ChinnoDogJonathanD: 40?01:40
JonathanDChinnoDog: yes.11:12
JonathanDChinnoDog: typoed window number11:13
waltmanJonathanD: only 40? why so low?11:33
teddy-dbearMorning peoples and whatever else is around12:25
JonathanDwaltman: heh :)12:31
lazyPowerall i have to say: Landscape system management is the bees knees.14:40
waltmanlazyPower: It's so much better than portrait system management!16:13
lazyPowerjust remember.... ROTATE before you manage, always.16:13
ChinnoDogI removed xorg-edgers but I still can't install the lts enablement packages. There are conflicts in apt.19:01
ChinnoDogI tried using apt-get -s install on the conflicting packages and it leads me to things like telling me it can't install unity819:05
ChinnoDogIf I try to install xserver-xorg-lts-utopic through synaptic it tells me I have to uninstall all sorts of irrelevant apps like cheese19:17
ChinnoDogI'm letting aptitude fix it but this may break my Ubuntu completely.19:36
ChinnoDogI seem to have make it all work without breaking everything. I had to reinstall wine, ubuntu-desktop, and ubuntu-sdk though because aptitude insisted it must be removed to install the LTS enablement packages.20:15

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