slickymasterWorkUnit193, you forgot to add the last meeting log to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings09:20
slickymasterWorkknome, I think that there's something wrong with the team calendar page. It's not loading the calendar, see http://imgur.com/kIO1yxo10:22
knomeworks for me10:36
slickymasterWorkI'm just getting http://imgur.com/kIO1yxo10:36
knomedo you have some js/google blocked?10:36
slickymasterWorknot there, I haven't10:37
knomethen i don't know what's happening10:37
slickymasterWorkcan you please add the next meeting http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Xubuntu+community+meeting&iso=20150415T2110:37
knomei see that too, but then it loads the calendar10:37
slickymasterWorkI have a medical appointment in 15 minutes 10:38
knomei will at some point10:38
slickymasterWorkok, thanks10:38
slickymasterWorkgot run10:38
knomehmm, is it thursday 16 or wednesday 15?10:47
knomei guess wed10:48
knomeUnit193, why isn't the last meeting logs linked in the meetings page?10:51
slickymasterWorklol knome, already asked Unit193 that13:27
brainwashochosi: did you ping anyone from the ubuntu team and inform them about the ubiquity + xfdesktop icon bug?16:56
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knomeslickymasterWork, i assumed it was that and set the meeting up in the calendar for wed and also changed the meeting wiki page to say wed.17:38
slickymasterWorkand you assumed right knome, thanks17:38
Unit193knome: I did the other things, missed that one.19:50
knomewhich ever one that might be then...:P19:52
Unit193Added the meeting, changed the agenda and the header, and whathever else.20:03

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