09:19
Myrttineeds all the fluids refilled etc09:19
popeyyeah valves.09:20
Myrttisummer car is a Finnish institution of buying a banger in the spring (preferably with recently renewed car insurance (in Finland it's attached to the car, not the driver) and recent MOT, drive it around and then get it baled once winter is turning in and you'd have to change into winter tyres you don't have and don't want to buy09:21
* davmor2 so wants it to be vents now :D09:21
davmor2JamesTait, MooDoo: I wonder if you could cram in floccinaucinihilipilification or pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis :D09:24
willcookeczajkowski, ping?09:24
JamesTaitdavmor2, bless you.09:24
davmor2I don't think the board is wide enough for either but they are such nice words09:25
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popeyMyrtti: he is quite funny09:29
knightwiseboom :)09:31
knightwiseubuntu phone just arrived09:31
MyrttiI think I might have cracked my Nexus 5 screen on the London trip :-|09:31
davmor2Knightmare: don't install machine vs machine you will lose hours of your life09:32
Myrttishoved it too hard into my full handbag09:32
zmoylan-piouch, priced a replacement screen?09:32
Myrtti75 to 99 with installation09:33
directhex_that's not so bad, honestly09:33
directhex_it's a high res screen, and hard to replace09:34
Myrttialmost went to a place to have it changed while we were in London but someone said that I shouldn't rush into things. Well, that means that I'm now very much not rushing because this certainly is not London where I could have gotten it fixed the same day09:34
directhex_lots of cobblers do screen repair too09:35
directhex_it's a transferrable skill! replacing touchscreens is almost exactly the same as nailing heels to shoes09:36
zmoylan-pimy father a trained cobbler _was_ a dab hand with electrics and electronics in his day...09:38
zmoylan-pii did have a cobbler in train station alter a bag back in 90s to make a compartment for psion 5 to slide into that saved it a few dents and bangs09:40
zmoylan-pikinda of a holster within the bag09:40
popeypew pew pew!09:41
MooDoowhy can i picture popey behind a sofa playing cowboys and indians with his kids when he says pew pew pew!09:49
popeyI bought a load of caps for Sams guns09:49
MooDooahem i mean playing starwars lol09:49
MooDoopopey: the ones in a strip or little red ones?09:50
popeyhttp://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B004RI7ZNQ a thousand shots for 5.5009:50
MooDooyup i remember them :D09:50
MooDooi remember the brown ones that came in a long strip, you used to rub a stone down a load of them lol09:51
popeyno, the plastic ringsyeah09:51
MooDooah the memories09:52
zmoylan-piah the plastic rings that you cut off the actual caps and put them in guns that fitted onto keyrings.  very loud09:52
zmoylan-pii still occasionly see the plastic rings caps in discount stores, haven't seen the paper roll caps since early 80s09:53
davmor2MooDoo: I picture popey playing lazer tag with his kids and his wife walking in and ruining all the fun ala Castle :)09:53
popeyyesterday all the kids in the street were out playing09:54
popeyeaster break is cool when it's sunny09:54
popeythere's about 15 kids in our road, and they're all similar ages, and all get on well09:54
* davmor2 pictures popey out with them starting the water fight cause that's the way he rolls09:54
zmoylan-piwhen i play ad&d at one group we all use nerf to settle arguments, works well :-)09:54
MooDoodavmor2: next time there will be a nerf gun outside with a message "Hi, I also have a nurf gun and am hidden in the house, looser cooks tea" ;)09:56
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)09:57
davmor2MooDoo: hahahaha09:57
zmoylan-pii think i saw that on reddit :-)09:58
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czajkowskiwillcooke: pong10:09
MooDoozmoylan-pi: yeah probably where i got it from, just seemed appropriate.10:11
willcookeczajkowski, Do you happen to remember the name of that lad who installed Ubuntu on his mates computers at school?  I can't find the article anywhere.10:17
diplo /j #telegram10:31
diploOops :)10:31
czajkowskiwillcooke: pm ?10:40
willcookeczajkowski, thx10:41
czajkowskipopey: willcooke FYI https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-ie/2013-December/001366.html10:46
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popeyMyrtti: saw this and thought of you https://twitter.com/kartsa82/status/58760575025348608013:19
zmoylan-pii saw a moomin dvd on sale yesterday and thought of posting a pic here...13:20
MooDoolove the moomins13:25
DJonesA friend of mine from Finland is mad on Moomins, her partner must send her at least one picture a day on moomin art/decor/themed cups/knitting patterns etc13:28
brobostigonany ideas on something like pushbullet/pushover that can push irssi highlights to ubuntu touch?13:33
davmor2MooDoo: next you'll be saying you like noggin the nog and ivor the engine too ;)14:03
zmoylan-piclangers and bagpuss too14:04
MooDoodavmor2: and others :) fireball xl5, joe 90, terrahawks etc etc14:33
foobarryi watched bertha the other day14:33
davmor2MooDoo: battle of the planets, starfleet, thunderbirds, captain scarlet, dungeons and dragons, teenage mutant ninja turtles, transforms, thundercats, he-man, THE MUPPETS and fraggle rock14:35
mappsis betfair working?14:36
mappscan someone check14:36
mappsjust timing out for me;/14:36
ali1234terrahawks was great. you don;t see stuff like this in kids shows any more: https://c1.staticflickr.com/1/71/200493485_3768ae3e23.jpg14:37
foobarrybruce forsyth?14:37
moreati1mapps: it's down http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/www.betfair.com14:38
popeyYeah, I loved Terrahawks14:38
popeyespecially the cubes vs balls thing14:38
popeywith Windsor Davies as the voice14:38
ali1234i had a terrahawks colouring book14:39
popeyhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZC9B0YJ8W8 nostalgia!14:39
MyrttiCities:Skylines players might benefit from watching Twitch's best traffic mangler, CleaveTV on http://twitch.tv/cleavetv14:40
mappsso it isnt my end - last month couldnt get on for a week yet worked for everyone else14:40
MyrttiI still suck in the game tho14:40
davmor2popey: MooDoo: you're both of the right age, do you remember Black Hole?14:41
ali1234you mean disney's the black hole?14:41
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davmor2ali1234: yeap the one with maximillion and old ben14:42
MooDoodavmor2: yes loved it14:42
davmor2popey: the balls in terrahawks video reminded me of it :)14:42
davmor2https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5pOiyD4h6E and old ben was the beat up one :)14:43
MooDoodavmor2: http://www.bugeyedmonster.com/toys/blackhole/blackhole/blowup/334inchall.jpg14:47
MooDoodavmor2: it was old bob14:47
davmor2MooDoo: I new it was old and began with b I was close :D14:48
davmor2Old bobs the name and shootings the game :D14:48
MooDoodid you look at the photo?14:49
ali1234does anyone remember a live action show that was like king arthur vs aliens?14:52
bigcalmDungeon Quest?14:54
ali1234the aliens all wore black leather and had storm troopers with laser guns14:56
ali1234and king arthur had magic14:56
foobarrysounds like some pervy geeks dream14:56
ali1234i think the aliens might have been time travellers14:57
ali1234would have been on tv around 198414:57
bigcalm70s 80s or 90s?14:57
ali1234and it was a british show14:57
ali1234it wasn't a kids show14:58
bigcalmThat changes matters a lot14:59
ali1234well, i mean it wasn't on kids TV14:59
ali1234it was like doctor who14:59
ali1234or merlin/atlantis that they show now14:59
foobarryknights of god?15:03
ali1234yes that could very well be it15:04
ali1234yes that is definitely it15:05
ali1234there's a helicopter in the intro15:05
ali1234i was gonna say i thought there was a helicopter15:05
ali1234oh look there's the laser gun storm troopers15:06
ali1234and more black helicopters15:06
foobarryi never saw it15:07
ali1234apparently it was only ever shown once15:07
foobarryi have a lifelong habit of not really watching ITV15:07
foobarryit was canned due to lameness apparently15:07
awilkinsReally it was canned because Arthur beats the fascists!15:08
mappsbetfair's down due to a DDOS attack15:08
awilkinsWe can't have the proles thinking they can win!15:08
mappsbeen down 4 hours!15:08
mappspaying their 'engineers' and other people fortunes and cant deal with a DDOS attack15:08
foobarryits very hard to deal with DDOS15:09
mappsI'm sure the likes of Google/twitter/facebook get targeted..no?15:09
foobarrybecause its very similar actually supplying a web service15:09
mappsnot sure what that means15:10
awilkinsBeating DDOS is really only possible if you have a large distributed infrastructure15:11
foobarryif you have a web service that is popular15:11
foobarrythen it supplies web pages to lots of different people15:12
foobarrya DDOS is very similar to that15:12
foobarrythe first D in DDOS suggests that there are various/many sources15:12
mappsyou mean because theyd have multiple servers multiple locations15:21
mappsi assumed betfair would too15:21
foobarryyeah sure,15:21
foobarrybut DDOS will eat them all15:21
foobarrygiven sufficient capacity15:21
mappstheyre trying to claim it's a competitor on twitter15:23
foobarryi have no love for betting companies15:26
mappsthey pay me very well so im happy enough15:26
mappsonly reason i moved ;]15:26
ali1234is there some large gambling event currently?15:27
ali1234if i was a betfair competitor i would have ddos'ed them on saturday15:27
mappsyea saturdays are our busy day15:27
mappslike 150 events in play15:27
ali1234especially when it's the boat race and the grand national15:28
mappssometimes on CL days our site goes down due to demand15:28
mappsthe money that comes in every minute is quite shocking15:28
mappspeople refer to work as 'the big green machine' just prints money O_o15:28
diddledanmapps: can they print some money for me? (without requiring me to gamble) :-p15:32
mappsbit tired today hm15:33
ChunkzZwhat channels are you guys on, on freenode? I'm on 24.15:56
daftykinssome ubuntu, some Kodi... some chat15:56
popeyonly 49 now. trimmed down a bit15:57
ChunkzZwhat one's popey ?15:58
popeyoh, which channels15:58
popeylots :)15:58
ChunkzZpic ?15:58
popeynah. I'd have to blur some out15:58
daftykinsChunkzZ: why don't you ask us what you're really after? because asking people what channels they're in isn't exactly... normal.15:59
ChunkzZdaftykins, I'm not after anything!!!!!!!!15:59
diddledanplus you can just /whois them15:59
ChunkzZpopey, okay no worries15:59
Laneynot on freenode you can't16:00
daftykinssure you can, depends on those channel modes though16:00
diddledanoh fair enough, Laney , I just assumed having never tried it16:00
Laney(by default)16:00
Laneyno, it depends on user mode +i which is on by default16:00
daftykinsoh ok16:00
daftykinsthings used to be much different on Quakenet16:01
ChunkzZdaftykins, you're the 1 who ripped in to me about kodi?16:01
daftykinsi don't have a clue what you mean16:02
ChunkzZyou were on about some illegal stuff, remmeber now?16:03
ChunkzZstreaming is illegal etc etc etc or whatever shit you said. :p16:03
ChunkzZsorry excuse my French16:03
diddledanstreaming isn't inherently illegal. it's only illegal if you're streaming copyright works that you haven't got license for16:04
daftykinsoh probably, enforcing channel policy in #kodi of not permitting illegal addons or repos to be spoken of16:04
daftykinswell regardless of if that was me, another channel isn't the place to discuss that.16:05
diddledanguess he didn't like the answer?16:06
ChunkzZdaftykins, diddledan https://torrentfreak.com/anti-piracy-group-admits-streaming-movies-isnt-illegal-130624/ that is all see ya16:06
daftykinssadly #kodi attracts a lot of idiots who aren't even aware of what they're being told not to discuss, so they start throwing out links like the above that are trying to justify their actions... when the main issue is simply that in #kodi the naughty repos and add-ons are off topic :)16:07
daftykinsunfortunately a lot of people out there make money by loading up little devices with these copyright infringing addons then sell them with Kodi as their base, which then make them come to #kodi when something doesn't work16:08
directhex_bloody teenagers16:12
awilkinsGrrarr. Outlook.com is being annoying by refusing to accept mails from my personal domain. Feel I may have spoiled something by defining SPF records.16:15
awilkinsEven when relayed through my DNS provider it's not working16:15
daftykinsoutlook.com eh - novel choice 0o16:15
awilkinsIt's our work email provider16:15
awilkinsTrying to get my Redmine server to mail things to it16:16
awilkinsI have postfix / dovecot all nicely running on the server16:16
awilkinsIt mails things to GMail just fine16:16
awilkinsEven though GMail was initially canning it as spam (switched to my DNS mail relay and it's in my inbox)16:16
diddledanawilkins: afaicr outlook andpreviously hotmail require that you submit your spf details via a webform because microsoft don't trust standards16:17
awilkinsMy home IP (where my server is at) is on some evil blocklist they have16:19
awilkinsGot a "sod off" message from their server16:19
bashrc_I have the same issue16:20
bashrc_some domains won't accept email from me because of a spurious IP based blocklist16:20
awilkinsAha, now they are at least going to my junkbpox16:21
awilkinsA quick mark of them as not-junk and it's going to my inbox16:23
awilkinsI don't sync my junkbox to Thunderbird16:24
popeygolly https://twitter.com/unity3d/status/58749219182995865616:42
popeyis the 3ds powerful enough to run unity3d games?16:42
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foobarrydoes vlc on ubuntu stream to chromecast?18:40
foobarrymaybe ill just plugin hdmi18:42
popeydont see how it can18:46
davmor2popey: it does say the new nitendo 3ds18:47
davmor2popey: I don't know if that means there is going to be a new one released18:47
popeya new one was recently announced18:48
davmor2popey: indeed just looking at it now18:49
ali1234presumably you still have to jump through all the nintendo licensing hoops though?18:49
popeyI guess18:49
popeyno real "official" indie game scene on nintendo is there?18:49
ali1234no, only homebrew linux stuff18:49
davmor2popey: so looking at the spec the new 3ds sounds like a tablet with 2 small screens instead of one large one18:52
ali1234the old one was too18:53
ali1234nintendo have been using ARM since the gameboy advance18:53
directhex_davmor2: your comment on spec is more true than you realise19:35
directhex_davmor2: the "2ds" cut-price 2d-only 3ds variant is literally a larger lcd with a bunch of it hidden behind plastic, as it's cheaper than 2 separate smaller screens19:35
MartijnVdSand when it breaks, it's all broken at once!19:36
mappsthought id lost my sim21:11
mappsgot a dual sim phone but both are nano phone takes micro..couldnt even order the adapter to gib;/21:11
mappswaiting for it to arrive in spain#21:11
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