Kilosmorning all03:47
Kiloshi Tonberry  04:43
Kiloshi barrydk  04:46
barrydkMore Kilos en andere04:47
Kiloshi Squirm  06:08
SquirmMeh, Taxi's have blocked the entrance to the Business Park I work in06:08
Squirmand are about to start burning tyres06:08
Kilosand part of our power probs are because the same thing has been happening at madupe power station for weeks06:10
plustwogood morning all06:35
Kiloshi plustwo  06:37
SquirmOff to work now, chat soonish06:42
Kilosgo safe06:42
inetprogood mornings06:51
Kiloshi inetpro  06:52
Kiloslol me weird06:52
* Kilos just made kaaings in the micro, just as lekker and so much faster06:56
Kilosbut you must do it on defrost mode06:56
Kiloshi SDCDev  07:39
SDCDevhey Kilos07:42
Kilosoh SDCDev  have you joined us yet at https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-za/+members07:57
SDCDevIm having problems signing in with ubuntu one for some reason ;\07:57
Kilosits just slow07:57
SDCDevit worked this time :D07:58
Kilosoh it was this thats slow https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/Members07:58
Kilosnext task too please ^^07:59
SDCDevdoesn't work for me on that one :( times out08:09
Kilosyou sure you got it right08:10
SDCDeveventually logged in... do I have to create my own wiki and stuff? O.o08:13
SDCDevlooks like allot of work on a busy day :P mebbe i'll do it tonight :)08:13
Kilosanytime is fine08:13
Kilosyou just add yourself on the wiki page08:14
Kilosyou only worry about your wiki page when applying for official ubuntu membership08:19
Kilosbut with your lp joining you are now a member of ubuntu-za08:19
SDCDev:> :D08:20
SDCDevwait is this a swingers club?08:20
Kiloswhat is that?08:20
SDCDevlol Im just kidding :)08:21
Kilosno its most likely naughty08:21
Kilosim too old to be naughty08:22
Kiloshi pieter2627  08:24
pieter2627morning Kilos, how are things?08:24
Kilosgoing strong ty and there08:25
pieter2627gearing up ty08:25
Kiloswe have a mailing list for africa too now, you can join08:25
pieter2627oh ok, will check it08:26
Kilosanyone that has the energy and time can join and help me when i am stuck when new users need help08:30
Kilosi think the site will draw many new peeps to ubuntu08:30
Kilosi hope so anyway08:31
Kilosinetpro  no comments? sjoe08:31
Kilosmust be sleeping in the corner at the DC08:31
Kiloshi Kerbero  08:41
Kilosyou been missing lots08:41
Kerberodankie oom kilos08:41
Kerberodifferent office08:41
Kerberoonly sometimes visit the old one and restart my irc08:42
Kilosmake a plan man08:42
Kiloswhat good is an office without irc08:43
Kerberoan irc-less office is a productive office08:43
Kilosthats because you guys open too many channels08:44
Kiloshi Padroni  08:58
Padronihi Kilos08:58
Padronihow are you?08:58
Kilosgood ty and you?08:59
PadroniI'm good thanx08:59
Kilosdo you share your skills on mailing lists08:59
Kiloshelping new peeps that is08:59
Kilosyay you made it Squirm  09:16
SquirmYeah, got in at 10. Ended up getting food from Food Lover's down the road for breakfast. Did a U-Turn on the M3 when I saw the backlog :D09:17
superflySquirm: what's up with the M3?09:17
superflyoh, gotcha09:17
* superfly scrolled up09:17
Kiloshows superfly  and family?09:29
superflyKilos: OK, thanks. Family is (slowly) getting better09:39
Kilosnot lekker when little ones are sick09:42
SilverCodedoes anyone know what the standard per hour rate for outsourced development is in SA?10:12
superflySilverCode: not really, but for an independent contracter I'd expect +/- 350/hour10:27
Padronisorry Kilos - who were you referring to:  <Kilos> do you share your skills on mailing lists10:35
Kilosyou Padroni  10:35
Padroniyou want to know whether I share knowledge via the mailing list?10:35
Padronithink I have interacted once with the mailing list10:36
Kiloshelp mainly Padroni  10:36
PadroniIf there's something I feel I can contribute, I will10:36
Kilosim hoping to attract  news peeps10:36
PadroniI am working on getting more peeps into ubuntu10:36
Padroni I personally feel ubuntu is the future of computing10:36
Kilosgoog man10:37
Kilosyip too10:37
Kilosyou can join all 5 of us there10:37
Kiloswb pieter2627  10:40
Kilosim waiting for the mail10:40
Kilosnew blog on the block guys, you may add help articles as well10:44
KilosMaaz  padroni.blog10:44
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy  10:46
Kilosdidnt see you come in10:46
Kilosim hoping the africa project goes viral when the site goes online Padroni  10:47
Padroniwhich site>10:47
Padronihi ThatGraemeGuy10:48
Padroniah ok10:48
Kilosits very beautiful10:49
Kiloswell will be10:49
Kilosthat nick shouls be changed to pietertjie10:51
KilosPadroni  the guys have been slaving on the site and when we run it on local host its very cool10:52
Kiloswb inetpro  10:54
Padroniwould like to see it10:54
Kiloswb plustwo  10:57
KilosPadroni  youve seen ubuntu-za.org10:57
Padronilooks the same?10:58
Kiloswell the africa one is cooler10:58
Kilosyoull have to be patient11:02
KilosMaaz  seen jacques_stry11:05
MaazKilos: jacques_stry was last seen 17 days, 21 hours, 16 minutes and 41 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2015-03-26 15:48:23 SAST], and has been offline on freenode since 2015-03-26 20:18:12 SAST11:05
KilosPadroni  do you know how to do the bzr and nikola stuff to run locally?11:13
PadroniI have never used either11:14
Padronican't be hard to figure out though11:14
Kilosthere is a tutorial for bzr on our site11:14
Kilosjacsays he will be here tonight11:15
Kilosthese peeps that take vacation and leave irc at home11:16
Kilosthe fly at least gives a running commentary11:25
Kiloshi psyatw  11:44
psyatwhi Kilos 11:44
Private_UserKilos: hey, the ##ubuntu-za-social channel is getting :( even the creator no longer joins that channel12:17
Kiloslol i have too many open to be able to carry on without making mess ups Private_User  12:18
Kiloseven the pro was chatting in afrikaans to the yanks last night so i dont feel too bad12:20
SymmetriaPXE Boot + Ubuntu network install image = FTW 12:20
Symmetriaespecially if you on a seriously fast connection12:20
Padroniso 13:02
SquirmMore taxi strokes13:07
SquirmHome time13:07
Kiloshi MaNI  welcome to ubuntu-za13:48
Kiloshi Xethron  13:52
plustwoKilos: who else is on the bug squad?13:59
Kilospieter2627  and um13:59
Kilosi forget his nick now14:00
Kiloswell try find some more14:01
Kilosits a game for clever peeps14:02
Kilosi think if the pro had more time he would join too14:02
pieter2627octoquad is the other peep14:03
Kilosi had to go search14:03
pieter2627ah Kilos beated me14:03
Kiloshaha for once i win14:04
KilosMaNI  tell us about yourself14:04
Kilosdit ook ja14:05
MaNIheh, okay - I'm a software developer in cape town, and long term linux enthusiast,  I use mostly gentoo but I have various other distros on VMs etc. and at least one ubuntu machine somewhere :p14:06
Kilosyou welcome to hang here by us, we have quite a few guys in CT14:06
MaNIokay cool14:08
Padronianyone here on the ubuntu-za group on FB?14:26
Kilosi think so14:26
Kilosmaybe me too but fb sucks14:26
Padronijust  wondering14:27
Padronithere's a group there14:27
Padronimaybe we can get them to become active here?14:27
Kiloscan you see who they are14:28
Kilosarent most here already?14:28
Kiloswe actually have a lot of members that dont do irc14:31
Kiloswb plustwo  14:32
Kilosi looked at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mir_(software) today14:36
Kilosbut thats only with unity hey?14:37
Padronixchat comes default with 'buntu14:39
Padroniand it works fine14:39
Kilosno man for the graphics thing in place of X14:39
Kilosi must be with the ubuntu group on FB, just got a mail notification14:57
georgelappieshi Kilos15:47
Kiloshi georgelappies  15:48
Kilosgeorgelappies  have you joined here yet ? https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-za/+members15:52
georgelappieshave now :)15:55
Kilosand here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/Members15:55
Kilosshout if you need help15:57
Kilosgeorgelappies  ?16:13
georgelappiesHi Kilos, where do you register for the second one?16:15
Kilosyou just edit it and add yourself at the bottom georgelappies  16:15
Kilosyou have to login i think16:16
georgelappiesok, will check it out16:16
Kilosits easiest to copy paste the last one the just edit it16:17
Kiloswb Tonberry  16:24
Kilosty georgelappies  and welcome to ubuntu-za officially that is16:25
georgelappiesthanks Kilos16:25
Kilosoop syou broke something16:26
Kilosinetpro  fixit16:28
Kilosplustwo  you want some work??16:28
Kiloshi there DalekSec  sorry ive been half asleep all day16:31
Tonberryoh hi16:33
Kilosi go eat17:04
georgelappieshave a nice meal Kilos17:17
Kilosyeah ty tummy full now17:19
Kilosyou can go see my wiki page then youll see why i just park off here17:20
Kilosmaybe without the #preview17:21
* Symmetria snores17:22
Kiloshaha bored again?17:22
georgelappiesyeah that formatting is wierd17:22
SymmetriaIm on my way home, and in the time its taken me I coulda driven from East London to Grahamstown17:22
Symmetriainfact I'd probably be almost in port elizabeth ;p17:22
Symmetriaheh, 2 hours and 45 minutes so far17:23
Symmetrialol in no traffic it takes 15 minutes17:23
Symmetriaalmost home now :p17:24
georgelappieswhere you driving Symmetria 17:25
Symmetrialol from from the office in Nairobi17:27
Symmetriaok, arriving at home, time to go eat and watch the football game, FINALLY17:27
KilosMaNI  are you still here?17:29
Kilosdo you want to become an ubuntu-za mamber?17:29
Kilosmember too17:29
Kilosyou can be our gentoo support man17:30
MaNIhaha, think I'm commited to enough teams already for now thanks, but I'll hang around in IRC and let you know if I change my mind :)17:31
hibanaGuten Abend17:37
Kiloshi hibana  can you do a quick job for us?17:38
Kilosor send inetpro  17:38
* hibana kicks inetpro 17:38
inetproeish! Who was that?17:39
inetprohi everyone17:39
Kilosthe wiki members page got corruted again17:39
Kiloshello inetpro  hassles at work?17:39
Kilosyou went offline twice today17:40
Kilosonly loadshedding or upgrading is an acceptable excuse17:40
Kilosoh inetpro  tell me too please17:41
Kiloshow can i see the wiki in one line17:42
Kilosin edit mode of course17:42
Kilosim sure ill get it right if it doesnt do the wrap thing17:42
Kilosevening hibana  how was your day17:45
Kiloshi superfly  17:47
inetproKilos: fixed17:51
Kilosty so much17:51
Kiloswhat was the prob?17:51
Kilosthe page is growing hey17:52
inetproKilos: remember Edit, Select All, Copy, Paste in kate, Edit, Select all, Copy, Paste to Wiki, Preview, Save17:52
inetprolast ||17:53
inetproI added a blank line now17:53
Kiloscool ty17:53
inetproand I sorted again17:53
Kilosthe bird just told me you fixed it17:54
Kilosi see that too, i had to hunt for peeps17:54
inetprotoo many now17:55
Kiloslol must i chase some17:55
hibanaKilos: NOOOO!!!17:56
Kiloshibana  is my friend, from my first day here17:57
Kilosso good to have him back17:57
inetproKilos: probably someone tripped over a cable18:00
Kilosi had such a good laugh last night18:01
* inetpro has no idea what happened18:01
Kilosnice to see im not the only one that chats in wrong channels18:01
inetprowhatever it was nobody was brave enough to talk about it18:01
Kilosi often get mixed up between here and pidgin18:09
Kilosespecially rugby days18:09
Kiloswb pieter2627  18:09
pieter2627hi all18:09
Kiloshey guys if you need help without all the ai!' and RTFS ask hibana. he is a proper gentleman and understands better than others how to help when someone is struggling18:16
Kilosoh inetpro  sorry i missed the reply list button last night18:17
inetproKilos: no problemo18:17
Kiloshibana  will you help me work out a marketing strategy for the africa site?18:28
Kilosyou are close enought to kick the pro when he slacks off18:29
Kilosour site must hit the world like a tsunami18:29
Kilosnot ai! man,     aye is the right word18:33
Kiloshehe and so the wave starts https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-africa/+members18:39
Kiloslarge wall of water18:42
Kilosnormally started by an earthquake somewhere18:43
Kilosthere too ya but this time we are the earthquake18:43
Kilospieter2627  have you joined?18:44
pieter26275 secs ago :P18:44
Kiloswell done18:44
Kiloswhat now inetpro  18:45
* inetpro falling asleep18:49
Kiloswhew so early18:49
Kilosgo sleep old man18:49
* pieter2627 is catching inetpro's symptom18:50
* Kilos yawns18:50
Kilossjoe inetpro  19:06
Kiloskyk locoteam19:06
* Squirm looks around19:18
Kiloshi Squirm  19:18
pieter2627will see again tomorrow19:28
pieter2627\quit Tired19:28
Kilossleep tight pieter2627  19:28
pieter2627\me to tired to type correct command19:29
pieter2627\quit Tired19:29
KilosMaaz  tell pieter2627 use a forward slash /me19:31
MaazKilos: Righto, I'll tell pieter2627 on freenode19:31
SquirmGnight all20:07
Kilosnight Squirm  20:07
Kilosnight all. sleep tight20:38

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