velhoLayl: Whats ya doin?00:00
Laylvelho: installing ubuntu00:00
Laylon an existing windows install00:00
Laylthat uses fakeraid00:00
velhoLayl: Awesome! Sounds like fun lol. Tried the last beta out?00:01
LaylI'm using 14.1000:01
Laylnot gonna layer up another level of dragons00:01
LaylI'm already knee deep in them00:01
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Layldaftykins, the mount point for the ext4 one should be / right?00:03
wheresmypaaantsjonne: Just FYI, the secondary keyboard was recognized and I used that to get the driver for my primary mouse, and now I'm setting up the keyboard. Fingers crossed it'll work after reboot.00:03
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daftykinsLayl: yep00:05
Layldaftykins, it seems it couldn't create the swap space? I have no idea why or what is wrong00:05
daftykinsdid it give an error? is this gparted?00:05
Laylthis is the installer00:06
LaylI've set it to use the swap partition for swap00:06
Layland it says it couldn't create the swap space00:06
LaylI think it's trying to make a new one00:06
daftykinsjust clicked to highlight, hit change, then set swap?00:07
Laylno wait, it's saying it about partition 6, which is the swap one00:07
wheresmypaaantsjonne: Finger crossing was successful, keyboard and mouse are functional.00:07
Laylyea I did that00:07
Laylshould I format the swap partition to be sure00:07
daftykinsfrom the outdated guide page - "Run the installer. When it gets to it's partitioner, change the mount point on the first partition to / DO NOT format it! Do NOT make any partition changes! The installer partitioner does not understand dmraid partitions properly "00:07
LaylI see, but that page doesn't at all resemble what I'm looking at00:08
mrdebdoes anyone know fix for via openchrome driver corruption in 14.04, where it worked fine before with s3 kn40000:08
daftykinsLayl: nah it doesn't use the same names and it is 5 years old heh00:09
daftykinsseems sane though00:09
Layl"the creation of swap space in partition failed" is the error I'm getting00:09
mrdebi dotn want to have to go back to windows xp on it00:10
velhomrdeb: Your error description is kind of transparent00:11
mrdebvelho: it is widespread problem after 13.1000:11
velhomrdeb: And mor or less ambigious00:11
mrdebin all lniux versions00:11
daftykinsmrdeb: the nasty VIA unichrome graphics? that hardware is so poor i would either not use it, or try using VESA only00:12
mrdebdaftykins: it works fine in 12.04 and deb 700:12
daftykinsvelho: actually it's quite easy to follow if you're familiar with the chipset00:12
mrdebwhy is it broken now00:12
daftykinsmrdeb: so keep using 12.04? it's good until 201700:12
mrdebok i will have to00:12
Layldaftykins, could it have anything to do with that the two partitions are together in an "extended" partition?00:13
velhodaftykins: Well the question was "how to fix corruption as it worked before?"...00:13
mrdebi want to know who broke it00:13
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daftykinsmrdeb: yeah good luck with that. it was rubbish hardware when it was new, so i'm amazed it worked as long as to 201200:13
daftykinsLayl: they are? i thought the EXT4 / was primary00:13
mrdebthat doesnt mean u have to break driver when it worked before00:14
mrdebseems very careful QA00:14
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Layldaftykins, it is primary yes00:14
mrdebdo u agree00:14
Layldaftykins, here's the screenshot again with the details http://i.imgur.com/aFYkzsZ.jpg00:14
daftykinsmrdeb: i'm afraid i don't really care for old hardware that belongs in a museum. feel free to ask in #linux whose fault it is though ;)00:15
daftykinsLayl: hmm, i would delete those two and the extended partition - then recreate EXT4 as a primary00:15
Layldaftykins, will do, just gotta close out of the installer and do that then00:16
treatsmy filesysem os partition is full00:16
hkrrsxBack from dinner00:16
treatsbut I cant figure out what is causeing it00:16
mrdebdaftykins: should i stay with debian 7 on it if it will be longer support than 120400:16
treatsI used the disk analyzer tool, and cleaned things up, but it's not being reflected...00:17
daftykinsmrdeb: this is not a debian channel :)00:17
viejotrenhello, I have a problem with a package (python-pygame) on ubuntu 14.10. it has unmet dependence. the gccbase is newer on the OS. is there anyway to solve it?00:17
daftykinstreats: "df -h | pastebinit" ?00:17
hkrrsxtreats: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/check-your-disk-usage-on-ubuntu-with-disk-usage-analyzer/00:18
hkrrsxIt *should* be built-in on Ubuntu00:18
treatshkrrsx: I used that and cleaned up the heavy hitters, but it didnt' seem to affect my df- h numbers00:18
viejotrenapt-get -f install is not an option (does not work)00:19
hkrrsxtreats: Then let's see that "df -h | pastebinit" as daftykins requested00:19
alun0_any php expert online ?00:19
mrdebdaftykins: so yes00:19
daftykinsalun0_: try the PHP channel(s)00:19
alun0_could you tell me one please ?00:19
daftykins!alis | alun0_00:19
ubottualun0_: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*00:19
daftykinsi'll take a wild stab and guess... #php ? ##php ?00:20
hkrrsxalun0_: /join ##php00:20
alun0_tks guys00:20
daftykinstreats: what version is this?00:20
treatsand the root dir utilization: http://pastebin.com/qrw8qKU400:21
mrdebhow many years more can u use 1204 after 2017 if u put firefox in /opt for autoupdate00:21
daftykinsmrdeb: you can't use 12.04 after April 2017.00:21
daftykinsit's dead00:21
daftykinstreats: have you run a "sudo apt-get autoremove" ?00:21
mrdebdaftykins: yes i can it will work00:22
hkrrsxtreats: Check your /var/log directory for large log files00:22
mrdeband u can dl firefox from mozilla nad keep updating it00:22
daftykinsmrdeb: right but it's not supported and you shouldn't do it. it'll be dead.00:22
mrdebdid u know this? i did00:22
daftykinsmrdeb: that's a really unwise idea.00:22
mrdebbut computer wont work with 1404 so i would have to see how far debian 7 lts goes00:22
daftykinstreats: i suspect your / volume has hit the 5% reserved for the user 'root' issue00:22
daftykinsi can't comment on debian.00:22
daftykinsor you could replace that ancient graphics hardware of yours :)00:23
Laylit does not immediately stop, this is an improvement00:23
mrdebcomputer still works00:24
Laylcomputer has not been on fire in the last 5 minutes00:24
daftykinsmrdeb: yes but there are safety and security issues with being online... it seems you do not understand this00:24
treatstwo things:  I see my kern.log.1 at 154257600:24
treatssafe to delete?00:24
daftykinsthat's tiny.00:24
hkrrsxExcuse the caps00:24
treatsno big logs than00:25
daftykinstreats: did you run apt-get autoremove yet?00:25
LaylI should probably be running LTS as well but I can't quite be bothered with the nightmare of outdated packages again00:25
treatsit's docker!00:26
daftykinsnon-LTS makes me a very sad panda00:26
daftykinstreats: what?00:26
Laylit's at least a step up from my previous install: all win800:26
treatsdocker is using my os partition to pull down it's images00:26
treatsneed to clean that up and change its behavior00:26
treatsno access to folder... i'll figure it out00:26
treatsI saw a group permission set to "whoopsie"00:27
treatsis this alarming?00:27
treatsI don't recognize the name00:27
daftykinsno that's some kinda bug process i think00:27
treatsthanks daftykins00:27
daftykinsbug related user00:27
jmghey guys, how do i change the banner name for exim400:32
hkrrsxjmg: /join #exim00:32
rexussHi, I'm using a static IP for my lubuntu, however, when I checked the NetworkManager.conf file, I didn't see any IP address there. I also checked the /etc/network/interfaces file and it doesn't show any IP address which I assigned. Where else should I search for that?00:35
hkrrsxrexuss: Why are you looking for it anywhere other than the NetworkManager GUI ?00:36
daftykins^+1 - it could be in Timbuctoo surely, just as long as it works? :)00:37
rexusshkrrsx: just my curiosity to find which file it is storing the configuration in.00:37
Laylwell, grub is starting now00:38
Laylbut windows isn't in the menu00:38
Laylthe partition is still there so I haven't lost anything yet, I can still restore it with a disc00:39
gr33n7007hrexuss: /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections # maybe something in here00:40
daftykinsLayl: does ubuntu boot?00:41
rexussgr33n7007h: thank you !! :) they are all there..00:41
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gr33n7007hrexuss: np00:42
Layldaftykins: it does00:42
Layldaftykins, though windows doesn't anymore00:43
LaylI guess people here would consider that a + but I don't00:43
LaylI'm about to run grub autoconfig to try and fix it00:44
daftykinsonly the childish ones - might be able to get it back by playing with boot-repair00:44
hkrrsxgr33n7007h: Nice find00:44
LaylI'm keeping my windows partition for those games that don't quite like linux yet00:44
gr33n7007hanything config releated will be in etc somewhere :)00:44
Layland older games00:44
hkrrsxmem11: Hello00:49
mem11I encountered a weird config issue on Ubuntu Gnome. Thought I should share. It could be identified as a bug. Though I couldn't find a webpage reporting it.00:50
mem11It's a fresh 14.04 and has 2 users: 1 admin, 1 normal00:51
Laylwhat's the issue?00:51
hkrrsxmem11: Please elaborate.00:51
mem11I don't know about the defaults, but I think it had autologin=true. I set it to false for my admin (before or after I added the 2nd user, I don't remember which)00:52
Laylit asks you during install00:52
mem11So my expectation is that my admin would require my password for login to X00:52
wafflejockyeah should have asked during install believe when you put in your password00:52
mem11But oh no, the login screen has a progress bar and in 10 seconds I get auto login00:53
mem11So I look into /etc/gdm/custom.conf and see TimedLogin=True :/00:53
mem11Even though I have AutoLogin=False now I'm auto logged in, just after _some time_00:54
LaylI just restarted after ubuntu ran updates and it started into gtub console :/00:54
mem11It's weird00:54
wafflejockmem11, hmm interesting... I actually have the same but never noticed cause I always just logged in instead of waiting00:55
mem11I fixed it manually by setting TimedLogin to False, no problem. But this could be fixed somehow, I think00:55
daftykinsLayl: heading off now, good luck with it00:55
LaylI have no idea what to do from here D:00:55
daftykinsthat makes 2 of us00:55
LaylI'm staring at the grub console00:55
ubottuBoot-Repair is a simple tool to repair frequent boot issues you may encounter in Ubuntu. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair for more info.00:55
daftykinsother than trying that00:55
daftykinseh? i thought it did boot00:56
Laylit did, then I installed updates00:56
Laylthen it asked to restart00:56
mem11wafflejock: yeah, and there's no TimedLogin option in the GUI too00:56
LaylI let it do that, then it went into grub console00:56
daftykinsLayl: boot live again, chroot - try update-grub, dunno00:56
ubottuA chroot is used to make programs believe that the directory they are running in is really the root directory. It can be used to stop programs accessing files outside of that directory, or for compiling 32bit applications in a 64bit environment - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot00:56
LaylI'll try that00:56
[Saint]perhaps a new kernel was installed, the old one autoremoved, and for $some_reason update-grub wasn't called.00:57
wafflejockmem11, yeah might want to try #ubuntu-gnome or something to see if someone can tell you what's going on or point you to where to file a bug00:57
[Saint]though, it should have been.00:57
mem11wafflejock, ok maybe i'll do that00:58
Laylwhy am I having so many issues aaargh00:58
wafflejockmem11, I imagine it's probably still using launchpad for issues but not sure00:58
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Laylupdate-grub says "failed to get canonical path of /cow"01:05
swordsmanzLayl did you feed it grass ?01:06
Laylno I did not01:06
swordsmanzLayl your cow died01:06
Layluugggh so far it has taken me 4 hours to try to install ubuntu01:06
swordsmanzLayl did you try replaceing your bovine simulation unit with a ne wcow ?01:07
LaylI'm trying really hard to be polite here but that it has taken so much time is really pressing my patience01:08
swordsmanzLayl did you try the chroot sergestion put forward on the fourums ?01:08
LaylI did not, I am currently learning what chroot is and how it applies in this situation01:09
veebullhey all.  I'm getting an ssh error message when I try to use `vagrant up` (ubuntu 14.04 host, ubuntu 14.04 vagrant box)01:09
samthewildonenow editing the second video01:09
veebullThe private key to connect to the machine via SSH must be owned01:10
veebullby the user running Vagrant.01:10
swordsmanzLayl chroot stands basically for change root, it allows you to apply root privalages from one drive iniroment to another01:10
swordsmanzenviroment &01:10
veebullthen it gives a path to a file, but I cannot change the ownership of said file01:10
hkrrsxsamthewildone: Wrong buffer again?01:10
samthewildonehkrrsx, I automatically connect to this channel and keep forgeting to remove01:11
hkrrsxsamthewildone: np01:11
swordsmanzLayl another thing you could try is downloading manjaro linux it will likely save you the headache of dealing with the crappy way canonical dose things01:12
swordsmanzand it has a larger software selection01:12
Ben64swordsmanz: please don't recommend other distros here01:13
swordsmanzBen64 even if its the right advice for the person ?01:14
LaylI doubt a different distro will solve my raid problems01:15
Ben64swordsmanz: its not a solution to the problem, its not the right advice, it involves a heavy dose of FUD, and it makes this channel unavailable for support01:15
LaylI'm getting "already mounted or busy" while trying to chroot01:18
Layl*while trying to mount01:18
swordsmanzLayl dismount it and try again01:19
LaylI haven't mounted it01:19
swordsmanzwell if it say sirt is mounted it proberbly is01:19
swordsmanzso try to dismount01:19
Laylhow can I unmount something that I don't know where it's mounted to though01:20
swordsmanzLayl you use df01:20
swordsmanzor you can cat/proc mounts01:22
mem11Is there a way to query whether a package came with the distro or not?01:23
Laylnot seeing this specific volume in the list in df01:23
swordsmanzLayl also it would be pertinent to k now if you are useing softraid or hardraid01:23
LaylI'm using fakeraid01:23
swordsmanzLayl was it set up by the installer ?01:23
Laylyea it was01:23
Laylif by installer you mean the place that assembled the computer01:24
hkrrsxmem11: One way is to check  http://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=ubuntu01:24
hkrrsxmem11: Another way is to check http://packages.ubuntu.com01:24
swordsmanzLayl no i mean the ubuntu installer01:24
phixok Unity is acting up again (I click on something but keyboard focus stays in the previous window), when is Unity being planned to be fixed?01:24
hkrrsxOr you can apt-cache search <package_name>01:24
Laylthe ubuntu installer did not set up anything, I had to manually create the partitions in gparted01:24
Layltrying to use umount tells me the volume is not mounted01:25
Laylthis is quite the irritating situation01:25
Laylsince only the livecd is running and both the ubuntu and windows install are bricked, I doubt anything can be keeping the volume busy01:26
mem11hkrrsx, hmm those would show me if the package is _provided_ but not in the main distro image, wouldn't it?01:26
swordsmanzLayl so ubuntu is installed but all you need is a bootloader ?01:27
Laylubuntu is installed, grub is installed as well01:27
hkrrsxmem11: The distrowatch.com one would01:27
Laylbut grub launches into a console rather than a menu01:27
Laylthis happened after first being able to start fine, but then after running updates and restarting it stopped working01:28
swordsmanzLayl do you know where your /boot directory is being stored ?01:28
LaylI don't know what a /boot directory is01:29
swordsmanzit is where grub is strored01:29
mem11hkrrsx, ok thanks it does01:29
swordsmanzare you doing it all on one partition ?01:29
hkrrsxmem11: In the "Table Notes and Explanations" section, make sure the radial button next to All Tracked Packages is highlighted and click Refresh01:29
Bashing-omLayl: Wish I could help more, but anything from -> fuser -m /dev/<raid_device_name> ; see if you can see what is holding the device as busy ?01:29
LaylI'm using a split windows/ubuntu installation01:29
hkrrsxThat'll give you all 219 packages01:29
LaylI've also got a swap partition01:29
swordsmanzLayl but is all your linux stuff configured in a linux partition ?01:30
LaylBashing-om, just a sec I'll run that01:30
Laylswordsmanz, my linux stuff is configured on one partition for the files and one for the swap01:30
wgoldenHey folks, sorry for the silly question, but i'm looking to buy a new usb wireless adapter; any recommendations ? 14.04 support ?01:30
swordsmanzlay you need to boot to the install cd then drop to a prompt01:31
LaylBashing-om, it doesn't show anything when running that01:31
Laylswordsmanz, I'm there already01:31
swordsmanzthen you need to chroot into whereever grub is installed01:31
LaylI can't do that because I can't mount the volume01:31
Laylit's being held busy by spooky ghosts01:31
hkrrsxwgolden: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=ubuntu+usb+wireless+adapter&ia=products01:32
swordsmanzLayl can you give me the ourput of df in a paste01:32
Laylswordsmanz, I can try if livecd comes with a browser01:32
wgoldenhkrrsx:  how very helpful... I asked in here for personal recommendations, not to be linked to a search result.01:32
hkrrsxwgolden: Be respectful.01:33
swordsmanzalso of cat /proc/mounts01:33
[Saint]Layl: it does.01:33
azizLIGHThow do i remove a ppa if i never installed anything from it01:33
[Saint]Layl: it comes with everything a default install does.01:33
wgoldenhkrrsx:  How was I disrespectful? you linked to a search result page01:33
hkrrsxwgolden: You could have gotten nothing. Be respectful or get out.01:33
azizLIGHTi tried "sudo ppa-purge ppa:nanoshot/ppa" but im getting " Warning:  apt-get update failed for some reason"01:33
wgoldenhkrrsx: lol.01:34
wgoldenyou could have not replied01:34
wgoldengrow up01:34
Laylswordsmanz: http://bit.ly/1I5BW3a01:34
[Saint]wgolden: you need to respect being patronized in here with what is essentially a lmgtfy link, didn't you know?01:35
wgolden[Saint]: right? :P01:35
swordsmanzLayl so what hapens if you chroot /cow01:36
[Saint]wgolden: for an actual answer - I use any of the TP-Link nano USB dongles.01:36
azizLIGHTi suggest you check some googles with "ubuntu 14.04" usb wifi adaptor problems ... whichever model shows up, dont get that one01:37
Layl"Failed to get attributes of "cow" no such file or directory"01:37
[Saint]Either the v1, or the v2, both work out of the box on recent kernels.01:37
[Saint]and they're cheap - and fast.01:37
wgoldensweet, will check it out. thx01:37
azizLIGHT[Saint]: you got a model #01:37
wgoldenI have a linksys ae2500 right now, and it's a bit spotty01:37
[Saint]I'll get a part number for you, one sec hun.01:37
azizLIGHTand is it wireless n or ac01:37
azizLIGHTthank you bb01:37
[Saint]azizLIGHT: wgolden: TP-Link TL-WN725N01:38
azizLIGHTthank you very much01:38
wgoldenawesome. thank you for the useful info saint :)01:38
[Saint]Not a problem.01:38
LaylI find that very often my computers are in states of superposition where two different things will be giving conflicting results01:38
azizLIGHTseems like a lot of raspberry pi people use that one01:39
[Saint]'cos it's cheap, and it "just works"01:39
swordsmanzLayl what about chroot /01:39
[Saint]I can actually get near the full 150MB/s transfer rate, too.01:40
azizLIGHT[Saint]: does it leave a little bit of silver plug visible? or silver disappears into port compeltely?01:40
Laylswordsmanz, it drops into root user01:40
[Saint]azizLIGHT: it sits flush with the USB ports in my case.01:40
swordsmanzLayl try doing a grub-install01:40
[Saint]azizLIGHT: in fact, it is so small, you need to be careful which ports you put it in because it can be very difficult to retrieve.01:40
[Saint]ie. in a recessed facet.01:40
Layl"install device isn't specified"01:40
LaylI probably should look into the commands I should be giving this01:41
MacDadaHi, MBP8,2 here, trying to install Ubuntu. I follow https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro8-2/Trusty guide. Downloaded newest 64bit Ubuntu "pc desktop" version, copied to flash drive with unetbootin app. EFI drive appears on booting, grub loads, but after "enter" to install I get "i8042: No Controller Found" and a freeze. Ideas? Extra notes: I removed the DVD drive and put my hdd in there. SSD took place of HDD. I have 2 partitions on the HDD, one of whi01:41
wgolden[Saint]:  sweet, ordered a few. super cheap. thx for the recommendation01:41
azizLIGHT[Saint]: i had this problem before i am keen of it now :D i plugged a nano usb drive to my tv and man it was a pain to get out01:41
swordsmanzLayl grub-install /01:41
Laylswordsmanz: "failed to get canonical path of /cow"01:42
[Saint]wgolden: not a problem - first hand experience of wireless adapters that work painlessly can be difficult to find.01:42
azizLIGHTMacDada: just fyi, your message got cut at "I have 2 partitions on the HDD, one of whi"01:42
MacDadaazizLIGHT: "I have 2 partitions on the HDD, one of which is FAT32-formatted and I want it to be replaced with Ubuntu."01:42
swordsmanzLayl mkdir /boot01:43
Laylswordsmanz, "file exists"01:43
swordsmanzLayl grub-install /boot01:43
Laylswordsmanz: "failed to get canonical path of /cow"01:43
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swordsmanzLayl grub-install /dev/sda01:45
LaylI can in advance say that's not gonna work, /dev/sda doesn't exist01:45
swordsmanzLayl why is this ?01:45
LaylI can however install to the very weird path the raid array's volume is at01:46
swordsmanzyeah do that than01:46
Laylaaand same thing again, failed to get canonical path of /cow01:47
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swordsmanzlay try chroot pathtoyourdrive /mnt01:49
swordsmanzLayl we are seing a pattern here tho and im guessing that it will lead back the thse same error01:49
swordsmanzso i want you to unmount everything but the live cd frist01:50
Laylalright, how do I do that01:50
swordsmanzLayl you need to unount /everything but /dev/sr0 /dev/loop0   and tmpfs01:52
swordsmanzcrusialy tho you want to unmount /01:53
swordsmanzor /dev/cow01:53
administradorHello. Anyone knows why I cant install Unetbootin? E: Package 'unetbootin' has no installation candidate01:53
Layl"df" will give me a list of what's mounted right01:53
Laylso I can see what I need to unmount01:53
swordsmanzLayl yes01:54
Jeeves_Mossis it possible to add a GIT repo to APT?01:55
Bashing-omadministrador: Filename: pool/universe/u/unetbootin/unetbootin_585-2ubuntu1_amd64.deb . Do you have the universe repository enabled in sources.list ?01:55
Laylswordsmanz, trying to umount /cow is silently failing01:56
Laylwhen I run df again it still shows it mounted01:56
administradorBashing-om: Yeah, all checked01:56
swordsmanzLayl what about a dismount of that drive as it is adressed by linux ?01:57
Laylwhat does that mean01:57
swordsmanzso dismount /dev/whateveryourraidis01:57
Laylcan't find the dismount command01:58
swordsmanzunmount *01:58
Laylah alright01:58
Bashing-omadministrador: Do not know then, what returns -> apt-cache policy unetbootin <- ?01:58
Laylit's apparently not mounted01:59
Laylshould I try to unmount all the partitions as well01:59
swordsmanzLayl output of df at this point01:59
Layldf still shows the same01:59
administradorBashing-om: unetbootin:   Installed: (none)  Candidate: 585-2ubuntu1 Version table: 585-2ubuntu1 0 500 http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ trusty/universe amd64 Packages02:00
Layldoing a quick check, none of the partitions are mounted either02:00
* zegodd loves Ubuntu02:01
swordsmanzlay try mounting that driv eto mnt again02:01
Bashing-omadministrador: Well, you can see it .. try : sudo apt-get update , sudo apt-get upgrade , sudo apt-get install unetbootin <- .02:01
Laylstill already mounted or busy02:01
Laylone thing, previously ubuntu mentioned something about the windows partition being busy and that it might have something to do with fastboot02:02
swordsmanzok im calling retarded02:02
administradorBashing-om: Thats what I did but got that error message. I am installing it from that link you gave me though, thx.02:03
Laylthe windows partition is currently entirely inaccessable though so I do not have any way to boot into windows to solve the issue02:03
swordsmanzLayl there is ether something radically wrong with your raid setup or there is something radically wroing with the way ubuntu is handeling things right now02:04
LaylI'm gonna guess a little of column A a little of column B02:04
swordsmanzLayl my adice, redo the raid setup yourself from the bios utility, make sure everything is as it should be then try again with a fresh install of a decent distro02:05
Laylany way I could access the windows drive to get a single file that would be a pain to re-create?02:05
swordsmanzLayl yes, use a linux life usb that comes ith an ntfs driver preloaded and just pull the files off02:06
Laylgetting an error that the filesystem is readonly on the windows partition02:06
swordsmanzLayl it being read only will still let you read the file to pull it out02:07
Laylyea but the file browser aint having none of it02:07
Layland is just refusing to open it up02:07
LaylI am just gonna wipe it all once I get those files and follow the advice to just go for two flat drives with one with windows and one with ubuntu02:09
swordsmanzLayl use a distro that will set up a good softraid for you02:09
LaylI am just not going to deal with RAID at all anymore02:10
LaylI'll just get an SSD02:10
swordsmanzLayl also are you in raid 0 or raid 1 ?02:10
Laylraid 102:10
swordsmanzso redundent ?02:10
LaylI'm just gonna restart from livecd again to get all the mounting in order again because it's not opening anything aymore02:11
swordsmanzLayl thats best02:11
swordsmanzit should open up the files then, if not  there are other ways to get your data02:11
Laylhonestly my system needed a wipe anyways02:12
LaylI am never letting a hardware retailer set up my raid again02:15
swordsmanzLayl that is a good idea02:16
Laylit says my windows partition is in an unsafe state02:18
swordsmanzLayl force it to mount02:19
Laylhow do I force it to mount?02:20
Laylalready got it with -o ro02:21
Layllooking at my data right now, gonna get a sandwich then get to recovering02:21
Laylso after getting this all sorted out, will it be easier to install windows first then ubuntu or other way around02:23
Laylor can I get 90% performance out of windows with a VM02:23
tewardLayl: what exactly are you running on Windows?02:25
Laylgames mainly02:25
tewardLayl: dualboot - install Windows then Ubuntu02:25
tewarddo custom installation of Windows, manually define the space to use, etc.02:25
tewardLayl: games inside a VM are... varying in results02:25
Anosssi like chicken02:26
Laylteward, will it vastly simplify the setup if I have one physical drive per OS?02:26
tewardLayl: i can't comment to that, unfortunately.02:27
tewardI try and keep a gaming-dedicated computer around, and not mess with that02:27
tewardand do most of my daily work in Linux by choice02:27
Laylwell I've been trying to switch to linux for work as well02:27
Laylbut this has not been going smoothly02:28
Laylsince I'm about to faint I'm gonna get that sandwich now02:28
Ben64Layl: raid usually causes more issues than it solves. backup is the way to go for redundancy, imo02:31
LaylBen64, usually all my stuff is online and I don't need anything backed up, I just had a few things on my desktop I rather have copied than have to recreate02:37
Laylyes! I managed to recover my cities skylines saves02:39
Laylthe day has been saved02:39
Rohan_Hi guys can anyone help?02:57
Ben64Rohan_: ask a question and find out02:58
RohanppdxHi is anyone here?02:59
kaatuhi , i installed ubuthu using usb , i cant boot it ubunthu the cpu will be on but no display i have to restart the os and select from the menu to get into the os please help03:05
LaylI would just like to come back to note, I was afraid boot repair would make the problem even worse by not recognizing that it's a raid setup03:05
LaylI was wrong03:05
Laylit just fixed all my issues in like... 2 minutes03:06
Laylincluding that windows 8 wasn't in the boot list03:06
Laylall worship boot repair03:06
=== andrex|off is now known as andrex
ryan_46Layl, Don't know about worship but congrats.03:08
Laylunfortunately a new problem has appeared, that windows isn't shutting down anymore03:09
Laylfix one, 2 more crop up03:09
tj83can someone help me fix my groups? I forgot to use -a when I tried to add a subgroup. now sudo doesnt work. basically wiped out my groups except the one i was adding.03:11
encapsulationhas ubuntu removed the spyware yet?03:12
enavHELLO PEPS!03:12
tj83the command I entered in error was: sudo usermod -G dialout tj03:13
tj83is there not any support for ubuntu in this channel anymore? back in the day people helped people.03:13
lesencapsulation: disabled by default but still present03:14
kaatuplease help i have installed ubuntu 3 times , the ubuntu wont boot intolog in page at first the cpu just stays on i have to restart and select ubuntu fom grub menu ubuntu everytime to get into the os please help to resolve this problem03:15
enavIm Using Eclipse IDE on Ubuntu 14.04 for PHP development, my only problem is that after some time my Eclipse FTP support stops working (NOOP deathlock) after some random idle time, anyone have a lead to solve this problem? google is not helping much03:15
kaatuplease help i have installed ubuntu 3 times , the ubuntu wont boot intolog in page at first the cpu just stays on i have to restart and select ubuntu fom grub menu ubuntu everytime to get into the os please help to resolve this problem03:16
zerowaitstatetj83: do you have a livecd?03:16
zerowaitstatetj83: alternatively, you can reboot into recovery mode03:17
tj83I can do both. I was just googling. looks like I just open up /etc/groups and add myself to admin and fix the rest after a reboot zerowaitstate03:17
Laylsiiiiggggh now I get "invalid magic number" when trying to boot03:18
kaatuplease help i have installed ubuntu 3 times , the ubuntu wont boot intolog in page at first the cpu just stays on i have to restart and select ubuntu fom grub menu ubuntu everytime to get into the os please help to resolve this problem03:18
kaatucan any one help me03:18
tj83zerowaitstate, any tips before I give this a shot?03:18
zerowaitstatetj83: well, my advice is always do a backup before making major changes to a system, but we're kind of past that point03:18
Ben64!patience | kaa03:18
ubottukaa: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/03:18
Ben64!patience | kaatu03:18
ubottukaatu: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/03:18
zerowaitstatetj83: i think recovery mode would be easier03:19
tj83zerowaitstate, ya Im going recovery route.03:19
enavanyone aware of the eclipse hangs FTP support after some idel time?03:19
zerowaitstatetj83: i would make note of your fstab beforehand03:20
pavlostj83, there is a /var/backups dir ... you may find group.bak there03:20
zerowaitstatetj83: because you'll have to remount the root filesystem once you're in03:20
zerowaitstatepavlos: I actually didn't know that was there03:21
tj83pavlos, it is there. but I dont have permission to open it :( yet anyways03:21
Laylwhat's UDMA anyways, saw a thread that says turning it off fixes my problem03:21
tj83i will look at it once I am there pavlos ty03:21
pavlostj83, use sudo03:21
tj83zerowaitstate, gotcha. thanks.03:21
tj83pavlos, sudo is broke03:21
zerowaitstatetj83: you should be able to do ls at least03:22
zerowaitstatetj83: what's the date on the file03:22
tj83yes I see its there in /var/backup apr 5th03:22
pavlostj83, the perm for the /var/backups/group.bak are 600, only root can see it03:22
phixso any ideas?03:23
zerowaitstatepavlos: are those created by dpkg?03:23
tj83ok. I'm going over to recovery mode to see what I can do. thanks for the leads. be back soon to report.03:23
pavloszerowaitstate, not sure which process ... I think every time there is a change is groups, it makes a backup03:24
Layldoes anyone know how to begin about solving "invalid magic number, you need to load the kernel first"?03:26
pozis hkrrsx still here?03:27
pozlayl, have you made a backup of your hard drive?03:27
hkrrsxpoz,  I am03:27
pozif not, do it now.03:27
Laylpoz: my windows partition is still bootable03:27
Laylthe ubuntu one isn't03:27
pozi solved my problem. it was a plymouth issue03:27
pozback up your shit now.03:27
=== gerald is now known as Guest21391
pozthe last time I delt with a magic number i lost everything.03:28
Laylthere's nothing on the ubuntu one I will miss03:28
hkrrsxpoz, good work03:28
pavlospoz, easy with the language ...03:28
Laylit is literally a clean install of ubuntu gnome with updates installed03:28
pozoh i see03:29
pozwhat type of file system?03:29
Laylit booted once, then thrashed grub with the updates03:29
pozyour ubuntu drive has nothing else on it?03:29
Laylafter grub was fixed, it now doesn't boot anymore03:29
Laylthe ubuntu partition has nothing else on it but the drive has my windows partition on it03:30
pozI did not mean to sware before, but the line "bad magic number in the super block" is not my most feared line of all time.03:31
Laylit doesn't say anything about a super block03:31
pozoh okay, you need to be careful then. you might end up toasting your entire drive, not just the partition03:31
Laylwell I don't know what to even do from here03:32
pozdo you have any other drives with equal or more space then your current drive?03:32
LaylI do not03:32
Laylthis drive is 2Tb03:32
zerowaitstatepavlos: ah, apparently debian has a script under /etc/cron.daily/passwd that does daily backups of the passwd file if they differ from the previous day03:33
Laylif I had I would have backed up the windows partition entirely, wiped the drive, undone the RAID setup and made each drive its own OS install03:33
pozare you in your windows drive right now?03:33
zerowaitstatepavlos: and group, etc03:33
LaylI'm right now in the GRUB menu03:33
LaylI'm chatting from my laptop03:33
pozoh okay, well can you boot into windows with out any issues?03:34
Laylexcept that fastboot has stopped working03:34
Laylbut turning that off fixes any issues that causes03:34
CerinCan someone give me a sanity check? I just downloaded the ISO for Ubuntu 14.04, installed it onto a USB thumbdrive, booted a server from it and started the install...and then it stopped and asked me to insert the CD...which of course I don't have because I'm installing from USB. Am I going crazy? Why does Ubuntu 14.04 *require* a CD-ROM drive?03:34
pavloszerowaitstate, great ... I remember that passwd and groups are backed up, did not remember the cron ... thx03:34
pozI think the first thing you want to identify is if it is hardware or software. however I learnt that it was hardware, far to late in the game to back up my drive. so that is a good thing to do first03:34
=== rika is now known as crika
Laylpoz, how do I identify this03:35
MichaelTiebeslCerin:did you do a md5sum check?03:35
Laylmy raid status screen shows there's nothing wrong with the array03:35
=== crika is now known as rika
Layldarn it I just wanted to dual boot ubuntu, why does this have to be so haaaard03:37
tj83pavlos, zerowaitstate  ok got sudo back. whew! what is the standard set of secondary groups for admin users? and on a note on the mount i did have to mount -o rw,remount / to get write access. but worked03:38
pozLayl, do you still have your ubuntu stick? boot from it and mount your hard drive. then google some things about how to check ext4 file systems... I have to go becuase of work tomorrow or else I would stick around to try and help you. If it is seagate brand name, they have some windows tools called seagate tools that might help you03:38
CerinMichaelTiebesl: A corrupted ISO would require installation from CD?!03:38
LaylI'm just gonna sleep, I've lost way too much sleep because of this and I need to get at least some03:39
zerowaitstatetj83: adm cdrom sudo plugdev lpadmin dip03:39
zerowaitstateactually i don't know what dip is03:39
pozI think I had issues with magic numbers when I was messing with usb sticks... I think I just reformatted and tryed again. if you have ntohing to lose you could reformat on your ubuntu part03:39
zerowaitstatetj83: adm is the group that log files are often saved under, so you don't have to sudo to read logs03:40
zerowaitstatetj83: other stuff is self explanatory03:40
zerowaitstatetj83: did you check out the backup in /var/backups?03:40
zerowaitstatetj83: while you were gone i googled and apparently ubuntu saves a copy of your groups/passwd/shadow file each day if the backup copy differs from the live copy03:41
CerinWhere do I even find the md5 for the current ISOs? Canonical doesn't list them on their site anywhere...03:41
zerowaitstatetj83: it's in /etc/cron.daily/passwd; the code that is03:41
FlannelCerin: is this the server ISO?03:41
CerinFlannel: yes03:42
pavlosCerin, there should be a md5sum.txt03:42
Bashing-omtj83: Found: dip (Dialup IP) is a smart program that is able to set the speed of the serial device, .03:42
FlannelCerin: So, it's looking for the repository of files on the CD to install from.  It's looking for the CDrom drive, which obviously you have none.  You should be able to point it to the repository on the USB stick (but I don't know the details, I'd have to muck around with it).  Or mount the USB as a CD or something too might work.03:43
FlannelCerin: Another (probably easier) alternative is to get the mini.iso, which is the alternate installer (server installer) except it doesn't contain any packages (and instead tries to get them from the internet, which bypasses this problem).  You'll have to have an internet connection during the install, however.03:44
zerowaitstatetj83: oh, I left out sambashare03:44
tj83zerowaitstate, Bashing-om cool thanks got em all03:45
zerowaitstatetj83: as a bit of advice, I don't really use usermod much; I use adduser to add a user to a group03:46
Cerinyes, the checksum is fine, the installer really does need a CD, wow03:46
tj83I havent used ubuntu for a long time. was till late a fedora user. where i used root or su as needed, I just messed up. thanks for the help03:47
zerowaitstatetj83: np dude. have a good one03:47
FlannelCerin: No, it doesn't.03:47
CerinFlannel: yes, it does, you just said so03:47
FlannelWell, the installer expects a repository on a CD, you should be able to reconfigure it to use the repository on the USB.  I said that, not that it requires a CD.03:48
CerinYou're arguing semantics. The point is the installer won't install unless there's a CD...thus it requires a CD.03:49
CerinThat's a bug IMHO.03:49
FlannelCerin: No.  That's not what I said.  You SHOULD be able to make it work right now.  I just don't have specifics for you on how to do that (and no easy way to try for myself at the moment).  Which is different than REQUIRING a CD.03:49
CerinIf the LiveUSB has enough packages to install but can't because the installer is hard-coded to read from a CD drive...then...jeez, that's really sloppy coding.03:49
tj83while I am here, can anyone suggest a good application for video capture from USB device.03:50
CerinFlannel: Yes, I know, I've installed Ubuntu from only-USB before for 12.04. I don't know why they've broken it for 14.04.03:51
CerinThis is really frustrating.03:51
CerinIt's 2015 and the bleeding-edge version of Ubuntu requires a CD-ROM drive.03:51
FlannelCerin: It's the exact same installer, so it shouldn't have broken.  Was your 12.04 install a command line install?03:51
CerinWho even uses CDs anymore?03:51
tj83Cerin, I installed 14.04 from SD card, technically USB.03:51
CerinFlannel: It worked with plain USB for both desktop and server installs. I think it was through the GUI.03:52
FlannelCerin: Right, that installs using an entirely different method (ubiquity, not debian-installer).03:52
CerinFlannel: Is there a command installer in that ISO, or do I need a different ISO? I didn't see a non-GUI option when I booted?03:53
zerowaitstatetj83: you should be able to use vlc to do it, but you probably want an actualy video editing app03:55
FlannelCerin: No, the desktop CD (liveCD) won't install a server sysstem, only the desktop system, and it's only through the graphical installer.03:55
zerowaitstatetj83: maybe openshot?03:55
CerinFlannel: I'm using the server ISO.03:55
FlannelCerin: The mini ISO should work fine, with downloading packages from the internet, or this ISO should work fine, if we can figure out what you need to do to make it happier.03:56
tj83zerowaitstate, well, I am using a netbook so I need something with as little over-head as possible. to just dump raw to disk.03:56
CerinFlannel: Where's the mini ISO?03:57
tj83VLC has problem with lag and audio/video sync issues I believe due to resource limitations. ffmpeg hmm... i havent looked into the ability to do it.03:57
FlannelCerin: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD03:57
zerowaitstatetj83: not really my area of expertism03:57
zerowaitstateg'night all04:05
CerinFlannel: weird, Ubuntu startup disk creator won't accept the mini.iso04:05
FlannelCerin: Right, the startup disk creator only works on the desktop ISOs (using ubiquity).  The alternate/server/mini ISOs work completely differently, and I'm pretty sure startup disk creator doesn't know what to do with them.  The miniISO page has two links on how to run it with a USB stick.  I think it's just using dd nowadays.04:07
FlannelCerin: yeah, the link is this post: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2155713&page=2&p=12698910#post1269891004:08
=== Tsunami is now known as Guest34998
CerinFlannel: It worked just fine with a server ISO...04:09
bojan_Anybody please help me my server has ubuntu OS and it is not booting to GUI but i can access the server through terminal 1 to 6..But all my  clients are working good04:10
bojan_please help me to solve this issue04:10
bojan_Anybody please help me my server has ubuntu OS and it is not booting to GUI but i can access the server through terminal 1 to 6..But all my  clients are working good...please help me to solve this issue04:17
sennnlinux 4.0 release04:30
Flannelbojan_: Do you have a GUI installed on it and configured to start on boot? (server doesn't have either of those by default)04:31
lotuspsychjesennn: you mean new kernel 4.004:31
sennnlotuspsychje, yes04:32
PHPLearneranyone here has tried install APC on ubuntu04:44
PHPLearnerI am on course and I have an assignment due tomorrow04:44
PHPLearnerToday professor gave us coursework than lecture04:45
PHPLearnerI am in the library right now04:45
PHPLearnerI tried a couple of websites follow through each instruction to the letter and got this message04:45
PHPLearnerError: cannot download "pecl/APC"04:45
PHPLearnerDownload failed04:45
PHPLearnerinstall failed04:45
PHPLearnerI do not know what seems to be wrong04:45
PHPLearneranyone please help04:45
PHPLearnerI am on my wits end here04:45
PHPLearnerthanks in advance04:45
FlannelPHPLearner: What version of Ubuntu are you on?04:47
Bashing-omPHPLearner: What command did you run to try and down load the appllication ( from where ) ?04:47
gr33n7007hPHPLearner: apt-cache search php-apc04:48
FlannelPHPLearner: Well, sudo apt-get install php-apc should work for all of them (even if it's a transitional package for some)04:48
PHPLearnerphp-apc - APC User Cache for PHP 5 (transitional package)04:48
PHPLearnerphp5-apcu - APC User Cache for PHP 504:48
PHPLearnerthis is what I got after the apt-cache command04:48
gr33n7007hPHPLearner: did you try what Flannel said?04:49
PHPLearneryea I did that04:49
PHPLearnerbut I got the error message I sent earlier04:50
PHPLearnerI got my instructions from Digital Ocean04:50
PHPLearnerfollowed it through the letter04:50
PHPLearnerbut I always got this message04:50
PHPLearnercould not extract the package.xml file from "/build/buildd/php5-5.5.9+dfsg/pear-build-download/APC-3.1.13.tgz"04:51
PHPLearnerDownload of "pecl/apc" succeeded, but it is not a valid package archive04:51
PHPLearnerError: cannot download "pecl/APC"04:51
PHPLearnerDownload failed04:51
PHPLearnerinstall failed04:51
PHPLearnerbut I got the folder for APC-3.1.13 on my Home folder04:51
gr33n7007hPHPLearner: so did you try: sudo apt-get install php-apc ?04:51
FlannelPHPLearner: Please pastebin the output of `sudo apt-get install php-apc`  we'll take a look at what's up.04:52
PHPLearnerit work for a while until I got error message I got above04:52
PHPLearnerhang on04:53
PHPLearnerhere is the link to pastebin http://pastebin.com/s37MEK5504:54
gr33n7007hPHPLearner: So you did do: sudo apt-get install php-apc04:56
FlannelPHPLearner: That's an interesting pastebin.  But I don't see `sudo apt-get install php-apc` in there at all.04:56
kolbei have an Ubuntu 14.04 VM with a x86_64 CPU. i added a repository that has a Release file with "Architectures: amd64". when i do ''apt-get update'', the repo i added causes this message: "Unable to find expected entry 'main/binary-i386/Packages' in Release file (Wrong sources.list entry or malformed file)"04:57
PHPLearnerGreen I did04:57
PHPLearnerthis is the outcome04:57
gr33n7007hPHPLearner: well it's not in the pastebin you posted04:57
PHPLearnererwin@erwin-M720SRS:~$ sudo apt-get install php-apc04:57
PHPLearnerReading package lists... Done04:57
PHPLearnerBuilding dependency tree04:57
PHPLearnerReading state information... Done04:57
PHPLearnerphp-apc is already the newest version.04:57
PHPLearner0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.04:57
kolbewhy is Ubuntu running on this VM with an amd64 CPU complaining about being unable to find i386 packages?04:57
gr33n7007hPHPLearner: well it's already installed then04:57
gr33n7007hPHPLearner: what does `dpkg -l | grep php-apc` say04:59
PHPLearnerdo I need to do this command: sudo pecl install apc04:59
gr33n7007hPHPLearner: no04:59
PHPLearnerdpkg -l | grep php-apc05:00
PHPLearnererwin@erwin-M720SRS:~$ dpkg -l | grep php-apc05:00
PHPLearnerii  php-apc                                                     4.0.2-2build1                                       all          APC User Cache for PHP 5 (transitional package)05:00
ibmcan anybody resolve my issue05:00
PHPLearnersorry for the flooding05:00
PHPLearnerjust need this assignment done badly05:00
gr33n7007hPHPLearner: yep you've got it installed :)05:01
PHPLearnertomorrow is the deadline05:01
PHPLearnerok so how do I know that my APC is working05:01
=== Guest20931 is now known as RichiH
PHPLearnerI mean how can I check05:01
ibmi get this errError getting  wom my andriod ph to ubuntu " copy file frfile: -6: Not Supported05:01
PHPLearneris there anything I can do to confirm this05:01
ibmis there anytbody05:01
ibm i get this errError getting  wom my andriod ph to ubuntu " copy file frfile: -6: Not Supported05:02
SiegeXI just ran 'crontab -l' as root and was expecting to see entries for the /etc/crontab.XXX (daily,hourly, etc) but it says there is no crontab for root.  Where/how does Ubuntu know when to run these scripts at the appropriate time?05:02
ibm help me resolve this errorError while copying “Visual Basic Tutorial L...oft DataGrid Control.pdf”.05:03
ibmis anybody here05:03
ibmanybody here aware of this issue05:04
FlannelPHPLearner: I'm not familiar with APC, so you may need to configure it.  However I do know that it's not currently enabled in apache.  You'll need to do that with `sudo a2enmod apcu` and then restart apache to get it to take.  Also, according to the Readme.Debian file, if you copy /usr/share/doc/php5-apcu/apc.php to some place on your webserver, you should be able to view it and get some APC-related information (which I guess would show you it's wor05:04
ibmhelp me05:05
ibmhelp me05:05
ibmplz help05:06
PHPLearnerthat one I am not pretty sure how to do that05:06
PHPLearneras what I read earlier apcu is for php5.4 and older05:07
ibmanybody here05:07
PHPLearnerbut thanks though05:07
readwritecan i boot into ubuntu with uefi turned on? does ubuntu have any signed boot managers?05:07
lotuspsychje!uefi | readwrite05:08
ubottureadwrite: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI05:08
ibmi am not able to copy files from my android phone to ubuntu ...... i get this error (Error getting file: -6: Not Supported)05:09
lotuspsychje!repeat | ibm05:09
ubottuibm: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/05:09
erwinoh man05:12
=== erwin is now known as PHPLearner
PHPLearnerhey fellas05:12
PHPLearnerI cannot make my apache2 to restart05:13
ibmi am not able to copy files from my android phone to ubuntu ...... i get this error (Error getting file: -6: Not Supported05:13
PHPLearnerIf I do service apache2 restart it says failed05:13
ibmi am not able to copy files from my android phone to ubuntu ...... i get this error (Error getting file: -6: Not Supported05:13
ibmi am not able to copy files from my android phone to ubuntu ...... i get this error (Error getting file: -6: Not Supported05:13
ibmi am not able to copy files from my android phone to ubuntu ...... i get this error (Error getting file: -6: Not Supported05:14
ibmi am not able to copy files from my android phone to ubuntu ...... i get this error (Error getting file: -6: Not Supported05:14
ibmi am not able to copy files from my android phone to ubuntu ...... i get this error (Error getting file: -6: Not Supported05:14
Flannelibm: Please stop repeating your question.  If anyone awake right know knew the answer, they'd answer you.  A reasonable amount of time to wait would be 30 minutes between questions.  In the meantime, try the forums, try search engines, etc.05:15
ibmnot able to find any solution05:16
ibmFlannel:   m  sorry05:16
gr33n7007hPHPLearner: sudo apache2ctl start05:16
cyclob|workHi guys, i'm trying to write a bash script that will change the extension of .html files to .php when they get uploaded. The file names are full length (/home/xx/xxx/x) passed by arguments05:17
PHPLearnerthanks I got it05:17
Ben64cyclob|work: might want #bash then05:18
cyclob|workcool thanks05:18
SiegeXp.s. the answer to my question is that ubuntu uses '/etc/anacrontab'05:20
ibmFlannel:  can u help me05:20
gr33n7007hibm: how are you trying to copy the files?05:20
ibmi drag n drop05:20
gr33n7007hibm: I think you have to use adb05:20
ibmor copy paste through gui05:20
ibmgr33n7007h: how05:21
PHPLearneralright fellas I got my APC up and running05:21
PHPLearnerthanks for the attention and effort you gave05:21
PHPLearnerback to my assignment05:21
gr33n7007hibm: by installing android dev kit then issuing some thing like adb push/pull local/remote05:22
gr33n7007h!adb | ibm05:23
gr33n7007h!info adb | ibm05:23
ubottuibm: Package adb does not exist in utopic05:23
gr33n7007hibm: sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb android-tools-fastboot05:24
PHPLearnerhow do i find a file apc.ini on my ubuntu linux05:24
PHPLearnerdo you know of any faster way05:24
gr33n7007hPHPLearner: find / -name "apc.ini"05:24
ibmgr33n7007h:  will i be able to copy through graphical interface after that05:24
gr33n7007hibm: I think it's CLI05:25
ibmgr33n7007h: CLI means05:25
gr33n7007hibm: command line interface05:25
ibmgregL: sir i cant locate my device through CLI .. can u tell me where it is located directory05:26
ibmubottu: how to resolve then05:27
ubottuibm: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:27
ibmgr33n7007h: ir i cant locate my device through CLI .. can u tell me where it is located directory05:28
gr33n7007hibm: sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb android-tools-fastboot # first install these05:28
ibmgr33n7007h:  i have05:29
gr33n7007hibm: open a terminal05:29
ibmgr33n7007h:  then05:29
gr33n7007htype: adb05:29
PHPLearnerthanks green05:29
ibmgr33n7007h: then05:30
gr33n7007hPHPLearner: np05:30
gr33n7007hibm: anything show up05:30
PHPLearnerbut green I got a problem though05:30
gr33n7007hibm: are you copying from ubuntu to android?05:30
PHPLearnerafter I used the command my terminal hanged up man05:30
ibmgr33n7007h: no andriod to ubuntu05:30
PHPLearneroh no05:30
PHPLearnerit is searching05:31
ibmgr33n7007h: its displays andriod debug version05:31
gr33n7007hibm: adb pull /sdcard/whatever ~/ #something like that I can't test it05:32
gr33n7007has i'm on live usb05:32
ibmgr33n7007h:  how can i copy thru gui05:33
gr33n7007hibm: not sure you can because it's mbt05:34
gr33n7007hah just found something called qtadb but it might more of a hassel then it's worth05:37
gr33n7007hibm: can adb recognise you device?05:38
ns5is there a command to list the extra repositories that I've added?05:39
sherlock_regusmsg NickServ identify hazelgrace05:40
Bashing-omns5: Not that I am aware explicitly listing PPAs . If you have a Software Center installed -> other sources .05:41
gr33n7007hsherlock_regus: oops05:41
ns5Bashing-om: no I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 server, there's no X05:41
ns5Bashing-om: I want to remove all extra repositories and all related keys05:42
sherlock_reguswhich channel to join for questions on c programming05:42
gr33n7007hsherlock_regus: #c05:42
sherlock_regusfor graphic.h also05:43
gr33n7007hsherlock_regus: sure05:43
Bashing-omns5: #rd party (ppa's) should be installed to /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ -> tail -v -n +1 /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* <- .05:43
gr33n7007hns5: grep ^ /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*05:43
ns5gr33n7007h, Bashing-om: is it ok to directly remove the source files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d ?05:45
ns5is that how we remove PPAs or extra repositories?05:45
Bashing-omns5: Best practice is to ppa-purge .05:45
Bashing-om!ppa-purge | ns505:46
ubottuns5: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html05:46
gr33n7007hns5: you can just remove them manually then apt-get update but ppa-purge it the proper way05:46
ns5Bashing-om, gr33n7007h: too bad, I have already done "rm -rf /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*"05:46
Bashing-omns5: Haste makes waste . Might have a job to fix the package manager .05:49
=== havingFun is now known as xrosnight
ns5Bashing-om: thanks05:52
danny_starkal parecer es un chat global05:52
Bashing-omns5: :) .. tkae care .05:53
jamesbdevHi, I have two VPS servers, one has normal network performance the other one has very slow http and ftp speeds. pretty sure its a configuration issue. can someone help me ?05:53
gr33n7007h!info gmtp05:53
ubottugmtp (source: gmtp): simple MP3 player client for MTP based devices. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3.7-1 (utopic), package size 101 kB, installed size 472 kB05:54
kolbei have an Ubuntu 14.04 VM with a x86_64 CPU. i added a repository that has a Release file with "Architectures: amd64". when i do ''apt-get update'', the repo i added causes this message: "Unable to find expected entry 'main/binary-i386/Packages' in Release file (Wrong sources.list entry or malformed file)". why is Ubuntu running on this VM with an amd64 CPU complaining about being unable to find i386 package05:54
=== AlphaTech is now known as zz_AlphaTech
gr33n7007hah, s/he's gone05:54
jpds_kolbe: Multiarch support.05:54
kolbejpds_: this doesn't seem to happen on some other Ubuntu 14.04 VMs (EC2 instnaces) that I have. is this something i accidentally enabled in just one VM?05:55
jpds_kolbe: It's probably not enabled on ec2.05:55
kolbejpds_: but by default all amd64 Ubuntu installs will have this behavior of complailing about the missing i386 repo?05:56
WhyWouldIDoThatHi. I have a dedicated server (so it's headless). I reinstalled the machine yesterday, and forgot to copy the database. The machine only has one "drive" (mirrored raid). I want to try to recover the files. Can i set Ubuntu 12.04 to boot with the filesystem in read only mode on the next boot?05:58
=== ubik is now known as Guest65442
WhyWouldIDoThatThat is, can i set the machine to boot with filesystem in read only mode, but still access it via ssh?06:00
marvinousIs there way to scan (not connect, only scan) SSID's of other access points in an access point, with Ubuntu?06:26
dididodohi ... i updated from kernel 3.13.0-45 to 3.13.0-49  (on 12.04) and find that CPU temp is significantly cooler. thats nice. just for curiosity, do you have an idea what is the reason for this improvement?06:27
kolbemarvinous: "other access points in an access point"? that doesn't parse for me06:27
marvinouskolbe: I've an access point with SSID of "Router1". I want my Router1 to scan SSID's of other nearby routers. Is there a way to do it?06:28
kolbemarvinous: your access point Router1 is running Ubuntu?06:29
marvinouskolbe: Sorry for saying router, actually laptops running Ubuntu. Switching between scan mode and ap mode06:30
gr33n7007hmarvinous: iwlist wlanX scan # if i'm understanding correctly06:33
=== katherin_ is now known as katherine
marvinousgr33n7007h: That doesn't work in ap mode.06:34
gr33n7007hmarvinous: is wifi adaptor acting as a router?06:38
marvinousgr33n7007h: Yes. I just need to only get other SSIDs nearby, not to connect them.06:39
gr33n7007hmarvinous: could you just pastebin iwconfig please06:39
marvinousgr33n7007h: I'm using that wifi adaptor at the moment for internet connection, I don't think that any output would be helpful but try: http://pastebin.com/u4cMKqAH06:41
gr33n7007hmarvinous: so wlan0 is the one your using as an access point but not at the min06:42
marvinousgr33n7007h: Yes.06:44
Sramelyor3301Hey guys I just installed gufw on ubuntu. I have no clue about firewall. Can someone suggest some basic settings for the firewall?06:45
cfhowlett!ufw | Sramelyor330106:45
ubottuSramelyor3301: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as gufw and ufw-kde also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo06:45
velhoFor some odd reason vlc does prevent my laptop for going suspend06:49
velhoLike i mean after the playlist is over, it should automatically go suspend in X period of time but it doesnt..06:49
bojanwhy my ubuntu server cant enter into GUI mode...rather all other terminals are working good06:53
velhobojan: Terminals the best06:53
bojanEven all clients are also working good...Clients are booting throgh pxe(LTSP concept)06:53
ikoniabojan: you need to explain the problem06:54
velhobojan: Why would you need gui on server?06:54
ikonia"can't enter gui mode" isn't helpful06:54
ikoniavelho: many servers can run a gui for reasons,06:54
cfhowlettservers don't have gui modes06:54
=== zz_CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob
velhoikonia: And reason?06:54
ikoniaease of use, gui specific apps, eg: some games servers require a gui manager, virtual node mangers06:55
bojandudes saying my ubuntu machine as server because its centralised  computer06:55
ikoniabojan: it's fine - what's the actual problem you have06:55
bojanit worked good till yesterday06:55
velhoSome weird ass xorg problem?06:55
bojanikonia:;when the system boots it is hust stuck in the page of showing status for example starting DNS ok06:55
ikoniavelho: please don't make unhelpful comments, let him explain the problem please06:56
ikoniabojan: so the actual machine doesn't finish booting ?06:56
bojanikonia:But when i press ctrl+al+f1 or f2 i can work06:56
ikoniabojan: they are different VT's06:56
bojanikonia:In terminalmode06:56
ikoniabojan: it sounds like your machine is not booting properly - so not getting to the point where X11 starts06:56
ikoniabojan: is the point it hangs at always "starting dns" type comments ?06:57
bojanikonia:what should i donow??06:57
bojanikonia:i said that starting dns for example06:57
ikoniais it always the same point ?06:58
ikoniaor the same service it fails/hangs on starting ?06:58
velhoBut he is able to get into the terminal through super keys, i guess06:58
bojanikonia:All the service saying ok06:58
ikoniaby changing VT's yes06:58
ikoniabojan: they why are you saying it stops on services such as "dns"06:58
=== kalen_not-here is now known as kalen
bojanikonia:it should boot directly to GUI right??06:59
ikoniabojan: answer the questions I ask06:59
bojanikonia;i dont understand ur question clearly06:59
ikoniabojan: when the machine boots - you say it stops on a service for example "dns" and hangs, is it always the same service or different services ?07:00
gr33n7007hmarvinous: ah, seems it can't bummer07:00
bojanikonia:no no u misunderstood it is not hanging because of services it just hangs on the page where ubuntu shows the servic status07:00
ikoniabojan: so if you do not change VT's - and you just let it boot, what happens ?07:01
bojanIkonia:if i say startx it gives error as  "http://paste.ubuntu.com/10813885"07:01
bojanikonia:it just hangs on that page07:02
ikoniaon what page ?07:02
bojanstarting stopping07:02
ikoniabojan: you're not making sense07:02
ikoniayou say all the services finish, you also say it hangs07:02
ikoniawhich is it ?07:02
bojanikonia:if u tellme how to share pictures i will send the screenshot so that u can understand easily07:03
ikoniaI don't want a picture07:03
ikoniaI just want you to tell me does it hang or not if you let it boot on it's own07:03
bojanyes it hangs07:03
ikoniaright - what is the last line on the screen when it hangs ?07:04
bojanstarting crash reports submission daemon  [ok]07:04
ikoniaand it never gets to any sort of login prompt after that ?07:05
ikoniaok - so that suggests to me your machine is not completing the init process07:06
bojanikonia;what is the solution??07:06
ikoniaI would look at the syslog and boot log and see a.) what starts and how b.) if any fail or warn you c.) look at the init scripts and see if there is anything after openssh sever (or the last service) and try to start it manually07:07
bojanikonia;i dont know how to do that...pls help me to solve thisout'07:07
ikoniabojan: you're running a pxe booting LTSP server - but you don't know how to check basic logs ?07:08
ikoniaI'm sorry, I don't think thats an acceptable situation to be in,07:08
bojani can give u syslog07:08
ikoniaI don't want them07:08
ikoniayou need to read them07:08
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bojanikonia;http://paste.ubuntu.com/10813619/ "syslog"07:09
ikoniabojan: I don't want them07:09
bojanikonia:then what u want exactly??07:09
bojanikonia:suggest something07:12
ikoniaI've told YOU what to do07:13
cfhowlettbojan, he did.  he suggested you read the logs.07:13
bojancfhowlett:yes i have done it already07:13
ikoniaI gave you 3 steps to do, you've done them already ?07:14
bojanikonia:i have checked the logs and pre used commands07:14
ikoniapre used commands ?07:15
bojanbut the thing is i dont know to edit init scripts07:15
ikoniayou don't have to edit anything07:15
ikoniaI'll step away as I don't think you're paying attention.07:15
=== ubuntu_ is now known as vili_
bojanYou know am new to ubuntu07:15
bojanlooking for help07:16
ikoniacan't be that new07:16
ikoniayou've set up an LTSP server with pxe booting clients07:16
bojanbut i never faced these type of problems07:17
bojani have studied on how to make a server using ltsp07:17
bojanikonia:no warnings or errors in syslog and bootlog07:25
bojanikonia:i found error in syslog as init:plymouth-stop pe-start process (2559) terminated with status 107:26
bojanikonia:and kernel logging (proc) stpped07:27
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_blitz_Hi. I am using Ubuntu 14.10 64 bit. I find that some applications does not fit well into the default theme (eg: close, maximize and minimize are on the right side, window borders are "sharp" etc). It looks like GNOME3. Is there any way to fix this? Please see the screenshot to see an example http://pasteboard.co/2wRONPtb.png07:31
aleitaanload [-e] </home/aleitaan/.xchat2/xsys2.conf>08:00
aleitaanos[Linux 3.16.0-34-lowlatency i686] distro[Ubuntu "trusty" 14.04] cpu[4 x Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2450M CPU @ 2.50GHz (GenuineIntel) @ 2.10GHz] mem[Physical: 3.9GB, 74.2% free] disk[Total: 454.4GB, 12.9% free] video[Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller] ether[Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8101E/RTL8102E PCI Express Fast Ethernet controller] sound[HDA-Inte08:01
aleitaanl - HDA Intel PCH]08:01
aleitaanvideo[Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller @ Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family DRAM Controller]08:01
`hypermist`i need to search a folder full of files but a file for a specific string08:14
`hypermist`how do i do that08:14
jmg_can anyone help me -- why does my virtualbox keep crashing as 'aborted' when i try to boot up another os install cd in it?08:21
gr33n7007h`hypermist`: what the specific string?08:27
`hypermist`$url =  ''.$address.'&key='.$key;08:28
`hypermist` ,etc gr33n7007h08:28
gr33n7007h`hypermist`: not sure what to make of that08:29
`hypermist`Well thats what i need to search for in the listo f files haha08:30
gr33n7007h`hypermist`: for file in *; do grep $url =  ''.$address.'&key='.$key; file; done08:34
gr33n7007hin quotes sorry08:34
`hypermist`Got it08:34
gr33n7007h`hypermist`: ok :)08:35
EriC^^`hypermist`: grep -r listreceivedbyaddress <dir to search>08:35
`hypermist`well apparently i dont have that anywhere in my files for this foldr well derp08:36
`hypermist`Meh i'll continue dis later08:37
* gr33n7007h wonders why I always over complicate things08:37
`hypermist`gr33n7007h, either method always works right ?08:38
EriC^^`hypermist`: the special chars might be a problem, you'd have to escape them with \08:39
EriC^^try just searching for listreceivedbyaddress first08:39
gr33n7007h`hypermist`: what EriC^^ said08:40
tos-1`hypermist`: EriC^^'s method is preferable since it also outputs the file where a match was found.08:46
tos-1*the filename08:46
chuckborishas anyone had the kernel 4.0 operating? The finished today!08:47
tos-1chuckboris: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/08:48
tos-1That should usually work; however, as always it comes without any warranty. :)08:49
tos-1Especially don't assume it goes without problems (because of ABI and API changes). I think one example which will break is virtualbox when trying to install newer kernels to 14.04.08:52
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`hypermist`yea i know tos-1 i used it haha08:57
`hypermist`But apparently i dont have that in my files anywhere08:57
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bojanwhy my /boot is having lot of images like this...How to clear that because my /boot is having only 100 MB and already 93 MB is gone..http://paste.ubuntu.com/10814541/09:18
lotuspsychjebojan: maybe bleachbit can clear it out09:20
lotuspsychje!info bleachbit | bojan09:21
ubottubojan: bleachbit (source: bleachbit): delete unnecessary files from the system. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2-1 (utopic), package size 249 kB, installed size 1930 kB09:21
ikoniayou dont need any app09:21
ikoniaopen the package manager and remove the kernel packages you don't need09:21
bojanikonia:sorry i was in tension at that time and now the problem solved..09:21
bojanikonia:the problem which i asked is some mismatch of xserver and i installed ubuntu-desktop..Its working good now09:22
bojanlotuspsychje:Why do i need many versions of images in /boot??09:24
hiexpohola ikonia09:24
bojanone or two is enough right??09:24
ikoniabojan: you can have as many/few as you feel safe09:25
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Guest43567Helloo, I'm using Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS, and I can't seem to start a custom X session (Using the .xinitrc / .xsession files)09:37
=== Guest43567 is now known as MP24
MP24There is no option in the GDM "session" dropdown- only specific options like "ubuntu" and "Xfce"09:38
MP24I compiled my own WM so I want to start it from .xinitrc09:38
ElenchMP24: out of curiosity, which WM?09:40
MP24Elench: xmonad, but I'm not using the stock ubuntu package (I'm using the cabal version)09:40
OerHeksMP24, GDM is old, ubuntu uses lightdm ..09:41
MP24OerHeks: oh I just assumed it was gdm :-)09:41
MP24is that the graphical login, right?09:41
ElenchYeah, I'm using StumpWM, you need to add a .desktop file09:41
OerHekssudo service lightdm start09:41
ElenchMP24: take a look at /usr/share/xsessions/09:42
ElenchOh, or not09:42
MP24oops, sorry I was disconnected09:43
ElenchMP24: take a look at /usr/share/xsessions/09:43
ElenchThat's where the login thingie looks for options09:44
MP24Elench: Right, there are only three09:44
ElenchAdd another09:44
MP24ubuntu.desktop, xfce.desktop, xubuntu.desktop09:44
MP24Elench: unfortunately I can't, I don't have root09:44
MP24(it's a work machine)09:44
ElenchAh, sorry09:44
MP24Is it impossible to do without root?09:44
ElenchThen my advice is basically useful, but kudos for choosing a  better than average WM :þ09:45
MP24haha thanks :p09:45
MP24I can request one to be added from an admin, does "Exec" work with a full path like /home/me/bin/xmonad ?09:46
ElenchWFM with /home/Elench/versioncontrolled/stumpwm/stumpwm09:46
tos-1MP24: Of course.09:46
MP24i'll probably just do that then!09:47
MP24is there a way to make "use .xinitrc" an option though?09:47
OerHeksMP24, without root priv, you cannot do anything09:47
MP24OerHeks: OK, thanks!09:48
=== Guest54474 is now known as mjayk
MP24saves me the time haha09:48
MP24cheers guys!09:50
sudomarizei'm getting a lot of artifacts on my screen (not sure if this is the right term actually, basically there are faint impressions from other windows on my screen), anyone know what could be causing this?10:02
sudomarizeit's on my thinkpad x240, thought it might be a distro issue, but i changed from 14.04 to elementaryos (ubuntu-based) and the problem still persists.10:02
sudomarizeif anyone has any idea of what could be causing this issue please let me know10:03
OerHekssudomarize, did you install any prop driver?10:03
trijntjesudomarize: bad cable can give shadows10:03
sudomarizeOerHeks: what's a prop driver?10:03
sudomarizetrijntje: ah so it's a problem with the machine?10:04
sudomarizeOerHeks: er nope haven't done that10:04
sudomarizedidn't realize there were any10:04
OerHekstype driver is dash, or whatever elementary uses ..10:05
trijntjesudomarize: ah, on a laptop, that makes it hard to check. Can you see if you get the same issue in the bios? Faint shadows etc? If so i'd say its the connection between the screen and the video card10:05
sudomarizetrijntje: they appear when i turn on the laptop and i need to enter my passphrase to decrypt my /home folder (not sure if this is bios)10:06
huighello, i have a pc with two users, lets say user1 and user2. when i connect an usb storage device to the pc, how it is decided where to mount it?how could i achieve to have read access from both user1 and user210:07
trijntjeno, the bios is before that, you should probably check your laptop manual to see how you can get there, its different for every pc10:07
OerHekshuig, normally it mounts under /media/10:07
OerHekshuig, read access, what type of partition is on that usb?10:08
huigOerHeks: yeah, but with user1 i can access it but without user2 i can't10:08
sudomarizetrijntje: when i was running on 14.04, i don't recall seeing the shadows in BIOS then, only after exiting BIOS10:08
EriC^^huig: you can mount it manually somewhere else10:09
EriC^^huig: is it ntfs fat ?10:09
huigEriC^^: yeah10:09
=== karim is now known as Guest38677
huigthe problem is i am ssh-ing the pc, and i can access it with user2, don't have root privilegues. i am trying to access the usb that it is at /media but i don't have access to it with user210:10
EriC^^huig: mount it with the options you want10:10
EriC^^huig: you'll have to remount it10:11
EriC^^huig: do you have access to user1?10:11
huigEriC^^: no, only user210:11
=== zz_CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob
OerHeksso ssh has no access to /media/ .. of to the usb ... ?10:12
OerHeks(which is a good thing i guess)10:13
gryzorhi. How can I upgrade a 12.10 installation? do-release-upgrade fails stating my ubuntu installation is unsupported, which is the reason why I'm trying to upgrade...10:13
huigOerHeks: i tried doing it locally. i create a user and then opened another tty to login with that user. and i didn't have access with that user to /media10:13
OerHeksgryzor, that would be a long long way > 12.10 - 13.04 - 13.10 -  14.04 lts  ...10:14
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades10:14
gryzorOerHeks: that's fine10:14
gryzorthanks :)10:14
EriC^^huig: /media/<user> can only be accessed by <user>10:14
OerHeksgryzor, see the eolupgrades url, howto all old-releases in your sourceslist10:14
EriC^^huig: you'd have to add another user to as an ACL10:14
huigEriC^^: but why is that usb mounted in /media/user1 and it isn't mounted at /media/user2?10:15
EriC^^huig: cause gvfs automounts it under the user that's logged on10:15
huigEriC^^: and what if the usb is connected before an user loggs?10:16
EriC^^it won't automount10:16
EriC^^if it's in /etc/fstab with auto as an option it would automount when you boot the pc10:17
huigEriC^^: so if the user connects the usb before it loggs, could i ssh with user2 and mount it to /media/user2?10:17
gerry_ciao.. sto usando una macchina virtuale creata con virtualbox nella quale ho installato xubuntu 14.0410:18
gerry_chromium con verisione aggiornata alla 41 non funziona più bene...10:19
OerHeksgerry_, this channel is english only please10:19
OerHeks!it | gerry10:19
ubottugerry: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)10:19
EriC^^huig: try udisksctl mount -b /dev/sdxY10:19
=== zz_AlphaTech is now known as AlphaTech
gerry_hi.. I installed xubuntu 14.04 on a vm created  with virtualbox..10:20
huigEriC^^: right now i can't try it10:20
gerry_if update chromium at version 41.x stops to work right10:20
gerry_anybofy knows something about this problem?10:21
huigEriC^^: but it is possible to mount it to my user without being root?10:21
EriC^^yes, using udisksctl10:21
huigEriC^^: so althought it will mount to /media/usr1, i could access /dev/sdxY and mount it to wherever i want withouth being root?that would be just great!!10:22
=== havingFun is now known as xrosnight
EriC^^and udisksctl unmount -b /dev/sdxY to unmount10:22
EriC^^( unmount not umount )10:22
EriC^^huig: it will mount to whatever user runs the command10:23
huigEriC^^: so tu sum up, /dev has read access to all users?10:23
gerry_it seems that chromium, from a certain version, stops to work properly.. but just on vitualbox machine10:24
EriC^^huig: ah no10:27
OerHeksgerry_, did the install give any error?10:27
OerHeksgerry try in terminal: sudo apt-get install -f # to see if this corrects problems10:27
chotaz`wI have to run "sudo lsusb" everytime I bootup so my USB ports actually start working. How can I explain and fix this?10:28
EriC^^huig: i think your user has to have sudo for it to work over ssh10:28
EriC^^just tried it out10:28
huigEriC^^: tried to do it locally. but udisksctl -b mount /dev/sdb1 gived me an error: is already mounted at ...10:28
gerry_installation with ubuntu center.. no errors10:29
EriC^^yeah that means it's already mounted10:29
huigEriC^^: so it can't be mounted twice?10:29
gerry_ok.. i try...10:29
EriC^^huig: are you using ssh?10:30
EriC^^cause it won't work10:30
huigEriC^^: no, only tried to do it locally10:30
EriC^^huig: unmount it first10:31
huigEriC^^: the trick if the other user has to see it mounted too haha10:31
EriC^^i dont follow10:32
EriC^^huig: am i helping you spy on someone or get their stuff?10:33
huigEriC^^:  hahaha no, if not i couldn't ssh that pc. i am doing it just for fun with my laptop and pc10:34
gerry_no.. executing apt-get install -f don't correct the problem10:35
gerry_I execute atp-get autoremove too.. but problem still exist10:35
OerHeksgerry_, any diskspace left on that VM ?10:38
OerHeksgerry_, tries to restart the VM ?10:38
gerry_restart done.. but doesn't work... it's a bug on virtualbox!? I think... in a vmware machine chromium works fine10:40
gerry_in my virtualbox vm it works until 40.x version..10:41
hateballgerry_: What does "stop working properly" even mean? Does the application start at all?10:43
gerry_no.. chromium starts.. but if I try to change orders of tabs (for example) I can't do it anymore...10:44
=== Hackwar1 is now known as Hackwar
g105bHi, how do I pin a terminal-based application to the launcher, so it behaves as a self-contained app rather than interacting with my other terminal windows?10:45
gerry_if I open developer tools with ctrl+shift+i I can't resize area10:45
gerry_there's many problems10:45
Hackwarhi folks, can I shutdown a server while it is reshaping a RAID? I've been changing my RAID1 to a RAID5 with 2 disks and then added 2 additional disks. Right now it is reshaping that RAID and says it will take 2 more days until everything is fine again. After that, I will extend the filesystem on that RAID. In any case, I'm expecting additonal RAM today and wanted to install it asap.10:47
OerHeksHackwar, no, let it run10:47
HackwarSo, can I shut down the server to do that and then fire it up again and it will continue at that point in time or does it start all over again?10:47
ikahello everyone i've installed ubuntu yesterday ... and just for fun createt a secound user and got a problem now when i log in with the new user and want to use the terminal i cant use the terminal history with the arrow keys ... if i press one of the key it writes signs like: [[A; or something like that gow can i fix that? =)10:48
EriC^^ika: how did you create the user?10:48
Kabyhello guys i need an advice which is the best antivirus for ubuntu 14.1010:48
EriC^^ok, adduser is more thorough and interactive10:48
ubottuAntivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to Windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus10:48
EriC^^ika: or else you need to set the shell for the user and create the user with a home dir10:49
KabyOerHeks, so ubuntu don't need antivirus ?10:49
OerHeksKaby, standard updated clamTK should do fine. for ubuntu.10:50
Kabyoh ok10:50
ikai createt the user with a home directory but got an error message when i tried to make his the bash but got an error ...10:51
ika*his shell the bash10:51
OerHeksKaby, but if you really want it, check out that page10:51
KabyOerHeks, i am downloading it from download center now10:51
EriC^^ika: chsh <user> -s /bin/bash10:51
EriC^^something like that10:51
ikaok thy iĺl try =)10:51
zenguyShould i get these two low latency .deb files while installing a new kernel ? is it necessary ?(linux-headers-low latency.deb and linux-image-low latency.deb)10:52
OerHekszenguy, normally no. see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/RealTimeKernel10:53
zenguyOerHeks: ok thank you10:54
ikahmh still not working :/  tried chsh ika -s /bin/bash and same with sudo i didnt get an error message but still cant use the arrow keys .... do i need to restart ubuntu before it has an effect maybe?10:55
tj83anyone familiar with avconv options? I want to record from a v4l2 source and I'm able to do so. When I look at the verbose output I see that its in the wrong size 720x480 not 640x480 and it seems YUV420p which is a PAL standard? It should be NTSC10:58
gfodranoelGood Morning!11:02
tj83g'morning gfodranoel11:03
gfodranoelwhere are you speaking from, tj83?11:04
tj83Georgia, US11:05
gfodranoelVery good. Nice to meet you!11:05
gfodranoelHi Murcha! Nice to meet you!11:06
tj83having morning coffee, trying to figure out some of these avconv options for video capture.11:06
murchai run an script with &, now the scripts keeps running and sending me emails. how should i stop the script11:06
gfodranoelmurcha: you know the script name?11:08
tj83murcha, maybe it set up a chron task? is it a set time interval?  look in /etc/chrontab and other cron files in /etc?11:08
murchagfodranoel: i created the script my self11:09
tj83crontab* not chron coffee not working yet.11:09
murchagfodranoel: it is a shell script11:09
murchatj83: i just check crontab -l not found there11:10
gfodranoelmurcha: ps -ef | grep script_name11:11
gfodranoelmurcha: take the PID number and then use the command11:11
gfodranoelmurcha: kill pid_number11:11
gfodranoelmurcha: it is a shell script11:11
gfodranoelmurcha: it is a shell11:12
gfodranoelmurcha: it is a terminal11:12
gfodranoeli'm sorry11:12
murchagfodranoel: it is a shell scrip, inside a loop that runs every 10 second. then i used ./alet.sh & to run the command11:12
murchagfodranoel: now it runs all the time11:13
tj83https://0paste.tk/7440  murcha can you show us the script? that might help figure out what is happening.11:13
gfodranoelmurcha: do it then11:13
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gfodranoelmurcha: ps -ef |grep alet11:14
gfodranoelmurcha: use the terminal (xterm)11:14
gfodranoelmurcha: in root mode11:14
cyberbraihot to copy and paste the file through ssh in ubuntu 14.04lts11:16
cyberbraihot = how11:16
murchagfodranoel: i did ps to find the id, and then killed the pid. But still i get the emails11:16
somekindofwizardI have a problem. Whenever I need to enter my password to get root previliges the window for entering your password fails to appear. I am running Ubuntu Server with a KDE GUI.11:17
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
cyberbraiany help11:17
gfodranoelmurcha: may still be with exit status11:17
gfodranoelmurcha: or let's say, is still in the queue11:18
tj83cyberbrai, man scp11:18
cyberbraitj83 yes scp11:18
murchagfodranoel: will it remove from queue or should i do an action to remove it from the queue?11:19
gfodranoelmurcha: you can verify that the process is still there?11:19
tj83cyberbrai, command "man scp" will give you all the info11:19
cyberbraiI've tried11:19
cyberbraiscp <file> <username>@<IP address or hostname>:<Destination>11:19
gfodranoelmurcha: he at some point will leave all of the line11:20
gfodranoelmurcha: try using the command: kill -9 pid11:21
cyberbraitj83 just for example send any command11:21
tlkrcyberbrai, that 's correct, what error are you getting?11:21
tj83cyberbrai, its been a while, but I believe the user@ip first then the file. check http://www.binarytides.com/linux-scp-command/11:21
murchagfodranoel: i did but it closed even my ssh connection11:22
gfodranoelcyberbrai: try using -> scp -rp file user@ip:/destination11:22
cyberbraigfodranoel wait i tried11:23
geirhacyberbrai: if the destination support sftp, then you can connect with the gui file browser (nautilus) which will allow you to drag and drop files to and from11:24
gfodranoelcyberbrai: which the message that tells you to11:24
guiteHi all. Is there anyone here who succeeded in running an lxc container of a debian/jessie on an ubuntu 14.04 ?11:24
guiteI have a many problems I can’t solve11:24
cyberbraigfodranoel  on first time i am not understand the format11:25
gfodranoelcyberbrai: ok11:25
guitefirst one being => http://pastebin.com/LNjEYXyD11:25
cyberbraigfodranoel  i have a file in downloads and i want to copy and paste in  another user  home11:25
gfodranoelcyberbrai: scp -rp <file> <username>@<IP address or hostname>:/home/name11:26
gfodranoelcyberbrai: this command is only for sending files to remote destinations11:27
gfodranoelcyberbrai: the file copy will be from one machine to another different?11:28
murchagfodranoel: it didn't help stoping the emails11:28
geirhamurcha: Could you show the script that's "running out of control"?11:29
gfodranoelmurcha: which the sending mail service being used? you can tell me?11:30
gfodranoelmurcha: we will try to stop the service11:30
geirhaIt also matters if it was run as a script, or a loop run in an interactive session11:30
murchageirha: http://pastebin.com/Tc66Ja2511:32
geirhamurcha: there's no loop there11:32
murchagfodranoel: i deleted the loop11:32
BluesKajHiyas all11:33
murchageirha: i deleted the loop11:33
geirhamurcha: So there's no way to see what the code running now looks like?11:33
gfodranoelmurcha: no use to clean the script loop11:34
gfodranoelmurcha: if he is still with the active process, will not take effect11:34
murchageirha: is it running from  some crap11:34
geirhamurcha: doesn't help much :/11:36
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geirhaWithout seeing the while loop you used, it's hard to know what process(es) to kill11:41
geirha(there's also a big difference in running said while loop from a script and from an interactive shell session)11:42
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EightynineHi. Can anyone please help me to install and configure any window manager to make my system lightweght, fast and usable?11:44
gfodranoelEightynine: What is your Linux distro?11:45
geirhaor rather, what Ubuntu release11:46
EightynineIt was Ubuntu LTS with Gnome, but I changed my DE to MATE with Uubuntu MATE look and feel.11:46
bazhanglubuntu-desktop package Eightynine11:47
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bazhang!lubuntu | Eightynine11:47
ubottuEightynine: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.11:47
brainvvashEightynine: MATE is not lightweght, fast and usable?11:47
EightynineI installed LXDE too but I don't like it. It looks old and I don't like it's menu. MATE consumes 400-600 MB RAM and sometimes it's menu lags. Also it's menu is overloaded with options.11:49
gfodranoelEightynine: There is also Xubuntu which refers to XFCE. Very light and beautiful. I believe that will provide you a great experience: http://xubuntu.org/11:49
EightynineThunar is totally unusable, and also fonts were small, rendering was bad. Don't know why.11:50
bazhangwhats the ram and cpu on the Eightynine11:52
=== gfodranoel is now known as odranoel
bazhangalso what video card Eightynine11:53
hydrajumphi if APT has an older version of a package and a newer version is available but only as source. Is there a way to see how the package was built, so I can build a newer one using the source?11:53
EightyninePhenom II X4 B93, 4 GB DDR3-1333, Radeon 675011:53
hydrajumpthe package I'm looking at is postfix. In APT the version is 2.x.x and the latest stable version is
MonkeyDusthydrajump  are you a developer?11:54
EightynineIt seems like brightness is too high, also pixels are very big, in some places they are just huge.11:54
bazhangEightynine, that card is very old, what driver are you using11:54
hejsanHello, why does top/uptime show I have 15 users but I'm the only user and w only shows two sessions from me?11:55
bazhangadditionally Eightynine what version of ubuntu is this11:55
EightynineOpen-source driver. I hate AMD proprietary drivers. I already told that Ubuntu LTS11:56
bazhanglsb_release -a in terminal Eightynine11:56
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=== gfodranoel is now known as odranoel
EightynineYou need version? It's 14.04.211:56
bazhangalso Eightynine  please pastebin your sources.list11:57
EightynineI expected wonderful fonts and rendering from Ubuntu, that's how it's famous(sorry, my english is not so good, don't know how to tell you to make you understand what I mean)11:58
Guest-5979hi everyboy11:59
=== hns_ is now known as Guest60854
OerHeksEightynine, have you tried a different font?11:59
bazhangEightynine, did you install ubuntu-restricted-extras yet, thats where the wonderful fonts come from11:59
=== odranoel is now known as gfodranoel
gfodranoelEightynine: Do you speak Portuguese?12:00
EightynineThey were pretty good in Gnome but fonts in panel was not so good. And in LXDE and XFCE they are not so good at all. I'll try to install those extras12:00
EightynineNot at all. Only russian. But on russian channel people reply long12:01
bazhangEightynine, thats the very first thing you should install on a new ubuntu install12:01
EightynineThanks. What about my graphics card I'm planning to replace it with GT740. What can you say about this?12:02
bazhangEightynine, look online and see about ubuntu/linux support first, before buying any hardware at all12:02
BluesKajeilSeq, nvidia has fewer problems with linux drivers than amd/ati12:03
bazhangBluesKaj, what about that particular card,. he should websearch first12:03
BluesKajbazhang, you're right of course, but statement was a generalm observation12:04
BluesKajmy statement that is12:04
BluesKajsorry eilSeq , wrong nick12:05
Minus_i need some help: i'm trying to install ubuntu-desktop with personalization made with kickstart and debconf. In the debconf and kickstart file there is the initial user name and encrypted password, but when i install ubuntu 14.04 LTS, the program always ask me password12:10
Minus_i try to use my files with ubuntu-server, and everything is ok12:11
Minus_it's nos works with ubuntu-desktop12:11
Laylme again, so the story so far, trying to install ubuntu in dual boot on fastraid, did this so far: gparted to set up partitions -> install with manually setting the partitions in the installer -> ubuntu works but windows is gone from grub -> update ubuntu -> nothing works, grub starts into console -> run boot-repair -> now only windows boots and ubuntu gives "invalid magic number"12:12
Laylnot fastraid12:12
Laylcertainly not fastraid12:12
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Laylanyone got any tips on what to do from here to get ubuntu running again?12:14
=== odranoel is now known as gfodranoel
megapixelHow to restore userprofile after reinstall ubuntu?12:14
megapixelDont format /home12:14
megapixelnickname 1-112:14
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benniegroeten bennie ha  ha12:15
EightynineI'm here again.12:18
TesterHii all12:18
Minus_someone can help me for installing ubuntu-desktop 14.04 LTs with kickstart ou debconf. The probleme is that even the encrypt password is on the config file the interface ask me inital use name and his password. Thank you for your help12:18
EightynineHi Tester.12:18
Testeri am not getting side menu after doing startx12:19
EightynineWhat DE do you use?12:19
TesterEightynine: how to know that? well i am using ubuntu  14.0412:19
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=== gfodranoels is now known as gfodranoel
OerHeksTester, uh oh, startx is depreciated, it is "sudo service lightdm start "now12:20
EightynineIf you are using XFCE, try startxfce412:20
Testerno i am not using xface12:20
Testeri guess it is gnome12:20
TesterI am not sure12:20
EightynineI didn't know about that. Could this be a cause of "Can not connect to X Server"?12:21
TesterOerHeks: but previously it was working fine12:21
OerHeksTester, doubtfull.12:21
TesterNo x server connects fine12:21
Laylany information on how to fix the "invalid magic number, you need to load the kernel first" problem?12:21
EightynineI don't know how to check DE.12:21
TesterEightynine: as i do startx i get my wallpaper  but no launch bar (side menu)12:22
TesterOerHeks: is it gone after update?12:23
brainvvashTester: why don't you start the session via the login greeter?12:23
EightynineI think you're using either Gnome or Unity.12:24
Testeri got it by renaming ~/.config/dconf/user12:24
EightynineWhat about my graphics and font rendering issues and menu lags in MATE?12:24
SmothHi guys, I'd like to make a popular freeware application (teampseack3) easily avabile for ubuntu via a package, is there any way to do that whitout having to pay? Let's say I made a package that works the way flashplugin-installer does, that could fit into launchapd?12:25
brainvvashEightynine: did you ask in the MATE channel?12:25
OerHeksTester, login with tty2 ( ctrl alt F2) and 'rm -rf ~/.Xauthority'  and reboot. this might fix your issue that startx created.12:25
OerHeksSmoth, there is an reason why teamspeak does not provide packages in a PPA on launchpad, ask them why.12:28
OerHeksSmoth, probably because they do not give the sourcecode for review.12:28
SmothOerHeks: I'm curious12:28
SmothOerHeks: that's well known12:29
newbnewbanyone home?12:36
newbnewbi could use some help12:36
tewardnewbnewb: just ask your real question and address the channel12:37
IncredibleHighIQhow to list top 100 channels in x-chat?12:38
IncredibleHighIQor whatever client12:38
MonkeyDustnewbnewb  let's hear it12:38
newbnewbteward I don't use IRC much at all...does "address the channel" just mean ask in general or is their some etiquette?12:38
OerHeksIncredibleHighIQ, go into the menu: server: list of channels12:38
MonkeyDustIncredibleHighIQ  ask in #ubuntu-offtopic12:38
OerHeksIncredibleHighIQ, then select the number row, easy peasy12:38
LaylCould I get some help? My ubuntu partition fails to boot12:39
Laylit gives me "invalid magic number, you need to load the kernel first"12:39
LaylI've already run boot-repair, it got me from not showing anything in grub at all to this12:39
newbnewbok thanks....I just installed Ubuntu 14.04 and am trying to find a way to show all apps? I am using Unity...and it only show 5 or 6 apps....some like firefox are only on the dock...I googled but didn't see a working solution12:40
newbnewbim sorry for the ignorance but the unity icon top left...cant remember its name...when I click it I only see a few apps....show more doesn't show all12:40
OerHeksnewbnewb, open dash, and select the white "A" icon on the bottom12:40
badbodhlayl did you select one of the partitions to write mbr? during install that is...12:41
newbnewbah the software center?12:41
Laylbadbodh: I did, it wrote to the correct partition for my setup12:41
Laylwhich was /dev/mapper/somethingsomething_Volume0112:41
newbnewbis there a way to see them all in one click? when i open the dash it defaults to "applications"....but doesnt show all12:41
OerHeksnewbnewb, then see right top corner 'filter results' and click on that12:42
bijoo_Hi DPKG says oracle-java7 uninstalled ; but in fact it's installed manually in the right location; how can I make DPKG "aware" of that so it shows it's installed?12:42
badbodhlayl that isn't how it shows on the installer. There you choose sda,sdb etc for mbr12:42
badbodhis it a fresh install or old?12:42
newbnewbOerHeks I see that and Applications is selected in the filter12:42
Laylbadbodh, yea it doesn't for me because I've got a weird fakeraid setup12:42
Laylit's a fresh install on an next to an existing windows install12:42
newbnewbbut for some reason not all show12:43
OerHeks!java | bijoo_ read this page howto select your java version12:43
ubottubijoo_ read this page howto select your java version: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.12:43
Laylinstalling grub to /dev/sda will not boot into grub at all, installing to that one in mapper will boot to grub12:43
newbnewbHelp, thunderbird, videos, texteditor,calculator and rhythmbox are all that show....firefox and libreoffice are in the dock12:44
badbodhlayl oh, dunno much about fakeraid sorry12:44
LaylI can currently still choose and boot into windows, just the ubuntu install doesn't work12:44
LaylI do not think it is a problem with fakeraid anymore12:44
badbodhif your windows bootloader shows, it means grub wasn't installed correctly12:44
Laylno, windows shows in the grub menu12:44
Laylit doesn't immediately go to windows12:44
badbodhoh kk12:45
Laylas well, I've previously been able, after install, to boot into ubuntu12:45
Laylbut after running updates and restarting, it refused to boot anymore12:45
Laylit showed me a grub bash shell instead12:45
pikaciuLayl try installing grub from windows12:45
Laylso after running boot repair from a livecd, I'm now in this situation, where windows and ubuntu show in grub12:45
Laylbut ubuntu doesn't start12:45
sudomarizewhat does "sudo apt-get install -y" do?12:45
newbnewbwhen I open the dash it defaults with the Home icon highlighted at bottom and Applications the only category....but not all apps show despite selecting for it in the filter12:45
sudomarizethe "-y" part specifically12:46
ikoniasudomarize: nothing as you have not specified a package12:46
Laylpikaciu, I think grub is installed fine, it's starting up without issues12:46
ikonia -y is auto respond with "yes"12:46
sudomarizeikonia: thanks12:46
OerHekssudomarize, nothing without the name of a package ( -y will answer y on all questions)12:46
newbnewbcan someome help me in private? I am getting overwhelmed by the messages....new to this12:46
cryptic0I added a new path to a binary in /etc/environment, then logged out and back in, but the changes aren't taking effect.12:47
cryptic0Also tried source /etc/environment in vain12:47
badbodhlayl yeah grub is fine, but it cannot detect where your ubuntu root partition is12:47
MonkeyDustnewbnewb  if you go private and no solution is found, then you would have to start over, explaining everything12:47
bijoo_OerHeks: already ran  update-alternatives; thanks for suggestion, though issue's still there: how to make 'dpkg' aware of manually installed package12:47
Laylbadbodh, should I run an update-grub2 or won't that do much in this case?12:47
newbnewbok monkeydust....just hard to keep up...I am old and not good at this stuff12:48
badbodhLayl yeah do that see what error ,if any, it throws up12:48
pikaciuLayl recovery mode from grub ?12:48
badbodhalso try read this link if you haven't12:48
bijoo_I think I found the answer to question : http://askubuntu.com/questions/71510/how-do-i-create-a-ppa/493577#49357712:48
Laylbadbodh, what should I pass to update-grub2 to make it aware of where grub is installed to I don't think it's gonna grab it by default (had problems before)12:49
Laylpikaciu, recovery mode?12:49
pikaciuLayl you dont't have Advanced Options in grub ?12:50
Layloh right it's in there, I'll try that in a bit after running update-grub212:50
untakenI have a multi monitor setup, how can I invoke a keyboard shortcut to move to the left/right monitor? ie move the focus on my cursor12:50
badbodhpikaciu it won't matter, magic number problem means grub can't see ubuntu's root partition12:50
badbodhwon't boot anyway12:50
Laylif I select a different kernel version in that list it will give something other than invalid magic number btw12:51
badbodhLayl boot into usb/dvd and 'sudo grub-install /dev/-wherever you choose-'12:51
pikaciuLayl did you encrypt ?12:51
OerHeksbijoo_, i think you must read " How do I install Oracle JRE 7?" on that java page12:51
LaylI did not encrypt12:52
philinuxFirefox 37.0.1 on Ubuntu 14.10 maxing out cpu, anyone else getting this?12:52
Laylbadbodh, grub has already been reinstalled, this is the result of after an install of grub12:52
badbodhLayl: first run 'lsblk' or 'sudo blkid' in terminal to know how your hard drives are identified12:52
Laylboot repair did the reinstall12:52
badbodhbut maybe not in the right location12:52
Laylwhen it gave me the commands to copypaste it was in the right location and if it wasn't installed it wouldn't even show up on boot right?12:53
LaylI'm just wondering now what went wrong that an ubuntu update could wreck itself so badly12:54
badbodhLayl hmm, that's true. Just run update-grub from live usb then12:54
Laylif I had a backup drive large enough I would just dump the entire windows partition to it and revert my raid to 2 separate drives, one for each OS12:55
Laylbadbodh, update-grub2 shows "failed to get canonical path of /cow"12:56
badbodheh where did the /cow come from?12:57
Laylfrom the process of trying to get anything to show up in grub at all yesterday, I can already guess this will be a repeating issue12:57
pikaciufrom a farm12:57
LaylI  just ran "sudo update-grub2"12:57
Laylnot sure if I should have passed it anything12:57
Laylor chrooted into anything12:57
badbodhnormally ubuntu never needed to be chrooted, even the help page syas just update-grub12:59
badbodhchroot then12:59
Laylbadbodh: chroot the volume or the ubuntu partition?12:59
badbodhif you can't mount your root, that's a good news12:59
badbodhubuntu's root partition12:59
badbodhfirst mount it in /mnt13:00
Laylalright, just a moment while I do that with the gigantic name of it13:00
Laylbadbodh: I've chrooted it, now I'm gonna run update-grub2 again13:02
badbodhgood luck13:02
=== owner is now known as Guest88229
Layl"cannot find a device for /"13:02
bijoo_OerHeks: I ended up installing it your way; though wish I could have used manual one :( now have duplicate jdks on there; :)13:02
bijoo_OerHeks: thanks for your help and suggestion here.13:03
badbodhLayl what? how can it not find a device? you just mounted it...and chrooted to it13:03
Laylbadbodh, and there's nothing in /dev/mapper/ here13:03
Laylnot my volume, not my partitions13:04
Laylonly something called "control"13:04
pikaciuLayl if  you get realllllly despaired you can try , from win, Grub2Win.  once it helped me13:04
Laylbut it's not a grub problem is it?13:04
newbnewbhelp with the dash please? I am trying to make it so I can see all apps with one click....but it only shows 6 of them in the dash no matter how I filter13:04
badbodhlooks like your raid thingy is messing up13:04
Laylif this needs a reinstall of ubuntu I can do that13:04
badbodhbut try his method anyway13:04
Layluggh it will just take so much extra time13:04
badbodhwell you said it was a frsh install13:05
badbodhre-install, and this time observe what is getting updated13:06
Laylit's a lot of things though13:06
badbodhdid you use synaptic to upgrade/13:06
Laylit was updating for like 10 minutes13:06
LaylI just got a window pop up that said it was going to update13:06
badbodhoh, that is supposed to be the safe way13:06
liu_i am chinese13:06
Laylafter that update it just didn't boot anymore13:07
Laylagain, if I in the advanced menu in grub select an older kernel version to boot to, it doesn't show "invalid magic number" but something else13:07
badbodhwhat does it show?13:07
Laylkinda feels like it messed up a kernel update big time13:07
Laylgive me a moment to restart my PC and i'll take a look13:07
Laylbadbodh: "device-mapper; device lookup failed"13:09
badbodhcheck your bios, your raided drives are messing up13:10
Laylwhat should  I be checking for13:10
Laylthe raid status screen shows everything's alright13:11
badbodhdon't know, ubutu does have a nasty habit of changing hard disk settings in bios13:11
badbodhcheck those13:11
Laylwouldn't that also affect windows though13:11
Laylbecause windows still boots fine13:11
OerHekshuh ? " changing hard disk settings in bios" ?13:12
ofotowhen i right click i can only open file with archive manager , xarchiver , gdebi. ubuntu software center doesnt show itself even in full list of programs ,any ideas what to do ? i thought purge and reinstall but asking first seems better13:12
badbodhwindows 7 should, if it doesn't you can always change it back13:12
ofotoabout .deb files13:12
=== AlphaTech is now known as zz_AlphaTech
Laylbadbodh, no I mean if it has changed hard drive settings wouldn't that have already affected windows13:12
rainbowtuxHi all, small OT question: is there a good tutorial to build a system booting from squashfs?13:12
Laylas well I wouldn't know what to look for as I don't generally look into the bios13:13
hateballofoto: gdebi is used to install debs in the gui13:13
hateballofoto: if you are not installing them from a repository (software center)13:13
badbodhlayl if you are using win7, it will alwys work no matter how badly you mess up the bios :D13:13
OerHeksofoto, gdebi, or comandline sudo dpkg -i <package>.deb13:13
badbodhanyways forget about that, re-install buntu13:14
DerRaidenI've problem on my acer laptop, if i shutdown it doesn't turn off and the reboot doesn't go too, i tested with ubuntu gnome 14.10 and ubuntu-mate 15.04 does anyone know what the problem could be?13:14
Laylbadbodh, oh wait, I just found a stackoverflow ubuntu question about mounting the device13:14
Laylit says I need to manually mount /dev and such13:15
badbodhoh, do share the link13:15
ofotoi can use gdebi but i cant use software center for deb files anymore13:15
DerRaidencouple days ago i used antergos where it goes quite well13:15
Laylbadbodh, http://askubuntu.com/questions/82759/error-you-need-to-load-the-kernel-first-in-grub13:15
badbodhyou mounted the device before doing a chroot right?13:15
LaylI did not13:16
EriC^^Layl: are you reinstalling grub?13:16
LaylI mounted the partition13:16
Laylnot the dev thing13:16
LaylEriC^^, I don't even know13:16
EriC^^what's the problem?13:16
Layl"invalid magic number" when booting into ubuntu13:16
Laylwindows still boots fine13:16
Laylwell, except that fastboot is broken now in windows13:17
OerHeksofoto, if you double click the deb, softwarecenter will open, maybe it takes a minut to read the package, be patient13:17
dorelyohow do I make oneko cat run at starup? :D13:17
EriC^^Layl: did you try an older kernel?13:17
LaylEriC^^, I did try to select an older kernel in grub, it doesn't boot either though it seems to get further13:17
EriC^^what does it say?13:18
Layl"device-mapper; device lookup failed"13:18
Laylabridged version of the error13:18
Laylit's looking in /dev/sda2 as well it seems13:18
badbodhlayl you mount the partition before doing chroot, then the terminal will work as if you were in your original ubuntu root folder13:18
Laylwhich isn't correct since my raid setup's stuff is in /dev/mapper/13:18
ofotowhen i double click the deb file it open it with file archiver , like zip files , if i load software center and try to install from main menu , file->install is gray/unclickable13:19
badbodhlayl that's why update-grub didn't work13:19
Laylbadbodh, I did that13:19
OerHeksofoto, care to name us the deb / url ?13:19
EriC^^Layl: type sudo parted -l and pastebin it13:19
ofotoall deb files ,not just 113:19
LaylEriC^^, just a moment while I re-start the livecd again13:20
OerHeksofoto, 'all' is such a wide spread, so you don't want to say wich from where?13:20
ofotoget-dep repository13:21
LaylEriC^^, meanwhile some more information, after the update grub just entirely only showed a bash shell, only when I rain boot-repair it showed ubuntu and windows again in a list13:21
ofotosame for any .deb file i have ever downloaded , double click open archive manager13:21
OerHeksofoto, what is the error when you use comandline "sudo dpkg -i <package>.deb"13:22
ofotoi dont get any errors with dpkg13:22
newbnewbcan someone please help me in private? I am having a few probelms and cant get any answers13:23
OerHeksofoto, solved then.13:23
ofotojust the gui ubuntu software-center is not associated with deb files any more13:23
Layl-livedvdEriC^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10815776/13:24
EriC^^ofoto: right click > properties > open with, select software center and set as default13:24
OerHeksi think you want things too fast, softwarecenter is slow during reading a .deb you downloaded yourself13:24
OerHeksfirst you get the normal softwarecenter screen, and it kan take up minutes to read a deb, depending on the size13:25
ofotowhen i right click open with software center is not in the list , not even in full programs list13:25
=== Tsunami is now known as Guest89724
EriC^^Layl-livedvd: sudo mount /dev/mapper/isw_cbhbiideb_Volume01p3 /mnt13:25
Layl-livedvdEriC^^, alright I've done that13:26
newbnewbanyone please?13:27
marianne_hey guys... can a US resident please validate if StarzPlay opens to a log in screen for you?13:27
EriC^^Layl-livedvd: for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done13:27
Layl-livedvdEriC^^, done, no errors so far13:27
EriC^^Layl-livedvd: sudo chroot /mnt13:27
marianne_In chrome and in Firefox13:27
ofotowould purge and reinstalling software-center fix things or make them worse ?13:27
Layl-livedvdalright, still no errors13:27
EriC^^ofoto: try sudo apt-get install --reinstall software-properties-gtk13:28
roh_how to use metasploit13:28
EriC^^Layl-livedvd: apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade ( it'll update the kernel too and other packages .. )13:29
newbnewbim trying solutions posted in askubntu and google and nothing works...and nobody will answer me here....is there another resource?13:29
EriC^^Layl-livedvd: it could remove something to install something else so check what it says before you hit y if it matters13:29
Layl-livedvdseems like it's upgrading 12 things13:29
roh_how to use metasploit13:30
Layl-livedvdit's showing no removing things though13:30
Layl-livedvdalright it's done with that13:30
EriC^^ok, type update-initramfs -u -k all13:31
latteraso it looks like /boot is out of space... is there a way to clean /boot up?13:31
roh_how to convert mac address to ip address13:31
EriC^^lattera: remove old kernels13:31
newbnewbok im giving up on linux...always troubles...no answers work....nobody will help13:31
ofotoeric^^ nice i tried but still didnt get fixed !13:31
Layl-livedvdEriC^^, alright, it's done with that as well without any problems13:31
EriC^^ofoto: is it in /usr/share/applications ?13:32
OerHeksroh_, clearly you don't understand what mac adress is. and metasploit is not supported here.13:32
EriC^^Layl-livedvd: grub-install --recheck /dev/sda13:32
Layl-livedvdshould that be /dev/sda?13:32
EriC^^i think so13:32
hateballnewbnewb: Generally people don't like PM's, why not just state your question here?13:32
Layl-livedvdduring the install /dev/sda was the default it installed grub to, which didn't work, I had to reinstall to the Volume01 one instead13:32
EriC^^Layl-livedvd: try /dev/mapper/isw_cbhbiideb_Volume0113:33
Layl-livedvdalright, just a sec13:33
ofotoyea it shows up in there13:33
newbnewbthanks for not helping a brand new user.....who cant get things to work....I appreciate the helpful environment you assholes....I was excited to try again after a few false starts that always went like this..now I remember why.....13:33
newbnewblinux is a hassle and users wont help or teach new people13:33
OerHekssorry for answering you, newbnewb, good luck.13:33
Layl-livedvdEriC^^: "Installation finished, no error reported"13:33
EriC^^Layl-livedvd: ok, update-grub13:34
Layl-livedvdalso it said it installed for i386-pc platform, is that correct even though it's an x86_64 install13:34
newbnewboerheks you didnt13:34
Layl-livedvdalright, I've ran update-grub13:34
=== stefan2 is now known as Guest39862
newbnewbwhat you said didnt work then you just ignroed the rest13:34
newbnewbnobody will actually help13:34
EriC^^Layl-livedvd: ok, type exit and try rebooting13:34
newbnewbits the same in forums13:35
Layl-livedvdit found 2 linux images, 2 recovery linux images, win8 and win8 restore13:35
bazhangnewbnewb, I see no question from you at all13:35
Layl-livedvdalright gonna reboot now13:35
EriC^^Layl-livedvd: ok, great13:35
newbnewbbazhang I have asked several times13:35
bazhangnewbnewb, no name calling at here either13:35
trijntjenewbnewb: you have to be patient, and I find it helps not to call people assholes if you wnat help from them13:35
bazhangnewbnewb, so repeat it13:35
newbnewbnow I am having a new issue and again no solution in askubuntu or online works13:35
ofotowhat is the issue ?13:36
bazhangnewbnewb, say the exact issue, stop repeating that13:36
newbnewbtrinntje I asked alomst an hour ago...13:36
LaylEriC^^, thanks a lot for the help so far13:36
EriC^^Layl: no problem13:36
bazhangnewbnewb, that i s way outside people scroll abilities13:36
Laylbooting into ubuntu shows still "invalid magic number"13:36
bazhangnewbnewb, ask now13:36
newbnewbwell new issue is software center wont load....new install...I dont know CLI commands except to cut and paste13:36
newbnewbnone of the solutions online worked13:36
EriC^^Layl: does it mention anything else?13:37
ofotoim loading it from command line just type software-center13:37
newbnewbevery time I enter something an online solution says works I never get the same results13:37
LaylEriC^^: "you need to load the kernel first"13:37
bazhangnewbnewb, so what version of ubuntu is this, what are your system specs, how much ram, what cpu, what graphics card, which driver for that graphics card13:37
newbnewbi also have a hard time following IRC as its small and moves too fast....I am old and not as quick as you guys13:38
bazhangnewbnewb, I need all that info13:38
newbnewbif I could get help in private so I dont have to scan all text it would help13:38
bazhangnewbnewb, so scroll up one line, and it will slow waaaay down13:38
newbnewbsorry I am just really frsutrated and not good at this13:38
ofotopress the up button to find the msgs u put before13:38
bazhangnewbnewb, thats not the way it works here, ask your question in channel for all eyes to see and help13:39
bazhangnewbnewb, please answer the questions I put for you above13:39
LaylEriC^^, it can't go into recovery mode as well for that kernel version13:39
EriC^^Layl: i see13:39
LaylI can go into the other kernel and take a picture of the result13:40
bazhangnewbnewb, what cpu, what graphics card, how much ram, what version of ubuntu, I need all that info13:40
EriC^^Layl: ok13:40
Laylwoah what13:40
Laylsomething just happened13:40
LaylEriC^^, it still showed the error but now it's showing me a login13:41
Layla text one, not a graphical one13:41
EriC^^that's odd13:41
EriC^^in the normal ubuntu?13:41
LaylEriC^^: yes in normal ubuntu but an older kernel version13:42
EriC^^ok, try logging in13:42
=== administrator is now known as Guest6934
ralph4100I'm running 14.04 and Chrome is highly unstable - shockwave crashes like once every 30 minutes. Seems to be especially unstable on this machine but pretty bad on others I have as well. Any thoughts on whether this is common?13:42
LaylEriC^^, it let met log into my account that I set up during install13:42
ralph4100I'm using Opera at the moment because of this, however I really want to have vim bindings (I use Vimium on Chrome) and there doesn't seem to be anything for Opera.13:43
EriC^^Layl: ok, type sudo service lightdm restart13:43
Laylit says it can't start userservice though13:43
Laylsidenote, I'm running the gnome install of ubuntu13:43
EriC^^Layl: is this a fresh install?13:43
ralph4100What I really am asking is - is Chrome horrible on ubuntu/linux for everyone else - or is there something I'm doing wrong?13:43
EriC^^first boot?13:43
LaylEriC^^, it's second boot, first boot I only did an update13:43
newbnewbbazhang I cant keep up....too much here to follow13:43
bazhangnewbnewb, what amount of ram13:44
EriC^^ralph4100: it's alright, though i haven't had firefox crash in a while on youtube, so i've haven't used chrome in a while13:44
LaylEriC^^: it says unrecognized service13:44
ofotochrome is very smooth for me13:44
bazhangnewbnewb, what graphics card13:44
EriC^^Layl: ok type sudo service gdm restart13:44
newbnewbim going to try and get on irc from that laptop...I am not using it to be here in irc13:45
newbnewbgive me a few min13:45
LaylEriC^^, it's showing me a graphical login now13:45
ralph4100is there a difference in stability between Chrome and Chromium? haven't used Chromium enough to find out how well it works13:45
Laylthis is exciting, one step further to a soluton!13:45
EriC^^Layl: what was updated earlier?13:47
EriC^^type less /var/log/apt/history.log13:47
LaylEriC^^, it just gave me a window pop up that it wanted to update and I let it do that13:47
bazhangralph4100, try it and see13:47
Laylit updated a lot of stuff so I can't easily give a list13:47
LaylEriC^^, should I login and open up a terminal to add that?13:47
EriC^^Layl: yeah13:47
EriC^^Layl: also look in /var/log/gdm or something similar for the gdm logs, it might say why it's not starting13:48
LaylEriC^^: I've typed less /var/log/apt/history/log13:48
Laylit's showing me a lot of stuff13:49
Sagari am using ubuntu 14.04 and host my dns over cloudflare13:49
LaylI could pastebin the entire file if you want13:49
Sagarhow can i whitelist cloudflare all ips so that i wouldn't get 522 errors13:49
bazhangSagar, try in ##networking13:50
newbnewbcan the person who was PMing me please write me in private again? I cant seem to find them on list13:50
newbnewbi know I am not good at this stuff and am sorry if its frustrating13:51
bazhangnewbnewb, what version of ubuntu are you on13:51
Layl-UbuntuEriC^^, here's the entire log http://paste.ubuntu.com/10815944/13:51
Sagarbazhang ok13:51
bazhangnewbnewb, is this ubuntu, or ubuntu-based, like MINT13:51
newbnewbinstalled today13:51
newbnewbi tried many commands from google for this problem...nothing worked13:52
bazhangnewbnewb, full ubuntu, or lubuntu, kubuntu, xubuntu13:52
bazhangnewbnewb, whats the graphics card for that, hold old is the machine13:52
newbnewbIntel 945gm x86/mmx/sse2...not sure how old....prob from 2007 or so?13:53
bazhangnewbnewb, the specs on that system mean yes, the full ubuntu is going to be very slow13:54
newbnewbbazhang would you please PM me? Its really hard for me to keep up....too much info passing constatnly13:54
Layl-Ubuntuuh oh eric timed out13:55
bazhangnewbnewb, thus the problem with different things loading, like the software center13:55
bazhangnewbnewb, try the package lubuntu-desktop , install , then logout and log in again13:55
newbnewbi dont know how....according to the specs this should work13:56
newbnewbi just need someone to guide me13:56
newbnewbnot give me vague info13:56
newbnewbi need PM but for some reason nobody will do this13:56
bazhangnewbnewb, I just told you the exact package to install, there is nothing even remotely vague about that13:56
newbnewband I dont know HOW to isntall a package13:56
newbnewbas the software center wont load13:57
newbnewbi am VERY new to this....people are too advanced with their instructions13:57
bazhangnewbnewb, then I will tell you exactly the command you need to put13:57
bazhangnewbnewb, you can simply copy what you see here into a term and it will be installed'13:57
newbnewbI dont want to install lubuntu....ubuntu should work13:57
newbnewbaccording to the specs13:58
newbnewband otehrs have this problem according to google13:58
newbnewbits not my laptops age13:58
bazhangnewbnewb, that is going to be a very slow experience with that graphics card and that amount of ram on a nearly ten year old laptop13:58
newbnewbits not slow....its not loading at all....and google and ask ubuntu says other have this issue13:59
newbnewbbut the solutions there dont fix it13:59
newbnewbother parts of the OS work....just the software center is broken13:59
bazhangnewbnewb, this is troubleshooting basics, we need you to try some things, give some info to proceed13:59
newbnewbwhen I type in to reinstall it it says packages not available etc13:59
newbnewbhow do I cut and paste from terminal to here?14:00
=== bfiller is now known as bfiller_meeting
newbnewbeven basic things like this dont work like I know and its frustrating me14:00
bazhangif you wont try even the most basic of troubleshooting steps newbnewb then no resolution of your issues will happen14:00
=== tcpman is now known as Guest74692
hateballnewbnewb: you can use ctrl+shift+c or v to copy/paste in/from a terminal, as opposed to ctrl+shift in a regular gui app14:01
newbnewbbazhang I am trying...and have tried...my questions aren't directly answered....I need one on one help14:01
newbnewbthanks hateball14:01
hateballnewbnewb: Or you can mark the text with the mouse, rightclick and choose copy/paste as well14:01
k1lnewbnewb: ask a specific question, get a specific answer if someone knows it.14:01
newbnewbirc is overhwlming me as welll since its too many people talking....I am old and slow14:01
hateball!who | newbnewb, that's why hilighting is helpful14:02
ubottunewbnewb, that's why hilighting is helpful: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)14:02
k1lnewbnewb: if you cant handle irc use ubuntuforums, askubuntu, discourse or mailinglists.14:02
newbnewbkll i tried those and none of their answers worked14:03
newbnewband you wait days and then it still doesnt work14:03
newbnewband I see others with same problems and no solutions....or it works for some and not others14:03
newbnewbi just need someone to PM me and walk me through14:03
k1lnewbnewb: please stick to specific technical issues in here.14:03
newbnewbnot sure why nobody will14:03
bazhangnewbnewb, show us the exact things / guides / fixes you have tried14:03
k1l!pm | newbnewb14:03
ubottunewbnewb: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.14:03
yaclmHello! If bekks is here: Here is the top output (http://paste.debian.net/166536/) you asked for yesterdas (Laggin input/mouse/everything after startup for up to 1 minuta, could not figure out what causes that much load. htop shows 50% kernel load but no explicit service)14:04
Layl-Ubuntuso uh, can someone take over from Eric^^ with helping me? He seems to have been disconnected14:05
newbnewbok starting simple can I enlarge the irc typing box? everything it too mall14:05
ofotoi fixed my problem with .deb , it seemed that because im running kwin oner xfce i had to go to kde? systemsettings and change/add the association there and relogin14:05
newbnewband I dont know the commans here14:05
bazhangnewbnewb, what irc client is that14:05
newbnewbfreenode in webbriwser14:05
Layl-Ubuntunewbnewb, if you are using webirc (irc in a web browser) you can control-scroll to zoom14:05
Layl-Ubuntuso it seems ubuntu perhaps has messed up a kernel update? I'm not sure what's going on here14:07
alkisgLayl-Ubuntu: I just came, what's the issue?14:07
alkisgA chroot kernel upgrade failed?14:07
newbnewbi just cant follow here14:07
Layl-Ubuntualkisg, it's a long story in a painful 8 hours (not including sleep break) install of dual boot ubuntu14:07
kaatuwhen i try to install ntop from ubuntu software center it gets stuck , can some one help to restart the ubuntu software center14:07
ofotonewbnewb did u have internet updates on during the installation progress ?14:07
newbnewbit moves too fast and things are gone before I can cut and psate ans answer...and I cant scroll easy14:07
newbnewbits just all too hard...14:08
Layl-Ubuntucurrently I'm booted into ubuntu with gnome on an older version of the kernel14:08
newbnewbthanks anyway14:08
Layl-Ubuntuin grub, picking the newer version (or the default non-advanced option) gives me "invalid magic number"14:08
alkisgLayl-Ubuntu: so basically you have abroken dual-boot and you want to fix it?14:08
Layl-Ubuntuyea, but, this is a pretty much clean install14:08
kaatuwhen i try to install ntop from ubuntu software center it gets stuck , can some one help to restart the ubuntu software center14:08
Layl-Ubuntuubuntu first time did boot14:08
Layl-Ubuntubut after it updated it did not anymore14:08
kaatuwhen i try to install ntop from ubuntu software center it gets stuck , can some one help to restart the ubuntu software center kindly some one help14:08
Layl-Ubuntunow it boots again but only in the old kernel version14:09
Layl-Ubuntuand it doesn't start dgm by default14:09
alkisgLayl-Ubuntu: I can look with vnc if you want (I'm a sysadmin, it'll just take too long via irc..) - sudo apt-get install x11vnc; x11vnc -connect srv1-dide.ioa.sch.gr14:09
Layl-Ubuntualkisg: as well, after the ubuntu update, it didn't show anything in grub anymore, I had to run the boot-repair tool to get anything back14:09
yaclmHello! My laptop lags after startup and there is a huge delay for mouse and keyboard inputs. htop shows 50% cpu load (kernel) but doesn't show which command causes this huge load. any hints, keywords, solutions? (top output: http://paste.debian.net/166536/)14:10
alkisgI've seen boot-repair mess up things numerous times...14:10
kaatuwhen i try to install ntop from ubuntu software center it gets stuck , can some one help to restart the ubuntu software center kindly some one help14:10
Laylalkisg: I'm still here from my laptop14:11
Laylalkisg, keep in mind, this is a fakeraid setup14:11
alkisgLayl: ah, dual boot with windows, not with another ubuntu, right?14:11
Laylalkisg, /dev/something isn't the hard drive, it's /dev/mapper/something_Volume0114:11
Laylalkisg, it's dual boot with windows yea14:11
Laylalkisg, as well, grub repeatively has shown me someting with i386 dispite this being a x86_64 install14:12
Laylalkisg, there /dev/sda won't work, the initial install was with that it just booted to windows14:13
alkisgLayl: you're not using efi, are you?14:13
Laylalkisg, as far as I know my motherboard doesn't support efi14:13
LaylI recall when I did some kernel programming that I checked that as an option and it wasn't available14:13
Laylalkisg, keep in mind this is booted from my install, not from a livecd14:14
Laylalkisg: p1 and p2 are windows, p3 is ubuntu p4 is swap14:14
alkisgLayl: wait, you said you were having boot issues, and it wasn't booting into X, but now I'm seeing it booted in X?14:16
Laylalkisg, it doesn't boot with the default option in grub, but it does with the older kernel version14:16
Laylhowever it does show errors on booting14:16
Layland it won't start gdm by default14:16
alkisgLayl, I'm not seeing any errors that way, you'd have to reboot with a live cd, so that I can install kvm there, and then boot the disk in a VM to see the boot process...14:22
alkisg...I'm not sure if it's worth it for a new installation though14:22
Laylalkisg, I'll reboot into the live CD, would just re-installing be faster?14:23
LaylI'm afraid that it will just give the same problem again though14:23
alkisgLayl, I guess so, and if you see that it's a kernel regression, you'd just report it to launchpad..14:23
alkisgYou can also test without RAID14:23
Laylalkisg, alright gonna reboot into liveCD now14:23
Laylalkisg, if I could disable my raid and not loose all my data on my windows machine that would be very nice14:24
Laylbecause that one isn't a clean install14:24
alkisgLayl: it's a software raid, which means that you can use the ubuntu partitions without a raid there14:24
alkisgI.e. have raid in windows, no raid in ubuntu14:24
Laylalkisg, it's not software raid though, it's fakeraid14:24
DerRaidenI've problem on my acer laptop, if i shutdown it doesn't turn off and the reboot doesn't go too, i tested with ubuntu gnome 14.10 and ubuntu-mate 15.04 does anyone know what the problem could be? i'd tried acpi=off noapic and so on14:25
alkisgLayl, doesn't gparted see the partitions normally and allow you to format them individually?14:25
Laylalkisg, nope it shows it as one big drive14:25
r_riosI just installed chromium in Ubuntu 14.10 and it's crashing when I browse GMail and G+. Anyone else experiencing the same problem?14:26
alkisgwhen you run gparted /dev/sda it shows the dev/mapper instead?14:26
Layloh, I just run the gui for gparted14:26
alkisgLayl: btw, you might want to prefer 14.04 instead of 14.10, because it's LTS14:26
Laylalkisg, I don't know, I tend to run a lot of very up to date stuff to get development tools working14:26
alkisgAnd it might happen that you don't get the regression there14:26
alkisgMore people maintain PPAs for LTS releases than for non-LTS ones14:27
TinoDidriksenWhere do I best report an X crash bug that's happening on 14.04 LTS with lts-utopic xorg and kernel installed? Somewhere on Launchpad or directly to Freedesktop?14:27
alkisgLayl: in any case, 15.04 would be better than 14.10, no?14:27
Laylalkisg, 15.04? I thought LTS was 14.0414:28
alkisgLayl: yes, I suggest 14.04 first, 15.04 second, 14.10 third14:28
Laylmight want to go for 15.04 then, is there a gnome installer for that?14:28
alkisgLike, ubuntu-gnome? Or just Unity?14:29
alkisgI believe so, google a bit14:29
Laylalkisg, I'm seeing an iso though it's marked "beta 1"14:30
alkisgIt's 10 days before release, get the last daily build one14:30
alkisgLayl:  http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-gnome/daily-live/current/14:31
Laylalkisg, yep just found that as well14:31
Laylalright the livecd is started14:31
Laylgive me a moment to start up irc and terminal again14:31
designbybeck_What does get stand for in apt-get ? I can't seem to find anything on that14:31
=== compdoc_ is now known as compdoc
k1ldesignbybeck_: its a program name. like" what does "beck" stand for in your nickname" :)14:32
Layl-Ubuntualright, got it all running here14:33
designbybeck_ha...figured as much k1l14:33
ioriaapt is advanced package tool  , get could mean 'activate'14:33
Layl-Ubuntualkisg, could you give me the line again to remote in?14:34
designbybeck_yeah ioria I knew what apt stood for, but I couldn't find anything on "get"14:34
alkisgLayl-Ubuntu: aren't you going to do the clean install?14:34
Layl-Ubuntuwell I could do that as well14:34
k1lapt, apt-get and apt-cache are frontends for the libraries used14:34
Layl-Ubuntuit's probably gonna trash all over the grub entry for windows again though14:34
alkisgupdate-manager => options => enable universe; apt-get update; apt-get install x11vnc; x11vnc -connect srv1-dide.ioa.sch.gr14:34
Layl-Ubuntualkisg, huh that line is opening up a window asking me to do updates14:36
alkisgthere's an options button somewhere there14:36
alkisgLayl-Ubuntu: ah, software-properties-gtk will also do :)14:36
Layl-Ubuntualkisg: what do you mean?14:37
alkisgInstead of running update-manager and clicking on settings, you can enable the universe repository from software-properties-gtk14:37
Layl-Ubuntuah nevermind I misunderstood that line, I see the settings now14:37
Layl-Ubuntualkisg: I'm not sure how I can enable universe in the settings, it's not giving me a checkmark next to universe14:39
geirhacodepython777: You should get your connection fixed14:39
alkisgLayl-Ubuntu: can't help there without seeing your screen, maybe you can directly put the line in sources.list... google a bit about "enable universe ubuntu"14:40
Laylalkisg, ran the line without enabling universe14:40
alkisgLayl, ah, you have an ubuntu-gnome live cd, which already has universe enabled :)14:40
ioriadesignbybeck_, maybe is related to get or wget used by apt for searching package and other stuff14:44
designbybeck_ahh ioria I knew of wget, maybe so... Not a big deal, I just always wondered where that came from14:45
alkisgLayl, so, in kvm it boots with the latest kernel14:45
alkisgNo gdm there though14:45
alkisgI think you should try with 14.04 or 15.04, so that you don't debug already resolved issues...14:46
LaylI'll try with 15.0414:46
Layljust to make sure it won't try to re-install a kernel again14:46
danbower^worki've just executed some debug code on the cli and there's an outrageous amount of text. cli won't respond to a ctrl-c. is it possible to kill it from another tmux window?14:46
alkisgLayl, if you want, you can remove raid members from there, format them etc14:48
alkisgOr you can keep using raid, whatever you like14:48
Laylalkisg, can I from here safely install ubuntu to non-raid?14:49
Laylby creating new partitions for it14:49
alkisgIf you remove raid members correctly, yes14:49
Laylthen installing grub to /dev/sda?14:49
alkisgBut if you just go ahead and format them, you'll have issues...14:49
alkisgYes you can install grub to both /dev/sda and /dev/sdb if you want14:49
Laylhm, so I'm not quite sure what to do here then, what's the correct way to add/remove stuff here then?14:50
alkisgLayl, if you're not very experienced with raid just leave it as it is, it's fine14:51
Laylalright then, should I format the partitions to allow ubuntu to install to them?14:51
LaylI recall it being said that the installer doesn't like fakeraid setups and formatting from there won't work14:52
alkisgLayl, I'm not sure how the installer copes with raid nowadays, but you should be able to use mdadm, gparted etc14:53
Agent86Hi all14:54
Agent86how can I get a status of avconv to use in a progress bar14:54
Laylalkisg, I'll re-do how I formatted the partitions before, could you watch along to see if I'm doing it right?14:54
Laylmeanwhile on my laptop I'm burning a dvd with 15.0414:54
Agent86in other words avcon starts converting and I want to know the progress in percent14:55
r_riosIt's a segmentation fault14:55
alkisgLayl, I don't have *that* much free time, but if the problem persists after installing 15.04, I could have a look then14:55
Agent86does avcon have something or perhaps a python subsystem14:55
LaylI'll just stay a bit in this chat then while I do the install of 15.04 and see if it works14:56
Laylalkisg, one last question for that install, should I be installing grub to Volume01 or /dev/sda when I'm using raid?14:56
alkisgLayl, I'm not sure about fakeraid, on software raid I had to install it to /dev/sda14:57
alkisgSince it worked with dev/mapper, use that now too14:57
Laylpreviously on fakeraid, it didn't work to /dev/sda, so I think it's gonna have to be Volume01 then14:57
r_riosHere's the segfault when I try to open GMail: http://pastebin.com/wstymUm414:57
ioriaAgent86, this is for ffmpeg but maybe you can adapt for avconv : https://gist.github.com/pruperting/39750914:58
Laylalkisg, thanks a lot for the help and patience with this problem14:58
alkisgYou're welcome Layl, although I couldn't help much other than the advice for reinstallation :)14:59
azizLIGHTis there a gui tool to manage user groups on 14.0415:01
=== ubuntu is now known as lisak
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pbxazizLIGHT, nothing built in15:03
OerHeksazizLIGHT, not standard, sudo apt-get gnome-system-tools >> http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2014/05/install-users-groups-management-tool-ubuntu1404/15:03
lisakhi, after ubuntu-server 14.04 installation, it boots up but due to a video card problem it doesn't enter login15:03
azizLIGHThm ok15:04
lisakis it possible to disable it somehow? I don't even need it, I'll use ssh only15:04
azizLIGHThow do i tell what groups currently exist15:04
geniiazizLIGHT: Whatever's in /etc/group are all the groups15:05
OerHeksazizLIGHT, type terminal 'groups' and you see what group you are in15:05
yorwos15.04 is only as beta out yes ?15:05
OerHeksor that tool users&groups maybe??15:06
OerHeksyorwos, beta2 yes15:06
yorwosi wonder if upgrade will be ok or if clean install will be preffered again heh15:07
Agent86yikes that a bit complex to calc percentage of work done15:07
OerHeksyorwos, when you upgrade, download the iso first and put it on usb. That is where i start with.15:08
Agent86what vid card do you have ?15:08
Agent86if you have GTX 970 / 980 then I believe you need upgraded version of cuda15:09
Agent86interesting avconv seems to have a -stats option but I'm not sure how to use it15:12
pavlosAgent86, https://libav.org/avconv.html ... -stats ... print encoding progress/statistics, On by default15:15
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Agent86on by default I see that, and it does print to screen but I want to use this info from stats to create a python ttk.Progressbar15:16
Agent86I just need calculations so not sure how to create a -stats variable to capture info from the console to a python variable15:16
Agent86although the encoding progress is strange in avconv it does not really show any percentage as you would think it's more of a bytes/s etc.15:17
Laylthe ubuntu installer does not instantly die on trying to install the first time, this is a good improvement over previous attempts15:18
Laylfor good measure, should I manually run update-grub from ubuntu before restarting after installing updates?15:19
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Sohail-AhmedI have a trouble remove a package using apt-get purge. http://pastebin.com/P1xTLYg715:26
geirhaSohail-Ahmed: What does this say?  dpkg -S /usr/local/bin/doconce15:27
Laylthe moment of truth, does it still boot15:27
Sohail-Ahmedgeirha: it says 'no path found matching pattern /usr/local/bin/doconce.'15:28
geirhaSohail-Ahmed: then it's not installed via a deb package, and cannot be uninstalled with apt15:28
=== _digitsm is now known as digitsm
Sohail-Ahmedgeirha: yes I installed it via sudo python setup.py install15:29
geirhaSohail-Ahmed: Then it might not be easy to uninstall15:30
Sohail-Ahmedgeirha: and python setup.py uninstall does not work either15:30
Sohail-Ahmedgeirha: any suggestions?15:30
LaylAlright, alkisg it seems to boot fine now15:31
geirhaSohail-Ahmed: http://askubuntu.com/q/38692/901615:31
OerHeksSohail-Ahmed, did you get it from here ? https://github.com/hplgit/doconce15:31
threecatstwodogsdoes ulimit -n not work anymore ?15:31
OerHeksmaybe they have an uninstall.py too15:31
threecatstwodogssysctl fs.file-max returns different to ulimit -n15:31
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Laylwell that only took 18 hours including a sleep break15:33
LaylI consider that a net win over the last time I tried to install debian15:34
EriC^^Layl: hey, sorry i got dc did you solve the problem?15:34
pavlosthreecatstwodogs, http://serverfault.com/questions/122679/how-do-ulimit-n-and-proc-sys-fs-file-max-differ15:34
LaylEriC^^, yep what solved the issue was format and install 15.04 instead15:34
EriC^^hehe :D15:34
Laylwhich does not make a kernel update so there's no way for grub to get confused to hell and back15:35
kolbei have an Ubuntu 14.04 VM with a x86_64 CPU. i added a repository that has a Release file with "Architectures: amd64". when i do ''apt-get update'', the repo i added causes this message: "Unable to find expected entry 'main/binary-i386/Packages' in Release file (Wrong sources.list entry or malformed file)". i'm told this is because of "multiarch support". is it configurable?15:35
Laylnow I can finally do the #1 goal I wanted gnome grub for, to have a material design theme15:35
Laylso worth it15:35
Layloh, one question, I've got an nvidia card, should I install drivers from the nvidia website before that will work right15:36
Laylit's a pretty recent card15:36
Laylwas state of the art when I bought it15:36
EriC^^Layl: no idea, i have ati myself but the open source seem to run cooler and ok15:36
EriC^^are you going to game on it?15:36
Laylonly with the games that run15:37
LaylI kept my windows install just for games15:37
Laylalso for tools that only work on windows *shakes fist in the general direction of valve's hamer*15:37
GoClickHow can I get the system to upgrade packages without bumping the minor version? So I’m using Foo 2.7.3 and Foo 2.7.4 is out but so is 2.8.3 and I know the 2.8 branch is massively incompatible with other software I’m using?15:37
OerHekskolbe, maybe you have 32 bit ubuntu in your vm , check your current kernel > uname -a15:38
EriC^^Layl: might be worth checking out the nvidia drivers if you're going to game15:38
kolbeOerHeks: uname -a shows x86_6415:38
OerHekskolbe, oke, what repo ?15:39
EriC^^Layl: sometimes it's a hassle though and could break stuff, i tried latest ati was a pita to remove, nvidia might be easier though15:39
kolbeOerHeks: it's one that someone in my company created (i'm testing it and i found this problem)15:39
OerHekskolbe, good test.15:40
OerHekskolbe, they need to build the 64 bit version then15:40
threecatstwodogshow would i tell if i was running out of tcp/ip connections or file descriptors15:40
kolbeOerHeks: the 64 bit version already exists. the message given by apt-get is "Unable to find expected entry 'main/binary-i386/Packages'"15:40
threecatstwodogsI'm locking up a webserver that has almost zero load15:41
kolbeOerHeks: for some reason my 64-bit Ubuntu installation is complaining when it can't find a repository for 32-bit packages15:41
aikidoukedoes anyone know what group is responsible for composing daily-builds and releases for ubuntu?15:42
SiegeXCan I use both cron and anacron together? I have a task that I want to run at a specific time and it's on a 24/7 VPS15:42
OerHekskolbe, not really an error from ubuntu's side, that repo sucks.15:43
kolbeOerHeks: that's fine. i'm asking why the OS is looking for packages for an architecture other than the one used by its kernel.15:43
kolbeOerHeks: i understand there's a problem with the repo, and i'm going to try to get it fixed, but i'm trying to get some additional information and learn a bit about Ubuntu in the meantime.15:44
qiyexuejiunaimy first try15:46
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OerHekskolbe, for instance, if that repo gives a list with packages:i386 and there has been a change, only with i386 packages and they build them fresh, the x86-64 part will surely find only older/depreciated/removed versions.15:46
asad2005I bought a new 4TB hard disk which i plan to use as data drive, what file system should i use and should i make single or more than one partition. I am using ubuntu 15.04 beta15:46
daftykinsqiyexuejiunai: yes? ask a support question if you have one15:46
=== gs is now known as plk
kolbeOerHeks: there are no i386 packages at all for this product, so i don't see that being a problem.15:46
EriC^^asad2005: do you plan to use it with ubuntu only or windows too?15:46
=== plk is now known as peppelakappa
qiyexuejiunaiCan I speak Chinese15:47
peppelakappahello there, anyone using iris graphics on his ubuntu laptop?15:47
EriC^^qiyexuejiunai: /join #ubuntu-cn15:47
kolbeOerHeks: i don't *care* if there are i386 packages available, because i don't want to install them on my x86_64 VM. if I don't care about the i386 packages, why does Ubuntu care about them?15:47
flipapyis this channel ok to ask about ubuntu server?15:48
asad2005EriC^^: Ubuntu only15:48
daftykins#ubuntu-server is even better15:48
EriC^^asad2005: use ext415:48
flipapythnks daftykins15:48
peppelakappai'm experiencing a big, strange problem with CPU usage, and my graphics performances are really bad15:48
kinslayerI cant use a headset on my ubuntu laptop, it only wants to send sound to my external hdmi screen any suggestions15:49
asad2005EriC^^: and should i maek multi partitions15:49
daftykinspeppelakappa: what version?15:49
EriC^^asad2005: up to you, theoretically, if one system gets corrupted you'd still have data15:49
peppelakappadaftykins, basically every version since 14.0415:49
peppelakappaa core is stuck at 70% usage, even when doing absolutely anything15:49
daftykinspeppelakappa: including? so all kernels 3.13+ ?15:50
peppelakappadaftykins, the problem appears to be existing since 3.14 kernel15:50
twokayevenin all....got a small problem with executables being run from the shell... http://paste.ubuntu.com/10816653/ Any ideas on why even if its in my path it cant be found and is looking in an old location (I removed the package ruby and compiled my own)15:50
daftykinspeppelakappa: so 3.13 is fine? :P15:51
peppelakappadaftykins, yeah15:51
daftykinsso the solution sounds like to run 14.04 to me.15:51
peppelakappai'm using a retina mbp so having latest kernel releases is a must15:51
daftykinsoh a mac - ok that changes everything entirely15:51
daftykinswait for 15.04 to go final then15:51
EriC^^twokay: type ls -l `which ruby`15:52
yorwospeppe , i dont know , one time i was running @folding , all my cpus at 100% , i had closed the program it didnt show in task manager but it was obviously running15:52
EriC^^twokay: maybe the symlink is broken15:52
peppelakappathis is why I asked if someone have this problem too: i'm on  15.05 daily and the problem persists :-/15:52
peppelakappayorwos, heh, there's no process eating cpu, even perf top says nothing15:52
twokayEriC^^: -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 138093 Apr 13 16:01 /usr/local/bin/ruby15:53
EriC^^twokay: what happens when you type /usr/local/bin/ruby15:53
twokayit works.15:53
daftykinspeppelakappa: ok well 15.04 talk is in #ubuntu+115:53
twokayam I beig daft or is this odd?15:53
OerHekspeppelakappa, only one core, 70% ? is that bad?15:53
peppelakappadaftykins, joining, ty15:54
yorwosi mean @folding was still running but it didnt show in task manager , higher cpu usage was 3% while the xfce cpu graph plugin showed it at full 100%15:54
peppelakappaOerHeks, it's really bad considering that's a notebook after all15:54
EriC^^twokay: no, it's pretty odd15:54
peppelakappaand for example, framerate on cs:go is awful probably because of this15:54
twokaythought so...Im not a linux newbie really. Feels like it tho :)15:54
EriC^^twokay: are there any aliases? try alias15:54
twokayunless its a symlink...yeah thats it.one sec15:55
twokayEriC^^: nope no mention of it15:55
twokayEriC^^: symlink in another location onthe path pointing to the old version? a locate doesnt find it nor does a find.15:56
daftykinspeppelakappa: tried a non-unity desktop?15:56
EriC^^twokay: which returns that so when you type ruby it should run it15:56
peppelakappadaftykins, running i315:56
EriC^^unless there's an alias15:56
yorwosyesterday i was stuck at 30% also for no-reason , but i rebooted and it was fixed15:56
daftykinspeppelakappa: i take it you've experimented to rule that out?15:57
=== fitpixel is now known as cassandroid
peppelakappadaftykins, tried any combination: i3 w/compton and without, unity, fluxbox. It isn't related to this15:57
twokayEriC^^: yeah me too....Ill figure it out. Ive checked the obvious so Ive missed something obviously. Thanks for the help.15:57
EriC^^twokay: ah wait15:57
peppelakappamaybe a driver issue, because with nomodeset, no problem15:57
twokayEriC^^: ...waiting :)15:58
daftykinspeppelakappa: ah well. i'd ask further but can't support 15.04 in here15:58
EriC^^which says it's in /usr/local/bin , but bash complains about /usr/bin15:58
peppelakappathis strange bug is the only thing preventing me from using linux on this machine... argh15:58
EriC^^twokay: are you on ubuntu?15:59
EriC^^twokay: feels like arch or something15:59
twokayEriC^^: yeah thats the odd bit... /usr/bin/ruby doesnt exist. Ubuntu 14.0415:59
EriC^^twokay: type dpkg -L ruby | grep bin16:00
anmolheyyyyyyyyyyy fuck off16:00
twokayEriC^^: dpkg-query: package 'ruby' is not installed (as expect I removed the old package and compiled my own ruby)16:00
EriC^^anmol: nice16:00
anmolubuntu uckubuntu16:01
peppelakappaoh well16:02
EriC^^twokay: ok, you could probably fix it by doing sudo ln -s /usr/bin/ruby /usr/local/bin/ruby16:02
daftykins!ops | anmol16:02
ubottuanmol: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang16:02
EriC^^twokay: no idea why it's doing that though16:02
anmolfeeling lonely16:03
newbnewbIve installed Unbuntu 14.04 twice now....both times the software center will not work from the beginning....if I use "sudo apt-get purge software-center" I get16:03
=== gammax90 is now known as gammax
newbnewbReading package lists... Error! E: Read error - read (5: Input/output error) E: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.16:03
anmolerror 20816:03
newbnewbi tried remove as well and get same command16:03
newbnewbsame output I mean16:03
EriC^^newbnewb: did you checksum the iso?16:04
daftykinsnewbnewb: sounds like your installation or install media are damaged - or the hard disk you're installing to is faulty16:04
geniianmol: Still no reason to spam profanity into the support channel.16:04
newbnewbi dont know how to do that ericC....I am a grumpy old man who is barely keeping up and often not16:04
EriC^^newbnewb: do you still have the iso you downloaded?16:04
geniianmol: This channel is to assist Ubuntu users. If you don't have a support question about Ubuntu, or if you're not assisting a user, don't spam the channel16:05
newbnewbactually no....it was on the previous install and I foolishly didnt save it....all I have is the bootable usb...16:05
newbnewbmy internet is 1mbs so it takes hours to get an iso16:05
anmolpls anyone help me its emergency!16:05
EriC^^newbnewb: ok mount the bootable usb, and open a terminal16:06
twokayEriC^^: Got it....and Ive got no idea how...but I accidently closed my shell down...relogged in and it works. So just out of interest that seems like once I uninstalled the package some realitime config was left behind but what could that be? Its quite important really because we will be mass installing servers and this could cause problems.16:06
newbnewbok....be patient with me as I am slow16:06
tgm4883anmol: what is the problem?16:06
newbnewb!EricC it's mounted and terminal open16:07
ubottunewbnewb: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:07
anmolafter installing ubuntu my laptop is overheating even if it is idle16:07
tgm4883what laptop/16:07
twokayEriC^^: an alias would show up surely, as would a symlink or path change. Ill try to reporoduce it. Thanks for the help tho.16:07
EriC^^newbnewb: ok, cd to the mountpoint, it's probably in /media/<user>/<uuid>16:08
newbnewbhow? i dont know even basic commands sorry16:08
EriC^^twokay: ok, no problem16:08
yorwosanmol it must be the gpu , install proprietary drivers16:08
EriC^^newbnewb: type cd /media , type ls to see the files, then cd <user> and so on16:09
peppelakappaok this is awkward16:09
daftykinsis it?16:09
newbnewbis user the entire string up to the $? or just before the :16:09
daftykinsuser@hostname is how the prompt appears16:10
peppelakappafixed that bug with another google search, appears to be a well-known bug http://askubuntu.com/questions/176565/why-does-kworker-cpu-usage-get-so-high16:10
EriC^^anmol: open a terminal and type top16:10
peppelakappanow let's hope csgo runs better now16:10
EriC^^newbnewb: there shouldn't be a $? or :16:11
newbnewbEricC when I type ls it only says "toshiba"16:11
daftykinspeppelakappa: i'd still prefer you held this discussion in #ubuntu+1 since your installed version is off topic here.16:11
EriC^^newbnewb: ok type cd toshiba16:11
newbnewbEricC done16:11
EriC^^newbnewb: ls again16:11
newbnewb32gb usb16:12
EriC^^newbnewb: or type cd and hit tab a couple times16:12
EriC^^newbnewb: ok type cd and hit tab so it autocompletes it16:12
newbnewbcd-create-profile  cd-iccdump          toshiba@toshibalaptop:/media/toshiba$ cd16:12
EriC^^newbnewb: usually if there's a space in a file you have to use quotes like cd "32gb usb" or escape the space with \ like cd 32gb\ usb16:13
newbnewbim lost...i have no idea what I am doing....when I put cd and tabbed that last from me is the output16:13
EriC^^newbnewb: put a space after cd then hit tab16:13
newbnewbdo I need to go back or being in media still is ok?16:14
EriC^^you should be in toshiba right now16:14
newbnewbah yes sorry16:14
newbnewbwhen i put space then cd then tab tab it outputs same16:15
newbnewbthe cd-createprofile etc16:15
EriC^^newbnewb: put the space after cd16:15
EriC^^newbnewb: it think you want to autocomplete the cd command right now16:15
newbnewbi got  space 32GB\ USB/16:16
EriC^^if you type cd<space> and hit tab it'll look for dirs in your current directory16:17
EriC^^ok, great16:17
newbnewbthis is where I am now :   toshiba@toshibalaptop:/media/toshiba/32GB USB$16:17
EriC^^ok, type ls16:17
newbnewbautorun.inf  casper-rw  ldlinux.sys  pool                syslinux boot         dists      md5sum.txt   preseed             wubi.exe casper       install    pics         README.diskdefines toshiba@toshibalaptop:/media/toshiba/32GB USB$16:17
anmolAnyone know how to install IDM on ubuntu16:20
kris_poltried to use telnet on one of the open ports , answer was " couldn`t parse request"  or connection closed by foreign host . what does it mean?16:21
kris_polhow to solve it?16:23
geniikris_pol: It means that port is running oms service which requires a set of interactions between it and the client ( in this case your telnet session) but it didn't receive anything it recognized as valid input16:23
anmolDoes Samsung provide drivers for ubuntu?16:24
ZiberHow can I add a dummy network interface16:24
EriC^newbnewb: still there?16:25
EriC^sorry i got dc16:25
geniianmol: Samsung makes a lot of products. Whisch one more specifically do you have in mind?16:26
newbnewbthe sfotware center seems to be troublesome according to google but no real solutions found16:26
newbnewbrest of the os seems to work16:26
anmolFor laptop.16:26
newbnewbbut I cant even unsintall etc....and when I try to install it "fails to parse"16:27
anmolYippee 5 MB downloaded in 20 minutes hurrrah16:28
geniianmol: If it's a Chromebook, no. Although Ubuntu can be made to run on it.16:28
anmolgeni, What are you saying?16:28
kris_polshould I search for it on another channel?16:29
ZiberI've done "ip link set name <device> dev dummy0" on two ubuntu servers, but it's not working on a third. It says it can't find the dummy0 device.16:29
geniianmol: I'm saying that if you asking about Samsung-supplied Linux drivers for their Chromebook line, they do not provide any because Google provides the entire embedded OS with all the drivers it needs for what is supposed to be delivered to the consumer.16:30
anmolwhy ubuntu use cpu even when it is idle when windows dont?16:30
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nogoodnamesleftDoes Ubuntu not have Java 8 in main repo?16:31
newbnewbcan anyone else help me? the person who was helping seems to have isp problems16:31
adminewbhi all16:31
GoClickanmol: Because Windows is lying to you.16:31
xanguanogoodnamesleft: no16:31
dale_how do I get rid of the arrows slider and have a regular window slider16:31
nogoodnamesleftMay I ask why Ubuntu does not have Java 8 in main repo?16:31
xanguanogoodnamesleft: licences, you can install openjdk16:32
GoClicknogoodnamesleft: Licensing16:32
MonkeyDust!latest | nogoodnamesleft here's why16:32
ubottunogoodnamesleft here's why: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.16:32
nogoodnamesleftAh ok. And openjdk is version 8 compatible?16:32
anmolGoclick, but hardware dont lie. when i use ubuntu my fan runs at full speed while in windows not until i dont put a load on cpu16:33
=== `hypermist` is now known as sleepypc
GoClickanmol: Fan speed is controlled by OS, Ubuntu may not have drivers to throttle your fans. Although it’s entierly possible Ubuntu is running more commands. Windows doesn’t do all that much stuff out of the box in the background. Ubuntu is indexing for search and generally (I may be crucefied for saying this) actually kind of bloaty16:34
GoClicknogoodnamesleft: OpenJDK is v716:34
GoClicknogoodnamesleft: My mistake no it’s Java 816:35
adminewbtrying here to diagnose some trouble logging in to unity desktop on trusty; rather than just log in to a certain account's desktop (while other accounts are fine), it just blacks the screen for a moment and repaints the same login greeter; where do I find the pertinent log files? /var/log/Xorg.0.log doesn't appear to be the one16:35
anmolGoclick. i think fan speed is controlled by BIOS and a OS has nothing to do with it16:35
adminewbI should mention that login to the troubled account on a tty works fine16:36
nogoodnamesleftI found pakcage "openjdk-8-jre" in Universe16:36
ubottuTo access CPU temperature sensors and detect fan speeds, install the lm-sensors package. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto for installation and usage instructions.16:36
ponyriderOerHeks: yep thats the one16:36
MonkeyDustanmol is this useful http://askubuntu.com/questions/22108/how-to-control-fan-speed16:37
Johnny_LinuxTerabytes are termite-like desert insects16:37
Johnny_Linuxwrong room16:37
nogoodnamesleftThanks guys. Openjdk-8-jre seems to have fixed the problem with Jython.16:38
OerHeksadminewb, login with tty2 ( ctrl alt F2) and see the permissions of ~/.Xauthority , is it owned by root or the $USER ?16:38
GoClickanmol: perhaps, but in my experience motherboards often run the fans at full speed unless the OS tells them to run it slower. A good sign one way or another is what does the fan do durring boot. Remember every hardware manufacturer is in bed with Microsoft so Windows can do a lot of things out of the box16:39
adminewbOerHeks, it's owned by root:root16:39
OerHeksadminewb, that is the problem, it should be owned by the user.16:39
MonkeyDustWindows is the Main Stream, hence: MS Windows16:39
adminewbthis may have come about during an fsck cleanup after a syscrash16:39
anmolblahh blahh blahhh16:40
adminewbOerHeks much obliged16:40
OerHeks* known issue, sometimes this is done by starting the wm with startx, depreciated16:40
OerHeksadminewb, iirc you can remove the file, it will be recreated next login ?16:40
adminewbOerHeks got it, will try that16:40
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_Raizubuntuterrorist, Hey.16:50
ubuntuterroristI want to install Ubuntu in /dev/sda2, between (primary) sda1 and sda3 (Windows) but installed is trying to resize partitions16:51
r_riosThe Ubuntu build of Chromium seems to be segfaulting16:51
r_riosWhen opening gmail.com16:52
_Raizubuntuterrorist, resizing the partitions to what?16:52
ubuntuterrorist_Raiz: it wants to resize sda3 (NTFS) to allocate space for UBuntu16:53
=== thomas_ is now known as Guest86108
_Raizubuntuterrorist, Then you need more space for ubuntu.16:53
ubuntuterrorist_Raiz: I tried to format sda2 with EXT416:53
georgelappiesubuntuterrorist, try using manual partitioning16:53
ubuntuterrorist_Raiz: Ubuntu can be install in sda2, it has plenty of space16:53
georgelappiesyeah what _Raiz said16:53
ubuntuterroristgeorgelappies: I tried16:53
_Raizubuntuterrorist, What's the size of /dev/sda216:54
ubuntuterroristSelect sda2, click on Change...16:54
ubuntuterroristmore than 100gb16:54
anmolAre you here?16:57
anmolAre you here photographer?16:58
ubuntuterrorist_Rarity georgelappies: sda2 has almost 200gb16:59
ponyriderubuntuterrorist: make sure you are only making a root partition. ie "/" -ONLY and not also making a /boot /opt etc etc.16:59
ubuntuterroristponyrider: and format it with ext4?16:59
ubuntuterroristponyrider: do I select it / as mountpoint?17:00
ponyrideryes ext4 is great17:00
ubuntuterroristformat ext4 and select /17:01
anmolIs there any channel for making friends?17:01
psf_Hi, can you please recommend any good programming irc rooms?17:01
ponyriderubuntuterrorist: yes make that the only mountpoint. dont make a /boot17:01
ponyriderubuntuterrorist: you can make a /home if you like17:01
tgm4883anmol: psf_ non support requests go in #ubuntu-offtopic17:02
psf_ok, i got there, thank you17:02
ubuntuterroristponyrider: sda2 ext4 / is ready. is it safe to click install now?17:05
ubuntuterroristand how would I create /home in sda2 along with /17:06
EriC^^ubuntuterrorist: you want a separate home partition?17:06
EriC^^ah nevermind17:06
ponyriderubuntuterrorist: selecting "/" mountpoint makes the whole installation on one partition. ie /dev/sda217:06
ponyriderubuntuterrorist: if you want a /home you can add that as another mountpoint17:07
ponyriderubuntuterrorist: so your partitons will be sda2 > / ... sda3 > /home ...17:08
ubuntuterroristsda3 is used by windows17:08
=== corey84_ is now known as Corey84
ubuntuterroristsda4 could be /home17:08
ponyriderubuntuterrorist: it will be renamed. sdaX ...17:08
ubuntuterroristbut for that sda3 would be resized17:08
ubuntuterroristI will install everything in sda217:09
ponyriderubuntuterrorist: no it wont be resized. just add the mountpoints on sda2. everything is automatics. sda3 (windows) wont be touched17:09
ubuntuterroristI don't know17:10
ubuntuterroristponyrider: the installer is warning about missing swap partition17:16
ubuntuterroristponyrider: ubuntu installer does not offer the option to resize the partition17:18
ponyriderubuntuterrorist: dont resize the partition17:19
ponyriderubuntuterrorist: you can make an option swap partition of say.. 1gb. i am not sure if its necessary anymore...17:19
ubuntuterrorist4GB of RAM17:19
ubuntuterroristponyrider: the warning says installation will have problems without swap17:20
ponyriderubuntuterrorist: yeah if you make a swap, and you have a modern computer, make it <1GB17:20
ponyriderubuntuterrorist: you prob dont need one though.17:21
ubuntuterroristponyrider: I can't see how I can create /home and swap17:21
ponyriderubuntuterrorist: you dont HAVE to do it. if you want a /home partiton add that as a mountpoint.17:23
ubuntuterroristI don't know how to do it17:24
ubuntuterroristI chose to install ubuntu alongside windows17:24
Mittubuntuterrorist do you really need to have /home?17:26
ubuntuterroristmaybe not but I do need a swap17:26
ubuntuterroristI can't choose the size and mountpoint for it17:26
Mittubuntuterrorist installer creates swap automatically17:26
Mittyou can actually resize17:27
Mittpretty easy though17:27
Pinkamen1_DUnity crashed somehow but I managed to open a terminal and run it again without restarting17:27
Pinkamen1_DCan I somehow send this process to the background ?17:27
MittPinkamen1_D what process?17:28
ubuntuterroristMitt: it doesn't17:28
Mittubuntuterrorist you will see after first reboot17:29
ubuntuterroristMitt: the warning doesn't say it will create swap17:29
tgm4883Mitt: it shouldn't be warning him about not having swap17:29
ubuntuterroristit asks me to create swap17:29
ubuntuterroristand I can't17:29
tgm4883ubuntuterrorist: did you go into the manual partitioning thing?17:30
ubuntuterroristI chose install ubuntu alongside windows17:30
tgm4883ubuntuterrorist: were you in there earlier?17:30
Pinkamen1_Das in, I just typed the word unity17:30
Mittubuntuterrorist install without, than resize windowz partition for some swap17:30
ubuntuterroristMitt: installer as for root partition17:30
tgm4883ubuntuterrorist: it shouldn't17:31
ioriaubuntuterrorist, you can create a swap file after17:31
MittPinkamen1_D so unity is running what do you need else?17:31
tgm4883ubuntuterrorist: you could just do manual partitioning. Should be easy enough17:31
tgm4883ubuntuterrorist: how many disks do you have17:31
Pinkamen1_DWell, not so much as an emergency but more of a curiousity question, supposing I wanted to close the gnome terminal window but send unity to the background17:32
tiyteezehey, it made a 404 error every time to install xubuntu-dektop on my nexus 7 (ubuntu 12.10) can someone help me?17:32
Pinkamen1_Dhow to do that?17:32
MittPinkamen1_D closing the terminal will cause the ending of the process since it's running from terminal17:32
Pinkamen1_DI cant use the usual ALT+f2 trick17:32
Mittyou better reboot17:33
ubuntuterroristtgm4883: I only have one17:33
Pinkamen1_Dlol, wer working with linux here, we don't have to resort to that. =D17:33
tgm4883ubuntuterrorist: then it should be easy enough to just partition some space out and set up the partitions17:33
ubuntuterroristI get the same results by selecting "something else"17:34
tgm4883ubuntuterrorist: ok, but did you set up the parititons when selecting that?17:34
MittPinkamen1_D lol but then don't close the terminal17:34
ubuntuterroristtgm4883: I can only select sda2, choose filesystem type and mount point17:35
ubuntuterroristI cannot resize anything17:35
ubuntuterroristthe only solution is to ignore the swap warning17:35
Pinkamen1_DSure, its unusual, but I KNOW someone knows a way to launch a process without requiring that the actual graphical window stay open. For example, whatever process is called when you press alt+f217:35
tgm4883ubuntuterrorist: what is sda2?17:35
ubuntuterroristtgm4883: empty partition17:35
ubuntuterroristsda1 windows, sda3 windows17:36
MittPinkamen1_D app launcher17:36
ubuntuterroristsda2 should be ubuntu17:36
Pinkamen1_Dwhat is that binary called?17:36
Mittit's on keyboard shortcuts17:36
Pinkamen1_DBut I can not use unity things before launching unity.17:37
tgm4883ubuntuterrorist: I might have to boot the iso in a VM to check this. Shouldn't sda2 actually be nothing right now since we haven't installed anything yet?17:37
MittPinkamen1_D look for words with "launcher"17:37
tgm4883ubuntuterrorist: I believe it should just be labeled free space17:37
ubuntuterroristtgm4883: sda2 is empty, it "should be ubuntu" after I install it there17:38
tgm4883ubuntuterrorist: Can you delete sda217:38
ubuntuterroristtgm4883: no it shows free space17:39
tgm4883ubuntuterrorist: perfect17:39
tgm4883ubuntuterrorist: how big of a swap partition do you want?17:40
ubuntuterroristnow what17:40
ubuntuterroristthat depends if I'm going to hibernate17:40
tgm4883ubuntuterrorist: well I can't answer that for you...17:41
ubuntuterroristI'm thinking17:41
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ubuntuterroristtgm4883: swap can't be encrypted, so no17:42
ubuntuterrorist1gb should be enough17:42
tgm4883ubuntuterrorist: ok, how large is the free space17:43
ubuntuterroristalmost 200gb17:43
tgm4883ubuntuterrorist: ok, so make a new partition on the free space that is 1GB in size and mark it as SWAP17:43
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shazzrpontolino: hi there17:45
ubuntuterroristtgm4883: ok now for boot?17:45
tgm4883ubuntuterrorist: do you want to make a bunch of separate partitions?17:46
tgm4883ubuntuterrorist: or you could just let everything be on the same partition17:46
tgm4883ubuntuterrorist: the default partitioner puts everything on one17:46
ubuntuterroristtgm4883: swap, boot, root, home17:46
tgm4883ubuntuterrorist: ok, so a 100MB /boot should be fine17:47
* tgm4883 crosses fingers that this is all on an extended partition17:47
ubuntuterroristfor root is more tricky17:47
ubuntuterroristtgm4883: it is17:47
tgm4883ubuntuterrorist: good17:47
tgm4883ubuntuterrorist: why is root more tricky17:47
ubuntuterroristdepends of what I'm going to install17:48
tgm4883ubuntuterrorist: make it like 30GB17:48
tgm4883ubuntuterrorist: you could do less if you want, but that's a pretty safe amount17:48
ubuntuterrorist20GB should be enough17:49
ubuntuterroristtgm4883: ext2 or ext4 for boot?17:50
mcphailubuntuterrorist: Out of interest, can I ask why you're splitting the install over different partitions? It tends to cause headaches for little benefit17:50
mcphail"because I can" would be a perfectly reasonable response :)17:51
tgm4883ubuntuterrorist: ext417:51
ubuntuterroristmcphail: because I want17:51
mcphailubuntuterrorist: fair enough17:51
CJKayHi all, I'm running a server trying to force TLS on my OpenLDAP configuration, but I'm getting this: ldap_start_tls: Protocol error (2)17:52
CJKay        additional info: unsupported extended operation17:52
ubuntuterrorista quick search shows that ext4 is faster than ext2 but it has journaling17:53
CJKayAccording to all sources it definitely should be supported so I could do with some help17:53
tgm4883ubuntuterrorist: put what you want. I'm just saying that the default ubuntu install puts it all on one partition which uses ext417:53
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baxxI'm having trouble with LaTex as the Ubuntu Repos are a bit behind the official sites. I'm wondering about how I would go about uninstalling and reinstalling tex, and what I should be aware of htere.17:57
tgm4883baxx: uninstalling and reinstalling the same version?17:58
tgm4883baxx: that would be "apt-get install --reinstall tex"17:58
baxxtgm4883: No - I have pdflatex 2.1, I think what I need is 3.017:58
baxxreinstalling the same version would leave me in the same position i think17:59
tgm4883baxx: have you found that 3.0 is available somewhere?17:59
baxxI think that 3.0 is available from the Tug site17:59
Mittbaxx if the needed version is not available in the repos, you better compile it17:59
baxxtgm4883: to use the drawing here http://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/159127/drawing-simple-graph-pattern-with-tikz/159162#15916218:00
baxxit needs a later version that the Ubuntu repo gives18:00
baxxMitt: do you mean downloading it from the Tug site?18:00
Mittbaxx sure18:00
baxxthat would be uninstalling the one I have on my system first no?18:00
baxxMitt: ^18:01
EightynineHi. How can I make application windows look modern in LXDE on Ubuntu? Also how can I change LXDE start menu icon to look like Windows 8.1?18:01
Mittbaxx it will18:01
Mittbaxx it will upgrade your version18:01
Yakihi Eightynine18:01
baxxMitt: well thats kind of my query I guess, I think this post explains my point better : http://askubuntu.com/questions/608845/uninstall-latex-and-reinstall-from-official-site18:01
Mittbaxx but keep the downloaded folderso you can remove it easily18:02
baxxMitt: I'm not following - downloading the version from Tug site will upgrade my version, so that I don't have to delete what I have?18:03
tgm4883baxx: http://askubuntu.com/questions/486170/upgrade-from-tex-live-from-2013-to-2014-on-ubuntu-14-0418:03
baxxtgm4883: thanks for that, I'll have a look now18:03
ioriaEightynine,  i remember an LXMenuEditor,  but no more18:03
CJKayHi all, I'm running a server trying to force TLS on my OpenLDAP configuration, but I'm getting this: ldap_start_tls: Protocol error (2); additional info: unsupported extended operation18:03
CJKayAccording to all sources it definitely should be supported (and it really is not up to scratch if it isn't) so I could do with some help18:03
MDTech-us_MANI am installing x86 ubuntu on virtualbox18:04
Mittbaxx no, of course no18:04
PlotCitizenHey, I've run two separate files that contain identical data (I've used hexdump to verify there's not more or less) through a hash and it's a different one for each file, why is that?18:04
baxxMitt: that wasn't obvious to me from what you said18:05
EightynineHow to completely remove MATE? I turned my Ubuntu to Ubuntu MATE but this DE is heavy and menu lags.18:05
MDTech-us_MANafter I start the installer, it stays on the splash screen for a sec or 2 then the screen turns plack and says tsc: Fast TSC calibration faled18:05
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MittEightynine install synaptic, search for mate, remove all its components and install gtkorphan to clean unnecessary libs18:06
ioriaMDTech-us_MAN,  virtual box ?18:07
EightynineBy the way why aptitude and Synaptic has been removed from Ubuntu by developers?18:09
CJKayaka "ask the marketing guy"18:10
ioriaMDTech-us_MAN,  can you access grub ?18:10
MittEightynine aptitude is removed? synaptic does not follow their view on computing, same they hiding the terminal on unity18:10
MDTech-us_MANI forgot what is the button to do it?18:11
EightynineIt would be better if they made a good package manager because dpkg and Gdebi are crap and can't resolve dependancies good.18:11
tgm4883CJKay: to be fair, it's not like they just removed them. They have the software center now18:11
ioriaMDTech-us_MAN,  shift or canc18:11
MonkeyDustEightynine  you mean, removed from the iso? to keep the iso small enough18:11
tgm4883Eightynine: use the software center18:11
MDTech-us_MANbtw, this is on a installer cd18:11
rektideis there a program i can execute from a terminal to get Passwords & Keys ?18:12
baxxtgm4883: thanks for the link, that post doesn't mention anything abount uninstalling the previous version though, I'm guessing that this is something that I should do. ALso, what about other packages that have been installed via Ubuntus package manager such as LuaLatex and stuff?18:12
CJKaytgm4883: It doesn't really suffice IMO18:12
MDTech-us_MANI got to the menu18:12
CJKayStill, at least it's still in the repos18:12
tgm4883CJKay: is there a reason behind that statement?18:12
ioriaMDTech-us_MAN,  try editing the grub menu with  clocksource=tsc  before quite slpash18:12
EightynineIt lacks some software. I could install Virtualbox, Skype and TeamViewer in Linux Mint using Software Center but there's no TeamViewer in Software Center in Ubuntu.18:12
CJKaytgm4883: You can't copy and paste instructions in the software centre and have magical things happen18:12
MDTech-us_MANit says try Ubuntu. Install Ubuntu, Check disc, test memory, boot from firs hdd18:13
tgm4883CJKay: you can copy and paste instructions in synaptic?18:13
MDTech-us_MANthere if more options18:13
CJKaytgm4883: It wasn't a literal statement18:13
tgm4883Eightynine: that has to do with repos, not the particular interface18:13
daddyHi everybody18:13
tgm4883CJKay: strawman argument18:13
MDTech-us_MANso, ioria, do I remove quiet splash?18:14
ioriaMDTech-us_MAN,  no ...18:14
CJKaytgm4883: I'm not on Ubuntu at the moment so I can't provide examples for either argument18:14
ioriaMDTech-us_MAN,  add clocksource=tsc18:14
MDTech-us_MANits just 1 long line of text18:14
MDTech-us_MANbefore the -- ?18:14
ioriaMDTech-us_MAN,  quit splash18:15
MDTech-us_MANwhat you mean18:15
tgm4883CJKay: well it's good that you're on here telling everyone how software center doesn't meet your needs with all these facts to back up your statements ;)18:16
MDTech-us_MANsorry for slight noobness. I didn't mess around in grub for some time18:16
ioriaMDTech-us_MAN,  you just have to add that parameter18:16
manhhow can i get the list of room on Smuxi?18:19
MDTech-us_MANI had to remove quiet splash for some arbitrary reason18:19
ioriaMDTech-us_MAN,  you can remove spash and add text if you wanna a  text strap18:20
MDTech-us_MANit is starting...18:20
MDTech-us_MANi think....18:20
baxxtgm4883: not sure if you saw my last msg re the removal of previous packages, managing packages that I have installed via offical repos. The thread you linked doesn't say anything about the uninstallation of things, just about adding the 2014 package, cheers18:20
PlotCitizenHey, I've run two separate files that contain identical data (I've used hexdump to verify there's not more or less) through a hash and it's a different one for each file, why is that?18:21
tgm4883baxx: idk. I would guess that removing the other packages should be fine18:22
PCatineanhow does one reload the console?18:22
ubuntuterroristblank screen18:22
SchrodingersScatPCatinean: reset?18:22
PCatineanwhen it's broken, a.k.a you cannot see what you are typing any more18:22
PCatineanthank you!18:22
PCatineanthat was it18:22
baxxtgm4883: cheers, but would you remove ALL tex packages and reinstall them all? Things such as LuaLatex and others that I've downloaded18:22
SchrodingersScatPCatinean: welcome, happens to me all the time :)18:23
EightynineHow can I edit image to cut something from it?18:23
ioriaubuntuterrorist, no space for grub, maybe18:23
MDTech-us_MANit seems stuck on hid-generic 0003:80EE:0021.0001: input,hidraw0: UUSB HID v1.10 Mouse [VirtualBox USB Tablet] on usb-0000:00:06.0-1/input018:23
PCatineanSchrodingersScat, I swar I tried, reload, reboot, remake, restart, re...whatever18:23
PCatineanIt was killing me...18:23
ubuntuterroristioria: no, grub is there. ubuntu booted but screen was blank18:23
ioriaubuntuterrorist, nomodeset18:23
MDTech-us_MANit sure is stuck18:24
adacGuys I have really a lot of trouble with my lenovo T430s and the docking station and the moniotrs that hang on the dockingstation. MOst of the time my pc freezes when I unplug and plug it in again. Also on startup it cannot detect the monitor and all becomes very slow. Then I either have to shut it down by force or sometimes after 5 minutes it is able to detect the monitor18:25
adacreally I cannot work like this18:25
adacI'm out of ideas18:25
ioriaMDTech-us_MAN,  what you have for mouse ?18:27
MDTech-us_MANwhatever Virtualbox says18:28
MDTech-us_MANthe host is Windows witha normal usb mouse18:28
ubuntuterroristNo UMS support in radeon module18:28
tgm4883baxx: no, just remove the texlive stuff18:28
MDTech-us_MANioria, ^18:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1407505 in linux (Ubuntu Vivid) "No UMS support in radeon module" [Medium,Confirmed]18:29
CombatjuanHello.  I have ~200 servers running Ubuntu 14.04.  Of them ~50% have pid_max set to 32768, ~50% to 49152, but the newest two have it set to 147456.  I can't figure out what is setting them that way.  It's not in sysctl.conf.  syslog sets it to that value on boot.  Why?  Where?  How?18:29
CombatjuanThe internet seems to think that pid_max is set by /etc/sysctl.conf but it's not being set there.  And it looks like threads.h controls the default value but I don't see how that could be getting the value 147456.  I feel like I've googled to the end of the internet.  So here I am.  any ideas?18:31
hkrrsxCombatjuan: Check this out .... http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/howto-linux-increase-pid-limits.html18:32
Combatjuanhkrrsx: Yes.  That shows how to set it but not where the default would be coming from.18:32
MDTech-us_MANmaybe it is somehow calculated on install18:33
geniiCombatjuan: Check /etc/security/limits.conf18:33
MDTech-us_MANor on boot18:33
MDTech-us_MANor that18:33
CombatjuanI think that's likely.  And given that the two new servers run V3 intel server processors, it seems likely it somehow comes from there.  But I can't find where it's even saved on disk.18:33
MDTech-us_MANcheck genii's suggestion18:35
Combatjuangenii, nothing in there.  More generally, the following have no results: grep 147456 -R /etc; grep pid_max -R /etc -i;18:35
MDTech-us_MANthen it may be calculated on boot18:36
MDTech-us_MANwhich is smarted than only doing it on install18:36
MDTech-us_MANif it is done on install, then there may be problems if the hardware was upgraded and it did not change it18:36
CombatjuanVery true.  So I guess I can force it to some value <= 65536 in sysctl.conf.18:36
MDTech-us_MANbut why would you need it to be the same in the first place?18:37
geniiCombatjuan: Yeah you could use kernel.pid_max   value in there18:37
geniiPerhaps they are running different kernels than the others18:37
MDTech-us_MANif it is calculated by the system, then there must be some reason they are different18:38
_Trullowhen is linux 4 beeing released?18:38
MDTech-us_MANcheck the kernels are the same, like genii said18:38
ioriaMDTech-us_MAN,  you can try with others parameters after clocksource, -  acpi_pm, or hpet18:38
geniiMDTech-us_MAN: Yes, that's why I'm wondering about kernel versions. Might be 32vs 64 bit kernel thing, or later kernel might have higher default18:38
genii_Trullo: You could ask in ##linux18:39
MDTech-us_MANyea, exactly my point, genii18:39
EriC^^cat /proc/sys/kernel/pid_max18:39
MDTech-us_MANioria, i'll give it a try18:39
EriC^^it's in /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libprocps.so.3.0.018:40
=== thomas_ is now known as Guest24420
geniiSo libprocps3 package18:41
Combatjuangenii - They are running the same kernels (well, at least most of them are).18:42
geniiCombatjuan: Operative word here might be "most"18:43
CombatjuanNah.  My sample size on this is large enough that I'm certain those are the only machines that have the 147456 value.  And they've had it on their last 3 kernel versions. None of the others have on the same kernel versions.18:43
MDTech-us_MANwell, if there are 2 different servers with the same kernel but different pidmax....18:44
CombatjuanMDTech-us_MAN: That is the case.18:44
MDTech-us_MANso, my guess is it is calculated somewhere, somehow18:44
MDTech-us_MANpossibly according to the specs18:45
CombatjuanEriC^^: I think you may have been talking to me.  pid_max is 147456 (as given by /proc/sys/kernel/pid_max) on 2 servers and something different on a hundred others.18:45
geniiThonly other limiting factor for pid I can think of would be the limit of subdirectories allowed on a partuclar filesystem since /proc<Pdid#> has to be created for each one18:48
=== sergio_ is now known as Guest52849
geniimeh typos18:49
Combatjuangenii: That's actually an interesting theory....  Well, they're all ext4, but it does just so happen that the two that have 147456 are also the only two that have SSDs (which may have changed some part of the filesystem setup during the install?)18:50
Guest52849how do Isolve a "failed to fetch" error on ubuntu update18:50
MonkeyDustGuest52849  if it's a ppa, rmeove it18:50
Guest52849how to solve the #failed to fetch" error on ubuntu update18:50
MDTech-us_MANCombatjuan, well, that does affect the specs in a good way, so if it is calculated by specs, then there it is18:52
jmaderois there a way to integrate google voice (for text messaging) into pidgin18:53
CombatjuanMDTech-us_MAN, genii: Ok.  I'll go with that as an explanation.  Thank you both.18:54
MDTech-us_MANyou should be able to change it if you desperatly need to18:55
ronh"Install ubuntu alongside windows" <- if I select that will I be asked to what disk and partition will ubuntu be installed?18:55
EriC^^ronh: i dont think so18:55
MDTech-us_MANit may let you chose which disk though18:56
ronhhow does it decide, then?18:56
MDTech-us_MANit also asks the size18:56
MDTech-us_MANthe size of the partition18:56
MDTech-us_MANwell, what else whould you want to give it?18:57
MDTech-us_MANits just a more user friendly way of saying "Install Ubuntu on another partition on the drive that Windows is installed to"18:57
ronhI have 250GB ssd and I left 50GB for ubuntu.. along side some data disks. not sure if I should trust ubuntu installation to get it right. will it at least ask for confirmation? how smart does it try to be18:58
MDTech-us_MANronh: ^18:58
OerHeksIt will give a confirmation.18:58
EriC^^ronh: partition yourself, why find out18:58
MDTech-us_MANit gives confirmation18:59
EriC^^click on Something else18:59
MDTech-us_MANor if you want to feel smart click something else18:59
MDTech-us_MANjust dont forget to add swap and assign the root drive18:59
MDTech-us_MANpartition i mean18:59
ronhdo I need swap? I wasn't counting for it.18:59
ronh16 GB of ram19:00
EriC^^ronh: only if you want hibernation19:00
ronhstandard would be swap = ram * 2, yes? that is a lot of SSD space19:00
bekksronh: You need swap == ram if you plan to use hibernation.19:00
EriC^^ronh: yes, in 1994 or something19:00
bekksronh: That standard was outdated 15 years ago :)19:00
MDTech-us_MANso, if you do not want to hibernate, it will be fine to have like 4-8GB19:01
EriC^^he will probably never use that19:02
dasdremy audio is dead, no devices detected, alsamixer cannot open mixer: No such file or directory, and /dev/sndstat does not exist. what do?19:02
MDTech-us_MANdepends on what he does19:02
EriC^^dasdre: try rebooting19:02
dasdreIt worked earlier, but then i tried to install gnome (botched it, broken packages and shit)19:03
dasdrei should probably ppa-purge19:03
MDTech-us_MANI actually never had an SSD in any of my computers only 1+TB HDDs, so I wouldn't know19:03
tgm4883bekks: isn't it RAM+1MB? I thought there was a tiny bit of overhead19:04
ronhif I need to hibernate would swap need to equal ram in size?19:04
MDTech-us_MANat least19:04
MDTech-us_MANthere is always sleep though....19:04
bekksronh: Yes.19:04
bekksronh: you'll need a small overhead too, like 100M.19:04
MDTech-us_MANI tried hibernating on my laptop, no go19:05
dasdrehow do i unfuck my packages19:05
dasdrei tried to install gnome but there shit with broken packages19:05
dasdredo i ppa-purge and try again19:05
EriC^^dasdre: did you install from a ppa?19:05
dasdrethe gnome3 ppa19:06
EriC^^try to ppa-purge19:06
MDTech-us_MANit actually was disabled by default, but after I enabled it and tried it, it got all buggy after hibernation19:06
dasdrei'm doing that atm19:06
dasdrecan i remove these: http://pastebin.com/wRnZVCev19:08
ayyayy lmao19:09
dasdre<ayy> ayy lmao19:10
dasdrejust do /me lmao19:10
ayyyou cant make me19:10
* bekks can19:10
ayyi have ubuntu fgt19:11
ayygood luck19:11
dasdre2/3 gnome ppas19:12
blegHi, is it okay to ask Clonezilla backup questions here? I'm trying to clone a partition to local disk. The first warning message it gives me says it will overwrite partition sdb2, which is fine. The 2nd warning message it gives me says it will overwrite sdb, which is NOT fine.19:13
bazhangbleg, they have a channel here on freenode, you realize19:13
blegOh, whoops. Thanks19:14
bazhang#clonezilla bleg19:14
TimeVirushello I'm having a heck of a time getting this installed onto this Compaq Presario CQ56 - I have freed up 1 of the primary partitions to get it on but I would also like to use LVM for the new Ubuntu install19:17
TimeVirusthe LVM option is grayed out19:17
TimeViruswhy would it not be available19:18
TimeVirusI need 2 free partitions?19:18
=== kalen_not-here is now known as kalen
ioriaTimeVirus,  you got Windows 8 ?19:20
TimeVirusno sir not and hopefully never19:20
ioriaTimeVirus,  other OS ?19:21
TimeViruswin 7 in there now19:21
TimeVirusthis isnt going to be my puter19:21
TimeVirusit belongs to a friend of mine I'm trying to get him on an Ubuntu19:21
TimeVirusI'm pretty sure thats going to be rough as it can get19:22
TimeVirusso I dont want to wipe out win 7 just yet19:22
TimeVirusfor him19:22
ioriaTimeVirus,  uefi motherboard  ?19:22
gunnarTimeVirus: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation#LVM_Installation_Guides19:22
TimeVirusnot sure about mom board19:23
gunnarOk then19:23
gunnarTimeVirus: It seems there are some limitations on when you can use LVM.19:24
TimeVirusI've got Xubuntu Live in the laptop now how would I find out what mobo hes got without inxi?19:24
TimeVirusI mean LVM and Ubuntu need 2 primary partitions the?19:25
gunnarTimeVirus: by that I just mean, for example when doing dual boot LVM can not be used and so on.19:25
TimeVirusoh I see19:25
ofotoi was using kwin over xfce , i uninstalled amd proprietary but now im getting error on the window effects because they require OpenGL and choosing any of them doesnt work19:25
ioriaTimeVirus,  try this : http://askubuntu.com/questions/470632/install-lvm-dual-boot-with-windows19:26
TimeVirusthen I have to have 2 primary partitions, 1 for Ubuntu and 1 for swap, yes?19:26
TimeVirusI was hoping to use LVM with 1 partiton19:26
gunnarChecking ioria's link19:26
=== ofoto is now known as yorwos
TimeVirusalso remember reading somewhere that Linux doesnt even need 1 primary partition19:27
TimeVirusat least for Ubuntu is that untrue?19:27
TimeVirusmust be19:27
gunnarOK I think this will help: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lvm19:27
gunnarabsorb the wisdom.19:28
gunnarioira: :P19:28
TimeVirusgetting this guy on Linux is ROUGH!19:29
ioriahi  gunnar how are you doing ?19:29
gunnarSuper, you?19:29
yorwosshould i try to purge kde-workspace and reinstall it or does it look like something is weird with my system ?  i also seem to have lots of xorg.conf files but they all look like backups , either.original-3 or fglrx-319:29
ioriagunnar so and so , thanx for asking19:29
gunnarioria: anythin for you :D19:30
=== jean is now known as Guest93720
magicuk /msg NickServ SETPASS magicuk eiafemmbkmym st201119:30
magicuki hate nickserv19:30
yorwosif i "sudo rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf" to reconfigure it it says there is no such file19:31
magicukHey guys long time no speak , yes i just fucked up oh well19:31
Ben64yorwos: it doesn't exist by default, and thats not how to reconfigure it19:31
Ben64magicuk: watch the language19:31
geniiyorwos: No xorg.conf is created ny default any longer.19:32
TimeVirusso just to clear this up - Ubuntu and Swap each need ot have a primary partition to be installed - is that right? Dual boot included ofc19:32
Ben64TimeVirus: no19:32
yorwosis there a reason i shouold create one ?19:32
k1lTimeVirus: make an extended partition and put all ubuntu partitions in there19:32
yorwosmy problem is kwin cant use opengl after uninstalling amd proprie19:33
TimeViruscool then19:33
k1lso the extended counts as one primary then19:33
TimeVirusright got it thanks19:33
RudyValencia-Hi, so I'm trying to set up an email server for my organization, is there a good guide on how to set up a proper, secure email server?19:33
=== RudyValencia- is now known as RudyValencia
ioriaRudyValencia-, sure ... give me a sec19:34
zerobyteRudyValencia: i like this one -> http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Mail_Server_setup19:35
RudyValenciadoes it provide secure (TLS-encrypted) access?19:36
yorwosdoes this opengl thing have to do with xorg.conf maybe or should i look other solutions ?19:36
magicukfinaly :)19:36
magicuksorry about that lol19:36
geniiyorwos: Did you purge the proprietary ones as described here? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/VideoDriverDetection#Problem:_Need_to_purge_-fglrx19:36
AloeVerayorwos: didnt see your issue, but openGL problems are usually related to your drivers19:36
ioriaRudyValencia-, in two words, you have to install postfix and dovecot, plus amavis clamav and if you want virtual user a database managment...19:37
ioriaRudyValencia, sure if you configure postfix and dovecot19:38
yorwosi used http://askubuntu.com/questions/68306/how-do-i-remove-the-proprietary-ati-drivers the commands seem to be the same19:38
RudyValenciaOK I'll try again :)19:38
ioriaRudyValencia, http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Mail_Server_setup19:39
gunnarioria:  One quick question, just for kicks I want to set up my own mail server, I'm thinking about forwarding all my gmal stuff there.  What do you think about anubis and an intermediary?19:39
gunnaranubis as an intermediary*19:39
stacks88RudyValencia google iredmail19:39
ioriaRudyValencia, a smart host is another thing...19:39
stacks88its a good solution rolled into one19:39
yorwosok i have to reboot brb19:40
stacks88but you may want to create a guest linux vm for it and run it on there19:40
stacks88i too was needign a mail solution19:40
ioriaRudyValencia, i thought it was for internal usage19:40
stacks88and im telling you iredmail was a savior19:40
ioriaRudyValencia, but it can be done19:40
stacks88It uses dovecot, postfix and all that19:40
RudyValenciaall it will be is email for a handful of domains19:40
RudyValenciaand with aliases19:41
RudyValenciaI'll try out iredmail :)19:41
ioriaRudyValencia, virtual users you eman ?19:41
gunnarioria: do you know anything at all about anubisÐ19:41
RudyValenciagunnar: no19:41
RudyValenciaoops, sorry19:41
ioriagunnar ... not at the moment , sorry :_(19:42
RudyValenciaioria: yeah, e.g. info@example.com goes to ducky@example.com and legs@example.com19:42
gunnarioria: that's ok, thanks anyway :)19:42
ioriaRudyValencia, yes, np19:42
RudyValenciahm, $500 for iredadmin with web panel is a bit much19:42
RudyValenciaoops iredmail19:42
stacks88RudyValencia you dont need the pro panel19:42
stacks88it comes w/ free panel19:42
ioriaRudyValencia, :-)19:43
RudyValenciaoh, does it provide enough to configure simple email with secure (TLS) access and virtual addresses?19:43
ioriaRudyValencia, it's not difficult... i was looking for a good link... that now exists only in italian..19:43
stacks88RudyValencia i was just like you. I was sitting there trying to do dovecot and postfix by hand and all that, and its possible, but screw all that. iredmail is one big solution its dope. trust me, you'll see. Create a linux guest vm and put it on there and you will see19:43
RudyValenciastacks88: I'll just set it up on this new Linode VM I'm building19:44
gunnarstacks88: You wouldn't happen to be one of the devs if iredmail, would you? :P19:44
ioriaRudyValencia,  here we are: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MailServer19:44
stacks88gunnar did you do /msg or /notice19:44
stacks88so i know how to reply back19:45
RudyValenciaI'll give iredmail a try19:45
gunnarI'm just messing with ya, I'm clearly not in any useful gear.  off to offtopic I go.19:45
stacks88no i know19:45
stacks88but ive been wondering19:45
stacks88when people send me a message that way19:46
stacks88its the same way you sent it19:46
stacks88so im asking you, did you do /msg or /notice19:46
gunnarusing a cli irc client, do no idea.19:46
gunnarGoing to off-topic before I feel the fury of OerHeks19:47
=== ofoto is now known as yorwos
yorwosmy opengl kwin issue didnt resolve unfortunately19:48
AloeVeratry setting it to xrender19:49
yorwosxrender goes by default now , but i cant use wobble and magic lamp and i dont know what else i was using19:50
AloeVera welp19:50
AloeVeratry openGL3 + egl19:50
yorwosi tried all possible combos , xrender-1.2-2-3.1 and native-raster in each but none works19:52
AloeVerasounds like a video driver issue then?19:52
yorwosdunno ... shouold i try to install amd proprie again to see if it fixes itself i guess ?19:54
yorwosi dont see much left to try19:54
yorwosreinstalled xorg and all19:54
ioriagunnar have a good supper ... bye19:54
EriC^^yorwos: did you install the ati driver from their website?19:55
mmiller13Does anyone know if apt-get dis-upgrade would also upgrade my kernel19:55
EriC^^mmiller13: yeah19:55
yorwosi had installed it from the website yes19:55
EriC^^it does19:55
EriC^^yorwos: ok and you tried to remove it and stuff got messed up?19:55
EriC^^yorwos: there's supposed to be an uninstall bin in /usr/share/ati or so, i didn't find it though19:56
EriC^^and purging it and reinstalling the xorg ones wouldn't boot so i had to reinstall the ati ones19:57
yorwosi removed it and kwin window manager running on top of my xfce lost some effects with the error u need opengl for this and click opengl options does nothing19:57
mmiller13Does anyone know why my comp keeps overheating? Especially when I use excell graphics19:57
EriC^^and some way or another when i ran dist-upgrade a few days later everything worked again and im back on the open source ones19:57
yorwosi booted , and for some reason i have no xorg.conf anymore but im using graphics heh19:57
yorwossome thiings came up on update lets hope19:58
EriC^^it might work19:59
=== nuclearbob is now known as nuclearbob_maili
EriC^^yorwos: it asked me whether i wanted to remove fglrx-core and something else20:00
postmodernhow does one undo a dpkg --add --rename --divert ?20:00
yorwoswell ill just update xorg and reboot20:01
yorwosjust in cases the updates needs it20:01
EriC^^try sudo apt-get install --reintall xserver-xorg-video-all20:02
yorwosok did it20:03
yorwosrebooting heh20:03
=== ofoto is now known as yorwos
yorwosYEAA :D its fixed20:07
EriC^^cool :D20:07
john_doe_jrhow to merge unallocated space using gparted ubuntu20:08
yorwosthanx :)20:08
EriC^^yorwos: no problem :)20:08
MonkeyDustjohn_doe_jr  if both partitions are primary or extended (must be the same) : backup, then delete the other partition, merge, put data back20:10
EriC^^john_doe_jr: boot a live usb if it's an ubuntu partition and right click and click on resize20:12
EriC^^john_doe_jr: backing up first is probably a good idea20:13
MonkeyDustjohn_doe_jr  EriC^^ resizing without dataloss can be done, technically, but it takes forever (I tried it)20:14
EriC^^MonkeyDust: never tried it but i guess it would unless the space is right after the partition20:15
EriC^^then it should only take a few seconds20:15
le_tout_pettithello! can anybody help me decide between kubuntu or ubuntu gnome?20:19
le_tout_pettitin terms of productivity (i'm a translator and an amateur designer)20:19
EriC^^le_tout_pettit: it's really a matter of preference, try them both and decide20:19
newbnewbI cant get software manager or software updater to work on a new install20:19
newbnewbive reintalled twice20:19
le_tout_pettitwhich one has the best software?20:19
newbnewbive tried to follow fixes on askubuntu and advice from others online and nothing works....can somebody try and help?20:20
EriC^^newbnewb: did you end up checksumming the usb?20:20
EriC^^le_tout_pettit: i never tried kde long enough to know20:20
le_tout_pettitEriC^^: i find goddies and 'baddies' in both but i see kde apps have a very active app development while gnome is staying in too simple things20:20
EriC^^i thought it was pretty ugly and bloated (imho) and removed it pretty quickly20:20
yorwosim a photographer i chose xfce20:20
newbnewbEric I dont know how and we lost contact20:20
newbnewbI had no idea where we were in terminal...I was just doing what you said20:21
yorwosxfce+kwin on top heh20:21
EriC^^newbnewb: i got disconnected20:21
yorwosi like the fact the panels r so customizable , im running 3 of them around my screen20:21
newbnewbsure I wasnt complaining....just saying I had no idea how to continue20:22
newbnewband nobody picked it up20:22
EriC^^newbnewb: mount the usb again and then open a terminal and type lsblk20:22
le_tout_pettiti have a weird feeling, i love gnome shell, it's behavior and its look but here i'm feeling i'm loosing amazing kde apps20:22
EriC^^newbnewb: i know20:22
newbnewbok I did that20:22
newbnewbtoshiba@toshibalaptop:~$ lsblk NAME                         MAJ:MIN RM   SIZE RO TYPE MOUNTPOINT sda                            8:0    0 111.8G  0 disk  ├─sda1                         8:1    0   243M  0 part /boot ├─sda2                         8:2    0     1K  0 part  └─sda5                         8:5    0 111.6G  0 part    ├─ubuntu--vg-root (dm-0)   252:0    0 109.6G  0 lvm  /   └─ubuntu--vg-swap_1 (dm-1) 252:1   20:23
yorwoswhen u say shell u mean the terminal ?20:23
le_tout_pettitnope, i mean gnome-shell20:23
EriC^^newbnewb: paste in paste.ubuntu.com20:23
MonkeyDustnewbnewb  next time, use a !pastebin for such long pastes20:23
newbnewbpaste.ubuntu.com only?20:24
yorwosthe system can ban u for long pastes i was banned for it heh20:24
yorwosits automatic20:24
EriC^^newbnewb: or any other pastebin20:24
EriC^^newbnewb: mount the usb in nautilus20:24
newbnewbi mean I was confused as to exactly what to enter and what was instruction20:24
newbnewbjust put "paste.ubuntu.com" and enter?20:24
EriC^^newbnewb: oh, no it's a website20:25
newbnewbyou want me to go to ubuntu.com?20:25
newbnewbim lost20:25
EriC^^le_tout_pettit: like what kde apps?20:25
MirodroidU2le_tout_pettit, Gnome-shell is a terminal :|20:25
EriC^^le_tout_pettit: you could install the apps i think, it would install the qt libraries and you could use the apps too i think20:26
MirodroidU2same with Konsole20:26
le_tout_pettitlike digikam, krita, lokalize, for example20:26
le_tout_pettitbut lokalize for example even install dolphin20:28
le_tout_pettitit's like i don't want a gnome with dolphin :S that's weird lol20:28
newbnewbcan anyone else help me? EricC doesnt have stable enough internet it seems20:29
EriC^newbnewb: i got dc20:29
newbnewbI know...your internet is worse than mine ;)20:30
newbnewbits pointless20:30
EriC^yeah usually i use another connection but it's limited traffic and i've not recharged yet20:30
EriC^anyways yeah go to paste.ubuntu.com and paste whatever output you get20:30
EriC^or install pastebinit and it'll upload the output for you and give you a link20:31
EriC^sudo apt-get install pastebinit20:31
newbnewbcommand not found20:31
ferzI've a trouble with laptop keyboard: it seems disabled. I've to use a external usb keyboard.20:31
EriC^ferz: does it work right after the pc boots?20:32
EriC^like for the bios?20:32
newbnewb@EricC sudo apt-get install pastebinit20:32
newbnewboops sorry20:32
newbnewbReading package lists... Error! E: Read error - read (5: Input/output error) E: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened. toshiba@toshibalaptop:~$20:32
newbnewbthis is what I get whenever I try to instal/uninstall/purge anything20:32
ferzEriC^: it worked fine until last afternoon suspend20:33
EriC^ferz: turn off the laptop, remove the battery and put it back in20:33
newbnewbsame output when I tried to uninstall and reinstall Softwre manager etc20:33
ferzEriC^: I've not modified the bios20:33
EriC^ferz: you could hold the power button if you wanted to make sure the capacitors all discharge20:33
ferzEriC^: ok20:33
EriC^newbnewb: ok mount the usb20:34
newbnewbits mounted20:34
EriC^ok type df | nc termbin.com 999920:34
ferzEriC^: so you think that's a pc trouble not an OS trouble.20:34
OerHeksnewbnewb, do you run this in terminal with softwarecenter open, by any chance?20:35
newbnewbhttp://termbin.com/gyyu toshiba@toshibalaptop:~$20:35
EriC^ferz: try to enter the bios to know if it's an os or pc issue20:35
ronhhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq says I need 20 GB swap to be able to hibernate on a system with 16GB ram.. not 16+1?20:35
newbnewbOerHeks Sotware Center and Software Updater wont open20:35
EriC^ferz: i think it might have to do with the pc not shutting off properly and removing the battery might fix it20:35
newbnewbthey start....dont populate...then go away20:35
udevdcould anyone download driver.tar.gz from http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1267961&page=12 and send it to udev.at@gmail.com?20:35
ferzEriC^: thank you20:35
udevdi do not want to register just for some attachment20:35
EriC^ferz: no problem20:36
newbnewband the notification thing gives an error about packages not being able to open or be parsed20:36
EriC^newbnewb: type md5sum -c /media/toshiba/32GB\ USB/md5sum.txt20:37
newbnewbyou want me to paste all output? its a lot and seems rude to fill the entire screen here20:38
udevd...pretty please?20:38
udevd20:35 < udevd> could anyone download driver.tar.gz from http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1267961&page=12 and send it to  udev.at@gmail.com?20:38
EriC^newbnewb: type md5sum -c /media/toshiba/32GB\ USB/md5sum.txt | nc termbin.com 999920:38
newbnewbagain a LOT of output20:39
=== nuclearbob_maili is now known as nuclearbob
EriC^newbnewb: any failed files?20:39
newbnewbmostly saying no such file or firectory and 54 not able to be read20:39
newbnewbyeah most all say failed20:39
EriC^newbnewb: type md5sum -c /media/toshiba/32GB\ USB/md5sum.txt | grep -i fail20:39
EriC^newbnewb: ok, iso downloading time20:39
newbnewbso its bad?20:40
EriC^do some say OK and not failed?20:40
EriC^just a sanity check20:40
newbnewbhow does it work except for the software center and updater if so much is wrong?20:40
newbnewblet me look again to see if any are ok20:40
EriC^newbnewb: maybe you have to cd first20:41
newbnewbEricC all of them say either no such file or directory or failed20:41
EriC^try cd /media/toshiba/32GB\ USB20:41
EriC^ok cd first20:41
newbnewbok done20:42
newbnewbhow to you go back to main directory just so I know?20:42
EriC^and type ls and tell us if there is a md5sum.txt file there20:42
newbnewbtoshiba@toshibalaptop:/media/toshiba/32GB USB$ ls autorun.inf  casper-rw  ldlinux.sys  pool                syslinux boot         dists      md5sum.txt   preseed             wubi.exe casper       install    pics         README.diskdefines toshiba@toshibalaptop:/media/toshiba/32GB USB$20:42
EriC^newbnewb: cd .. takes you back a dir, cd alone takes you to your home dir20:42
EriC^newbnewb: ok, type md5sum -c md5sum.txt20:43
=== andrea is now known as Guest25212
newbnewball say ok this time20:43
EriC^are you sure20:44
EriC^try md5sum -c md5sum.txt | grep -i fail20:44
newbnewbyes its about one page of output and all say ok....will do other command now20:44
newbnewbtoshiba@toshibalaptop:/media/toshiba/32GB USB$ md5sum -c md5sum.txt | grep -i fail20:45
newbnewbEric C still there?20:53
EriC^newbnewb: ok, type sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/*20:53
EriC^newbnewb: and sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/partial/* just in case20:54
newbnewbrm: cannot remove ‘/var/lib/apt/lists/partial’: Is a directory20:55
newbnewbeas output for first one20:55
EriC^no problem20:55
sedhello all i'm newest20:55
newbnewbsudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/partial/*20:55
newbnewbrm: cannot remove ‘/var/lib/apt/lists/partial/*’: No such file or directory20:56
newbnewboutput for second one20:56
EriC^newbnewb: type sudo mkdir /var/lib/apt/lists/partial20:56
EriC^that might be why it wasn't working20:56
newbnewbmkdir: cannot create directory ‘/var/lib/apt/lists/partial’: File exists20:57
newbnewbi must be in some twilight zone as nothing anyone tells me works like it should :P20:57
EriC^those errors dont make sense20:57
newbnewbyeah so goes everything I do20:57
EriC^type ls -ld /var/lib/apt/lists/partial20:57
EriC^ah actually they do20:58
EriC^the partial dir is empty20:58
newbnewbdrwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Apr 13 10:19 /var/lib/apt/lists/partial20:58
EriC^newbnewb: ok, type sudo apt-get update20:58
newbnewbits working....but it always ends the same with a failure when I do this20:59
MonkeyDustI wonder, how is it, that newbnewb struggles so hard?20:59
newbnewbsaying unable to parse etc...will see20:59
newbnewbMonkey Dust I am old and slow....but I am also doing exactly as told and it doesnt work...I dont know ahts wrong20:59
newbnewbits why I get so frustrated....nothing does as expected21:00
newbnewband even you guys who are experts are unable to sort it ...so what chance do I ahve?21:00
newbnewbmaybe I should get an iPad and give up on life :P21:01
k1lnewbnewb: i see you just giving the complain story, again. please stick to actually facts. this is just demotivating others to help you21:02
newbnewbkll i was just explaining21:02
NytramSerious question time. Anyone know an irc where I can talk to webdevs with the view to creating a website for me?21:02
bpromptNytram:     #css-lance   or hmmm #web maybe21:03
newbnewbtrying to put human face on my frustration...showing I am trying21:03
k1l!alis | Nytram try this to find channels21:03
ubottuNytram try this to find channels: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*21:03
bpromptNytram:     there's always    www.rentacoder.com also21:04
twilerAnyone there?21:05
newbnewbEricC its done and this time didnt end with the usual error21:05
newbnewbusually ends with failure and unable to parse after all the dowloading21:05
twilerWOW! Real live oeople!21:05
newbnewbthis time says fetched 22mb and reading lists is done21:06
twilerOK, I'm gonna ask for help here, and hope that someone can help me!21:06
EriC^newbnewb: ok, great21:06
bprompttwiler:     bear in mind the channel topic21:06
EriC^newbnewb: type sudo apt-get dist-upgrade21:07
newbnewboh....usually I am in root right? this time we did it in the usb drive21:07
newbnewbstill from being in usb drive?21:07
twilerOK, bprompt I apologize21:07
EriC^newbnewb: yeah it doesn't matter21:07
Nytrambprompt, Excellent, thank you. 8)21:07
bprompt!ask | twiler21:08
ubottutwiler: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience21:08
newbnewbok....says 230mb will be added so will take some time as I have 1mbps internet21:08
newbnewbprobably an hour I think21:08
bprompthmmm 230mbs over a 1mbps is peanuts21:08
newbnewbyeah its out in country and its terrible21:08
bpromptthat should take no more than hmmm about 10mins or less21:09
newbnewbwell a 1gb movie takes 3 or 4 hours so I was guessing21:09
bpromptnewbnewb:   you said 1mbs .....hmmm21:09
OerHeksnewbnewb, that is faster than a 56k6 modem21:09
tasaifmy question is: is it possible to run a 32bit binary on a 64bit platform in userspace?21:10
tasaifwithout sudo access21:10
twilerSo I need help starting openbazaar, is there a ./start command in terminal that is standard, or is ./start OpenBazaar correct? I ask, because I can't seem to get it started, so, any help whatsoever would be appreciated, as #openbazaar is all quiet :/21:11
newbnewbOerHeks I just know its very slow....I had 50 in last place and it was few min per gb......now takes hours21:11
newbnewbmaybe there is another limiting factor I dont understand21:11
EriC^twiler: how did you install openbazaar?21:11
Nytramthanks ubottu21:11
tasaifhow did you install openbazaar?21:12
twiler@EriC using terminal, why?21:12
tasaifdid you do apt-get install (somethign) ?21:12
bprompttwiler:    you mean, you compiled it?21:12
twiler@tasaif: using terminal why?21:12
tasaiftwiler: ^21:13
twiler@bprompt: I don't know what that means, so, I'm gonna assume that I didn't compile it..21:13
genii"using terminal" is not specific enough. You coulod have wgettted it from somewhere and then ran make, or you could have ran apt-get install, or any number of things in the terminal21:13
twilerIT was an apt-get21:13
EriC^twiler: did you type sudo apt-get install openbazaar ? or cd openbazaar and make make install ?21:14
twiler@genii using apt-get21:14
tasaiftwiler did you check your start menu or equivalent to see if an entry was created?21:14
twiler@EriC sudo apt-get21:14
EriC^twiler: ok, are you using unity?21:14
tasaifdid you type bazaar into the unity thing and see if anything came up?21:14
k1lits not in the repos, afaik21:14
EriC^or xubuntu etc. ?21:14
tasaifk1l: maybe he added a different repo21:15
k1li guess we will never know :/21:15
twilerum.. no, let me check, although every single other time i started the application, it was using terminal21:15
twilerbut, I will check, brb21:15
EriC^apt-cache policy guys21:15
Namedotvalis there any way to bind another key to scroll xterm? my mousewheel is broken and my laptop doesnt have pgup/pgdown21:16
tasaifEriC^: oh cool, learn something new every day21:16
twilerOK, there is no start menu entry whatsoever21:17
OerHeks!info qbzr21:18
ubottuqbzr (source: qbzr): Graphical interface for Bazaar using the Qt toolkit. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.23.1-1 (utopic), package size 323 kB, installed size 2099 kB21:18
=== l4l13n is now known as L4L13N
EriC^twiler: if you're using unity open the dash and type bazaar21:18
EriC^twiler: if you're on xubuntu try alt+f2 i think21:19
tasaifOerHeks: openbazaar != bazaar21:19
twilerI get the folder that it's installed to and a file called openbazaar in that folder, but, no icon like there is for say, Google Chrome, when I type "chrome"21:19
EriC^twiler: what folder?21:19
EriC^twiler: you mean in the dash?21:20
EriC^twiler: type dpkg -l | grep bazaar21:20
twilerYes, if I type it into the screen that comes up when I hit the "super" key?21:20
twilerThat's the dash, right?21:20
EriC^twiler: type dpkg -l | grep "bazaar\|bzr" | nc termbin.com 999921:21
promethas anyone tried running 14.10 from a pendrive? it seems to be eerily fast...21:22
tasaifEriC^: learned 2 newe things today21:22
twilerOK EriC I typed that21:22
twilerand hit enter21:22
EriC^tasaif: cool21:22
EriC^twiler: ok, what's the link it gavE?21:23
twilerIs that what you were expecting?21:23
twilerHey, Eric, I have to jet for about 20  minutes, but I will be bafk21:24
EriC^well, not what i wanted no21:24
EriC^twiler: ok21:24
twilerThank you SO much@21:24
twilerI mean it, big time!21:24
EriC^no problem!21:24
tasaiftwiler: try openbazaar start21:25
twilerEriC you have always been a great help to me, every single time I have needed your help21:25
EriC^twiler: you're welcome :)21:26
daved_Hi! Is this a good channel to ask about LVM setup/usage?21:30
=== step21_ is now known as step21
newbnewbEricC its unpacking things but an alert also came up on desktop saying "system alert report problem yes or no"21:30
newbnewbdoes show what problem though21:30
newbnewb"System problem detected" "do you want to report Problem?"21:31
EriC^newbnewb: it's usually nothing, if you press details it should say what crashed21:31
newbnewbno details button21:31
EriC^it's not a big deal though, i used to get a lot too, you can disable it if you want21:31
newbnewbchoices are cancel and report21:31
EriC^report if you want21:31
sgaHi everyone, I'm having difficulties to run the rc.local script at startup, although it runs fine manually. It is executable by everyone (-rwxr-xr-x), but it doesn't run at startup. I'm a bit puzzled21:32
EriC^sga: what are you trying to run in it?21:32
newbnewb"sorry ubuntu has experienced an internal error"21:33
daved_I am confused about LVM: I installed assuming I could easily resize filesystem folders, but doesn't seem so21:33
newbnewbanother alert says restart firefox....should I do that and come back or what for terminal to finish?21:33
sgaEric^: http://dpaste.com/1JDPW3F21:33
sgabasic shell commands : launch guake and another program21:34
EriC^newbnewb: you can restart firefox it probably got updated21:34
newbnewbok brb21:34
EriC^sga: yuo can't launch quake from rc.local21:35
EriC^that's run by root before you even login to your user21:35
sgaEriC^: but when I start Linux, guake is not executing. I need to start it manually21:35
EriC^sga: open the dash and type startup and add the programs there21:36
NytramWas reading this and thinking "what?"21:36
sgaI'm on Linux Mint, so I'm not sure I can do that21:36
NytramYes you can21:36
NytramI use mint21:36
sgaOkay, is dash a program ?21:37
NytramBut in Windows 7 right now. heheh21:37
sgaI feel you21:37
wafflejocksga, you don't need dash just the startup applications GUI ideally, dash is just used for searching installed apps basically21:37
NytramHey oussama21:37
newbnewbEricC its done21:37
newbnewbtoshiba@toshibalaptop:/media/toshiba/32GB USB$21:38
sgaAh, I located the startup application21:38
sgaOkay, so guake apparently is started with this tool21:39
sgaBut it actually is not started when I boot Linux21:39
EriC^newbnewb: ok21:39
tgm4883sga: have you tried the Linux Mint channel?21:39
wafflejocksga, hmm works here, have guake and just have it running on startup not sure about mint though I'm on Ubuntu Gnome21:39
tgm4883!mint | sgsa21:40
ubottusgsa: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org21:40
sgatgm4483: yes, but not responding atm21:40
tgm4883sga: so you thought you would try here, where none of us know what changes linux mint has done to anything?21:41
sgatgm4483: I'm a new Linux user, I don't exactly know what is common between distros and what is not, so I figured I could ask here21:43
sgawafflejock: hmm ok, I'm going to look more21:43
tgm4883sga: ok, well official Ubuntu flavors are supported here. Derivatives are not as we don't know what changes they have made that could be breaking what you are seeing21:44
sgatgm4883: thanks for the tip21:44
newbnewbEricC what should I do next?21:47
EriC^^newbnewb: whatever you want :)21:47
newbnewbits finsihed?21:47
EriC^^you could add the universe repository if it's not added yet21:48
newbnewbhow to do this?21:48
newbnewbah software manager is missing as well now21:48
newbnewbdisappeared from dock21:48
EriC^^open the dash and type software then click on ..21:49
EriC^^ok type software and if you get software center click and drag it to the launcher21:49
newbnewbok did it21:49
newbnewbEricC ok software center opened right....21:50
EriC^^ok click on edit > software sources21:50
newbnewbEricC sorry I dont see edit anywhere21:51
newbnewboh damn...in menu...im stupid sorry21:51
EriC^^up to the left in the global menu21:51
newbnewbok now what?21:52
newbnewbit doesnt do anything when I choose software sources...just closes menu21:53
EriC^^clink on universe so it has a check21:53
EriC^^newbnewb: ok open the dash and type software then click on software & updates21:53
newbnewbnothing happens21:54
EriC^^open a terminal and type software-properties-gtk21:54
newbnewbugh....more things not working :P21:54
newbnewbi did this and nothing happens...jsut puts root prompt again21:55
newbnewbi wonder why nothing works as it should....21:55
EriC^^!find software-properties-gtk21:55
ubottuFound: software-properties-gtk21:55
EriC^^newbnewb: type sudo apt-get install --reinstall software-properties-gtk21:55
EriC^^newbnewb: did you reboot after the upgrade?21:56
newbnewbEric do you know why so many things were out of whack compared to usual?21:56
newbnewbAh no didnt...was I supposed to? Sorry21:57
EriC^^newbnewb: well if it installed a new kernel, you could boot into it and use it21:57
newbnewbso should I reboot now? or keep going in terminal? I did the resintall and it worked21:58
EriC^^newbnewb: well try opening it again21:58
=== kalen is now known as kalen_not-here
newbnewbok its open now21:58
EriC^^ok nice21:59
newbnewbwhat do I do in it now?21:59
EriC^^click on universe so it has a check next to it21:59
EriC^^it's the second one i think21:59
newbnewbalready checked22:00
EriC^^ok, if you want codecs and mp3 stuff and stuff with copyrights etc click the 2 below it22:00
EriC^^multiverse and something i forgot what22:00
newbnewbthey are all chekced22:00
newbnewbexcept source code22:01
EriC^^not needed unless you want to download source code22:01
shovel_boss http://youtu.be/P32JDvu0b-022:01
mmiller13Does anyone have a solution to this: I upgrade my distro using apt-get and I opt to modify my grub so I dont have the entry to select the new distro on startup22:01
=== roundcir1le is now known as roundcirle
mmiller13heed help22:01
shovel_bossyou are much welcone22:01
newbnewboptions are revert and close22:01
EriC^^newbnewb: ok, click close22:02
roundcirlemmiller13: never upgrade your distor22:02
mmiller13why not22:02
EriC^^newbnewb: you can customize the terminal if you want22:02
roundcirlemmiller13: except you like pain22:02
OerHeks!ot | shovel_boss22:02
ubottushovel_boss: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!22:02
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines22:02
EriC^^newbnewb: and install compiz and use the click on launcher item to minimize which is pretty useful22:02
roundcirlemmiller13: depending on the case i suggest a fresh install22:03
mmiller13ok but my question is how to add the new entry to grub22:03
newbnewbso do I need to do anything else to make it normal? or should it be back to what it should have been after installing?22:03
roundcirlemmiller13: you also get rid of corrupted stuff that piles up somewhere nobody looks for22:03
roundcirlemmiller13: oh sorry XD22:03
roundcirlemmiller13: so its too late now22:03
OerHeksroundcirle, fud! upgrade is not a problem. and there will be a cleanup.22:03
newbnewbi want to make sure I am starting from the beginning so I dont mess somehting up22:03
mmiller13ok but I need to a way to select the new installation on the grub screen22:04
EriC^^newbnewb: i've no idea, seems you had a problem with the software center22:04
Bashing-ommmiller13: Have you ran terminal command -> sudo update-grub <- ? To pick up new/added items ?22:04
roundcirlemmiller13: im looking for it, sorry for irritating you22:04
newbnewbso is there some command or package I can install that will make it like it should be from start?22:05
EriC^^newbnewb: what do you mean?22:05
EriC^^newbnewb: you want to checksum the whole installation ( metaphorically )22:05
newbnewbi mean I would like to have it set up like it should be from a normal install....so I can try and learn and change from there22:05
newbnewband make sure I am not starting with other things not as they should be22:06
newbnewbis it possible?22:06
EriC^^newbnewb: well, you could attempt something22:06
newbnewbor I just have to try and see if any new troubles happen?22:06
EriC^^or that :P22:06
=== kalen_not-here is now known as kalen
EriC^^there's debsums , it's supposed to check the md5sum of all the packages that are installed22:06
EriC^^!info debsums22:06
ubottudebsums (source: debsums): tool for verification of installed package files against MD5 checksums. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.52+nmu2 (utopic), package size 41 kB, installed size 200 kB22:06
newbnewbok...and the question I first came here for before software center broke....how can I make all apps show in one folder?22:07
EriC^^you could run it if you wanted, it would take an hour i guess22:07
EriC^^maybe less22:07
newbnewbive tried selecting filter for apps and it only shows 6 of them....and some only show in dock22:07
EriC^^newbnewb: press super+a22:08
EriC^^then show all items22:08
newbnewbsorry what is super?22:08
EriC^^the win key22:08
newbnewbi dont have a win key22:08
EriC^^or open the dash and click on the app icon at the bottom22:08
newbnewbctrl fn alt22:08
EriC^^newbnewb: it's the one next to alt22:08
EriC^^oh ok22:09
mmiller13If I apt-get dist-upgrade would that go through the installation process over again or would it skipped whats already been installed22:09
newbnewbis there a way to have a top level folder with all apps on dock or desktop?22:09
newbnewbso I dont have to search or go three levels into dash?22:10
EriC^^newbnewb: yeah type ln -s ~/Desktop /usr/share/applications22:10
newbnewbnormally in osx I have a folder in dock for apps....and all show there22:10
EriC^^newbnewb: yeah type ln -s ~/Desktop/apps /usr/share/applications22:10
newbnewbln: failed to create symbolic link ‘/usr/share/applications/apps’: Permission denied22:11
bpromptnewbnewb:    maybe you meant    ln -s /usr/share/applications ~/Desktop/apps22:12
EriC^^newbnewb: ah sorry, ln -s /usr/share/applications ~/Desktop/apps22:12
newbnewbthanks....now can I put it in the dock?22:12
newbnewbit doesnt seem to allow dragging there22:13
EriC^^newbnewb: you want it like a menu?22:14
newbnewbwhen i first came here my problem was trying to get folders in the dock....so I could have apps folder, photos folder, mucis folder etc all in dock22:14
EriC^^newbnewb: you want to click on it and have it open the dir?22:14
newbnewbI guess.....in osx dock I have few apps on one side...then a divider....then few folders on right22:14
EriC^^newbnewb: or hover over it and display?22:14
newbnewbI guess? Sorry I am not sure about terminlogy.22:14
mmiller13Bashing-om: Would sudo upgrade-grub add the new os installation to the grub menu22:14
=== jasoniumh__ is now known as jasoniumh
EriC^^newbnewb: if you want to click on it and have it open in the file manager then it's pretty easy22:15
newbnewbok how to do that?22:15
EriC^^newbnewb: if you want to hover over it and have it display stuff i'm not sure how you could do that without cairo dock etc.22:16
EriC^^cairo dock is pretty similar to mac btw22:16
EriC^^i guess22:16
newbnewbyeah osx displays with hover I guess but its same use for me to have it open to window....I just want to minimize my clicks....see all apps with one click from dock....all music etc22:16
newbnewbwhat do you think is best option?22:17
newbnewbgoal is to reduce clicks to get to stuff22:17
EriC^^music is like 2 clicks away22:17
EriC^^nautilus > music22:17
newbnewbi dont know what nautilus is22:17
EriC^^the file manager22:17
EriC^^alt+tab is pretty useful22:18
newbnewbso can I reduce that by one and ahve the music folder in the dock?22:18
newbnewbsame with apps...photos...videos22:18
newbnewbis cairo a dock like docky?22:18
newbnewbhmmm I just looked at that app shortcut we made on desktop and there aren't any icons22:19
newbnewbits blank white icons or ones with gibberish22:20
newbnewbphoto lens for unity is only thing in there with an actual stylized icon22:20
EriC^^newbnewb: yeah, type sudo cp /usr/share/applications/nautilus.desktop /usr/share/applications/mymusic.desktop22:22
EriC^^newbnewb: try nautilus /usr/share/applications22:22
orafumy unity-2d on precise has become transparent: it does not show a menu bar or launcher anymore. But they remain functional: a mouse-over gives me tooltips and mouse clicks work as usual;  what can I do to get the menu and launcher (and Docky, BTW) displayed again?  (I already killed unity-2d-panel and unity-2d-shell and they restarted, but nothing changed)22:23
newbnewbEric that second one brought up a window with all apps...but its not anywhere in an icon on dock...when I close it its gone22:24
newbnewbthe one we made before on dock is still messed up22:24
newbnewbshould I delete that old one?22:24
EriC^^newbnewb: the one on the desktop?22:24
orafuis my problem related to compiz?22:25
newbnewbthe first one we made that is a file thatsays "apps" and has a lock in corner is on desktop....its not correct inside....when I used the nautilus /usr/share/applications command a window ipens from the nautilus icon but when I close it goes back in there and I cant open it directly without command again22:26
newbnewbI want to put an app folder in the dock...that clicking will show all apps like that command does22:27
newbnewbthat command produces a window with all apps just like I want....but its not reproducable without typing in terminal again22:27
twokayJust sayin...job interview tomorrow...panic is setting in...servers are nearly setup...portfolio is nearly done...wish me luck! :)22:28
EriC^^newbnewb: ok22:29
EriC^^newbnewb: yeah, type sudo cp /usr/share/applications/nautilus.desktop /usr/share/applications/allapps.desktop22:29
EriC^^do one that's called mymusic.desktop and any other dirs you want to put on the launcher22:30
newbnewbok will try....I tried to copy the app folder to the desktop to try and it messes the icons up inside....dont knw why22:30
newbnewbEricC nothing happened22:31
EriC^^newbnewb: if it returns nothing then it worked22:33
newbnewbif I open dash and go to computer/user/share there is a folder "applications"...just what I want in the dock....22:33
EriC^^newbnewb: type sudo nano /usr/share/applications/allapps.desktop22:33
EriC^^newbnewb: or just cd first to /usr/share/applications , and type sudo nano allapps.desktop22:33
newbnewbbut there is no new folder in dock22:33
EriC^^newbnewb: it's there but you need to edit the name and command22:34
orafuhmmm... after more than 1 hour, the menu and launcher came back22:35
newbnewbI did the last command and the output is this22:35
newbnewb[Desktop Entry] Name=Files Comment=Access and organize files Keywords=folder;manager;explore;disk;filesystem; Exec=nautilus --new-window %U Icon=system-file-manager Terminal=false Type=Application StartupNotify=true OnlyShowIn=GNOME;Unity; Categories=GNOME;GTK;Utility;Core;FileManager; MimeType=inode/directory;application/x-gnome-saved-search; X-GNOME-Bugzilla-Bugzilla=GNOME X-GNOME-Bugzilla-Product=nautilus X-GNOME-Bugzilla-Component=g22:35
newbnewband I see no new folder or icon in dock22:36
EriC^^newbnewb: paste in paste.ubuntu.com22:36
EriC^^newbnewb: ok, change Name= to Name=Music22:36
newbnewbwhere? right now there is no prompt22:36
EriC^^newbnewb: i mean Name=Apps22:36
EriC^^newbnewb: after you type sudo nano allapps.desktop22:37
EriC^^that's a text editor22:37
newbnewbok did it22:37
newbnewbX? for exit?22:37
newbnewbshift X?22:37
EriC^^ctrl+o to save22:37
EriC^^hold on22:37
EriC^^change the name22:38
EriC^^and Exec=nautilus /usr/share/applications22:38
econdudeawesomeHowdy all! I tried to install some 32-bit libraries on a 64-bit install, and now I can't get apt-get upgrade to work. Where to start?22:38
newbnewbEricC change file name to save to apps also?22:39
EriC^^make a mymusic.desktop too and change the name and replace Exec= with Exec=nautilus /home/<user>/Music22:39
* EriC^^ goes to get a soda..22:39
newbnewbim lost22:39
mmiller13Does anyone know much about apt-get dist-upgrade22:41
mmiller13I didnt add the option to add the entry to grub bootloader so I cant boot into the new istallation22:42
mmiller13i used sudo upgrade-grub and still no luck22:42
=== thomas_ is now known as Guest17265
EriC^^newbnewb: i dont follow22:43
geniimmiller13:  It's update, not upgrade. So:  sudo update-grub22:43
EriC^^mmiller13: you're trying to get grub to appear?22:43
mmiller13correct update22:43
newbnewbso I am in that editor...I changed name to Applications22:43
EriC^^newbnewb: ok, change the Exec=22:44
newbnewbcontrol O to save it...then it asks "File Name to Write:"22:44
mmiller13so I need the new installation added to my grub22:44
EriC^^newbnewb: did you cd to /usr/share/applications earlier?22:44
newbnewbi have to look...i have a hard time following as I dont know the meaning of these commands mostly22:44
newbnewbi dont know as I am in this editor and cant look back22:45
newbnewbi suck at this cli stuff22:45
EriC^^newbnewb: nevermind, when you press ctrl+o22:45
EriC^^it should already say allapps.desktop22:45
EriC^^just hit enter22:45
newbnewbit moved cursor back up to Name22:46
EriC^^newbnewb: ok, press ctrl+x22:46
newbnewbok...so yes I am in the right directory22:46
=== kalen is now known as kalen_not-here
EriC^^type nautilus /usr/share/applications22:47
EriC^^and drag the icon that says Applications to the desktop22:47
newbnewbto desktop or dock?22:47
newbnewberror while moving22:48
EriC^^newbnewb: right click > copy22:49
EriC^^paste it on the desktop22:49
mmiller13So I thought I run apt-get dist-upgrade again but It wont allow me to re install22:50
newbnewbmy turn to dc....22:50
newbnewbok EricC it worked and I put in dock....it looks just like Nautilus....when I repeat for Music etc will they all look like file cabinet too?22:51
newbnewbactually I dont think I can rpeat as I got lost in the steps :P22:51
ki7mtHello all, maybe a question for ubuntu-devel, but does anyone know of a native Ubuntu package that uses diversions ( https://wiki.debian.org/Adding%20and%20removing%20diversions) during installation?22:51
EriC^^newbnewb: yeah, you can change the icon22:52
newbnewbhow....I right clicked to see if there was some options....nothing is intuitive or where I think it would be22:53
newbnewbno properties or settings etc with a right click on the icon22:53
EriC^^newbnewb: you have to change it in the .desktop file22:54
Kenb52Hi All I figured out the easy way to install format and use a hard drive in Ubuntu and/or Zorin Linux. Use Disk Util also known as Disks in Zorin. But do not use Gparted.22:54
OerHeks!info  dpkg-divert22:54
ubottuPackage dpkg-divert does not exist in utopic22:54
newbnewbwhere is that?22:55
newbnewbwhy is everything so cryptic? its confusing22:55
newbnewbnothing is obvious22:55
EriC^^newbnewb: sudo nano allapps.desktop22:55
newbnewbhow can I find it in the gui?22:55
geniiOerHeks: dpkg-divert is part of dpkg package22:56
newbnewbi have no idea what I am doing in the terminal and am just transcribing instructons....I need to see it to understandit22:56
OerHeksthanks genii just found http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/trusty/man8/dpkg-divert.8.html but not sure this is what ki7mt needs22:56
ki7mtOerHeks, It does exist: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/trusty/man8/dpkg-divert.8.html22:56
newbnewbi dont think I can repeat this process for music and pictures etc as it was so confusing I got lost22:57
Kenb52Ny question of the day, is this. I added to Startup tool, to mount my Network share, and In PCMANFM It is bookmarked. That seemed to work perfect but some particular 3rd party apps, still do not seem to see it until you open up PCMANFM.  So I am wondering beyond using say Gigolo to automount, is there a best way to automount the share, so that Clementine in partitcular can see it?22:57
ki7mtOerHeks, yes, that's what script I need to use, but I can't find a Ubuntu package that is using it. Mostly they use update-alternatives., which I may have to use that in conjunction with Conflicts: xxx22:58
newbnewbdammit its not working the same now...the applications icon in the dock opens the home folder now22:58
newbnewband suddenly firefox has no minimize and close buttons22:59
newbnewbso frustrating22:59
MonkeyDustnewbnewb  whatever went wrong durin installation, all should work out of the box22:59
newbnewbi thought it should....everything is a mess23:00
malgorathI have 4 drives in my computer not in use and I was thinking of raiding the, they are all same exact drive type. DOes anyone have a site or link that would help me with this?23:00
newbnewbi downloaded from the ubuntu site23:00
Kenb52newbnewb Its an Xwindows problem, but I am newb also23:00
do0fY3hi all23:00
do0fY3someone here who wants to help a noob with 1 or 2 thing? :D23:00
PazoozaMine does, v37.0.1 from mirrors23:00
newbnewbEricC.....the Applications Icon we made and put in the dock....it doesnt behave the same now23:01
newbnewbI open it and it acts just like the nautilus icon...taking me to home23:01
do0fY3i need help formatting and mouting 2 drives on a ubuntu machine23:02
EriC^^newbnewb: did it work before?23:02
newbnewbno idea what happened23:03
newbnewbI didnt do anything but open it23:03
Kenb52Deja dup, if you copy around the backup you have to go into location and select the right one, and it seems to list the same hard drive twice, the top one seems to work however.23:03
newbnewbthis is ridiculous23:04
newbnewbubuntu was supposed to be newbie friendly23:04
tgm4883newbnewb: what are you trying to do?23:05
Kenb52do0fy3: are you installing Ubuntu or just installing more storage drives?23:05
newbnewbtgm4883 EricC has been helping me all day long....the software manager and software updater were broken....i tried reinstalling a few times....he fixed it but not without troubles23:05
do0fY3no, i installed zentyal on an ssd. there are 2 more 4TB hdds in there and i want them to perma mount and use them as network storage23:06
tgm4883newbnewb: something tells me I don't even want to touch this23:06
do0fY3but i dont even understand how to get them running :D23:06
newbnewbnow I am tyring to put folders in the dock....for apps, music, photos etc so I have easy access to all those at top level23:06
Kenb52Disk Utility is by far the best way to do stuff rather than GPARTED which will not allow you to own the hard drive after formatting it.23:06
newbnewbi do exactly what I am told...the outputs don't make sense often...something does work then it breaks suddenly later...I cant even get things stable to start learning23:07
compdocnewbnewb, those things dont break by themselves, for no reason23:07
newbnewbthey have23:07
newbnewbeveryone says that....then it happens and they say "hmm that doesn make sense"23:07
tgm4883newbnewb: no... they don't23:07
do0fY3disk utility? on console?23:07
do0fY3or via zentyal backend?23:08
newbnewbtgm...my point is i do something I am told....if it works then it seems to stop later23:08
Kenb52What makes sense to 1 person does not make sense to all'23:08
newbnewbthis apps folder is an example23:08
tgm4883newbnewb: so I'm guessing that just right clicking the nautilus icon and clicking on what you want to access is too much?23:08
newbnewbhe helped me create it...put it in doc...it did what I wanted23:08
Kenb52Can be too much.23:08
newbnewbits not to much but I simply want to cut one click out and have them on the dock like OSX23:08
newbnewbits just preference....and I dont know why its so complicated23:08
newbnewbwe did it...it worked...now it doesnt23:09
do0fY3can someone tell me how to permanent mound sdc oder sdb to a folder?23:09
newbnewball I did was open it and close it...second time I opened it something different came up23:09
Kenb52Hmm my Vizio TV/Monitor does NOT like me turning on my FL gooseneck lamp. It causes the monitor to black out for a second.23:09
newbnewbEricC are you still here?23:09
tgm4883newbnewb: I've got to head home soon, but can you pastebin what is in that file?23:09
newbnewbtgm I dont know what pastebin means....I am brand new...and have spent 3 days trying to get installed and set up23:10
newbnewband its still wonky23:10
newbnewbeveryone tells me different commands or advice....80% doesnt work...then people get irritated at me23:11
tgm4883!pastebin | newbnewb23:11
newbnewbi just wanted to install...and learn23:11
ubottunewbnewb: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.23:11
Kenb52So does anyone know how to make Clementine music player, to see the bookmarked shares ??23:11
Kenb52Only when system is first booted. You open PCMANFM and after that it is fine.23:12
newbnewbi dont even understand what I a supposed to paste.....shit23:12
newbnewbthree days of this is gotten me bruned out23:12
tgm4883newbnewb: the contents of the file that is no longer working23:13
newbnewbi deleted it from the dock since it didnt work...so I cant do that23:13
daved_Hi--I have LVM questions about how to re-size the filesystem folders. Anybody able to help?23:13
newbnewbit was an icon that looked like a file cabinet...just like Nautlus....and instead of nautlius it was named applications and opened to all the apps visible in a window23:14
tgm4883newbnewb: I'm honestly now sure what you want from us then. If you are just going to moan and complain please take it to #ubuntu-offtopic23:14
EriC^^newbnewb: if you want a dock like mac and easy access icons you could install cairo-dock23:14
Kenb52How do I automount shares in PCMANFM?23:14
newbnewbtgm I am not JUST moaning jesus23:14
newbnewbthings dont work...then I get told I am wrong23:14
newbnewbim doing what I am told....exactly23:14
newbnewbthanks eric23:15
newbnewbwill try...hopefully it will work23:15
tgm4883newbnewb: I ask you to post some stuff, you don't have anything to post. You can't tell me what you are trying to do now, it's time to go home, so I'm out23:15
newbnewbI told you and you are more interested in telling me what I am doing wrong in your eyes like most here23:16
newbnewbEricC is the only one helping23:16
bazhangnewbnewb, stop that23:16
newbnewbhe has been more than patient....others just want to tell me why I am wrong23:17
bazhangnewbnewb, many are helping you here23:17
Kenb52I find the google searched stuff is usually wrong. I guess that Gigolo is the only really simple workaround to get this done.23:17
newbnewbEricC is only one who fixed anything and it took all day....23:17
bazhangnewbnewb, but you are not giving us the info we need23:17
newbnewbi give what I can and what I know23:17
newbnewbi explain my limits and people still wont accept23:17
EriC^^newbnewb: i got it working here23:18
newbnewbEricC cairo?23:18
=== kalen_not-here is now known as kalen
EriC^^no the applications icon in the launcher23:18
newbnewbi dont know what changed23:18
newbnewbit worked for me too23:18
EriC^^i had to add it twice though23:18
=== ChrisD24 is now known as Chris24
newbnewbthen second opening of it suddenly it acted like nautilus icon23:18
EriC^^mine turned both into applications icons23:19
newbnewbif I use cairo can I just drag and drop those folders?23:19
EriC^^so i unlocked them from the launcher and readded and they worked23:19
newbnewbrather than all this CLI stuff?23:19
EriC^^newbnewb: i've only used cairo shortly then uninstalled23:19
=== kalen is now known as kalen_not-here
EriC^^but i remember it had alot of customization stuff23:19
newbnewbits chinese to me what we did to get it on the dock...I couldnt repeat it alone23:19
newbnewbif it works how can I shut off the unity launcher dock so I dont have two docks23:20
EriC^^newbnewb: you could try to add it back and see if it works23:20
EriC^^if you're keen on using the launcher23:20
EriC^^or you could give cairo a shot23:20
newbnewbEricC I could never manage again....without step by step instructions23:21
newbnewband I am sure yuou are as sick of this as me23:21
Kenb52Anyone know of a better desktop icon organizer?23:21
EriC^^newbnewb: just type nautilus /usr/share/applications and drag it to the launcher23:21
newbnewbthere is nothing to drag23:22
newbnewbit just opens a nautlius window with all the apps showing....23:22
newbnewbno icon for just apps is created23:22
EriC^^anyways it seems like a bad idea23:22
EriC^^i'm noticing the icon flashes red and stalls if you have both open etc.23:23
EriC^^cairo would be better i guess, try it out23:23
newbnewbif i just drag the apps icon from within the folder with all apps showing it just creates another nautilus file cabinet23:23
newbnewbok so if I use cairo how do I shut off the unity launcher so I dont have two docks23:24
EriC^^if you hover over it does it say applications or files?23:24
newbnewbapplicaitons...and now my normal nautilus file is gone23:25
newbnewball I have is the one saying applications but that opens to what nautilus opened to...the home folder23:26
newbnewbI put the new applications icon in the dock like you said...and nautilus disappeared23:26
EriC^^newbnewb: i think you have to unlock both and add them23:27
EriC^^but anyways i dont like it23:27
EriC^^nautilus hangs for a bit before opening23:27
EriC^^use cairo-dock instead23:27
newbnewbI dont know how23:27
newbnewbnautilus is gone now23:27
EriC^^sudo apt-get install cairo-dock23:27
limpci have a very annoying problem.  im trying to install ubuntu 14.04.2 on a machine.  but it keeps failing when trying to install grub, with  "the 'grub-efi-amd64-signed' package failed to install to /target/."23:27
EriC^^newbnewb: open the dash and type files and drag it there23:27
EriC^^then type sudo rm /usr/share/applications/allapps.desktop23:28
newbnewbthere are two iterations of it along with the applications file in the search results23:28
EriC^^add the one that says files alone23:28
newbnewbtwo of them say files...does it matter which?23:29
EriC^^newbnewb: try clicking on one and see if it works right23:29
EriC^^i have a files and files-gksu23:29
newbnewbthey both work23:30
newbnewbthey are identical23:30
newbnewbsomehow I created two23:30
EriC^^maybe you used the mymusic.desktop before?23:30
newbnewbi dont know..im so confused now23:30
EriC^^type ls -l /usr/share/applications | grep music23:30
newbnewbhow do I delete the second one?23:30
newbnewbi dont even know where it is as I dont udnerstand the file structure23:30
ubottuAn explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview  see also: man hier23:31
bazhangnewbnewb, ^23:31
newbnewbEricC how do I delete the second Files?23:32
newbnewbso I dont have two when I search23:32
EriC^^newbnewb: did you type ls -l /usr/share...?23:32
newbnewbshould I do that now?23:32
EriC^^type ls -l /usr/share/applications | grep music23:32
newbnewb-rw-r--r-- 1 root root   688 Apr 13 17:22 mymusic.desktop toshiba@toshibalaptop:/usr/share/applications$23:33
eric__i dont speak english23:33
EriC^^ok, type sudo rm /usr/share/applications/mymusic.desktop23:33
limpcno suggestions anyone?23:33
EriC^^newbnewb: ^23:33
twilerIs EriC still here?23:34
newbnewbnothing happened23:34
twilerI told him I'd be back on in 20 minutes over an hour ago :(23:34
twilerSomething came up...23:35
EriC^^newbnewb: ok23:35
EriC^^hey twiler ..23:35
newbnewbi just want to get it back to as it was now....how do I do that?23:36
EriC^^newbnewb: it shouldn't be there anymore23:36
newbnewbto get rid of the second files23:36
newbnewbit is23:36
newbnewbof course23:36
newbnewbok I am done....im exhausted and have bothered you all day and its still wonky23:37
newbnewbim sorry23:37
newbnewbi really appreciate your kindness23:37
newbnewbi dont have endurance and patience to spend hours and hours just to get something to a baseline to START learning23:37
EriC^^newbnewb: it was deleted?23:38
newbnewbEricC thank you for being so kind23:38
newbnewbno its there23:38
EriC^^newbnewb: you still have 2 files?23:38
newbnewbbut I am fried so I am going....thanks for all23:38
newbnewbmaybe I will try again anotehr time23:39
newbnewbyou are very patient and kind23:39
limpcive been struggling with this problem since last night23:39
limpcits my main machine, so i cant work, this is pissing me off23:39
EriC^^limpc: what's the problem?23:39
limpcim trying to install ubuntu 14.04.2 on a machine.  but it keeps failing when trying to install grub, with  "the 'grub-efi-amd64-signed' package failed to install to /target/."23:40
EriC^^limpc: anything special about the setup?23:40
limpcits got an uefi bios. but theres no option to enable/disable secure boot23:41
EriC^^limpc: dual boot/23:41
limpci had ubuntu on this same drive and same machine before.  i dont get why i suddenly cant install.23:41
EriC^^are you manually partitioning?23:41
limpci let the installer auto partition the first 3 times. tried manual the 3rd23:42
limpcer 4th23:42
EriC^^ok did you make an efi partition and set the mountpoint and whatnot23:42
limpc550mb efi /boot rest are ext423:43
EriC^^did you checksum the iso?23:43
limpcthe installer runs fine? i can run the check though hd on23:43
EriC^^ok checksum the iso23:43
limpcno errors found on check23:47
EriC^^so the md5 match?23:47
limpci ran the disk check in the installer23:47
EriC^^boot the live usb23:47
limpcinto full desktop (try) or installer?23:47
limpck. its xubuntu btw in case that matters.23:48
limpcits up.23:49
EriC^^ok type sudo apt-get install pastebinit23:49
EriC^^then sudo parted -l | pastebinit23:49
limpcEriC^^, see my link?23:53
EriC^^limpc: type gdisk -l /dev/sda | pastebinit23:53
daved_I need to re-size some system folders in an LVM disk, and I do't know how23:53
limpcEriC^^, http://paste.ubuntu.com/10819285/23:54
jmgi just /part23:54
EriC^^limpc: type sudo mount /dev/sda3 /mnt23:55
limpcEriC^^, done. are you wanting me to run grub-install?23:57
EriC^^limpc: i'm not sure if the installation is complete when grub is installing23:58
EriC^^type pastebinit /mnt/etc/fstab23:59

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